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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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he was a trail blazing fire fighter, mother and dear friend to many. tonight wilmington is remembering ardythe hope. good evening i'm ukee washington. i'm nicole brewer. the senior fire fighter died from injuries suffering from a arson fire. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in wilmington and talk to those mourning her loss including her fiance, david? >> reporter: nicole, it is a sad story here in wilmington. i walked around and heard about this fire fighter, a senior fire fighter that has been with the department since 193 but tonight i spoke to her fiance who could talk about her at home, his fee april say and mother of three. sound of chime blanketed the will mink than sheet where ardythe hope lived but her fiance would over shadow that sound with pain. >> he was a great woman, that she was the best thing that ever happened to my life. >> reporter: derek woods devastated when he learned the love of his life senior fire
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fighter ardythe hope died after fighting for two months, following this wilmington fire in september. >> it is right now my mind is just so worried about the children. >> reporter: it ponds say artie had three girls and he is close to all have of them. he came into their lives four years ago. he an artie were engaged last year and ready to celebrate their retirement from the department next month. she was just finishing school, and had plans to be a nurse. >> every day i watched artie go out and try to save lives. >> reporter: that is exactly what she was doing on september 24th, when she got the call about this fire in wilmington, two of her collogues, captain christopher leach and lieutenant jerry fickes died from that fire. ardythe held on in a local hospital. >> we love ardythe hope. we will always remember her and maintain her honor. >> reporter: authorities charged beatrice fana ruiz with setting the fire and killing both fire fighters.
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charges are expect to be upgraded to include the death of ardythe hope. >> you took a wonderful woman that was a friend to a whole community. >> reporter: chief goode says there abe formal procession honoring ardythe hope in the coming days. vice-president joe biden has been in dutch with her family and the department. i'm told ardythe hope is the third female african-american on the fire force, ever in wilmington fire history. she is second african-american fire fighter to died in the line of duty. reporting live tonight from wilmington, i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a mother is facing charges tonight as police continue to investigate death of her son as possible child abuse. twenty-three year-old andrea worrell has been charged with child endangerment and on trucks of justice. the office are found her two-year old son zyair unresponsive in kensington on tuesday night. he died later at st.
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christopher's hospital. investigators say birth had chest, liver injuries and tested positive for thc, a chemical found in marijuana. twenty-three years after this woman was murdered montgomery county detectives are making a new plea to find her killer. julie's body was found at lansdale septa conrail yard 23 years ago today. the 18 year-old had been missing for more than three weeks after taking train there philadelphia there is a $10,000 reward for information leading to her case killer. friend want answers tonight after passenger is shot and killed in the back seat of a ride sharing car in new jersey. investigators say a gunman forced his way in the car to rob victim and her friends. this all unfolded wednesday night on mechanics avenue in trenton. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan joins us live at the victim's home town of collinswood, with more, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, this is street where amber dudley lives her family still set to speak with us this evening as they are trying to make any
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sort of sense about her sudden death. police tell us that dudley was taken a lyft ride from north jersey to trenton with two other people on wednesday night, when an armed man tried to jump in the car and rob them, as the driver pulled away, the man fell out but not before firing a fatal shot into dudley's torso. dudley's little sister set up a go fund me page to cover funeral costs and said her family is devastate blood think loss that was reported to us on my mom's birthday at 1:00 a.m. that account has received more than $2,000 and dozens of comments full of love toward dudley. now, mercer county prosecutor's office ace at this point they do in the have any description of that suspect, anyone with any information should call them, or trenton police. live from collinswood, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cleve, thank you. philadelphia police want your help to find a man robbed a woman at gunpoint, take a look at that surveillance video as a suspect, approaches from behind, he grabbed that woman pointed a gun to her head and
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took off with her purse. this happened tuesday night in the 400 block of north third street. the victim was not injured. vandals caused damage at the family dodge dealer is ship on the 6700 block of essington avenue in southwest philadelphia overnight. window and gate were both damaged as well as side-view mirror on one of the vehicles. police are flying to determine if anything was stolen. reading teenager is facing 2,000 counts of reckless endangerment for a shooting outside a high school football game. fifteen year-old stephan brownies accused of shooting two people outside the stadium in york in september. they survived but brown facing one count of reckless endangerment for every person in the stadium. he has been charged as an adult and judge decided that there is enough evidence to send it to trial. election recount battle continues on in the presidential race, trump wins in pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan are under scrutiny. philadelphia election officials began recounting
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ballots in 75 division is today. "eyewitness news" in east falls where counting was being done. green party candidate jill stein requested the recount, she believes that cyber attacks on electronic voting machines may have altered the results. party represent are monitoring the recount. >> they are just going to have have each team with one of our people and representatives from the campaigns and the parties, they are going from machine to machine and to machine. >> government watch dog group, committee of 70 is also closely following the recount, we discussed the effort with president david thornberg. >> i think most observers, me included say it is highly unlikely that the process could have broken down or could have been violated to such an extent that it would come up with 46,000 votes. that has never happened before in our history, compared to other states it is just highly, highly, highly unlikely. >> today pennsylvania republican party asked the court to dismiss stein's
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request for a recount. they worried illegal battle could delay certification of the results by december 13th deadline. brian lynch was sworn in as pennsylvania's new civil service commissioner, and nominated by governor tom wolf in june and confirmed unanimously by state senate. former state representative and attorney here in philadelphia as well as a army veteran who served in bosnia and iraq. all right. get red toy crank up heat and maybe grab an extra blanket tonight, it will feel like winter here pretty soon. meteorologist kate bilo is here with the frigid forecast, hi there kate. >> flannel pajamas height be a good investment this weekend because it will get chilly around here, seasonably cold for test with temperatures near 50 degrees but the wind, you have to factor in the wind, blustery tonight and it will stay that way this weekend. storm scan three shows where wind is coming from, you can see lake effect snow showers over new york state, portions of new england as well as
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system there. mostly staying away from frustrs but in the poconos you could pick up snow showers tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid 40's, you may think thats don't look so bad 5 degrees colder then it was this time last night. i was in rittenhouse this time last night it was about 50 but with the breeze it felt very cold and wind is stronger tonight, and temperatures 5 degrees colder. you are 45, feeling more like 39 out there tonight, it is a cold one to be out and about and wind will blow you town street in the city. current wind right now 21 miles an hour in philadelphia, 15 in wilmington. 17-mile an hour wind right now in trenton and expect blustery conditions to continue through the evening hours. wind keep up overnight as well, very cold night wake up feeling like the 20's, tomorrow morning and doesn't get better as we head in the rest of the weekend but find ways to keep warm. maybe chilly but arts community is warming up for first friday in olde city. meteorologist lauren casey joins us live with more on
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what you will fine heading down there tonight, hi there lauren. >> reporter: not feeling too bad, little bit of the chill out here in olde city. i'm at first friday and of course that is opened 40 plus galleries free admission this evening until 9:00 o'clock tonight. we're at third street most of the galleries are found between third street and front street and also between market and vine. first friday has been going strong since 191, rain or shine but, of course, no rain tonight. there is a chill. we have a breeze as well but that will keep temperatures from crashing too far as we head in the evening hours, temperatures in the middle 40's, a few passing cloud, no precipitation to worry about. heading outside tonight to check out the art scene leave jacket, maybe the gloves, winter barrett and then, of course, olde city is home to tons of great bars and restaurant and guys, my watch, it is still happy hour so i will leave rest of the
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newscast to you and i will go on my way. >> easy young lady, easy. >> it would be okay. >> thanks, lauren. >> well, bomb shell in court why a former pro wrestler say murder charges against him should than thrown out. tonight is philadelphia the city of brotherly amore, anish version of the love skull tour gets a new home where you can now check it out. santa arrives in style trade nothing his sleigh for a jet ski, special gift he brought to the aquarium in camden, leslie. eagles getting ready to hit road facing bengals a on sunday, after being benched last week will nelson agholor play this week. we will hear from nelson and coach doug pederson.
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well, there are new developments in the murder case of begins jimmy super fly snuka in lehigh county. his attorney told the court that the former pro wrestler only has six months to live, snuka appeared via face time from florida. during a competency hearing in allentown. six months ago judge ruled snuka was mentally incompetent to stand trial in the 1983 death of his girlfriend. defense says that seven three-year old suffers from dimension, but the prosecution argues that snuka may be
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faking symptoms. former phillies manager charlie manual visited magee rehab hospital today in philadelphia. he will manage phillies to a world series title in 2008. he took time to take to help raise patient's spirits by telling stories, taking some pictures, signing autographs and talking baseball. in 2011 magee annual manual with the humanitarian award and named in his honor. >> still making people mile. sanity clause not only brings gifts to good little boys and girls but to good animals and fish, as well. >> sean mcdevitt with our sister station kyw news radio caught up with saint nick while visiting the adventure aquarium in camden. >> reporter: santa claus and his helpers arrived into town by way of jet skis, along the delaware river. he received a warm welcome by children and adults gathered on the deck outside adventure aquarium in camden, not only was santa there to see good little boys and girls but good fish and animals too.
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>> i come every year and i syringe will some manage in the exhibit, i give them treats and they get toys if they have been good. >> reporter: then put on scuba gear and punch in the water to the amazement of the boys and girls below, watching through a giant window. sharks, sea turtles, stingrays and other marine life, swam around santa and his elves. >> he was high fiveing people and then said hi and then bubbles came out, which was cool. >> i waved high and he waved back and blow a kiss. he went like this, and all of the bubbles came out. >> everyone of them out the window throughout the day. >> do that again. >> ho, ho, ho good how about another one. >> ho, ho, ho. >> reporter: santa and his helper will be making stops now through december 30th, jon mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news"? kid are loving it. >> yes, swimming with the sharks, they look great. >> yes. >> they can do it all.
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let's check out our forecast on this friday. >> yes. >> get ready for blustery start to the weekend. sun take will be better win wise but it license colder, so it is a trade off. just a cold december weekend but we're not talking about any snow or rain we're just talking about cold, and wind, great weekend to light a fire, maybe watch college football, that is what i'll be doing tomorrow evening and then maybe get outside mid afternoon sunday, less wind and also temperatures in the upper 40's at best at that time. that is best we will do this weekend. lets look outside, try night, busy night, in bethlehem this is our camera from the hotel bethlehem. you can see flags are waving in the wind, it is a windy blustery night up there and every where. wind averaging 20 miles an hour with gusts higher then that but that is in the keeping people from great restaurants and shops of main street. everything all lit up in the christmas city. storm scan three does show disturbance and some cold wind
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moving over great lakes. this is pro tuesdaying snow showers across new england, eastern canada and as close as poconos. we could pick up a few snow showers here overnight and into tomorrow morning, mainly to the north of there but these could tritt further south overnight, i wouldn't be shock hunt pocono jim thorpe to pick up a couple scattered snow showers overnight. or wise temperatures feeling like 30's right now in the mid 40's, it is 45 in philadelphia it only feels like one with the wind though, feels like 26 in mount pocono and feels like 38 in at atlantic city. wind is going to be noticeable especially tomorrow, blustery and cool weekend, highs only in the 40's, there is that northwest wind on saturday. now sunday high pressure gains a foot hold right overhead, pressure gradient weakens a little bit, included will increase but wind will die down a bit. still brisk and chilly but not as windy as saturday. good day to set up those blow ups in the yard perhaps on sunday better than saturday. monday could start with the
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syringe will and then this system may bring us more rain later on tuesday. tracking winds tonight, wind 15 miles an hour, gusts to 25. 15 miles an hour wind overnight and sat take throughout the take wind could gust to 30 miles an hour. you're witness weather outlook down the shore, and 49 down the shore on saturday, passing snow showers in the poconos with a high only in the 30's, our high here in the city, 39, feeling like 49. forty-seven on sunday. better day. monday syringe will earl will i and sun and watch for more rain moving in on tuesday and we can see a stray shower wednesday an thursday as well before temperatures take another hit by late next we are weekend. >> watching what college team tomorrow night. >> penn state. >> yes, psu. >> yes. >> hi, leslie. >> we have another week of will he or won't he play. coach pederson will tell fuss nelson agholor will be laying with the bengals. sixers, fans will get to see
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more of joel embiid tonight take on the magic and surprised by his early
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talking about the bird. >> a few wounded bird to talk about. >> ryan matthews and offensive lineman, big v will be missing their second straight game. wide receiver jordan matthews did not practice, recovering from the sprained ankle, so, what does that mean for nelson agholor? monday night he was deactivated. today pederson wouldn't commit to playing nelson but sure sound like he has been leaning to it. >> his mind has been great, he has been working hard, so right nowing this says, you know, not to keep him out, you know, everything is leaning towards keeping him in pack in there. >> i mean it is still coach's decision regardless. we will necessity sunday, and we just practice every day,
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preparing every day but we prepare to game. flyers will take on black hawks at center. or rang and plaque won three straight games after three-two overtime win against ottawa. captain claude giroux scored twice including the game winner. basketball court is okay down at wells fargo center. sixers will be taking on magic wednesday night's game with the kings was pose pend because of moisture on the court. now joel embiid will play 28 minutes tonight. yesterday he was named m.b.a. eastern conference rookie of the month. he about a force on the court and he was asked if he was surprised by his early success. >> i'm kind of surprised, but you you know, i put in a lot of work in the past three years even they i really couldn't do anything. the little time i got my butt off so it has been hard but i have a licensing way to go. >> cavilers will take on the bulls. lebron james will be wearing this to the game. he made a bet with dwayne wade
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in the world series between cubs and indians. loser has to wear winners jersey. time for lebron to pay up, and he sure does not look too happy. >> he toss in the look pleased. >> he went beyond jersey, he has the whole thing on. >> really. >> good for him. >> thanks, leslie. >> "cbs evening news" is just a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins us with a look ahead, scott. >> hi ukee and nicole. great to be with you in philadelphia here's cbs news tonight, uplift willing report on the housing market and sharp drop in unemployment. plus parents prevent a possible tragedy by disarming their son at his school. an officer and gentlemen steve hartman tonight on a how an unusual encounter forged a partnership for life. those stories just ahead on the "cbs evening news". blank but first here on "eyewitness news" feeling love in philadelphia, new home for the spanish version of the
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special spanish version of the philadelphia's iconic love sculpture is here to stay. >> you may remember the saying the amore sculpture on the art new people steps during pope's visit last year. now it has a new permanent home at sister city park by basilica of saints peter and paul. original love sculpture is sitting near city hall at the love park under going renovations. thanks so much for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at ten on our sister station the cw philly and we are back here on cb is s3 at 11:00. up next "cbs evening news". tonight trump clinton cam presidents reopen their battle and how parents, prevented a possible school shooting. here now is scott pelley. take care family we will see
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you tonight. .>> pelley: the foreign policy upside down. in a break with long-standing u.s. diplomacy, the president-elect talks to the president of taiwan, a move sure to anger china. also tonight, the trump and clinton camps reopen their battle. >> do you think i ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? are you going to look me in the face and tell me that. >> kelly, you did. >> really? >> pelley: the school tragedy that might have been. and steve hartman, a chance encounter with a cop changes a young man's life forever. >> and i noticed that it was a police car, and i was like, oh, okay i'm not going to move. i don't want him to think i have any


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