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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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you down, plus talking about a water main break, that coming up in a little bit. katie, talking a little about the rain? >> specifically eastern new jersey, you know, i think the further inland you are, this couldn't mess with you too muchment and when you see storm scan3, you'll understanded why. this is coastal disturbance, look at the bulk of the precipitation is actually hanging out over the open ocean waterment that's helpful. not super soaking rain either. when you go out to ocean, monmouth counties, but it is the steadiest, the most widespread, even into burlington county the tri-state sweep, mainly splitting our region into thirds. the further inland you go, basically, two thirds of our area, are finding most scattered of scattered showers out there. most numerous showers you'll find go east. okay? so, for example, will they be impacted by there is a.c. expressway, to the shore, will be impacted by this but the bulk of the heavy stove stuff will retreat off to the north, actually going clear out even as early as late morning, but specially this afternoon. area temperatures at the moment, where you have got the clearest sky, which is further
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inland, that's where you have the colds he is air stem hanging tough down the shore it is milder the fact you have wet weather and clouds to deal with. keep in mind if you do see break in the clouds, still going to benefit from the really bright view of the supermoon. eventually we rebound to pretty typical 58 degrees high. it does look like things will dry out with time, as well. meisha? >> all right, katie, that supermoon, that is something gorgeous. that's -- i wish we could see that every single morning, this is certainly is a mood lifter. outside right now, talking about construction, not mood lifter. good news schuylkill at girard, not talking about construction here, actually looking really good, really quiet. moving in the eastbound direction, but take note. that as we progress through the 5:00 hour, that area is going to get busy, and the vine, matter of fact 95 construction between schuylkill and broad, right now it is opening. looking in the westbound and eastbound side, looking good. little bit of brake lights going off, jump on the schuylkill, overall on the vine. world of septa be sure to check your schedules on line,
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ac rail line running a special construction between seven # 30:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. a loft construction to get to. but first, jim, rahel, over to you. >> update now on that amber alert we've been telling you about, police in our area want you to be on the look-out for a little girl who could be in danger. >> authorities say she was abducted in virginia and they believe she could be on the way to new jersey. take a close look. on the right. there is four year old annabell hope richardson, last seen with her father, 24 year old dillan james richardson, in charlotte county virginia, could be in a 1995 burgundy chevy van with virginia license plate vmg2332. if you see her, her father, that van, call police. breaking right now, mt. holly, police on the scene of vicious attack. >> woman assaulted overnight. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo is live there now, where investigators are looking for clues. but jan, what have you learned? >> jim, rahel, i just spoke with authorities, here in
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burlington county. and they can't say at this time exactly how this woman was assaulted, they don't yet have updates on her condition this morning. so, you can see behind me, live here on the scene, that investigators remain out here on west monroe street collecting evidence, and processing the scene. they have been spending quite a long time actually inbetween those two homes. you see a home on your right with the light, and a home on your left, some officers standing outside. they've actually been inbetween the two homes, in the walkway area, alleyway, taking a loft pictures, that seems to be what they're focusing on. quite the large scene, police have an entire block taped off. so a lot still happening out here this morning. now, police were called, 13 west monroe street home around 1:00 this morning. that's when they found a woman assaulted and bleeding from her head. she had to be a lift today a hospital in trenton for some treatment. so far again no word on her condition. and at this time, police aren't yet too long say how this woman as was assaulted ectacolia or if detective have any suspect. so, this is very early on, in this investigation, back out
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here live on scene, now raining quite a bit. so that could hamper their investigation just little bit. because it does seem to be taking place on the outside. we'll try to get any updated information we can on suspect, and this woman's condition, but for now, liver in mt. holly, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, jim, back into you. >> thank you, jan. new this morning 35 year old man is is dead after being shot multiple times in the face in the fairmount section of philadelphia. police arrived on scene, at ridge avenue, cambridge street around 10:30 last night. police did not finds any weapons and so far no one is in custody. >> also, overnight, scene in philadelphia's kingsessing section is stabbed multiple times. this happened near the 1400 block of south rouges street. police tell us the victim is either 15, 16 year old, just checked he's in stable condition with stab wounds to his arm. well, parent meet behind closed doors to discuss vandalism in bucks county high school. parent and administrators at council rock north will meet for second time tonight. last night they gathered to talk about the racist and
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homophobic images found inside the school. while some parent felt encouraged after the meeting, some believe more needs to be done. >> i'm embarrased, to be living in the council rock school district. >> and i think it is a good thing, so we can all work together, to figure out what the solutions are. >> we had very plows tiff meeting this evening. we had about 15 parents, here with us this evening, excellent dialogue, very active parent participation. >> the media was not allowed inside during last night's meeting. >> well, new this morning, president obama has arrived in greece, but first stop of his final overseas trip as commander in chief. we just got this video, take a look, at the top of the president's agenda, reassuring european al lies that trump is committed nato transatlantic alliance, the president will travel to germany during the six day tour and to peru. >> the transition team continues the hiring process ahead of inauguration today, today mr. trump will meek with
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vice president mike pence as the teamworks on filling each job. hena daniels has more on one cabinet for prime cabinet job from. >> reporter: campaign source tells cbs news rudy giuliana favored to serve as secretary every state in donald trump's new administration. speaking at a wall street journal forum in washington last night, the former new york city mayor refused to discuss his chances. he said he came to the defense of steve bannon, right wing media mogel, chief strategist. >> he loves america. he may have a different view of america than you do, but he loves america, as much as you or i do. >> while most conservatives support trump's decision, democrats on capitol hill blasted bannon's appointmentment. >> his appointment of the stephen bannon as chief white house stat edge gist proof of the ugly direction mr. trump intends to take this count. >> i speaking from the white house, president obama was more diplomatic. >> i think it is important for us to let him make his
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decision and i think the american people will judge over the course of the next couple of years whether they like what they see. >> in a statement last night, trump spokesman praised bannon, saying, he'll work hand-in-hand with chief of staff ryan priebus as he continues to help implement trump decision of ac president for all americans. president-elect trump has nearly 4,000 jobs to fill in his administration before he takes the oath of office in january. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> president-elect trump campaign now working on transferring the family real estate business to his children. the portfolio which includes buildings, hotels around the world, present possible conflict every interest. the president's elect has said he would put the businesses in a blind trust run by his children, how much, his children are involved in a transition, annette innings
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watchdog says the set up may not wall off the trump organization from the trump administration. >> well, hillary clinton is offering words of encouragement for house democrats. the conference call last night, the former presidential nominee told them not to be discouraged or divided despite losing the white house. clinton says their vision for america earned more votes in the election. he added the people they fought for need champions now more than ever. >> happening today, former philadelphia eagles wide receiver josh hoff it, arrested earlier this month for gun and marijuana charges after speeding on the walt whitman bridge. police found a gun, loaded magazine, hollow point bullets and marijuana in his car. he was released from the eagles and at dollars to the tampa buccaneers practice squad. >> police in state college have charged 13 people include something one student following this rowdy behavior after last month's upset win over rival ohio state. estimated five to 10,000 penn
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state fans formed the street on around the campus. took down street lights, damaged cars, damage estimated between 18 to $30,000. a loft damage. >> overseas, resident in new zealand continue to recover from a devastating earthquake. >> the latest on effort to reach hundreds of people still strand. plus this. >> i didn't think it was real from a minute, you don't expect something like that to happen. >> it is not the way one man expected to start his day. finding his car swallowed by a sinkhole. we'll tell you what caused the grounds to open up. >> and the first lawsuit filed after last month's airplane fire in chicago. we'll tell you what the passengers are claiming. >> ♪ >> some scattered showers are starting up this morning,
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katie is going to time it all out for us when we come back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> welcome back, rescue operations are underway in new zealand as they try to reach hundreds of stranded tourists and residents. so far two people have died from powerful earthquakes, several after shocks. the jolt triggered 6-foot tall tsunami, while authorities try to reach the stranded people by air, a navy ship is also due it arrive tomorrow morning. >> and who can forget this scene? update on the coast stuck on patch of land after the powerful earthquake in new zealand. that's coming in our 6:00 hour. another unforgettable scene, an american airlines plane on fire at chicago o'hare airport last month. now we have learned 18 pass inning verse filed a lawsuit. the suit names general electric america and boeing and claims faulty engine was used on the aircraft. it also accuses airline staff of failing to provide instruction during the evacuation. 161 passengers and nine crew
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members safely evaculated the plane after aborted take off. so far, no comments from any of the companies named in the lawsuit. >> two flight attendants are recovering from minor injuries after incident involving a suspected drone. it happened in canada, as an airlines plane was getting ready to land near toronto yesterday. the pilot had to zig-zag to avoid hitting the object. none of the 54 passengers on board were hurt. >> well, talk about a rough start to your day. >> guy in california was on his way to work when the unthinkable happened. >> take a look at this. the earth literally opened up, and swallowed his car. this is beverly hills. matt jake said he was just sitting in his 2003 hyundai when the sinkhole opened up. pulling his front tires underground, and before he knew it his whole car was submerged. >> i saw water coming in through the floor board, side of the car, i better get out of here, first thing just jumped out. glad i did. could have been bad news, if i did have my daughter with me,
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or even if my dog was riding with me. >> get out just in the nick every time. sinkhole caused by water main break outside of his home. >> some people just cannot catch a break. that's an awful story. katie joining us now, fortunately it, doesn't seem like we have any busier weather or anything like that here. >> nothing, nothing like that. yes, we do have the water main break, i know meisha will be discussing but in terms of the atmospheric reasons for anything happening here, we do have coastal disturbance that's going toned up bringing us couple of showers granted and depending where you are, built of steady rain right now, specific to eastern new jersey, but you can see, the bulk of the moisture with the storm system actually either off to the northeast, removed from the region already, or it is well taught sea, so while there is some good organization with the storm, it doesn't have a ton of juice to work with, as i like to say, further inland specially, just got couple of scattered showers and that's it. than will pull away, clear out of here already by this afternoon. so as it does so, we will expect to see more sunshine, possibly even peaking through the clouds as early as this
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afternoon, beyond this point, very quiet weather, also, nice warming trends. now, that can only last so long. but we're going to get nice stretch of quiet and also miler days to look ahead to here as that first disturbance pulls away, what's going to happen? jet stream lift off to the north, allows the warmth to build back in. then comes another cold shot. and this one looks like it might have bit more u m.p.h. to it, will eventually knock our temperatures back, really going see that in the seven day. we could even see specially in the far northern terrain like the poconos, maybe even few flurries come sunday night. that's how cold it is about to get. now for now current wind speeds are pretty light. you have either got completely calm, somewhat happen hard adder out of the north-northwest, even northeast some locations, but very light. barely notice t meanwhile outside we go to one. northern counties like monroe or broads heads ville, very tranquil to start the morning off. we have clouds overhead. also going to see a spotty shower here and there. steadier rain near the coast. that's the exception, but generally for everyone else, if you really don't want to
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take umbrella along, at this point, i think you can get away it, 58 degrees the high, drop down to the low 40's tonight under partly cloudy sky. here we go, warming up nicely, friday, saturday, pair of gorgeous days, sunshine, high of 66. then, the bottom gets pulled out from underneath us. showers expected on sunday at minimum. chilly rain by the way, and then sunday night really turning cold, further north, again, could even see flurries by that point up toward the poconos. meisha, over to you. >> oh, we would relish friday and saturday just as it is, but then it is dropping on sunday. a lot more motivation to really soak it up. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. looking at 422, tail light moving in the eastbound direction, near the pa turnpike, and you can see, both moving in the eastbound and the westbound direction, over here, you can see, it certainly is starting to heat up both directions looking fairly similar both moving in the eastbound, westbound side, when you start to see this many headlight in the 422, in
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the 5:00 hour, just no need, but will possibly later, looking it he ben franklin bridge moving in the westbound direction, back out, you can see, the full bridge. looking good as you push in the westbound direction toward center city. in fact, it is looking very quiet out there. great news for those every that you have to take the ben and the blue route of the moving in the southbound direction at mid-county you can see moving in the southbound direction looking great. of course see headlight, but overall don't have to -- have to give yourself extra time, no need, looking good there. water main break in malvern, route 29 near route 30 lancaster avenue. heads up zero on. that will that's one of the areas that will start to slow you down little bit f this doesn't get at least under raps for the most part. so just a heads up that that's out there if in your that neck of the woods, maybe give yourself extra time there. construction a.c. expressway westbound in jersey has now since been cleared. great news on. that will we do have lingering construction in new jersey on 130, one lane block there between route 322 and route 44.
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rahel, jim, back to you. meisha, thank you. now, for a look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> in the america cure twi brothers who pled guilty to detonating series of makeshift pipe bombs in chester count have i been sent in to six to 23 months in prison. they set off the explosions last christmas time, damaging the property of members of the amish community. >> on the front page of the trentonian, laid off pair of professionals and aids, outdoor services but now the trenton school board says at the beginning of the school year, source four teachers was only able to fill half, and didn't provide enough substitute teachers to staff classrooms. the bucks county courier times, burlington county bridge commission has awarded $864,000 contract to cape may county construction company to replace counter weight rope tensions on the burlington bristol bridge. the work is expected to start in february or march. it will take about two months. >> that's a look at some of
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the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> coming up next, pat's here with sports. >> good morning, guys. so much sports, your head will spin. joel embiid put up double double last night. was it enough to stop the rocket. and eric lindrose takes his place among the greats. all of that, much
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>> good morning, guys. sixers, not so good. just put it like. that will the sixers have one win so far this season. but the road has been far less kind to them. they went into last night's game in houston having lost their first three games in philly by average of 18 points, and those road woes continue. joel embiid has been out standing but just not enough fire power on the team. first quarter, sixers up early, embiid breaks free. and throws down two, woe finish for 13-point, and -- ten rebounds, first quarter all about james harden, puts
5:24 am
the rockets up, on the triple, and later in the first, harden, finishes okafor, really struggled last night, hard end eight for eight in the first quarter, scored 23 of his game hi, sixers lost 115-88. if you thought they would have easy schedule start the season think again. two games into the year, already they face the top 25 opponent. jay wright, and villanova, taking on perdue. second half, wildcats up two. still boost, move, looking for darryl reynolds, and reynolds would finish. he had 12-point on the night. after the boilermaker miss, nova on the run. josh heart goes, and won, the pre-season all american had a huge night dropping 24 points. villanova passes the early test, 79-76. >> over to the liacouras
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center, fran dunphy and his temple owls took on new hampshire. temple down 55-52. final 15 seconds of the game, long loom, rim's off, and the owls lose to wildcats 57-52. the flyers welcome the ottawa senators to south philly tonight. in third place in the atlantic division. flyers are seven, seven, and two so far this year. good for sixth played in the metro. coming off big win over the wild. on saturday. the big e, eric lindros, has taken his place in hockey's hall of fame joining the all time great in toronto last night. he was the first pick in the 1991nhl draft, and went onto make six all-star appearances and win a trophy at the nhlmvp. lindrose 19 all time scoring list. bad news for the eagles, nfc east is the best division in the nfl. not only do the cowboys have the best record in the league at nine and one, but after last night's giants ben as
5:26 am
game, eagles are five and four in last place. eli manning through three touchdowns and big blue out lasted struggling cincinnati 21-20. all 4nfc esteems won this weekend. the giants are now six and three on the year, the eagles, will actually face the bengals in two weeks but they have to deal with seattle on the road sunday a very, very, very tough match up for the birds. >> we have figured out an equation had a works, field goals, ya. >> is that math. >> i have my suit ready. that's all i want to let you know. >> we have math here, we've got the suit. >> we'll figure it out, pat. >> very tough, very tough, very tough schedule for the birds. >> the music is playing, that means, we are moving along, coming up in the next half hour every "eyewitness news", stocks open at record high. live report from wall street. trang? >> reporter: philadelphia has seen hateful messages and
5:27 am
flash mob style attacks in recent days. i'm trang do. i'll tell you what the mayor has to say to a city on edge. past past. >> also the unexpected mail vice president elect mike pence is getting these days. katy? >> rahel, one day closer to the weekends. one day closer to what looks to be a pretty significant drop on the thermometer. so in the meantime, we warm it up. but even though it is a beautiful start to the weekends, it will be an awfully chilly finish. we might end up with some wet weather because of a transition that we'll make. i'll wake you through the transition, and also the rest of the forecast coming up on
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>> some scattered showers this morning, but katie says we could be seeing 10 degrees above average this week. plus, some good news to wake up to, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> virginia police issued amber alert for four year old annabell hope richardson. she was last seen with her father, and may be in our area right now. >> breaking right now. investigators are on the scene of a vicious assault in south jersey. >> reporter: a woman was assaulted here in the early morning hours, have been particularly focusing on the walkway between the two houses. >> let him make his dio


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