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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  November 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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it the is my high honor, and distinct privilege to introduce to you the president's elect of the united states of america donald trump. >> i promise you i will in the let you down. we will do a great job. >> and i love this country. thank you, thank you very much. the people have spoken and donald trump will be the forty-fifth president of the united states of america. it is wednesday, november 9th, good morning everyone i'm jim done ran. i'm rahel solomon. after a long day that turned into a longer night america has elected donald trump the next president of the you had. >> vote count at this hour shows how close it is, cbs
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news projected trump winner around 2:45 this morning hours after the first polls closed. >> for a huge upset win for trump, according to nearly every poll lead nothing to last night. >> we have reporters at both headquarters in new york and got immediate reaction to the trump victory. >> reporter: i'm natasha brown in midtown manhattan with the trump campaign at trump headquarters. we have just heard from president-elect donald trump after an 18 month journey, it will end in the white house for president-elect trump. trump says hillary clinton called to congratulate and concede, just before he took the stage at around 3:00 a.m. this morning. he says it is time to come together as one united people. >> now it is time for america to find the wound of division after we get together, to all republicans, and democrats, and independent is a cross this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one
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united people. >> hopefully it is a loud message to congress, senate that if they don't fall in line, they are next. america is sick of the establishment and they have heard it real loud. >> he reached out to those who had not chosen to support him in the past, he is, obviously, offering an olive branch now. he called his campaign a movement. he has energized this crowd, he is obviously energized american people, and as the votes came in throughout the night we saw the energy in this crowd, he won several battle ground states, including the state of pennsylvania, and its 20 electoral votes, a state that has been a plea state, a democratic state for more than two decade, and he turned it red here tonight. during this election. that is the latest from the trump headquarters he is accompanied by his new vice-president, mike pence and many surrogates who helped him get the to this point winning this election. that is very latest here from
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trump headquarters in midtown manhattan, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". across town stun clinton supporters filed out of her campaign event at the jacob javits center after clinton chose not to deliver a concession speech. "eyewitness news" anchor yes, sir contact dean has that part of the coverage. >> reporter: here at new york city in the clinton campaign headquarters the moodies somber and continues to be that way, as more and more results, roll in. we began we talk to one key member of the account clinton's press team who told us that the mood of the campaign was jubilant, well, things have certainly changed since then. we have talk to some clinton supporters, many of whom we saw hugging one another, some even crying, here's what they had to say. >> i'm frightened and i'm hoping that there is a way in which, we can bring it all together because our country is fractured, we are a divided america right now. as a leader of a country that
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claims to be united he has to bring us all together. >> to see that donald trump has won with such a big majority this was complete thely unexpect. we thought that given the fact that the demographics of this country are changing that the world would be in hillary's favor but this is just very upsetting this this result. >> i think the world is in shock. it is like brexit, the british voted on a gut reaction and this is a gut reaction. >> reporter: people are pouring out of the javits center in new york city after the campaign's chairman john podesta said they wanted to wait until every vote had been counted. he asked them to go home and said they would hear more from him by wednesday morning. so now, they go home and wait, and rest of the the nation and the world waits as well. in new york it the i, jessica dean for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". trump will be the first president since dwight eisenhower without any political experience before his election. >> pennsylvania played a crucial role in handing trump
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the victory. here's a look at tally trump scoring a razor thin win in the keystone state, first time pennsylvania has gone red since 1988. our campaign 2016 coverage continues with "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao getting voter reaction live in ardmore, good morning, jan. >> reporter: jim and rahel, good morning. it is safe to say there is strong reaction from both side this morning, we started out in south philadelphia where we ran into quite a few upset hillary clinton supporters. we have moved to the suburbs where donald trump has enjoyed more support. look at the video no doubt this will be talker at water cooler this morning. folks here in the delaware valley waking up to news of the the new president-elect in donald trump. overnight voters were glued to their tell rigs set as results rolled in. pennsylvania was one of the last winning states called, cbs news projecting a win for trump in the keystone state a couple hours ago now n his victory speech, trump vowed to
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reunite herc but it is clear he has a way to go. >> it is just going to take a lot. i just feel like it is just not okay especially for like the lb gt community. >> my thoughts on the election are actually really shocking. i didn't think pennsylvania, i thought we were going to pull through as a whole, with the democratic system. >> i was hoping it would go the other way but i don't know, you never know, at this point, we're so close, and so divided right now, i really thought it would go the other way. >> reporter: and clearly donald trump has a whole lot of supporters out there especially on social media and that is where we want to hear from you. tweet us, facebook your thoughts, you may see them on air. for now we are live from ardmore, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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back inside to you. it was also a late the night, deciding winner of the u.s. senate race here in pennsylvania. >> republican pat toomey emerge victorious defeating katie mcgiant toy win reelection. he run by a narrow margin of just under hundred thousand votes. that the race went down to the wire. >> it was also one of the most expensive in the country. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do joins us live there election central with more from those candidates, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the the most closely watched senate races across the country. the it was very closely align with the presidential race as most people voted straight party and helped g.o.p. retain control of the senate. from his lehigh county election night headquarters senator pat toomey declared victory over democratic challenger katie mcginty by a margin of a hundred thousand votes. toomey admitted it was a hard for the race. >> let's face it, this was a tough campaign. there was an all time record amount of money spent against
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us, a lot of the ads were just out right false but voters were smart enough to figure it the out as they usually are. >> reporter: conceding in philadelphia, katie mcginty remained cheerful and upbeat before ballroom of supporters that included governor tom wolf. >> well, pennsylvania it has been a ride and a privilege and an add ren tour. >> reporter: after a campaign that was notoriously ugly civility at the very end. >> he has earn, and deserves our gratitude and respect, and i wish him god's blessings and god speed and a bright future for himself, his family and pennsylvania. >> i want to return the favor and congratulate katie mcginty on running a very spirited campaign. >> reporter: toomey told his supporters he planned to take time off and offered a look into his plans for a second term. >> i don't think washington should be making health care decisions for all of us.
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i don't think washington should make job of law enforcement more difficult then it already is have the. >> reporter: tomb i avoided questions throughout his campaign he did finally admit he voted for donald trump late tuesday. for now we are live from cbs-3 election central i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". meanwhile county commissioner josh shapiro will be the next attorney general of pennsylvania. shapiro defeated republican state senator john rafferty. shapiro will be taking over a office hit with turmoil over arrest and conviction of the former attorney general kathleen kaine. he promised to represent all of pennsylvanians. >> i recognize my task is to be the attorney general for all pennsylvania. democrats, republicans, independents, those who voted for me and those that didn't. i will bring everyone together and work for each of them. >> shapiro's becomes top ranking law enforcement official. ka this e has been sentenced
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to ten to 20 months in prison for leaking grand jury material. these are a few races you voted on yesterday but we have a full list of results on rbs and we will have more on next hour as well. now lets turn to our weather forecast. >> katie, good idea to bring the umbrella. >> i would say it is a smart move because frontal bound dry crossing through, does you have enough moisture for showers and rain for good portion of the the day. whole day is not a wash out but it is going to be damp if not the raining and he certainly cloudy as well. it wasn't that a gem of the the day. today however, obviously things beginning to change that the leading edge of the the precipitation is moving in lancaster berks county and lehigh valley and poconos. with time places like i-95 for example will even up with damp road. i will say really over the course of, two and a half to three hours absolute hacks as that rain starts to move in and little sooner in the far western counties but again we're currently at upper 40's, lower 50's, off to a
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relatively mile start because we had clouds overhead. do expect showers are with us for good portion of the the day and that goes for everyone. poconos, shore, here in philadelphia, and it is cooler highs only 59 at best. meisha, back over to you. >> katie, yesterday was gorgeous that weather, just perfect. all right, thank you so much. good morning everyone. we're looking at construction on the boulevard north bound at ridge avenue at kelly drive. that left lane is still block. it was kind of moving around, a moving crew there a little bit but they will be stationary block ago this left lane. we thought they were gone. they are not. they are still out there. give yourself a couple extra minutes moving by, still very dark but good thing is still very early as well. vine, overnight construction you can see moving in the west and eastbound direction. a lot of early risers already on the vine. an accident just cleared ac expressway westbound at egg harbor toll plaza, maybe slowing you down, ever so slightly but it is gone. forty-two northbound at 676 that right lane block from new
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jersey until right around 6:00 . jim and rahel, back over to you. we are continuing to follow the results of the election 2016 this morning, and reaction around the world. >> the way asian markets are reacting this morning and surprising effect, being seen in
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if you are just waking up, votes are in and donald trump will be the forty-fifth president of the you had. democratic nominee hillary clinton called trump to congratulate him, in his victory speech trump says nation owes clinton a major debt of gratitude for her years of public service. we have other news, to get to this morning two police officers are hurt after a crash north of the lasalle university. chopper three over 21st and common street last night. police say officers were in a suv that collided with another car just before 10:00 p.m. one officer suffered a broken leg and other broken ribs. we are told man in the other car did try to get out and away but he was eventually
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caught. cheltenham township police and fbi are looking for this man, take a look, he robbed a wells fargo bank on west cheltenham avenue in elkins park. photos show him walking up demanding money and making off with the cash. police went through the suspect armed and dangerous, they urge anyone with helpful information to call police with the number on your screen (215)885-1600. it appears no one was hurt but a car crashed in the building late last night in delaware county. car went through a wall and window at cbs pharmacy on the 700 block of south chester road in swarthmore. that is route 320 right there. chopper three was over the crash just after 10:30. it is not clear what caused the accident. the world markets are reacting to the u.s. election, financial markets spiraled downward as wall street index futures and asian bench marks tumbled on the rising possibility of having trump as president. taiwan was one of the several financial market in asia to drop a trump presidency is
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seen to bring added uncertainty on various issues, including trade policies. well, over past few months we have heard people joke about moving to canada if their candidate didn't win? well, candidate immigration site actually crashed last night. web site went down around 10:30 thanks to a quote high level of on line traffic. well, time right now is 4:46. >> let get a check of the forecast with katie. apparently a wet commute in store for some. >> it looks like it may actually now linger toward the typical evening russias well, just the way that this set up is looking at this point. you'll likely have to contend with showers for a good portion of the the day. we're not talking deluge or anything like that but we could use it. what this front will bring is more light rain and plane old showers through a good portion of the the day. the just damp, certainly chillier, when we look at future weather it is more overdone then it was yesterday when we look at seven or 8:00 that is time when that future weather is pegging the rains to actual a live
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portions of i-95 anyway. you still have a little will bit of the window in a good portion of our area before we deal with this area noon time it is still out there we hit three or four or 5:00 o'clock and it is still out there and it will linger in new jersey for tail even of the p.m. rush at this point. it is a slow moving front but it will be able to knock temperatures back and keep us in the chill come tomorrow. we will see reenforcement by week even. fifty-nine for our high, it is already cooler by comparison, meanwhile tonight we will drop down to just 40 but skies will clear out here and the breeze begins to pick up, again. breeze is a running theme of the forecast for thursday, friday and even into saturday. again, reenforcing cold coming on saturday so we will have a big struggle to hit 50 on saturday afternoon, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. good morning everyone. looking outside on our roadways still very dark, early not even in the 5:00 o'clock hour. we were seeing construction here boulevard northbound at ridge avenue and kelly drive left lane compromised there
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and we are seeing brake lights there but we're looking pretty good as you can see early risers out there but this is what it is looking like, anywhere we look, including the vine. vine did not have that construction we are used to between schuylkill and broad last night, no konstantinov trucks here, great news for those taking vine, both moving in the west and east bound direction. some of your friend, may possibly but i will say vine will get busier as it did yesterday despite the fact that the septa strike is now over. we will have more vehicles outside on the roadways then would i say, before the septa strike in the early morning hours. just a head up if you vine is looking okay and just a rehinder that septa is crediting vouchers for unused transpasses, buses, trolleys, subways running back to normal. vouchers are good news. we are getting tweet about that yesterday and construction here in new jersey. forty-two northbound at 676 that right lane is block lifting right around 6:00 a.m., jim and rahel, back to you. coming up on "eyewitness news" we will have more on how markets are reacting to the results of the decision 2016. >> we will go live to wall street with more on what is
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expect to happen at the op
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let's bring you up to date, if you are just joining us, donald trump is america's forty-fifth pennsylvania. pennsylvania help put trump overtop, keystone state was prime battle ground both he and democratic opponent hillary clinton spent a great deal of their time and money touring the campaign. well, time right now is 4:51. time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. so, donald trump's surprise win and uncertainty surrounding a trump presidency is shocking the financial markets. what can you tell us about this morning. >> reporter: rises have priced in a hillary clinton victory. so far tonight we have seen a global market sell off, asia and european market are tumbling at one point dow jones future here in the u.s. were pointing to an 800-point drop at the open. those losses have been tared
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by more than half after hillary clinton conceded and i should note overseas there has been recovery as well but a major sell off, jim and rahel. >> why do markets favor a clinton win? >> reporter: it is really about uncertainty. so markets to not like uncertainty and there is just a lot of question marks surrounding donald trump's economic positions. trump wants to revamp tax code, u.s. immigration policy, critical of the u.s. reserve, is there concern u.s. could withdraw from trade agreements. a clinton victory, seemed like it was more after a continuation of policies we have been seeing for the past eight years. so, i guess we will see what happens as donald trump lays out his vision, jim and rahel. >> it will be an interesting day on the markets, indeed. >> thanks very much, jill. well, continuing coverage of the election results in the next hour. >> plus wet ter plan your day in j
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good morning, welcome back. we are looking ahead to a day of a cold front pass that brings it wet weather issues. the when you walk out the door an extra five minutes or so, and umbrella is a good idea. you can see leading edge, starting to move our way, already eventually it is going to bring everybody, at least some scattered showers, we did see on the radar that there were pockets of steady rain. the it is a dreary day, cloudy, brings with it wet weather, the timing on this we have had to expand new between the hours of 6:00 and 6:00 generally. now give or take because we have leading edge moving to the far western suburbs and past 6:00 p.m. places like southern new jersey could have a lingering shower. this should not the bring much in the way of accumulating presip but with us a good portion of the the day. plan around it. we will get slowed down. even lightes little shower tend to slow people down. so expect that. fifty-nine at best for a high keeping upper 50's tomorrow. wind is a issue on try with
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the reenforcing shot of cold and that send it back in the 40's. and december-like territory for first half of the weekend especially. >> little rain today, good to know. thank you so much. good morning, everyone. looking into new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road we're looking okay but we're looking heavy concerning the fact that we have not cracked in 5:00 o'clock hour. headaching note give yourself some extra time for those in new jersey, approaching 295, it is looking pretty heavy and still dark out there. good indication of what today might bring us. construction here that looks like it might be clearing now, boulevard northbound at kelly drive that left lane, is compromised but it looks pretty good there right now. ben franklin bridge for those moving westbound you are in great company looking nice and quiet pushing westbound toward center city. we are looking good. and, by the way for those taking vine we are all looking good there as well. buses, trolleys, subways back to normal. septa is crediting vouchers
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for unused transpasses. the great news for those using vouchers, and, construction here, is still out there in new jersey 42 northbound at 676 that right lane is block until right around 6:00 a.m. another hour or so and i will confirm when it does clear and route 73 southbound at route 90 that left lane is block until 6:00 a.m. in pennsauken. jim, over to you. well, coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" more on donald trump's victory. >> reporter: emotional historic night as nation elects a new president ending a bitter, divisive campaign. i'm craig boswell at the white house and that is coming up. plus we will have more on who is controlling congress, lots of changes to tell you about when we continue at
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hopefully you will be so proud of your president, you will be so proud, again, it is my honor. it was an amazing evening. it has been an amazing two year period. and i love this country: thank you. >> with that donald trump becomes the forty-fifth president owe electric of the united states, stunning upset and pennsylvania helped tip the scales in his favor. the world is now reacting to the news, at one point dow jones futures were down nearly 640 points, asian markets have tumbled as well, we will have have a live report. we have not seen or heard from hillary clinton, her supporters were sent home in the middle of the night many of them in tears. today is wednesday, november 9th, good morning i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel solomon. it was a close race but donald trump will be the next president of the united states. g.o.p. nominee defeated democratic rival


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