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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:56pm EST

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hearing. so far there is no timetable for replacement to be named. sandusky a former penn state assistant football coach was quick of sexually abusing ten boys in 2012. the union representing septa workers is voting today on the new contract, that ended their strike. union leader willie brown says worker will not strike even if they rejected this agreement. he is confident that the union supports the deal but he is concerned about voter turnout. voting continues until 7:00 tonight. and this deal, would increase union worker wages by ten and a half percent over five years. the city of philadelphia launched a new web site as it enforces new tax on sugar drinks. the web site philly bev offers information for distributors and retailers. distributors who sell sugar drinks to philadelphia businesses, need to register to be in compliant. >> no new taxes are never fun, but with your cooperation, we are funding prek, community schools, and has i have
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improvement to parks, recreation centers and libraries. >> the taxis expected to raise 92 million-dollar a year takes effect january 1st and it is facing a legal challenge. well, hundreds of people spent the night outdoors voluntarily last night all to raise money for a good cause. >> "eyewitness news" reporter trang do was there and she shows us how philadelphia's business community is coming to the aid of the cities homeless population. >> reporter: on a chilly november night, they claimed their spots. bundled up. >> i have my covenant hat on, and that is key. philadelphia 76ers sweat shirt. everybody should have one with a hood and double sweat pants and boots. so i think i'm this good shape. >> reporter: went to bed outside, myself included, to bring attention to the hundreds of home less teens who spend their nights on the streets of philadelphia. >> we say in our work that homeless are usually invisible. we're not invisible tonight the because we are here standing up for them. >> reporter: covenant house sleep out brought hundred
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business leaders to raise awareness and fund for the cities only youth home less shelter. sleep out this year also is most successful raising $345,000. >> i love the kids. when you meet these kids, they are special. and whatever i can do to help make their lives better, that is what i will do. >> i think it is super important not just to write a check for the cause but come out, and hear, and see, what that check does and what it enables. >> reporter: a few people even managed to get some sleep. >> i got a great sleep along the wall. i put the a trash bag up to block the light and just enough layers under me i was able to sleep like a baby. >> reporter: are one left with the strong sense of gratitude for the screens. >> it makes me feel lucky for what i have and makes me feel thankful and i don't want people for granted. >> reporter: sixteen other covenant house location as cross the u.s. and canada also held sleep out events on thursday night, they raised a total of 6.1 million-dollar.
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in germantown i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and breaking news right now chopper three is live over north philadelphia where we have learned that a off-duty philadelphia police officer has been shot. this happened at tenth and ogden, we are told the officer was shot in the hand. we are continuing to work to get more information, we will pass it on as soon as we can, jessica. no jacket required for a lot of the day, it almost feels like spring but changes are on the way. meteorologist kate bilo is live at peddler's village in lahaska where it doesn't feel like the holidays but it is certainly starting to look like it. >> i'll tell you what, if you want it to feel like the holiday season despite warmth this is where you need to be tonight. peddler's village in bucks county it is all lit up here looking festive but it will get to be a hundred or thousand times more festive when we light up the village, coming to you live at 6:15 tonight, so excited, santa and i will flip the switch. lets start off talking about
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this non-holiday like weather. this is my sixth year here. this is by far warmest it has ever been. look at our high, 70 degrees in philadelphia. the normal is 55, full 15 degrees above average and now that the sunnies down take a look at your current temperatures, it is still in the 60's every where. sixty-one in allentown. sixty-two in philadelphia 59 degrees in atlantic city. heading out to peddler's village watching now and still on the fence, you want to get down here. take a look at this planner, it is in the upper 50's throughout the remainder of the night, so you can come down, get some holiday spirit, get some hot chocolate and not completely freeze which is fantastic. now as we come back here live to peddler's village one of the best things to see the kid come here every year this is my friend addison, her friend called her addie, i qualify as her friend. are you excited tonight. >> yes. >> do you come every year. >> i come for a while. >> you know what you will
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ask,. >> you got the sometime. you have an hour to think about it. >> all right. we will be out there, addie on the front lines we will be lighting up village and stay tune for that, we will tell but a drastic drop in temperatures coming up in a few minutes. back to you. >> all right. we will get back to you soon. >> thank you coming up on "eyewitness news" disturbing video of the police officer punching a woman in the face, tonight we are hearing from that woman and learning the ramifications, and, find out why we will never see the officer's body cam video. also tonight. >> it is now, or never. >> for one local man training for a very unique competition, it is go time, our don bell sat down with an athlete in the try um games, what those games are, and why we will fine them so inspiring, coming up in the next half an hour. and why wait until black friday, for all of the good deals, jim donovan will show you which credit cards are giving the deep discounts, right now. that is right after our
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...can be cured with just 8 weeks of harvoni. harvoni is a simple treatment regimen that's been prescribed to more than a quarter of a million patients. tell your doctor if you've had a liver transplant, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or any other medical conditions, and about all the medicines you take including herbal supplements. taking amiodarone with harvoni may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. common side effects of harvoni may include tiredness, headache and weakness. i am ready to put hep c behind me. i am ready to be cured. are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. chopper three is over north philadelphia where an off-duty philadelphia police officer that you see right there was shot in the hand. this happened near tenth and ogden, the circumstances surrounding the shooting are
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still unclear but police are still searching for the suspect. we will continue to work to get more information. we will pass it on as it comes in the news room. it is just one week away, are you looking forward to big black friday savings but not all of the has also for the day after thanksgiving. >> in today's three on your side consumer report jim donovan looks at credit cards you can use right now that will end up giving you the best black friday deals. >> reporter: do you want that new tv now but at the a black friday price? your credit cards can help. some cards offer price protection, if you pay full price for something but see it on sale within a couple of months the card reimburses you the difference. citi has a proprietary wind program. go on line, register what you bought and for next two months company tracks items. if the pricings down request a refund but make sure you keep your receipt. refunds are limited to $500 per item and $2,500 per year. chase has the same max pay out. to get money back submit a claim with your original
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receipt, credit card statements, and ad showing items lower price. discover and master card also have have similar programs that will give you money back even on black friday deals. but there can be some restrictions, for instance, if a deal is promoted as a limited quantity or door buster. now with all of these cards make sure you read fine print and do your research before submitting a claim. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. we have some warmer weather right now for this time of the the year and north pole scientists say it is not as frigid as it should be right now. >> arctic is 36 degrees warmer then normal. most of the area is experiencing polar night right now which means in the arctic does not see any sunlight. during this time isis supposed to grow and thicken but scientists say that isn't happening. they also say amount of sea ice covering polar ocean is at a record low. we're enjoying spring like weather today and it will be better tomorrow. >> don't get too comfortable out there, changes are on the
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way that will make it feel more like the holiday season. >> feeling like the holiday season right now at peddler's village where kate is right now with your forecast, hi there, kate. >> hi ukee and jessica. it is amazing out here. not only is is it warm, feeling like spring out identify but take a look at all of the people already lined up, in the square here at peddler's village. we have live music. they have pretzels. they have chestnuts. they have hot the check late. even though it doesn't feel like winter, it definitely feels like the holidays here in peddler's village. this is one of my favorite events that i do every single year, switch is getting ready, santa and myself ape little boy who won thees say contest this year, we will be flipping the switch, coming upright around 6:15. but lets talk about this amazing weather because this is incredible, this is about as good as it gets for november. lets start off with a look outside on our live neighborhood network, our palmyra cove cam to see light left in the sky, and as this
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day wind down, we shore up you enjoyed it. 52 degrees in palmyra, new jersey. storm scan takes a peak what is happening locally. not much to see here, high pressure in control. we have clear skies across the region but there is always a but and it is a big one this time. we have a large strong cold front moving through great lakes region. you can see showers over portions of illinois, into indiana, that is our next major weather maker and it is heading our way for the weekend. things will change big time but first we have another day like today. let take a peak at our temperature graph here, even in the 60's all week long, today the warmest of all we will hit 70 degrees today in philadelphia, 15 above average. tomorrow we will be in the mid to upper 60's once again and then watch this front coming through as we take a peak at our future weather model, we have clear skies through most of the the day saturday but as we head into saturday evening that is when we will see some cloud moving through right around dinner time. the actual frontal passage is
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saturday night around ten or 11:00 o'clock. watch what happens on the back edge, cold air comes behind the front we could see a brief change over to snow and possibly some light accumulations in our north and western suburbs. so what to expect for your sunday? once that front moves through, sunday doesn't look like a wet day, doesn't look like a snowy day but very windy, cold day, winds gusting to 40 miles an hour. that is going to make our temperatures which will be in the 40's feel no better than 30's. the it will feel like a change to spring, right in the middle of winter. as far as tonight is concern, it is pretty comfortable, temperatures tonight dropping down into seasonal levels, slightly above average. 46 degrees your over not low and tomorrow sunshine increasing clouds, late afternoon but still a great saturday, with a high of 66 degrees. take a look at the difference as we take a peak at your three day forecast, we will go from the 60's to the 40's, a full 20 degrees drop in temperature for many of us and
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that doesn't take into account the wind chill. coming up we will show you those future wind chills but sunday 48 will not feel like 48 and even monday it is brisk, and it is chilly with highs only in the 40's, once again. so back here live everybody knows the change, it is coming, we have been talking bit all week long, everybody i have talk to out here said wow, beautiful now but how about this weekend things are and you can see everybody enjoying evening, being out here without gloves, without scarves, hats for now, i waited two days to light up the village it will be a whole different story. coming up, we will take new tour thanksgiving free preview information case and at 6:15 we will light up christmas village here at peddler's village but for now back to you in the studio. >> timing is everything, good time out there. >> thanks, very much. legendary local restaurant is calling on former patrons to claim their faces. >> claim that space. >> there it is. >> take a look at that. >> find out where this wall of
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fame is being demolished, one face at a time. >> wow. >> my goodness. >> it is season finally of the friday football frenzy, tonight's game of the week features, one of the best quarterbacks in the
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milestone marathon the 75 years old man is still going strong, you won't believe how many runs, tomorrow's philadelphia marathon will make for this man, and the amazing odds he has overcome to get there. our stephanie stahl tells you his incredible story coming up at 6:00 o'clock. in the meantime leslie is here with the final, friday foot the ball frenzy. >> wow, this is it. >> here we are. >> wow. >> all good things must come to an end, tonight is our final football frenzy for the season. our game of the week will take us to montgomery county where garnett valley looks to to pull off upset over fifth ranked perkiomen valley and 96.5, preview, hey there, bennet.
5:19 pm
>> leslie, thanks very much. our last football frenzy, i tell myself i wouldn't friday, what a better way to close it out at home garnett valley coming in here, can they pull off upset. we caught up with both teams last night even perkiomen valley student section came back to 96.5-amp radio to pump us all up. 95-amp radio it is bennet, and playoff road through collegeville. garnett valley traveled to perkiomen villain this will be something in the air tonight. >> watching film, on them they seem very discipline, they don't teave eighth from what they want to do, they execute very well. >> very difficult to detend, and then he exploits any weakness that they have, so we are playing against one of the best quarterbacks the state of pennsylvania has ever seen. >> i have seen some interesting coverage over year, teams dropping eight people, i don't think they
5:20 pm
will get to that extent but i do feel like they will try to put me in uncomfortable situations. >> our trent four is real nice, getting to the quarterback, putting pressure on them, so we are here to do our jobs. >> untea feeted, highly ranked. >> we are all teammates, we're not guarantied tomorrow. so we go out every game from here on out and we have to bring it 110 percent. >> we're under dogs right now, but, you know, we just get out there and play our best and make no mistakes. >> there is no choice but to to what we have to to. >> someone's season will end tonight. >> it is win or go home. you have to play every play. >> let's go gv. >> wow. >> applause. i'm going to suit up and take the field tonight, best for
5:21 pm
everyone that i don't do that but we did do manikin challenge video thing. check it out on our twitter at cbs philly. for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" i'm bennet with 96.5-amp radio. >> you totally look like you are part of the team there bennet, thanks very much. >> it is on tonight. >> wow, this is a good one. >> good highlights. >> going out with steel. >> garnett valley, the team to beat. >> thanks, leslie. there is a lot more ahead in the next half an hour, captured on camera a police officer punches a woman in the face what she says happened right before that punch. no matter how much time it is taking away from me, it is what i have been working for. >> pushing through the pain, a hero, on a quest to be a champion, this solder's story of the long road to recovery and now the journey to the
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we will continue to follow breaking news in north philadelphia where an off-duty philadelphia police officer that you see right there was shot in the hand. this happened near tenth and ogden street. issuing ises surrounding the shooting are still unclear, our news roomies working on it. more information as it comes to you in the the studio. also tonight an arizona police officer is on leave after a disturbing video surfaces showing him punching a woman, the woman who was being placed under arrest has denied he did anything wrong before he threw that punch. the officer says that she kicked and need him in the groin before he threw the punch. news continues at 5:30. good evening, i'm jessica dean. aim ukee washington. the officer moved in believing the woman had outstanding warrants. now, a full scale investigation is underway. >> you cannot arrest me until i know that i have a warrant. >> reporter: cell phone video captured on wednesday shows flag staff police officer jeff bonner striking marisa morris
5:26 pm
outside her boyfriend's home in arizona while attempting an arrest. >> hey. >> hey you cannot hit a girl like that. >> reporter: bonner who had been with the department for three years was assisting another officer with an eviction when he noticed morris on the property. >> unaudible. >> the investigation of the warrant, that we believe, were in place for her at that time. >> he yelled at me i had a warrant. i said no, i do not. he attacked me. >> reporter: morris did hold two failure to appear warrants for dui and resisting arrest but they were resolved prior to wednesday's instant dent. officer bonner was wearing a body camera but according to his own police report turned it off before approaching morris. >> we omarisa, her family and flag staff community the officer and the department a full, complete investigation. >> also in his report bonner says morris appeared to be on
5:27 pm
a stim length drug and resisted arrest, kneeing him in his groin and legs several times, in the report, bonner also acknowledged striking morris in the head several times. >> i know what happened, i have to live it every day, i have to feel it, pretty embarrassing actually. it makes me feel like nothing. >> officer bonner has been placed on administrative leave while the department's internal affairs and criminal investigations department looks into the situation. it is an unprecedented challenge, new york city and secret service are laying out a plan to address congestion and security around president-elect trump's home, parts of the fifth avenue knew are closed around trump tower. mr. trump's office is on the 26th floor and he lives in the penthouse with his family. the penthouse windows will be replaced bullet-proof glass. new york's mayor has a message for tourist coming to the city for the holiday. >> people need to recognize, for their own good and for everyone else good to the extent you can avoid the immediate area around trump
5:28 pm
tower that will make your own life easier and everybody elses life easier. >> reporter: law enforcement is considering using bomb dogs as a precaution in the parking garage below trump tower. president obama is on his way to to peru after wrapping up european leg of his final trip abroad. before leaving germany today the president met with european leaders. obama again reassured nato allies concerned about the election of donald trump. the president urged europe to keep pressure on russia through financial sanctions. president obama will attend asia pacific sum tonight peru. new paramedics are hitting the streets of philadelphia, fire department hosted a graduation ceremony for 33rd paramedic cadet class. "eyewitness news" in northeast, northeast philadelphia today, fire commissioner adam thiel congratulated 27 great weights ace family and friend cheered them on, they will serve in medic units all across the city. >> "eyewitness news" at philadelphia school district headquarters for a taste testing event, the district's
5:29 pm
food services division, held its first student tested food show, and it features 22 potential foods to be served in school cafeterias. 160 students from nine high schools took part rating the healthy options. district officials say getting feedback from students will help them put what students want to eat, in cafeteria. a competition for wounded veterans takes place this weekend called the try um games. >> sport director don bell introduces us to one of the most fierce competitors. >> it is now, or never. >> reporter: that is isaac frances moth other, one that inspired him to compete in this years try um games for wounded veterans. >> i don't know what to say, i am very humble for the fact that these guys give me the opportunity to compete. >> reporter: three two-year old native of haiti spent a decade in the military and at one point served in afghanistan. >> it is a last chance, experience to say the least.
5:30 pm
i have become to appreciate life lots more. >> reporter: when he return to the states he was diagnosed with compartment syndrome in his legs a painful condition that requires seven surgeries over the course of one years. >> i'm lucky to be going through surgeries as opposed to losing both legs or both arms. >> reporter: isaac also suffered from post traumatic stress disorder. >> initially the way i was dealing with the injury was drinking a lot, and not going out, not being approachable, not being myself then i got in sports. >> reporter: frances is a fierce competitor and a contender this all eight events in the triumph games. >> i have been preparing myself and obviously you have to be in shape to take part in this kind of a competenttition. i'm really glad to have been part of it.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: i'm don belfor cbs-3 "eyewitness sports". >> incredible. >> perseverance. >> that one shot like this, that said it all. >> fantastic. >> you can catch triumph games tomorrow at 2:00 right here on cbs-3. >> okay, harry potter fans, today is the day, we will take new to the world before potter, fantastic beats and where to find them in theaters, my preview in ten minutes. make overtime for buckingham palace we have some unbelievable statistics about how big the palace is and how much that renovations will cost, kate? and guys, we are live here at peddler's village where the village is completely pack, we are getting ready to pull that switch, right here but lets talk about your weekend weather, first. take a look at what we expect this weekend, it is going to be a big, big, change, we have got a strong cold front passage, we have a chance for snow showers, north and west of the city and a major temperature drop on sunday, i'll break this down even further coming up when we come
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touch screen ordering and mobile pay options. employees, will serve customers at their tables. they will come to all 14,000 u.s. stores, right the now kiosk and table services are available the at some mcdonald's locations in the state of florida, new york and california. luxury brand coach opened up a new flagship store on new york's famous fifth avenue knew to celebrate the seventh fifth anniversary, center of the new store features a 2-foot sculpture of trex made of coach bags. is there a moving conveyor belt adorned with different coach products, the three level flagship store offers entire women's and mens collections as well as
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leather, and craftsmanship services. well, one of the marilyn monroe's most icon i can outfits, maybe her most is sold on the auction block in los angeles. >> $4 million, we have bid. now can we have have five? >> that winning bid didn't get quite that high but close, riply's believe it or not walked away with marilyn monroe's crystal crust ted gowns for 4.8 million-dollar. hollywood wore the famous dress while serenading then president john f. kennedy at the a gala for his birthday in 1962. it was here and so tight, the actress had to be zone into it. >> one of the most prime examples of the intersection of the politics and pop culture right there. >> happy birth daze. >> everybody knows that one. >> harry potter fans, i have a preview of the new potter spin off. how fantastic are the
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very expensive upgrade are coming to buckingham palace in england today we have learn the british government will spend 458 million-dollar to refurbish the home of queen elizabeth. construction is expected to begin in april and it will take ten years, to complete. upgrades will be made to pipes, wiring to least dues risk of fire and flood damage. palace has 775 rooms. and fantastic beats and where to find them opens up today. film title is of the same name of the one of the books, harry potter used in school. >> this film unfolds during an entirely different time and place but at eddie redmayne told me the wizardry is just as magical. >> this film, it is all of the things that we loved about those potter films. >> hey, mr. english guy i think you are attached.
5:41 pm
>> eddie redmayne plays newt commander the unregistered wizard whose simple suitcase is safe haven for magical beats but some escape in 1926 new york. >> it is a case full of monsters, right. >> reporter: so does the success of author jk row lines whose 7b loved books were adopted in the top grossing film franchise of all time. this project also expected to be a monstrous success as her screen writing debut. >> this stands alone as its own movie. >> totally. i don't know how you can be a hugh hand being and not they anything about harry potter. you can stand alone. it can all make sense. you don't need to know that history to understand and connect. >> something is in our city. wreaking destruction, and then disappearing without a trace. which is it among us. >> reporter: david gates and many others from the
5:42 pm
successful seer toys help guide the four outsiders in their quest to keep the wizardry from the community. >> we have a plan, right guys. >> help. >> i have done everything that i can. >> in this particular film, it is this group of wizards and witches who are, who don't fit in and when they meet each other it brings out elements of each other that they work, and then they flourish in each other company. >> things take a turn when director of magical security, played by colin ferrell, begins to cast his suspicion about it all. catherine, please give our audience an idea of what happens. >> i don't want to tell them because it is so much fun >> i only saw one of the potter times but thoroughly enjoyed this.
5:43 pm
>> yes, okay. >> it will do well this weekend. >> it feels like spring but you we are getting ready for holiday season. >> it the gets underway tonight in one of our favorite places, peddler's village where kate bilo is live tonight with the forecast and some fun, kate? >> reporter: you know what jessica and ukee this place is so festive even though it is near 70 degrees or was earlier it still feels like holiday season. who doesn't have christmas cheer here at peddler's village. look at this crowd, everybody waiting, we have ballerina's coming down, and then, santa himself we hear he is on his way right now coming to light this lays up. he does it every year. who knows that better than my friend zach slager a fourth grader and he thinks years essay contest winner. tell everybody what that means what do you get to do. >> i get to light the lights for the peddler's village. >> is what your favorite part,
5:44 pm
what did you write in your essay. >> i wrote about my essay, when i was six years oldy closed my eyes and then my mom said, to open my eyes and see santa but i did and i wished for trains. then i wished for it. i opened my eyes he winged at me. >> now zach is youngest of six kids and they all entered the essay contest and none won. you were your family's last hope. >> yes. >> does that make you feel special. >> yes, it does. >> so you, and me in a few minutes we will go up on that stage and we will meet sanity clause. so excited. so nice. wave to everybody. this year you will get to meet him for really so excited. >> yes, really fun good thanks so much, zach. lets talk about the weather now. you can catch zach up on the stage. we will bring that to you live at 6:15. lets start off with a look at current temperatures. the as we said it feels like syringe outside, temperatures are still in the 60's in some spots, upper 50's in others. we are seeing temperatures in
5:45 pm
the drop off all that much and it is a very comfortable night, no problems outside tonight, everything looking good. but, changes are on the way. we will take you to storm scan three you can see a sharp cold front cutting through great lakes and midwest, that is going to bring major change for the weekend. it will move through into saturday and it is really going to drop temperature. lets look at what that looks like, a very half and half weekend. we have been enjoying this spring like warmth, saturday we will get temperatures in the 60's, once again but the front comes through saturday night. so if you are out and about sat the day, you are out late, ten or 11:00 o'clock you might get caught in showers and possibly a snow shower. sunday, the wind will pick up, gusting to 40 miles an hour at times making it feel so much colder. on monday, still chilly and brings being with highs only in the 40's. the lets take a look the at these wind chills because we have got some big changes on the way, heading in to tomorrow, not a lot of wind, pick up in the afternoon but it will feel like the 60's, all day long, and now take a
5:46 pm
look at what it feels like on sunday. as we start off the day sunday, many spots feeling like the 20's, and even in the afternoon with these how long northwesterly wind, it will not feel any better than 30's outside, much cooler as we head into your sunday. but as far as tonight is concerned it is pretty comfortable. temperatures down in the seasonal 40's for most of us. 46 degrees. tomorrow another beautiful daze with a high of 66 but the clouds will roll in and in your seven day forecast you you can see the change, and it will be a quick change, as bottom falls out quickly. we have got temperatures only in the 40's, sunday and monday. good news is we will start to maryland rate back to normal as we head toward the big travel day on wednesday, does look like a chance for some showers thanksgiving day and we will keep you you posted on. that back here live at peddler's vilsack sack and i are getting ready to go up on the stage. take a look at this crowd. they are ready. are you guys ready to light up the village. say yeah. >> yeah. >> the kids are excited, we
5:47 pm
just heard mrs. clause is here so these's coming out here now and we will bring you santa at 6:00. for thousand back inside to you. >> i know that guy. >> good tv. >> it is. >> thanks, kate. >> new episode of the hit series blue bloods airs tonight. >> that means another special behind the scenes look by "eyewitness news". actor on the show portray intense scenes week after week on television. they are also aware of some of the real world tensions that exist between law enforcement and the community. i talk to the actors about many age. >> we lay heroes on the show so we play the guys that go out, guys, girls go out and do their are best to get it right. >> but some get it wrong, the message the reagan family wants to get across to the public tonight on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 following a new episode of blue bloods at ten all right here on cbs-3. still ahead on "eyewitness news" a local restaurant famous for its famous faces, it is getting remodeling.
5:48 pm
>> they are putting out call to claim your face. >> go get that one. >> i know a few of those mug shots. >> torey has story when
5:49 pm
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well, palm restaurant in center city is doing its best to preserve history amid i renovation. >> our vittoria woodill is saying how some is claiming their face. >> it doesn't look nearly as good. >> it was a day for reminiscing and plans of revitalizing for the the palm restaurant.
5:52 pm
iconic downtown hot spot has just announced they will than starting renovations. debuting a brand new design for a grand reopening in may of next year. >> the funes part of a lot of family history, city history, part of the political history and it is great to know that it is part of our history. >> reporter: former governor ed rendell and many others who kind in the palm were part of the 90 year-old tradition, charge are char it tours on the wall. >> you have not change a bit. >> well, this is a, it is amazing how people love this wall. >> reporter: with 2,000 faces in their philadelphia location of many philanthropic and famous philadelphians even those of our cbs-3 family, we wanted to know would they be left on the cutting room floor of the new design. >> sometimes you should not reinvent the wheel when it works and when we thought about doing restaurant with our characters we have pushed back that was incredible. >> reporter: faces will be there but painted live for all to see in the the new restaurant a tradition that
5:53 pm
will keep diners smiling. >> what are you looking forward to most about when it opens, when you stand back in the same spot and looking around. >> i want to watch reaction of the people when they come in and what they think. >> reporter: what is the former governor looking forward to most. >> incredible salad, which is, crab meat and shrimp, chopped up, and sort of not quite russian dressing but it is light russian dressing. you cannot find anything like it in the world. >> reporter: i sees you salivating. >> absolutely. >> reporter: could be looking for that salad. because old faces will be painted live on the new walls when restaurant opens the plan, or the palm is giving you a chance to claim your original face. ukee that means you too. you have until december 19th to claim your charge it tour by e-mailing your name, phone number and general location of where face is located on philly faces at the >> i came home in 86. i made it over to the palm in like 89. i was eating. looked up. i said oh, no. >> i got the to get over there. they do a great job.
5:54 pm
>> you were watching yourself, eat. >> yes, something to think about. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 breaking news an off-duty officer shot in north philadelphia, we have live from that scene, gathering latest on how it all happened. and a tragic mistake, a surprise stop, at a friend's house in mercer county may have led to a deadly shooting, tonight victim's family is trying to make sense, of this heart breaking death. >> as far as i was concerned one marathon that is on my bucket list, check it off. >> it turns out one was just not enough, our stephanie stahl shows you a milestone marathon this runner will compete in tomorrow and the amazing odds he will overcome to pull it all off. and here's what is happening, we will continue to follow breaking news, an off-duty officer shot in the hand in north philadelphia. it this, police are trying to figure out, how this happened.
5:55 pm
good evening everyone i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. we will go live to "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos at tenth and ogden in north philadelphia where this all unfolded, greg, what is the latest. >> there is a lot happening right here as you mentioned at tenth and ogden street just near temple university around 4:45 this afternoon, shots were fired, here in this area and off-duty police officer, he was shot in the hand. we have video we want to show you high above in the sky from chopper three from a short while ago. this is of that officer, holding his hand as you can sianni being, entering, a medic unit to be transported to jefferson hospital. the great news right now is that we're told he is in stable condition. he he is going to be okay. no arrests. i can show you more video live from chopper three. there is a very large police presence happening right now in this area, once again, tenth street and ogden, lot of the streets are cordond off and policing looker for whoever might have been involved in the shooting.
5:56 pm
i can tell you i did speak with multiple, witnesses who were at least heard these shots, they tell me there were multiple shots and take a listen as to what they did


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