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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 1, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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familiar a as well as investigators with an arrest in this case. >> wow. >> at least five people are dead, dozens are injured and thousands still without power after a deadly tornado out break sweeps through the south east. slippery situation for the sixers. >> last night's sixers game was postponed for the floor being too slippery. >> not one but two mops for the bo ge y man. >> dehashing us cousins now highest paid floor mopper in nba history. >> both romney last night and trump were dining at a four star french restaurant, billion air of the people ordered young garlic soup with tyme and sauteed frogs legs. i thought he said he would drain the swamp not eat contents. >> the main course he swallowed his pride, dignity and self esteem after dessert, cake. >> i saw way too many
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inappropriate memes. >> they are even less. they are endless. >> lets get out to katie because katie, you are tracking a nice little improvement, that is nice. >> yes. >> last two days having not seen the sun, virtually at all, this will be a nice change of pace, and you know, we sometimes to have deal with the good to reap the reward. we really, really needed that rain. when we start off by looking at the california will day from the month, that past now, of course we are bringing in the month of december, look the at how much rain we have had here. foulke, the bulk of the 2.7 inches came in the last two days. for those first three on the third and on the ninth, and the 19th, we actually had less than half inch over the span of the entire three day stretch there with those rain events. so, there was desperate thely needed rain. now we can wipe our hand clean of the storm system. looking at storm scan locally there is nothing left, guys, skies are clearing nicely. in fact i'm looking up above me on the skies deck and i cap not fine cloud. things are clearing out
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nicely. average high is only 50, it is still feeling balmy outside. you hit the new years day and talking more so in the lower 40's for what is average. that is usually the coldest time of the year, at least when it comes to averaging. look at where we are currently standing. we are love have already hit 63 degrees in philadelphia it happened a couple hours ago. now we are seeing the return, to some more realistic temperature readings. even though it is still a transition day. we will stay above average for rest of the day and level off in the mid to upper 50's for rest of the the day. sending the kid out to school or school bus, you will not have to worry about an umbrella at this point but if you are trying the kids yourself watch for wet leaves on the roads, especially in the neighborhoods and still on the highways and every where else there could be some ponding and spray from the other vehicles but that is it at this point, meisha. we're getting out of of it. >> that is what we're seeing, wet roadways and whatever we're talking about slippery road conditions we know, they can slow us down in the morning. that is what we're seeing right now. good news is we're not seeing the levels, the quick levels,
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that we have seen all week lock up until right now. we are starting to calm down a little bit in terms of everyone running out of the door in the 4:00 o'clock and early 5:00 o'clock hours. in terms of the volume levels we're looking okay. this is where we had an accident northbound side, before the walt whitman bridge, that is now been since cleared. what we're looking at now is southbound side where we're keeping my eye right now and plenty of headlights right new but overall in great company. we are however, because of the slick conditions seeing some problems on the roadways. we have a serious accident here, u.s. 30 westbound approaching white horse pike that road now has been called, closed. so you will to have use that alternate route 70 is your best bet, also we have another accident in malvern, paoli make between rustic lane and pattison lane. a lot of these accidents are just starting to pop up one after another letting us know it is still slick out there cinnaminson avenue at second street, alternate temple boulevard, this is where a vehicle slammed in the poll. that is to still out there as well. just take it easy, this morning, joe and rahel, back to you. philadelphia police make
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an arrest this is deadly hit and run of the little girl in overbrook. >> thinks the gray nissan believed to be involved in the hit and run that killed little jayanna powell. she was hit crossing street november 18th. owner of the auto body shop near malvern saw reports and thought a car brought in for repairs matched the description. >> the pain that i wouldn't want on my worst enemy, and i would get nothing. that was my last good bye. she was eight. >> after recovering the car police made an arrest, at this point they have not released identity of that suspect. death of the toddler in kensington is being treated as a homicide investigation. lets take a look at two-year old little boy, philadelphia police found the boy unresponsive on the six hundred block of clementine street just before midnight. it wases rushed to st. christopher's hospital where he was row announced dead. sources tell "eyewitness news" that the child had injuries to his ribs, his liver, as well as obvious signs of trauma, police are questioning the child's mother and her boyfriend. a montgomery county
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pediatrician is in jail on child pornography charges, police say david kennedy admitted to viewing child pornography and saving pictures to his cell even if. that was owned by his employer, permanent care pediatrics in pennsburg. a nurse discovered the images when she was given the phone to take after hours calls over thanksgiving weekend. police say that they have found more explicit images on two other cell phones belong to go kennedy. philadelphia's mayor jim kenney responded to political vaned list many in chestnut hill. >> here's why city's law department identified one of two men seen on the surveillance video of duncan lloyd, assistant city solicitor. they are wanted in connection into an anti donald trump graffiti found on the fresh market on 8200 germantown avenue last friday. police have not made any arrests just yet but mayor did in the think highly of this behavior. >> it was a dumb thing to do. it is not the type of activity
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we expect from our police, orr not the type of behavior we expect from our citizens. it is this continuation of this election fall out that is ugly. >> the philadelphia republican party released a statement in response saying in part that the taxpayers should not be or should be entrust continuing exactly none of our faith into this man. craig straw, city's law department releasing a statement and he says i quote to my knowledge mr. lloyd has already contacted the philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. we will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information, about the investigation. we do not conn down this type of behavior, from our employees. time is 5:36. in business news this morning why you could be paying more at the pump very soon. >> um-hmm, and details on a new discovery by nestle, money watch's jill wagner joins us from the new york stock
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exchange, good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning, joe and rahel. investors are keeping an eye on oil prices and tomorrow's big jobs report. yesterday dow jones rose one point, nasdaq was down 56 points. opec reached a deal to cut oil production wye 1.2 million barrels a day, oil supply led to lower prices. thinks first time in 15 years that the oil cartel and non-member russia acted together. non-opec members are also expected to cut back. oil prices shut up by 8 percent, that could mean drivers will be paying more at the gas pump. cyber security firm reports more than a million google accounts have been breached, checkpoint software say they traced mal wear, back to dozens of legitimate looking apps on older android phones. once on your phone, it can access data from g mail, google photos and documents. nestle discovered way to cut amount of sugar in its check late by 40 percent without impacting taste. the it works by altering sugar so it taste sweeter in smaller
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amounts. it will gradually implement the change in its chocolate. they may kitkats, butter finger and chocolate bars. >> our producer vince said he wants no part, in that less sugary chocolate there. >> full on all the way: i feel like it is a bold statement, bold statement to say it will not impact the taste. we will be the judge of that. >> i'm serious. you can tell the difference. always tell. >> jill wagner, live for us, thanks very much. well, cheryl sandberg is donating 100 million-dollar worth of face back stock to charity. facebook coo transferred 880,000 shares to a fun created after her husband passed away last year. it is unclear what causes it will benefit the but i might remember last year she gave 31 million-dollar of stock to charitable causes. a new court filing is giving us an idea of the will value of the late rock star prince's estate, it appears to
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be about 200 million-dollar. this is first specific estimate to be public from court proceedings after prince's death last april. the singers and musician left no men will. prince's sister and five half siblings are in line to inherit equal shares of the estate. former assistant fat ball coach mike mcqueary is getting another five million-dollar over his treatment by the school after jerry sandusky's arrest. a judge ruled yesterday that mcqueary's firing was connected to his cooperation in the jerry sandusky case. a jury already awarded mcqueary 7.3 million-dollar for defamation and miss representation. sandusky meanwhile is serving up a prison term for me less continuing ten boys. a famous hollywood director gets an audience with the pope, we will tell you why just ahead. >> then victoria secret fashion show heads to paris. joe, i necessity you will want to see this. >> yes, get the me popcorn out. >> and rock kits are kicking off holidays in new york city. don't miss the tree lighting,
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that is coming up.
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well, i got the to tell you this years victoria secret fashion show rocks the city of lights, known as lazyes if not most racy catwalk event of the year. took place last night in paris. we will get to some video real soon from this pink carpet
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because show doesn't air on television until next week. but to give you a hypothesis what you will see show featured a three million-dollar bra, three million-dollar bra, performances by lady gaga and bruno mars and two sisters joining forces, their mom, a former model herself, just could not be happier. >> they are just so perfect. they are both here. we're celebrating the sisters together. >> the show of all shows, and i am like the jack nicholson of the victoria secret fashion show. >> that was nick cannon, obviously dressing the part, he is official programming airs monday night right here on cbs-3. i will be watching. he is used to entertaining audiences but it was director martin scoresee who received an audience with the pope. scoresianni his family met with pope francis yesterday before a vatican screening of his latest film religious drama silence. it tells story of two jesuit priests searching for their lost mentor in 17th century
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japan, where christianity was forbidden. >> i'm having flashbacks of godfather three of you seen it. it is with the vatican. >> how do we transition here. >> yeah, really. >> make it a nice clean break if you show choose. >> yes, exactly. let's move on. what we will find is transition taking place in the wake of the rain we have had last couple of days but i do want to show you some rain. some rain amounts that we had, through the course, of the last couple of days. we will start off by getting on that side here and just showing you rain amounts. let's show you, just a short list in fact, out at the vault we have pick up over 2 inches. doyletown is at 1.74. in hockessin we ended up just over an inch as well. there was a nice solid round of rain for last two days that really helped, when it came,
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to, again, deficit that we had currently tasted. let's switch gears and look at eye witt net weather watchers, still balmy outside. we have got temperatures that are in the mid 50's here around the region as a whole. fifty-five comes in from peter, up in lawrenceville. he just sent this over, under 15 minutes ago, so very up to date on the observations. temperatures have, again, not really moved all that much. we came out in philadelphia, from an early morning high of 63 degrees. currently it is 49 where barbara is. she just reported this in the last four minutes. she has a is in clear sky. dew point is 47. so it is still feeling at least a little muggy but now that the skies are clearing out, it will feel dryer and dryer as the day goes on. you will net is breeze. let me take you south into west central new jersey where john reports still some cloud in mullica, he sent that in the the last 15 minutes. again, rainfall through overnight pick up a tenth of an inch but now moving out
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nicely. let's switch back jump ahead to storm scan three which is still featuring nice clearing skies, you can see that the moisture has, in the last hour and a half been pulling out to sea. storm is basically a new england and canada problem. even cold front draped across deep south bringing in that severe weather, tornadic activity, that has really begun to fizzle. all that is lefties residual showers and light rain. it is getting better for those folks, that had to deal with some very nasty storms in the last couple of days. lets look at the seven day. warmest day of the pack comes today, and we are going to see temperatures drop off to much more realistic values next few days with more sunshine, a couple clouds over the weekend but i expect a try weekend. cutting down your christmas tree or anything like that you have thumbs up. >> yeah, i will say that looks great to see all of that sun, thanks very much for that, katie. happy gate the way, this is just starting off good this morning, but we are still dealing with wet roadways and because of that we have some
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accidents out there. first, new jersey 42 freeway north bound at creek road we are heating up approaching 295. head up, give yourself a couple that minutes. as we progress, that will only get busier. route one, headlights moving in the southbound direction, fox street you can see what we're working with the in the north and southbound direction heating up there but don't necessarily need to leave early in that part just know you are dealing with slick conditions. we have this serious accident, u.s. 30 in both directions approaching u.s. 130 or collinswood circle that road is now closed, you will to have use an alternate, route 70 is going to be your best bet and it sound like it is blocking intersection there, absolutely stay away from that area. if you have to go out there just know you will come to a stop and you will be diverted. accident here also in paoli pike between rustic lane and also, pattison lane. head up. we have more accidents and construction to talk about coming up in ten minutes. joe, over to you. meisha, thank you you. in the cbs-3 healthwatch new research sitting a bit
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less may help people with type two diabetes control their blood sugar levels. european researchers found that standing and light walking are effective alternative toss a traditional exercise and keeping diabetes under control. new study says brown university links white wine with increased risk of melanoma, researchers found each glass of white wine per day was associated with a 13 percent increased risk of melanoma. beer, red wine, and liquor, did not significantly effect skin cancer risk. and new evidence says that aspirin can help older adults live longer. research at u.s.c. find daily low dose aspirin can help seniors reduce risk of heart attack and prevent some cancers. it is december 1st. >> i know. >> well, jan carabao is getting us in the holiday spirit. >> jan, good morning. >> it is a very philly christmas i'm jan carabao coming to you live from lemon
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hill hangs, one of the six mansions deck out the for holidays here in beautiful fair mount park. coming up we will explain why mummers are involved in this annual
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johnny mathis, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york city.
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>> annual tradition opens up the holiday season in manhattan. >> three, two, one... >> how beautiful is that. >> love that. >> 50,000 lights decorate the christmas tree in rocker feller center, thousands gathered for free but rainy celebrations, mayor bill deblasio got help from saturday night live star alex baldwin and kate mcken on lighting up the 94 tall spruce. >> i try to get my tree to look like that every year but i miss the mark a little bit. something about peco not letting me put 50,000 lights in my living room, and 94 feet. let's not forget about that. >> decorations are filling up around the city and that includes some of philadelphia's historic houses. >> historic houses of fairmount park will welcome visitor this holiday season. jan carabao is live at lemon hill mansion with the details, jan. >> reporter: rahel and joe, good morning, thinks
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forty-fifth annual christmas at fairmount park coming to you live from lemon hill mansion, one of the six houses decked out for the the holidays. this is the chris crinkle room, here and pays homage to james parkinson who hired a neighbor to play chris crinkle at his shop on chestnut hill and he is considered to be first person who brought in a department store santa so a little bit of the philadelphia connection for you you there as we turnaround and walk through mansion this morning. you can see some more nods to philadelphia out here in the hallway, the grand entrance, we have a bit of mummery, some mummers, costumes out here and as we walk into the the over room as it is known we have much more, and maybe a manikin challenge. that is actually our live interview, ed miller, hi, thanks for being here this morning with the fairmount park conservancy. >> correct. >> thanks for being here. >> we see these philly connections as part of the theme this year. >> yes. this would not be happening without partnership between
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city of philadelphia parks and recreation department ape fairmount park. >> reporter: they do a great job for every year. >> for 45 years. that is how this got developed because we thought philadelphia is all about tradition and celebrating our forty-fifth year we need to celebrate the city of philadelphia. >> and what makes it great. >> it is music, food, family and neighbors. >> yes, and these houses with all these decorations are difficulties laid all month, first through 31st but they are four specific days with extra special events, what are those. >> starting this the saturday we have sound of the season, all about music, great philadelphia based musical organizations, members of opera philadelphia, jazz cleft club, black chamber orchestra, just to name a few. following day all about families, again, amazing array of partners. we have the police touch new people, smith playground, franklin institute, santa contacted us and he wanted to come out. why not, he will be here at lemon hill mansion on sunday. >> reporter: i hear you have a room decked out for him. >> we try to accommodate him when we can.
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>> reporter: we have to get santa started off right. >> want to be on the right side of the list too. >> reporter: next weekend too a bunch more events on saturday and sunday. >> saturday is all about neighbors. we are inviting surrounding neighborhoods in. we will have performers from the neighborhoods coming in and perform. also on sunday all about food. >> reporter: oh, yeah, love it. >> imagine coming into these beautiful houses, free samples from john and k ira chocolate, shayne's, yards brewery, philadelphia pretzel just to name a few. it will be here sunday, december 11th. >> i have not had breakfast yet. it is a lot to take in. where can people find a detailed list of the events and what each house has to offer. >> just go to our web site at holidays in the, that is plural, holidays in the and you can see all about those four special days we have talked about but look at the holiday schedule and they will have a day by day listing is what happening at the house all through december. >> tickets are required. >> yes, just eight dollars per
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house, or buy discounted event day passes for those four special days we have talk about. >> that money goes to keeping these houses up and restoring them, it is an important fundraiser for you. >> that is true. >> thanks very much. joe and rahel, back to you. >> jan, thank you. >> ed miller with the manikin challenge. >> very nicely done. >> coming up next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", are you looking for a new best friend. we will tell but a mega adoption event this weekend where more than 1,000 dogs or cats will be looking for their forever homes. >> very nice. plus a college acceptance letter just got very trendy, see the new much faster way some colleges are notifying applicants, when they are accepted, that story is
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it was a stormy night and now rain is moving out. katie will let us know what we can expect as we usher in december. well, justice for jayanna police make an arrest in the hit and run that killed an eight year-old girl in overbrook. we are live about who tipped off police about a car and driver. >> slippery situation for sixers, last night's game postponed because the court was just too slick, fans were already there and want to know, what went wrong. and today is thursday,
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december 1st, good morning, jim's off i'm gentlemen holden. i'm rahel solomon. lets get you out the door with the check of weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> good morning, gateway to the weekend starting off slippery talking about slippery it is still very wet out there and because of that we have seen accident after accident, already this morning. so katie, when will it dry out. >> here's the thing, it has dried up in terms of the rain actually falling from the sky. you have to keep in mind they we have these left over issues that come along after a storm like this that brought two straight days of two plus inches of rain. we will have aftermath to deal with here guys, keep it in mind. meisha will have more on this but we will be carrying wet roads, padded and down leaves from the rain that brought those leaves off the trees especially through the neighborhoods but at this point storm scan, yeah, it is clearing out, we can wipe slate clean in that regard. wind beginning to pick up. that will dry out the roads a little bit more readily. at least initially morning drive is not looking


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