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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 2, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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line of duty death in history and only seconds, african-american line of duty death following my father lieutenant james goode junior. >> reporter: fire chief anthony goode stood before her camera one day after fire fighter hope passed away. he calls 23 year-old veteran a hero, one who had plans to retire just next month, to become a nurse. >> she is a wonderful mother, and woman. you have to be to be a female fire fighter, and a male dominated world. >> reporter: authorities say that this blaze that also killed captain christopher leach, and lieutenant jerry fickes in september was inn to tensionally set by this woman, reease. >> she toss than the realize how many people she affect when she, did this, it the is horrible, she is still here and her family can see her. >> reporter: jean tucker called ardythe hope a friend and still dealing with the reality of her death. >> i'm devastated. i could not even talk.
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i said i just wanting to over there. she cried too. it the is hard. >> reporter: black bunting went up in different firehousees aren't wilmington. chief good says ardythe hope was special and gave it everything that she had, when she came to work. >> we love ardythe hope. we will always remember her and maintain her honor. >> reporter: she touched a lot of people, chief goode said charges are expect to be upgraded against beatrice ruiz. coming up at 6:00 i spoke with ardythe hope fiance a man who planned to spend the rest have his life with the love of his life, hear from him coming up at 6:00. reporting live tonight from wilmington david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". thank you, david. cause for the fire that damaged a row of homes in allentown and left nearly two dozen residents homeless. three alarm fire started around 8:00 in the home of the 400 block of north fulton street, then spread to five
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more homes. it took fire fighters about four hours to get it all under control, two other homes suffered smoke and water damage. >> everybody was outside. the whole building, it was all on fire. >> fortunately no one was hurt. red cross is assisting 23 displaced residents. kensington mother is facing charges tonight as police continue to investigate the death of her son, as possible child abuse. twenty-three year-old andrea worrell has been charged with child endangerment and obstructing justice. officers found her two-year old son zyair worrell, unresponsive on the 600 block of college even tine treat tuesday night. he died, later at st. christopher's hospital. investigators say that the boy had chest and liver injuries, and tested positive for thc, a chemical found in marijuana. camden county police department is working to return stolen items to their rightful owners. ninety-one bikes were found in the basement of the small grocery store, in the 600
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block of broad waste in camden. electronic items were also found. police made find while responding to a burglar alarm at the store, and realized the items were stolen. to check ande if any of the stolen bikes are yours we have set up a link between police department's page and cbs no one has been charged this is thefts. philadelphia police hope you can help them track down man who robbed a local pharmacy with the the syringe. surveillance video shows suspect entering rite aide on east allegheny avenue in kensington wednesday morning. police a man took items off shelves, hid them in his pockets and tried to get away. when confronted by security suspect pulled out a hypodermic needle and made his getaway. if you have any information, call the police. weather-wise, it is town right cold tonight, what can we expect this weekend? kate is on our sky deck right now, with your preview, kate. >> reporter: it is definitely feeling, december-like out here. we have a cold wind blowing through the city all day long, skies are relatively clear,
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and that means we are in for a very chilly, and blustery night. here's storm can three which shows in the a whole lot locally but you cane snow, rain showers right up along the pennsylvania new york state borders, and that could impact poconos overnight and tomorrow morning just a few snow showers up that way, otherwise, we're quiet, weather-wise, precipitation wise i should say as we head in the weekend but wind will stay a factor, so right now it is 47 in philadelphia. it is 46 in allentown. 44 degrees in reading. it is 5 degrees colder then this time last night and it feels even worse because the wind have picked up even more. current wind across the area right now are in the zero to 20 miles an hour range with gusts in the 25 to 30 miles per hour range, 29 miles an her right now in philadelphia, and another over ridden trash can scattered about my neighborhood today and those big blow up holiday decorations could becoming down with the wind tonight and into the weekend. so breezy, chilly through this evening overnight cold again the wind keep up, and in the morning, we will wake up to
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feels like temperatures, in the 20's, definitely have the winter gear ready, as you head in the weekend, coming up i'll tell you how long that stretch of cold will last and when rain returns to the forecast. for now back inside to you. we are learning new details in the road rage shooting death of former nfl player joe mcknight night. investigators say ronald gasser admitted to you the shooting mcknight at new orleans intersection yesterday. the jefferson county sheriff is facing criticism for releasing gasser from jail. he says that the the law allows gasser to be freed, while the investigation continues, and urged the public not to rush to judgment. >> this investigation is not going to be moved, influenced, coerced, changed, in anyway by any external force, comments, or otherwise. >> mcknight the night played for new york jets and kansas
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city chiefs during his nfl career. thousands of resident of gatlinburg tennessee were allowed back in the city today to see is what left of their homes and businesses after a massive wild fire ravage the area. at least 13 people died and 80 others are injured. >> ashley the ratt is seeing had remains of her home after a devastating wild fire tore through. this is where the front door was, she and her boyfriend moved in only three months ago. they didn't realize their neighborhood was on fire, until they looked outside the window. >> we saw an em ber hit the tree we the tree caught on fire, we ran outside the front door with our cats. >> reporter: couple was among 4,000 people who evacuated gatlinburg monday and were allowed back inside friday for a few hours, to look around. the fire, hopscotched through the city leveling over a thousand homes and buildings, leaving others on, untouched, the tennessee emerge i management agency, put out an evacuation order on monday night but many people never received the alert on their phones. possibly due to old
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technology, and at least one cell tower, that burned down. >> did you get the an evacuation alert from anyone. >> no, we got no alerts. >> reporter: local officials will in the say if the evacuation calls should have been made sooner. >> we're not going to get into that right now because we did the best, they have been and we're or i for that but we will not get into monday morning quarterbacking right now. >> reporter: fire killed four people, more than any other u.s. wild fire in the last 13 years. >> gatlinburg city officials a their goal, it is to opened up the city to the public on wednesday. for more than two decade the community design collaborative has been recognized with the proclamation by city of philadelphia. >> honor was bestowed for 25 years of positive impact in design of city storefronts, school yard, parks, community centers and affordable housing. founded in 1991, collaborative has delivered more than 700 rebono grants to various city groups, and organizations.
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well, president-elect trump once said he knows more about isis then the general's do and now he wants two generals on his team. hoe is picking and for what post and why one general may be needing a special waiver to take a cabinet position coming up at 5:30. also why more millennials are renting instead of the buying and perks that come along with that choice, coming up next, lauren. i'm meteorologist, lauren casey live at first friday in olde city, night is cool but not too hilly to check out this neighborhood amazing art scene. coming up i'll take a peak inside a gallery you can check out the tonight where everything is made of
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and, more millennials are holding off an buying homes because of rising prices and less invent try available. they are finding another perk in renting in buildings that offer many extras, karena mitchell shows what they have to offer. >> lucy's decision to move into this new york city rental
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has more to do with what is outside the apartment. amenities include a pool, fitness center, basketball courts and outdoor spaces. >> but what really sold her was the on site, doggie day care center. >> it gave me the flexibility to work a lot and still have the dog and have her be taken care of when i'm in the here. >> reporter: millennials are leading charge to rent rather than buying. in 2014, almost 72 percent of them decided to rent. this building is owned by the company, related, and was constructed with young adults in mind. >> in here we have our billiard room opened all day for our residents. >> reporter: related executive chris schmidt said millennials put a premium on lifestyle. >> it is not just apartment finishes but it is about the community amenities and social connectivity. >> reporter: rest tents can go from practicing their swing on this golf simulator to a private bar, all without ever leaving the building. but, economist say that while
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at lure of the a hunts ace peeling many millennials don't want to rent forever. >> a lot of millennials do want to buy a home but there are hurt also they are facing. they are having a hard time getting a qualified for a mortgage or even saving for a down payment. renting this general gives them flexibility. >> reporter: she enjoys that flexibility. >> once i know my long term plans, i can, think about buying but it is also very expensive. >> reporter: for now she's happy to keep renting. karena mitchell for cbs news, new york. >> as a result of the increased demand, average rents have also listen, more than 20 percent since 2006, in the top 50 housing markets, nationwide. >> how about that. olde city is a great place to live and that is where they are celebrating first friday tonight, but first of this holiday season. >> collective display of arts, culture, meteorologist lauren casey has a look at the sights and sound, hey there, lauren. >> reporter: hi there guys, i'm here in olde city on third
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street, it is first friday, free admission to the neighborhood's over 40 art galleries, right now at center for art and wood and there is some amazing pieces here that you have to check out. aim he here with the co founder, executive director of center albert leecough and just really amazing pieces so cool for people to check out. owe can you tell them about your gallery. >> gray, center for art and woodies non-for profit museum in the art of the olde city and proud to be part of the first friday. this is the 25th year for the first friday and get to see new exhibitions in the gallon willry, and shop the boutiques, and eat at local restaurant. >> reporter: can you you tell us about some of the pieces, exhibit you have going on they are just so visually interesting. >> this exhibition is called wood revisited, and it is cure rated by ann carlisle and it celebrates interest that the artists, that are used in contemporary techniques like
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machines and lasers to create their ideas. >> reporter: all right. why should people head out to first friday what is so cool and special about tonight and galleries that you can visit. >> what is really great we get to see a new variety of art made locally and international like here at the center, clay studio, webster gallery, it is really the heart of culture in olde city, in philadelphia. >> reporter: awesome. thanks so much for seeking with us. pieces are just incredible here. there is some butterflies made of wood over there, just really neat pieces. but speaking of first it is december, it is a big first month for weather-wise, average first in philadelphia, of the frigid kind, of course, and typically this month, we experience our first freezing or colder or high temperature on around december 18th and typically on average we have our first low in philadelphia, it is achieved in the teens. it may be coming this month. we're talking about snow. we typically see our first measurable snowfall in philadelphia during the month of december and additionally
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our first, 1 inch snowfall in the month of december, typically around december 24th, but, of course, in snow to be had tonight, don't need snow boots if you are coming out to first friday, little chilly but that shouldn't stop you, amazing sights to sianni they to have an incredible gift shop here as albert as saying at center for art and wood. they have pick up pieces. i'll make a list. i will give you address to come and pick them out and buy them for me for christmas, so you are all set and don't have to worry about that. >> kate say game, set, match. >> i didn't see that coming. >> no. >> thanks, lauren. >> all right. >> and starting to feel like winter, kate. >> i'm ready for the first 80-degree day. >> yes. >> it is a long way to go until we get to that part. >> yes. >> my goodness we're talking about serious bursts on the way, this month possibly our first know fall and definitely our first real blast of cold that we are feeling this weekend. we have had a few cold days in
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november, certainly but this weekend blustery, frigid, it is feeling like winter outside. rightfully so. it is not officially winter for next three weeks or so. we're just under that. it is feeling like that. if you are out and about in the city or in bethlehem tonight, or walking the streets, lot of people shopping on main street. the it is the christmas city after all. love to go up there every year. my relatives are in bethlehem. my husband drove up there we drive around, lot at beautiful christmas lights the in the christmas city, moravian book shop and hotel bethlehem all decked out. if you have never been, this is a good time to check it out. lot at flags blowing in the breeze. it is blustery and cold outside tonight, bethlehem, and here in philadelphia, as well. look across our live neighborhood network temperatures and current wind, you can see the problems. temperatures in the 40's, in millville, philadelphia airport and dover air force base but lot the at wind. wind sustained at 15 miles an hour on average, but gusts a high as 25 to 30 miles an
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hour, making it feel even worse, and that is not going to let up through much of the weekend. storm scan three shows where wind are coming from. west northwesterly wind bringing lake effect snow showers to portions of upstate, new york, even northwestern, pennsylvania, and even the poconos we can pick up a few snow showers heading in the weekend but you can see worst is still well off to the north and west, it doesn't look like we will see much if any precipitation this weekend here in philadelphia sustain wind across the map here, 23 miles an hour at the airport. 15 miles an hour in allentown. 12 miles an hour in trenton. gusts are higher then that. that is making it feel like the lower 40's and 30's right now. five to 10 degrees colder then thermometer indicates but watch tomorrow morning, when we wake up 7:00 a.m. it will feel sub freezing, just about every where, feeling like 30 here in philadelphia tomorrow morning at 7:00. feeling like 28 in will allentown and feeling like 20 in mount pocono and tomorrow afternoon, even at the height of the afternoon, it doesn't feel any better than lower 40's from the city on south and east, it will feel like the 30's all day in our north
5:19 pm
and western suburbs. sunny, blustery take with wind out of the northwest, same story on unday, we've got temperatures in the the 40's again, sunshine, early a few more clouds in the afternoon, day looks dry but this little will weak system could skate across here on monday morning bringing an early morning sprinkle, wintry mix up in the poconos and that is out of here but this larger system we see here lurking to the out that will bring us threat the for some rain by next tuesday. and as far as snow is concerned, again, just poconos, possibly overnight, tenth of an inch or so. you can see that staying off to the north and it the is as lauren mentioned our average first snow is december 12th, we are getting close to that date. earliest was october 19th in 1940. latest first snow we have ever had was february 3rd, back in 1995. a look at the overnight forecast a few clouds, cold blustery, 36. tomorrow sun and cloud with the the gusty wind, 49 degrees but as i just showed you, it won't feel better than 42, and that is optimistic. the sunday late day clouds at 47, monday we could see a stray sprinkle, maybe flurries
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in the morning and then the sun will return, but next week we have got a couple chances of rain, and then possibly, a more, noticeable cool down towards next week. it is here. >> the cold is here. get used to it. >> here we go, it is here. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" a popular woman's magazine will no longer be sold on store shelves. >> bird of the feather particular together, right, even in jail, what a parrot is doing in a criminal's mug shot, leslie. philadelphia area isn't really known to be a college football hot spot but things have change, temple and penn state are playing for their respective conference championship and both of these teams facing an uphill
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why did it have to be my friend at 27 years old in why did it have have to be my friend. >> friend are looking for answers after a woman is kill in the back seat of a ride sharing car service in new jersey. but frightening confrontation that led to her death is new
5:24 pm
tonight coming up on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. special olympics/pennsylvania held its second annual polar plunge today and our own path the path gallon was on hand to take part. >> wow. >> my goodness, it is cold. >> pat didn't even have cold feet, he went straight for it. plunge event is taking lays by the way on the campus of drexel university and it is a fundraiser for special olympics pennsylvania, willing plungers can donate $50 for chance to jump in etank of 45-degree water. >> burr. >> the event has been going on all day and goes until the evening. still time to take part if you are feeling up to that. >> he looks cold, but happy. >> jumping around, a little warm. >> yes. >> good sport. >> indeed. >> leslie, lets get ready for championship game, temple owls. >> we have a big weekend,
5:25 pm
tomorrow's championship sunday for both temple and penn state. we will tart with the owls. second straight year matt rhule's team will play for a ac championship. here they are leaving anapolis. they are playing 19th ranked navy and they have to stop the nation's second best rushing offense. mid ship men won their last two games by a combined score of 141-62 and they won triple crown offense and coach matt rhule knows they have an uphill battle trying to stop them. >> it is really hard to defend, people have tried all kind of things in our league and in one has been able to tame it, especially ladder part of this year and we know there is in stopping the offense. you have to hope you get two or three stops within the course of the game. >> tomorrow night penn state will be in the big ten championship game against sixth ranked wisconsin. this is first time nittany lions has played for the conference championship. they have been on a roll after lose to go michigan in late september. they have won eight in a row, head coach james franklin was big ten coach of the year and
5:26 pm
today he talk about what it will mean for the program to take home the title will. >> it would mean a lot to those letterman and a lot to our players, it will mean a lot to our community. big ten championships are hard to get, to have a chance to play for big zero championship is a tremendous honor on its own and to find a way to win this game and be able to take this bad boy back to state college, you know, it would be awesome. >> it would be awesome. >> go get that bad boy. >> yes. >> thanks, leslie. coming up, in our next half an hour a face lift without surgery, we will show you how doctors are helping people, turn back the hand of time. and two generals, president-elect donald trump may nominate not one but two generals in the cabinet. coming up why one w
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who will be america's next top diplomate? we will show it the latest finalist to meet president-elect donald trump. "eyewitness news" continues at
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5:30. i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. president-elect donald trump is interviewing a number of candidates for various jobs in his administration. biggest post left to phillies that of secretary of state. former u.n. ambassador john bolton is latest contender for secretary have of state to arrive at trump tower to interview with president-elect donald trump. >> just a tremendous group of talented people, that are raising their hand, as well as men and women saying they want to serve the american government. >> reporter: bolton is competing with former new york mayor rudy guiliani, general david petraeus, tennessee senator bob corker and mitt romney. president-elect trump says he will officially announce his choice as secretary of defense on monday but he let the secret out of the bag during a rally in ohio thursday night. >> mad dog mattis. >> reporter: james mattis is a 66 year-old retired marine core general who served 41 years in the military and led
5:31 pm
forces in iraq and afghanistan. former defense secretary robert gates met with president-elect trump friday afternoon. >> i told him i thought his selection of general mattis to be secretary of defense was terrific. >> reporter: wednesday he told cbs this morning that mr. trump should avoid selecting another military man to also serve as secretary of state. >> i think that is, probably too much military, influence in the decision making process. >> reporter: federal law prohibits military personnel from serving as secretary of defense within seven years of wearing the uniform, mattis will need a congressional waiver to take on the post. the next stop on president-elect trump's thank you tour will be in des moines, iowa, no date has been set. a short time ago judge reject trump supporters request for a halt to the presidential recount underway in wisconsin. but the judge ruled their lawsuit to stop the recount can new move forward. meanwhile niche today state attorney general sued to stop
5:32 pm
a recount from happening in his state. green party candidate jill stein requested both recounts, she believes cyber attacks on electronic votingmay have altered the result. jill stein is behind recount effort here in pennsylvania, election officials began recount something ballots in philadelphia today. "eyewitness news" at board of elections voting machine warehouse in east falls, and today pennsylvania republican party asked the court to dismiss stein's request for a recount. government watch dog group committee of 70 weighs in on the recount battle on "eyewitness news" at 6:00. judge strikes down request for a special prosecutor to be appointed in the criminal misconduct complaint against new jersey governor chris christie, over the bridge gate scandal. former fire fighter involving a fight in october that governor failed to order subordinate to reopen the lane in 2013. christie has denied any wrongdoing, and was not charged in the federal case. in that case, two former
5:33 pm
allies were convicted, and one pleaded guilty. today marks one year since the deadly terrorist attack in san bernardino, small memorial service was held in the the inlet regional medical center with 14 people were killed and 22 were injured. many of those in attendance were cyclist who took part in the ride to remember the victims. the attackers were later kill in the gun battle will. investigators say they were inspired by the islamic state group. a popular women's mag even will no longer be on store shelves, which one when we return. take years off your face without surgery, more on the procedure and for what to expect, plus. i'll sit down with natalie portman who transforms herself into jackie kennedy for the new film, jackie. my preview in 15 minutes.
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kate? so, it is finally here and it will be a cold, blustery december weekend. temperatures close to where they should be. we are at 42 on saturday in the poconos. thirty-seven on sunday. in the city down the shore upper 40's on saturday. mid 40's on sunday but you have to factor in the wind and both days will be blustery, feeling more like the 30's when you wake up sunday morning and may feel like no better than teens in some spots so
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well, cities new wawa opened to take. >> center city store located at 19th and market is 7,000 square feet making it wawa's largest urban store. mayor kenney headed today ribbon cutting event which featured a hoagie building contest, between the cities fire and police department. and they are handing out a free cup of cough east for anyone who stops by this store, all day to day. well, pop tarts decided to serve you cough east, kind of, sort of inspired by dunkin' donuts. it will be available in two new flavors. there is check late mocha and vanilla latte. new flavors will be in stores for a limited time. >> i'm a big fan of pop tarts. >> i like strawberry with the frosting. >> one of the originals. >> yes. >> if i want coffee, i will have have coffee. why a parrot ended up in a criminal mug shot. af
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more than seven years after his father's death michael jackson's 19 year-old son prince is making his own mark on the world. he wants to do some good things, this season. >> he sat down with the insider's louie agear and opened up about some of his father's biggest hits. >> louie. >> ♪ >> to me he was a dad as long as your pain was in the picture then that is what he was like. >> ♪ >> it is an honor that i can continue his legacy. >> i met the a 19 year-old quick to smile and relaxed you have this to even let me in on what his dads hits meant in their home beginning with thriller. >> ♪ >> my dad used to mess with me a lot because i used to be
5:43 pm
very scared of the where cat and i would be like it is a full moon tonight. >> which leads to us badd. >> ♪ i'm bad >> a lot of people think have of, i always think of this. >> and, you know, his moves. >> yes. billy jean. >> that was pretty obvious. >> it is what i think of there yes. >> how about you are not alone. >> you are not alone ♪ >> it the remind me of my siblings, you know. >> let's get to man in the mirror. >> ah, that is actually the song that i realize who my dad was. >> i was watching that song, when i realized people were passing out and i was like wow, they are passing out, they just love the song so much. >> wow.
5:44 pm
>> incredible interview. >> love to see that. >> get all your hollywood news tonight and every week night at 7:30 watch insider right here on cbs-3. on the cbs-3 healthwatch a new non-surgical face lift approved by f.d.a., new and improved version of the threat lift which didn't work out well the health reporter stephanie stahl explains how this new roar works. >> reporter: jennifer douglass wants to turn back the clock on her looks. >> my jaw area has started to sag. i'm really happy person but i feel like if i'm not smiling, it makes me look a little sad. >> reporter: five five-year old hopes new minimally invasive roar will give her the lift that she's looking for, it is called silhouette instant lift. >> insert it. >> reporter: doctor paul says lift is unique because it uses tiny combs on a thread inserted through a small puncture. >> you get immediate effect of lifting the tissue, just by placing the suture underneath the skin, but you also have the long term effect of volume icing the space and the
5:45 pm
materials being processed by your body and build collegeon. >> reporter: he is a consultant for the company and involved in the clinical trials. >> there is really no downtime, just rest for four hours and after 24 hours really no restrictions. >> reporter: he says studies show results last about 18 months, it cost between 35 and $5,500. >> i tiehl great, i definitely feel, you know, the lift. >> reporter: here's jennifer before the procedure and after the procedure, six weeks, she says it was time and money well spent. a local medication is used for the 45 behind procedure, and six to nine months later, the threats and combs dissolved leaving the face lifted and lump. the doctors say instant lift works best for patientness their 40's and 50' cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, a man posed for authorities with his set parrot. >> this is kind of crazy. thinking his case wouldn't take long craig buck inner brought his parrot with him as
5:46 pm
he helpedded to court and he left the bird in the tree outside during his hearing. >> well, that is what you do i guess. then the judge had him arrested for violating the terms of his release on misdemeanor theft. since the process was going to take a little bit longer security guard allowed him to retrieve the pet and take booking photos with the bird. >> he is going one way, he is going the other. >> same face. >> same face. >> that is right. >> owe is like hmm. >> they say you look like your pet. >> even parrots. >> yes, indeed good kate joins with us our forecast on this friday, we made it to the weekend. >> it is a december weekend and it will feel like a december weekend. it is cold, blustery but generally dry. if you are out doing holiday shopping, getting a jump on it, does it give you a jump. we are three weeks away from christmas. >> yes. >> there is still time. >> now is the time to be doing it exactly. >> right on time doing it now and weather should cooperate which it should this weekend. whether it does include holiday shopping or just getting out and about in the
5:47 pm
city, lots of stuff this weekend, not too bad but make sure you bundle up appropriately, this is coldest weather we have felt this season so far. here's a look outside right now we will go outside to the roof cam. the wind is the problem. we will a that all the time. we have a temperature of 45 degrees, that is not so bad but when there is a cutting wind, it makes it feel so much worse and it makes it unbearable to stand outside, for too long. so last weekend we will do christmas thing and went and cut it down in the field. there was sawing, 45 minutes of sawing for my poor husband, my did were cold. wasn't all that windy. if you have plans to do it this weekend maybe do pre-cut because it will be cold out there in the fields, or maybe bring your sharper blade. we have learned hourlies on for next year. eyewitness weather watchers checking in with comfortable conditions outside, as long as you are enjoying them from the heat, in your car or home. we are at 45 degrees in willingboro, new jersey. we have some cloud, you want it cold? well, it is on the way, just
5:48 pm
hang in there, yes, everybody is saying where is cold weather? a lot of that in november. we have mild days, everyone saying we're ready for winter. now you've got it. 44 degrees. we will check with barbara lane in willow grove. show you one beautiful sunset shot here, here it is from phil, it is the sun going down setting on a beautiful, friday have afternoon, but it is chilly outside. here's a look outside. storm scan three shows clearly where wind is coming from. it is north/northwest wind bringing lake effect snow showers through much of the new york state. those should miss us to the north and west but wind will not and temperatures only in the mid 40's across most of the area right now, feeling like the upper 30's for most of these spots. you can see feels like temperature right now feels like 39 in philadelphia, it feels like 23 degrees in mount pocono. it feels like 37 in wilmington. only will get colder overnight. current wind gusts in the 25 to 30 miles an hour range, and then this this is across most of the area. sustained wind at 15 to 20 but those gusts are where it gets you.
5:49 pm
your future weather shows high pressure overhead through the weekend. that will keep us dry, not expecting really any wet wet they are weekend but clouds will increase a bit on sunday, and that is this next system approaches. so this could bring us a stray shower on monday morning, and we have to keep an eye on the southern system, it could lift up the coast and try to bring us some rain by next tuesday, it does look like rain at this point so no worries as far as frozen precipitation just yet. overnight a to clouds, cold, blustery, 36 is your low, for your saturday mix of sun and cloud, gusty wind though northwesterly wind at ten to 20 with gusts as high as 30 again. difficult drive past a neighbor's house with the big blow up santa's in their front lawn and yesterday evening when i came home that guy was on his side. so watch out for. that they could be blowing over this weekend. cool, blustery doing decorating, 49 degrees on saturday. the wind a little lesson sunday but still brisk, at 47 degrees. monday we have got a sprinkle in the morning, tuesday showers likely by afternoon and then a milder day on wednesday at the 54 but notice
5:50 pm
next friday, highs bear liz making it out of the 30's ukee and nicole back to. all right, kate, thank you 53 years ago the 35th president of the united states was assassinated. there have been many books, bills, documentary all about that tragic event. >> new light is shed on very dark time, how the murder of jfk and immediate days that followed affected his 34 year-old wife, as well as the presidency, that she inadvertently coined as camelot. >> it is camelot. >> was it overwhelming to become her because i'm telling you, young lady, you were her. >> it was overwhelming. it was scary to play someone so well men that people are so attached to. natalie portman became attached to this role. >> jack, i love you jack. >> to consider her emotional landscape, and her
5:51 pm
intelligence was a real opportunity. >> reporter: billy cutof the play ace journalist who jackie opens up her doors to after yfk's death. she said portman's portrayal is on point. >> is there a person case that is undeniable, she has power, she has grace, she has the authority. you know that she cane vice rate you with a look and stop you cold. >> people leave and what i know to be real. >> how would you you like him to be remembered. >> why are you doing this, mrs. kenty. >> most challenging part of this entire project, for you personally was what. >> i think doing the assassination scenes the worst. it is not a part of history that you really want to relive and acting level it is very hard when you have an idea what people did exactly but you are trying to replicate
5:52 pm
and bring truthfule motion. >> reporter: film makers wanted it to be down to a science, look, movement, environment, age so many familiar scenes, director pablo lorraine was in charge and did it his way. >> he is not an american but chilean so he doesn't have that sort of all of the reverence that americans have where we would almost idol worship the kennedy's. he allowed for a lot more interpretation and to make them human and not these sort of symbols. >> reporter: bob he kennedy is played by peter sarsguard, a beacon in the fog that earned ised the first lady's trauma one of the most important and tragic moments in american history, now seen differently through the eyes of the woman simply known as yak i. she never smoked in front of the camera but behind it
5:53 pm
much different story as film depicts. i'm anxious to see what the golden globes and oscars think about her portrayal. >> so powerful. >> no doubt. >> in theaters right now. >> natalie portmanny guess oscar worthy. >> she put everything she had into it, yes. how does this sound, holiday shopping by candle light. >> tori the is checking it out in haddonfield, tori. >> reporter: that is right i'm checking it out by horse and carriage. let's give them the coup. three, two, one... >> it is the holiday season in haddonfield with the candle light shopping kick off, don't miss fun and details coming up next. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
5:54 pm
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that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffering. oh no, that looks gross whoa, twhat is that? try it. you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it!
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guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it. it's what you do. i can't get the taste out of my mouth! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. shhh! dog, dog, dog. my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. annual holiday tradition gets underway this historic haddonfield. >> vittoria woodill is live at kick off of the candle light shopping, hi there, tori. >> twists my arm, ukee and
5:57 pm
nicole to to shopping by candle light. that is at we are live in haddonfield, look at this amazing community that we have. look at them all. it is fabulous. the entire community has come out tonight to celebrate, their tradition of candle light shopping. merry christmas everybody. say that one more time to the camera. >> merry christmas everyone. >> there you go, absolutely celebrating the holiday season haddonfield kick off once again shopping by this beautiful light of candles, take a look at earlier shoppers and some of the businesses setting up. >> what is one of the coolest things about the candle light shopping experience that they have here in your home town. >> well, i think the best part about it, it brings christmas spirit. >> reporter: sun goes down, every friday, until christmas haddonfield store trent are lighting up candles for their seasonal signature candle light shopping. >> it is great supporting the community like this, high favorite part of shopping for christmas. i try to come here and not the mall. >> reporter: great time for
5:58 pm
shoppers looking for great teams, and business owners like john picking of wild vei receipt that are food store say it is great night for bringing community together. >> everybody is gone to the internet sort of and it is nice to be able to go and see people, and be outside. >> reporter: ♪ jingle, jingle, hear sleigh bells ring. dash go through the snow in the one horse open sleigh, all of the field we go ♪ >> a little sound of the new jersey choir, new jersey sound choir that is. we are celebrating how excited it is tonight, how excited are you. >> super. >> reporter: super she says. how excited are you you tonight, ava. >> super. >> reporter: super excited. kick off here in haddonfield. say hello and happy holidays to everyone at the test being. thank you so much, every one.
5:59 pm
>> back to you guys. >> i was enjoying the show here. >> they look so coast any their blankets. >> thanks, abe everyone there. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 new push to solve a decade's old cold case. >> plus... >> you took a wonderful woman that was a friend to a whole community. >> heart break and anger after a wilmington fire fighter died, how the hero is being remembered and her fiance's message to the woman accused offsetting the fire. then a terrifying purse snatching when a woman is attacked walking down the street, see the man police are now looking for. kate? and a windy weekend on the way, the wind picked up today and they will stay strong this weekend, i will tell you how blustery and cold it will be and how to dress if you are heading outside for holiday fun this weekend, "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now.
6:00 pm
he was a trail blazing fire fighter, mother and dear friend to many. tonight wilmington is remembering ardythe hope. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. the senior fire fighter died from injuries suffering from a arson fire. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in wilmington and talk to those mourning her loss including her fiance, david? >> reporter: nicole, it is a sad story here in wilmington. i walked around and heard about this fire fighter, a senior fire fighter that has been with the department since 193 but tonight i spoke to her fiance who could talk about her at home, his fee april say and mother of three. sound of chime blanketed the will mink than sheet where ardythe hope lived but her fiance would over shadow that sound with pain. >> he was a great woman, that she was the best thing that ever happened to my life. >> reporter: derek woods devastated when he learned the love of his life senior fire


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