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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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is another thing. weather looking good. >> construction, i know, and the one thing we don't want to have to deal with, it is on a friday because we're so excited to start the weekend. yes, a lot of construction out there, but katie thank you so much today we have very dry roadways for the first time i feel like in a long time we'll get some relief. >> feels like it, right? at least we were drying out through the course of yesterday, so you do not have to worry about any kind of weather-related impact in terms every wet weather today. there is a breeze noticeable out there. you are not talking about anything super strong, but enough that you notice it, and specially because, okay, we're in december. you know, you will need that winter coat. you will need to hug it probably little tighter today. just because with the winds into the teens, possibly even gusts into the 20's today, it will feel chilly. now, luckily storm scan is nice and quiet as we mentioned. don't have to worry about wet weather for many days at least for now. you can, how much, see little hint of wrap around moisture, in other words, some lake enhanced light flurries currently flying up around
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north central most pennsylvania, and across the new york state border. that's not going to reach us. really just expect to go see few additional clouds. actually already finding that through some of the far north and west most suburbs, hasn't cooled down as efficiently as it may have otherwise up in mount pocono or even allentown at 35 degrees right now. forty the current temperature in philly. worth a mention, though, not again very strong wind. but there will continue to be a breeze for fire fighting effort up in allentown, trang will have a report on that coming up. bright, brisk, sunny, breezy, early typical december day, in philly we will hilt 51 degrees, quick look at the headlines eventually guys rain will return to this forecast, i'll let you know. >> yes, so get all of your christmas shopping done this weekend, it will be nice. good morning, everyone, and happy friday. take a look at the ben franklin bridge. >> this beautiful shot of ours moving in the westbound direction. we're looking great. looking nice and quiet, just as we should, and just as we want to see on a friday
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morning. friday's, yes, they tends to be one of our really good friends, they tend to be light travel day. and that's so far what we're seeing, even though just cracking into the 5:00. see what happens. we do have water and sewer repair here in princeton, new jersey, state road, mountain avenue, right lane blocked. heads up on. that will and also we do have some construction, garden state parkway between the a.c. expressway and north field, that left and right lane blocked until right about now. so, i'll let you know as soon as that does clear. then, also, some fire department activity in allentown, fulton between union and elm street. fifteenth street will be your best bet. more construction in delaware and the pa turnpike we are talking about coming up in the next ten, 15 minute or so, greg, back to you. >> officials say one man is dead following a fire last night in west philadelphia. chopper three over the 300 block of 64th street where fire crews arriving to large flames coming from the second floor row home. fire broke out around 8:30, and crews put it out within an hour. we're told firefighters found a 44 year old man dead inside.
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the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> this morning, an investigation is underway into what caused a huge fire in allentown. >> flames tore through several homes, leaving multiple resident with no place to stay. "eyewitness news" reporter, trang do, is live there in allentown this morning, with the latest on this fire investigation. trang? >> reporter: well, good morning, jen, greg, yes there is fire was so massive, that you can see the lie behind me, that these firefighters are still on scene, checking out hot spots from nine hours after this fire started. but take a look here, we can get a good look, now that the fire is mostly out, fire start in the that home you see there, most heavily damaged house with the window boarded up. and it just spread out from there. now the most important thing here is that everyone got out safely. but, take a look at this, heavy smoke and flames captured by chopper three overnight, now there is fire started just before 8:00 p.m. at a home on the 400 block of fulton street allentown t could be spread to five other homes on the block. and at one point every firetruck in the city was here to fight this fire as it rose
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to three alarms. now, in addition to the home damaged by the fire, two other homes sustained smoke and water damage. then, in total, 23 people here are displaced. the area red cross is helping them with food and shelter. but, so far, the fire chief says there is no word yet on a cause. coming up at 5:30, we come to neighbor who describes very chaotic scene when this fire broke out. for now, live in allentown, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", back to you guys. thanks so much, trang. and, more sad news to report this morning, following a fatal fire in wilmington. back in septa third firefighter has died from her injuries. artist hope was badly burned while trying to put out the fire on lakeview road. lieutenant christopher leach and senior firefighter jerry things, jr., died when the floor collapsed and trapped in the burning home. the daughter of the home owner is accused of setting the fire, and she was already charged with two count of murder. >> well police need your help in the investigation into a
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package explosion in center city. take a look at this picture. authorities want to talk to this person. they say is key to answering questions surrounding the bombing which injured a 06 year old man. police say the person in this video likely an asian manor woman in their late teens to late 20's dropped off a hand made bomb in an envelope to the home of jim aldan early last week. police say aldan does not recognize the person on that tape, and does not know why he was specifically targeted. >> do not have a motive right now to speak of. that's one of the challenges we're dealing with. >> police say it is possible the person they are looking for have just delivered the package, and someone else could have made it. there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. and overbrook man is waking up behind bars this morning. police charging him with homicide by vehicle in the death of eight year old jayanna powell. investigators say 24 year old paul woodlyn borrowed the car that struck powell, as she walked home from school on november 18th.
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police arresting him wednesday night after investigators found the heavily damaged car, at a body shop in frazier chester county. >> this little girl lost her life. he didn't even bother to stop. >> i i think it is just horrible what he did. it was irresponsible and coward. >> officials offered $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the deadly hit-and-run driver. the fraternal order every police contributed $15,000 of that to anonymous tip caller. >> this person who receives that will have a nice christmas. >> the mondayly go to the own of the a & p auto body shop near malvern. the owner contacted authorities when a car matching the description wanted by police was brought in for repair. we now know the identity of the woman killed after a police chase ended in a crash in west philadelphia. police tell us, carol died when car trying to escape police slammed into her karat 52nd and locust. police say they were chasing
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two brothers want in the connection to a shooting earlier in the night. commissioner richard ross says the police pursuit is under investigation. officers did arrest both brother. >> president-elect donald trump holds more meetings at trump tower in new york today as he continues to fill his administration. at a rally in ohio last night, mr. trump announced plans to nominate retired marine general james mathis for defense secretary, and the latest from new york. >> president-elect donald trump kick off his thank you tour in ohio last night, emphasizing his victory overhill hill. >> we won in a landslide. that was a landslide. >> and mocking what he calls the dishonest press for underestimating his chances. >> looking at the map saying: oh, wow, there is no way that hillary clinton could become president, donald trump is president of the united state.
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>> tensions from the bitter 2016 presidential election boil over, during a panel discussion at harvard yesterday, as top aides from both camps went head-to-head. >> i would rather lose than win the way you guys did. >> do you think i rana campaign where white supremists have a platform, are you going to tell me that? >> it did. >> how about hillary clinton, she doesn't connect with people. >> cincinnati, mostly silent as he addressed lingering division. >> we have to come together. we have no choice. and it is better. >> became fired up when he unveiled yet another cabinet pick, retired general, james mathis. >> we are going to appoint mad dog matis as our secretary of defense. >> in the past, matis said responding to political islam is major security issue facing the country, expected to face tough challenge in getting senate confirmation since he retired only three years ago, not seven, as the law
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requires. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meantime, some presidential election results will be recounted later this morning, the board of elections has approved the recounting of ballots in 75 of almost 1700 voting precincts. but the commission rejected green party candidate, jill stein's request to inspect election software to determine whether cyber attacks altered result. now, this decision comes a mid a broader push for state-wide recounts in pennsylvania, michigan, and wisconsin. state donald trump narrowly won overhill hill. >> the football worlds is mourning the loss of a former nfl player shot to death in a road rage incident in louisianna. joe mcknight killed by 54 year old gas tore yesterday, following an argument at an intersection in the new orleans suburbs of kerry town. the 28 year old played for the new york jets, and kansas city chiefs. >> just ahead, as the death toll raises this tennessee, we will tell you about a new foundation, hoping provide help for the victims of this week's wild fire.
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>> then it is being called a miracle. a tennessee woman delivers a baby after tornados touchdown. we'll hear from her and meet the bundle of joy. >> and a little later this morning, from sunglasses to watches. high tech gadgets on your holiday shopping list, we'll have a look at some of the big offers out there right now. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> hey, jan, it is friday. (clapping hands). >> oh, my gosh, that's right. friday's here, guys. >> stop and cheer! >> we'll be right back. >> ♪
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>> death toll continues to rise in tennessee after the largest wild fire hit the state in more than 100 years. at least 11 people have died, and there are still others unaccounted for. the fire destroyed or damaged hundreds every homes in the resort towns every gatlingburg this week. >> view from space shows before and after shots of this massive fire, the devestation as you can see right there left behind is astonishing. this is look at gatlingburg dolly partner said she is
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establish ago funds to provide help for the victim, my people funds will give $1,000 a month to families who lost their homes. >> meantime after tornado destroys her family's home, a tennessee mother bridges new life to the family, a tornado ripped apart amber newman's family's mobile home within seconds, sending them flying through the air. now the family was taken to the hospital where amber had to undergo an emergency c-section. the twister destroyed everything, including, items for the baby. >> everything, we logs everything. >> now, even though everything was lost, the family is celebrating the birth of baby ava. you know what, that's all that really matters, that little baby is okay. >> and katie, really shows you just the pour of mother nature, doesn't it? >> so true. this is a storm system that had everything. we had heavy snow in the dakotas, obviously lots of severe weather damaging the deep south, and then also very heavy rain here. more than anything for us, you know, if we had to deal with
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the storm system it, came through slowly enough that we didn't have to deal with any kind of major flooding, and we also got very beneficial rainout of it, now we're done with it, we end one certainly a breeze in its wake when you look at wider zoom on storm scan, still finding this wrap around moisture from the storm system itself. in fact, we can zoom it out one more time. see at this point the frontal boundery still moving out of the deep south yesterday, pretty much all fizzling away, just couple every clouds far out to sea. so, we're really at this point again just left with the pressure gradient, which in short means that low pressure is retreating, high pressure trying to take its place, that's going to lead to that wind tunnel effect that keeps us in at least noticeable breeze for the next couple of days. not talking damaging wind, certainly not talking any kind of gusts higher than 25 miles per hour, that will be specially true tomorrow. but because you have got that pressure gradient, you will notice the breeze. and it is chilly. it is december, after all, just hug that winter coat little tighter. you will be just fine. but even though we do have that lingering lake enhanced snowfall coming across north central pennsylvania, i don't think it is even going to survive that is tries to move
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into the poconos. we are in the clear essentially, high pressure really the story for us in the next couple every days, expect sunshine. but let's just talk about these winds. again, it is not terrible. but it is noticeable. it is worth a mention. we get you toward lunchtime shortly here after today, talking wind speeds generally out of the west to northwest, anywhere from send tai to 15 plus miles per hour. with possibly higher gusts again into the 20's tomorrow, it is going to feel that much chillier. the winds still predominantly out of the west, turning bit more northwesterly, headed into the second half of the saturday. by sunday should ease up little bit more readily. meantime outside we go to palmyra cove nature park, things pretty tame. nice clearing sky for us out this way. thirty-nine is the current temperature. the current winds speed, in the too bad, as this particular observation site. but as we showed awe moment ago, could you experience wind gusts or winds speeds generally anywhere ten to 15 miles per hour or so. so that is the expectation, 51 the eventual high in the sunshine, sunglasses, winter coats, you will be just fine.
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few clouds, brisk, cold night on tap. we drop down to 36 degrees. and looking forward in the eyewitness weather seven day, yes, chilly, stays in the forecast, come over the course of the weekends call it pretty decent december weaken here. then we rebounds, overnight sunday into monday, i wouldn't be shocked to see a quick shower roll through. tuesday meisha looks like the better shot for some steadier rain region wide. >> let's really enjoy this sunday shine that we have. you know, weather and traffic tends to go hand-in-hand. so what we are talking about right now very similar store what i we are seeing in werth. nice, going to be nice in weather today. so far, so good, on the roadways. nice and dry roadway conditions, so just waking up with us, anything about headed out the door and when you should, i would say right now safe to say you can leave when you normally would. no need to give yourself extra time except for the areas where we might have some construction, we do have that out there. good morning, happy friday, let's get into. schuylkill eastbound, looking great. see your neighbors out, there couple every friends, looking good both moving in the westbound and westbound direction. talking about some fire
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department activity. now is from row home fire, and our trang do is on location, talking about this little bit later n terms of the roadways, what are you dealing with? fulton between union and elm, closed, use alternate, that is going to be 15th right now. i'll let you know as soon as we have an update on. that will so far that's what it is. construction pa turnpike. let's talk about, that pa turnpike past downingtown, right lane block, still out there. another place on the pa turnpike eastbound between willow grove and bensalem. that will one is pulled now all the you with a off to the shoulder. another one northeast extention northbound between mid-county and quakertown that right lane is block, there and some of these areas close you down even just shoulder or right or left lane slow you down, absolutely it can. onramp from lansdale intermittent lane closures here. okay right now. but as we push deep near the 5:00 hour specially toward the 6:00 it will slow you down. happy free, jan, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. now, for look at some of the newspaper headlines, all across our region.
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>> the cover of the trentonian with update on the story from wednesday. twenty-seven year old amber dudley from collingswood is identified as the gunshot victim driven to trenton police headquarters who later died. authority say dudley was pass inning near lift car that was targeted by an own, as the occupant struggled, the driver sped off, and the gunman fired one shot. the suspect remains at large this morning. >> and from the bucks county courier times, pennsylvania state police report a drop in the number of crashes over the holiday weekend. the number of people killed dropped by more than 50% over thanksgiving. >> and in the mercury, pottstown cuts the ribbon on new regional public library. there are plans for open house tomorrow among the features a new front entrance, multimedia space, and passport office. be sure to check out their from when the building was a post office. >> that's look at some of our area headlines. >> up next, pat's here with sports, hey there, in the. >> hey greg, you just got engaged, right? >> that's right. >> you know the feeling, one
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flyer drops to one knee, scores twice, tell you thousand went down in sport
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>> mr. gotten here with sports, and the flyers on the road last night. >> claude giroux, as well, weddings bells and bullhorns. on wednesday, giroux got engaged to his girlfriends of four years and followed it up with amazing performance last night in ottawa down two-nothing in the second periods. jake and the captain make it happen. injury eye fires on sixth goal of the year, it is two-one. and he's not done. ex being actually one minute later, michael delegate owe from the point, things happen when you throw it at the net. that's his thirds of the year. now tied at two. over time we go. jake and claude work their magic again. a spin, a pass, and a win.
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the apartment ends it. good luck to him and the newie ansy, flyers win three-two in over time. the process seems to be working, sixers center has been named the "rookie of the month" for november. it is well deserved, he is tops among all rockiness scoring, rebounds willing, and three-point per and, up next, the all-star game, maybe averaging 18 points, seven boards, two blocks, per game, since 1983, the only other rookie to do that are david robinson, shaquile o'neil, ma tum bo. >> this sunday we continue the must-win run of the games for the eagles as they travel to cincinnati, the good news there the bengals have struggled at three, seven and one, and without their best player aj green. so can they take advantage of a down and out bengals squad? monday dan against laundering packers team they hung early, then got blown out. remember this team was three and zero, and looking prime for a run, but now they are holding on for dear life. tightened brent celek says
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they won't back down. >> the great thing about this football team and every game that we've played this year, i feel like there has been no quit. there has been no, you know, back down, pretty much every game we've had a chance to be, you know, right there at the end. to except for maybe one, two. but we got to learn to finish. >> can you believe it? the dallas cowboys have run their winning streak to 11 games. thanks to the show, dez bryant, caught four passes from prescott including the go ahead touchdown right here in the fourth quarter. the cowboys held off a vikings come-back attempt to sam bradford, you know him, he throws wild on two-point conversion here, cowboys win 17-15. eleven in a row. geologist at ohio state have more to do than just teach classes about rocks. because they're measuring how much their football stadium rocks. ohio state researchers have come up with a fan quake
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magnitude scale that convert stadium measurements into the common earthquake scale. they say last saturday's game winning touchdown in double overtime, over rival michigan, reached a magnitude 5.7 quake. so safe to say they were quite excited. >> yes. >> look at that team. >> they love their football. >> they do. >> but no building collapse. >> , no they are all good. they are all good, yes. >> and we second and third that emotion for the cowboys streak. >> eleven? >> that's gross. >> anyone, break it, please. >> thanks so much. back to you guys. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", than is an interesting question. to say the least. would you want to live at work? maybe a tent under the desk here? >> sleeping bag right under the deskment we'll tell you about the major company, for it employees, trang? >> eight homes damaged, 23 displaced, neighbor describes very emotional scene here in
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allentown. >> i just had a lot of series every things, like personal life things that happened, that just kind of like made me question, like, humanity. >> and, it is an act of kindness. getting a lot of attention this morning. hear more from this woman who says she has had her fate restored. katie? >> and jan, the weekends literally right around the corner for us here, and we are expecting to see some, well, relatively quiet weather. little blustery, but you can expect sunshine. if you have any winter plans scheduled outside you are a go, but you will have to bunt up. full forecast c
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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. well we're in for a sunny, breezy friday. but the temperatures are about to tumble. katie is here with a blustery cool forecast. >> good morning, everyone, i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm greg argos in for jim donovan. katie and meisha will be along in just a moment. first here's what you need to know to start your day in the morning minute. >> an investigation is underway to what started a huge fire in allentown last night. >> this fire was so massive, that firefighters are still here on scene, checking out hot spots. >> a major break in the investigation, into a package explosion in center city. >> police want to talk to this person who they say is key to answering questions surrounding a bombing that


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