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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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obama gets ready to welcome donald trump to the white house to take their plans on working out a peaceful transition of power. an alert for temple youth students after armed thieves storm this is home near campus. today is thursday november 10th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. i'm rahel sol hon. first we will get you started with weather and traffic. >> yeah, good morning. gateway to the weekend is here. the roads are looking okay. we have one accidents on 422 still out there but overall things are looking good and dry. >> and they are going to stay that way throughout the day. we have high pressure moving in briefly. the it will keep skies, nice and clear. even though that front is out of here we are clearing out nicely is there a hint of the breeze and it was a cold front. our temperatures got knocked back easily here this morning. storm scan again nice and quiet, another really great example of how we are clearing out. just by looking at our area cameras. as sun comes up earlier, we are taking you out to these cameras and see light of day
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at this early hour. 39 degrees in cape may courthouse at middletown ship high school. but we have seen down the shore pretty regularly these wind blowing as high as the teens. it is a chilly start for you at the shore and up in the mountains too where wind continues to blow. around the rest of the region it is a calm breeze but chillier, we are starting off this is lower 40's despite sunshine. it will not help warm things up too much as we get closer here to the winter solstice every passing day but eventually we will warm things up to 58 degrees, in full sunshine. now, as that sun returns it looks like it will hang out for a couple days but there is a toes of test coming our way and that comes with the next reeven forcing blast of cold to arrive here, i'll tell you when and how low temperatures tropical later on, meisha. >> katie, i'm so grateful we will see the sun, it will feel cold, felt very cold this morning, you guys but the sunnies such an incredible mood lifter. looking outside schuylkill headlights moving in the
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eastbound direction at montgomery. lets see what you are working with here. still traveling at posted speed but we will start to drop as we push the brunt of the 6:00 o'clock hour. this is what you are looking at the schuykill. i-95 south past cottman we are seeing brake lights there. good indication we are in longer traveling at 65 miles an hour. i was hoping to keep you there until 6:30. we are dropping right now. we will go in center city and then we had an accident here, injuries reported they were reported there 422 westbound at oaks, that accident has been cleared. this is what we are looking at there. we are looking good. moving in the west and eastbound direction but we still did have construction lingering out there. forty-two northbound at 676 right lane was block until right now and it sound like that is out of your way and also in cinnaminson, route 37 southbound at route nine on, that right lane is blows income now. that should be out of the way as well. we will have more on the pa turnpike until a little bit. jim and ra who will back over to you. we have seen anti donald trump protests breaking out
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all over the country including right here in philadelphia hundreds marching in the streets blocking traffic. >> this comes as the president-elect gets ready to head to the white house where he will meet with president obama. cbs's hena daniels is live at trump tower in new york, hena, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. the crowd have considerably thinned out here on fifth have avenue but at the height of the protest, president-elect trump was inside his penthouse, plotting his transition the from the penthouse to the white house. >> not my president. >> not my president. >> reporter: donald trump's stunning election, continued to boil over into the early hours. >> he is a racist, homophobic, send owe phobic nightmare. >> reporter: moments after burning a effigy of the president-elect, demonstrators in l.a. marched along 101 freeway shutting town traffic for hours. >> they are row testing democracy. democracy was at work. democracy is what played out.
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>> reporter: businessness new orleans were damaged, fire works set off in oakland. >> you are unlawfully in the roadway. >> reporter: police arrested several row testers blocking traffic on various trump properties. hundreds of protesters lined the streets of fifth avenue knew across the street from trump tower. this is as president-elect trump raiser for his heating with president obama at the white house later today. >> we have moved in ways some people think is forward, and others think it is moving back and that is okay. >> hillary clinton urged her supporters to give trump a chance. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an opened mind and a chance to lead. >> reporter: trump stayed out of the public eye yesterday, privately heating with his staff to go over potential cabinet appointments. in a tweet his transition team pledged to begin to the urgent task of rebuilding our nation
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and rethis huge the american dream. >> we have learned it cost new york city at least 65 people were a rested. mostly for disorderly conduct. jim and rahel. >> thanks, very much, hena. you may want to avoid center city tonight if you can because more demonstrations are set to take place. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live with more on what you can expect, good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning, jim and rahel. many in the crowd last night said this is only the beginning, a separate coalition of groups has scheduled a second protest here at city hall for 5:00 p.m. crowd last night definitely tied up traffic, and we should expect more this evening. take a look at video from last night. >> not my president. >> donald trump, not my president. >> reporter: about a thousand people gathered from across city hall to protest president-elect donald trump and a policy that they say are discriminatory. now some also held signs reading not my president, the crowd started marching from
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the municipal services building and continued up broad street to temple with police officers monitoring along the way. now although it was organize by philadelphia socialist alternative, the large diverse group gave a variety of reasons for demonstrating. >> i'm very scared. i'm afraid for my rights. i'm afraid for my country and all of my friends and family. i'm afraid. >> this is what the the dnc asked for. they showed us they stole eat lex from the good man bernie sanders who was the rightful winner. >> reporter: again, second protest is scheduled for here tonight at city hall at 5:00 p.m. be mindful of that. if you live in this area for evening rush. there will be another protest in berks county at 6:00 p.m. at reading community college. but for now we are live from city hall, i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". jim and rahel. >> mess around city hall, for sure. >> emotions still very high. philadelphia police aring looker fod a armed man who stormed in the home robbing temple students this happened on the 1400 block of
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wilmington street just off temple's main campus. police tell "eyewitness news" that it is men took off with several electronic devices. in one was hurt but temple university did put out an alert for students in the area to use caution. also new this morning a teenager shot on his own doorstep, in philadelphia's frankford section. this happened just before 2:00 0 block of bridge street. we're told the 18 year-old victim was shot this is back, chest and affirm. he was rush to the hospital, in word this morning on suspects or a motive. >> we did find some private surveillance cameras, and we also found some cameras around the corner, at some businesses. so, hopefully, these cameras will record something that can help us with this chris will california, shooting, investigation. >> investigators are also now knocking on doors looking for possible witnesses. well, still ahead, chaos erupts inside a courtroom, find out what caused this brawl, captured on camera. take a look at your screen, do you recognize these people? the unusual business, that they are accused of
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burglarizing. and standing out among a sea of job applicant how do you do your resume to make you the one that gets hired. >> ♪ it is only you could see jim donovan dancing right now at the desk, 24k magic by bruno mars, we are certainly hoping to see the bright sun today after a dreary day on wednesday, yesterday. katie's back with the forecast up next. i wish you could see jim.
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welcome back. wild video, inside a ohio courtroom where a man, demanded a conference with the judge. i don't think that is how that works. fifty-six year-old anthony, has complaints against the court and police department. thousand he was ordered to leave the courtroom but refused so police took matters in their own hand. hammond is facing contempt of court and assault charges. well, there is throwing to fight about around here. >> no, weather is looking nice. especially for november. >> it is certainly chilly but it is again you said it, november 10th standards are putting us in the upper 50's. that is where we will find ourselves with daytime highs, we have a very wide zoom on storm scan to show you where next front is coming there the north. we can see hint of snow and ice across portions of eastern canada. i don't think this is a moisture rich front, it is looking like it will be fizzling with time but toss knock temperatures back. we will turn our focus. we are in the lower 40's and
6:12 am
30's this most locations. however, we will look ahead to, early sat the day morning behind the next front that comes along tomorrow and this is how it will feel. yeah, it feels like december. more like the 20's, across the majority of the region and probably no better than freezing mark give or take across the southern most counties. so that will be a chilly tart to the day, but how do we get there. again, comes from the cold front passage which we will show you in the seven day. for now typical in day with a high of 58 and sunshine. hint of the breeze. tonight we will drop down to 44 under clear skies. lets talk about that next front. we will warm up at least briefly, before it crosses through tomorrow. sixty-two for veterans day. and then with the wind picking up we will notice that too. the high doesn't even hit 50 and he is off to a start. we will see scarves and mittens. it is coming, 42 freeway north bound at creek road, this is what you are looking at in the westbound direction in new
6:13 am
jersey. it looks as if couple times this morning, every single time we have looked at it, it is getting busier and busier. good news we are still traveling at posted speed but you won't be as we push more in the 6:00 o'clock hour. it usually starts to slow down right before the 7:00 o'clock hour in this air credit but it is ironically enough one of the area that heat up the quickest. the this is what we are looking at, right now, busy 95 south past cottman in both directions we are looking busy there blue route we were looking at the that as well, blue route highlights moving in the southbound direction that is starting to slow down. and just a reminder here buses, trolleys, subways, back on time. septa is crediting vouchers for transpasses that were not used during the strike. that is great news. we will see that is smart. construction 95 southbound between route christiana that left lane is closed until november between the second. head up on that. back over to you. and new for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the daily times netter
6:14 am
providence woman has been charged with dui and leaving the scene of an accident after she allegedly drove her car, into the cvs pharmacy on south chester road tuesday night. chopper three was overhead police say 50 year-old sue ann thomas have after walling forward was disoriented when she was taken into custody by police, a block away, and on foot. front page of the mercury, pottsgrove school officials voiced their concerns over a proposed housing development near limerick outlets. it includes 508 residential units and developers forecast 58 students would be added to the school rolls. well, officials say higher thumbs would have significant impact on staffing and families. and the in the press of the atlantic city, dirties being spread in atlantic city's boardwalk hall after a three-year hey ate us. american professional rodeo association will bring in that cowboys and animals in the business, of course, american finals rodeo on friday and saturday. >> giddy up.
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>> yes. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, coming up in this weeks story of brotherly love a little boy helping so many. >> he has a purpose, that was bigger than you could ever imagine. >> how his touching story is bringing comfort and care to other famililies dealing with other famililies dealing with grief, we will be right not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save $500 on the queen cse mattress. plus 36 month special financing. know better sleep with sleep number.
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happening today funeral for philadelphia's first african-american fire commissioner. harold hairston led the fire
6:18 am
department from 1992 through 2004. he died last week in his west mt. airy home. hairston served the fire department for 40 years. his funeral is at new covenant church at 7500 germantown avenue and will be buried at ivy hill cemetery in the east mt. airy. harold hairston was 76 years old. last year when a philadelphia family lost a baby boy, only five months in the pregnant i they were devastated. >> what happened next taught them how help can help others as ukee washington shows news this weeks story of brotherly love. >> reporter: this philadelphia mom and dad said they want parent who lose a baby to make memories they can, while they can. kristin and chris block are surrounded by photos of their children, including their son, chase. he died in 2015. >> we had no idea what was love before losing chase. >> reporter: they only had a few hours to hold him to let
6:19 am
his brother and sister meet him, and dad wanted to read chase a bedtime story. >> i would pull it up on there and just that i could not find any whole books. >> there was so many nights would i close my eyes and just picture chris, looking for a book to read to chase, and knowing that he would never be able to do that again. >> reporter: kristin and chris decided they didn't want any other family to miss out on a moment like that so they started a foundation called a day with chase, and created, making memories boxes for families half just lost a baby. inside, baby watch disposable camera, a book, a letter. >> we hope we have brought you some comfort and helped create lasting memories with your child. >> reporter: one of the first moms to get a making memories box was emily mcnicholas of northeast philadelphia she lost her son little peter in 2015. >> to have those items to be able to then, spend time with him, and before we have to led
6:20 am
him go was extremely comforting. >> reporter: emily and her baby colin join kristin and chris recently at blessing of a new room at holy redeemer hospital for parents dealing with inntent loss. of course, kristin and chris donated books, in honor of chase. >> chase's purpose was bigger then we could have ever imagined. >> reporter: so far kristin and chris have distributed about 50 boxes to area hospitals. if would you like to get in touch with them go to our web site the at cbs i will see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> beautiful story. >> yes. looking to land a new job. >> well, how do you get the your resume to stand out among the rest. puzzles are to problems for this kid, meet local students who have mastered hat challenges and wait until you hear where it is taking him ahead in the next half an
6:21 am
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weekend is a day or two away and as it approaches we will see a cold front also approach. and, saturday morning especially looking chilly but sunshine all weekend and we will rebound by sunday. guys, back inside to you. it is not always easy to land a job, applicants are up against hundreds of people which is why having a stopped out resume is more important than ever. >> in three on your side report we will look at what recruiters are looking for and critical mistakes that the job seekers are making. >> nice to meet you. >> what is going on. >> reporter: dawn marie warner knows how important that resume can be which why is she brought a stack of them to this job fair hoping to stand out in a sea of applicants. recent survey by career builder found 43 percent of hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at a resume. that the is why job coach christine says it is critical to get right to the point.
6:25 am
>> you have to grab their attention very quickly. you cannot have a long paragraph, a longest say, bullet point, to the point, powerful action verbs. >> reporter: in the survey 75 percent of hr managers reported finding lies on resumes, and they found plenty of mistakes which can kill a applicant's chances. >> one of my resumes i have a question mark next, and it makes it looks like it is like oh, no. >> and she's hoping they catch an employer's eye and leads to a new job. >> good luck to that. i have posted a link with more advice from career builders for cbs, click news and consumer. i will post it on my facebook and twitter feed later today. >> investors were on the roller coaster day after the election. >> next up a look at how trump victory, impact the markets, plus this. >> anti trump protest scheduled for this evening,
6:26 am
i'll tell you which areas to avoid. and do you remember when a protester did all of this tam age last month? still ahead latest on donald trump's star on the walk of fame, meisha. we are looking outside and heating up, this morning. we have been posted below posted speeds. but first we will take a quick break. stay where you are, cbs-3 we live in a pick and choose world. love or like?
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looking live in center city philadelphia as sun comes up, it is a bit chilly, but we're seeing the sun this morning. >> indeed. >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon 6:30 and here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. president-elect trump's transition to the white house will begin today when he meets
6:30 am
with president obama. trump has tapped into something very deep, dark, evil in our country. >> donald trump's stunning election continues to boil over into the early hour. >> not my president. >> many people in this crowd saying this is just the beginning, another protest is scheduled here for 5:00 p.m. at city hall. >> america represents so much to us and to the rest of the world. it is a country of opportunity and a die verse and hope. this is still land have of liberty. for people on the moon it is the chicago cubs, michael jordan, it is but that doesn't mean they don't belong here. >> the election providing a late night television certainly with lots of material and i don't think it will end anytime soon.
6:31 am
>> it has been so good this election season so here's hoping it doesn't end. >> katie, she says it is chilly but nothing we should expect for november. >> very well said. that is what it is. we're expecting nice clear sky, hint of the breeze on the skies deck and that will persist throughout the day here. out of the north as well. so, north/northwest as the day goes on so it will add a chill to the air but again, it is november, it is what you expect and with the clear sky you can imagine storm scan is nice and empty. we will go forward in time here our temperatures are in the lower 40's. modest wind out of the northwest and 33 degrees, and, that is what we can expect that sun to shine all day long with the temperature rebound to go a high of 58, and that is where we should be, for the standard of this time of the year. meanwhile, tomorrow is veterans day, and we will solute those who have, given of their time in service of their country here and it does look like we will have some sun here yet again. that is wind to pick up as another cold front is
6:32 am
schedules to cross. it comes through dry but we are going to see the day time high hit about 62, before that front crosses, and behind it, comes a pretty substantial drop off on the thermometer and we will tell you exactly how cold it will get, just a little bit later in the the show, meisha. >> sound good to me, we will see a little bit of sun and gateway to our weekend. we are almost there plus you are driving on very dry roadways this morning. still looks good. i will say we are starting to slow down just a little bit. good morning everyone. if you are heading outside the door, 95 south, it is cottman, and you can see certainly starting to slow down, this is bumper to bumper, along this stretch. we can expect that as we push toward the 7:00 o'clock hour. but, just a heads up for those heading out in this direction, you certainly want to give yourself some extra time. would i say an extra 30 minutes, possibly maybe even more, if you are like me and air on the side of the caution, would i say maybe 30 to 40 minutes in this. so we're looking slow, closer we will get to center city slower it will get. then we will look the at the
6:33 am
vine, both moving in the north and eastbound direction. westbound side looking g eastbound side is what you are looking at. not bad. i'll take. that schuylkill, if we can get it up here i was going to show you schuylkill at city avenue. there we go. i wanted to show you this shot because we are starting to get, bus/the westbound side coming off have the boulevard. eastbound side looking okay. it is really westbound side of the schuylkill we are looking at. jim and rahel, back over to you. thanks, meisha. peaceful transition of president obama to president-elect donald trump begins today. >> big day for america as mr. trump and his wife melania visit that he future home. donald trump will meet with president obama. while that happens, michelle will give melania a tour. president obama addressed the nation calling for unity to ensure the process goes smoothly. the as transition from the obama administration to the trump administration starts the protests continue. >> more demonstrations are planned right here in philadelphia. "eyewitness news" reporter
6:34 am
trang do is live at city hall. good morning, trang. >> reporter: good morning. demonstrators said last night that yesterday's massive protest was just the beginning, a second coalition of groups has another protest for tonight at 5:00 p.m. here at city hall just in time for evening rush hour. thousand last night they tied up traffic from city hall, all the way to temple. about a thousand people, gathered across from city hall wednesday night, to protest president-elect donald trump, and discrimination policies that he stand for. >> i'm very scared. i'm afraid for my rights. i'm afraid for my country and i'm afraid for my friend and family. i'm just afraid. >> reporter: they held signs reading not my president. angry boisterous crowd started marching through municipal services build ago cross city hall and continued up broad street with police officers monitoring along the way. >> very important to take those emotions and use that energy to continue to build power within our communities, because even regardless of the
6:35 am
president. >> reporter: although organized by philadelphia socialist alternative, large diverse group gave a variety of reasons for demonstrating, it includes many bernie sanders supporters. >> this is what the dnc asked for. they stole the election from a good man like bernie sanders who is the rightful winner. >> reporter: many saying this is just the beginning. >> president trump, i don't even want to think bit. this is beginning of the movement, here we are. it is a movement not a moment. we will keep doing what we do best. >> reporter: for those people who work in and around city hall you will want to leave work early, as this second protest is scheduled for 5:00 p.m. right here at city hall. for now i'm live at city hall trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> 5:00 p.m. city hall, thanks. >> stay away from that area, you will get stuck. this was the scene in los angeles as protesters jammed the streets. similar scenes played out in new york and boston. the chants of in the my president and i'm still with her, could be hurt at the
6:36 am
rally. thousands protest donald trump, as we prior to usher in president-elect. officials are repairing the walk of the fame star on hollywood boulevard after protester smashed it with a sledge hammer. they planned to unveiled new and improved star as soon as possible. trump's star dedicated to is reality tv show the apprentice. a state take over, governor christie's administration is taking control of atlantic city. silt is suffered from casino closures and decreased property values and now has a half billion dollars in debt. after the state reject the amended budget plan last week the state, local finance board stepped into run the cities main governmental function for the next five years. with the power to layoff employees, or sell assets to help atlantic city recover. authorities are searching for some thieves who broke in the yoga studio in olde city. the lets take a look. you can see man and woman face is very clearly in the yoga
6:37 am
studio on cuthbert street. this happened last month, but police just released video f you recognize either one of these people, philadelphia police want to hear from you. a controversial condo project in philadelphia is moving forward, yesterday, l and i issued a demolition permit for five properties on the 700 block of samson street. that is the historic jewelers row. developer toll brothers is working to build a 16 story condo tower. jeweler's row is oldest diamond district. the preservation alliance is trying to stop the process. well, still ahead meet a local student standing out among his peers when it comes to puzzles. i'm pat gallen just ahead we will meet a central bucks west student who has, a puzzling ability. we will see how he does. and also ahead, a new look for an old philadelphia landmark. new details w
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after several years in the dark the historic tea vine lorraine hotel sign is shining
6:41 am
again. this was the scene on broad street in north philadelphia last night. vacant hotel is being turned if to an apartment building and there will be retail space and restaurant on the ground floor. a lot of people are very excited. >> i love old buildings. >> yes. >> i live in the building from the 1850's, i just, when they restore old buildings in the city that makes me smile. >> well, other thing that makes me smile toys day's forecast. the looks good, katie. >> would i say so. our temperatures rebounding in the upper 50's where we should be for the day on hand but the sun will also shine. the hint of the breeze out there. it is a nice fall day. that is how would i describe it here. there will be ups and downs that takes place in the next few. our eyewitness weather watchers are reporting 30's. only 140-degree temperature reading. it comes from clementon where david dutch is reporting a nice clear sky and modest breeze at 2 miles an hour. the rest of the region in the 30's. lets look at early morning lows reported from these
6:42 am
folks. some reported 33, in the chestnut hill section of the city. kerry in mount laurel at 34. it looks like coldest spot is 32 in knew washing, from delores. that list goes on. lets see if we have anything lower. it looks like delores is winner for coldest spot in the pack in newark, delaware. regardless it is a nice chilly start to the day. this is november. it is what we're used to. is there a new cold front moving its way down. it is bringing this clouds and a hint of snow and ice, very light precipitation, all things considered across eastern canada. this will eventually drop down our way tomorrow, pick up the wind speeds, and then bring another drop on the thermometer. we will not see wet weather out of it, however. we will jump all the way to early morning friday, okay. we are looking ahead, to these wind gust that is could easily be in the 20's for majority of the day by 10:00 a.m. we are talking upper 20's. possibly 30 miles an hour wind gusts here and there. atlantic city by 4:00 p.m. it will be a blustery friday,
6:43 am
blustery veterans day but our high hits 62. i think it will level off. we will not feel that much milder with the wind to deal w come saturday we will start off chilly, feeling more like the 20's with that brisk weather factored in and we will hit 49 for a high but we should rebound nicely heading in to sunday and well beyond that point. now, calling all teachers, as we search here we want you to join cbs-3 weather team at franklin institute on tuesday, december 6th, we will go from 9:30 to 1:00 in the afternoon for a special workshop where we will be sharing ideas for how to incorporate weather into your classroom and also become an extension of our team. head to cbs philly to the come/weather fest for the details, meisha, back over to you. thanks very much. good morning everyone. happy thursday. welcome to the gateway to our weekend. we are looking outside 95 south at betsy ross bridge, looking very busy this morning on i-95. i would say if this time of the morning and just heading outside the door give yourself
6:44 am
extra time. the at least an extra 30 minutes and then what we were looking at this camera keeps going out. it is schuylkill at city avenue. i want let you know this is east and westbound direction it is looking very busy in that area what we're looking at is eastbound side of the schuylkill, right around the boulevard, city avenue area you can see that gorgeous, absolutely, stunning sunrise, but we can be blinding for those of you driving in the eastbound direction. the eastbound side, it is looking pretty good. lets look the a the westbound side, hard to see but if you look past those trees right there, very busy moving in the westbound direction. so definitely pack those sunglasses, you will be dealing with sun glare this morning. that will slow you down. we have sun up. and then septa is still crediting vouchers for transpasses not used during the strike. jim and rahel, back to you. well in, doylestown a high school student is turning heads, and boggling mind. >> pat gallen tells us about the long journey he just returned from and where he hopes to go toy love telling stories look this. walker anderson works with
6:45 am
grids and has made numbers his life. that passion is taking him places. each day is a new puzzle. for one local student each day is a new opportunity, to make, and solve a puzzle. walker anderson is a master of puzzles. central bucks west sophomore actually builds them on his owned and turned his interesting hob any to much more, including a trip to europe. that trip to europe was to compete the in the world championships in slovokia where the 15 year-old did well. >> 200 people competed. >> yes. >> how did you do. >> i got tenth in individual. >> out of everyone. >> right. >> wasn't high school or college. >> it was everyone. >> reporter: a 15 year-old math, puzzle wizard went to europe and finish tenth in the world. the his guidance counselor valerie says he is a prodigy. >> he has been doing math at c.b. west since in elementary school. he has pretty much exited our highest level ap math. he is an incredible kid. very mathematical, scientific
6:46 am
and he makes puzzles. >> reporter: walker showed me his, puzzles and i tried to keep up. >> what is that called good this is called a puzzle. >> how do you spell that. >> sillomini. >> okay. >> every page connect squares has to have a clue, telling you something about it. seven lust. you already have a four. that is a one and to remaining. >> next year you know he is heading back for a world title. >> keep writing puzzles. my goal to make championship next year. >> do you think you can do it. >> yes. i'm so excited. >> walker told me he hopes to be a math professor in the future but he can probably do that right now. he is going global with his love of puzzles. he includes those crazy diagrams in the student newspaper tricking his classmates each month. actually gave me one right here, it is called a tom, tom puzzles. it is very difficult. >> he said, three classmates
6:47 am
actually got the puts will. that is it. out of the whole school. >> but it is really cool. >> i don't even have a shot. >> that is not your thing at all. >> thanks, pat. >> thousands of world war two and korean war veterans make their way to capitol every year to experience the memorial built in their honor. >> some are too frail to make a trip but cbs news correspondent don champion reports, it is a virtual reality experience. >> one, two, three. >> perfect picture. >> reporter: joseph cook has seen a lot of this in 92 years. world war two veteran flew dangerous missions in the army air force ahead of the battle of ok inowa. >> more than 70 years have passed, but the memories have not faded. >> we have had people that paid their real price, boy, i'll tell you, it really
6:48 am
hurts. >> reporter: he wanted to visit national world war two memorial in washington d.c. but he is not health i enough to make the trip. >> it is really sad, because we as a nation we waited far too long to build a world war two memorial and we are losing our veterans at a rate of 500 a day, and this is their lucky day. >> reporter: sarah hill co founded honor every where which brings the memorial to ailing veterans, through virtual reality. >> this is a, you know, a way that they can feel like we're there. >> reporter: he was finally able to see the monuments that were made, through these goggles. cook's daughter and son were also choke up over the virtual tour. >> this memorial is for him, and i think, you know, to have him see that, you you know, and to see the expression on his face, it is just, i know it meant the world to him. >> reporter: it is a new way to solute aging war heroes. done ton champion for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
6:49 am
beautiful. everyone should see it. it is them. still ahead she proves age is just a number. >> see how a nine three-year old, conquers a sip line. we will be right back. >> but you first here's gayle king with what is coming up on cbs this morning. >> good morning, rahel and jim. thousands of anti trump protesters hit the street from coast to coast, president-elect hits the white house today to meet with president obama. what to express from his administration, democrats and republicans offer their help. also on cbs this morning, what they saw that everybody else missed. and a look at soon to be first family and their expected rolls in the white house. the news is back in the morning. we will see y (narrator) attention medicare beneficiaries. (alex) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible
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welcome back.
6:53 am
we have breaking news just in the news room two police officers have been shot in cannonsberg, 20 minutes outside of pittsburgh. this is a still photo from the scene, both officers were taken to a local hospital where we're hearing one is in extremely critical condition, it is not clear what led to the shooting, but there is a manhunt underway right now. we will update you on air and on line at cbs well, she told thaws election day could hold some surprises for stock market. >> yes, she d.c. bs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live from new york to discuss how trump victory impact markets, jill, good morning. investors on a roller coaster yesterday, what happened. >> reporter: it was crazy. the as the results became clear on tuesday evening, global financial markets reacted swift liz and probably in the the way that most expected. stocks plunged, at one point during that overnight session, u.s. futures were down 5 percent, that indicates a 800-point wipe out for dow jones. medication cast pace owe by 13 d
6:54 am
we saw gold, treasury bond and japanese yen jump. but then something wild happened. markets reversed course, by the time they rang the opening bell yesterday morning, stocks studies, we closed 1 percent higher, dow jones adding 257 points, and so much for predictions of the stock market crash at least in the the short term. >> so what basically happened over the course of 18 hours here. >> reporter: i think investors were concerned about some of the candidate trump's campaign rhetoric on trade and immigration. but you know, in the after hat of the election, it the is just really hard to measure the impact of those policies, on u.s. and global economy, and at present we do not the know what that would mean for corporate earnings. it also could be many investors learned a tough lesson from the brexit voting. i spoke to a number of traders. they say after that unexpect outcome stocks were down 5 percent, but they slowly marched backup and traders lost a ton of money. so, this time, investors are
6:55 am
concluding it will take a long time to figure out the impact of a trump presidency so for more on what investors should do next and what to expecting forward, go to jill on >> and jill, you always say, just keep your money, in the same place. people react, everyone was asking what should we do. when it comes to your 401k you are in it for the long term. >> absolutely. >> the senate and house is controlled by republicans, does that help at all. >> reporter: i mean what it does is it really puts into play a has i have tax policy, overhaul, and investors see this as very good especially for wealthier people who are investors in the market. my taxes will go down from the 39 percent to 33, and my corporate taxes are going down and i run a small business, what will do i with that extra money. i will probably not spend it in a economy but add to it my portfolio. >> time will tell, thanks very much, jill, as always. well, this veterans day an
6:56 am
unlikely reunion between two people touched by war. >> new york native laura did not the nose much about her roots, quick internet search revealed a link between vet bob of doylestown, and a man that she did not the know. >> i always, throughout about going back to vietnam. i guess because i knew my parents had passed there. but, you know, they are not the alive anymore. i really never had this desire to go look for anybody. so when i called bob, it was just so curious. i never even, came across anybody from vietnam, anybody from my roots. nothing. >> fascinating. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do show us a special connection heat two uncovered decade after vietnam war. that is tonight on cbs-3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. atlantic city police officer josh fidel is back home after he recovers from serious injuries suffered in the line of duty. officer fidel was released from moss rehab in montgomery
6:57 am
county on tuesday. he was shot in the head in september when he and his partner interrupted an attempted armed robbery. the officer's partner shot and killed the suspect. two others are behind bars. and, here's three to go. >> president-elect donald trump is making a visit to the white house today. he will meet with president obama to discuss transition. >> the result of the yesterday's election is sparking protest as cross the country including here in philadelphia protests happened in new york, los angeles, boston to name a few. there will be more demonstrations tonight at city hall at 5:00 p.m. philadelphia fire commissioner harold hairston will be burr toyed day. funerals will be at new covenant church. >> a nine three-year old woman says it is never too late, jim to follow your dreams. >> how exciting. oh, how exciting, wow. >> do you see she'sing having a time of her life. that is peggy, sip lining through the mall of herc in blooming ton, minnesota. peggy says sip lining has always been on her bucket list
6:58 am
and she jumped at the chance to do it during a shopping trip. she says she wants to do it again. once you do it once. >> yes. >> i love her voice. >> sound so great. >> yes. >> how exciting. >> i love that. >> so sweet. >> last check on weather. >> it is calm, collected. the little breezy but look at that unrise, it will smack you in the forehead traveling east so make sure you have your sunglasses and advisor. 38 degrees too. kind of the different set of accessories we had yesterday evening. sunglasses, no umbrella, heaviest coat today. you didn't yesterday. forty-two at the airport right now. very quickly checking eyewitness weather seven day, we will warm up tomorrow but then another bottoming outcomes on saturday, meisha. >> sound good, thanks very much. an accident 422 eastbound before route 29 pulled off to the shoulder, slowing you down, quick peak, 12 on the schuylkill and also we have some major sun glare on the schuylkill eastbound at city avenue, heads up on that. plus septa still crediting vouchers.
6:59 am
all right, you guys, let's switch gears tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we are finding small colors on our dream drive together. i'm visiting an old mansion that is a time capsule created by a former pennsylvania governor. oh, the things we will take for granted that really, they had to work for. join me tomorrow morning on dream drive at 6:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, meisha. next up this morning inside tiny data firm that ago rattily predict trump's win what they saw that everyone else missed. >> that would be interesting. >> remember to join us bright and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30. have a great day
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs it is thursday, november 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect donald trump heads to the white house in just a few hours to meet with president obama. republicans in congress are already plotting how to repeal obamacare. >> dozens of protesters in several cities. >> inside a data firm that accurately predicted donald trump's win. what they saw that everyone else missed. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> no trump president!


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