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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 1, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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good morning, storm scan three shows the rain finally moving out of our area, we are trying to dry out after two days of downpours, and, katie's along to tell us when we can expect toe unagain. weeks after i have hit and run crash kills an eight year-old girl police make an arrest this is case we are live with how officers found the car and suspect. and, slippery, situation for the innings isers, what went wrong that forced the team to call off last night's game, in south philadelphia. to take is thursday december 1st good morning i'm joe holden jim's off today. i'm rahel solomon. we are waking up to wet roads. lets check weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> joe, you just said slippery situation, talk about it, we have been dealing with it, for
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the past couple of days and we had an overnight crash on the schuylkill i want to talk about. it has cleared. i want to bring it to your attention because of the rain, wet roadways still out there. >> i passed it on my way in. it is a mess. you are around that schuylkill riverbed you have to slow down. a lot of puddles, spray from the vehicles left over, even though rain is basically stopped as we take you out to start things off we are looking at storm scan three. this is a three hour loop. it is essentially gone. skies are clearing out. it doesn't heene we will not have left over issues, guys. it is really muggy, too. cooler, trier air has not quite caught up to us yet. look at atlantic city we are at 60 degrees right now. you can walk outside the door and notice it feels balmy, muggy too, climate control is key if you are looking for a good hair day. mid to upper 50's from i-95 south east. little bit cooler air starting to move in the far northern and western suburbs but we will take a transition, window
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of time here before we're completely back in not just clear but dryer air. fifty-eight is temperature at palmyra, mount holly where national weather service reaping nal headquarters is located. taking a look the a the region as a whole these are afternoon highs. we actually hit lower 60's early on this morning in philadelphia. we are not calling that high, since we're looking ahead at this point even though technically that will be 62 degrees will be the official high for the day. it has already happened. upper 50's later today as skies clear, breeze will be publishing up inn again, it that is day of transition here, meisha but still some problems even though that storm is technically moving out to sea right thousand. >> no doubt bit. on my way in today, very wet roadways and we were seeing problems out there. i will call your attention to one of them that happened overnight when it was still raining in this area overturn vehicle schuylkill eastbound at montgomery. this has as i said been cleared. do not be surprised as katie said if there is problem spots out there or around this with
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clean up, possible debris in the roadway. crews were out there, overnight, in the dark, now that is cleared, it is still a sticky situation and a slippery situation, as well. if you have to go out here near schuylkill eastbound at montgomery, give yourself time. eastbound and westbound vine street expressway you are looking good but you cane sheen on the roadway letting us know it will still be slippery and is there still a chance for hydroplaning. we have an accident in palmyra at cinnaminson avenue at second street. alternate if you want to get around that is temple boulevard. joe and rahel, back to you. meisha, thank you. we are following new developments involving hit and run death of the eight year he will girl on her way from school. >> it comes hours after police say they have located the car. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at police headquarters with the details of the case, trangood. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim. yes, release for jayanna powell's family with the arrest in this case. police have not arrested the name of the man they have
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arrested but he is 24 years old and lives in overbrook. a tip from someone who saw all of the news reports on this case, broke it wide opened. now that person is the the owner of a and p auto repair shop in chester county near malvern. he called police after realizing a silver knees a maxima with front end damage matched the war police were looking for. that car had been brought in for repairs. that led police to arrest a 24 year-old man connect to that koran november 18th, 8 year old jayanna powell was struck and killed at 63rd and lansdowne avenue in overbrook. she was walking home from school with her three siblings and holding her 12 year-old brother's hand when she was hit. that car kept going. tuesday jayanna's mother described her i am hence grief. >> i can't describe the pain that i feel. it is a pain i wouldn't want on my worst enemy. she's eight. i would give no nothing, no
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prom, no graduation, no marriage, no grand kids, i get nothing report report there were a number of rewards put up for information in this case, $10,000 from the city and immediate 15 you this dollars from the fop just for an arrest and $20,000 from jayanna's uncle. we will hepp to hear more from police and family later today on these latest developments. for now we are live from police headquarters i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> trang, thanks for that live report. a woman is dead after a police chase end with the crash in west philadelphia it happen just after 7:00 last night near 52nd and locust street. police were chasing two men in a gray nissan. they were wanted in connection with the shooting at nearby forty-eighth street and west minister avenue. while a fleeing from police two men smashed in several cars including the victims. >> no police cars were involved in the accident but the persued car that was being persued by philadelphia police struck a car that was going through a steady green light,
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the nissan had a steady red light. disregard that red light and struck that car. >> police have not identified the woman killed in the crash, police arrested two suspects and recovered a gun. lets get a tore stay everybody is talking about. sixers played orlando magic tomorrow night at the well and hopefully the court will be ready. >> this is a little embarrassing, last night's sixers game was postponed because floor was too slippery. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> players for the kings noticed the issue during their shoot around yesterday afternoon. crews spent hours trying to fix it as fans arrived and as fans waited, eventually officials called off the game. this morning sixers are apology guys go to their fans. >> frustration is we have i think the most incredible, loyal fan base in the world. for them to come down on a rainy night, put their trust in this organization and to come here on a team like no fans cheer on a team and send them home, it the is disappointing. >> reporter: inningsers say fans can use their tickets for the game when it is
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rescheduled. fans will get the free tickets to another game, while frustrated fans we spoke to say they are understanding. >> they cancelled the game, said there was something wrong with the floor. sacramento players didn't want to come out. we get two free extra games. >> big disappointment. we came here looking for a good game but ultimately player safety is most important. >> the sixers joel embiid had fun on twitter, after the postponement, he tweeted well, the court wasn't taking tonight. trust the process. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney weighs in on political vandalism in chestnut hill and here's why city's law tenth identified one of the two men seen in this surveillance video as duncan lloyd, he has been a assist tenth city solicitor. men are wanted in connection to anti donald trump graffiti that was found on the fresh market in the 8200 avenue, last friday. police have not the made any arrests yet, mayor expressed
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little will patients for the behavior. >> it was a dumb thing to do and it is not the type of activity we expect from our police and not the type of activity we expect from our citizens. this continuation of this election fall out that is ugly >> the law department released this statement, and i quote to my knowledge mr. lloyd has already contact the philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. we will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation. we do not conn down this type of behavior from our employees. president-elect donald trump
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calling his thank you tour in cincinnati, ohio today. ahead of the event mr. trump will head to indiana to celebrate a deal he helped make keeping a thousand jobs from moving to mexico. yesterday the president-elect announced he would separate himself from his global business interests while in office. california congress woman nancy pelosi, won enough votes to keep her position democrats rothed 134-63 to retain pelosi as minority leader. she fought off a challenge from ohio congressman tim ryan who said democrats need to focus more on jobs and the economy. the first presidential election recount is set to begin in wisconsin today where donald trump defeated hillary clinton by less than a percentage point. green party candidate jill stein asked for a recount in wisconsin, michigan and here in pennsylvania. yesterday, montgomery county court denied a notion for a recount, stein's attorneys argued cyber attacks could have altered the results tabulated in electronic voting machines, stein, in montgomery county, may appeal that ruling. still ahead after two days of drenching rain katie is back with the latest on improving weather conditions. plus damage left behind by multiple tornadoes, how far the south east are recovering from severe storms. and what we are now
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learning about that doomed flight that crashed in columbia, killing nearly everyone on board. we are back in two
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back with new information about the deadly plane crash in columbia. air traffic control reporting, rereal that the pilot had frantically asked for permission to land because the plane was oust of fuel. moments later it slammed in the mountains. seventy-seven people were on board and many were members of the brazilian soccer team. only six people survived. death toll from wild buyers in tennessee is up to seven after three more bodies were found on wednesday. >> search and rescue missions continue today, flames passing through hundreds of businesses and houses in two resort towns. dolly parton has a theme park in the affect area and she plans to give $1,000 a month to families lost their homes. at least five people are dead, dozens are injured and thousands still without power after a deadly tornado out break sweeps through the south east. destruction and devastation down south after several
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states are hit with strong storms and massive tornadoes. more than two dozen reports of tornadoes have been confirmed across five different states. >> what we believe is a couple tornadoes came through pelican, and caused significant damage, down power lines, down trees, building damage, and we have got crews out doing home searches, making sure everybody is okay. >> in the aftermath alabama's governor declared a state of emergency while search and rescue missions remain ongoing. time right now is 4:43. >> katie has another check of the forecast and katie, it has been a wet few days but you say improvement is coming. >> it is taking place right now. skies are clearing we are seeing a break in the clouds. this was the same storm system that brought in that very heavy rain and then damaging thunderstorms and tornadic activity in the deep south. when we look at the storm it still has really nice organization to it, but you can see how a bulk of the moisture from the deep south
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has fizzled where as, yesterday it was removed back towards mississippi, louisiana anal bam a because it has that thin line of nasty thunderstorm squall line rumble go through under cover of darkness. the bad enough to have severe weather but to have it come when you cannot necessarily see it coming. thankfully those folks will clear out, dry out as are we, we did have our own fair share of strong thunderstorms especially through central new jersey last night but at to this point, that is all long gone as is the fog. now that we are seeing breeze pick up and dryer air move in, we are looking good, you will be able to see up to 10 miles in front of your face here instead of barely your hand in front of your face as of yesterday. it is a day of transition. we will have to have spray from the vehicles wet leaves, padded down, that means it is still slick and you have to slow down but don't need the umbrella today. breezy, the high 57 this afternoon. we did already hit 63 early this morning, that will get down as our official daytime
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high but we already hit it. we will move on from here. thirty-eight under clear skies tonight, definitely colder and moving forward from this point, yes, just a dose of december reality. happy meteorological winter, no snow but rather some rain by next mid week but more typical for standards of the time frame here, meisha. >> yes, i have to say 50's, high 40's, 50's in december, a okay with me, in complaints here. what are we looking at the here? video of the overturned vehicle on the schuylkill eastbound at montgomery. now this accident, this overturned truck vehicle has been since cleared. however, you might want to pay attention to debris in the road and if i were you take it easy around this area couple different reasons. like i said debris in the road and very slippery. you can see the sheen all over the roadway and sometimes it is easy to hydro plane when people are tapping their brakes and doing that gaper delay driving by. so just a word to the wise i would give yourself a couple extra minutes around that area
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still and really take it slow. i would take it easy in general whether it is being in your area or not because of the slick conditions. ninety-five south at cottman is what we're looking at headlights in the the southbound direction and you can see this road is looking at still early, still dark, it will heat up on i-95 in a bit but we are seeing problems on the roadway. we have an accident in palmyra vehicle went in the pole, cinnaminson avenue at second street, and alternate if you want to use it, road is not simply closed but temple boulevard would be your best bet. a lot of construction we will talk about in a little bit. rahel, back to you. meisha, thank you. hailed as heroes, still ahead on "eyewitness news" how quick action of two new jersey state troopers helped save a man's life. >> we're coming
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welcome back. if you are heading out the door stay updated with katie's forecast on our sister station kyw news radio 1060. also today is world aids day and health professionals say it is a good time to take net
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of the the recent progress that has been made this weeks rain has now provided enough moisture to lift drought watch for five counties of southeastern, pennsylvania and for nearly a century fox hunting has been happening the at one park in bucks county, that is where people on horses follow dogs in search have of foxes to chase them but not to kill them. but now officials are hoping to ban that activity. check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060 on your am dial. it is ten minutes to 5:00. time for a check of business news. >> money watch's jill wagner joins us live from the new york stock exchange. donald trump's pick for treasury secretary, laid out big changes on taxes, what can you tell us about that. >> reporter: that is right steven mnuchin, donald trump's pick for treasury secretary said americans should expect largest tax change since reagan. he wants to drop the 35 percent business tax rate down to 15 percent and cut taxes for average income
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earners. on the regulatory side he hopes to strip back parts of the dodge/frank the landmark financial regulation law. he says, by the way, he thinks it is too complicated. joe and rahel. >> we are hearing netflix has a new update and good news for those who do some traveling. >> reporter: netflix can users off show. update to netflix app will let users down load shows in advance at no additional cost and then they can watch, without an internet connection at a later time on a flight. not all programs are available off line though, joe and rahel. >> i love that, jill because i have the old ipad that is still in the connect to the internet. >> there you go. >> it works for me. >> very good. >> reporter: this is great on a plane or a subway. >> it is true. >> jill, thanks. if you have an old cell phone, lying around perhaps an ipad, turn tonight to the philadelphia police department for a great cause. the officers are collecting them for domestic violence
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victims. verizon's hepp line refurbish es fold phones and they go to woman against abuse members and counselors hand them over to victims. two new jersey state troopers revived a man who loss consciousness the atlantic city, international airport. sergeant robert and trooper hike, jumped in to help. man collapsed in the airport's rental car drop off section in the parking garage. after several minutes of the troopers efforts, the man regained a pulse and started to breathe. >> there is no pulse. he was in the breathing. i said, again, at that time, we administered cpr to get his blood flowing and a breath in him so we could get oxygen into his system. >> every two years we have to get recertified in cpr and administering aed, and it works. >> the man was taken to atlantic city medical center where he is, listed in
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critical but stable condition. can you leave umbrella at home today. >> katie's tracking latest on the rain and meisha has a check of the road conditions when we come
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well, in the wake of the very beneficial rain we are starting to see transition take place where we get back to not just sunshine but warm dose of reality. it has been very miles despite not seeing too much sunshine at all but now we are going to see that sun return and trade off comes in the the way of cooler air. for now we are making transition, rain is still present across portions of central new jersey, bulk of the moisture swept out to sea or off across new england but now you that we're clearing out don't forget the fact that it is still a rough go this morning. rain may be over but we have wet leaves and they are padded down on the roadway. that is slick in itself. we have ponding. we still have road spray n other words it is still slow, slick, at least through the morning but breezes picking up will dry things out and then we are back to more sunshine
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both friday and saturday. they look lovely if you have to do outdoor decorating, cut down christmas tree, great day for it, even sunday we will start to see clouds build with time through second half of the weekend but we will keep it typical here in terms of the temperature right into next week. now that we have gotten meisha, past those nasty days of rain it is just a smooth sail for quite a while. >> thank goodness, so nice to see that sun on a friday and katie's talking about it being slippery yes, on those bridge decks, side streets, sidewalks, all of those are still looking very, very wet and slippery and roads are as well. we will get that cooling we have a chance of hydroplaning. we have construction i-95 north princeton avenue on ramp to i-95 north is closed. we will probably, hopefully move out of our way but if it doesn't just a heads up in and around that area you can see crews out there and how wet it is looking outside. ben franklin bridge looking very wet as well as we push in the westbound correction toward center city.
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couple early risers, couple have of your neighbors or family members still looking g accident in palmyra, vehicle went in the pole here cinnaminson avenue at second street. if you want to use an alternate you can. temple boulevard is your best bet but we have not heard if all of the lanes are block, joe, over to you. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest on the arrest in the deadly hit and run case. plus we will tell you how people in other states are helping animals, displaced by the most smokey mountain tires. special treat for you our jan carabao gets us in the holiday spirit with a look at historic area homes. we are back at the top of the hour.
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now justice for her young victim and authorities make an arrest in the deadly hit and run we are live with the clue that led police to their man. slipping, sliding, the sixers court proves too dangerous to play on hear from fans as well as team's ceo of the postponement of last night's game. and we are drying out after several days of rain storms, storm scan three showing latest run of showers moving off to sea and live look at center city showing is all is quiet right now. >> it is december 1st, good morning i'm joe holden. jim donovan is off. >> i'm rahel solomon. lets check weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> good morning. gate waste to our weekend is here, joe, so great to see you. >> so glad to have you. >> yes. >> we know it is early. >> i have to ask are you sick
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of the rain? are you tired of the rain. >> i have to plead the fifth on that one. >> katie? >> because we need the rain. >> you right, we do need the rain. >> yes. >> katie just said a happy meteorological winter. >> indeed. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks for remembering. >> we're going to let katie celebrate in just a second, but we're still look very wet out there we have had a couple accidents, letting us know it is both slick out there. >> even though rain has technically pretty much wound down here what we will find is that when all of the rain we had from yesterday we had over 2 inches have rain since tuesday that helped just the rainfall deficit but only slew of problems. we have had a 7-inch deficit just a few days ago. look the at the where we stand now. it is better, folks. it looks like a nice smooth sale, so we can sit, relax at this point in the weather department and again, this


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