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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  November 13, 2016 8:00am-9:01am EST

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thanks for tnorfolk!around and i just wanted to say, geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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>> a shooting overnight at a camden county bar. details straight ahead. >> members of the lgbt community worry about how safe they are, as police investigate what some members are are calling hostile act. >> a rocker rescue, how bruce springsteen was held out by veterans on veterans day. >> today is sunday, november 13th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. first we get you started with a check on trafficking. certainly chilly, but nothing we aren't used to in november. >> real nice afternoon shaping up great finish to the weekends, temperatures up around 06 degrees, feeling good in the sunshine. >> i can smile at. that will i won't complain about that. >> exactly, yes. still cool nights this week. but each day it will be get little warmer specially by the end of the week, in a little bit. certainly not feeling like november, probably, by next weekend. so big change there. until then, cool this morning, 20's, 30's, in a lot of the suburbs, clear skies, and light winds, but there you go, over philadelphia, blue skies, lots of sunshine out there,
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that will help rapidly warm the temperature up. got down to 37 officially, now up to 41, southwest breeze at 8 miles per hour, little bit of windchill there feeling like the mid 30's, on exposed skin. now it looks like a lot of locations now above freezing, from the reporting station, mount pocono, allentown, both at 35 degrees, 39, at the atlantic city airport, quakertown, the exception, still below freezing at 28 this hour, 36 in pottstown. storm scan3, nice and quiet. no threat of rain today. maybe few fair weather clouds. that's about it, generally mostly sunny day today, great football weather. tailgating, yes, it will be colds this morning, but by game time at 1:00 temperatures in the up ear's, feel good in the sunshine, and now on our way up to about 60 degrees for the high temperature, so that's 9 degrees jump compared to yesterday. upper 50's at the shore. lower 50's in the poconos. little bit of rain to talk about for the upcoming work week, we will time it out coming up in just a few more minutes. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. new this morning, police are investigating after a shooting breaks out at a baron
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pennsauken new jersey. it happened in the 1400 block of route 73, north, outside the regal banquet hall. police tell us two men were shot, both taken to the hospital. no details on their conditions. >> a car struck two women in center city philadelphia this morning. police say this happened around 2:30, along the 1100 block of market street. both are in their 20's, nan critical call condition. driver did stay on the scene, the cause is under investigation. police are investigating a hit-and-run in philadelphia's cobbs creek section. it happened at midnight at 51st and hazel avenue. investigators say the driver hit five parked cars, and got out of his car, and ran away from the scene. no one was hurt in this accident. and, just before midnight, police tell us, one person was trapped inside their car after an accident in southwest philly. it happened near 84th and lindberg avenue. police say two people were hurt in the crash, both are in stable condition. all drivers remained at the scene, and police are also investigating this one. an off-duty police officer is recovering in the hospital this morning after assault in
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center city. it happened around 8:00 last night at 15th and walnut st. the off duty police officer suffered deep cut and is in stable condition. police arrested two suspect for an altercation. >> philadelphia police are investigating an officer involved shooting in olney. it happened during traffic stop at fourth and lindly around 6:00 yesterday evening. an officer chased a man who jumped out of the car, police say the suspect pointed a gun at the officer, and that officer shot the suspect. the suspect is in critical condition. officer was not hurt. second suspect in the car is in custody. police are now searching for third suspect. well, an hour's long stand-off yesterday between a barricaded man and police ends peacefully. it began at hulmeville road and julian avenue around noon in langhorne bucks county. police arrived to check on 42 year old man and it quickly turned into that barricade situation at one point police say the armed suspect fired one shot from the house hitting a tree around 8:00 police were able to arrest that suspect. well, some members of the gay and lesbian community say
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they fear for their safety after recent attacks in the wake of the press can den shallow election, looking into two incident in philadelphia. alexandria hoff has the story. >> reporter: police at south detective have interviewed a man targeted and attack for being gay. this happened thursday night, near oregon and broad street. after receiving word of this, mayor jim kenney responded with an emotional statement saying: it is difficult to express the full extent of the devestation and anger i felt upon learning of this hate crime. we sat down with another member of the lgbt community, who says he's experienced first-hand what he feels to be post-election hostility when a group every men started loudly talking politics at the gym. >> how people like them were going to take america back. >> according to matt, when the talks became derogatory about minority groups, he asked them to stop. that is when one man hurled a weight clip at him striking his collarbone. >> i think there is a lot of hate going around, even from
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both sides, but i think that donald trump's victory and his kind of surprise victory has made a lot of people who may have kept their racist, homophobic, what have you, views themselves before, mere feel bold and can come out in public and not have to hide any more. >> but andre murray doesn't equate this hostility that he has seen to the presidential election. >> calling names, and then i'm like, well, stop, why is you all talking to people like this? they're not bothering with nobody. >> long time south philadelphia resident he says he has had to intervene in a spike of homophobic activity over the course of the last year. in the incident at the gym, a police report was filed, and the man accused of throwing that item has been banned from the property. reporting in south philadelphia, alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> investigators now say racist and threatening messages targeting black
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student at the university of pennsylvania have been linked to a student at the university of oklahoma. officials there say in a statement the university has already determined from its preliminary inquiry that there is a basis for a temporary suspension of the student, under our student code, while we continue to gather all of the fact. the racist and threatening messages began appearing on students' phones through the messaging app group me. upenn police say they're working with the fbi. well, protesters hit the streets for a fourth straight night in philadelphia, and across the country, as president-elect donald trump pick possible cabinet members. protesting outcome of the election, roxannea with the latest. >> reporter: -- >> this is the portland police bureau. >> reporter: police in riot gear out in force to keep protesters from vandalizing in cities out west. from los angeles to new york protesters marched for a fourth day against the election of president-elect donald trump.
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>> he's racist, homophobic, sexist, not for the people. we didn't want this. >> what do you say to those people who say this is the way the system works and donald trump won? >> i think it is time to change the system. >> reporter: the crowd ended up on drum's doorstep and stayed into the night. some of these protesters have been out here in front of trump tower for hours. they say they want trump to look out his window, see them, hear their voices. >> look, we'll keep you in line. we will make sure you don't make any drastic decisions, i'm millennial. it is our futures. >> reporter: also in the crowd a few of trump supporters. >> give him a chance. >> reporter: trump told 60 minutes he owes his victory partly to social media. >> the fact that i have such power in terms of members with facebook, stain gram, et cetera, i think it helps me win all of these races where they are spending much more money than i spent. and i won. >> reporter: trump had no public events saturday but did tweet once saying this will
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prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win. roxannea, "eyewitness news". >> be sure to tune into 60 minutes tonight as donald trump speaks to leslie stahl and his first extensive post-election interview. stall will also speak with trump's family at their fifth avenue home. see the interview tonight here on cbs-3. when we come back, tragic lost. >> losing someone, a loved one, and specially a child. just a terrible thing to go through. the worse thing that's ever happened to us. >> but now one family is hoping to turn that tragedy into positive change. our stephanie stahl shows you how a mistake ended their son's life, and the way they're work to go make sure it never happens again. cherri gregg? >> reporter: i'm cherri gregg at fairmount park, where thousands are participating in the eighth annual lemon run as well as a lot of little ones. i'll tell you the cause behind
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it, and the impact on families coming up. >> all right, good morning, not a bad morning for a run. little bit chilly. it will be a nice afternoon shaping up. if you like it warmer, i'll show you c
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>> cherri gregg live at memorial hall in memorial park, where the lemon run is underway. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, the lemon run already started with the 100-yard dash.
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a lot of the little ones competed, completed the 100-yard dash, part of the lemon run. then 5k, that will start in just a few moments. but i'm here with sonyia, and her daughter isabel. hi, izzy, how are you doing? >> good. >> reporter: she's doing very good. which is wonderful. and izzy she is doing great. a day of celebration. explain why? >> isabel finished chemotherapy after 42 rounds of treatment on january 15th. and so today we're celebrating she had mri monday, and her spinal cord tumor is stable. so we're celebrating and bringing helping to bring hope for families who are still in the battle. >> this of course all put on by alex lemonade stand foundation, and the proceeds from this event goes to raising money for childhood cancer research which helps folks like izzy. how are you doing? now, she has had a the biggest
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smile. you love music. what else do you love? >> i like dogs. >> i like dogs, too, and rahel likes dogs, our anchor this morning. we talk little earlier about just the comradery, being here with other families, who are dealing with the same thing you guys are. >> yes. you know, last year we were here, in the mid of treatment. so it is nice to be around people who know what you are going through. this year it is the same thing. it never goes away. and you can often feel very isolated while going through the treatment, especially as her immune system was down, to keep her from friends and family, so really nice that alex puts this together. and so many other programs that they put together, so that, you know, we don't feel so alone. it is really heartwarming. >> definitely. can i get a high five, isy? she light right up. so do you have a lot of
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families here. izzy is celebrating overcoming so much. and you have lots of families, they're all participating. and this, what makes this really nice event, is so many young people, because of course alex's lemonade stand was started by a child, who had to deal with this issue, and so her legacy continues through izzy and through some other people. this organization raises hundreds of thousands of dollars each year through the lemon run. we are hoping that that happens again this year, because it has grown even bigger, someone saying thank towson y thank to you izzy, marco is back there, dad, because this is a family thing. this is a friends. it takes a village to fight this. >> absolutely. and fortunately we've had a wonderful where friends, family, all over the place, who who are here for izzy and for us. >> yes, definitely. so still time to come down. the race, 5k ends in just a few moment, but his is truly a a celebration for the entire
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family. live in memorial hall, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, cherry, thank you. wonderful event. so good meeting izzy and her entire family. >> we'll see you soon. all right, justin joining us now, justin, saw izzy and her family there, her mom there. good day if you're headed out this morning. >> is had i the gloves on, took your vice there, right? walking your dog earlier? >> it was coal, yes, got down to the 30's, 20's in a lot of locations, turning out to be nice afternoon, sunny. >> so at some point it ditch it? >> light jacket for the afternoon hours, so feeling pretty good. still not in the heart of the cold season just yet. still got few warm days left. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast, this morning, again, cold start. nice shot there up in bethlehem. live look from the hotel bethlehem. nice color still left on some of the trees. but the leaves starting to drop off specially north of the city, as we are seeing peak conditions here for the foliage around philadelphia. temperature up to 41 at the airport, low of 37 this morning, in philadelphia,
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yesterday, coldest morning we had so far this sees or not made it to 35. thirty-five in allentown, mount pocono, 37 in millville. so temperatures already rapidly starting to warm up near 40. the capitol city of delaware. thirty-six up in reading. here is the shore temperatures. not too bad. mid upper's at this hour, nice westerly breeds. winds component the key today coming over the lands. actually helps warm the air up. that's why we have good shot at reaching 60 maybe even lower 60s in some of the warmest locations, wind speeds not too bad. generally about 10 miles per hour or less throughout the afternoon. so know harsh windchills to battle early this morning. storm scan3, nice and quiet. huge area of high pressure over the ohio valley mid-atlantic, that locks us into dry pattern, a lot of sunshine today. still dry tomorrow. little stubborn storm system, kind of cut off in the jet stream, lingering over the carolinas. that will head northward, bringing clouds in here tomorrow. looks like some rain chances monday night, into tuesday, now, because that far storm, tonight will be the best night to view the super moon. so, tonight into monday
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morning, moon rises this evening comes in at 4:34. so the superman when the full moon is at it closest distance to the earth. 221,000 miles away. so, this is the largest super moon of the moon, the closest since 1948. so 14% closer, it will appear 30% brighter specially low in the horizon, moon rise, best time to check it out. even tomorrow, around 6:00, 30:00, setting, into the horizon, looks cool, as well. hopefully get chance to see. that will future model shows not much happening today. clouds start to increase starting afternoon monday. monday evening, decent amount of cloud cover. probably going to inhibit the super moon. showers in hereby 10:00, 11:00 or so. offer and on showers through at least tuesday afternoon. could extend into the evening hours. not a big storm system. not going to give us whole lot of rain. hey we take it, pretty dry. temperatures today, nice rebounds. twenty's, 30's, this morning. near 606 by the afternoon. still, another cold night tonight. because of the clear skies. thirty's, generally, most locations, and then tomorrow
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afternoon, probably, 60s, 62 degrees, in some of the spots, especially if the sunshine could stay on. hold on little longer. so clouds are delayed. overall temperature outlook, two weeks in advance, week every thanksgiving. still projected above average temperatures for much of the us. even here in the delaware valley. average highs and lows together, still above average. get your cold days, still, warmer than average is the room. looks like. that's the outlook. >> sixty for the high temperature today. then tonight 39 for the city. little colder in the suburb. here is the extended forecast, one little cool down tuesday, that's just because of the clouds, the showers, comfortable wednesday, 58. look by the end of the next week, mid 60s, maybe even upper 60s, headed into next weekend. still no signs of any true cold air mass coming our way. rahel? >> look at the saturday. >> yes, good stuff. >> justin, thank youment time now 8:19. let's go back and check in with the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda high there, rahel. traffic starting to pick up this morning. we have an accident in cherry
8:20 am
hill. on route 70 eastbound. that's between kings highway and west gate drive. right now lanes are still open. but the tow trucks on scene there, so watch out for delays in that area. and taking a look at mass transit this morning, patco city hall station in camden is closed today for maintenance. the station closed at 7:00 this morning it, will remain closed until 7:00 this evening. riders can use broadway station as their alternate. also, just hearing that septa regional rail is running with a 15 minute delay, due to slippery rales this morning. >> here is a look at the ben franklin bridge, right now, it is a beautiful morning view, headed in or out of philadelphia. and the traffic is not that bad either. and as we mentioned earlier, everyone is off and running, at the please touch museum lemon run 5k. that started at 8:00 a.m. watch out foreclosures along belmont avenue, montgomery drive, parkside avenue this morning. at the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm and and did a mueller, rahel, back to you. >> gorgeous shot, thank you, amanda. national campaign has been
8:21 am
launched in philadelphia, aim to go reduce mistakes that happened with chemotherapy drug. health reporter stephanie stahl was therefore the announcement and has more now on the emotional story behind the move. >> christopher, energetic fun loving guy, who had 21 was diagnosed with non-hodgkin's limb foam a chemotherapy drug designed to save lives, ended up killing him. when it was improperly administered. >> losing a child is the worse thing that can happen to a parent. it tore our hearts out. >> christopher's parents who live in california were in philadelphia for the launch of the campaign to prevent the mistake that killed christopher. called just bag it. >> to encourage healthcare provide tears adopt a policy specifically designed to prevent a deadly medical error. >> just bag it, launched by the national comprehensive cancer network, directed at how the chemo drugs is administered. from iv bag safer than in a syringe when it can be injected into the wrong place. that's what happened to christopher.
8:22 am
>> i was surprised. i was living in a bubble. i had no idea, you know, how often these medical errors happen. >> christopher died days after getting chemo from a an is her -- syringe that went into his spinal column instead of a vein. >> it is an error when it happens it is devastatingment thankfully not all that frequent. so most hospitalization don't see the overrer. >> doctor robert carlson, who tried to save christoff nerve california; now at fox chase in the head of the cancer network. he says all hospitals should adopt the just bag it protocol when using to prevent mistakes like what happened with christoffer. >> if we can do something like telling his story, and help promote the bag it campaign, so that that ticker or will not happen. you want to get behind it, it makes us feel good that we have a chance to be involved. >> it is estimated only 50% of hospitalization have the just bag it policy. there have been more than 100 fatal cases, like what happened with christopher, where the drug was improperly used. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3,
8:23 am
"eyewitness news". and still ahead on "eyewitness news", remembering the deadly terror attacks in par ills. how rock star sting is helping with the healing process, one year later. we're back in a moment. i take to the open road. and healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> ♪ >> well, that of course is sting performing at the bataclan last night, today marks one year since the terror attacks in paris, islamic militants also attacked a sports stadium, in paris cafes, killing 40 more people back on this date. last night, sting performed the first show at the bataclan, he asked the audience to observe a moment of silence. >> so now among them, some
8:26 am
survived ores and family members of those killed many of them say they just came out to hear sting and to celebrate life. well, a group of new jersey bikers got the surprise of their life, when they stopped to help a stranded biker and it turned out to be the boss, yes, the boss. they have the pictures to prove t take a look, bikers from the freehold american legion were riding home after a veterans day event on friday, when dan barklow seen here in this picture saw stranded motorcyclist, near state park in wall township. well it turned out to be bruce springstein. he tried to help springsteen get his bike running again, and when he couldn't, springsteen hopped on his bike, they head today local bathroom. springsteen called for help, had a beer until his ride arrived. who gets to tell a story like. >> embiid has been making film like actors, producer, direct or more than 50 years, cbs sunday morning, he made a lot of friends along the way. preview of the interview you'll see coming up little later this sunday morning.
8:27 am
>> warren beatty is friends with a lot of smart and famous people. in politics, and of course, in hollywood. >> you see this booth? it is in that booth that i first met jack. >> that booth is in hollywood, museo and frank grill, one of bathe i ace long time favorites. >> first time i ever met jack was in 1964, i think. sixty-five. by then, he is his older sister was already a star. >> you know funny, a lot of people watching this won't know until now that -- >> is my sister. >> isn't that funny? >> and never made a movie together? >> that's true. >> it would have been neat if you had. >> not a bad idea. >> you wouldn't have to play brother or sister, play two characters. >> i think we should play man and wife. >> that would not and good idea. >> no, that would be pushing the envelope little too much. >> yes. >> that would be throwing the
8:28 am
envelope away. >> a little outside of the box. hollywood great warren beaty, police sir elton john albumn of remarkable pictures there is sunday morning, here on cbs-3 at 9:00 a.m. ahead in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", who hillary clinton is blaming for her election lost. >> also ahead, the lessons to be learned from unlikely correspondent. where in our area that you can see a one after kinds display. a letter from grand i to hitler. also ahead, meisha johnson takes you on dream drive to see fall foliage, also trip back in time. back in a moment.
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. a check on weather with justin drabick, with eyewitness werth, justin, beautiful shot behind you. little frigid. >> little cold, especially when stuck in the shade here. but the sunshine will be out if full today. and going to get good rapid warm up. temperatures up around 60 this afternoon, so beautiful finish to the weekend. great day to get outside, enjoy some or nice early november weather. and that, compared to yesterday at this time, pretty much the same. actually couple of degrees warm nerve some location action, so that's a sign of some of the milder air starting to work its way into the delaware valley. we were below freeze nag lot of locations, early this morning, but now starting climb up above freezing, even into the 40's, some spots. forty-one at the airport in philadelphia. thirty-seven in wilmington, 35 still in mount pocono. and allentown, quakertown, you guys now above freezing, check in at 34 degrees, this hour. there you go. storm scan3, not much happening, over the mid-atlantic, so protected by area of high pressure, a lot of sunshine today, clear skies, tonight, good conditions to view the super
8:32 am
moon, tonight into early tomorrow morning, eagles forecast, it is a good one, tailgating right now, little chilly, temps in the three's, four's, but this afternoon and game time, 58 degrees at 1:00 the in the sunshine on our way up to 6 degrees, so that's 9 degrees warmer than yesterday, up ear's at the shore, lower 50's in the poconos. little rain coming at us for the upcoming work week, time it out, then gets warm, by the end of the week, into the weekend, talk about that in the seven day coming up in a few minutes. >> justin, thank you get out of the shade. >> well, tens of thousands continue to march the streets all across the country last night, for days after donald trump surprise victory as president. >> unlawful assembly. >> that was portland police, advising protestors to move off the streets, and on to the sidewalks. several hundred people continue to protest in portland, oregon, and authorities have made multiple arrests after bottles and other items were thrown at officers. smaller protests continued in other cities across the country, but remain fairly peaceful. two police officers, how much,
8:33 am
were hurt, protests in indianapolis. >> hillary clinton is blaming the head of the fbi for her election lost, conference call saturday, clinton told supporters the letters delivered double wham toy her campaign. sent two letters to congress about clinton's private e-mail server, even though the second letter exonerated her, clinton said it still fired up trump supporters. >> the taliban is claiming responsibility for suicide attack at bag ram airfield in afghanistan. four were killed. defense secretary asked carter said two of the victims us servicemen, other two american contractors, 16 other us service members were wounded. >> new york times columnist catches burglary suspect going through his wife's belongings, inside of old city hotel. police confirm it happened at the princeton hotel at fourth and chestnut yesterday morning. nicholas, very famous columnist for the times said the suspect took off but not before he was able to catch him. in a message wrote: gave police a statement, jail, i
8:34 am
have a wrenched thumb but the fight was otherwise okay. fortunately, he was a wimpish that's. of yellow and gold, hit the payment to raise money for childhood cancer. live in fairmount park where the lemon run began about 30 minutes ago, cherri gregg, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel. as you can see, it is extremely busy here. most of the folks who are participating in this run are all moving over to the start line. there is a program going on as we speak. it of course all of this is put on by alex's lemonade stand, foundation. this is their eighth annual lemon run t bridges out people from the entire family. including a lot of little ones, who many cases this is their first real 5k. and i'm here with one of the larger teams, the lemon ninja's, and they have these wonderful shirts, which are lemons with a ninja mask. and i want to have you guys introduce yourselves. first?
8:35 am
>> i'm sylvia. >> i'm eileen. >> i'm tom. >> so sylvia, you guys have over 200 people. how much money did you raise and how were you able to get so many people to participate? >> actually our team is about 270 people, including our northwestern mutual of philadelphia office. joe lean and ron jaworski golf club joined with us to get 270. so we are the largest team. we're very chest to $7,000. thanks to these two, who raised $2,000 on their own. >> yeah, let's talk to the cape may crew over here. and i flow all to benefit in part, part of team key air a. battling, still going through chemotherapy, trying to deal with her cancer, but she is currently in remission. what about tiara sort of rallied you guys, riled you up to rally the troops in cape may? >> well, she is our neice. she had just been through so much. and we know how, you know,
8:36 am
what great cause this is. >> yes. >> and all of the folks down in cape may, all of my friends, and neighbors, and they signed this, and they were just so glad that we were doing this, and the money just kept pouring in. i didn't have to ask them for it. >> it was a lot easier than would you think. people are so generous. >> yes, and this photo graph here is of tear tee air a actually here today. she wasn't feeling a little well, a lot of people were, yes, she is exhausted, she is still going through treatment. she has one next week. but you guys, i mean? >> i was just going to say, it wasn't one person. it was such an incredible group effort. people recruiting, we had one, a group that came by bus, brought like 30 people. we had somebody in charge of food. somebody in charge of coffee. fun raising. anything that anybody could do to help, it was such an incredible group effort. >> yes, so, all of this is about the run will kick off in just a few moments, but as you can see, people are very, very passionate about this cause.
8:37 am
and this, it takes a village. so, the run begins around 9:00. it is still not too late to come on down, to help raise money for childhood cancer, live at memorial hall, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> cherri gregg, thank you. runs begins at 9:00. good to know. there is much more till to common "eyewitness news" this morning. coming up next we'll check in with "face the nation"'s john dickerson for a look ahead at today's
8:38 am
8:39 am
fakes the nation will be coming your way little later this morning at 10:30 here on cbs-3, preview, live in washington, is the moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson. john, good morning. >> good morning, rahel. we finally had an election. now we will try to figure out what it means. we'll look back a little bit at the election, what the final decisions are about what message was sent to washington, and then, we will look forward very quickly, on the big question. what donald trump's going to do? what are his priorities, how
8:40 am
much change will he bring to washington? who is he going to put in place? republican lawmakers in washington are very happy ' wase connect willed. are they going to work with him or inevitable clashes? talk about all of that with former speaker of the house, and trump transition team member, newt gingrich. notice something about coming into washington, after a big historical event. and that's what happened to him when he was speaker of the house in 1995. then, we tubing vermont senator bernie sanders, both about what democrats do in the opposition, to donald trump, in the senate, but then, more to the point with him is what does he think the democratic party did wrong in the election of to 16. co-have done better, and then what's the democratic part do now? get back in touch with working people, and to rebuild itself, no longer democrats have lost control of the white house, the house, and the senate. and then rahel, us a always, our political rounds table where we will talk to reporters and put the news of the week in context, but then we have a special treat. the 2016 embedded reporters who lived with the candidates, all of them, for the last 15
8:41 am
months, traveling all over the country, and then those lived in some of the crucial battleground states. talk to them what they learned about politics and the country. >> i'm sure they have interesting perspective, john, great, thanks, can't wait to watch. >> still to come this morning, bit chilly but bright morning, justin back to tell us when we can expect some warmer weather. and we'll also have this. >> a letter from grand i to hitler displayed in the united states as you've never seen it before. why it could make a difference here almost 80 years afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
8:42 am
the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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a traveling work of art like you've never seen before. at least not here in the u.s. only making one stop, philadelphia. the work prompts an interesting question. can what was written in india almost 08 years ago, reduce tensions in the u.s. right now? david spunt searches for an answer. report through the haze every
8:44 am
smoke, profound words suddenly appear, words that try to persuade a man of immense power to take the road to peace. >> speak to us now here, or anywhere. >> artist envision in the work almost decade ago. he flew from india this week, to open his exhibit at the philadelphia museum of art. >> do you see the words cascade on the grounds in words, images of shadowings, that gain a degree, bottom of the ever shedding letter. >> reporter: a letter written by the late began did i, man who dedicated his life to piece. the recipient, adolf hitler. one of the most violent men in human history. gandolfini de begged not to invade,. >> responsible for bringing the piece to philadelphia. >> sort of mirror for our souls, reflect, see whether or not, do we have enough shades
8:45 am
of began de, began did i, the way we express ourselves with people, with whom we disagree. >> sent the letter to hitler in july 1939. and he begged the german leader not to reduce humanity, to a savage state. the letter never made it to hitler. the british intercepted it. five weeks later hitly invaded poland in world war ii began. but what if hilt letter had received the letter? >> that question of what if is really the work. >> draws parallels between began did i's message and the current division in the united state. he says, he hopes the covering letter as he calls it will inspire and provoke peace in the days ahead. >> rather poynant, reading readt in a situation as we are now, in this particular week, in this particular country. >> at the philadelphia museum of art, i'm david spunt, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". very fascinating piece. the letter inspired to sponsor essay contest, high school
8:46 am
student in the region now encouraged to smith an essay how they interpret the letter. know could receive a $10,000 college score april sham. more details on our website. now, justin, how are the weather watchers? >> warm up already. looks like everybody just at or above freezing now. seeing a lot of 40's showing up. a loft suburbs down to the 20's once again early this morning. and a freeze warning in effect for all every delaware. now, right now, temperatures getting close to 40 from a lot of backyards, check it out, up in hatboro, kyle higgins checks in at 39 degrees out in levittown, same deal, 40 up in sanatoga, michael really's house, jenny johnson, cherry hill, 41 degrees, 33 still at steve johnson's in west chester, down into the mid 20's, earlier this morning, same deal browns mills, rapid warm up there. thirty-four from mary ann in browns mills, she had mid 20's, last hour. and mullica hill, john caroll checks in at 34 degrees. again chilly start this morning, but a lot of sunshine outside.
8:47 am
rapid warm up on our way up to about 60 degrees. fall foliage looking great in south jersey into delaware, pete i, in williamstown, beautiful colors there. some of the leaves starting to full off the trees. seeing a lot of them on the grounds. a lot of leaf raking probably ahead in the next week or so. we take you up to berks county, check out this time lapse. this is the sunrise from this morning. from the kutztown area middle school. right at 6:00 we go through time, you can see, some mid to high level clouds there, looking great. with the sun now up. temperatures are near 40 degrees up in berks county, west breeze coming in at about 12 miles per hour. that west wind, huge today. it is coming across the land, it actually warms things up little bit. that's why we get the temperatures at or even above average this afternoon. same deal tomorrow. average highs, 57 degrees. we will be close to 60, the day, and monday, little dive in the temperatures, tuesday, that's just because of some clouds, and some needed showers into our forecast. but by the end of the week, we are warming things up. mid upper 60s, maybe making a run at near 70 for some spots
8:48 am
into early next weekends. we have to wait and see what happens there. but, nothing happening right now, over the mid-atlantic. northeast, ohio valley, protected by an area of high pressure, so beautiful day on tap today. tomorrow, next storm system, to our south. you see showers moving into north carolina. that storm will move northward. bring clouds in here for monday, then showers late monday night into tuesday. still good news. we could use some of the rain. nothing happening today. nice and dry. great football weather for the eagle game. start you off with some sunshine monday. then the clouds start to thicken up through the day. so tomorrow night viewing for the super moon, not good. so check it out tonight. that will would probably be the best bet. moon rise this evening coming in 4:34, should look pretty cool. low on the horizon and through the overnight hours. then the storm passes over us tuesday, sol so off and on showers, it is out of here for wednesday, back to some sunshine. so future weather model, we zoom in closer model here, time things out for you. nothing today, tomorrow morning looks great for the ride into work and school. here comes the clouds by mid
8:49 am
afternoon. the they'll lower and thick mean the evening house, showers probably arriving by possibly as early as 10:00, 11:00 at night. off and on throughout the overnight hours, will impact the morning commute on tuesday. nice rebound today. close to 60 degrees this afternoon, maybe even some lower 60s in some of the warmest spots. slightly cooler up in the lehigh valley. still not bad. we take t lower 50's, even into the mountains, surrounding suburbs, philadelphia, mid up ear's, same deal south jersey and delaware. so not bad way to finish offer the weekend. mild air moves into the mid-atlantic. jet stream to the north. little pocket of cold air tuesday, associate the dollars with the showers. huge ridge, moves back in friday into the weekends. it allows the warmth to expands northwards. i say we could make run upper 60s near 70. today milder near six of zero. tonight still chilly, clear skies, 39 degrees, extended forecast, coolest day will be tuesday, mid 50's, by the end of the week, mid upper 60s, a lot of sunshine, back on wednesday, all the way into neck weekend.
8:50 am
rahel, back to you. >> all things considered, not bad forecast, thank you, justin. time 8: 49. let's go back, get one last check on the traffic with amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. hi, amanda. >> accident on i59 southbound, cottman avenue in bridge street. one lane is blocked. be ready for delays in that area. looking at mass transit this morning, patco city hall station in camden is closed today for maintenance. the station closed at 7:00 this morning. it will remain closed until 7:00 this evening. riders can use broadway station as their alternate. also, septa regional rail is running with a 15 minute delay due to the slippery rales this morning. let's check out the vine. we've got some building volume, which is to be expected, but nothing to worry becomes as you head out the door this beautiful sunday morning. so, enjoy your drive into the city. and of course, if you are planning on watching the birds later this afternoon, the eagles fails the atlanta falcons at lincoln financial stadium. so be prepared for game traffic in that area. kick off is at 1:00 p.m. at the cbs-3 traffic center,
8:51 am
a.m. and did a mueller, back to you. >> thank you, an as amanda mentioned, eagles take on the falcons today at the linc. lesley van arsdall now on the match up in eyewitness sport. >> eagles start the second half of the season today at the linc against the falcons, highest scoring team in the league. the birds are four and four of the season, not bad, considering they have rookie head coach and quarterback. but things are going to be if you for them the rest of the month after the falcons. they'll play the the seahawks and packers, doug pederson was asked what i am profits they need to make in the second half of the season. >> little more consistency, offensively. learning how finish drivers, scoring in the red zone, those types of things that we saw earlier in the season. weep got to get back it doing that. you know, defensively, i think, just keep kind of doing what we're doing, put pressure on the quarterback, creating turnovers, and then on special teams, getting more explosive runs out of them, things that would you like to see now down the stretch. >> we will get you ready for
8:52 am
the battle of the birds a little later this morning at 11:30, sunday kickoff. sports director don bell, pat gallen, the voice of the eagles, merrill reese and myself will all be live at the linc at 11:30, right here on cbs-3. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, go birds. >> go birds. up next on "eyewitness news", a trip through time, in dream drive. meisha is checking out fowl foliage. also, entertainment from another age. what life was like in the 19 hundreds. we're back in a moment. oh no, that looks gross whoa, twhat is that? try it. you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate.
8:53 am
just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog.
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end joe those fall leaves while you can. meisha johnson hits the road in this week's dream drive. >> i'm take ago detour to get a glimpse of history before headed to swenksville, montgomery county. right now, we're in valley forge, headed to a park that has over 30 miles of trails, and also has incredible
8:55 am
history. valley forge national historical park, why such a draw this time of year. >> you can't finds better variety of trees and colors than do you here at valley forge. really, the creation of the united state of america, it comes back to these men and women that serve here at valley forge. >> and they live like this. imagine these cabins stretched for miles. big enough to create a city of 12,000 soldiers. >> when the army came here on december 19th, of 1777, this is nothing but farmlands. so, they constructed these cabins, about 14 by 16 feet. >> oh, wow. >> pretty rugged stuff. this was pretty nice for these guys. >> fireplace, you had a roof over your head, so when you're used to fighting and living outdoors, for most of the year, this is definitely a huge step up. >> sounds to -- smells to me like a campfire. >> absolutely. sometimes call that the smell of history.
8:56 am
>> now, to spruce up, and head somewhere fancier. >> we're on our way to historic plan sean in swenksville. and i hear that there are some hands on activities i can partake in? >> the mansion first built in the 1700s. and once hosed george washington. in the early 19 hundreds, it was remodelled by former pennsylvania governor, samuel pennypacker. and preserved ever since. so, it was this modern house at that time. modern is a relative term, says historic site supervisor. >> they didn't have electricity. they have oil lamps. if you had any ideas of doing anything for entertainment, thousand dollars do it yourself. they had to crank up the victrola to listen to it, it gave you three dimensional images. >> oh, that's so cool. >> the place to relax, was the port, great view of the barn, little museum in and of itself above the 19 hundreds, even
8:57 am
general store display to see what a grocery shrub would look like. museum educator linda, gave me special permission, to hand grinds flour. >> you know, without electricity, have to turn the crank yourself. >> i love it! this is a good arm warning out, too! >> it is time to go. see you fight later. >> all right, ghetto -- giddy up boy. meisha johnson, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> meisha getting in little arm work out there. >> yep. >> maybe if you don't want the gym, good day to go outside, maybe -- >> enjoy, yes, sunny, 06 degrees, kate beat it for late november. >> well, that's cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for now. we mate be signing off on tv, always on line sunday morning is next. have a gray day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪k;,t
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