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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  November 21, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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port richmond. police called to the 3,000 block of aramingo avenue. just after 12:00 this morning over a man possibly armed with a gun. >> most family would be celebrating the holidays. will be burying one of its own. >> manhunt is underway in texas. >> that's after san antonio police officer shot and killed in a ambush. sparks and smoke coming from inside of the box. >> toys "r" us is pulling a tonka truck off the shelves after washington state couple says one of them caught fire. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that's bruno mars of course bringing some magic to the 2016 american music awards. >> we'll have more highlights from the ama's coming up later on in the show. first, let's get out to katie. katie, very chilly start to
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the week. good morning. >> good morning, guys, gentlemen, very colds out here on the cbs-3 skydeck, winds whipping, you can actually hear it crossing through the microphone as it is whipping out here on the skydeck, pretty much everywhere else. we will find gusts easily into the 40's here, any time today. it is not even just little window, where we end up with the worse of the gust. it is any time. so, this is a running theme all day. and you certainly want all of the winter weather accessories, especially if you find yourself waiting for bus or train on this monday morning, at least hopefully shortened week for a lot of you. looking at storm scan, even if you had couple of flurries across the garden state in the last hour, all renmant wrap around moisture, from the storm that pulled through over the weekends, so what are we looking at here today? well, temperatures as they stands are already at best 10 degrees below average. but then you have to factor in the gust that is will continue to roll through any time as high as 45 miles per hour, that puts your morning windchills at best in the 20's, and through the p.m. hours, we're talking low 30's, so it may feel no better than
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the freezing mark in short any time here today. so the bottom line is this: make sure you're adequately bundled up, especially to send the kids out to the school bus stop here, pretty brutal, 38 degrees, 42 by lunchtime, and not much better come the right home. again, this is substantially cooler than average by almost 10 degrees, and when talking about the windchills, makes it feel that much worse. quiet conditions come this mid week. very busy travel period for so many of us leading up to the thanksgiving holiday. but we are actually tracking storm system here in our area thanksgiving day. so i will walk you through the impact of what the rest of the seven day has up its sleeve later in the show. >> oh, looking chilly out there, katie, thank you so much. good morning, everyone, happy monday. so take that warning and run with it, bring winter coats today. and gloves. make sure, bundle up those little kids out for recess. schuylkill highlights moving in the eastbound direction at the boulevard, looking good, earlier this morning, on the
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schuylkill, actually had downed tree, no longer there. but evidence of what that wind can do. so whenever we have downed trees, we know the winds will be pretty substantial. it absolutely can hinder drive this morning. right now however at the boulevard, schuylkill, again, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, looking okay, the vine was not closed overnight, that construction still moving in the westbound eastbound side. westbound side you can see brake lights going off jump on to the schuylkill, overall, i would say, for early monday morning fairly typical. and, also, we do have an overturned vehicle here, in cedar, skippack pike, heads up on that, also, downed tree, that is still out there. so, i'll take a look at this, 611, barrett road, one lane blocked. because of that downed tree. and we also have a disable bus. no reports of anyone on the bus at this point. new jersey turnpike route 73, center lane is blocked, than will slow you down little bit. rahel, jim, back to you. >> meisha, thank you. more now on the breaking news, in trenton, new jersey, crews are battling a five alarm fire. >> now, firefighters say the fast moving fire spread to
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homes, cars, and power lines, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live on the scene with the latest, morning, frank. >> reporter: well, good morning, jim, rahel. yes, still very active and dangerous scene here. this is why firefighters have several blocks away from where this fire started. but, take a look, you can still see all of the smoke in the air, as again, this is an active fire scene. what we're looking at brunswick avenue, and where this fire occurred is on weinberg place, eight homes on weinberg place, all caught fire. one of the homes collapsed. >> this involves eight homes. firefighters also dealing with carson that same street. also, caught fire, and even worse, some of the power lines above those homes, kept coming down, making it a very dangerous situation for firefighters, as well as the people around, and so, people around this area have been evacuated, not only those involved in the fire, but
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homes surrounding this particular area. now, because those power lines went down, the electric company actually had to come here and turnoff the power. in order for these firefighters to continue to fight this blaze, now, we're hearing at this time dozens of people displaced were also hearing that there were numerous injuries, several people transported to the hospital, but firefighters at this point are just focusing on really putting the fire out, as they're still very active here, and so we're expecting to get another update from deputy fire commissioner, leonard carmine junior? just about an hour, so we will bring you that information just as soon as we get it. for now live in trenton, i'm trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". thank you so much, frank. and staying in new jersey but over in gloucester county another overnight fire, the woodbury blaze started around 3:45 this morning, gaining momentum, quickly reaching two alarms, firefighters returned to the 700 block of porter boulevard where flames began
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to engulf two surrounding houses. the fast moving fire has sent as many as seven people to the hospital so far. no word yet on their conditions. but of course stay with "eyewitness news" and for more updates. >> the time now 5:36. in business news this morning, get ready for holiday weekends travel. >> and also, why is apple replacing batteries in some of its mod else? jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange for the answers, good morning, jill. >> good morning, jim, rahel. trading volume expected to be light on wall street because of thanksgiving. invest remembers keeping an eye on possible treasury secretary appointment by president-elect trump on friday, the dow fell 35 points, nasdaq dropped 12. just in time for the big thanksgiving travel rush, gas prices are falling, triple a says dropping by about a pen a day. because there is more supply and less demand. about 43 million americans expressed the drive to their holiday destination. you can buy just about anything on amazon. including a car. yes, chrysler announced teamed
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up with amazon to start selling models on line. the prices will be about a third cheaper than dealers, to start the cars will only be available in italy. >> and apple says it will replace batteries in some its 6s eye phone moneyed, because the fawns unexpectedly shutdown. apple says the defect only affect small number every phones maybe between september and october 2015. this comes though after samsung massive smart phone recall because of the exploding batteries. apple wants to reassure customers of the iphone batteries do not pose a safety risk, jim, rahel. >> thank you so much, jim, check in with you tomorrow. >> trump administration continues to take shape over the weekends, the president-elect met with several high profile candidates in bed minister, new jersey there is week donald trump is expected to meet with more potential appointees from trump tower and manhattan. hena daniels reports. >> president-elect donald trump caps another day of high profile meetings in new
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jersey. cabinet appointments to come. >> we've made a couple of deals, but we'll let you know soon. >> among republican job seekers who visit mr. truck sunday, former transition chair, and new jersey governor, chris christie. >> very talented men. great guys. >> and former new york mayor rudy guilianni for secretary every state. president-elect also considering former rival mitt romney for the post, two spoke for over an hour saturday. >> i would tell you that it was not only a cordial meeting, but also was a very substantive meeting. >> demjanjuk kratz remain concerned about those already offered key roles in trump administration. includinginclude attorney generl nominee, jeff sessions, the alabama senator has been making racially insensitive remarks in the past. >> he's going to need a very thorough -- many of those statements, olds, but still bubbling. >> trump chief of staff
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priebus defended session. >> honorable, decent, good human being that we are talking about. >> the president-elect has earned bipartisan praise for nominating cia chief along with sessions, the kansas representative would need to be confirmed by the senate. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". in other news this morning, police say a man is dead after he was shot and killed in wilmington, delaware. it happened on the 800 block of morrow street around 1:30 yesterday afternoon, the 26 year old victim was shot twice, later died at christianna hospital, police are asking for anyone with information, to come forward. meanwhile, another shooting over in millville, new jersey last night, we're told juvenile was shot in cumberland county around 7:30, at the oak view ants. the victim is recovering from non-life threatening injuries, and is in the hospital this morning, millville police have not yet told us the victim's age or gender just yet. police in delaware need the public's help to ida male suspect wanted for assault. take a good look at the
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picture, saturday afternoon this man walk into bp station on in new castle, stole several items. investigators say when two store clerks confronted him he started tearing up the store, smashing glass. if you recognize the man seen in the pictures, call police. passengers are forced off a plane when someone reported smoke moments before departure. it happened on since nasty bound flight yesterday afternoon at philadelphia international airport. investigators found no evidence of smoke. but the flight was canceled out of caution. passengers did eventually make their way to ohio on another flight. meanwhile, more than 130 people are dead, and 50 others injured, after a train derailment in northern india. the derailment happened sunday morning in the city of conquer, officials say the train halfway to it journey when 14 of the 23 carriages derailed off the tracks. 110 bodies have been identified, 97 of those victims have been handed over to their families. it is not clear what caused the wreck, but authorities
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say, a full investigation is underway. speaking every generate tear get you through the winter just ahead on "eyewitness news", what you need to know before you buy one. >> doctors rec increasing access to parents' child therapy. we'll have the story in this morning's health watch when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> i have to tell you, it was exciting night at sunday's american music awards. >> ♪
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sting gave us a taste of the 80s, performer received the awards of merit. drake and justin bieber walked away with four awards, selena gomez stole the show, delivered emotional speech while receiving her award for favorite female artist. >> fantastic weekend at the box office, for highly anticipated film. >> (film clip). >> harry potter we quill, fantastic beaver, where to fine them, rake in $75 million, in its opening weekends. squashing the competition. last week number one movie doctor strange, fell to second, with 17.7 million. coming in at three, the family flick, falls with 17 and a half million. rounding out top five, rival. i've been saying i wanted to go to the movies for weeks now, i still haven't made it. >> too cold to step outside.
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>> i know, i might as well be under a rock. >> pretty much, yes. >> i'm sure i'll watch them one after the another. >> i read the entire series during my pregnancy, second time, and second time after i read each book. fun thing to do if you spread it out over a year. >> kate, this is new. >> fantastic stories, that's what i will say. >> this werth, it is colds. >> exactly. it is cold, it is windy, it is very blustery outside, we need some rain right now. will we have more in the space of the colds and wind, just not seeing it whether it comes to moisture, we turner focus initially, start to go see at this point, starting to spill into the above average drought, concern issue here, so, we have only seen three days so far this month, obviously not an entire month
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worse just yet, but only three days of measurable rain here in philadelphia. and the monthly total for those three days is not even a half inch of rain. we can really use some rain. and it looks like maybe later in the forecast, talking maybe leading into december, that possibility does return, but for now, don't bank on it. now, let's take a look what's going on here with our eyewitness weather watch ers, check in with them, as well, temperatures currently kind of uniform, cold. you know? we do have some pretty decent win though coming in here, and let's check out s reports. >> westerly winds flow, west chester, 32 miles per hour, and that's sustained wind flow, guys. 25 miles per hour from jason in middletown. even in the teens, even if it is coming out of the southwest, for fran in nottingham, kennel in willingboro, still will feel so much colder because it is just chilly outside as it is. phil chestnut section, 15 miles per hour, and the list goes on, generally finding the teens, few of you are a little bit less when it comes to that wind flow, but
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regardless, it is cold outside even if the winds is not glowing blowing. so kinds of the story of the morning here. the chill okay. we sort of new that was going to be here, but you have to factor in the wind. for how it will actually make it feel. looking at storm scan, whole reason we have the win, this storm trying to pull away. might see few flurries up in the poconos, maybe even traveling the new jersey turnpike, traveling to new york something like, that but what happens is, low pressure trying to retreat. high pressure trying to take its place. and you ends one this almost winds tunnel effect, because tight pressure gradient, in short, it is with between those areas of pressure you see the winds picking up. that's why it is staying windy through today, even still pretty breezy into tomorrow. so, even though it is easing up little bit. it is not as harsh, up to 48, little brighter, still breezy gusts into the 20's, no problem. wednesday should be very quite he will travel day. we know that's busy travel day as it is, good news, maybe even sprinkle. and then on thursday, we do have a disturbance pushing through it, looks like it is probably fizzled by that point. so probably few spotty showers
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at worse on thanksgiving, otherwise clouds, hit 55 friday. at that point for "black friday", partly sunny sky, weekends at this point too also looking pretty good. expecting some sun overall, chance of shower on saturday. temperatures are going to be remaining in the low and mid 50's, which is where they should be. so, it is front loaded cold for now, meisha. >> that's what it looks like, all right, katie, thank you so much for that. and katie just talking about the windy conditions. and yes, it has already affected our commute this morning. few downed trees out there, not to mention we also have some accidents out on the roadways, so first, 95 south at cottman, see really starting to heat up pushing in the southbound direction, so if you head into center city if you have to take interstate 95 i suggest give yourself few extra minutes. taking a peak at the ben franklin bridge, looking good. we looked at this about a half hour ago or so. looking a lot like this. starting to increase volume ever so slightly moving in the westbound direction into center city. overall ben franklin bridge, big thumbs-up, looking good. we did have, sounds like, we still do have this overturned vehicle here in cedar, skip
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adder pike, sounds like still out there. heads up on that, lanes blocked. that will start to slow you down. also we have another accident here, route 422 eastbound at route 100. and this downed tree, that has now been cleared. this is our second one of the morning, that's now clearing. the first one on the schuylkill. that cleared as well. so route 611 looking actually a-okay right now. also we have a disable bus new jersey turnpike that has already been cleared. but we have a lot of construction, we will get to that coming up in the next 15 minutes, rahel, back to you. >> meisha, see you then thank you. on the cbs-3 health watch, researchers say family therapy may be the trick to helping children manage they're motions and behavior. according to the american academy of pediatrics, family focus therapy goes a long way. found up to 10% every young children exhibited disruptive disorders including adhd and san sigh at this, researchers say family interventions had more lasting effect than medication. >> and another study finds, the worse you sleep, the hard he it may be on your kidneys, found the connection between
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short and fragmented sleep with worsening kidney function. in a study using patients with chronic kidney disease, they found that with every extra hour of nighttime sleep, the risk every developing kidney failure dropped. >> and before you leave on your thanksgiving get away, make sure to pack your medical information, new survey by doctors in florida find one in four vets vacation include trip to the emergency room. they say travelers should keep important medical info on their cell phones, keep refill prescriptions and carry on luggage, and getting travel insurance they say is also a good idea. >> good advice. losing power is never convenient, if you lose electricity during the winter months, generators can help you keep the lights on, house warm, but which is best for you? well, in this week's angie list report, a look at what you should know if you are thinking of getting one. >> do you have a plan in place if your electricity goes out? >> that's usually my first question. when i walk to up a homeowner, is well, let's start, you know, how do you want to live if your lights go off?
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>> generator can be a great solution. >> sound of the generator kicking on when the power is out in your neighborhood can be music to your ears. >> but you need to determine if you need a stand by generator to power information your house or if you can get by with less sensible portable generator. >> with a akw generator we can power up two refrigerators, a gas furnace, several outlets, and your microwave if you need. >> portable generator costs around a thousand dollars. in might help you get the bear necessities, maybe your furnace running, making sure you have your sum pump going, important during a storm. but looking for full house functionality during a storm, you might want to consider a full house generator, which is going to cost anywhere from five to ten times that much. >> installing stands by generator requires a license electrician, who will locate the unit near a power source. just a few feet away from your home. he'll also install a transfer switch, that automatically detect when the main power goes out, and triggers the generator to turn on.
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now, portable generators are more commonly used for emergency power, and can easily be stored in a shed or garage. they usually require gasoline to operate and should never be used in a garage or an enclosed area, because they give off carbon monoxide. stay with us here on "eyewitness news" this morning. >> day to give back. joining together to give the homeless a hot meal on a cold day.
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>> san all thanksgiving feast, for low income donald trump, head at jefferson station in center sit which food donated by vendors from reading terminal market. >> well, philly's innovate ores feed the city's homeless in the spirit of thanksgiving. to give back event was held sunday at chosen ministry in west philadelphia. it was a combined effort, between chosen ministry, social media, which supports young entrepreneurs, and global entrepreneurship week. worlds wide event that philadelphia celebrated for its first time this year. three, two, one, ho-ho-ho. the magic begins as macy's in new york city unveils its famed christmas window display. it features classic scenes like dickins develop and, as well as 21st century elves, working on computers. estimated 25 million people
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will flock to the light this year. well, coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", an update on breaking news, two massive fires in new jersey. the winds is fueling those fires in both cases the flames have spread to other homes, we are back live with an update. and, here is a fun fact for your monday. it is rocky's 40th anniversary, and we here at cbs-3 are celebrating the classic film and has a special tie to philadelphia. we'll
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updating breaking news, eight homes on fire right now in trenton, new jersey, we're live on the scene, but crews are keeping us back away from the flames because of the imminent danger. >> and another fire in new jersey, this is video from woodbury. we know both fires this morning are fueled by the intense wind, and hearing this fire has injured multiple people. the wicked winds that's making it tough for firefighters battling both those fires in new jersey, also making for a frigid morning, you'll need a heavy jacket, as the coldest air of the season, today is monday, november 21, good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie and meisha keeping an eye on things this morning, seems like the headline for both of you ladies is the
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winds. >> really is, affecting the commute earlier this morning, we saw downed trees because of it, now seeing a loft accidents out on the roadways, as well, so so far all we're going to want to be careful this morning just busy, and the weather quiet lookingment look out the window, looks like nice clear sky. couple of left over clouds, winds to be a concern, makes it feel that much colder. outside, week lee at storm scan3, at this point, starting to fizz whole it comes to any left over light flurries that we've been filing g through the course of the morning, but you might still finds some in mercer county for example or traveling maybe up toward the lehigh valley, really it. but, a wind advisory is still posted, and it is posted everywhere. the entire delaware vale. and then some. include the in this, as we have tight pressure gradient between low and high pressure basically sends up what i like to call the winds tunnel effect. do you still have wind gusts peaking into the 20's, the 30's, and they could still peak into the 40's, here, today, especially north and west of philadelphia. but, anyon


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