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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 8, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> well it is election day, and no rest for the candidates. hillary clinton had her home coming in new york less than an hour ago, after a rally late in into the night. >> did you ever think you would be hearing a major speech around close to 1:00 in the morning? are we crazy? >> meanwhile, donald trump held a rally that lasts into the morning, too, last minute pitch to american voters. >> and midnight voting, while were you sleeping, tiny new hampshire town of eight already took care of business, the candidates who came out on top and the surprise name one person wrote in. well, today is election day,
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tuesday, november 8, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get you start wad check on weather and traffic on this election tuesday. katie and meisha joining us. >> good morning, big day today, you guys, and septa, yeah. >> you nailed it. >> i'm so excited to say everything is looking great. we just have some construction, but septa. >> thankfully makes your job a heck of a lot easier. >> yes it does. >> everything runs smilely for a change. >> being looking at quiet weather yet again, looking, your forecast looking absolutely spectacular. it is all right even if it weren't election day we would be saying this is the banner day of the forecast, plenty of sunshine expected, staying quiet. area temperatures yes, chilly but not necessarily as harsh by the time the sun is coming up anyway as they were expected to be yesterday. so, as a result of some milder area starting to nudge in, temperatures should rebound relatively easily, you are at the freezing mark through a the loft northwest outlying
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suburbs, also through millville, pine land area, in general, chilly start. but look where we end up. nice little surge of warmth here today, for election day, you have got sunshine, you have got temperatures that are actually starting to at least do little harmless flirtation with even 70 degrees, so this is a really nice day for the standards. meanwhile, it doesn't last long. we're going on bit of roller coaster ride the next few days, so enjoy the weather today, get out, volt, now freebies out there which i'm sure will cover as the newscast progresses but front comes along tomorrow, that will be bringing us our next rounds of wet weather. and we will track that for you just a little later in the show, meisha? >> weather we can all agree on. >> thumbs-up on it, flight. >> that's right. thumbs-up, thanks, katie. now, look behind me, just going to back out of the screen, so you can just take this in for a minute, good morning, everybody. and happy tuesday. we have got buses, subways, trolleys, all back to normal this morning. this is going to be a really good day. construction 59 south, allegheny and girard two, left
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lanes block, lifting right around 5:00 a.m. expect them. actually see crews out there right now hopefully picking the stuff. the vine was not closed to overnight construction, both moving in the westbound and eastbound side. looking good. we can see some brake lights going off. overall, this is looking just as it should at 4:30 in the morning on a tuesday, we know it is still going to be busy, even though septa is back to normal. it is going to get busy. northbound between schuylkill and wissahickon. two right lanes blocked here, see the two right lanes still blocked until 5:00 a.m. hopefully lifting right around 5:00 a.m. to ease tension that will start to build there. some construction pa turnpike westbound between delaware valley and bensalem, right lane blocked there. construction son the pa turnpike, more coming up in about 15 minutes, jim, over to you. >> thank you, meisha. after about 18 months of rallies, debates, and controversy, the campaign is just about over, and in less than 24 hours, we should know who will be the next president of the united state. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are spending the last hours before the polls open
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raising as many voters as they can in key states. cbs weijia jiang with the latest from new york. >> reporter: him hill and donald trump held dueling midnight rallies in a last ditch effort to sway undecided voters in key state. >> lady gaga and jon bon jovi, state where polls show her tied with trump. >> i real believe it is the most important election off you are lifetimes. because we never had a clearer choice. >> earlier, clinton appeared with president obama and the first lady in philadelphia. trump joined runningmate mike pence in michigan, traditionally blue state. he thinks can turn red. >> we don't need lady gaga. all we need is great ideas to make america great again. >> trump rallied monday, needs
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the state electoral votes to win the white house. both presidential candidates will watch the election night returns in new york city, clinton headquarters will be here at the gaff its convention center and trump's will be at a hotel just over a mile away. >> clinton has an advantage in the electoral college, thanks to row lie bridge democratic state. something trump would need to overcome. >> what he's got to do is flip places like florida for himself like ohio and then also not just north carolina but maybe one of those reliably blue states. >> at midnight, three communities in new hampshire voted including dicks ville notch where clinton won with four votes, trump came in second with two. weijia jiang, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and pennsylvania voters also have to decide one. closest u.s. senate races in the country. incumbent pat toomey faces tough battle against democratic challenger katie mcginty. polls show one or two-point margin, the winner could help determine which party controls
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the senate. trang do will have more coming up in our next half hour. >> meanwhile pennsylvania voters are also choosing a new attorney general. democratic josh shapiro takes on republican john rafferty. both are montgomery county natives. shapiro chairs montgomery county board of commissioners, and is former state representative. ralph earth say state senator, and former state deputy attorney general. both talked about their stands on gun control. >> well, we need to beef up our gun violence task forces, philadelphia, pittsburgh, all across pennsylvania. to make sure we get guns out of the hands every criminals, while still protecting people's second amendment right. if the balance can be struck, and i know how to strike it. >> hillary talked the legislature about beefing up again using resource the attorney general's office working local law enforcement community, local da's, and the intel units there to go and get these illegal guns off the street. >> earlier this year, attorney general kathleen kane was convicted of leaking secret grand jury information, then
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flying it under oath. both candidate hope to repair the damage during their time in office. meanwhile, voters in delaware will elect new member of congress to replace representative john carney, jr. the democratic is running against colin. delaware vote letters it is decide on lieutenant governor. other races on today's ballot include state insurance commissioner, wilmington mayor, and the chief executive of new castle county. >> with just hours left before the polls open, city officials in philadelphia are ready to go. despite some back and forth, about rigged voting, officials say, voters should not worry. those responsible say there will be fair election across the city. >> our working tirelessly to make sure we have a problem free election our are able to go and vote with ease. it might be candidate's first rodeo, but it is not ours. >> staffers with the justice department have an announced they will be in philadelphia today monitoring the polls,
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just to assure the process goes as planned. >> polls will be opening at 7:00 this morning, pennsylvania and delaware voters in those two states will have until 8:00 tonight to cast their ballots. in new jersey voters have extra hour, polls there open at 6:00 this morning, and close at 8:00 tonight. >> several companies are offering specials to help get to you your polling place, zipcar is making 300 cars in the philadelphia area free tonight from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. you have to be a member to reserve one. and ride sharing companies uber and lyft are partnering with my right to vote, a clinton supporting super pack, they're offering $15 off ride to your polling place with the code vote pa. uber is also partnering with google for in app feature to help users find their polling place. "eyewitness news" has you covered on this election day, covering in new york city covering the presidential race, and our team of reporters will be covering the big races, pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. >> and when we're not on air we can always be found on line
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at there you can fine your polling place, and see the results as they come into our news room. there are also some fun election day previews you want to check out, and on the cbs local app. well, after you're done voting how about going to an election their. >> free library of philadelphia is posting one, the political fun they have for guests and how you can take part. >> and a mixed verdict is arena pittsburgh judge ruled a man accused of shooting three people in a mall is not guilty of attempted murder. >> and when the polls close tonight, stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" and cbs news has you covered with expands the coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. we'll bring you updates on local races throughout the night. join us for expanded edition at 10:00 p.m. on the "cw philly".
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>> philadelphia police officers, happened about 7:00 last night 3100 block of
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north ninth street in north philadelphia. investigators say officers were looking for a man wanted for earlier shoot wang they tried to stop him, they say, he point add gun at them. the man was shot three times in the chest. dead at the hospital. officers tell us they found two guns on the man after he was shot. a 15 year old is in critical condition this morning, after being shot in the head in kensington. "eyewitness news" was on the scene. the 2100 block of 1st st. no word on the victim's identity. police say they've made arrest. and recovered a weapon. >> other news, one person is in the hospital and several people are in the care of the red cross, after an overnight fire in west philadelphia. investigators say the fire started in the basementment of 3-story building near parkside about 1:15 last night. five adult, two children, were forced from their homes. the extent of victims injuries isn't known right now. crews had to fire under control in about a half hour. a mixed verdict in a western pennsylvania mall shooting. a judge has acquitted
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thornhill of attempted murder in the shooting of three people in the monroe ville mall last year. the judge ruled that it is not clear if it was thorn hill's intent to kill anyone, because of mental condition centered on paranoia. but the judge convicted him of aggravated assault, wreckless endangerment, and firearms crimes. >> he has extensive mental health issues, unfortunately, he has not received the treatment epp needed in the past. everybody's hope including the family is that he will get some treatment. >> thornhill's attorney never denied his client committed the crime. sentence something january 26. well, the free library of philadelphia is having a special election day party tonight. >> it is part of the library's american presidency series. there will be live music, presidential trivia, and what the library called red state and blue state or door evers. tickets $15, taking place in the skyline room at the library's parkway central branch. presidential trivia. well, at 4:43, doing some of
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it this morning in the news room. yes. >> katie has the election day forecast. >> i do. >> katie, chance that there mate be long lines at some of the polling locations, at least it seems like the weather will be cooperating. >> will end up being nice warm day, as well. so we expect that, you know, certainly no reason that the weather will hold you back here. really ends up beautiful day, temperatures hit the upper 60s, we think, at the moment, however, do have frost advisory to contends with here, and that is specific to cape may count any new jersey, delco, and pa, then the whole state of delaware. so delmarva peninsula finding the core of any frost at least in terms of the advisory this morning, but don't be smocked if you see some of the crunchy grass effect going on across the rest of the region. certainly cold enough for that in many locations, now, looking at wide zoom on storm scan, the next frontal boundery, will be brinking in little bit of rain obviously to portions of the great lakes n terms of battlegrounds country, out west, we're looking dry, in all of the four corners, nevada, iowa is dry, really just michigan, and
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ohio here that have that rain. rest of the entire east coast in fact in terms every battleground states anyway does stay completely dry. so, that at least, again, is not going to be any kind after major concern when it comes to getting out to the polls. but here at home, we expect beautiful weather. this is really nice weather for november 8th, my friends, please save offer it while you have the chance, in its own right, that is great day. lots of sunshine, 68 degrees, 68 degrees, not bad at all. forty-nine for the nighttime low. clouds do rebuild. frontal boundery on the way does move in tomorrow. it will likely bring wet weather in the form of showers primarily in the first half of the day. morning drive will likely be impacted, then we see an even cooler bash of air move in for the weekends, meisha, over to you. >> all right, perfect day, election day to have 68 degrees. thanks so much, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, so, what's on tap for today? of course we are talking about septa, strike is over, great news for all of us traveling out there today. we will feel big difference this morning, right now talking about some
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construction, the a -- 95 south, two left lanes blocked there. that's going to be blocking until about 5:00 a.m. start to slow you down probably ever so slightly in that area. plus more construction on the boulevard, schuylkill and wissahickon two, right lanes were blocked until 5:00 a.m. it looks like those might just be clearing. i can see some clues up here, but heads up, that might be kind of starting to wind down and clear out of the way. forty-two freeway, first look in new jersey creek road, looking good. looking just as it should, as we approach the 5:00 mark. and one more time, showing all green in septa. we'll see this morning, might slow down little later but won't be because every septa, as we know, that's now looking a-okay. jim, over to you. >> thank you so much, meisha. this morning a man is in jail another on the loose after a barricade situation in strawberry mansion. this started around midnight in the 1900 block of judson street. police say two men were caught on camera breaking into a vacant home, belonging to someone who had recently died. when officers arrived, the men barricaded themselves inside, before trying to escape.
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one was caught, while the other escaped. the man who was caught is facing burglary and weapons charges. well, just days after finding rolling stone live, for defaming university dean, a jury awarding her damages. >> the amount of magazine will now have to pay for now retracted story the lawyers call a
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"should a woman be punshied for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form." "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion and i would, suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey and donald trump: they're not for you. women vote is responsible for the content of this advertising. >> who sued rolling stone magazine for defemation, jury made decision yesterday. on friday the jury found rolling stone and it reporter defamed uva dean nicole aram an o. in the story rape on campus, aramo was portrayed as callous indifference with student who claimed she was gang raped a fraternity house. that article was later retracted, police found no evidence to back up the claim. >> the time now 449:67:89 time for check on business news. >> as always money watch's
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jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning so markets own this election day after biggest rally in month. that's where some people are actually calling it the philla rally in. >> very creative, right? stocks surged on word that the f.b.i. finished reviewing hillary clinton's emails and won't press charges. so investors now give her a better chance of winning. polls are still tightment analysts say if donald trump wins tonight we can expect a brexit like sell off in the market tomorrow. and that because it bridges a lot more uncertainty about economic and trade policies, at the same time, democratic sweep could also force a bit of a sell off, and that's because it could bring some more regulation in the healthcare and financial industries. so, either way, markets watching the results very closely. jim, rahel? >> jill, in the run up to the reelection we've all heard the jokes about people moving to canada. but it turns out that more americans really are looking for jobs.
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>> it is true, the job search engine monster world-wide says that the number of americans looking for work in canada this year rose by about 60% compared to last year. linked in says the top searches are project managers, software developer, and business analysts. it is pretty interesting. i thought it was sort of a joke that people said. but i guess people are serious. >> montreal is a beautiful place. >> vancouver, i'm dying to go there. >> do you know how expensive it is in vancouverer? my goodness. it is like living in new york sit. >> i good jobs, nice people. >> for a long weekends it is okay. >> okay, thanks, jill. we'll check in with you in the next hour. well, it is look being like a lovely day to cast your ballot. >> but if you are walk to go your polling place this, mo, you may want to bring a jacket. katy? >> oh, you said it, yes, we do have frost advisory still polls in the hands full of count ills. still only into the 30's, for many of you, plus nice warming trends, and then another big cool down. we will walk you through the
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judge are. >> we take a look from high atop our hotel bethlehem camera here, very serene, very quiet beginning to the morning here in downtown bethlehem overlooking main street. just nice and clear skies overhead. you don't even see those flags, the american flag on the left side of your screen was not waiving even at all. barely a breeze, that's even noticeable out there right now. and that's allowing some frost to form as a result. but we are looking ahead to a very warm election day forecast, with sunshine no less, so make the excuse to get outside. not just to slot -- vote, but finds five minutes in your day just to enjoy this weather. storm scan is quiet, say for what's going on to the west, cold front, moves in tomorrow, so we jump to you 2:00 a.m.
4:55 am
tomorrow. combination of the rain starting to nudge our way. i say about this same time, though, when the far northwest suburbs really gets in on the showers that they're going to see for the day, more toward the tail end of the typical rush, and, unfortunately, some of the worse timing here, 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 a.m. over i95, over the vicinity, will link near south jersey through the first half of the afternoon before clearing out. very quick check on the seven day forecast, tomorrow cold front passage, really knocks the temperatures back, we will see little modest rebounds, evan flow come friday, but very cool this upcoming weekends, all it be dry, sunny, meisha. >> i'll take anything thomas long as the weather is nice today. >> we're good. >> katie, great, thanks so much. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. septa whoos we know back to normal. first, construction out there for you, that will start to slow you down little bit. fifty-nine south between al allegheny and girard two, left lanes, blocked until 5:00 a.m. those should be lifting sometime soon in the next ten minutes hopefully, see the crouds out there, also see that it is starting to get busy. also, this, i just want to show you this, showing all
4:56 am
green, but really what i want to talk about buses, subways, trolleys. back to normal today. so we should really see a difference on our highways, interstates later today. see what happens there. downed traffic signal in new jersey route 30 westbound closed before illinois avenue. we will have to use alternate. de lie a road to route nine to route 30 will be your best bet. heads up on that, again, downed traffic signal in that area. a lot of construction out there, pa turnpike, downingtown, lane blocked there. more to come in about ten minute, jim, over you. >> thank you, meisha. reelection day coverage continues in the next hour every "eyewitness news" with a look at some of the important ballot questions that voters will see today. >> also, this morning, authorities are trying to figure out what made more than two dozen children at florida preschool sick. we'll have the latest. >> take a look at this, a busy road collapses into a giant sinkhole. we will tell you where it happened, we're back at the top of the hour.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> well, months and months of campaigning to -- the attack ads, some speeches, the debate and the scandels, all come down to today. we're hours away from the polls opening on in election day. cbs-3 is with you all the way. some new hampshire voters have already cast their ballots. we'll have the early results. do you want america to be ruled by the corrupt political or do you want america to be ruled by you, the people? >> donald trump holds a rally early this morning, in michigan. we'll have more of his message to voters. when your kids, the grand kids, ask what you did in
5:00 am
2016, when everything was on the line, all a be able to say: you voted for a stronger, fairer, better america. >> at the same time hillary clinton was rallying voters in north carolina, hour after her visit to philadelphia. we'll show you more of the star studded celebration. and today is tuesday, november 8th, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. it is election day. >> it is. >> finally. >> after months and months. >> finally. >> oh, my goodness, and i'm rahel solomon, good morning, katie and mean keeping an eye on things on this election day. >> good morning. >> such an important tuesday. yes, we have made it. >> and septa is rolling again. >> yes, today will be great. i will say it will still be busy, give yourselves little extra time. we have an accident on the about, get to that in just a moment. >> kind of like the superbowl in the news world. >> super excited about the day ahead. so excited, yes,


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