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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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of the rain? are you tired of the rain. >> i have to plead the fifth on that one. >> katie? >> because we need the rain. >> you right, we do need the rain. >> yes. >> katie just said a happy meteorological winter. >> indeed. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks for remembering. >> we're going to let katie celebrate in just a second, but we're still look very wet out there we have had a couple accidents, letting us know it is both slick out there. >> even though rain has technically pretty much wound down here what we will find is that when all of the rain we had from yesterday we had over 2 inches have rain since tuesday that helped just the rainfall deficit but only slew of problems. we have had a 7-inch deficit just a few days ago. look the at the where we stand now. it is better, folks. it looks like a nice smooth sale, so we can sit, relax at this point in the weather department and again, this
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meteorological winter. the lets throw a little party. >> wow. >> all right. storm scan three as we showed you a moment ago quiet, locally all that is lefties a few stray syringe also cross ocean, monmouth county. we will be clearing with time, with the wind picking up here too. day of transition, we are seeing wind speeds picking up out of the northwest in the teens, 20's, current temperatures are in the mid to upper 50's, we actually already hit a daytime high of 63 earlier, but we will keep you in the mid to upper 50's for are the owes draft when we play cooler air catching um to us and sun starting to shine again. meisha. >> won't that be nice. thanks much, katie. looking outside right new we're talking about wet roadways out there. they are indeed. here's a look at new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road as we go northbound toward 295 this is what we're working with. not bad. looking good. would i say looking typical. typical in the world of travel is not necessarily a bad thing. looking at ben franklin bridge looking slick here as well, and it is also looking quiet which is a good thing. for those heading out
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earlier today not a bad idea to do so. i would recommend doing so. if you do you are in good company. basically any where we are looking is looking g we have an accident in palmyra, take a look, vehicle went in the pole here at second street, and you can use that alternate, temple boulevard, all lanes are not block but good alternate have to have. construction route 70 in cherry hill both directions between haddonfield road and cropwell road, one lane is block. that is blocked until 6:00 a.m. plus construction here as well, in westville, new jersey route 47 delsea drive northbound at route 1301 lane is blocked, that one will be out there until 6:00 a.m. as well, joe, over to you. just hours after recovering vehicle new developments unfold in the case involving hit/run death of the eight year-old girl. >> lets get to "eyewitness news" reporter trang do live at police headquarters with the details of the the case, trang. >> reporter: rahel and jim, so much relief this morning with the arrest for jayanna powell's family and investigators. police have not the released the name of the person they have arrested but we do know
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he is 24 years old and lives in the city's overbrook section. it was ace tip from someone who saw all this news coverage that ultimately broke this case wide opened. day after a tearful plea from the parents of the jayanna powell an arrest in connection with the hit and run that took the eight year-old's life. >> i cannot describe the pain that i feel. it is a pain that i wouldn't want on my worst enemy. i get nothing, that was my last good bye. she was eight. i get nothing. no prom, no graduation, no marriage, no grand kids, i get nothing. >> reporter: owner of a and p auto body in chester county ultimately broke the case. he called police after realizing a silver nissan maxima brought in for repairs, matched the car police were looking for. police went on to arrest a 24 year-old man lives in the city's overbrook section not far from the scene of the accident. november 18th, jayanna was struck and killed near intersection of the 63rd and lansdowne avenue. she was walking home from school with her three siblings
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holding her 12 year-old brother's hand. car just kept going, tuesday, police described the impact of the case of the investigators working it. >> somehow i don't know how this person is living with themselves. i wake up at 3:00 and wondering what did we miss on this case. >> reporter: there were a number of rewards for information in this case, $10,000 from the the city and immediate the 15 you this dollars from the fop just for an arrest and also $20,000 from jayanna's uncle. later this morning we hope to hear from police and her family about these latest developments. we are live from police headquarters i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks, trang. a woman is dead after a police chase end with a crash this west philadelphia. it happened just after 7:00 near 52nd and locust streets. police were chasing two men in the gray nissan wanted in connection with the shooting at the forty-eighth street at west minister avenue. well, while fleeing from police two men smashed into
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several cars and including the the victims. >> no police cars were involve in the accident but the persued car that was being persued by philadelphia police struck a car that was going through a steady green light, and the nissan had a steady red light, disregard that had red light and struck that car. >> at this point police have not identified the woman killed in the crash. police arrested two suspects and recovered a gun. president's recollect donald trump kicks off his so-called thank you tour with the stop this cincinnati, ohio. mr. trump will travel to indiana beforehand to talk about a deal he helped arrange to keep a thousand carrier air conditioning factory jobs from moving to mexico. yesterday, the president-elect announced he would separate himself from his global business interests, while in office. california congress woman nancy pelosi won enough votes to keep her position as top ranking democrat, in the house. democrats voted 134-63 to retain pelosi as minority reader. she for the off a challenge
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from ohio congressman tim ryan, who says that need to focus more on jobs and the economy. a judge denied green party candidate jill stein's motion to recount presidential election results in montgomery county. outside stein's attorney argued it is easier to hack a pennsylvania voting machine then an iphone. attorney for county board of elections reject that. stein plans to challenge results in other counties and she may appeal montgomery county's ruling. it is a first. >> yeah, last night's game called off because the court was unusable. our pat gallen has details on this slick situation. >> yeah. >> reporter: that is not a good thing you need the court to be usable. >> that is right. >> we do not want injured players. >> last night's sixers game brought us back to a similar outdoor incident back in the summer of 2001 which we will discuss in a second but when we play indoors this sort of thing is not supposed to happen. sixers were ready to play sacramento kings at the well but game was cancelled as court, was in no conditions
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for basketball. it was likely because of conn ken says caused by unseasonable weather. wells fargo staff, well, they try everything, wet mops, dry mops, dryers, but to no luck. as you know sixers do share the well with the flyers and there is ice under that floor which likely caused the problem. they tried everything, even demarcus cousins of the kings attempting to help touring the delay. he looks like he is mopping with q tips. the nba decided to postpone the game because the floor was just not safe. >> the floor was a little slick today, starting at 4:00 o'clock. sacramento players recognized it in the shoot around. we came out today, and tried a whole bunch of different things. they dry mopped it, wet mopped it, let it the dry. it seemed to be a film on the court but at the end of the day this isn't our call but call from the nba. officials made the call, with conversation with new york and
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feedback from frustrates. the game was postponed. >> sixers haven't announced a make up date but they will honor tickets and parking receipts once the new date is announced. they are also offering complimentary tickets to one of three other games on the schedule, the fans have sat home last night are trying to be understanding. >> they cancelled the game. they said something was rock with the floor. sacramento players didn't want to come out. they gave us two free extra games afterwards but they cancelled the game tonight. >> it is a dig disappointment. we came here looking for a good game but players safety ultimately is what is important. >> joel embiid having fun on twitter, here's his reaction. well, the court was tanking tonight, #, trust the process. he was supposed to play 28 minutes last night but instead played zero. official twitter ant sacramentoo trolliay postponed. y'all can trust the process but not the floor. shake my head. this isn't first time fans in philadelphia were sent home without seeing a game. do you remember this?
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eagles/ravens preseason game in august 2001, the old turf at the vet was deemed unsafe prior to kick off of the league, cancelled the game. last night's this was an em bass race. people still talk about this one. fifteen years later, so... >> is that what we're calling it floor gate. >> that works. >> what is this. >> i hope they don't have to replace the court. i'm going to the game friday night. i want to see a good game. >> all right, pat, thanks very much. we're following developing news from washington state where police officer has been shot and killed and right any authorities remain in a standoff with that suspect. also ahead, mourners gathered in brazil paying tribute to the soccer players killed in the plane crash in columbia but we are seeing new video from inside the plane moments before take off. also this. >> more than a dozen twisters hit the south east i'm
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reaction an siberry, coming up the damage
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>> unaudible. >> well this video right here shows the team were they departed for the trip, according to the recording of the pilot's final communication he reported he he was running out of fuel and in an emergency. the recording indicates that the plane had an electrical failure, moments later, the lane crashed into the mountains just 9 miles from the runway. in the meantime more than 22,000 fans gathered in brazil to mourn the 71 people killed in the crash. they participated in a catholic mass inside soccer team's arena, the team was scheduled to play a championship game there in columbia. back here at home devastation and destruction, a deadly tornado out break wreaks havoc in the south east at least five people dead, dozens are injured and thousands are also left without power. here's cbs news correspondent roxaneasiberry. >> search and rescue teams fanned out overnight. >> we have got crews out, doing home searches, making
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sure everybody is okay. >> reporter: as residents in alabama took stock in the devastation around them. in the small town of rosa lee yesterday tornado ripped apart homes and businesses and killed three people waiting out a storm inside their mobile home. jim smith knew one of them. >> it was a friend of mine's daughter, that is why my business is gone, no big deal, i will get it all together and restart. >> reporter: 100 miles north, mark faulk junior a georgia fire fighter and his wife sandra were killed when a ef3 tornado struck polk county in tennessee. >> he loved what it represented, he loved to work with the neighbors and the kids. >> reporter: at least five other counties in the state were also hit, mayor of the one of them was moved to tears, sharing the story of a family who escaped the worst. >> my baby was born, at the local hospital, that family's house has been destroyed. >> reporter: twisters were part of the onslaught of severe weather that hit parts of the georgia, louisiana and
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mississippi where a powerful wind flipped cars and even 18 wheelers. >> we're really lucky that nobody was hurt here it this, we could be the other way. >> reporter: storm system also moved through carolinas bringing down trees and closing roads. roxaneasiberry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wild fires in tennessee are posing a threat to farmers and their live stock. people are coming together to now offer aid to farmers in their time of need. some branches like jessica bloom know all too well what the feel have of loss feels like. fire two years ago swept through her family's barn killing two horses. she and a friend set up a facebook page asking for help. >> what we're doggies getting together any hey, grain, vet supplies, gauze, buckets, anything like that that you might think that they could need. >> reporter: less than 24 hours she said close to 400 people volunteered, jessica's barn is a donation drop off and plans to have a caravan
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head to tene to deliver the supplies. final calm here, katie, it was rough going around 9:00 o'clock to hear the rain coming down, it was violent outside. >> you know, it was pretty violent, then are storms that rumbled through portions of west central, new jersey guys, we had strong wind that accompanied that certainly heavy downpours. it was, in the end, if we look back, legacy will be that it was a beneficial storm system. it was a big nuisance too but it is long gone and we have at least ended up with two or so inches worth of rain to chip away at current deaf set. looking at storm scan three, yes, it is heavy, this storm system but now more new england's problem or atlantic, canada's problem. the as we are seeing things clear out here transition is now getting underway where mugginess starts to go away, breeze picks up, dryer air takes over and sun will start to shine for a change too. that is good news. you can see that frontal bound try that crossed through deep south here and even did bring in some beneficial rain to the
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wild fire affect areas in tene, that has been since cleared out and they can go back to recovering and recuperating from everything that has been going on there with the natural disaster as ovulate. future win seed in the meantime back here at home, they are impressive, we are talking sustain wind speeds in the teens, i would say you will see gusts in the the 20's, maybe renegade 30 miles an hour gust here, by noon time it is a westerly wind flow so dryer air is beginning to take hold so it the is not feeling terribly chilly. then that wind flow turns out of the northwest and that temperature takes a hit by tomorrow noon time. we will still have that breeze that is noticeable and by friday we will break that winter coat back out. but we are trying out today, when i say that dew points are dropping not only is rain ending but dew points are dropping, it becomes a better hair day with every passing hour, again don't discount wind but when we talk due points bottoming out in the 30's that is any, dry air so just give it sometime, it was really muggy on my drive-in to
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work this morning and still feeling that way right now but you there is a transition underway as we speak. yesterday, you could not even make out, heck even lights on the betsy ross bridge let alone center sit the eye sky line in the distance. you can tell things are transitioning, 57 is our afternoon high but technically we have hit high of 63, it happened a few hours ago but we are drying out, clearing out and with the dryer air and cooler air, it will of course cool down. thirty-eight as a result, it is getting chilly again. we will own hit the upper 40's at best throughout the weekend but it looks like a nice weekend, meisha. >> that is what is good today, gateway to the weekend, rain is finally moving out, we will see sunshine but not so great news is that we have still dealing with some slippery conditions and it is posing some problems this morning on your commute. just a heads up. i-95 north before walt whitman bridge this is what we're looking at right now. we have an accident pulled off blocking that right lane and it is causing significant backups already. we're tracking the 5:00 o'clock hour now. the heads up if you are anywhere around the northbound
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direction on i-95, by the walt whitman bridge. give yourself extra time. the at this point would i say an extra 25 minutes or so. then looking at the vine, good news it was not closed for overnight construction. the great news, westbound you're looking nice jumping out schuylkill eastbound side we are building a little bit quicker in the westbound side but overall we're still looking okay there. couple accidents, more accidents, out there, pennsauken township, new jersey, u.s. 30 westbound approaching white horse pike, all lanes are blocked right now you you will to have use this alternate route 70 and this is a good indication of things to come this morning. it is very slippery outside, rahel, back over to you. all right, meisha, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across our region. >> from the cover of the trentonian a shooting victim dropped at trenton police headquarters last flight was pronounced dead at a near wye hospitals. the officers worked to save would the man's life. she died of a inning will gunshot wound to the checks. pottstown mercury reports on a head on crash between a sedan and a school bus, it happened wednesday afternoon
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near farming ton avenue in grows road. bus driver tried to avoid the sedan when it crossed over double yellow lines. a man, woman and child in the sedan were injured, three students from pottsgrove high school and bus driver suffered minor injuries. and to norristown the times herald reports on some new faces, four new portraits are on display at county courthouse including one of the judge risa vetri furhman. others joseph walsh. that is a look at headlines around the delaware valley. protests break out in north carolina after a controversial decision in a police involved deadly shoeing. >> we have a update the on the the number of people arrested next, also this morning authorities in will california, are offering more details about the alarming abduction of the the mother while she was jogging, we will
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back now, police arrested four people during a protest in charlotte thort carolina
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they were protesting decision not to file charges and in the officer shooting death have of keith lemont scott. scott was shot in december. district attorney determined that brently benson acted lawfully, scott's family said they were profoundly disappointed with the decision. developing right now police officer in washington state is shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance, standoff still going on right now outside this home in that coma where it happened, police believe shooting suspect is still barricaded inside so as a result police put the entire neighborhood on lock down. and in california, authorities arrested a fugitive inmate who has been on the run since last week. they apprehended the inmate, at a house in san jose after a seven hour standoff, he escaped with three other inmates. two were caught quickly. another fugitive laron campbell was fun with the help of tips from the public, police say. new disturbing details emerge in the kidnapping of the mother in california, sherry papini was held captive
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for three weeks outside san francisco. her husband opened up about his wife's disturbing injuries saying that she what's mace eighthed, badly bruised from repeated beatings and her long, blonde hair had been chopped off. investigators are desperate liz trying to figure out why she was taken. >> i will confirm that the suspect did brand her. i will not get into any of the details where the brandies located on her body. >> papini described her attackers as two hispanic woman who covered their faces while speaking spanish majority of the time. the suspects have have in the been identified. remains of the fidel castro continue a journey across the island of cuba today, thousands lined the route of yesterday's procession, castro's ashes were in cased in a box covered in the cuban flag. citizens waved flags and chanted the motorcade drove by, the procession ended sunday when castro was intered
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in the town of santiago in southeastern cuba. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" mayor jim kenney talks vandalism after city employee is identified in the case involving anti trump graffiti. joe, we have heard all of the benefits of the drinking wine and a new study says certain type of wine may lead to an increased risk of cancer, we will have details in the healthwatch. then we will look inside historic area homes decorated for the holidays we will tell you how you can see them in person, katie, good morning. >> we are looking ahead to that story here but we are also looking forward to the up coming weekend, wouldn't be, right? at this point we're expecting a smooth sail, by the time we hit the weekend, a dose of december reality for sure in the upper 40's at best in the city but does stay dry with sunshine and a couple of clouds here and there both through saturday and sunday. we will be right
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we are drying out on this first day of december, after days of rain, we are in for partly sunny skies to day, katie will tell us when it is all back to normal. >> good morning. i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm joe holden in for jim donovan. katie and meisha join us in a moment but first here's what you need to necessity to start your day in the morning minute. >> new developments in the hit and run death on her way home from school. >> relief for jayanna's powell
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familiar a as well as investigators with an arrest in this case. >> wow. >> at least five people are dead, dozens are injured and thousands still without power after a deadly tornado out break sweeps through the south east. slippery situation for the sixers. >> last night's sixers game was postponed for the floor being too slippery. >> not one but two mops for the bo ge y man. >> dehashing us cousins now highest paid floor mopper in nba history. >> both romney last night and trump were dining at a four star french restaurant, billion air of the people ordered young garlic soup with tyme and sauteed frogs legs. i thought he said he would drain the swamp not eat contents. >> the main course he swallowed his pride, dignity and self esteem after dessert, cake. >> i saw way too many


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