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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 2, 2016 2:07am-2:38am EST

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>> right now at 11:00 an intenseer is search underway and police say this person holds a big clue not package explosion that seriously injured a center city man. >> the surprising and significant announcement president-elect trump made tonight at a post election victory rally. is holiday spending busting your budget. new numbers on how much parents will shell out for their children in gifts. we begin tonight with breaking news.
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chopper 3 over a big three alarm fire in allentown 400 block north fullton street. let's go live now from the screen. wire told multiple homes are involved and every fire truck in the city of allentown have been called to the scene and no injuries were reported from the fire so far and there's no word on" cause. very, very early in the proces process. red cross is on the scene to assist those displaces by the flames. >> and also, tonight, a major break in the investigation into a package explosion in center city, good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm nicole brewer jessica has the night off. we want to you take a look at this picture. police want to talk to this person who they say it key to answering the question surrounding a bombing that injured a 60-year-old man and eyewitness news reporter david spunt is live in old city with that story. >> reporter: i'm liver at the atf in old city. authorities put out this picture hoping you may recognize the person. it's quite possible this person
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dpropd off explosive package and someone else made it. these are the wounds left behind after 60-year-old jim alden opened homemade bomb in envelope early last week. investigators say the person seen in the video, asian man an woman, late teens to 20s can be seen dropping it off to 18th and pine good we do not have a motive right now to speak of. that's one of the challenges we're dealing with. >> that's what makes this case so puzzling. investigators with bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms coupled with philadelphia police department sayald indoes not recognize the person own tape and doesn't know why he was specifically targeted specifically is a word authorities want to make crystal clear. >> i don't want anyone out there thinking there's a random person drivering these things. that's not what we believe occurred here. >> as for type of bomb, investigators say it's ied, improvised, explosive device
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other homemade bomb. >> evenon the city here, we have not seen this particular type of device anywhere in this entire region on the east coas coast. >> authorities would not elaborate on makeup of the bomb just that the rarity is another piece to a growing more mysterious puzzle they hope to solve as soon as possible. this is progressive. it's progressing and very complicated investigation and there's just enormous amount of data that has to be gone through. >> the bomb is at the atf headquarters lab in virginia right now. authorities are looking for dna and fingerprints hoping to find out who the suspect is. if you have information there's up to 10,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of a suspect. reporting from tavrment f headquarters old city tonight. david spunt, eyewitness news. >> and over brook man is behind bars tonight. police charged him with homicide by vehicle in the death of 8-year-old giana powell.
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paul woodland bore road the car that struck powell 6 and plans down as she walked home from school november 18. he was arrested last night after police found heavily damaged car at a body shop in fraser, chester county. >> this little girl lost her live life and he did not bother to stop. >> it was horrible what he did ander reresponsible and callou callous. he had no regard for human life. >> neighbors say there should always be a crossing guard at the intersection so a tragedy like this does not happen again. >> authorities officered a large reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. tonight, we are learning where that money is going. eyewitness news reporter alexandria hof is looking to see who determines what gets what. >> the owner of the auto body shop was the one that that tipped off police about the suspicious vehicle. the city offered a $10,000 reward for in the information. it's likely it will be paid out if and when convicted.
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the fraternal order of police will hand over the $15,000 reward tomorrow. >> of the $25,000 offered by city officials for information that would lead to the arrest of hit and run driver who fatally struck 8-year-old jiana powell, 15,000 in reward funds was offered by the fraternal order of police. >> hopefully this person who receives that will have a nice christmas. >> reporter: but offering a collective reward for information is not always so simple. take death of another independent 8-year-old girl. gabrielle carter was killed by a stray bull net camden in august at 76,000 reward in the case broke all records for the city of camden. >> we saw very little to no response. >> despite that an arrest was made. fear or retaliation involved many tip sisters remain anonymous that's where the del dl valley crime commission plays a key role. >> the crime commission will give them a secret number and
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if it's something they can be paid out they call back with the secret number and they can meet up and collect a reward. >> reward terminology is also important de pepping who is posting it and reward will evenlyer be paid immediately or following an arrest or must wait until guilty verdict signature found n almost all cases these rewards are not tax exempt. the bottom line, police feel that rewards are helpful but can sometimes be surprisingly unenticing. tip sisters have turned them down or come forward seeking only a safer community. >> we see far more people acting on that then motivation of rewards. >> the philadelphia police department tells us that there's a little known permanent $20,000 reward for unsolved homicides in the city as well as $500 for roring illegal firearms. reporting from police headquarters, alexandria hof, cbs3, eyewitness news. >> alex, thank you. in other news police
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identified the woman killed after a police chase eptded in crash in west philadelphia. carroll isum died when a car tried to escape police, slammed into her car at 5 and locust. police say they were chasing two brothers wanted in connection to a shooting earlier in the night. and commissioner richard ross says the police pursuit is under investigation. officers did arrest both brothers. president-elect trump returns to his campaign roots and embanks on what he calls a thank you tour within the appearances in ohio. president-elect took the stage in front of thousands at packed us bank arena in cincinnati. his remarks ran the gamut and he outlined what he hopes to accomplish first days in office and talks about hillary clinton and media which he repeatedly called dishonest and urged support others to stay with hi him. >> i'm going to need to you fight as hard for these propos proposals as you fought for this great campaign of ours.
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we're going to need our government and this group to be more engaged and vigilant than ever before to help us accomplish reforms and overcome decades of stalemate and gridlock. >> earlier in the day trum visited carrier heating and air conditioning plant in indiana. he declared that a deal to keep the plant on and preserve 1100 jobs headed to mexico was the first of many victories to come for american workers. the president-elect revealed at the rally tonight in cincinnati nominee for secretary of defense. it's retired marine corporal james mattis and congress would have to are proof legislation bypassing a law that bars retired military officers from becoming defense secretary within seven years of leaving active duty. anchor scott pelly talked one-on-one with vice-president
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he lebt pence one topic covered was illegal immigration. >> i'm really confident we'll have broad based support in congress for what the president-elect outlined in the course of his campaign and we'll work every day to make sure that we advance those policies and end illegal immigration one and for all. >> vice-president also said the president-elect economic policies will be focused on putting american workers first. >> today we learned former nfl running back joe mcknight was shot to death during a road rage incident near new orleans. ronald gaithers shot mcknight during an argument outside their vehicles this afternoon and there's no word what led to shooting and so far began they are has not been charged and mcknight was 28 and played for new york jets and kansas city chiefs. a third wilmington firefighter died from a fire that was set on purpose. artist holk was burned while trying to put out a fire lakewood road in september.
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christopher leach and gary jr. died when the floor collapsed and they were trapped inside the burping home. the daughter of the home owner is accused of setting the fire. she was already charged with two counts ever murder. officials say the death toll from wildfires in tennessee is now 11. crews discovered remains of more people as they search destroyed homes near the great smoky mountains. the search continues tomorrow. 24 hours of rain damped entered wildfires and they've 'vac associated more than is 4,000 people. >> the cost of holiday shopping we all know gift-buying can add up. >> brand new numbers shows parents are stretching their wallets thin to fulfill their kids wish list. see how spending stacks up. >> go to the theater and have a great dinner and good night sleep all in the same place. vittoria woodill found that in bucks county and will show the historic land marks continuing to create lasting memories,
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kate. >> the sun returned finally after two days of rain. here's what it looked like. beautiful looking day outside. definitely feeling like december and it's going get even colder as we head into the weekend. i'll have your full weekend outlook coming up. >> and niagara falls is going high tech. the upgrade 0 years in the high tech. the upgrade 0 years in the making when eyewitness news it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column oh and five ribs broken, so... ♪ my dining room was changed into a bedroom ♪
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and the insurance company was giving me a hard time. ♪ pond lehocky helped put my life back together. ♪ snv the holiday shopping is surprise is shifting into high gear and foreman it's the time of over spending. >> new survey shows half of parents spend more than $400 per child. they're willing to bust their budge totes fulfill those wish lists. >> when it comes to holidays they say it's bet to give than receive. and what about over spending. >> i feel budgets go out the window at christmas time. >> doing bet they are year than before. >> you have to talk to the over spender in the family. >> how much money are we talking. >> $300 for the whole thing.
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>> $3,000. >> at least 3. we have a big family. >> 600 i would say. >> according to american research group the average american expects to spend $929. >> that's crazy. >> more than you thought? >> yeah definite hi more than i thought. >> and newly released data shows it's more if you're a parent. average $422 per child. >> i agree it is easy to spoil them. >> at what cost. >> one in four americans plan to go into debt making their list and checking it twice. >> been there, done that. >> we spend what we can affor afford. >> you shouldn't have to go broke to show you off or care about somebody. >> shoppers withdrawal from 4 401 k tap emergency spend and take payday loans to make sure there's enough gifts to go around. >> your relatives and friends appreciate it when you give them nice things but i'm sure they don't juan to you do anything drastic. >> a lot of people want to know you thought about them. >> our children when they
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think about christmases past i don't think they remember one toy but they remember all the awpts and uchklees and cousins. >> he remembers the moped i'm sure of that. >> the moped was a big deal. >> and by the way study by zero price show men are more likely to spurth plan women 60% intend to check off everything on a child's wish list. >> i see that. check it off. get in. out, let's go. done. >> speaking of the holidays the spirit of holiday season is alive and well across our region. >> eyewitness news at the philadelphia ronald mcdonald's house eary avenue tonight was annual lighting of the house and grounds. the string band provided music there was also great food and some sweet treats for everybody to enjoy. >> two, one. happy holidays. >> and that was the scaen earlier on philadelphia rittenhouse square. we brought you lighting live on
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eyewitness news at 5:00. many including kate bilo and santa claus took part in the christmas tree lighting sayre moan yes, i great time. >> to east passyunk. eyewitness news was there for lighting of the singing fountain tree. everyone was in the mood with great holiday favorite. love apt letters. looking good gang. our own vittoria woodill joined in on the fun. >> tvrments ori made sure they got a great meal. we're traveling to sellersvill sellersville. >> dine, play and stay. tori has more on history and how community insured this landmark would remain a local treasure. >> reporter: a look through its towerer feels look a trip back in time. >> we're back in the 1800s. >> standing main intersection at sellersville pennsylvania is historic washington house and hotel. the place to eat full service
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restaurant with vintage wooden bar. the place to stay in rooms where its roots still peek through. >> we're told people had to check guns before they were able to go up to rooms. >> and place toss play along with live musicians in intimate sellersville theater down the road. >> every place has a little bit of magic which really i think makes it special. >> current proprietors are he lane and william brick. elaine says the place in history began as a stop for basser buys. >> the buildingself started out as a two story farmhouse on a main road and it grew as people would stop and ask the farmer if they could stay. i wish i was still on horse and buggy so we would not have to leave. >> since its start it's been adored by the community and they've been pitching in to help preserve it for 0 years. >> their contribution counted for about 10% of our construction costs. we could not have done it without them. >> it's with that good will you'll get good and full with the new american cuisine like
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artini or fried rice balls with marinara. >> creamy inside and crispy outside. >> hearty cury pumpkin stew. >> stick to your ribs comfy cozy curry. >> delicious duck with homemade spetzel. >> melts your mouth you. >> feel warm and fuzzy carrot cake and cream cheese frosting and carrot orange. >> this is one of the sgleingt eventually you will not resist hitting the hey. >> well? >> i hi, everyone, fun fact i mentioned sellersville theater, named 1894,s it's a beautiful venue for live music. before it was a theater when it was built in late 1800 was built as stable for washington house. after that it served as a movie theater from the 1950s to 2000. >> beautiful. >> ukee keeps his horses. >> that's right.
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>> and ukee said he performs there. >> i did. >> yes sgle not with the horses. >> yes. >> but the function authority. >> much later. >> clarification thank you. >> that would have been weird. >> perform and then ride home on the horse. >> i'm getting it tonight. >> let's giddy up and do weather. >> we'll take this and move on to some cold weather outside. but, you know what, it's december and philadelphia. you cannot complain about cold weather living here in december. this is normal. right about where we should be this time of year and it's only go to get colder from here on out. so, let's enjoy it it feels like holiday certainly looks like holidays with all the tree lightings we had earlier. let's look outside now city all lit up like a christmas tree. beautiful, clear skies, breeze, making it feel pretty darp chilly outside tonight. temperatures in the 40s. but already feeling like the 30s for most of us and temps are dropping rapidly. storm scan 3 shows clear conditions and we're seeing
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clouds that came through late afternoon and they kind of really built up around 2, 3:00 and hung around through the sunset time and now they're starting to taper off and diminish as clearer skies start to take hold and we'll clear thing out during the overnight hours. storm scan 3 shows where the air is coming from a north west flow and you can see the snow shower activity happening done window the great lakes and over portions of western new york state and western pennsylvania as well. and we won't see any of of that but it certainly is indication where this cold air is coming from. and temperatures right now, look how chilly it is. 35 allentown and 3 mount pocono and 45 in the city and 44 in wilmington and so seasonably cold. you can see much cooler it is off norm and west we're sitting at 36 in state college and 39 pittsburgh and you have to factor in the wind. winds are 12 miles an hour here in philadelphia right now. 13 miles an hour in millville and in reading, 12 mile an hour winds and dover, 13 miles an hour. that's making it feel about 5 to 7 degrees cold colder than
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the them mom ter would you have believe. take that extra layer. it will be an issue into the weekend the wind. broozy and cool with northwest flow. saturday high pressure has us under the grip so to speak. a lot of sunshine out there and chilly. highs in the upper 40s and sunday we start to see a few more clouds build in in the afternoon. sunday will be the coldest day of the week. looks dry. late sunday night to monday morning maybe a stray sprinkle nothing more than that. but, again, highs in the 40s and again dealing with gusty wind. so, let's talk about our temperature averages. average high today's date around 50. that's about where we'll be over the next few days. this is perfectly seasonable for the first week of december. notice january fist and february first a lot worse. january and february actually colder months than december in the city. the average high january 1, 41, still 41 on february 1. so it's only going to get worse before it gets better. overnight mainly clear and chilly breeze.
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38 the low. for friday, mostly sunny and breezy and cool, 50. cool at least comparatively speaking compared to where we were earlier this week but again, 50 is right on target for the second day of december and weekend is cool but dry upper 40s and sun each day again wind makes it feel colder and we have the chance for showers next tuesday and wednesday but upper 40s if you think that's cold this weekend there's a chance next weekend maybe one day may not get out of 30s. it's going to get colder. >> what are you talking about? >> never. >> 70s. >> that's going to be the look on my face. >> 75. >> right. >> lot to talk about tonight, guys. big love for jojo tiger is back and captain drops to one knee and then tries to drop the center. sports coming up
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there are are no twhordz map my heart is still full what
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ryann britton wrote on twitter long time girlfriend of claude giroux. the captain and his boo have about together four years. tonight claude skating against senators with boys. gets them on the board. 2-1 exactly one minute later michael delsado shot for the point and it goes in and his third ever the year and that ties the game at 2. we have over time. in extra sessions. already told you about claude right? he'll tie the knot and here he brakes the tie and over time-2 the typeal score. married life might work out for him well. >> eagles visit cincinnati. both teams under achieved for different reasons. after four straight playoff peerns bepingales 3-7-1 and eagles 5-6 after loss to green bay monday night. at the beginning of season very
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few people picked birds to make play wrovz but after 3-0 start expectations took off and so at this point the question is, where do the birds go from here. >> the great things about this football team and every game we played this year i feel like there has been no quit and no back down and pretty much every game we've had a chance to be right there at the end and one or two and we have to learn to finish. >> on hoopso joel embib is named rookie of the month for november leads all rookies in scoring, rebounding, blocks per game and three point percentag percentage. joel is averaging 18 points, 7 boards and two blocks. and since 1983 the only other rookies to do that are david robinson, hakeem the dream and shack and kimbay, no, no, no. >> that's good. >> tiger is back on the prowl after a 15 month layoff between
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back surgeries first around of the hero world challenge in the bahamas. i would like to be in the bahamas now. about three feet away from cup he birdies hole. this were hiccups in the game. ninth hole, chip rolls back down the hill eventually bogey as i hole. some reporters say settled for one over 73. not bad. dude was offer for a year plus. >> swing looks good. >> swing looks all right. >> a lot of players have that problem. >> welcome back, tiger. >> thank you, sir. up next a high tech upgrade to niagara
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it's niagara falls like never seep before. >> led lights have been installed. >> the $4 million lighting upgrade is first to the falls in 20 years. it's brighter and provides a lot more color openings. >> beautiful.
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>> kate. >> well, time for the weekend watch and get ready for a chilly weekend. but it's going to be generally dry. there may be a few flakes in the poconos saturday highs in upper 30s and in the city won't make it past 40s this weekend. same story down the shore. more sunshine on saturday. few more clouds on sunday. and not a bad weekend to be outside. dress for december and it's feeling like the month it is no this is todd hardy. a fitness buff, youth baseball coach-and lung cancer patient. the day i got the diagnosis, i was just shocked. the surgeon in dallas said i needed to have the top left lobe of my lung removed. i wanted to know what my other options were. and i found that at cancer treatment centers of america. at ctca, our experts examine a variety of
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therapies, treatments and technologies to identify a plan specifically for each patient. my doctor understood that who i am was just as important as what cancer i had. we talked about options. my doctor told me about a robotic surgery that was less invasive. we have excellent technology that allow us to perform very specialized procedures for patients who have lung disease. at ctca, it's all about what you can do. i feel fantastic now. exploring treatment options is at the heart of how we fight cancer. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more about our treatment options at appointments available now.


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