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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 24, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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america's oldest thanksgiving day parade is just hours away, this is a live look at some about a lunes. >> that is piglet. >> and soon the parkway will be pack, head we will look the at the last behind preparations. it is the 90th thanksgiving day parade i'm jamie youkiss in new york with how security is prepped for today's big event. and how about a live look at a tradition in south philadelphia, still going strong. firing up the huge brick oven not for bread but for the bird. happy thanksgiving, everyone, today is thursday, november 24th, jim's off i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. katie's here with weather. a lot of people will be here for the parade. how is it looking. >> it looks like a chill in the air but we have seen far colder thanksgiving day mornings then this. we have wet weather out there but even that it is not going to mess with your parade. >> okay. >> while it might rain a little bit on your parade i
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don't think it messes with it. >> yes. >> i will be here all week, folks. >> yes, no i will be here tomorrow. lets look at is what going on here. we have wet weather, as we mentioned, it is right now confined pretty much outside of our area. but you can see beginnings oven a little hint of snow flakes, starting to move their way in to carbon county there. if you saw a couple snow flakes or very light, freezing rain, drizzle i wouldn't be shock by that. far north of the city is where it could get to some little icy. do keep that in mind. further inland there is plenty of warmth to support strictly rain showers, across even western pennsylvania, lower highland even finding at this point some rain showers. we will find that too. it will be very few, far between, very scattered in nature, i could say you will probably getaway without an umbrella on a day like this but there will be a system moving through. it is worth a mention. we will take a quick peak, they are not terrible. 40 degrees is chilly, warrants
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heavy coat the but we are not dealing with the wind we dealt with earlier this week and we have clouds overhead to keep it from bottoming out there underneath us here through the course of the morning. we will drop another degree or two and that will be it before this sun actually rises. did you sees that turkey running by? did you catch that. thanksgiving planner out there, it looks like an overall okay day. more clouds then anything. scattered shower here and there and we will top off at 53. let me step out to give you a glimpse at the a dancing turkey. if that doesn't make you smile i do not know what will? where does that come from? it is magic happening on the morning show. turkey gobble and all. >> it sound like your gobble. >> it does. >> before he took off. in just a few hours center city streets will be flooded with crowd with the annual thanksgiving take parade. >> philadelphia tradition for so many, "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at the start of the the parade route where last minute preps are still underway, good morning, jan. >> reporter: rahel, and joe, good morning we are the at
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20th and jfk here in center city getting ready for 97th annual thanksgiving day parade here in philadelphia, the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country. you can see behind me crews are already working, we have our first balloon taking shape. i'm told that is olivia, fictional character in the children's book. a lot of the the balloon handlers have arrived, including this lovely group of women, right here, from south jersey, and this is my friend kathy, this morning i mistakenly called you lady handlers of the curious george balloon because i was very far away. maybe that curious george but i stand corrected these are the tweetie bird ladies, you guys. so what brings you out so early in the morning. this is the first year for you. >> this is first year that we are in the parade but certainly not the first year watching the parade. i grew up watching it. i grew up in south philadelphia. we would walk up, you know, to market street every year and
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watch santa climb up the fireman's ladder at gymballs and that is the official start of the christmas. it is a really special time, special memory and then as our children's were growing up and as you can see, we're grown up, she actually got an e-mail a couple months ago and asked me if i, she said mom, didn't you want to be a balloon handler in the balloon and i said yes. she said well, i just got an e-mail asking yes, do it. she signed us up. here we are. so yes, making new memories now. >> reporter: so, how much training have you under gone for this? >> well, not too much training, we did all have to go down to channel 6a few weeks ago and practice with a about a loon. you know, they give you some pointers how to keep it down and hold it and about the wind and all that stuff.
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>> reporter: you are not nervous at all about tweetie bird getting a way from you. >> no. >> reporter: excitement though, right. >> we're so excited. >> reporter: we see behind you that you have all of the mr. potato head, we've live use, any eye tea where tweetie bird will take flight here. >> we're hoping tweetie bird flies in soon because we're ready to go. >> reporter: thanks so much for joining us. i'll receipt you get back. they were holding down either trex or... >> cat pillar. >> reporter: they correct me again. caterpillar they were hold ago this within do you so we have to let them get back. take a lot a the parade route, 20th and jfk where the parade starts, east until 16th street, turn north on the ben franklin parkway and then end up at art museum and eakins oval. parade starts at 8:30 and runs until tune. you can't have a bad spot. get out here and check it out, hopefully weather holds up, rahel and joe, back inside to you.
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>> we also stand corrected that was olivia not the just piglet. >> thanks, jen. >> reporter: yeah, who knew. in other news police responded to the scene of the triple shooting just after midnight in juniata park. this shooting happened in the 4,000 block of hamilton street, three victims were taken to the hospital, all now listed in stable condition. police have in other information on this shooting at this time. a 21 year-old man is in the hospital after being shot three times in north philadelphia police say four shots were fired, in the 500 block of west diamond street, just before 11:00 last night. three of the four shots hit the victim and that victim is listed in stable condition, we're told there are no arrests at this time. well, there is tight security across the country to keep millions of americans safe today. >> new york's famous thanksgiving day parade police are taking several unprecedented security steps, correspondent jamie youkiss is live along the parade route and she has details revealed just last night, good morning, jamie. >> reporter: good morning. i want to step aside to show
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you the scene playing out for much of the day to day. we're at the start of the thanksgiving day parade and we will see massive balloons that family and kid will be coming to see all morning long but we have a terrific police presence. there are more than 3,000 police officers here today to make sure that everyone stays safe. members of the new york's finest began taking positions, along central park west overnight, gearing up to protect millions of spectators expected at the thanksgiving day parade. >> nypd is going to mount an even stronger operation this year. >> reporter: new york city mayor bill deblasio details many of the unprecedented security lance last night, dozens of sand filled sanitation trucks blocking off cross town traffic for the first time in the parade's 90 year history. and officers on the ground using radiation detectors, bomb sniffing dogs and other devices, stop a terror attack.
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>> we will all have have a smart phone. to there are any issues we will connect with the command post very quickly and deal with any issue as soon as it comes up. >> reporter: heavy police presence did not deter thousands from coming out last night to see the massive balloons for today's events come to life. iain and his daughter were among them. >> to see the excitement, this her eyes and watch, you know, thanksgiving kick off and the holiday season is a big joy. >> reporter: lisa and her daughter, i have a stayed focused on the meaning of the holiday. >> we have so much to be thankful for, we're very lick to be here, in america, living in the best city in the world. >> reporter: while there is in credible terror threat against the parade or country, federal officials are urging americans to stay vigilant especially in public places. there are 42 different balloons that will be involved in the parade, updated charlie brown balloon and replica of the very first ever balloon felix the cat that debuted in
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1927. today's parade starts at 9:00ah, guys. >> jamie, why do dump trucks for security. >> reporter: you saw those big dump trucks. we also showed them during president-elect securing trump tower here in new york city. those dump trucks are 16 tons, without sand in them and we're told by city with sand they weigh double that. one city officials say you can ram something into them if you those trucks will probably not move. that is why they are placing them at credits streets as well as 114 different police cars on top of that to make sure nothing gets through that barricade cross town or into the parade. >> jamie yuccas reporting live, thanks very much. this morning a man is recovering in the hospital burn unit after an e cigarette he was car anything his pants pocket exploded. the whole thing was caught on camera. have a look at it, this happened in a wine store in new york's grand central
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station terminal. you can see the man talking. all of a sudden his pocket began to spark and that e cigarette exploded several times. >> out of no where a huge explosion came from one of my co-workers pockets and just shot at us. >> my collogue, pockets started to engulf in flames. there were sparks. i thought it was fire works like fourth of july. >> it certainly looked like fire works. there is aftermath. hand suffered burns to his hand, leg. the his lawyer say he will have to undergo surgery now. it is not clear why that e cigarette exploded. when "eyewitness news" continues the president-elect delivers a holiday message. >> president obama offers his last presidential turkey pardon. >> but something was missing from this years white house tradition we will tell you what it was straight ahead. good morning, guys, the turkey hat is on and that means we are ready for thanksgiving in cacia's
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bakery, there will be 140 turkies brought in to be cook and they will go over here. joe, open up that baby over here. look at that beautiful thing right here. the brick oven getting fired up this morning. >> ♪ love the fact that the turkey will be cooked in a brick oven, that is awesome. >> sit possible to eat too much on thanksgiving? i feel like it is one day of the year we will get a pass. >> we do get a pass. >> we will talk about all that, talking about that when we come right back. yuccas.
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philadelphia has a share of traditions, for thanksgiving besides a parade but is there also dinner. focus is on turkey to help us kick this all off, pat, good morning. >> reporter: focus is on turkey, guys, it is on this cbs-3 turkey hat. this has been passed down from generation to generation. i'm lucky enough to get to wear it this year on thanksgiving day live on cbs-3 at cacia's bakery.
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there is something about thanksgiving. i know i'm kind of slender and slim but you know i love to eat. this is a perfect holiday for me because you get to stuff it all this one day and there is no better place to come and do it where you can get your turkey cooked right here, cacia's bakery, this is joe, good morning my friend. >> good morning. >> you guys are full steam ahead starting, i mean right now, basically, 6:00 a.m. >> first of all that is nicole brewer's hat that is not your hat. >> it is my hat now. >> it can be your hat. >> but 6:00 a.m., people start lining up, there should be a line right now, but until 7:00 g it in. we put them by the oven here and according to size we put the biggest ones in first in the back where it is hottest and small ones last. >> so 140 last year. you were saying you only had to turn two people away. i'm sure you are hoping they
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are the same. >> is there person that comes with the plastic bag, with the frozen turkey, and we tell them get home, get it in a pot and we will do it for you. >> this is a perfect. >> that is a perfectly wrapped turkey in the old school pan. >> that is perfect for me so i don't get juice spilled all over me. >> you have a brick oven that is fired up at 550, getting ready for 140 turkies. how long does it take to cook them in there. >> it depend on how big the turkey is, from 7:30 they get done 12:30 or 1:00, bigger ones more. >> reporter: you were telling me on each pan is a number. >> right. >> your grandfather at one point kind of screwed up the numbers. >> no, one year when they first started doing it, put crayon on i guess, and the crayon melted so nobody knew whose turkey was which and he said that people were coming
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in, and just saying that is mine. >> reporter: yeah, that is mine. >> luckily they never did that again. him and his brother lou that is did that but they never made that mistake again. >> i will let nicole brewer know you said hi. >> joe says hi, thick coal brewer. you guys, it is thanksgiving, cacia's time to fire it up. >> joe's single, let everyone know joeys single. >> thanks very much. thank you, joe. >> i think nicole is still sleeping. anyway a bit cloudy to start our thanksgiving. >> we have to get kate any here with the who will daze forecast. >> i enjoyed everything about that hit, thanks pat gallen for putting smiles on our faces. i would like to think i will put a smile on your face with a great forecast overall. it is no turkey hat, no awesome sweater but it is pretty good. lets take a look outside. he is wearing a sweet sweater, in case you missed it, you have to watch it from the 6:00 t
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again. lets take you out here to the poconos. we had a little hint of wet weather that rolled through this region last night, trying to find any cameras that will have some lights that are still on, this is blue mountain and first glance i thought you had a dusting of snow but they did not. we ended up here with damp wet's cross this region and at this point all this snow out on the slopes is strictly manmade. if you regardless there is a chill in the air here and up in the pocono mountain area as this latest disturbance pushes in there could be patchy areas where we have rain freezing on contact or at least drizzle. there could be slick spots out there, bottom line is use caution. we always tell you. lets get next to what is going on here with the temperatures because overall we're looking pretty typical for late november standard here. average high on this day of year is 53. by christmas eve it is 42. by january 24th it is high of 40. we are continuing to lose average is here with every pass months whiz would you expect through january but then we will least bound from that point on. we think we might end up with
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a late winter warming trend which is good news definitely. storm scan three is showing a variety pack. not oppressive but this is storm system that was, a much bigger deal just a day ago back over midwest, deep south, we have had heavy rain, snow, ice, now it is losing its steam in our area. so we are going to see again some showers, mainly of rain for most of us but they are very the scattered, so this isn't anything more than just a headache, if you are trying to travel through it. we will walk through houses and it will pan out by tomorrow. storm itself and bulk of the energy is bypassing to the north and east and we could still see a stray shower into tomorrow. come saturday a breeze in the wake of the storm but we should see sun return and sunday looks nice, bright, sunny, cyber monday, of course, we will be doing on line shopping and spending couple minutes outside too. it looks like a good day. look at the warm up, lower 60's by tuesday and wednesday. that will put a smile on your face. >> we're smiling, we're smiling. >> well, taking a look at
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thanksgiving newspaper headlines around the region. >> from the mercury a local doggies far from being an under dog, the four year-old black and white border collie is competing for best in show for the national dog show. dog's owner from schwanksville. he will ab monk seven dogs in the final round. slick from schwanksville, through go. from the cover of the spirit new report find more children in delaware county are facing hardships this holiday season. enjoying the depths of the great recession. the report by public citizens for children find in areas of economic well-being and k through 12 education things have beast come worse in the past few years. and from the trentonian staff of the trenton area soup kitchen is getting ready to survey big thanksgiving day feast this morning. non-of the is giving away thanksgiving baskets to 250 needy families and will serve hot meals to 300 people today, they have been preparing all week. there are newspaper headlines across the delaware valley. president-elect trump is celebrating thanksgiving at
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his florida estate. on wednesday he urged americans to unite following a bitter election. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we will begin to heel our divisions and move forward as one country, strengthened by shared purpose and very, very common resolve. in declaring this national holiday, president lincoln called upon americans to speak with one voice, and one heart, and that is just what we have to do. >> mr. trump delivered message to a video provided by his transition team. in the meantime at the white house president obama made his final thanksgiving turkey pardon. the bird will spend their remaining days at a farm, yes, inirginia. for the first time since 2009, the president's daughter sascha and mallia were absent. he said they had a scheduling conflict so president obama was joined by two of his nephews. we will be right back in a moment.
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there are lengthy of football games and dallas/washington game on cbs one this afternoon. >> what about local basketball and hockey team? don bell has this morning's "eyewitness sports". >> sixers looking to win five straight at home for the first time since, january 2012. lets go to the highlights. they are taking on memphis grizzlies a pick and roll with joel embiid. he drills the 6789 sixers lead 22-17. leave that to the end of the fourth quarter the game was that good. sixers down by three. the pass, and it is thick stauskus corner three is good. we are tied at 85. game goes into overtime. in the extra session now, sixers down by three. jared bayless leave him alone he will make you pay. and so we are tied at 91. sixers staff, letting joel embiid, the doctors, letting
5:26 am
him know he cannot lay anymore not in the extra overtime. he already laid 27 minutes. he had 12 points, 11 boards and that is mark gasol with the jam taking advantage with no embiid patrolling paint. sixers fall 104-99 in overtime. >> all right. flyers in florida visiting tampa bay, last night, they are to go it without sean couturier out four to six weeks with a knee injury. we will pick it up, flyers down, and check out dale wade, the flyers tied it up at one. later in the second, ivan provorov, scores. is there the assist from matt read. flyers take a two-one lead. in the third period game tied at two, ryan callahan, drills it for lightening, and so they take a three-two lead. they go on to win it, four-two. flyers going down, in florida. that is all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great take. and still ahead in the next half an hour of
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"eyewitness news" jan carabao with parade preparations. >> reporter: the thanksgiving day parade here at philadelphia is now taking shape at 20th and jfk boulevard i'm jan carabao reporting live from center city, we will take a look at the best spot to check out these magnificent balloons. thanks, jan. the thousands enjoyed a huge block party and there was a big surprise, and katie. >> and, as we approach this, all important weekend for this for so many of you, it looks tame. temperatures in the city, we will be very typical, more sunshine on sunday then on saturday but regardless, looking dry, little breezy on saturday but that is the worst of the worries and we will have more, next week as well we will have the full forecast on the other
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it is thanksgiving morning and katie's tracking wet weather heading our way that could bring us some showers today. good morning, happy thanksgiving, i'm rahel will solomon. aim joe holden. jim donovan is off today. here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> reporter: we're at 20th and jfk here in center city getting ready for 97th annual thanksgiving day parade. d


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