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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  November 25, 2016 2:07am-2:41am EST

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>> right now at 11 celebrating thanksgiving from parades to you family traditions to acts of kindness the spirit of the holiday season is in full bloo bloom. and now that the left the-overs are put away it's time to shop. the holiday shopping rush is o on. even before black friday arrives. good evening, everyone, happy thanksgiving. i'm ukee washington. jessica is off tonight. many stores opened doors to
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give shoppers and edge on holiday gift buying. alexandria hoff is at the cherry hill mall where people say they waited all month for this. >> things have been hustling and bustling here since 6:15 i think things have gotten more busy since. navigating dinner table was nothing compared to the maze that thousands in our area entered into. >> we've been prepare are for summertime from this day it's biggest shopping day of the year and kickoff to the holiday season. >> cherry hill mall opened doors 6 p.m. with some department stores opening earlier. the mad rush that sent some shoppers back out the door. >> i put my stuff done and said let's get out of the place. >> are you coming back for anything. >> no i'm done. >> for a portion of the 137 million americans that will shop this holiday weekend starting black friday early is really a way to get out of having to wack up at the crack of dawn to land the same deal
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we once got up 4 in the morning and said we would never do that again. >> i tried to convince her tomorrow morning she didn't want to hear that. >> along with extended hours retailers are accommodating a new wave. >> we have free wifi and phone charges station. >> for this shopper the trip was about the girlfriend. >> picked out a sweater and jeans and i bought her what she wanted. >> good boyfriend. >> i said pick out whatever you want. >> from holiday spirit to holiday attire. fresh off of a turkey induced nap. >> you have your slippers on. >> i like to be comfortable. everybody dressed up a came form courtable. >> i wish i could be comfortable. from win hospital day to the next santa will be here tomorrow and reservations can be made to sit on the lap online. >> a lot of shoppers will be pulling all nighter looking for black friday bargains, toys "r"
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us, targets, kohls and jc pep any are not closing tonight and local mall hours you can find on our web site cbs >> when shoppers hit the roads throughout the night should they take along rain gear. meteorologist lauren casey joins us now with a first look at the holiday shopping forecast, lauren. >> thank you, united states of united states of americay, if you get new rain gear you can sport that. you don't need it as far as the rainfall is concerned. quiet conditions and last of that precipitation moving well offshore. cloud deck in place off the 95 corridor and points north and west and breaks in cloud deck across southern new jersey. couple showers. brichingls work across the del valley and they railroad light in intensity. our live neighborhood network. nothing. temperatures now consistently in the mid up toer 40s. we're at 44 in ardmore and 45 had on heights and calling it 45 in doylestown. if you are hitting the sales
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tomorrow temperatures tolerable it won't be mad dash from the car and parking lot into the store. 46, chilly for the 9:00 hour. not bad given the end of november and 55 in the:00 hour and we have a chance at showers and most likely shower passing by tomorrow and come down into the upcoming weekend and all important birds forecast taking on the green bay packers monday evening. i'll let you know how much to bundle up in the full forecast coming up. >> a few clouds could not dim beauty of philadelphia's 97 annual thanksgiving day parade. >> and this is the longest running thanksgiving day parade in the country. hundreds of performers from around the region gathered to entertain the crowds of ben franklin parkway and some people attending just started tradition. and one woman has been going
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for more than 08 years it's a tradition i come for the mummers parade. >> everybody is enjoying each other. you don't see that often an anymore i would never go any place else? she's 83 now the parade was a mile and a laugh long stretching all the way to the museum. not to be out done streevts man hat app were packed with 3.5 million spectators for the thanksgiving day parade. security was tight due to fears of terror tact. more than 3,000 police officers lined the streets. >> the salt vacation army in west philadelphia made it easier and registered with the salvation carpaly ar donor including turkey and green beans and pie for dessert and
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volunteer lead. one volunteer shared what it meant for her to be there. >> it's my first season doing it and i love it i'm overwhelmed because my gratitude. i'm helping out for the season. >> in total 5,000 people home with turkey and all the trimmings. >> and thousands of american service members are spending thanksgiving holiday away from home. soldiers in iraq took part in longstanding tradition. officers that helped file range and soldiers their thanksgiving lun: president obama made several telephone calls to service members overseas wishing them safe and happy holiday and president sent well wishes to the american people in this address. >> no matter our differences we're still one people bigger than ourselves and communities that move forward together. we're neighborhoods and look out for each other.
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we are always simply americans. >> and the president added unity as americans has never been more important. >> and president-elect donald trump spends thanks giving in his home in florida and took to twitter to deliver a message to americans. and he is working hard to keep manufacturing in the united states. trump advisor kelly an conway tweeted today and weighed in on mitt romney saying the secretary of state pick led to a de luj of warnings to other republicans and a checklist of attributes she believes makes a good secretary of state. she says being loyal is one of them. >> developing now in kensington section police are investigating how a 4-year-old boy got hands on a gun and shot his 2-year-old cousin. david spud joins us where the child is being treated. david. >> ukee, it's a sad story in critical condition. police are concerned obviously
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about his well-being and recovery. and questions from his mother and her boyfriend. >> chaos described the scene at north ninth street home in concernsing ton after a 4-year-old boy shot 2-year-old cuz whip a .40 caliber automatic handgun. >> we also found a bullet hole in the whammy with will will wall. >> a bullet went through the toddler's hand and into his torso. they put the 2-year-old in a cruiser before rushing him down the street to temple university hospital and the 2-year-old's mother and boyfriend were also on scene. >> our main concern is fwor fwort-year-old and for the 4-year-old how they were able to get ahold of the gun that was loaded. >> preliminary information reveals the gun belonged to the boy's mother neighbors watched the commotion from a few doors
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down. >> authorities say the 4-year-old was taken into protective custody. >> i don't believe the 4-year-old realized what happened. i saw the 4-year-old and the 4-year-old is fine. >> authorities is not releasing names right now. no word on charges. reporting liver tonight from temple university hospital, i'm david sment punt, eyewitness news. >>a in juniata park police are looking men who opened fire wednesday night. victims told police a dark gray chevy impala tinted windows stop and someone inside asked if the men putting up the lights hit the car and passenger opened fire before the car drove up. three gun shot victims were taken to temple hospital. >> no arrests made in connection with the package bomb that seriously injured a center city resident tuesday. 60-year-old jimalden told greg
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ar goode os over the phone he's lucky to be alive. the bomb went off as he opened a package inside the home on 18 and pine andalden said the explosion severed left ring finger and left cuts and bruises on his face and chest and they're looking into why he was targeted. it looked like medication he consistently receives in the mail. >> straight ahead tonight at 11:00 a south new jersey family celebrating a thanks give toling remember. >> that was a one of the swee sweetest things anyone has ever done for us. >> we'll tell you about the chance encounter between two families at a fast food restaurant and how it's making a little boy's dream come true and also, every year we show you the popular south philly spot that makes thanksgiving turkeys for families. how does the owner of crashus bakery make his bird. the step often overlooked. >> and in desperate need of
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rainfall over the delaware valley has fallen into drought. there's day in the extended forecast that gives it a good chance. the full forecast is after thi this. >> and holiday shopping tradition returns to center city. but, there's a change to this year's christmas village. what it is when eyewitness news year's christmas village. what it is when eyewitness news comes right it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment
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♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪ and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪ >> a local organization makes thanksgiving meals for those with life-threatening illnesse illnesses. mana based in center city prepares and deliveries nutritious meals. the staff is only 36 people and
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but as the saying goes it takes a village. >> and it really is a family. and it really is why everyone falls in love with the organization. we're a small staff. we're helping many, many people and there's only 6 of us and we have over 3500 voll ears tears that made it possible and that's this is their traditional thanksgiving. >> about 750 household mana fed. >> a south philadelphia bakery opened to area turkey chefs lining up before 6 a.m. cashus bakery to have birds cooked to perfection they cooked more than 170 turkeys down to a science. and vittoria woodill wanted to know the family secret to make baking a perfect turkey every time. time to talk turk talk with torrey. >> it's a south philly tradition that has been around
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for more than 50 years. cahus bakey the one stop shop for freshly baked italian breads, rolls, storm bowly and pizza. like pizzazz pizza with fresh sauce, tomatoes and banana peppers. >> this is tank yes, i creamy, chewy and bliingterd on the to top. >> cheesesteak pizza. >> it's addictive isn't it. >> tomato pie with homemade gravy. >> in true south philly firm cannot tell what you is it in. if i did i would have to kill you. >> on thanksgiving they're known as the place to bake a turkey. >> and i did 1 45 and did not have room for one more turkey. >> owner sam casha has been watching turkeys go in and out. >> how do you cook it. >> here's what we do. he soaks the turkey 1 to 2 hours in salt water.
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>> one isn't meat and one to secure a little. >> maybe 2" of water. >> when the turkey comes out dip it in that. >> you're only allow todd do that once. >> one time. >> no double dipping. >> then he suggests stuffing turkey with bread based stuffing cubed italian bread. >> the turkey will cook evenly in the cavity is filled with stuffing or something. you want to have something in there. >> but he has one rule for stuffing it's notive flavor but temperature. >> do not put hot stuffing in the turkey if you won't put it in the oven then and there. >> he seasons turkey with slaps of butter, garlic powder, salt and pepper and foil to cover whips and drum sticks you. >> can leave this on until the last 15, 20 minutes. >> off to the oven it goes until the turkey reaches 170 degrees. then, voila. >> here you go perfectly
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cooked turkey. >> happy thanksgiving. >> torrey, no more pizza. >> i want to start all over again now. other news tonight the family of a little boy going through cancer treatment get a surprise of a lifetime from a stranger. it started when 4-year-old chase gilchrist and family were at mcdonald's in marlton and another man struck a conversation with chase's father the man mentioned he had lost a child to a drunk driver and the man asked about chase's illness and then for their address. >> later that night while at work he came to the house and gave my wife and envelope and said this is for chase and she opened it up and there was a check for $5,000 in it. >> for them to do that is just amazing to me. i'm shocked. i'm still in shock. >> the donor wishes to remain anonymous and he wanted to pay for his wish of going to disneyworld. great story. great story. >> lauren joins us now with the for coast a fis, nice thanksgiving day. >> not too bad. >> couple sprinkles
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anticipates clouds around and altogether was not too chilly. didn't have any snow. >> right. right. >> and bundled up at the parade. >> bundled up. it was a good day but got into the 50s in the afternoon hours and dropped back off down into the middle . winds are calm now. so no wind chill element to add to the 46 degrees getting a live look at center city philadelphia, still have some clouds in place and you have to dodge the clouds. if you can there's something cold to check out tomorrow morning. and to the crescent moon and then jupiter above it appears as a bright star looks to the southeastern sky 60 to 90 minutes before sun advise. sunrise 6:58 in the morning. if you're up early hitting sales look to the sky and see if you can check out jupiter. we have clouds on storm scan three and much of that precipitation earlier in the day as moved offshore. breaks in the cloud deck down the shore and seeing snowfall on this thanksgiving. and portions of new england right now with snow moving on
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through parts of maine, new hampshire and vermont and all is quiet for us and will remain so as we head into the overnight period.. temperatures cooling down efficiently, 42 right now in allentown and we're at 45 wilmington tone and 42 millville and overnight tonight we'll be dropping back to near the preezing mark in poconos and near freezing mark in reading, lancaster, we'll hold temperatures up a bit with cloud deck in philadelphia, 42 degrees and not chilly and fal falling back to 40 in dover and travel plans over the next couple days if you heat the road not really too many problems weather-wise and chance of late day shower tomorrow and again light in intensity and won't make roadways, too, too slick. saturday minimum tour of sun and clouds and breeze kicking in late day on sundayen and future weather saying we might see sun across south jersey for the first part of the day tomorrow and others wise the trend will be more mostly cloudy conditions and you notice a couple flips pople up into the afternoon hours and few passing showers and
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particular model otto this say hurricane making land fall on central america today. historic. this is the latest land falling hurricane ever in the atlantic basin and also the southern most land falling hurricane ever for central america. it will switch over from the atlantic to the pacific and keep making its way westbound. but some records broken there with hurricane otto today. closer at home looking at eagles forecast all porn taking on packers at the link. chilly, 45. winds won't be a problem and tonight mostly koudy and quiet down to 42. nice light wins and mostly cloudy with a chance ever a date day shower and high temperature running above average at 56 and across the region tomorrow top in the middle 40s and poconos chance of shower earlier in the day and conversey litter in the day
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down the shore and as we look towards upcoming meekd not bad. dry conditions. saturday and surprised. a little brisk by sunday high temperature 49 and breeze kicking in and nice on monday for the birds game. 51 degrees high temperature and we're up into the middle 60s and best chance of rain looks like it will arrive wednesday. pretty significant system being played out in models now that could give us very healthy rainfall totals which be very much need. >> lauren, thanks so much. we've been talking turkey a lot. let's talk about the big skin. >> dallas cowboys looking to extend their franchise best winning streak and plus. >> high school football on channel 3, happy thanksgiving
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snv so far it's about a rough year for the packers they lost four straight games and eagles know they cannot count on the
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packers and in particular aaron rodgers. >> they still make plays make plays with feet and still make throws throws and say wow they make that throw. he's good at throwing it on the run. >> it could would be interesting to see what guys will be out there on monday night. >> how about the cowboys looking to extend winning streak ten taking on washingto washington. 4th quarter down by 12. kirk cousins connects with desean jackson. gone, 67 yard touchdown and with extra point we have a five point game. nature fourth dallas on the one-yard line and prescott hands topped ezekiel elliot. dallas leads 30-19 and goes on to win this one 31-26. >> earlier it was vikings and lions going head to head on cbs3. 1st quarter no score. and able to find antoine molden in end zone and lined with the
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lead, 7-0. and later in the first vikings five yard touchdown. and 7 with that and in the 4th quarter it all comes down to this. 40 yard field goal for detroit and lions w win this one 16-13. >> of course thanksgiving means high school football and annual classic between archbishop and george washington. we jump to the 2nd quarter back matthew romano finds edwards for the touchdown. archbishop ryan goes on to win this one 54-12. >> frankford hosting donald eeingian. frankford cheerleaders showing off the moves. finding lopez in the corner. touchdown. and egan will gol oween to win this one. >> to chichester sun valley turkey bowl. 20 yard touchdown pass to
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chichester and 14-10 lead and that's a final score. >> rivals rigly and i interboro dukeing it out and pick it up in the first half. big hit for ridley. able to recover it and ridley will take this one-22. >> we heed over to new jersey for woodrow wilson and camden. up p todd third. and and woodrow wilson will make it 14-. our final game hadden heights haddenfield brendan gill martin hits spencer for a 48 yard touchdown and haddenfield goes to victory 31-0. >> tem it will on the road against 25th temple state. we pick it up in the first hal half. owls down by 6. rose hits a. temple down by 3. in the second half we have temple down by just one point and lonnie moore with the three point jumper. temple with that takes the lead 80-78 and temple goes on to win
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it 89-86. >> coach all right. >> thank you, lesley. new edition ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up.
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my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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>> this thanksgiving marks return ever holiday trad in addition philadelphia. christmasville annual is on for business. eyewitness news at the new location outside city hall it had to move there because of the renovations at love park its former location. in addition to shops there's a new car seshltion live music and children's activities, christmas village is on every day through christmas eve. hoping you can can get by, lauren. >> conditions not too shape for the holiday weekend. could she passing showers in the poconos maybe a few flurries sunday and chilly, high temperatures for the weekend and elevations high in the upper 0s and city looking good. 53 on saturday way few clouds around sunshine. and brisk on surprised with a high temperature of 49 degrees
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and we can expect much of the same down the shore with highs in low 50s saturday schooling to upper 40s by sunday.
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snv our morning team is back in the morning and stephen colbert is coming up next. thanks for watching. is coming up next. thanks for watching. sleep well >> announcer: today on "dr. phil." >> my teenage daughter moved out into a motel with some stranger. >> announcer: is he helping her? >> i do what i have to do for money. >> i'm there to make sure cer: or using her. e sure >> dr. phil: are you a pimp? >> not at all. >> dr. phil: you take a cut of her pay? >> yes, i do. >> i don't see me as a pimp. >> dr. phil: apparently the law does. >> i'm not making the appointments for them. >> dr. phil: then why are you taking money from her? >> dr. phil: let's do it! >> have a good show, everybody. >> dr. phil: this is a safe place to talk about hard things. >> stand by, i'll count you down. >> dr. phil: i try to be an emotional compass and point you
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in the right direction. >> five, four -- >> dr. phil: i'm not giving up on you. [cheers & applause] >> dr. phil: how are you doing? [applause] >> dr. phil: well, thank you very much. thank you very much. thank you, thank you. well, when marcia and greg let their rebellious 19-year-old daughter, cheyenne, move back into their home after kicking her out for the third time, they made her sign a contract. now, according to the legal document, cheyenne had to respect members of the household, complete chores, be home by curfew and work a full-time job.
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sounds perfectly reasonable, right? well, according to her parents, cheyenne didn't think so. because eight weeks after signing her name, she was back to disrespecting her parents, refusing to clean up after herself, staying out all night and sleeping all day. now, marcia and greg say they had no choice but to kick her out again. now cheyenne is living with two complete strangers in a motel. according to marcia, one of them is her pimp. >> my teenage daughter moved out into a hotel with a pimp and a prostitute. she told me she was going to go stay with "friends" and they were going to help her find a job doing massage motel. chris is a pimp. >> i consider chris a pimp and brooke a prostitute. >> let's look at the situation. if it walks like a duck, talks like a


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