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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 15, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> some scattered showers this morning, but katie says we could be seeing 10 degrees above average this week. plus, some good news to wake up to, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. first, here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> virginia police issued amber alert for four year old annabell hope richardson. she was last seen with her father, and may be in our area right now. >> breaking right now. investigators are on the scene of a vicious assault in south jersey. >> reporter: a woman was assaulted here in the early morning hours, have been particularly focusing on the walkway between the two houses. >> let him make his decision.
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>> president-elect donald trump isn't wasting any time assembling the staff. >> senior trump official says former new york mayor rudy jew even and i favored to be secretary of state. >> we have obtained footage of one illegal alien react to go trump. >> there are at least 2 million criminal aliens now inside of our country. >> would you except a fence? >> in certain areas i would, certain areas the wall is more appropriate. 2 million could be 3 million. getting them out of our country if they're here illegally. we want to secure -- >> how does steven cobair come up with this stuff. >> funny. >> so katie, should he phone home or phone you for the forecast? >> hey, he can phone me for anything. i love that my. one of my favorite movies growing up. and you know, as farms the weather is concerned, today, you know, this is more of a big fat nuisance, i'll be honest, than anything. do have coastal disturbance out there. some of are you in need of some rain here right now.
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here, obviously, i don't have umbrella i don't feel any rain at all. we do have is a little bit of wet weather that's very close, my current location in center city. you start things off just by looking at the radar, see why. when we look here again i'm in philadelphia county, snack dab in the center of the city. but the leading edge of rain starting to rotate my way is still, again, just offer the edge of the city. go into new jersey though specially central new jersey, you're finding more steady rain. so not everyone is getting hit by this. and i think that's the story of the morning. this system is actually going to be pulling to the north, out of our hair through the course of the morning, by this afternoon, everyone is drying out. but the further in we go, you won't see much out of this, other than stray shower or two. so very spotty, is the nature of the showers this morning. but you will find the steadier rain as evident on the radar across eastern new jersey specially. not a lot of rainout of this. we will take what we can get. expect generally under quarter of ann it, will slow you down specially places like the garden state parkway. as the day progresses everyone will dry out, see the system
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retreat. now, we are getting ever closer to the beginning of meteorological winter, on our countdown is on, for the astronomical start, only 36 days away, christmas, whopping 40, i know, jim's already done with his christmas shopping, but i show you the count done for a reason. the reason is some you could see flurries in the seven day. and i'll let you know when a bit later on in the show. meisha, we send it into you. >> all right, katie, i have to admit, i've not even started with christmas shopping. i haven't even thought about thanksgiving yet. that's next week. isn't it? yes, next week? delaware county 95 north at 452. wow, take it all the way up to the airport, looking good delaware county anywhere that you are. roadways still nice and dry. as katie pointed out once the rain starts to trickle down already seeing little bit in jersey. once we see it more in the delaware valley area in terms of center city or anywhere around the suburbs around downtown philadelphia, we are going to be able to see it slowing down little bit right now. with the dry roadways, hopefully can keep it to the
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bulk of the morning rush. so, right now, interstate 95 really where i've got my eyes, taillights moving in the southbound direction near cottman. starting to see some brake lights go off good inch kade or the today will get busy. looking at the boulevard, what we can look at switching cameras pushing in the southbound direction casino every sea of headlights there, as well. jump on the schuylkill looking quite similar. running special schedule, we will goat that in a moment. having problems with my clicker, rahel, over to you. >> hate crimes, flash mobs, intimidation, all happening in philadelphia lately, mayor jim kenney says philadelphians are better than. that will trang oh, not far from the scene of one of these incident, frank, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, are, yes there is latest attack happened over the weekend right here near 16th and market. now, police have arrested two teens and they say that they're going to be making more arrests but last nightmare kenny urged philadelphians to do their part to ends these people, the
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city of brotherly love hasn't been living up to it name lately. >> in the past few days there have been hateful attacks, intimidation, damage to public and private front. these act have no place in our sit. >> i in the last month, flash mob attacks on innocent bystanders and communities from temple to center city have rattled the city. off duty police detective and his wife were hurt in the most recent attacks. >> horrifying i think needs to be more accountability, be it parent, teachers, just people accountable for themselves philadelphia say building action and cars filled with racist graffiti. mayor kenney speaking out about it all. >> calling by anybody by any type of slur, deface ago building or participating in a flash mob does nothing to help preserve the values of diversity and inclusion that makes philadelphia strong. >> symbolically the mayor made the comment do your rap party
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fortune at this cup, under neighborhood soccer tournament, showcasing the immigrants and cultures. philadelphians echoed the mayor's message. >> this is the time to come together, and be unified as the people, because we might not like the result that we got. but we have to live with this for the next four years, and do the best that we have to do. >> and as the mayor suggested, it is going it take more than policing, that's why, he says, the unity cup will be an annual event. but for now, live in center city, i'm trang, back to you. >> thank you very much, frank. authority issue alert, to be look out for a little girl that could be in danger. >> the girl taken from virginia, police believe she could be head today new jersey, now, take a look at your screen, annabell theresa hope richardson on the right. she was last seen with her father, 24 years old, dillon james richardson, in charlotte county virginia. now, we're told they could be in a 1995 burgundy chevy van,
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with a virginia license plate of vmg2332. if you siena bell or her father, call police immediately. >> well, the time now 5:37n business news this morning, a new look for the ride sharing company lyft. >> and why tech shares are struggling in the post-election economy. money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york took stock exchange, jill, good morning. >> good morning, jim, rahel. the dow opens at another all time high this morning it, jumped 221-point yesterday. banking stocks are soaring on speculation that trump administration will ease regulation, the nasdaq, though, fell 18, shares of tech companies, like apple, mike soft, are dropping on concern trump policies could hurt their sales in global markets like china. this morning, we will get better idea how much money americans spent this holiday season so far. the commerce department releases data on retail sales for october, this morning, before the opening bell. and, lyft is swapping its iconic mustache for new called
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the amp. it is a small light up device that turns colors. so when you order a car, an app will tell you what color impe you should look for, lyft says it adds an extra layer of safety, amp will officially hit the the road on new years eve. i think it is a great idea, jim, rahel? >> i agree. >> i'm not going to debate. that i agree, too. all, altogether on this. >> jim is going to get this. >> for one time we all agree. jill, thank you. >> in other news this morning, former. s senator jeffrey will oversee the new jersey state take-over atlantic city. was governor of chris ties 50's choice to fill the term of the late senator frank lautenberg, will now control atlantic city's assets and make decisions. atlantic city is a half billion dollars in debt, five of the 12 casinos have closed, 2014. president-elect trump meets with vice president elect mike pence, in new york today, as he continues to build his administration. campaign source tells cbs news, former new york city
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mayor, rudy guiliani is the favorite to beat secretary of state. now, despite backlash, mr. trump is standing by his decision, to appoint right wing media mogel steen bannon to the job of chief strategist. ban on has embraced throughout his career. >> the transition of power is making life real problem for people who live and work in and around new york trump tower. the highrise now has heightened security to protect the president-elect, while resident say it is now difficult to get deliveries to the building, and they say, it is an inconvenience to walk the extra block to get around protesters. source from philadelphia says it is -- >> level of security, i believe two or three checkpoints, and then also the airport type security when he came in with the machine. >> trump not only worked in the building he does also live there. >> now, one organization is seeing rise in donations following the election. people unhappy with the results are making thousands of donations to planned
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parenthood all in mike pence's name. the vice president elect called for cutting all federal funds to the organization, as governor, tough restrict sons, since planned parenthood center tiff cats, donors, all of them, are now being sent to pence's address. well, back here, outbreak linked back to contaminated syringes. the center for disease control is getting involved after dozens of people fell ill in or area. syringes distributed by texas based nurse assist were recalled last month. fifty-two people have been tied to the contaminated syringes in new jersey, 26 in pennsylvania, and four in delaware, however, experts say, most people should be okay. there really isn't a risk of it being transmitted from person to person. the only risk ongoing risk is if there is ongoing use of the contaminated syringe. >> nurse assist released a statement reading in part, we have been working in cooperation with the cdc, fda,
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and various state health department, to ensure patient safety. >> president bush announces new runningmate, sort of, let us explain just ahead. >> also ahead, fox news megyn kelly sits down with doctor phil for one-on-one interview. hear her story about a phonecall she received from donald trump. >> and, as the saying goes, the penny saved is a person i earned. organizers are eager to learn a lot of pennies to help fix a lot of pennies to help fix ben franklin's grave. pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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>> i have to tell you the television nominees for the critics choice awards are in the epic series people versus oj series got six nominations, the most for any series. no surprise here. the game of thrones got five nominations, the late late show with james cord on got nominated for the best talk show. one of seven for cbs. if you have ever seen this show, you know, got this in the bag. it is so funny. critics close awards landed out december 11. >> i have to tell you former president george w. bush and his wife laura have added a member to their family, former president and former first laid have i adopted a puppy. now, they introduced their sweet little puppy to the
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world, how cute, by posting on instagram. posted on facebook actually. now they rescued him from spca shelter in texas. has been named freddie. well hello, fred. >> i so cute. >> shelter dogs make the best pets. >> they really do. absolutely. >> and carol erickson, just got new dog. >> no kidding. >> another one? >> i was going to say. >> you've got -- horses, coast, chickens, dogs, oh, my. >> no kidding! >> love it. >> she did adopt marvin? i had a feeling, yep. >> marvin is a sweetheart. >> oh, that's so awesome, yes. good for the bush's, good for carol. you said it. >> so deserving, and need a home. with that said, i'm totally switching gears on you right now, let's talk little weather. we have a bit of rain actually to report out there. yes, we do need some, and i'm seeing quite a variety of report coming in from the eyewitness weather watchers. you'll understand that when you see not just their reports but also storm scan.
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why the variety, but for now, we take a look over center city philadelphia, not a drop of rain at this point. we expect that we will see at least a shower throughout the course of the morning. however, it a system producing nuisance rain, primarily, rain across the eastern edge of our reason on, so through new jersey most specifically. and we'll show that to you here in a second on storm scan, but i want to check in, sometimes pictures can speak plenty of words of just describe the scene, so, for example, just nearby where we are, with the station headquarters around the chestnut hill section of philadelphia, phil reporting totally dry conditions, out that way, and at least on germantown pike, then meanwhile ed is finding puddles of and plenty every rain coming down, out in the chesterfield area of new jersey, so, let me very quickly take you out to look at the temperatures here. you have got low, mid, even up fourth's, definately milder start, because of the fact that we have the rain. we have the clouds, it traps the heat in that we built in from yesterday. but you are going to be
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finding some wet weather to go along with that, now, you have got some breaks in the clouds here obviously, but where it is raining, it is raining somewhat steadily, somewhat widespread in nature. even up the new jersey turnpike, you can see this, that rain sort of lifting through here with steadier pockets. but very scattered, everywhere else, now, this is pulling away by late this morning, into the early afternoon. so everyone will eventually dry out. but if you are looking for rain, you basically got to go east. you may fine yourself flicking windshield wipers couple of times in some of the pennsylvania counties, in our area, and through delaware, but his there really be it. meanwhile, by later this afternoon, again, things are clearing out. high pressure will nudge in. that front bypasses us to the north. as the high builds in, the warmth also returns to the forecast here. so come thursday, rebounding little bit more readily. friday, saturday, especially, looks very, very nice. so, let me walk you through it one more time in the seven day format. watching for the showers here today. generally scat nerd nature. and then we warm it back up friday, saturday, looks like back-to-back, 66 apiece, then
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look at this drop off. sunday night in the poconos, you might even see a few snowflakes out there. meisha? >> brr, yes, it will feel chilly specially coming off the friday and saturday, thanks, looking outside right now, roadways still dry for the most part. the ones we're looking at anywayment schuylkill westbound at city avenue, watch this area little bit. we know westbound will get busy but right now moving in the eastbound side of the schuylkill actually where we see the bulk of the congestion starting to build ever so slightly, westbound, eastbound, schuylkill at city avenue, i would say, in the next 30 minutes or so i would give yourself more time, maybe 20 minute or soment looking at the vine, moving in the westbound direction toward the schuylkill, starting to look very slow there. eastbound side looking okay. it is the westbound side that is really starting to heat up. we do have a tractor-trailer fire in mt. laurel right now. new jersey, turnpike southbound past route 73, all lanes blocked right now. all of them. you will have to use this alternate 295. also give yourself extra time avoid the area at all costs right now. plus, more minor accident in
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new jersey franklin ville, main road jacksonville road just heads up on that. plus construction that's still lingering out there. in new jersey, route 130, between 322 and route 44, one lane block there. actually down ever so slightly, and little bit more construction in jersey, between 322 and berkley road. next ten, 15 minute or soment water main break in malvern route 29, lancaster avenue, two, three lanes still blocked. rahel, jim, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. this morning, celebrated journalist remembered after losing her battle with cancer. ifill was key anchor. before joining, worked for nbc, new york times and the washington post. also, the first african-american female journalist to moderate vice presidential debate, ifill was 61 years old. >> fox news angle megyn kelly used to reporting headlines there is year she has been making some of her own headlines. today sit down with doctor
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phil you will see here only on cbs-3, cover variety of subject including president-elect donald trump's behavior toward her. >> what went on between trump and you? >> i have never got mean this, but there was a back story to that moment. once he announce the his candidacy for president one of the store that's broke about him was that in his divorce proceedings from his first wife ivan a, she had under oath accused him of raping her. and he later recanted that testimony but the news broke that under oath he accused -- she accused him of t people were just running with it, so i had on the reporter on my show trump was not happy with that interview. he wasn't happy that i put the reporter on the show. and four days before the presidential debate, that has now become so well known and well seen, he called me up and
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threatened me and made very clear to me that he was extremely dis pleased. i told him flat out mr. trump i'm sorry you are unhappy but you don't control the editorial on l kelly file. that with a it, he started screaming at me, hung up the phone, and the next time we met was that thursday night. >> megyn kelly discusses her interactions with president-elect donald trump. plus, hear what she says roger all did to her when she alleges he sexually harassed her. doctor phil's exclusive one-on-one interview today at 4:00 right here on cbs-3, stay tuned for "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> so interesting. >> well, coming up: you want wifi? well, too bad. >> not very nice, jim. up next, why this book store is banning technology and asking it customers to go back to the 90's, we'll be back.
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>> welcome back, one of the 21st century newest innovations is helping one of our 18th century founding fathers. >> and ben franklin needs your help, go fund me account is set to up pay for repair of the significant crack in ben's
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gravestone at christ church burial grounds in old city. pennies tossed on the gravestone in tribute, the pennies, weather, time, is compromised the stone. so far effort have raised about a thousand dollars. i believe they need total of $10,000. >> i'm sure they'll get it. >> hopefully. >> wyoming book store is partying like it is 1993. >> they're taking a stand against technology, and urging, how about this, people to read books. >> novel. >> making sure you know they don't have any wifi inside. they want customers leave their laptops, cell phones, other gadgets in their bags. regular customers are on board with the idea. >> same thing as a library, yes. libraries are the greatest. book stores are the second greatest, coffee shops are the third greatest, so we have numbers two and three right here. >> i think it is refreshing to be able to go somewhere, not hear someone's phone ringing, or their emails dunking. >> i agree.
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rahel agrees. when meisha heard coffee her ears perk up. so you know laptops, tablet, things like that are banned but you can order books on line at wind city books. >> how interesting. >> so they're okay with technology. >> yes, outside. well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", smart kitchens, i'll show you the hottest trends, even appliances, that can help you be a better cook. >> i'm in for that. and this heart breaking scene of coast stranded after the earthquake in new zealand, now up a date. finds out how the crews were able to move these cows to safety.
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it'll be one less thing you have to worry about. pronamel is now giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing. so it's nice to know that it's as simple as that. ♪ >> grab your umbrella allow a little extra time for commute this morning. katie is tracking some scattered showers, on storm scan3, she'll let us know which areas will be most affected. >> braking news in south jersey, a woman beaten so badly she had to be air lifted to the hospital. president donald trump choosing his cabinet members. find out who is at the top of his list for secretary of state. >> well, today is tuesday, november 15th. good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon.
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katie and meisha keeping an eye on things as always. katie, tracking some showers it, looks like. >> indeed i am. >> we look like assorted grapes. >> i like grapes. >> we're in dif event versions of purple. >> and as delicious as wine, you guys. >> oh, i just had to point it out. you know people at home why are they all dressed alike. it was not planned. >> i agree. we no, we're all good. i will tell you that we do have a tractor-trailer fire that is going to cause you some problems in mouth laurel. we have string of other accident, in a moment, so despite the fact it is dry on the roadways. >> in many locations, but there are spots, yes, where it is the exception. so this is a forecast that is kind of splitting the region in two, when you look at what's going on, to put the storm scan tri-state sweep right now, obviously, your eye gets drawn out to eastern new jersey where we still had the steadiest rain, most widespread rain. not really heavy rain. it is steady granted in a handful of spots but obviously enough it will certainly slow down the commute. you havo


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