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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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right now another at at 11:00, the frenzy of black friday, shoppers local malls and department schools bargain hundredor staying home. retailers are supposed to get out of the red numbers and turn a profit should be called cyber friday. jessica has night off. you wouldn't be able to tell from the parking lots at area malls but people than ever are buying holiday gifts online. alexandria hoff is in south philly right now with more on the shift in the day after thanksgiving sales. alex? >> reporter: ukee, the term black friday, is really become relative because the sales began yesterday and will continue through the weekend. at this point, some stores have closed up but this target their in south philadelphia is pushing through right till tomorrow. a little dreary didn't damper the continued pursuit of holiday deals >> i got tv's.
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i got an iphone 7. >> reporter: many over the shoppers we spoke with have been going strong the past 24 hours >> i went out last night at like 5:30 and got what i needed. then got sleep. took off of work and out about 8:00 a.m. this morning. >> reporter: by the time the weekend is through. nash retail federation predicts 137 million americans will have taken advantage of holiday discounts. more than half are expected to have done so online. that's good news for amazon and led to an online push by giants like wal-mart and target as well >> i shop online sometimes but i want to see the product i'm purchasing. especially if it's a product that's pricey. >> reporter: last year, shoppers spent an average of $300 over the thanksgiving day weekend. online sales cut back just a bit on the fill door busting but for
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those who thrive off of that, online shopping takes place >> only when someone tells me i need somebody that i can't find in the store. otherwise i'm out shopping. >> reporter: with all of this online shopping. don't be surprised if you experience some delays. macy' got overloaded due to what a spokesperson called high volume. reporting live in south philadelphia, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." shoppers will turn their attention to small business saturday. how about sunshine for folks heading out tomorrow. meteorologist lauren casey is here with her first look at the forecast. lauren? >> we've had pretty mild conditions, seasonal high temperatures. of course, a gloomy conditions for the first half of thanksgiving holiday. temperatures around average across the delaware valley. we topped at 53 in philadelphia. 51 the high temperature in allentown. highs in the middle 40's. not too bad for late november in the poconos. we also did see a little bit more in the way of light shower and sprinkle activity. again, the intensity so light
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that the rainfall totals to so minimal. 300ths of an inch in cinnaminson, 200s in hard re ardmore. cooled back to upper 40's but with the cloud deck in place, it will keep temperatures elevated. stormscan 3 showing us the last of the shower activity right now along the coast continuing to move northeast bound but a couple of drip drops coming down in portions of the shore, ab season, mystic island seeing a little bit of light rain. chance of a sprinkle or shower east of i95 then really over next couple hours, dying on out. tomorrow morning, patchy clouds and afternoon sunshine, seasonal once again, and cooler for sunday, we'll talk about that and the birds forecast coming up in a few, ukee. new tonight, a motorcyclist is dead after a crash involving a jeep in northeast philly. police say the motorcycle ran into the jeep which was traveling along the 3300 block
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of grant avenue near academy road. the 33-year-old man operating the motorcycle was killed. the female passenger is in critical condition. no one in the jeep was hurt. in atlantic county police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened around 1 a.m. in hamilton mall in mays landing, demond cottman was pronounced dead his 26-year-old brother had a gunshot wound to his leg. only a few department stores were open at the time of the shooting >> no words to say. it's like i come here excited, my black friday shopping. and i saw those cars and cops. >> the surviving shooting victim isn't stable condition. the parents of a 2-year-old boy allegedly shot by his four-year-old cousin on thanksgiving are facing child endangerment charges. police say rich chel santiago and omar were both inside the
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9th street home when the should go happened. the 2-year-old remains hospitaled in critical but stable condition. police say he suffered a gunshot wound to his chest and hand. the four-year-old was not hurt. penn state plans to play a record fine as a result of a federal investigation into how school officials handled complaints against sandusky. penn state president said the university will not fight the $2.4 million fine even though it decrease with some of the u.s. department of education's findings. an investigative report said penn state failed to warn people about potential threats and led athletes to believe rules did in the apply to them. sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. a failed third candidate formally requested a recount of the presidential election results in wisconsin. cbs news correspondent weijia
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janning has the latest. >> reporter: donald trump filled two more spots in his new administration. kathleen mcfarland will serve as deputy national security advisory. donald mcdawn a partner will be mr. trump's assistant and white house counsel. still no word on when the president-elect will reveal his choice for secretary of state. front runners include former rudy giuliani, an early trump supporter and 2012 republican presidential nominee mitt romney. he and mr. trump aggressively attacked each other during the campaign. >> the last election should have been won except romney choked like a dog. >> reporter: mr. trump is call for union following a bitter chase for the white house green
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party filed paperwork seeking a recount after ms. stein raised donations to fund the audit >> the american public come out strongly around this. >> reporter: stein wants recounts in pennsylvania and michigan. >> we need to implement the safeguards so we're not asking the question after the fact. . >> reporter: state she's questioning all helped mr. trump secure the presidency. he will be back in new york this weekend with plans to meet with potential hires on monday. weij weij weijia. cbs3 greece, hungry and sweden and the presidents. the man accused of killing nine people at a south carolina church is deemed competent to stand trial. a judge made that ruling today. this comes following two days of closed door hearings this week about 22-year-old dillon roof's mental state. he's accused of gunning down the
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nine victims in charleston emmanuel episcopal church. jury selection begins monday. hollywood is morning the loss of florence henderson, she was 82 years old. the bee loved star of broadway and television entertaineded fan of all ages. ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady. >> florence henderson was best known as america's mom. >> the washing machine gone crazy >> in the fall of 1969, she became carol brady, step mother and nearly flawless matriarch of the brady bunch. >> florence henderson. >> that spanned all aspects of show business. >> and rules are very important, bobby they're made to protect people. >> reporter: she said in 2010
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that the character may have been two perfect. >> a lot of women say to me, i hated you because my kids wanted you to be their mother. >> the show were you among the first to introduce an audience to a blended family. though it ended in 1974, reruns and reboosts kept the bradies and henderson in the spotlight for multiple generations. born in the small town ofdale indiana in 1934, henderson's family was recommendny sent of the one she led on television. >> her performance brought her to the american academy of dramatic arts in new york city then to broadway. there she starred in multiple leading roles >> this is the lovely singing star of television 10 broadway florence henderson >> that launch add multi-facetted career that never seemed to stop. >> what is the one thing that i
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guess is the most different about you from carol brady >> that's a very good question. first of all i've always worked. i've always had a job. >> regardless of what that job was, florence henderson will always be mom. >> shortly after news of her death was made public, tribute to say started pouring in. flowers were placed on her hollywood walk of fame. henderson was a regular here in philadelphia. this picture shows henderson at her studio to one of the many visits to the mike douglas show on channel 3. at 11, a wife and mother missing more than three weeks a found alive. authorities say it investigation is far from over. the pieces of the puzzle still trying to put together. also, what that woman's sister saying tonight. lauren? . much of the delaware valley is encompassed by some level of
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drought. but we do have chances of much needed rainfall. i'll let you know in your full forecast coming up from the sky to the rails, santa traded in his slay for a train and brought mrs. claws with him. the annual philly tradition they didn't celebrated. the two holiday gifts, why this baby girl will have quite the story to tell for years to come. when "eyewitness news" comes
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. missing california mother reunited with her family after three weeks. police say 34-year-old sherry peniwas released by her alleged captures thursday, she was about 100 miles from her reading california home. she had minor injuries, her sister read a statement from the family. >> your help in keeping this alive through social media and national news was an intricate part in bringing her them to us. we could not thank you enough. >> there have been no arrests. officials say there is sensitive information that they are not able to reveal. military teams are helping people across costa after hurricane otta crashed into
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central america. authorities say at least nine people were killed and others were still missing in the storm. the hurricane is also blamed for three deaths in panama. wildfires continues to burn across israel. emergency crews get the handle on some fires, new ones erupted and that led police to believe arsonists are to blame. tens of thousands of people have been forced to evacuate. a 911 operator helps a dad deliver his baby girl on the side of the road. on thanksgiving, ter, se and austin thomas were rushing to the hospital. but the baby was coming put faster than they could drive. they pulled over and dad called 911 >> we started to walk him through what to do. hey, i'm here, calling from -- here, the baby is coming. >> i saw the baby's head.
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the baby's head was out. he was saying to me that, listen, the baby is going to be slippery. you got to catch it. don't let it fall. you got to catch the baby. >> firefighters arrived shortly thereafter and rushed them to the hospital. we're told everyone is doing ok tonight. first lady michelle obama kicked off her final decking of the halls at the white house. the first lady watched as the christmas tree were carried in. her nephews joined her. at the national tree contest award winners from wisconsin. santa helps kick off the season with a special appearance from a jolly old elf. santa traded in his sleigh for the day to bring christmas cheer along the market frankford line. he and mrs. claws ended at
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dilworth park and everyone had a jolly good tim. >> it's a wonderful thing. septa and everybody who put this on did such a great job organizing. we got on the train at 69th street and have had nothing but fun since we got on. it's been a blachlt. appreciating this is all coming together >> santa's elves handed out goody bags to kids. the holiday season officially arrived in pennsauken camden county. "eyewitness news" was there as they flipped the switch on the ice-skating rink at cooper river park. cbs3 and the "cw philly" are proud sponsor, the rink opened today and you can lates up the skates every day through valentine's day. >> pleasant conditions, seasonal cloudy. right around average. a little cloudy. i think some sun in our system,
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victim d >> is that something >> yes, it is. ask and you shall receive. sunshine will break out. we're still stuck under overcast conditions, a live look at center city philadelphia. 49 consultant temperature, by late november standards, 49 degrees close to 50 this late in the evening not too bad. we do have a little bit of a windchill impact with the wind around six miles per hour making it feel like 47 at this hour. stormscan 3 showing us some spotty precipitation across the region. nothing looking organized. certainly nothing looking ominous and that has been the trend over last two days, we picked up spotty sprinkles, light showers, the intents so very light. we're seeing the last of it starting to exit, it will continue to move off to the north and east in those areas along the coast, watch out for slick roadways and also watching out for fog settling in across parts of the area. if you're heading out and about late. watch pretty good up towards the
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lehigh valley and poconos, visibility about half mile temperatures not too shall be with, 50 in millville, 50 in atlantic city, chillier to the north and west, we've fallen off into 30's in mount pocono. overnight. a temperature grading across the delaware valley mild along the coast. near 50 degrees for an overnight low in wildwood. as we head up towards allentown, poconos, berks county, temperatures will be closer to freezing and in the city, we'll be down at 41 degrees overnight tonight. upper 30's also in store as we look towards trenton. cloudy conditions will stick with us. chance of a passing sprinkle again mainly well to the east of i95 and for tomorrow, keeping it dry, a mix of sun and clouds seasonal once again. we do have a breeze that will pick up in the afternoon out of the northwest at about ten to 15 miles an hour. monday evening, birds taking on the greenbay packers at the
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linc. not too bad clear sky condition, not much of a breeze, temperatures a going to be a little chilly. pack on the layers 45 at we see kickoff at around 8:30. future weather showing us throughout the overnight period clouds sticking around most of us, as we head into tomorrow, we'll see sunshine breaking out. could see a few passing snow showers towards the poconos, not worried about anything in the way of accumulation tomorrow morning. no problem if you're heading out and about for small business saturday. don't have to bring the umbrella and into the second half again patchy clouds quiet conditions we do need the rainfall. what we had over the last two days, for november, less than a half inch of rainfall, puts us in the deficit two inches and for the year, six and a half inches but we do have a chance at much needed rainfall tuesday, tuesday night, wednesday and even early thursday with periods of rain looking heavy at times, maybe thunder possible late dpi
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wednesday, rainfall potential one to three inches and we would certainly need that, so stay tuned to that evolving forecast for mid week. to re tomorrow, altogether quiet, a chance of a passing snow shower in the poconos, sunshine down the shore with high temperatures in the low 50's and in your seven-day forecast, sunday, breezy, cooler, 49 degrees, brisk sunshine chilly start on monday at 33 degrees, sunshine 51 degrees. then as we head into mid week, watching out for that chance of showers but wednesday marks the end of november with a high temperature of 66 degrees. >> thank you so much. football basketball hockey. here's lesley >> will nelson agholor sit monday night out? hose going to respect doug pederson's decision. hate to say it not a good black friday for the flyers and
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. group of veterans came in here and took our young sixers to school. >> it wasn't pretty. the sixers back in action, taking on the bulls. looking to start i do have winning streak after wednesday double overtime loss. jahlil ok for. '6ers trailing boy ten at the half. third quarter the bulls hit the gas pedal, duane wades to steel. jimmy butler scored 26 as the bulls handed the sixers second straight long 105-89. . before the sixers took to the to court, the flyers played a matinee against the rangers, first meeting of the season between the teams, the 340th all time. both teams go in with one 51 wins.
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steve mason once again got the end goal for the flyers, no score in the first period. scott louten with the turn over and the rangers made them play. the blue shirts with a 1-0 lead. second. flyers down 2-0. mike with bad pass. kevin haze scores. flyers trailing 3-0. flyers down by two. that's going to cut the lead to one but the rangers hold off the flyers 3-2. good news for the bird, darren sproles practice for the first time he had to leave sunday against the seahawks, but ryan mathews. they have not decided whether nelson agholor would play against greenbay packers. he would love to play. after sunday's loss in seattle the former number one pick said the pressure being in the league getting to him. couldn't get out of his own head. today, offensive said nelson has
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the skills to succeed >> knows he's on it, smart, tough, plays hard. kind of going through what he's going through a rough time. you don't want to deemphasize it. it's real. he feels it. we all feel it. at the same time you got to keep the perspective. that the good players and strong players are going to bounce out like we believe we are. temple playing 19 west virginia in the finals of the tip off. three pointer from the owls bench led temple with 22 points, the owls were able to beat the mountain nears and win the title. academy park springfield with the ball hand off to z an miller. he's going for the touchdown beats springfield 24-18 and will advance to the semi finals and will play archbishop wood.
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>> he came out of nowhere. thanks, lesley appreciate it. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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constitution is giving back. the museum began its annual collection of school supplies for philadelphia students. all who donate receive admission off. thank a vet station and bill of rights trivia will keep you occupied. these events run through tomorrow. if you're planning a trip to the city this holiday season, here's good news. starting at 11:00 tomorrow morning, all parking meters across the city will be free for the day. the free parking comes back every saturday through new year's day. >> lauren? . after a cloudy first half of thanksgiving holiday weekend. sunshine returns as we head no saturday first we're down the shore. mix of sun and clouds in the city for saturday. sunshine full sunshine returns on sunday. little bit brisk with high temperatures in the upper 40's. a little bit of a breeze as well in the poconos we could see a passing snow shower main until the morning tomorrow. as we head into sunday, chillier with
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coming up next, late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. morning team back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. i'm ukee washington, remember, we're always on at from our entire team, thank you so much for watching, have great weekend. good night, family, sleep well.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: elijah, hey man! good to have you on the show finally! >> stephen. it's really great to be here... again. >> stephen: again? you were her before? >> yep. >> stephen: are you sure? >> i mean yeah, there's video to prove it. >> stephen: i mean, i get a lot of guests coming through here. >> what? you don't remember? it was only a few months ago. >> stephen: mmm-- >> you know, i mean, after the show, you stopped by to tell me how great it was to have me on the show. >> stephen: doesn't sound like me. >> well, i don't think i want to say what that says about a host who can't remember his guests. >> stephen: well, i would like to say, that i say, i would love for you to say what is says, because i think it says something about the guest who


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