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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  December 3, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EST

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>> verne: gore again. oh, there you are. derrick gore. >> gary: and the whole team will be excited about that. the fifth-string running back with the second string offensive line pushing it in for a rushing touchdown. >> verne: don't forget. he also blocked a punt tonight. >> gary: yes, he did. >> verne: good for him. >> gary: that florida defense is just tough. tough to finish a game like this. so much pride coming in. they're ready to get on to -- >> verne: andy papanoskos. look at the congratulations for derrick gore and the sadness for the gators. ♪ well, if you want to sing out, sing out ♪
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(singing) lil sweet! ahhhhhhhh you deserve the (singing) sweeeet reward of a diet dr pepper. i do? you build this big ole' house with that (singing) tinnnny tool. oh yeah, i did! (singing) aoohhhhhh! hmm, that is sweet! (singing) ohhh yeahhh! you know the game is about to start if... [sfx: car horn beeps and cat meows.] that's my ride is that our cat? step on it! (singing) lil' sweeeeet diet dr pepper. (singing) it's the sweet one. >> verne: tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: new orleans," "criminal minds" followed by a new edition of "48 hours," tonight, only cbs. i had so hoped that ""ncis"
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steamboat springs" would have made the air before i retired but it's just not. >> gary: you could go to the set. >> verne: absolutely, right on lincoln avenue. it would have been great. not to be. 54-16. 3:48 remaining. j.k. scott will kick off. >> verne: that will be returned from the one. tripped up. >> verne: "the jeep post-game show" live from the georgia dome, coming up when we blow the whistle on this one.
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they're already in place. itary going over their ad libs. adam is pointing at the tele-prompter . >> gary: the last two years, the dominance of this alabama defense. total yards rushing. for florida the last two years. five. last year they had 21. this year they're minus 16 and trying to get up out of the negative-yards territory. what's it going to take to knock off this alabama team in the final four of the playoffs? >> verne: 54-16. 3:19 to go. second down and three. it seems like hours ago that florida took a 7-0 lead and the excitement in this place was palpable. and now, for all but a few
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hundred, the florida stands are empty. look at this tackle on mark thompson. we mentioned jalen hurts and the potential to be a true freshman to lead his team to a national championship. the only one who has ever done it, jamelle holloway. was a freshman at oklahoma when they won the national titles in the 1980's -- this is going to be the 25th win in a row for alabama. the all time record of consecutive wins bud wilkinson and oklahoma in the 1950's. they went to 47, and notre dame knocked them off. appleby, right side. c'yontai
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levi wallace. >> gary: you hield like to have the two throws back, the second one i don't know if it was a miscommunication or not but all in all florida not quite good enough. you've got to help with the running game. you can't just have a passing game. you've got to have both. >> verne: up the middle. mark thompson. gang tackled. christian miller, number 47. appleby for the day -- remember, he started six of seven on that first touchdown drive that went 64 yards. >> gary: i think that first down bootleg. when they got the ball back on the 40 yard line, when he threw it over the middle of the field, if he had just tossed that away, e at was the one where he was was going to let it fly. i think the one hield like to have over was that one.
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>> verne: second down, five. mark thompson gets the carry again. you've got the next generation of five-star recruits on the field now. >> gary: that's right, and there's going to be 25 more coming this year, of course. a process. one of nick saban's favorite phrases. >> verne: third down, two. final 35 seconds of the 25th s.e.c. championship game. and the alabama crimson tide are going to take a 5-4 lead in this head to head. look at nick, pumping his fist. he is really, really happy with this one, and here is his former
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offensive coordinator, jim nk elwane. -- his former offensive coordinator, jim mcelwain. >> verne: let's go down to allie, who is with nick saban. >> allie: coach, congratulations on your third straight s.e.c. championship title. what a well rounded effort with six different players scoring. how impressed were you with the full team effort? >> i was proud of the way our guys came out in the second half and played. we didn't start out well but this is a great win for our team. these players really deserve this by going undefeated this year. i was a little concerned going into the game how we would play but i was pleased and proud the way they competed. florida's got a good team, they got a little worn down in th a job there but i'm so proud of
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special to win the s.e.c. >> allie: thank you, coach, enjoy it. >> thank you. final gun sounded and he entered the field. yeah, it matters. >> gary: a salute to his team, a little bit of a salute to the fans and the understanding that he put a lot of work into it and it came out exactly the way he wanted. >> verne: now let's look at the player of the game presented by chick-fil-a. we had a multitude from which to choose but reuben foster, 11 tackles, 2 1/2 tackles for a loss, two sacks. for him it's just another average game. >> gary: and being the leader of that defense. the defense turned this game around. special teams turned this game around. and i think reuben foster has been playing spectacular football all year and deserves it. >> verne: reuben foster, sure
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thing first-round d sure thing all american. >> verne: our napa play of the ga. it on the shoulders of minkah fitzpatrick. >> gary: ball underthrown, fitzpatrick gets it, and starts going he's too good of an athlete to stop. >> verne: he goes in. 44 yards. it's time to once again welcome our old friend eli gold. >> on a first-and-10 play, appleby looks, throws across the middle. intercepted. alabama. their second. taken by minkah fitzpatrick with blockers, down notoriety side, 20, hurtles a man at the 15, he is in, touchdown, alabama -- 44 yards on the crimson tide's second interception of the day. >> verne: always great to hear
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his voice. for all of our crew here in the booth. david moulton, chuck gardner, butch baird, stage manager amanda stork and the final score 54-16. next week, army versus navy. we will all be in baltimore for that game. for allie laforce, gary danielson, our entire 70-person crew, the jeep post-game show is next. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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bigger than him. her. them. and we'll bring those who are ready to work. bring on the issues that will drive us to move forward, stay ahead, and save lives. bring on the questions. and we'll bring the answers for a brighter world. today. tomorrow. together. we all play a part for the greater good. >> adam: coming up on "the jeep post game show" rick, b.j. will join me for post game analysis and the trophy presentation.
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>> cbs sports presents "the jeep post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the jeep post game show." i'm adam zucker u. tonight cbs begins with "ncis: new orleans" and "criminal minds" followed by a new edition of "48
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hours" only cbs. alabama wins theampiship. its 26th. beating florida 54-16. lots to come here on "the jeep post game show." allie laforce the trophy presentation. >> allie: ladies and gentlemen, forward for the third consecutive year your s.e.c. champions the alabama crimson tide. ave this kind of success without a full team the this football game and it goes to the man standing right behind me. the leader of this defense. reuben foster. >> allie: reuben. you're a senior. you have been the leader of this defense. what's it like to see the hard work come together for a moment like this before you go out?
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>> it's big, man. roll tide. >> allie: this is an emotional time. as you look around at these loyal fans, the reason you play this game the guy standing next to you. >> i would like to thank you for having my back, coach saban for trusting me, my offense and defense for believing in me. love y'all. >> allie: coach, it's hard to repeat let alone threepeat. why was this the group to do it? >> you don't always get what you want in life but you mostly get what you deserve and these guys have done a fantastic job all season long, winning 13 games and deserve to win the s.e.c. and really showed it in a dominant fashion tonight. i'm proud of them. >> allie: now i would like to give it over to greg sankey who
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has a few words and the trophy presentation. commissioner. >> thank you, allie. thank you to the greatest fans of college football in america. the fans of the south eastern conference. join me in thanking the georgia dome and our great friend verne lundquist once more for all they've done for this great league and it is my privilege to say congratulations to the university of florida, coach jim mcelwain on a fine season and now to give away the 2016 football championship trophy of the south eastern conference to the university of alabama crimson tide. aore time for the 2016 s.e.c. champion. ♪ ♪
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>> adam: the fun continues here atdome. the confetti raining down on the s.e.c. champs from alabama. we will talk with rick neuheisel and brian jones about what they thought from today's dominatg a 54-16. we continue on "the jeep post game show." well that wood is actually tile so is the brick and the marble this is the next portland stone ceramic tilea"
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well that wood is actually tile so is the brick and the marble this is the next generation of tile. get trafficmaster 18"x18"po just 89¢ per square foot. the home depot. more saving. more doing. >> adam: welcome back to "thesh" the celebration continues. here is what's coming up tonight on cbs. lots of fun on the way. a reminder. over on cbs sports network, right now it's number three boston college and number nine,
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north dakota. on the ice, next saturday, be sure to join us for an american tradition, the army-navy game present bide u.s.a.a., coverage begins at 2:30 eastern with "autotrader college football today." tomorrow the nfl on cbs. >> adam: alabama's next game will very likely be right here in the georgia dome and they're going to need more confetti, and this bama team a shutout in the second half. >> brian: impenetrable is how i would describe their defense, in the second half florida had opportunities but they could not cross the goal line. this defense turned it up a notch as we've seen them do all season long. they're outstanding. speaking of that ice, more icing on the nick saban cake -- he is a phenomenal football coach. >> rick: sweet home, alabama. sweet away, alabama, sweet
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anywhere, alabama -- we're watching greatness. this has been a phenomenal run, three straight s.e.c. championships, 25 wins in a row. they asserted their dominance in the second half. they had 175 rusking yards in the second half on 26 carries, just under seven yards a clip. they can control the line of scrimmage. when you can do that you can win anywhere. >> adam: 15 straight over ranked teams. who month playoff contenders can give them the biggest test? >> brian: you need a dual-threat quarterback. you have to have someone who can extend plays and force that alabama defense and get oust of sorts, keep your eyes downfield and hit receivers or utilize your feet. i'm looking at ohio state because the committee is high on them and they have j.t. barrett. >> rick: deshaun watson. we saw an emic performance from him. he would love one more shot at these guys. >> adam: quite a national title game. >> brian: hasn't utilized his legs as much this year. >> adam: we shall see as the weeks roll on and games tonight as well. that will wrap it up for us.
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once again to allie laforce. >> allie: thank you, adam. the 2016 s.e.c. championship is in the books but with that comes the end of an incredible career of our very own verne lundquist. it's only fitting that before we say goodbye, we take a look back at some of the greatest moments over the course of 17 years in the s.e.c. >> that voice that resonates with that afternoon cbs game. as soon as you heard the voice you knew it was the s.e.c. on cbs. that's the game you wanted to be in and verne became synonymous with that. >> the 2:30 game means that, number one, people looking at you, number two, you're going to have verne calling the game. >> verne: good afternoon, everybody. verne lundquist along with todd blackledge. we welcome you to our cbs coverage of college football. alabama rush. no, they didn't -- my gracious. how about that. ole miss is about to go 5-0 for
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the first time since 1962. they're rushing the field. for the win. he's got the distance. redemption. >> the great ones are never forgotten. you're in that class. >> you are s.e.c. football on cbs. your voice will always be remembered. there isn't any voice better in america. >> verne: blocked again. alabama wins. those who love this sport live for nights like this. who had 6-6 as the final in regulation for this one. l.s.u. remains undefeated. ♪ >> we wanted to do some things to honor your 17 years as voice
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of the s.e.c. >> uncle verne made saturday better, he made s.e.c. better, he made college football better. that. ne: jump pass. oh, my gosh. are you kidding me? >> we're definitely going to miss uncle verne. jordan-hare. the calls that i'll always remember when you get a chance to sit back and listen to the calls he made, it made it that much more special. >> verne: let's it go -- oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh, oh, no. ricardo lewis. talk about a hail mary. >> gary: play of the year. >> verne: 57 yards. on the way. notice. returned by chris davis. davis goes left. davis gets the block. no flag. touchdown auburn.
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an answered prayer. dobbs heaves it. they're bunched up in the end zone. it's caught. it is caught. jennings. jauan jennings. ti guys. one of my favorite all the style that you use. the way you have impacted the y retirement. >> come here, buddy. >> verne: my career is complete. doing the s.e.c. >> gary: i think so. >> verne: my, oh, my. >> gary: verne. >> verne: wow. >> gary:it it was that tennessee-georgia game. you said, "i'm really going to miss this and it is 85 to say on
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behalf of all the people, todd blackledge, tracy, jill rington, allie, craig, steve and the crew, the s.e.c. is going to miss you. >> verne: it's been my privilege to sit by your side for 11 years. >> gary: nobody can do it better. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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