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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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good morning. >> i want everyone to though about ardyth hope is that she is a extremely well fire fighter. she is a wonderful mother and woman. >> already grieving wilmington fire department, has lost another one of their own. senior fire fighter ardyth
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hope tied weeks after risking her own life trying to save two fellow fire fighters. funeral arrangements for the 23 year veteran fire fighter are penning. good afternoon i'm yan january carabao. i'm greg argos. ardyth is third fire fighters to died battling that blaze that was intentionally set. press conference ended just a short while ago. >> we love ardyth hope. we will always remember her. and, maintain her honor. >> reporter: city of wilmington delaware and fire tenth mourning for the third time friday morning. announcing the passing of senior fire fighter ardyth hope. >> yesterday, december 1st, ardyth hope finally succumbed to her yours as she was received fighting a aron fire. ardyth was the first female line of duty death in the history, and only second, african hearn line of duty father lieutenant james good junior. >> reporter: hope died thursday shore nine weeks after a fatal fire on lake
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view in wilmington which killed lieutenant christopher leach, and senior fire fighter jerry fickes junior. chief saying ardyth plan to retire from the department. >> she was leaving the department to become a nurse. she was in the final stages of finishing her nursing degree. >> reporter: september 24th, ardyth, leach, fickes were some of the first fire fighters on the scene of this massive home fire. battling the blaze was one floor of the home collapsed, trapping them this is burning building. >> ardyth was in the hospital roughly 68 days, she suffered significant injuries. and, one thing, everyone should though about ardyth hope is that she is an extremely well fire fighter. she is, she is a wonderful mother, and women. >> reporter: daughter of the home owner 27 year-old beatrice ruiz is charged with intentionally setting the fire. she told investigators she was drunk, on anxiety hex when she became angry and then set fire to the house. police charged ruiz with two
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counts of the first degree murder and planned to charge her with the third count in connection with ardyth's death. philadelphia officials say one man is dead to go a fire last night, in west philadelphia. chopper three over the 300 block of 64th street where fire crew is a arrived to large flames coming from the second floor row home. fire broke out around 8:30 and crews put it out within ab hour. forty-four year-old victim was found dead inside, the cause of the fire is under investigation. and investigators are still looking in the cause of the three alarm fire that damage an entire row of homes in allen continue last night. disaster has left two toss even families homeless, "eyewitness news" reporter trang do talk to neighbors who watch the massive fire unfold. >> reporter: police say smoke poured from homes on the the 400 block of north fulton street in allentown. fire started in one of the homes just before 8:00 p.m. thursday and quickly spread to five other homes. >> everybody was outside.
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all outside. >> reporter: what was it like to see that. >> you have to come outside ande but it cast dangerous. >> reporter: fire rose to three alarms bringing out every fire truck in the city. joshua cruz, captured the effort on his cell phone as fire fighters work through early morning hours. >> i saw, a lot of fire, in the the car, you know, they were burning. >> reporter: no one was hurt but six homes had extensive fire damage. two other homes had smoke, water damage, in all, 23 people are displaced. >> they were crying. this he were crying. it was bad. real bad. >> reporter: red cross has stepped into provide todd, shelter to the the difficulties laced families for the next several days. in allentown i'm trang do for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the mother of the two year-old boy who died on tuesday has been charged with endangering welfare of a child and obstructing justice. officers responding to the
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radio call to the 600 block of east clem even stein treat earlier this morning and find her holding the little boy. hospital examination revealed zyair had laceration of the liver, bruce toes his chest, ear and bracing over his eye. he tested positive for thc which is found in marijuana. police need your help in the investigation of the package explosion in center city, take a look at this picture. authorities want to talk to this person, they say, he is key to answering questions, surrounding the bombing that injured a 60 year-old man. police say person seen in this video here likely an asian man or a woman in their late teens, to late 20's, dropped off an envelope that contain a hand made bomb, at the home of jim alden earlier last week. philadelphia police say alden does not recognize person in the video and does not know why he was specifically targeted. >> do not have a motive, right now, to speak of, and that is a challenge we're dealing with. >> police say it is possible that the person they are looking for could have just
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delivered the package and that someone else could have made the bomb. there is a $10,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect. this friday afternoon might be good to secure your outdoor who will take decorations, it the is going to be a gusty weekend. meteorologist katie fehlinger is live on the sky deck with what we can expect, hey there, katie. >> good afternoon everyone. we're expect to go see plenty of sun behind but chillies in the air, anytime that wind blows, it is persistent. we will walk through that as we look forward in the forecast, it is a running theme here, but for right now, throwing but sunshine. it is very bright out identify. we will look at storm scan three. that is totally empty right now. it will stay that way throughout the course of the afternoon. we will look at current wind speed in the teens and even some spots, climbing all the way in the 20's. so it the is definitely again a very noticeable breeze, so we will hug that a little bit tighter. is it damaging wind? absolutely not. it is something that you will note its. we will look at area temperatures and close to what we expect will be the official
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daytime high, 50 already though in both atlantic city and philly international. thirty-eight the temperature at mount pocono. as day progresses we can expect mid 50's around the shore points, and lower 40's up toward the mountainous terrain and that is a spot where we may end up with more cloud cover just because we do have some moisture still working its way in on the back even, the wrap around moisture behind the storm system that brought that rain early in the week. still a problem believe it or not. but if you are going to be to go something, like, tree cutting, or decorating, for the holidays this he can we even, you've got a smooth sail. would i suggest, keeping in mind though that you have got to be securing those decorations well enough, because again, it will be somewhat blustery, but this weekend in general. tomorrow we will end up with gusts as high as 25 miles an hour. these are the two coolest days that we've got, of next seven, so coming up, we will talk about how temperatures begin to moderate and also about our next chance for a good soaking rain, when that will get here in my full forecast later on,
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guys? >> katie, thanks very much. judge striking down the request for a special prosecutor, to be appointed in the criminal misconduct complaint against new jersey governor chris christie. this complaint over the bridge gate scandal. a former fire fighter brought the complaint against christie in october alleging that the governor failed to order people to reopen the george washington bridge lanes in 2013. christie denied any raining to go and was not charged in the federal case. in that case though, two former allies were convicted and one aid pleaded guilty. president-elect donald trump adds to his growing cabinet he select retired marine core general james mattis to be the next secretary of the tea fence. correspondent marlee hall has more details on the nomination and other retired general who is gaining support to be the next secretary of state. >> don't let it outside of this room, do you promise. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump leak a secret during a victory tour rally in cincinnati, on thursday night. >> we are going to appoint mad
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dog mattis as our secretary of defense. >> james mattis, the 66 year-old retired marine core general served 41 years in the military and led forces in iraq and afghanistan. mattis, who retired in 2013 will need a waiver from congress to take up the role. federal law says that the pentagon chief must be out of uniform for seven years. president-elect trump still has yet to make a choice on who will be secretary of state, he has been interviewing candidates here at trump tower. sources say that there are four top contenders for the position, including former new york mayor rudy guiliani, former general david petraeus, and senator bob corker of tennessee and former presidential nominee mitt romney. general mattis has told president-elect trump he prefers to work with petraeus. >> the ultimate decision maker
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is donald trump but it does matter to take council of these people he trust to be this his cabinet. >> reporter: general petraeus interviewed with president-elect trump this his tower on monday. in new york, marlee hall for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the city opened up its doors this morning. center city store located at 1900 market street is nearly 7,000 square feet large headaching it the largest urban store. mayor kenney attended the ribbon cutting event which featured a hoagie building contest between cities fire and police departments and handing out a tree cup of coffee for anyone who stops by today. i will go there right after work. >> another place to get my 2:00 a.m. cup of coffee. >> perfect. coming up on "eyewitness news" vandals hit a local car dealership where it happened at the expense of the damage. and another former nfl player is kill in the possible case of road rage, we will tell you how police believe
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a man arrested in connection with the road rage, shooting of a former nfl player has been released from custody. >> fifty-four year-old ronald is being investigated but has in the been charged in the shooting death of joe mcknight. it happened after an argument after an intersection in a new orleans suburb, yesterday. the 28 year-old played for the new york jets and kansas city chiefs during his nfl career. police hope you can track down a man robbed a pharmacy the syringe. surveillance videos shows a suspect entering rite aide on
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east allegheny avenue wednesday morning. police say man took items off the shelves, hid them in his pocket and tried to get away when confronted by security, the suspect pulled out a hypodermic needle and made his getaway. if you have any information, call the police. vandals caused damage at family dodge dealership on the 6700 block of essington avenue, in southwest philadelphia, overnight, a window and gate were both damage as well as side-view mirror on one of the vehicles. police officers have no information on whether anything was stolen, detectives are continuing to investigate. a search for survivors, in the burned out devastation of the tennessee wild fires. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" what dolly parton is doing to help those who lost their home, katie. greg, as we look ahead to the upcoming weekend we are expecting quiet weather as we mentioned a moment ago, it is chilly, certainly but we expect sunshine throughout the majority of the weekend, notice breeze as well, but all are fair game if you have outdoor plans. stay right there we will be
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back with your full forecast.
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the death toll from the devastating wild fires in tennessee is rising, there are now 13 confirmed deaths and more than 80 injuries. >> but for the first time since being evacuated early this week displaced residents are returning to see is what left of their homes and businesses. correspondent dianne gallagher has the latest from gatlinburg. >> reporter: it has been several days since fires burning in the great smokey mountains of eastern tennessee engulfed towns and severe counties but number of lives lost continues to increase. officials confirmed thursday that three more bodies have been found, within of those killed alex haveler had been speaking to her son on the phone when the fast moving flames reached her home. >> things went from, you know, wind picking up to the last phone call that she made to her brother was the tack that she was, really scared, frantic because house was
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actually on fire. >> reporter: rescue crews have within working around the clock putting out brush fires and searching for survivors, some even refusing to leap at home. a photo posted on taste book by the johnson city professional fire tighters association, shows five fire fighters asleep on the sidewalk after returning from a 30 hour shift. more than 700 buildings were destroyed or damage in 14,000 people were evacuated monday, many with just clothes on their backs. as residents returned to the burned areas, many will fine they had nothing to come back to. country superstar dolly parton who grew up in the area plans on doing something about that. >> we want to provide a hand up to all of those families that have lost everything in the fires, and to recover, we want to make sure that the dollywood foundation provides a you this dollars a month to all of those families that have lost their homes in the fires, until they get backup on their feet. >> reporter: i'm tie and gallagher, reporting.
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so much deaftation. >> yes, especially around the holidays, so tough to see that. we can say that storm is gone, it helps bring in beneficial rain this tennessee, for us, back here at home, it was just a glancing blow when you think about it. we had very beneficial rain, in major flooding but couple dreary days. it is licensing gone and we are left with the breeze, that is what we end up finding here for rest of the upcoming weekend too. with the sunshine we will have that breeze, net isable, and, and remember, and we will talk about that in a second. we will go out, for a preference, and storm scan three. i like the start here, give you an idea of where we're coming from right off the bat and on storm scan at the moment, we do still have some movement in the atmosphere with the same area have of low pressure still trying to headache its full exit, off to the north east here and it is last wrap around moisture to even pro tuesday some lake enhanced snow or rain showers, especially through new england
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and upstate new york. we have seen a couple of additional included out of this and no flakes, rain drops or nothing like that. this is wake of this high pressure, lift nothing but that is where we get stuck in the pressure gradient situation in short it just means, you got to breathe, we will contend with right through tomorrow, in fact. stormy, and breezy, and, and, we see, and a hot cup of cocoa should be prepared as we are second that is upper 40's, and sunshine all take. tomorrow will end up being a most breezy because we will have those wind gusts peeking well in the 20's, throughout the course of the day, included begin to build on sunday but still a try day but overnight into early monday morning, i wouldn't be shock from a very minor disturbance crossing through if we saw a syringe will or shower across the area. but then we will see what waits in the wings here next large storm system, next big thing so to speak and that
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will bring our next best chance for some soaking rains. possibly, maybe just a light rain, but it looks like two things end up being the take that we will dust off the umbrella again. looking at wind gusts, you won't see every single location registering an observation right now but it is pretty widespread where we do have those observations above 20 miles an hour, even got a handful of 30 miles an hour wind gusts, plus across these western most suburbs. definitely again we will call it the noticeable wind that continues into tomorrow, and tonight for that matter but then tomorrow especially looking like it will be the breezyes day of the pack. lets move it forward take a look, what's more with the temperatures regional wide. lower 50's across southern half of the region. chilly up in the mountains. thirty-eight current temperature at mount pocono, flirting with 50's in the lehigh valley. this is a shaky camera shots that we were able to find in the live neighborhood network and it is not shaking right now, but it was rocking and rolling during the break here,
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and so again we will find that wind out there, handful of cloud, further inland, 46 in bernville berks county but for rest of the day, we will tack another degree or two at most on top forte time high at the 51 degrees what we're seeking, it is december secretary to a t, very, very typical. and looking forward, if we can see the will coolest of the pack, it is try and i think by tuesday we will break out, the due word what's more. >> i do see the sun. >> hey, that is it. >> glassies half full. >> yes. >> thanks, katie. sure. special olympics pennsylvania is holding its second annual philadelphia polar plunge today and our very own pat gallen was on hand to take part. >> wow. oh, my ifness it is cold.
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>> very nicely done. the plunge event is taking place on the campus of drexel university and served as a fundraiser for special olympics of pennsylvania. now throughout the take, willing lungers as they are called can donate $50 to the chance to jump in the tank of 45-degree water, no big deal, the event runs all day into the evening. well done, pat. >> at least he has a towel right there. >> i was talking to our news trek or and she said next polar plunge will be in the ocean for him. >> and that then will be like maybe 40 if you are lucky. >> yes. >> water temperature. >> you know, you cannot keep a good man down because he was back to work after that. >> i just say the manatee serves a break. >> up next on "eyewitness news", wait until you see this
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25th year chicago transit authority has rolled out its holiday train. >> one trains will follow each other on busy sat the days hoping to assure everyone has a chance to see them. one of the trains you can feature is a elf workshop. for those not near those train lines transit authority has launched a new holiday bus to get everybody in the spirit. >> it is the coolest. >> that is very will cool. >> very cool. >> yes. >> it would be great. >> great idea. >> that is "eyewitness news" at noon i'm greg argos. >> i'm jan carabao. for katie and all of us here thanks for watching. >> eyewitness knees continues at 5:00 but we're always on line at cbs philly to the come. >> the young and restless is next, thanks for
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>> nick: all right. christian is down for his nap, which means i am all yours, beautiful. what do you want to do? you want to play some games? we could, uh, do a little, i don't know, father-daughter mani-pedi. what do you want? >> faith: you didn't tell me everything that happened in court. >> nick: why would you say that? >> faith: gc buzz. mom and dylan can't be around christian or they could get arrested. it's because you think they'd steal him? >> dylan: we walk into the courtroom, try to get visitation of a kid that we love, and i know that he loves us, and we walk out unable to be within 500 feet of him. >> paul: granted, it's not what anyone expected. but that is before we all heard what happened at chelsea's place. >> kevin: i know chloe thought


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