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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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december 1st, good morning, jim's off i'm gentlemen holden. i'm rahel solomon. lets get you out the door with the check of weather and traffic with katie and meisha. >> good morning, gateway to the weekend starting off slippery talking about slippery it is still very wet out there and because of that we have seen accident after accident, already this morning. so katie, when will it dry out. >> here's the thing, it has dried up in terms of the rain actually falling from the sky. you have to keep in mind they we have these left over issues that come along after a storm like this that brought two straight days of two plus inches of rain. we will have aftermath to deal with here guys, keep it in mind. meisha will have more on this but we will be carrying wet roads, padded and down leaves from the rain that brought those leaves off the trees especially through the neighborhoods but at this point storm scan, yeah, it is clearing out, we can wipe slate clean in that regard. wind beginning to pick up. that will dry out the roads a little bit more readily. at least initially morning drive is not looking ideal.
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and expect because wet leaves, ponding, road spray that it will still be slow and probably a little slick out there. but again, rain, that is done with. now we will transition. we're going to be transitioning away from what had been very balmy weather to more typical territory. because this is a day of transition, we are still expecting the high, or afternoon temperatures to officially hit upper 50's. that its currently where we stan, but we already hit our official daytime high much earlier this morning at 63 degrees. so that is as the day progresses, cooler air catches up to us here and as it it does so it will start to pick up. wind speed, and it will start to feel a little bit more chillier. for now at least it is drying out, meisha but we have got problems, i nose, just from the aftermath. >> you bet, absolutely, we have seen it, we are still seeing it the now, and new we're also starting to see these levels build, of course, as we are tracking in the 6:00 .
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we are looking at a disabled vehicle schuylkill west wound past conshohocken curve, it has pulled off to the shoulder that has been since cleared but what we are seeing is just how busy it is, out there, already. the schuylkill we can expect that i guess i suppose moving in the 6:00 o'clock hour, however, this is a little bit, would i say busier then what we see on a thursday morning, just cracking in the 6:00 o'clock hour. people heeding warning, maybe leaving early because what they have been dealing with all week long, and with the rain coming down not a bad idea. delaware county i-95 at 452. this is what you are looking at, not bad in terms of the airport we are looking okay. i will loath you know if anything changes. check your flight schedules on line. this is u.s. 30 in both direction as approaching u.s. 130 or collinswood circle. that road is closed it sound like intersection is blocked right now. you will to have use that alternate. route 70 is your best bet, if i get any changes i will let you nose as soon as i get this another accident, paoli pike and ruth particular lane. a lot going on.
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joe and rahel, back to you. there are new developments in the hunt for hit and run driver that killed a little girl in overbrook. >> police made an arrest and big break in the case came from a tip from police. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live at police headquarters, trang, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel and jim, that person called police based on the car police were looking for and a silver nissan with front end damage. that car also led them to the person that they arrested. >> police cars were involved this is accident but the persued car that was being persued by philadelphia police struck a car that was going through a steady green light, the nissan had a steady red light, disregard that had red light and struck that >> reporter: we apologize for that. that was incorrect clip there. basically police did make an
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arrest in this particular case. what we know about the person is that he is a 24 year-old man from the overbrook section, police have not released his name, due to pending charges, but this accident happened on november 18th, where jayanna powell an eight year-old was walking with her three siblings holding her 12 year-old brother's hand when she was hit at 63rd and lansdowne avenues. that person obviously just kept going, and so police were able to get this tip based on that part description sent out, car description, owner of an auto body shop a and b in chester county realized that vehicle that matched that description was brought into make those repairs. so that person then went ahead and called police to put in this tip and this young man was arrested, last night by police. we are hoping to learn shore about this situation, later on today and also hope to speak to jayanna's family very relieved that this person is off the street. live from police headquarters,
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trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". indeed, thanks for that live report. woman is dead after police chase end with the crash in west philadelphia. this happened just after 7:00 last night near 52nd and locust streets. police were chasing two men in the gray nissan wanted in connection with the shooting at forty-eighth street in west minister avenue. while fleeing from police two males smashed into several cars including the victims. >> no police cars were involved in the accident but persued car that was being persued by philadelphia police struck a car that was going through a steady green light, nissan had a steady red light, disregard that had red light and struck that car. >> officers have arrested two suspects and recovered a gun from their car but at this point neff not yet identified the victim. president-elect donald trump is kicking off what he is calling a thank you tour today with the stop in senate the eye, ohio. the president-elect will travel to indiana beforehand to talk about a deal he helped
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arrange to keep a thousand carrier air conditioning jobs from moving to mexico. yesterday mr. trump announcing he would separate himself from his global business interests while in office. he is still deciding on his pick for secretary have of state. a setback for jill stein in efforts to get a recount of pennsylvania's presidential election results yesterday a judge in montgomery county denied a motion by green party candidate to have results recounted there. the attorneys for stein argued cyber attacks could have altered results tabulateled in electronic voting machines. recount fight is not yet over, stein plans to challenge results in other counties, wisconsin begins the recount there today. a very bizarre event at last night's sixers game. >> after the unusual occurrence there was, no game at all. >> pat gallen here with the situation. >> no basketball last night. >> being paid to seeing a game and didn't see it. a lot of mopping.
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sixth are and kings were supposed to play basketball last night but instead we will focus on the court. sixers say they will honor tickets for last night's powe pope. when game is reschedule and give fans a choice of another game free later in the season. court has flyers ice underneath it and it appears moisture made the floor slick and unplayable. sixers apologized to their fans who went home disappointed. angelo cataldi from our sister station sports radio 94 wip says it was delay in the announcement that annoyed him most. >> what i blame the sixers for is once again they refuse to communicate with their fans, let them know there was some indication that as early as 10:00 o'clock in the morning. they let all those fans get in the car, drives to the building, spend money on concessions, there were reports out of sacramento by 7:30 that the game was going to be postponed and they did not announce anything until after 8:00. sixers need to respect the fans enough to keep them
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apprised and that is where they blue it this case. >> sixers fans were split on the decision, some were happy with the rain check and extra free game but not everyone. >> i thought there was condensation on the ground because it was just too cold yesterday and then too warm today. >> they should have just played. we all paid for it. >> we got in, it was like 15 to 20 minute wait, after that, they told us that the game was cancelled. everybody started booing and then left. >> the floor was wet so they cancelled everybody. but we got three games to go to now that they have cancelled. it is a good thing. >> two for one. >> this isn't first time fans in philly were sent home without seeing a game. do you remember this? eagles/ravens preseason in august 2001, old turf at the vet deemed unsafe prior to kick off to the league canceling the game. it was unsafe for many more years than that. this was an embarrassment, people still talking about this one, 15 years later's new we can add, sixers floor gate
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to the list, yeah. >> you know something is immediately wrong when there is tight shots of mops and buckets. >> and dryers, yeah, players out there mopping floor it was a bad situation. >> pat gallen thanks very much. >> you got it. still ahead this morning more than 100,000 fans flooding a soccer stadium, and the streets in brazil in a tear jerking tribute to soccer players kill in the plane crash and now you we are hearing the pilot's audio, just seconds before the plane crashed. there was so much wind, everything was just flying every where, it was bad. >> it just happened so fast, two or three seconds it was gone. >> a tornado out break in the south more than a dozen tornadoes reported, this morning we are getting a closer look at damage, plus this. like an early christmas. >> boys and girls club got this college student on the right track and now they can use your help, gifts that would make teenagers happen any this weeks story of brotherly love.
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we are back in december, just like that we have flipped calendar and here we are december 1st, how about it, as katie would say, meteorological winter, it the is upon us. >> a call for celebration here. >> katie, speaking of which, has your forecast when we come back.
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there is new video detailing final moment for brazilian sock are team just before their plane crashed in the mountains have of columbia. >> well, this video shows team before they departed for the
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tournament. according to the recording of the pilot's final communications he reported that he was running out of fuel and in an emergency. the recording also indicates that the plane had an electrical failure, moments later, plane crashed in the mountains, just less than 9 miles from the runway. in the meantime family, friends, fans mourned loss of the 71 people killed in this crash. more than 100,000 fans gathered in brazil to mourn, and many of them packing the stadium for a catholic mass, the team was scheduled to play a championship game in columbia. at least five people are dead, dozens are injured and thousands are without power after a series of deadly tornadoes, ripped through south east. there are reports of the two dozen tornadoes in five different states. you can see destruction here in alabama. resident are still in the state of shock and first responders moved quickly to assess damage. >> what we believe is the tornadoes came through,
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pelican and caused the damage, down power lines, down trees, building damaged, we have got crews out, and they are doing home searches, making sure everybody is okay. >> anal bam a's governor did declare a state of emergency while search and rescue missions continue. lets get out to katie. it is so hard because of how widespread it is, five different states. >> we're talking about millions of people affected by this storm system that has encompassed the eastern two thirds of the u.s. here. for the last couple of days. so thankfully, as far as we're concerned, it is all done, and over with, but there is still some decent organization with this. newest specially across maine, and leading up in towards nova scotia we have good snow coming down, right now, we obviously just have too much warmth to support any snowfall but we definitely had our fair share of rain which now, thankfully is out of here. so damage essentially has been done quote unquote and we are seeing a nice little chip get put in the rainfall deficit.
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chipping at it ever so slowly yesterday but day before brought in a good batch of rain that we desperately needed. it is drying out, cooling down. we cannot have 60's in the early days of december all the time and we're not going to see that now that we're kick starting the month here. we did end up with a high of six earlier this morning but we will see temperatures steadily dropping off. this is days ahead the breeze is still, a forecast for tell toll as low pressure retreats for the high but sun will shine, talking low 50's that is where we should be. then we're in the up are 40's through the course of the weekend but with high pressure in place other than a couple of clouds here and splits luke lie a decent weekend. if you do have outdoor plans. you will november excuse to be outside but make sure you bundle up adequate thely. we have barely a cloud left over, that is all you can find outside pleasant middle valley and high school and that is the story every where. as we just mentioned it is meteorological winter beginning today but according to the astronomical will calendar it kicks off at solstice december 21st, with the shortest amount have of
6:16 am
daylight. now looking forward, at least for now still many days before that happens, sunshine, and typical temperatures for the most part for the next couple of days, meisha. >> look at tomorrow, friday, katie, it looks beautiful but we're talking about right now, living in the moment for just a second where we had a disabled vehicle lets see if that has cleared. the that has cleared out of the the way, blue route southbound block ago this right lane. you can see what we are looking at. volume levels are consistent with what we would see on a thursday morning. that is g we are waking up to wet roadways. what is happening? that produces some problems. that is exactly what we're seeing. serious accident here u.s. 30 westbound is westbound side is closed, in both directions new just westbound side that is just in the process of clearing out now. eastbound side is wide opened, and if you still want to use alternate, just in case, it is still busy, route 70 is your best bet. we have more accidents to talk about when we come back but first we will take a quick break stay right where you you are,
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welcome back. you you can donate to the joy of sharing toy fest. >> as ukee washington shows us in this weeks story of brotherly love some of the toys are going to the boys ape girls club. >> we met a young woman, college student, got her start there and now guides others. the boys and girls club in camden is a noisy lays but in a good way, teenagers getting
6:20 am
court time. the organization was instrumental for rowan university college student le tina gains. >> high first memory, at boys and girls club was we learned how to swim. >> reporter: she started at age nine and now she's 23. >> i got the new topics. >> reporter: now le tina is giving advice to the younger kid. she's a program aid and runs the job ready ram for ages 15 to 19. >> that is what is involves, business professional, business casual, resume building, how to write cover letters and how to be on time which is a big key. >> reporter: fellow boys and girls club alumni jameer pits say she has a way with the young people. >> she's very passion that it. she really wants to do good, by the youth and for the youth. >> le tina is a great person. she's a great role model. >> reporter: boys and girls club is one of the three organizations benefiting from the cbs-3 joy of sharing toy fest, jameer says teens appreciate gifts too but they don't tend to ask for much.
6:21 am
>> their main thing is anything to do with sports. so basketball, football, so that is their main thing. >> it is kind of an early christmas, so they are really excited about it. >> reporter: our annual joy of sharing toy fest is going on right now, toys will be donated, salvation army and uso, and boy and girls club. find out how to give at cbs fest. i'm ukee washington, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still ahead, older would hand should cut from their diets to lower their risk of heart failure. new trend in college acceptance letters forget waiting by mailbox we will show you much faster way colleges are notifying graduates that they got in
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see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. see if you're eligible for 12 months free at we are going to see a early kes chill settle in. we are not breaking out of the 40's, and sun and cloud, and, it looks good if you have other plans, guys, back to you. all right, katie, thank you. now for a look at headlines, and, the pottstown mercury reports on a crash on a sedan, and school bus, and, this afternoon, and, police say the bus driver, said he tried to avoid the sedan when it
6:25 am
crossed over double yellow line. a man, woman and child in the sedan were injured, and three students from the pottsgrove high school and bus driver suffered minor injuries. on the cover of the trentonian a shooting victim dod off at trenton's police headquarters died at a nearby hospital. hospitals worked to save would the man's life but she told investigators she was shot somewhere in east trenton. she died of a sickle gunshot wound to the chest. reading eagle reporting, pen to the will begin work on a, new project reconstructing sections of main street and 662 in february. and by next fall business owners in the area will see the streets in front of their shops, temporarily closed. and the project is currently in the second, of five days. and that is a look at newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. university of wisconsin, and, he has been accepted, and, that is right, students are finding out faster than ever before, applicants at university of wisconsin green day will find out if they have
6:26 am
been accepted, through snap chat. the admissions team said college students will receive traditional packets but this year they are trying something new. they will get a snap before they get their male. students get the snap immediately because it is a place where they are, and, really proud, and. >> people in other clubs allow schools to see when a student opened up their message. so far admissions say it has received numerous excited selfies from students about their acceptance. i'm sure they are thrilled about they finding out on snap chat. >> very good. coming up in the next half an hour of "eyewitness news" mortgage rates jumped over 4 percent mark for first time this year but why? we are live with the answer and whether people should rush to get a mortgage before rates even head higher. and, anti trump, and in chestnut hill, and, it is city employee, hear what mayor kenney is saying, meisha.
6:27 am
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and, good morning i'm joe holden, jim's off today. >> i'm rahel solomon 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> so much relief this morning with the arrest for jayanna's powell's family and with the tip for someone who saw this news coverage, who ultimately broke this case. >> woman is dead after police chase end with a crash in west philadelphia police were chasing two men who were wanted in connection with the shooting. >> wow. >> at least five people are dead, dozens are injured and thousands still without power after a deadly tornado out break sweeps through the south
6:31 am
east. president-elect donald trump kicks off his so-called thank you tour today with the stop in cincinnati, ohio. >> everybody started booing and left. >> sixers say it is first. >> last night's game called off because court was unusable. >> in the one but two mops. >> i will tell he he wanted to play what do you think. >> we came here looking for a good game but ultimately players safety is more important. >> it is driving down here in traffic and everything but we are stay sixers fans and will be back next week. >> oh, the drama. >> plot thickens, every where was wet last night, sixers court, the roads, katie. it looks like there is a change coming. >> it is already here. i said that on the the skies deck and i realize it last been a really long time but just how beautiful view is from our sky deck, it is crystal clear, off this is distance here facing south and the storm system and frontal boundary passed through new long gone, telltale breeze
6:32 am
beginning to pick up and starting to feel trier, in other word not as humid across our area lets look at storm scan over last three hours yeah all that moisture has been just swept away out to sea so skies have cleared, rain has stopped, i do think that this wind that is picking up will help to dry out the roadways with you keep in mind for this morning's commute you will still have aftermath problems. i saw a lot of wet leaves, madded down to the road through neighborhood streets on my drive in but you'll still find that but as day goes on things should ease up in that regard. our temperatures currently 56 degrees, i second we will whoever around that value for majority of the day. we have had a daytime high of 63. we hit that early this morning. now we are transitioning in the way of the wind picking up, dry air moving in, cooler conditions moving in, and all that is taking lays with time and every passing hour, and that is where we are as a result will end up as a quiet forecast. we will get to more of that
6:33 am
later in the show, meisha. no audio. >> we're talking about what your he looking at is the boulevard, pushing into southbound direction, certainly starting to heat up but it is not the just boulevard that i'm looking at. there is an accident here at route 30 in delaware. take a look 95 north near naamans road where i want to call your attention and another accident. we will go through trenton, route 29 southbound approaching route 29, that right lane is block there. then we have another accident, allentown road at creamery road, again, all these accident, popping up over past 30 minutes, one after another, letting us know that a, give yourself some extra time, two it is very slippery out there with both wet road conditions and we have another accident you guys limekiln pike at tennis avenue another one that just popped up, and, going to our wide, this is another
6:34 am
place we will call our attention because we were talking about slick conditions, and that congestion level usually builds up but being it is a thursday that will cut us a break. when we go wide we can see that despite the fact that we have accidents littered all over it the is looking good in terms of the levels. that being said, give yourself an extra 15 to 20 minutes in most areas this morning, joe and rahel back to you. philadelphia police say charges are pending in the deadly hit and run of the little girl in overbrook. we have a look at this gray nissan believed to be involved in the crash, that killed, jayanna powell, police say she was hit crossing the street november 18th, the owner of an ought owe body shop near malvern, saw reports of the news and saw a car brought in for repairs matched the description. >> the pain i wouldn't want on my worst enemy. i would get nothing. that was my last good bye. the she's eight. >> that was jayanna's mother
6:35 am
speaking at the a news conference before at rest was made. after recovering the car police did find their suspect, they tell us they have in the released his identity just yet. the death of the two-year old boy in kensington is less ted as a homicide. police found 29 year-old unresponsive in the 600 block of college tine street on tuesday night. the toddler was rushed, to st. christopher's where he died. sources tell "eyewitness news" that the child had injuries to his ribs and liver, as well as obvious signs of trauma. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is react to go word a city employee is accused of political vandalism. it is video that is circulating for days. we now no one of these men is duncan lloyd, an assistant city solicitor. one of the two men, scrolled anti trump graffiti on a fresh mart in chestnut hill on friday. while police have nod made any arrests, and, it is unsuitable. >> it is a dumb thing to do. >> and, it is not something
6:36 am
that we expect from our employees and it is not something you expect from our citizens. it is just, continuation of this election fall out that is ugly. >> and, fred straw of the law department released this statement, to my knowledge mr. y contacted the philadelphia police and is cooperating with them. we will decide on a course of action once we obtain more information about the investigation, we do the not conn down this type of behavior from our em lease. thirty year mortgage rates have jumped since the election so is what behind the move and should potential home buyers take action right now before they move higher. >> here again to answer those questions cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger, she's live in new york, good morning, jill. >> good morning. >> so why have rates gone up so quickly. >> well, now remember longer term mortgages they feed off the ten year treasury note and since the election yields on the ten years have increased by .6 percent to nearly 2.4
6:37 am
percent. now, here's the deal, investors believe that president-elect trump's policies of spurring growth through infrastructure spending and tax cuts will heat up the economy. that will prompt the fed to hike rates more quickly then anticipated and that will put an end to the era of ultra low interest rates. yesterday mortgage bankers association reported average contract interest rate for 30 rate mortgage was conforming loan balances of less than 417 grand increased to the highest level in about 18 months. 4.23 percent. it is up by nearly three-quarters of a percent since the election. >> so jill realistically speaking should people try to refinance or accelerate their home purchase lance before these rates could balloon even higher. >> reporter: yes, presuming you have run the numbers and it makes sense. you know look it the is true that these increases are pretty dramatic in a short period of time and they will
6:38 am
likely continue into next year but look, rates are to historically low. it boils down to your personal situation. for all you know once you run number i can afford the extra cost even with the reese even rights in. and, factor all of the associated, costs of closing the loans, before you sign on the and, calculate, not just the cost of the mortgage, property taxes, homeowners, insurance but add an extra one to 2 percent of that purchase price, every single year, for ongoing homemade than, and, no maintenance at all, so make sure you run the numbers, don't get spooked,. >> good advice. >> jill, thank you. still ahead in the healthwatch one alcoholic beverage that increases your risk for breast cancer. plus, fresh produce on wheels why this bus was
6:39 am
transformed in the mobile grocery store, jan. and it is the forty-fifth year for christmas in fair mount park where these beautiful historic houses get all decked out for holidays we are coming to you live from lemon hill mansion this morning where volunteers are putting on the final touches, and coming up we will take a look at is what new for visitors this year. pat. and hey jan guess what we have, we have puppies, we will tell but a mega adoption event coming to fill think weekend you'll want to take these guys home, aren't you.
6:40 am
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cigntogether, all the way.
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like something out of the post card. >> that is beautiful. look at how tranquil the ocean looks, very nice. historic houses of fairmount park are getting dressed up for the holiday season. >> tradition of decorating homes is in the the forty-fifth year starting later today visitors will have a chance to to your housees.
6:43 am
>> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live with the details, good morning, jan. >> rahel and joe, good morning, 45 years isn't that incredible, that is how long christmas in fairmount park has been going on here, we are getting ready for grand opening at 10:00 o'clock. come to you live from lemon hill mansion where volunteers are putting on final touches and preparations, they are doing a snow flake screen here and those beautiful snow flakes were created by philadelphia school children at city school and st. francis xavier. so good job by all of those kids but you know what joe and rahel i could not getaway from doing this story without them putting me to a little bit of work. this is darren, with the philadelphia parks and recreation and he says i need to deck the halls so to speak. i will put ornament here on this wreath as we talk about what people can experience here specifically at lemon hill mansion. >> this event is a great partnership between philadelphia parks and recreation and fairmount park.
6:44 am
we work with florist, designer, across the city. we have decorated lemon hill here. this room indicates fairmount park, winter wand are land where people have slated, sledding and slaying for 150 years. >> reporter: not just warm weather park. >> exactly, winter is popular time to come here. other houses, we have the people of philadelphia represented, through silhouetting atwood fern children from recreation with a tree with their own silhouettes. laurel hill we have sights and sound, strawberry mansion represents philadelphia's different traditions through holidays, including kwanzaa, and they be cedar grove we have philadelphia food, beer traditions with decoration that is represent food and beer and food. >> reporter: interesting you are mentioning these philadelphia specific things because this year it is, very philly christmas. that is this years theme specifically. here at lemon hill what very silly tie ins do we have. i understand there is a chris crinkle room. >> is there in honor of the
6:45 am
first santa claus that appeared at a department store in philadelphia in 1841, as well as mummers room which mummers museum, loaned us costumes and we have decorated trees to look like mummers costumes. >> you cannot the miss that. darren, real quickly how can people get more information. we have a lot of activity and special days. >> everything is that holidays in the, holidays plural in the >> you really cannot miss it. something for everyone. very beautiful. it is not just for special events happening starting this weekend and next weekend but tour these six beautiful mansions from today starting at ten through december 31st. joe and rahel, back to you good sound like a thighs fun thing to do. >> absolutely. >> thanks for that live report. well, katie, let's talk weather. >> hello there. >> yes, we kick started that tour in fairmount park with the beginning of the the meteorological winter and thankfully, the retreat of the rain. we really did rack up quite a bit of it. over 2 inches fell in
6:46 am
philadelphia, very helpful, very beneficial and now it is leaving. it will in the mess with our weekend, we will put that it way. we are up and adam and i'm like feeling the holiday spirit. i wanted to show you pictures from folks. it is too warm for snow says ed but he has this really cute picture of the the snow men flag waving in the breeze and sent us a display of christmas spirit out around chesterfield area phil chapline sent this in from chestnut hill just lovely and with that said, we had some very warm early morning temperatures, in fact, the high so far this morning coming in from some folks, upper 50's. william checks in at 59 earlier this morning. sixty-three was the eventual high for carrie and even in philadelphia we hit 63 already this morning. willingboro where ken is reporting 61 and a whooping 67, out in the dover area. that was before the cold front officially moved through. now that it has moved through breeze is beginning to pick up. we are clearing out. we will end up with a nice
6:47 am
sunrise for a change but it means that you will transition back toward much more typical early december pattern. rain now, along memory distant memory as that moisture gets pulled out to sea. wind gusts are noticeable, wind speeds are in the teens throughout the course of to daze and even tomorrow for that matter. the these are future wind gusts, we will get through the day, afternoon and even towards evening and these numbers just don't change that much, overnight we will see it ease up a bit and then tomorrow again high noon it is still cranking out there with gusts in the 20's. that is a noticeable change for us here in the next couple of days. but it does brighten up, and cool down as well, weekend upper 40's close to where we could be and it does stay dry for winter plans we have got going on outside, meisha. >> it certainly brightens up nicely, thanks very much, katie, right now we are seeing things brighten up a little bit. take a look this is where we had disabled vehicle 422 westbound at route 23 that right lane was blocked and it has been since cleared.
6:48 am
we are looking good here. you can see volume levels on 422, they are not that bad at all but what we are seeing because we still have those wet conditions is a lots of accidents intive rent various parts. the lets get into it, this one in delaware i-95 north near naamans road. another one in delaware head up on this one involving two semis verse a vehicle. ninety-five southbound near route 141, it sound like there is a lot of tea brings in the roadway, police are directing traffic, thinks one to avoid at all, you you want to company so. we will see slow downs on that, from that yellow light we are traveling, and posted speeds, and franconia township allentown road at creamery road. we have another one limekiln pike at tennis avenue in horsham township. lots going on, rahel. kanye west is back home with his family. he checked out of a l.a. hospital last night where he has been since november between the second recovering
6:49 am
from exhaustion. before entering west you might remember cancelled rest of his tour including a stop here in philadelphia. check out prince harry's side by side with rihanna in bridge town barbados. they met the for the first time as they held island rhyme minister celebrate 50th year of independent. day was filled with concerts, fire works. she was raised in bridge town. prince harry is on the tour of the caribbean. it is just closing in on 6:50. busy morning on cbs this morning. >> on a personal note, joey love riri. >> okay. >> lets get over to gayle king joining us live from new york with the preview, good morning, gayle. >> we are here live and in color, hello, rahel and joe, good to see you guys. we are in indianapolis today where president-elect trump will announce a deal with carrier to keeping manufacturing jobs in the u.s. plus we will continue our coverage from guantanamo bay we will look at detainees who
6:50 am
have never been charged. doctor david aegis joins with us his research on aspirin and how it can save close to a million more lives. did you hear that a million? with a m. instagram gives us a look back at biggest moments of 2016, the news is back in the morning, there is the pope, he is on instagram. we will see new ten minutes and counting, back to you. >> we will be watching, thank you. cbs-3 healthwatch a high protein diet the may not be best thing for older woman. >> researchers found post menopausal woman said high protein diet had a significantly higher rate of heart failure. risk was almost double. women who ate less protein or ate vegetable protein, appeared to have lower risk of heart failure. new study links white wine with an increased risk of medical nome a researchers found each glass of white wine per day was associated with a 3 percent increased risk of the disease.
6:51 am
now beer and red wine, liquor did not significantly affect skin cancer risk. that seems so high, joe. >> it does indeed. might call it a produce market on wheels. >> or tires. chicago transit authority bus has been given new life, it news brings quality foods to neighborhood where people do not have easy access to fresh fruits, vegetables this busies second one to hit the road as a mobile grocery store. >> there is so much lack of nutrition in the neighborhood because they just don't have access to you know, fresh fruits and vegetables. >> there is people in the city that do not even get how in accessible food is in some parts. >> bus makes 28 stops, and in the cities neglected neighborhoods and most of the foods come there several small urban farms inside the city. if you have been thinking of opening up your heart and home to a pet in need this weekend is your chance. >> just in time for holiday several regional shelter are teaming up for mega adoption events. pat gallen is here and he has
6:52 am
fury friends to need. hello tour friend. >> yes, they are here, pretty exciting, more than 1,000 animals available for adoption this week in the philadelphia, so if you are looking for a new pet, listen up, joining to us talk is june ives from the brandywine rally spca, good morning, how are you. >> thanks for coming out. >> this really encapsulates the tri-state area talk about these dogs and event in particular. >> these dogs are both available for adoption, so if you are interested in either one you can pick them up this weekend h this guy right here brendl e. >> adorable. >> he is three years old. he is actually from the transfer partner here in the philadelphia area. >> this lovely lady here. >> yes. >> is a lady b and she is from another sussex county area in
6:53 am
delaware. >> so we are taking animals from our tri-state area. >> any costs involved coming out to the event. >> no, not at all. admission is free and adoption fee is zero dollars. >> that includes everything, 20 bucks. >> nod bad. >> okay, that dad, can a pet go home with you. >> absolutely. we are hoping full to adopt out over 500 an has over weekend. >> as you adopt you'll tart to bring more in. >> yes, we will have about a thousand animals there overall, if we pull off over 500 adoptions, and it would be absolutely fantastic for the area for life having a? how is our area as far as adoptions are concerned. >> we are doing good, north east region is doing good with all adoptions but we are also going to be having cats. >> yes. >> meisha is listening now. >> looking for a kitty this weekend is the time. >> many people want to adopt but remind people that it can
6:54 am
be difficult. >> me for one my wife has been begging for a dog. we can't have one just yet. remine people what it the takes to adopt a pet. >> you want to make sure you are in a good, stable financial position for providing care for your animals. the average dog cost $300 a year for food, medical costs and everything and larger the an hall, larger medical costs. looking at a smaller talk the cost would be a lot less significant. >> sure. >> but larger dog a size of around $500 a year to provide food and medical. >> sure. thanks so much for coming out. mega adoption event is tomorrow, and saturday we have three days to find your forever friend, do you like that. 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. each day at 23rd street armory in philadelphia, so let's make it a success. i think we will be doing just fine. >> i think it will be great. >> we will be right back with three to go.
6:55 am
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(avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. before you hit the road it three is to go. >> a 24 year-old man is in custody in connection with the hit and rub that killed an eight year-old girl in overbrook. a tip from an auto body shop in chester county led to the a
6:59 am
rest. president-elect donald trump kicks off his thank you tour today with the the stop in cincinnati, ohio. >> embarrassing night for sixers last night's game with the sacramento kings was postponed because of, slippery floors. hopefully court will be red he when sixers play magic tomorrow night. how about a last check of traffic and weather. >> yeah, looking like at least clouds are rolling away as we take a quick view of the live neighborhood network facing east here you can see clouds still out there they are not coming toward us but leaving. skies are clearing nicely and temperatures will be taking a hit. you'll note that is we are going to see the breeze pick up with time here today, meisha. >> katie, we have got a disable vehicle schuylkill westbound at girard and serious accident two semi vehicles, debris 95 southbound two left lanes are blocked as well. >> all right, meisha, thanks very much. next up this morning year according to instagram for most like posts of 2016 to the biggest news event. >> sound good. >> remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3
7:00 am
at 4:30. have a great at 4:30. have a great captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 1st, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump goes to indianapolis to save thousand manufacturing jobs and this morning new details are emerging to keep those jobs from moving to mexico. >> powerful storms that killed five people in the south causes new damage in the carolinas and thousands of people who fled deadly wildfires could find out today when they can check on their homes. plus, dr. david agus has ground breaking new research on aspinnrin aspirin. how the drug could extend the lives of thousands of more americans. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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