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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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this device was a are dangerous device, destructive device, and it caused significant injury to the person and could have resulted this death. >> do you recognize this person? it is the best clue yet in the package bombing that put a center city neighborhood on edge, and now we have our first look at the person police want to question about that attack. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. jessica's off tonight. police are calling the man in surveillance video a person of interest. >> the bombing last month left a man seriously injured, "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt joins us from olde city with a closer look at surveillance video and investigation, david? >> reporter: hi there ukee. big break that has people puzzled in the past week about this case. tonight police are looking for a bigger break, they are hoping you can help, if you can you might get paid for it. >> police believe this is a man or woman that delivered a homemade bomb to a resident at 18th and pine just a few days before thanksgiving.
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investigators released this surveillance video hoping for a break, at one point, the person drops the package, in front of the door. >> i don't want anybody out there thinking there is some random person delivering these things, that is not the what we believe has occurred here. >> reporter: sixty year-old jim alden seen here recovering from his injuries opened up an envelope he thought was medicine. he is currently out of the hospital and told investigators that he doesn't recognize what they say appears to be an asian person, of interest, late teens to late 20's. police say alden also told them he does not know why he was attacked, bomb itself sent to the atf lab in virginia. authorities say it was a rare homemade device. >> i have been in this city for last 16 years. i have not seen anything like it, spoken to our collogue is here, they have not, even beyond this city here, we have not really seen this particular type of device. >> reporter: atf officials declined to say what made the bomb so rare, but they are taking dna samples, hoping that it will give them a
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match. it is important to point out that authorities to not have a motive in this case. it is also a possibility this person you see on video could have dropped off bomb but didn't actually make the bomb. if you have any information you can give police a call. you can remain anonymous. if you lead to the arrest and conviction of the suspect you could get paid up to $10,000. reporting live at atf headquarters in olde city, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". authorities identified woman killed after police persued ended in a crash in west philadelphia. crash happened at 52nd and locust last night. police say officers were chasing two brothers wanted in connection to a shooting, near forty-eighth and west minister, when their car slammed into carroll eison's vehicle. she was pronounced dead at penn presbyterian hospital. commissioner richard ross says the police pursuit is under investigation. >> a lot of things that involve discretion in these cases, though. so these are the things that we want to look at. we want to look into police radio tapes which will obviously be pulled to see
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whether or not there was talk of conditions, speed, and things like that. >> reporter: police quickly arrested the suspects, their names have not been released. and an arrest in the big case in overbrook a man is behind bars tonight, police have charged him with homicide by vehicle, in the death of eight year-old gazania powell. "eyewitness news" reporter, anita oh has been following this story all week long and she joins us live at police headquarters with the details, anita? >> reporter: good evening, nicole. police believe that paul woodlyn borrowed the car that was involved in the hit and run that killed eight year-old jayanna powell in overbrook two weeks ago and while neighbors hope this arrest brings the family justice, they are demanding changes to the intersection where this accident happened. for nearly two weeks, the grieving family of the surrounding community have been pleading for answers in the hit/run death of eight year-old jayanna powell. >> this little girl lost her life and he didn't bother to
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stop. >> reporter: on wednesday night philadelphia police arrested and charged 24 year-old paul woodlyn who was allegedly behind the wheel of this silver nissan ultimate man that struck jayanna walking home from school on november 18th. >> i think it was just horrible what he did, irresponsible, callus, he had no regard for human life. >> reporter: police found the car the at a and p body shop in frazier 30 miles away from the accident scene after the owner called police when someone dropped off a heavily damaged silver nissan altima. >> we went up there and we were able to match up some of the auto parts for that particular car. it is absolutely the car. >> reporter: woodlyn's neighbor say they often saw car parked near his home on the 1200 block of marlon road but not recent liz nor with damage. that is why they say they didn't think to connect it to the crime. >> if i saw him, i saw the car. >> reporter: you seen him driving it before. >> yes i have seen him driving it before. >> reporter: we tried to see what family members atwood lynn's address but no one came to the door. now that there has been arrest, neighbors want to make
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sure something like this doesn't happen again. they say intersection where jayanna died at 63rd and lansdowne avenue needs more oversight. >> all streets are dangerous but that is most dangerous intersection where they should have a crossing guard always there. >> reporter: police say that woodlyn has been arrested before. he is being held on $500,000 cash bail, and is facing several charges, including homicide, by vehicle. live at police headquarters i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the death of the two year-old boy in kensington is being investigated as a homicide that may have involved child abuse. officers found syair war rel unresponsive on the 600 block of clementine street tuesday night. toddler later died at saint christopher's hospital. police say child had injuries to his ribs and liver and tested positive for thc, the chemical found in cannabis. more sad news in wilmington. another fire fighter has died from a fire that was set on
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purpose. fire department just announced that artis hope has passed away. she was badly burned while trying to put out a fire on lake view road in september. lose christopher leach, a senior fire fighter jeff i fickus died when the floor collapsed and they were trapped inside that burning home. the daughter of the home owner is accused offsetting the fire. she has already been charged with two count of murder. recount of the presidential election results in philadelphia will begin tomorrow. today board of election as proved recounting of the ballots in 75 of almost 1700 voting precincts. but the commission reject green party candidate jill stein's request to inspect election software to determine whether cyber attacks altered results. the decision comes amid a broader push for statewide recounts for pennsylvania, michigan and wisconsin, states donald trump narrowly won over hillary clinton. a high school math teacher has been suspended for racially insensitive and
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discriminatory remarks. according to the cheltenham school board the action was taken for comments made following the election of donald trump. the teacher discussed trump's impact on the black lives matter movement and told students to stop complaining about being black. one student left the classroom in tears, while others complained to school administrators. philadelphia police have charged this camden county man with spray painting pro trump messages in the aftermath of the election. after police release had this surveillance video last month they received an anonymous tip that william tucker was person who spray painted several cars, and homes, on the 900 block of south sixth street. he is now charged with vandalism and several other crimes. south jersey business leaders gathered to thank lawmakers for keeping new jersey's reciprocal tax agreement in place with pennsylvania. the agreement allows commuters who live in one state but work in the other to file income taxes only in their home state. filing two tax returns would have caused many thousands a year in higher taxes.
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>> think about taking to 200 million-dollar, out of the revenue stream where people cannot go to movies or restaurant because that is expendable cash that is going in the the state treasury. >> governor christie initially proposed scrapping the agreement in september. demonstrators take to the streets of philadelphia to protest the dakota access pipeline. chopper three over the group as they rallied at thomas payne plaza before marching through center city this morning. organizers say pro to test highlights what they call injustice zest against pipeline protesters in north dakota. native american tribe says pipeline travels through sacred land. all right. well, philly sports fans may have an issue with this one. >> find out where we're ranked among the best sports cities in the country. plus an explosive situation, when a garage burstness to flames but this is no accident. see the man wanted for igniting the fireball. and then, it is a
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celebration at the zoo, do you see what i did. >> can i. >> special treat a bear enjoyed on her big day, kate if. we are live here in rittenhouse square where we have just lit the tree behind me and it is now really not only looking like winter but feeling like winter, more typical temperatures have return to the area, i will tell you how much longer this sticks around and when it gets even colder, it is all coming up in weather, don. all right, kate a whole bunch of little bit i things turn into within big thing, hear why eagles offense has been, well, bad, later in sports.
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a garage in olney eruptness flames and new police need help finding the man who set the fire. surveillance video showed the man riding a bmx style bike down 6100 block of north fourth street on monday night. a few moments later, you can see a fireball shoot-out at the garage, before he rode away. police say suspect may have suffered burns or burned his clothing. if you have any information, give the police a call. day of fun, education at philadelphia zoo, as visitors celebrated a young bear's
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birthday. >> but this was in regular bear. john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio was there. >> ♪ happy birth the day to you ♪ the >> visitors and staff sang happy birthday today had four year-old swath bear. her exhibit mate plea turns four in january. they unwrapped presents to find honey, peanut butter and other treats. kid got the to make the bear birthday card. >> happy birth the day. >> reporter: what do bears eat, do you know. >> cake. >> reporter: laura is read bear keeper at the zoo. >> we wanted these guys at soot to exhibit all of the same natural behaviors they would in the wild. these guys have long claws. they are good at digging, tearing. we give them things to tear up. they have long snouts because they eat bugs out of ant hills and ter might mound. >> reporter: they come from
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asia and considerable vul inner in the we will. >> they are like our ambassadors to their wild cousins. people see them here and they are excited about them they see what cool animals they are. they will try to to what they can to help save them this is wild. >> reporter: next birthday party is later this month for oldest polar bear in the the country, who will be 36. john mcdevitt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". how about that. happy birth the day. >> happy birthday. >> philadelphia's getting in the holiday spirit tonight. >> meteorologist kate bilo is live at rittenhouse square where they just lit the christmas tree, hi there, kate. >> hi, nicole, hi there ukee. what a beautiful night. it is chilly. we have been saying in the past hour it is definitely starting to feel colder. wind are picking up, definitely feels like holiday time, weather-wise, and, of course, beautiful tree behind me you can see thousands of lights, if you missed the live lighting which we showed in the 5:00 o'clock hour on cbs-3, take a look at it again
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right now. >> three, two, one... >> split was, santa and i were up on the stage. we had the greater overbrook string band, mummers out there, philly pops performed after we lit the tree. here's what it looks like now coming down to rittenhouse square. you will see tree lit up throughout the holiday sees than. lots of folks walking around enjoying the scene out here tonight. they are giving out hats, they have hot cocoa, we have got santa over at td bank at 18th and walnut if you want to talk to santa and toy fest going on. you can bring a new unwrapped toy here to rittenhouse square or head to cbs fest and find out our drop off locations. but just a great night. that is a live lot at tree behind me. i can tell you i wish i had my heavy gloves on right now. i have been taking them off and putting them back on throughout the evening. you will need them and you will this weekend as well. it will feel like december is supposed to feel, and that is chilly. here's a look outside right
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now. not a whole lot going on. been a very wet couple days, everything is quiet. we have cleared things out. few cloud moved in this afternoon after a sunny start. those will clear tomorrow. we will expect full day of sunshine for tomorrow but look at how quickly temperatures are falling off the map here, we will head down to the 30's, every where tonight, and right now 50 at the airport. forty-five in allentown. forty-five in reading. forty-five in lancaster. but when you factor in this chilly breeze, it is feeling a whole lot colder. look at how cold to the north and west, 37 in state college and that colder air is heading our way. the wind have been brisk all day long, it will continue to be so as we head in the weekend. these are sustain wind right now at the 10 miles an hour at the airport. 12 miles an hour in reading. 5 miles an hour in mount pocono. gusts are slightly higher then that. that is making it feel roughly 5 degrees cooler then thermometer indicates. and we will be dealing with breezy conditions through the next several days. tomorrow's high of 50 will feel like only 40's all day with that cool northwesterly wind. more high pressure overhead on
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saturday means lots of sunshine but it is brisk, cool with highs in the upper 40's. sunday starts with sunshine but a lot like today this clouds will roll back in, through the course of the afternoon, and then, it is another day you'll want the hat, gloves, scarves, the whole winter compliment here as we head into the the first week end of december. overnight mainly clear with that chilly breeze, down to 38 t the low and wind west at ten to five. tomorrow is a will cool, brisk, but sunny friday, 50 will be daytime high in the city, wind westerly at 15 miles an hour. lets head to the first weekend of december where we're counting down now we're very close to christmas, close to hand contact, not a whole lot of time left if you have not pick out that christmas tree yet or outdoor decorating on it side your house, this weekend looks good but bundle up, highs only in the 40's both days and after a couple days in the 60's it will feel jarring. monday's chance for a early morning sprinkle and then a couple showers in the the forecast next week as well, tuesday and wednesday, and
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then by later on next week it looks even colder, and is there a chance as we head into next weekend temperatures may not get out of the 30's, for a couple of days, it the is that time of the year and it certainly looks like it, and feels like it here at rittenhouse square tonight. just a great thing to be part of. the whole rittenhouse community came out and celebrated the lighting of the annual tree here in the square, and, as always, thrilled to be part of it. we will send is it back to you in the studio. >> good stuff. >> really good stuff. >> thanks, kate. >> we have got don here talking sports. >> i'm slacking on the lights. i have not done anything yet. i have to step my game up. >> you have a few weeks. >> flyers back on the ice tonight, on the road, in ottawa, and also rookie joel embiid honored, you'll hear about the elite company he just joined next in sports. tonight at 11:00 a taste with tori, variety for use woodill takes you to a spot where visitors can enjoy fine dining and take in the show just steps away inside a beautiful home theater, see how a community rallied around
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after a couple rough years it looks like our local sports teams are on the rebound. >> um-hmm. >> philadelphia was just named sixth best sports city in the country. that is according to web site will wallet i know. cities ranked based on each sport and eagles did the best here. in case are wondering, new york earned the top spot. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> in the rankings. >> twenty minutes out of manhattan they have split allegiance, jets, giants, here it is all philadelphia. >> don't believe the hype. >> it is number one in our hearts. we will take it. >> got me all fired up. >> do your thing, hand. >> i know. >> here we go. >> fans don't high five, fist bump or brag about field goals, players don't dance at mid field after a 34-yard field goal.
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nfl business scoring touchdowns, right now eagles are not scoring enough of them. on monday night, carson wentz, pick up his first career rushing touchdown, but after that, the bird only scored six more points, in fact, they have not scored more than 24 points, since week three, against pittsburgh. offensive coordinator frank reich was asked about their struggles. >> you go back and is there always five or six plays that you say we just missed one here. we could have done better here. it is sometimes, you know, you got to find that way to extend that drive. >> we can't make little mistakes. we cannot have presnap penalties, we can't have penalties, in general, we can't turn the ball over. all of those things add up to us not scoring. at the end of the day we have to headache plays. it has been a month since flyers won three straight. they have a chance to complete the hat trick tonight in ottawa. highlights at 11:00.
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next game for sixers is tomorrow night, against the orlando magic in south philadelphia. their last game, last night, sacramento was postponed because of condensation on the court. arena officials say it is first time that has happened at the wells fargo center. it was a major buzz kill for fans who showed up to see jell embiid. big fella minutes restriction has increased from 24 to 28 minutes per game and today joe/ohio was named eastern conference rookie of the month for november. lead all in scoring, rebounding, blocks per game and three-point percentage. joel ace averaging 18 points, seven board and two blocks. since 1983, the only other rookie to average those highs, david robinson, hakeem the dream, and shack, and dikembe. >> no, no, no. >> right. >> that is right. fourteen years, is no longer counts, big move by baseball today, under a new competitive bargaining agreement all-star
6:26 pm
game will no longer determine which league gets home field advantage in the world series. ra began after the 2002 all-star game ended in a, seven-seven tie, when both teams ran out of pitchers. >> good riddings. >> indeed. >> joel is in great company. >> shack daddy. >> wow. >> great company. >> that dikembe impersonation. >> no, no, no. >> we walk around and do that in the office. >> good stuff. >> appreciate that. >> bikes on broad treat we will show you lucky recipient who will get these bikes, tomorrow, back in a
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philly pops and amazon have partnered to build 185 new bicycles from local children of military families. >> volunteers began assembling bikes at bellevue in downtown philadelphia early this morning. bikes were then paraded down broad street to the kimmel center where they will be distributed, to children, prior to the first concert of the pops holiday season, tomorrow night. the philadelphia police department also, helped make this event possible. thank you, to you all. >> nothing like getting a new bike. >> how bit. >> as a kid that is awesome. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on the cw philly. we will be back here on cbs-3 at 11:00.
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up next, the "cbs evening news", take care captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the president-elect already on the job. with the deal that saved hundreds of them. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> pelley: also tonight, the vice president-elect on donald trump shifting positions on immigration and prosecuting hillary clinton. did he just say those things to get elected? a so-called magical treatment for the anxiety and depression that come with cancer. >> from that moment, the fear of gone. >> pelley: and a new over-the-top light show at niagra falls. this is the "cbs evening news"


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