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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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no arrests and this rot damage. the right now they are marching from the municipal services building, straight down jfk boulevard where they are going to end up at 30th street station. i believe we have a shot we can take from chopper three to go show you, an area view and at this point right now, you can see that anticipating traffic to be a mess in center city philadelphia because jfk is completely closed, a major artery, going from center city out to the suburbs. we did speak to some folks here about their thoughts on all this and go ahead and have a listen. >> i'm here because i believe in equality, change and i believe that trump isn't going to do that for us even if donald trump is our president, we will not be standing down to his policies. >> as a woman, i think it is really important to make sure that our government doesn't take away our rights. >> reporter: back live now
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there are several hundred people behind me here, lots of college students, lots of families, lots of young people, lots of signs, lots of chants, of course, cbs-3 is on this story all night get latest at 11:00. live from center city, joe holden for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". hateful vaned list many in a bucks county school in the wake of the president's election. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in newtown tonight with what was found at council rock high school and the response, alex. >> right now the school district and the new town township police are investigating vandalism that was found at the high school. now, in one of these incidents, in a girls bathroom at council rock north high school someone says that on a piece have of paper the word i love trump were written accompanied by swastikas and a derogatory comment about gay people. in another, a girls bathroom the district says that the phrase if trump wins, watch out, was written. in the boys bathroom, two more
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swastikas were scribbled directly on to a bathroom stall. now inappropriate comments to latino students have also been reported. one student says that she found a note that had been placed in her backpack telling her to return to mexico. in a letter home to parents, the superintendent says that these kind of actions will not be tolerated, saying quote by writing this message to our parents, my hope is that we can collectively wrap our arms around this issue and stop any further incident from occurring. we are better then this. of course, at this time, it is unknown who performed these acts but the superintendent did say that he believed it was a small, isolated group, so group of individuals who will certainly do not reflect the hole. reporting live, i'm alexandria hoff back to you. alex, thanks very much. president-elect donald trump and president obama met at the white house today to begin a smooth transfer of power. they met one on one in the oval office for about 90 minutes.
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sometimes better enemies who spent years bashing each other had never met until today. both men put their difference's side and vowed to work together to unite country following the contentious election battle will. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president, and in the future, including council. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then country succeeds. >> reporter: tolls day vice-president joe biden met with mike pence and michelle obama met with melania trump. tune into 60 minutes this sunday as donald trump speaks to leslie stall in the first extensive post election interview. stall will speak with trump's family at the their fifth avenue knew home. see the interview this sunday at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. district attorney seth williams announced his office is creating new rules when it comes to to police involved shootings. at a news conference in center city williams said his staff will conduct an independent
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investigation whenever police use their weapons. he said that entire file and all of its fine goes will be made available to the public including victim's families. he said sensitive information would be withheld. >> do it right, public demands that we do it right, so i will try to do everything we can to show more independence. >> williams commended philadelphia police officers shootings and said more can be done to explain what led up to those decisions. new policy begins today. fifty-eight new police officers joined the camden county police department, today and after their swearing in ceremony at police administration building, new officers were deployed directly in the neighborhoods. this new addition to the department, brings the current sworn staff up to 410 officers, and camden freeholder director of the new addition will make camden county a safer place to live for everyone. >> decades of tradition are is coming to an end. the it is opening up the tap. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan, reports, pitman is now ready to serve
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alcohol. >> founded in the late 1800's methodist summer camp pitman new jersey has been a dry town with no liquor sales but quickly the dry spell has ended. >> to go with the handful of byob restaurants, this year town welcomed kelly green brewing company. by state law they can brew and sell beers on premises. owner just continue fleming says any resistance fizzled. >> they saw how we were servicing the eateries in town and everyone came together and welcomed this completely. >> reporter: this week pitman voters took the at digs of alcohol this town a step further passing a non-binding referendum to allow the sale of liquor licenses. council could soon pass ordinance for up to three licenses. >> council will probably listen to what the the public wants which will be great discussion on it. >> reporter: twenty-third said yes, one-third said into liquor licenses. >> at night it is quiet, people walk down the street, don't worry about anything but i feel like with that atmosphere brings, whatever it brings. >> reporter: veto manino has
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two restaurants and wants a liquor license if affordable. >> in a dry town that would be pretty historic. i think it would be a great asset to my business, but, again, it comes down to collars and cents. >> reporter: fleming and mannino says while they like the idea that liquor license could bring new customers to broadway and pitman there is one thing that they don't want. they worry if liquor licenses are too expensive a bar with deep pockets could come to broadway and drawn them out. >> what i would hate to see happies a big business, open up, downtown, and give some vacant commercial real estate and start choking people out of here. >> liquor license will not be cheap. >> reporter: there is discussion liquor licenses could be several hundred thousand dollars. in pitman, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now at south philadelphia birthday flowers decorate the spot where america's first marines were recruited, on november 10th, 1775 continental congress authorized the creation of the colony's first marine core.
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this sign at the walk in south front street marks the first recruiting station which was the popular, very popular, time tavern all started right here. a world war two veterans from hatboro has a breakfast date with president obama tomorrow, veterans day. >> he will also meet first lady, vice-president joe biden and jill biden and owe has waited a very long time for this moment. >> i'm going to washington. >> reporter: sunglasses could not hide spark he will in the eyes of the 108 year-old army sergeant bill moore. he is just one of the 200 veterans having breakfast with president obama at the white house friday. the his daughter joann says her father is full of opinions. >> when he gets there i think he will have a thing or two to say to everyone he meets in washington. >> reporter: bill joined at 1940 at ripe old age at 34 helping free concentration camp prisoners in europe. >> he was with the division of the arm that i helped lynn rate. >> he didn't know he would have a son, his son was born
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while on the battle field of france. >> reporter: as a thank you france awarded bill their highest military award in 2004, the legion of honor. bill, he is in failing health and his family hopes to keep him in the same house where he raised four children. >> to keep him here will require financial assistance and va groups have helped us tremendously in this area. >> reporter: as president obama prepares to leave office bill says he wishes him both physical and political strength. >> i'm going to tell him how to run the country. >> reporter: so with a solute, bill is off to serve america, one more time. >> how about that. >> wow. >> thank you sir. >> 108. >> enjoy your trip. >> thanks very much. when we come back tonight a tragic loss. >> losing someone, a loved one especially a child, it is a terrible thing to go through. it is worst thing that has ever happened to us. >> one family is hoping to turn that tragedy into positive change.
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our stephanie stahl shows you how a mistake ended their son's life and way to make sure it never happens again. efforts to preserve history, story we have been following closely, now new information, in the push to prevent demolition, and jewelers row. woman and ugly christmas sweater captivates an entire a reen, dance moves you have to see to believe. plus eagles will see plenty of the falcons running attack but how do they stop it. we will talk bird later in
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in that crowd as well. so far things have been peaceful. joe's getting reaction, we will have much more on that throughout our newscast and, of course, very latest at cbs well, aiming to reduce mistakes that happened with a chemotherapy drug, national campaign was launched today in philadelphia. >> health reporter stephanie stahl was there for the announcement and she has more on the emotional story. >> reporter: thinks a rare but deadly mistake that happens with one cancer drug, experts have come up with a simple solution, and now they are pushing to get the more hospitals, to adopt the life saving plan. christopher was a energetic fun loving guy who, at 21, was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma, a chemotherapy drug designed to save lives ended up killing him when it was improperly administered. >> losing a child is the worst things that can happen to a parent. it tore our hearts out. >> reporter: christopher's parents who live in california were in philadelphia for launch of the campaign to
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prevent mistake that killed christopher, it is call just bag it. >> to encourage health care provide tours adopt a policy specifically designed to prevent a deadly medical error. >> reporter: just bag it launched by national comprehensive cancer network was directed at how chemo drugs encrypted is administered from a bag it is safer from in a syringe when it can be inject in the wrong place, that is what happened to christopher. >> i'm surprised. i was living in the bubble. i had no idea, you know, how often these medical errors happen. >> reporter: christopher died days after getting chemo from a syringe that went into his spinal colin steady of the vein. >> it is an orr when it happens it is devastating but thankfully it is not all that frequent. so hose hospitals don't see the error. >> reporter: doctor robert carlson who tried to save christopher in callus now at fox chase and head of the cancer network. he says all hospitals should adopt the just bag it protocol when using this to prevent mistakes like what happened with christopher. >> if we can company something
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like telling his story, and help promote this just bag it campaign so that particular error does not happen again, we want to get behind it. it makes us feel good that we have a chance to be involved. >> reporter: now it is estimated 50 percent of hospitals have the just bag it policy, and there have have been more than 100 fatal cases like what happened with christopher where the drug was improperly used. >> wow, thanks, stephanie. new developments on a controversial condo project along jeweler's row on sansom street. >> today the philadelphia historical commission, tabled the nominations to preserve the building slated for demolition this means that the preservation alliance now has 90 days to appeal a demolition permit issued by l and i yesterday. developer toll brothers wants to build a 16 story condo tower on the properties. well, it might not feel like it the but believe it or not, christmas is right around the corn are. >> meteorologist kate bilo is in bern villain kate, the
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signs of the season are all around you. >> reporter: signs of the season are literally, completely all around me. i'll tell you what i'm not wishing for snow just yet but we were chatting about how beautiful this place would look in the snow or some flurries coming down. lights are incredible. we have ferris wheel behind me, lake is all lit up. take a look we have this new tree, all different colors, it just looks stunning outside, perfect night to be here in bernville at crozer's christmas village. we will tell you when they will be opened for you and your family to come visit but first lets talk about the weather. storm scan three is clear for now we have our next front moving through great lakes and that is going to head our way as we get the in the upcoming weekend. it will really bring a sea change as far as temperatures are concerned. tomorrow not too bad. temperatures not too bad it is chilly, brisk, clear but not feeling too bad. we are in the lower 50's in most spots dropping down to the 40's overnight but will feel colder then that. for your veterans day tomorrow
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looking good. we have got temperatures in the lower 60's for your friday, 62, it will turn windy but with that said lots of sunshine and mild for this time of the year which is good news. then that front i was talking about, in the great lakes now comes through, doesn't look like it will have much of anything as far as rain, gusty wind ahead of the front, gusty wind behind the front as well and it will drop temperature from the 60's, to the 40's. overnight tonight, we will see temperatures dropping in the low to mid 40's in most spots, a lot of the suburbs in the upper 30s it will feel like the 309's with that brisk wind. for tomorrow a beautiful day, veterans day like we said 62 degrees. we have good deal of sunshine but heading in the seven day you can see that colder temperatures, on saturday, that is one day we will get a dose of december, so if you have been thinking boy i wonder what december will feel like that is bit for your saturday. it doesn't last long. we will rebound to more seasonal temperatures as we head into sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week. so back here live again we're at crozer's christmas village.
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this place is beyond what we can show you. it is expansive. is there buildings, lights, every where and sonya, this is such a legacy for your family and must be for you to see joy and generations of families that come back to enjoy this every single year. >> absolutely, rewarding. i know when we think bit our parents will be very proud of how it continued in our family for so long. it is wonderful? you and your sister run the place and your sonnies also involved. >> yes good fantastic. >> when can people seeing this and saying either i go there every year when do they open? you already have. people seeing this for first time and saying turf check this out when can they come. absolutely we are opened friday, saturday, sunday just weekend from now until thanksgiving and then we are opened every night from thanksgiving until and including new years night. the times are definitely at night and on friday, it is six to 9:00 and saturday it is 5:30, we open up earlier and close later 9:30. and then sunday again 5:30
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until 9:00. >> what would you recommend people come? you say weekday is probably if you really want have to have your run of the the place that is better time to come. >> weekday essentially you have the whole place to yourself and if you have to come on the weekend i suggest strongly thaw come friday or sunday because you we get so many people from far away, and then they can only come on saturday. that is why we very much think you'll have a nicer time coming friday or sunday. >> you heard it from the source here, sonya, thanks very much for lighting the lays up tonight. we will put a link to the christmas village on our when site cbs to get all of the information there as well. back to you. very festive, thank you. don bell joins with us sports. high flying falcons coming to town. >> yes. >> a lot of people war big these guys, scoring 33 points a game. they can beat you in the air and punish you on the ground. how eagles plan to tap the falcons running game. when entertainment in the stand is better than the action on the court, sports is coming up next.
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flying how falcons. >> that is right, dirty birds. >> dirty bird. >> and eagles have to find a way to inn witt. >> led by one of our own matty ice. >> that is right. this should not come as a surprise but at four-four the eagles have them beat. they can use a top flight wide receiver and top flight running back. so his opponent has no such problems. in fact falcons have a team of running backs, most dynamic is pro bowler devonty freeman averaging 5-yard per carry, and overall falcons are fifth in rushing. >> they have really two good running backs. i mean freeman is a pro bowler. he is having a really good year, coming off his injury.
6:24 pm
inn 26 is running the paul really hard. they will run by you. we have to gang tackle those guys. not one person can bring them down. switching gears here zero and seven sixers are off tonight, hosting pacers tomorrow. sixers have not won a game in november since 2013. meanwhile flyers are off, as well, tomorrow, they visit toronto mapel leafs. former philly cole hamels back in town, and we are lucky that he is. today he and his wife heidi donated $95,000 to the philadelphia school district on behalf of their family's foundation, the grant will be used to update the repair, update and repair we should say greenhouses at walter middle saul high school of agricultural sciences. >> nice move. >> yes. >> my man cole hamels and family. >> what happens when mom, gets a ticket to the golden state warriors game and she decides to go all out? >> nobody is paying attention
6:25 pm
to the game, game is irrelevant, because she's getting down. >> check out ugly swiss mass sweater, golden state warriors. >> she's working it. >> yes. >> just notice the moves. >> and listen, i mean she just keeps going. >> not embarrassed at all. >> i want to know who she is with. >> everybody is looking. >> they are just taking photos. >> they are looking at her on the screen, my goodness she's working it. good for her. good for her. >> it is all the same. >> i came that close to doing the robot cam at sixers game saturday, cameras right there. next time. >> look out. >> disappointed all of us. >> it is on. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. they may look innocent but when we come back these little animals turn into quite the hazard on a golf course. >> what these little creatures are, and why they are causing
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all right. you're taking a live look at university city where protesters have gathered they have been marching through center city, protesting the election of donald trump on tuesday. they are not happy with those election results, our joe holden has been there on the ground during this peaceful protest, police telling thaws so far it has been peaceful, we will see how this continues throughout the night, joe
6:29 pm
holden will bring us reports and check in always at cbs tonight at 11:00, a taste with tori inspired by across the pond, vittoria woodill sits down to learn how one woman mastered sweet way to get through life. see how she's sharing witt others and why you need to bring your best manners to the table, that is tonight at is 11:00 on "eyewitness news". i have seen a lot of things in the golf course in my travel in my days but this is not one of them. >> no. >> they were and, necessity tournament at gary player country club. they came close to a ball, and ran off, before snatching it up. >> um-hmm. >> it is a hazard there on the golf course. >> yes. >> traveling pack. >> right in the putting line too. >> okay. >> mulligan. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back the at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs 121st at 11:00.
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here now is scott pelley. we will see you captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the transition begins. >> we now are going to... want to do everything we can to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you, and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> pelley: the 44th president welcomes the 45th to his new office. the incoming first lady gets a tour of their new home. >> this is what democracy looks like. >> pelley: also tonight, protests against the election results. >> definitely enough to bring me to tears. >> pelley: great expectations. can the new president keep the promises he made? and the play's the thing at the toy hall of fame.


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