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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  November 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> breaking news this morning. former cuban leader fidel castro has died. we have a look back at his life and reaction from cuban americans this morning. a police-involved shooting on the streets in kensington, one suspect, and innocent bystander are injured. and, shoppers who didn't get the deals they wanted on "black friday" have another chance today. we're live with the small mom and pop shops who want you to support them on this small business saturday. today's saturday, november the 26th, good morning, i'm jan carabeo. here's meteorologist, justin drabick, with eyewitness weather. good saturday morning, justin, i work up with rain on my car, do we need the umbrella again today? >> no, i think we will be good. this morning, maybe the poconos get a stray shower. we will be drying out through
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the morning. overall not a bad weekends, typical late november, small business saturday, good shopping weather, outside, 50's, but not bad. no complaints for the rest of the this holiday weekends, things looking pretty good, doing some traveling, mid-atlantic, for the most part, no problems. we take you outside, live look at center city, partly cloudy skies right now, little weak disturbance going on, still clouds over us, will give way to more sunshine as we progress through the morning into the afternoon, 46 degrees, not terribly cold out there. breeze less than 10 miles per hour, no harsh windchills to deal with this morning. we'll finds colder air up in the poconos, 38 allentown, almost 50, toward the shore right now, wildwood, checking in at 48 degrees, sale deal, millville, new jersey, quakertown sitting at freezing at this hour, pottstown, 37. winds speeds, generally less than 10 miles per hour, that will be the trend today. so no harsh winds to battle at all throughout really the next
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24 hours, so the weekends looking pretty good. light rain showers i was talking about up in the pocono region next hour or two, but they'll rapidly move off to the north and east, just left with some clouds, mixed with some sunshine, temperatures pretty much right where they should be this time of year, 53 for the high, philadelphia, upper 40's at the shore, lower 40's in the poconos, probably not going to see whole lot of sun sign there, needed rain coming back in the forecast, we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> sounds good, thank you, justin. following breaking news this morning, former cuban president fidel castro has died. he was the longest serving leader in the western hemisphere, running the only communist state in this part of the worlds for 50 years. castro overthrew the cuban government back in 1959, claiming he would restore determine okay rasi, instead, embrace social limit, attempted over throws the 1961 invasion by force of cia trained rebels, forced him to
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step down in 2008. he hand picked his brother rue eel to replace him, fidel castro was 90 years old. >> in little havana, honked horns to celebrate cation tow's death, crowds were cheering, waiving cuban and american flags, many people in the crowd have waited for a very long festival of families for. >> this much more on the life and death of fizzle castro in our next half hour. meantime, back at home, new this morning, a police cruiser and another car collide in cherry hill. it happened just before 2:00 this morning, on route 70 eastbound and kingston drive. there is no word on injuries here, and the cause of this drive is under investigation. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting involving officers in kensington, it ended with a suspect and an innocent bystanders wounded. now, it is unclear what bullets hit that woman. police say they spot add man with a gun on the 1900 block of clementine street in
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kensington late last night. a chase on foot ended in the 2900 block of amber street. >> at that point in time there are another group of officers responding to the foot pursuit. they actually engage add mail on this block here, officers engaged a male at that point in time. discharging their weapons, striking the male multiple times in the torso area of the body as well as the leg. >> now, the suspect is in critical condition. the woman is out of the hospital after she was treated for a shot to the leg. >> now, between "black friday" and cyber monday, there is small business saturday. it encourages shoppers to support small local retailers local shopping. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in manayunk this morning to show us small businesses are hoping shoppers put them on their wish list, good morning, anita. >> good morning, jan, we all know about the big name retailers. today is all about the small business that is are doing their part to support the communities.
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here at latitude and long taught in manayunk, you can see that there are some local artists, for example, who have painted these ornaments. this is exactly what mist small businesses are trying to do. we're here with owner today meredith. tell us why you started or took over this business about five years ago? >> i was working for somebody else. and i really just wanted to do my own boss, and this was something for myself. >> you were an engineer before this. so why the career change, what's this business meant for you personally? >> the career change, i wanted to be with people every day, i wanted to talk with people, get to know the community, just kind of be part of the community, even more than i was. >> and you went to school here. you went to philadelphia university, actually work at this business before you took over five years ago. how have you seen small business saturday affect your sales? >> it is one of our best days. it is amazing, just people wait for this day to come out
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and to support us. i mean, people that were here yesterday said i'll see you tomorrow, can't wait to support you. >> what are the differences with a small business? >> get to know the own, get to know the people behind the desk, get to know the artists, a box store you don't know where everything is made. >> and there are a lot of local artists who have contributed to this store, and what else will people finds here today? >> you can find everything, candles, cards, i mean, gifts for your grandmother, your children, everybody, everybody in the family, even your dog. >> awesome. thank you so much. and if you want to come by today, this store opens at 10:00, of course there are tons of other small businesses in the area that you can check out today for small business saturday. for now live in manayunk, and eat an oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thank you, and eat a shoppers will look for
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bargains at stores around philadelphia, will be able to save a little bit more money on parking today. starting at 11:00 this morning, all parking meters across the city will be free for the day. the free parking comes back every saturday, as well, through new years day. >> now, some wonder if "black friday" when retailers try to turn a profit should now be called cyber friday. you wouldn't be able to tell it from parking lots in our area malls, but more people than ever are buying holiday gifts on line. "eyewitness news" reporter, alexandria hoff, has more on the shift in the day after thanksgiving sales. >> a little drizzle didn't dampen the continued pursuit of holiday deals. >> yes, i got some tv's, i got an an iphone seven. >> like sabina, many of the shoppers we spoke with have been going strong for the past 24 hours. >> i went out last night at like 5:30, and got what i needed. then got some sleep. i took off of work today. then i was out about 8:00 a.m.
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this morning. >> by the time the week sends through, national federation retail predict 137 million americans will take advantage of holiday discounts, and for the first time ever, more than half of "black friday" shoppers are expected to have done so on line. that's good news for on line retailer amazon, and has led to on line push by giants, like wal-mart, and target, as well. >> i shop on line sometimes. but i want to see the product that i'm purchasing, especially if it is a product that's pricy. >> last year, shoppers spent an average of $300 over the thanksgiving holiday weekends, on line sales have cut back just a bit on the physical door bussing, but for knows who thrive off of that adrenyline, on line shopping takes place? >> only when people tell me they need something i can't finds at a store. otherwise i'm out shopping for it. >> with all of this on line shopping, don't be surprised to experience some websites jamming up. macy's. com got overloaded due to what
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spokesperson called high volume. alexandria hoff, "eyewitness news". >> police are investigating a deadly shooting in a mall parking lot in atlantic county. gunfire errupted around 1:00 yesterday morning, at the hamilton mall, in mays landing. twenty-one year old demon cottman pronounced dead at the scene, his 26 year old brother was shot in the leg. the mall was closed at the time, how much, a few department stores were open. >> don't know what to say. it is like i come here very excited to do "black friday" shopping, and i saw all those cars and cops. >> authorities say the surviving shooting victim in stable condition. >> two year old boy shot on thanksgiving allegedly by his fourth year old cousin facing child endangerment charges. rachel santiago and omar were inside the family ninth street home in north philadelphia when that shooting happened.
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the two year old boy in critical but stable condition, police say, he suffered gunshot wounds to his chest and hand, the four year old was not hurt. >> and won't fight record $2.4 million fine, over how school officials handled complaints benz jerry sandusky, how much, disagrees with some of the us department of education findings. and investigative report says penn state failed to warn people about potential threat, and led athletes to believe rules did not apply to them. sandusky serving 30 to 06 year sentence, maintains his innocence and appealing his conviction. >> well, hollywood is mourning the loss of florence henderson this morning, and we are remembering the career of the legendary actress, when "eyewitness news" continues. also ahead, a wife and mother missing for more than three weeks is found alive. but authorities say the investigation is far from over. still ahead what the woman's sister is saying.
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>> i'm very thankful. i did not think i would be seeing her another day. i really didn't think that. >> a woman comes face-to-face with a bear and lives to tell the terrifying story. hear how she describes the frightening encounter that almost killed her. and we'll have this. >> do you have a refrigerator full of thanksgiving day leftovers? i'm marlie hall in new york with foods that may be dangerous the day after coming
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back now on "eyewitness news", california mother has been re united with her family after being kidnapped for three weeks. police say 34 year old cherry zap even i released by her alleged captors on thursday, about 100 miles from her reading california home. police say she had minor injuries, her sister thanks the public for helping find her. >> your help in keeping this alive through social media and national news was an intricate part in bringing her home to us, we cannot thank you enough. >> so far no arrests, officials say there is sensitive information they are not yet table release. >> friends and fans are remembering a popular tv mom this morning, florence henderson died late thursday from heart failure she was 82 years old, our ukee washington has the story every a broadway actress that became a tv icon. >> ♪ here's the story of a lovely lady ♪ >> florence henderson was best
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known as america's mom. in the fall of 1969, she became carol brady, the stepmother and nearly flawless may tree arc of the brady bunch. >> what are you doing? >> that role was the crowning jewel of nearly 06 year career. that spanned all aspect every show business. >> rules are very important, bobby, made to protect people. >> henderson told sunday morning, 2010, clark err may have been too perfect. >> a lot of women say to me, you know, i really hated you because my kids wanted you to be their mother. >> the show was among the first to introduce an audience to a blended family. so it ended in 1974, reruns, reboots, kept the brady's and henderson in the spotlight for multiple generations. >> i grew up in a very large, poor family. >> ten kids, right? >> ten. >> wow. >> born in the small town of
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dale, indianna, in 1934, her family reminiscent of the one she led on television. >> her a fin at this for performance brought her to the academy of dramatic arts in new york city, then to broad street. >> there she starred in multiple leading roles. >> this is the lovely singing starve television and broadway, florence henderson. >> and land of the a multifaceted career that never seemed to stop. >> what oner? >> what is the one thing that i guess is the most different about you from carol brady? >> that's a very good question. first of all i've always worked, always had a job. >> but regardless whatever that job was, most of america, florence henderson will always be, mom. ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and shortly afterward got out of henderson's death,
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tributes started pouring in from all over. flowers were placed at her star on the hollywood walk of fame. and henderson was actually a regular here in philadelphia. this picture in our hallway shows her at our studios during one of her many visits to the mike douglas show on channel three, she will be missed. >> a loft people out this weekend, justin, doing holiday shopping, jump start on, that many outdoor malls. how is it looking today? >> pretty good. weather good timing this holiday weekends, nice and dry, cool, 50's, that's where we should be. >> not bad though? >> we will take it. it could be that is think time of year. that's going to change little bit next week, enjoy the rest of the holiday weekends, no problems out, there travel weather also looking good. we have friends and family, headed out of town over the next 48 hours, upset right now, outside, do have clouds over the region, little rainfall passing, not much, still light showers in the poconos, all-in-all pretty good start to our saturday morning. nothing terribly cold, temperatures running lower
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40's, most locations, little father to the south and east, closer to 60 degrees, rehoboth beach checking in at ooh at this hour, 48 wildwood, upper 40's, cooling off pretty rapidly over the past week or so. palmyra checking in at 40 degrees, same deal chalfont, mid four's at the airport officially here in philadelphia, then to the northern suburbs, little colder now, 32 quakertown, 38 in reading, allentown, mid 30's up in the poconos. again, north of the lehigh valley couple every rain showers, maybe flurry or two, over the next couple of hours, little weak disturbance riding across the great lakes, you can see light snow breaking out, northern pennsylvania, really not going to amount to much. main a rain shower up in the poconos, then just left with some clouds over us right now, starting to break the clouds up little bit to the west. we should see some sunshine into the afternoon. not whole lot of sun, at least dry, so holiday travels today, no problems, partly sunny skies, we keep the green light going tonight and tomorrow. with the dry conditions all across the mid-atlantic. partly cloudy skies tonight.
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we go mostly sunny on sunday, as we finish off this weekend. storm system exits our region, later this afternoon. so that takes the clouds with it, so we will see increasing sunshine, tonight partly cloudy, high pressure starts to build in for sunday into monday. this locks us into a dry pattern, starting into early next week. that's going to change though as we see our next storm system. this is pretty strong storm, moves into the northern planes, and we'll get warm air. looks like we make run at the low maybe even mid 60s as we finish off the month of november. looks like december starts off on the warm but wet side. talk about that in the seven day forecast. until then, comfortable this afternoon, low 50's, pretty much on average for this time of year. little cooler, 40's to the north, tonight, nothing terribly cold, generally upper 30s around the city, suburbs maybe get down to the freezing mark, slightly cooler tomorrow, at least we have the sun going for us, wind pretty much on the light side near 50 degrees, the afternoon temperature. so today, partly sunny, seasonable, high up around
5:20 am
53 degrees, the city northwest wind coming in around 10 miles per hour, for tonight, partly cloudy, chilly, 38 for the city, slightly cooler in the suburbsment looking ahead to monday night for the eagles game, weather looks good. we keep it generally to partly mostly cloudy, dry, cool, 46 agrees at kick off coming in at 8:30. but at least we have light winds if you are headed to the game, have heavier coat around. at least you don't need the poncho. so 50's this weekend, warmer next week, 52 monday, then up to 60 tuesday t comes little bit of seeing showers arrive tuesday afternoon, still off and on showers on wednesday, mid 60s, looks like the storm may lingering around into thursday, keeping the wet weather, but temperatures still running above average. good news today. we do need the rain. take it. and not too bad. >> absolutely, justin, we will take it, thank you. maryland grandmother sharing her story of survival after being lullaby a bear outside of her home.
5:21 am
karen osborne suffered broken arm, broken pelvis, needed 08 stitches from the attack earlier this month. the bear familiar to the people in the neighborhood. maryland wildlife officials say the female bear had shoulder judge, looking for easy food. >> i heard this horendous growling, and i turned to look at it, and the bear came out on 2 feet. she grabbed me by my face, she threw me to the grounds. and then she came around behind me and grabbed my arm and bit it in half. literally. when she put her paw on my back, it took me to the ground. interest was no way i was going anywhere sharks had he me down. she wasn't letting me go. >> karen had her cell phone and managed to call 911. we heard it was horrifying, the female bear was eventually euthanized. karen does not have health insurance. friends and family are raising money for more than $200,000 in medical bills. >> well, if you are planning on inch dumb willing in some of the thanksgiving leftovers today, i know i do. we have some advice for you right now.
5:22 am
studies show you may not want to re heat some of your holiday meals. marlie hall reports on the research. >> reporter: if you have leftovers from thanksgiving dinner, be aware, not all of your favorite dishes may be safe to re heat and eat. clinical dietition lindsey malone of the cleveland clinic says don't save the rice l it cools at room temperature bacteria can grow rapidly. >> that bacteria is resistant to heat. so even if you are heating it no normal temperature it, doesn't matter. that will bacteria is still going to be there. >> another stay toll toss, potatoes cooked in alluminum foil. >> letting it cool into that temperature danger zone, and then also cook keeping the file on it, created? bacteria breeding grounds. you may not heat it sufficient throw kill the bacteria. >> foods with high moisture content like stuffing should also be thrown away. when it comes to poultry, malone says, re heat it to the proper internal temperature to avoid bacteria. and don't store the whole bird. >> again, that is setting un the situation for bacterial
5:23 am
growth. cut it up into smaller portions, cool it quickly, store it within about two hours. >> the very young, old, and those with compromised immune systems, are more vulnerable to food born illnesses, so it is best to avoid having refrigerator full of leftovers. for foods that you do plan on saving, make sure that you get that into shallow containers and into the refrigerator within two hours. >> and if you are going to re heat the leftovers, use the oven, not the microwave. if not the quickest, but cooks more evenly. marlie hall, cbs news, new york. >> i think i've been breaking the rules for a very long time. very interesting there. now the holiday weekends is a great time to see a movie and we have a preview of what's new in theatres. >> coming up, gets animated and since maui, helping young girl on mission to save her island home in
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welcome back, the latest disney animated musical covering new ground or should i say new water? the movie moana takes you to the south pass i have irk. kevin frazier takes you behind the scenes of this new movie in theatres this weekends. >> this week duane johnson does some singing, helping the latest and toughest disney princess on a mission to save her island home in moana. (movie clip)
5:27 am
>> in disney moana, duane johnson, a little bit of ego, who helps moana, virtual movie newcomber. teenage fresh hawaii, her name, i'll let her pronounce it. >> lee like bruce lee, then add another e. >> becoming a disney hero in her first ever movie, was a dream come true. >> i think moana is schappe amazing character, beautiful heroin, real excited for people to see her on screen. >> and for duane, getting behind the microphone and really sing it out, little nerve wracking but was helped along by one of the movie come piece ers, tony award lynn err lynn manuel miranda. >> unlike anything i've ever done before. fun, sing a little bit, break out the guitar, i grew up singing, we come from a singing family.
5:28 am
but never in a studio. never with one of the world's greatest geniuses writing music, a loft pressure. >> but it was awesome. >> he prepared for that day in the studio the way he prepares for the action roles. he came in, he knew the song cold. there was no teaching. >> ♪ >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> and in the next half hour here on "eyewitness news", taking a look back at cuba's revolutionary leader. fidel castro has died at the age of 90. and back here at home, small business saturday. we're live in manayunk, where small shops hope you'll support them on this next day of the holiday shopping calendar. also ahead, all aboard the santa express. it is an annual philly tradition. plus this. >> the woods are on fire at stockton university. i'm cleve bryan. coming up, i'll tell you why this is good for student and
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good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. meteorologist, justin drabick is out there on the cbs-3 skydeck this morning with eyewitness weather. justin, i was walking in this morning it, wasn't too bad for november. >> no, not at all. nothing terribly coal. everywhere above freezing, even up in the poconos. that's a good thing if you are headed out to do some of the small business saturday shopping. forecast is looking good.
5:32 am
travel for the rest of the weekend also real now problems across delaware valley, a loft mid-atlantic. temperature wise, some areas little warmer, 3 degrees warmer than this time yesterday in philadelphia, almost 10 degrees warmer in atlantic city. little bit of difference story up in the lehigh valley, slightly cooler, 5 degrees cooler at this hour. temperatures, there you go, 36 up in mount pocono, 46 degrees officially at the airport in philadelphia, and close to 50 in parts of south jersey, especially, near the shore. now, there are some suburbs little colder, or at freezing right now, in quakertown, clouds over the region right now, maybe couple of sprinkles, up in the poconos, very early this morning. other than that, we will keep it dry for the rest of the day, partly sunny skies, temperatures, 30's, 40's this morning, into the afternoon, should break into the lower 50's, for some of the warmer spots. that's pretty much on average for this time of year. on our way up to 53 for the high temperature today, slightly cooler tomorrow. but a lot of sunshine, high near 50. for next week, we will warm it up.
5:33 am
talking 60s, and good chance of some needed rain, that forecast coming up in a few more minutes, jan, back over to you. >> thank you, justin. he led a rebel arm toy overthrow dictatorship that embraced communism, and ran cuba with iron grip for 50 years. fidel castro has died, he was 09, and had been in failing health for years. now in miami's little havana where many fled after castro joy in the street, they waived cuban, american flags, kenneth craig looks backs at castro's impact on the country. >> revolutionary hero, critics, he was a ruthless dictator. >> but for better or for worse, fidel castro was cuba for nearly 50 years. >> he was born in 1929. ill ledge mate son of wealthy farmer. in the late 1950's, castro,
5:34 am
along with another and other rebels began gorilla campaign that ultimately toppled cuban strong men. >> i was happier here, you know? >> under castro, cuba became a communist country, just 09 miles from the united state. the island nation established close ties with the soviet union and seized nearly all us-owned property. the united states responded with a long running trade embargo, us also tried numerous times to us a him from power. >> i have directed -- >> in 1916 president kennedy all rights dollars force of cia trained reb tolls storm the country. castro's forces crushed the rebels in three days, and what became known as the bay of pigs invasion. >> we interrupt this program, good evening, then the us found evidence of so far yet miss nils cuba and the world held its breath as the cuban missile crisis escalated hour by hour, until the soviets
5:35 am
finally blinked, agreeing to remove the missile. through the years, castro survived countless assassination attempts as he continued to go to the united state. in 1980 he embarrased the us when he included thousands of prisoners in mental health patients in a mass exodus of cuban exile. nearly 20 years later, he turned a custody battle for a young cuban boy named elian gonzalez into a public relations against the united states. >> castro introduced free medical care and universal he had togs cubans, but also maintained his power abolishing multi party elections, sensoring the media, making most immigration illegal. he was married twice and fathered nine children from five different mother. just before his 80 birthday, he shocked his people when before undergoing major surgery, he turned the rains of power over to his brother. after that, he made only
5:36 am
occasional public appearances to rail against capitalism. having put the country in his brother's care, fidel castro lived to see president obama agree to normalize relations between cuba and the united states. kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meantime back here at home, president-elect donald trump has filled two more jobs in his administration. he picked kathleen mcfarland as his deputy national security advisor, and donald motorcycle began as his white house council. most recently served as fox news analyst, previously worked under president nixon, ford and reagan. she is atlantic city native, was mr. trump's campaign attorney. >> meantime, there will be a recount in wisconsin after former green party presidential nominee, jill stein, filed formal paperwork in battleground state. stein voiced concerns over reports could have been,
5:37 am
hackers, also intends to file for recount in pennsylvania, and michigan, president-elect trump won all three state. >> the man accused of killing nine people at south carolina church last year is deemed competent to stand trial. a judge made that ruling on friday. this comes following two days of closed door hearings this week, about 22 year old dillan's meant at state. accused of gunning down the nine victims in charleston emanuel african episcopal church. jury slicks begins monday. police now investigating a deadly shooting in atlantic county. the gunfire errupted around 1:00 yesterday morning, outside of the hamilton mall in mays landing. twenty-one year old demon cottman pronounced dead at the scene. his 26 year old brother was shot in the leg. the mall was closed at the time; how much, some of those department stores were open. >> during this holiday season, some are now wonder if "black friday" should really be called cyber friday instead. more than half of "black
5:38 am
friday" shoppers were expected to do their shopping on line this year. still some say they would rather shop in a store. >> i shop on line sometime, but i want to see the product i'm purchasing, especially if it is a product that's pricy. >> that makes sense. yesterday, some websites were jammed, as well, macy's. com went on overload because of what the company spokesperson calls high volume. i was on ultra a's website thanksgiving my night, that had problems, too, and went down. >> small local sat day, "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh, live there in manayunk this morning, to tell us how businesses in philadelphia are participating. anita? >> reporter: good morning, jan. women, this is totally my kind of assignment. check out some of the products here at latitude and longitude in manayunk. these jewelry pieces are actually designed by a local designer, john wind, and these are the kind of items that you
5:39 am
can find when you shop local, and shop small business. this business, has actually, owned basilica of saints peter and paul meredith, she started here when she was in college, and then took over five years ago. meredith, so many cute items here, tell us why people should shop small business? >> small business, the back bone of the us. you're helping us, you know, put our kids to school. you're helping, not helping, you know, do other things, just helping us. >> and what are some of the specific items that are most, i guess, excite fogger you, some of these items actually if you take a look here, very, very local specific. this one says twilight in philadelphia. these are designed by local artists. so talk about what people and shoppers can find here today? >> reporter: you can find one of designs, unique, no two items are alike. the necklaces, all hand made, so people carving the stones
5:40 am
it, the stones look different, you can tell, just by looking at them, the ornament, they're all hands painted. no two are alike. just great thing to have. >> and this specific day, small business saturday, how has this affected your business? >> reporter: it is really great time. it is a great time to meet even more of the community than is already out there. they look forward to coming out and helping us, and supporting us, and it is just a really great day a lot of fun, festive things going on. >> reporter: another thing that's fun, meredith started as an engineer, if you can believe, that now she has decided to take over this small business. there are tons of other small businesses here. you want to college in manayunk, why put your business here, why root here? >> i really fell in love with the community when i was going to school. and i decided to buy here. and then stay here and just grow my roots here and plant my roots here. >> what do you hope the community will do today to help support you and other businesses in the area, a
5:41 am
community you love so much? >> come out and shop. come out and seep us. come out and sigh what we all have to offer. everyone is offering so many different discount, just come out, shop local. >> thank you so much. so if you want to come down today this store specifically opens at 10:00. again, so many cute items here, jan, i can pick you up a few things, because there are so many exciting things to find, again, you won't finds at the big box retailers, that's the exciting part of small business saturday. for now live in manayunk, anita oh. >> make sure to check your cell phone, i will be texting you throughout the show. i saw some things super cute. >> i will. >> septa hicks kick off the holiday season with special appearance from a jill old elf. >> how are you guys? >> santa trade in the his slay for the day to bring christmas cheer along septa market frankford line. he and mrs. clause took part in the 26th annual santa express. the trip started at frankford transportation center, and ended at dilworth park, with
5:42 am
festive parade. >> it is a wonderful thing, i tell that you, septa and everybody who puts this on, does such a great job organizing. we got on the train at 69th street station. and have had nothing but fun since we got on. so it has been a blast, really appreciative. this has all come together. >> santa's elves also handed out goody because for the kids along the way. aren't they cute? >> still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", running for a reason. the inspiration for this woman's record attempt on the art museum stems. also ahead, a fiery clasper end, why new jersey student are playing with fire, and how their laughing can help the garden state say safe and sustainable. we'll look into that in the future. and no weather issues if you want to get outside and shop this weekend. but some much needed rain is now on the way next week. justin is back to tell you when you need those umbrellas.
5:43 am
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5:45 am
>> back here on "eyewitness news", military teams are helping people across costa rica after category two hurricane otto crashed into central america, claiming lives, and destroying villages. otto made landfall along the border every costa rica and nicaragua, at least nine killed, others still missing in the stormment the hurricane is also blamed for three deaths in panama. >> a lot of destruction there in central america, justin, but relative calm here at home. >> pretty quiet, good news for
5:46 am
this holiday weekends, things change a little bit next week. you got to remember, the hurricane season lasts until november 30th. but you can get tropical system any time throughout the morning. this morning temperatures not that cold for this time of year. everybody for the most part above freezing, couple of suburbs hanging down at three it, specially up near quakertown, but 38 allentown, reading, 46 in philadelphia, and almost 50 still this hour near the shore right now in wildwood, atlantic city airport checking in at 47 degrees. nothing terribly cold across the northeast, great lakes, you go up to 37, in buffalo, 37 in state college. little bit of light snow, rain showers, breaking out north of us, maybe stray sprinkle gets into the poconos very early this morning, but most areas stay dry, throughout this entire weekend, even to the early part every neck week. small business saturday, good shopping forecast, 9:00 temperatures holding in the mid 40's across most locations, noontime up around 50 degrees on our way up to the low 50's by mid afternoon, then start rapidly cooling back down to the 40's by early evening. storm scan3, little
5:47 am
disturbance bringing light rain, snow, up across within new york state. couple of rain and snow showers trying to move into the northern poconos, but the delaware valley, just some clouds right now, clouds are spinning out to the women, see sunshine increasing throughout the morning into the afternoon. we could use some rain. been a while since we had some decent rainfall across the region. so far for the year we're over six and a half inches below average on the rainfall. and we will get that needed rain coming back and in our forecast by the middle of next week. talk about that in the seven day. through the morning hours again couple every sprinkles, pocono region, moving off to the north and east, see the clouds starting to break up. still partly sunny through the rest of today. tonight, it is dry, partly clown i skyed, so evening travel, dinner plans, hanging out with friends, family, looks pretty good across the region, little on the cool sidement then sunday also a big travel day, everybody headed back to their destination, all good across the mid-atlantic, temperatures today right near average, low 50's for the warmer spots,
5:48 am
cooler to the north, mount pocono 57 degrees. we do have big boulder open this weekend, do have their snow bar park open for business, so that's good news if you like to ride. 46 degrees around allentown, later this afternoon, low 50's, philadelphia, surrounding suburbs, same deal in south jersey. can't complain about that for late november. little cool pocket of air over us right now, so it stays cool for the weekend. but it starts to lift out as jet stream is back on the move early next week. if you like it warm, going to be warm finish to the month of november. looks like some 60s starts to return, for tuesday, wednesday. comes with little bit after price. talk about that, and pretty strong storm system moves into the great lakes, eventually we'll get the cooler air back in here for the second half of next week. seasonable today, partly sunny, 53 for the afternoon temperature, tonight, chilly, partly supped i, 38 for the city, cooler in the suburbs, small great liking day, sunshine near ooh for the high temperature, not bad start to monday. the work week, 52 degrees, dry weather, then the showers
5:49 am
return on tuesday, with a high near 60. looks like we will have off and on showers at times, wednesday, even lasting into thursday. temperatures still in the up ear's by next friday. we cool it back down where it should be low 50's, jan, we send it back to you. >> need the rain, justin, thank you. "eyewitness news" is dedicated to bringing you stories about science, technology, engineering, and math, and this morning, in our einstein healthcare network, science center report, our cleve bryan takes us to stockton university where they were setting fires on purpose. part of the university's force management plan. >> while it may look little odd to see members of the forest fire service setting fires, rather than putting them out, a controlled burn is exactly how you prevent a wild fire. >> control burn re moves the pine needles and leaf litter off the forest floor it, helps prevent forest fires from starting. >> controlled or prescribed burns date back to the native americans. but man has a way of
5:50 am
re-inventing things, even fire. this controlled burn is on the campus of stockton university known as the college in the pines. the school has a ten year forest management program that includes different methods of logging and burning. it is to protect the school and act as forest fire lab to save the best way professionals can use controlled burns to manage forests. >> temperature reading, fires setting up, multiple different areas where we have a clear cut in a control area. >> 1518 degrees. the student are taking these measures of the temperatures within the fires to try to determine what's the best way to do control burns. one of the reasons this research is so important is climate change. experts predict as the earth continues to warm, weather patterns will become more dangerous, droughts will be more severe possibly causing forest fires to be more catostrophic. new jersey is both heavily populated and heavily forest forested, potentially deadly combination. >> we want much more bio differs forest, a forest more
5:51 am
resilient in case of disturbances, and also the bottom line is we would like to prevent catostrophic fire and disease. >> experts say new jersey forest also look much different in the coming decades, these student will be the next generation to manage them n galloway, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cbs-3 science center sponsored by einstein healthcare network. more than medicine.
5:52 am
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>> sixers offer to slow start. driver to the basket, then dunk over robin lopez, the sixers trailing by ten at the half. in the thirds quarter, bulls hit the gas pedal. dwyane wade, the steel, dunk, hall of famer scoring 26 points. jimmy butler, also, scored 26. the bulls handed the six 6ers their second straight lost, of 105-89, the final. the sixers will play the world champion cavaliers tomorrow afternoon. >> now, before the sixers took to the court, the flyers played matinee against the rangers. this is the first meeting of the season between the two teams. the 340 all time. both teams with 151 wins. going into the contest. steve mason once again got the start in goal for the flyers. no score in the first period. scott lowden with turn over. and the rangers make them pay. derrick scores, taking one-nothing lead. then in the second, flyers down two-nothing, another turn over, mark, bad pass, kevin scores on the redirection. flyers trail three to nothing.
5:55 am
>> late in the game, the flyers down by two, shane shot, deflected in, by braydon, kept the phillies to one, but rangers held off the flyers three-two, orange and black will play calgary tomorrow night. >> some good news for the birds, darren sproles practiced for the first time this week, to leave sunday's game against the seahawks with a broken ribs. ryan mathews sat out with injured knee. eagles still haven't decide in the nel on agholor will play against the flyers. he said he will ' respect any decision coach pederson makes. after sunday's lost former numb ben one pick said the pressure in the league is get to go him, and co-not get out every his own head. frank rookie said nelson has the skills to succeed. >> he's on it, he's smart, tough, plays hard, you know, kind of going through -- he's going through rough time right now. it is real. you don't want to de em from a size it, it is real, he feels it, we all feel it.
5:56 am
any time you got to keep the perspective, good players, and strong players, will bounce out of it just like we believe he will. >> to college hoops, temple playing 19th ranked west virginia in the final of the tip-off class nick brooklyn. inbound pass. three-point nerve front of the owls bench. led. the owls beat the mountain ears 81-77 to win the title. >> the frenzy may be over but we still have some high school football. academy park at springfield, in the quarterfinals for the playoffs. academy park with the ball hand off to desean miller finds hole, and gone for the touchdown. academy park deep springfield 24 to 18. will advance to the semifinals. that's all for sports, i'm lesley van arsdall, have a great day. >> and still ahead here on "eyewitness news": a shooting involving a philadelphia police officer leaves a suspect and an innocent bystander wounded. we'll have the latest on the investigation. >> also ahead, more on the e
5:57 am
cigarette exploded in his pocket. he had hoped to spend thanksgiving with his mother, but instead ended up in the hospital. we'll be right back.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> live from philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. breaking news this morning. former cuban leader fidel castro has died. we take a look back at his life and reaction from cuban americans this morning.
6:00 am
>> a police involved shooting on the streets in kensington. one suspect and an innocent bystander are injured. >> and shoppers didn't get deal they wanted on "black friday" now have another chance today. we're liver with the small mom and pop shops who want your support this small business saturday. >> today is saturday, november the 26th. good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. let's get straight over to meteorologist, justin drabick with eyewitness weather. i woke up, saw little bit of rainout, there i hear it is not enough that we need a lot more. >> a lot more, yes, down six and a half inches of rain on the year, won't get that back, you know, in a day or two. but we do have some steady rain in the forecast next week, this weekend? >> looking good. >> kind of boring. that's good thing. >> that's a good thing. >> this weekend, especially it time of year. holiday travel. >> don't jinx us. >> exactly. enjoy t take advantage of this nice late november weather, temperatures right where they should be this time of year. we'll have some clouds around the region, should see sunshine


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