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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. new this morning, police say a car going the wrong way crashes into another car on an interstate off ramp. and what starts as a dance party ends in tragedy as flames tear through oakland warehouse, at least nine the people are dead. why firefighters expect to fine more victims. and two college football teams with local ties are champions. we have the highlight of both games and the victory party of one of them. today is sunday, december 4th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. let's get your day started with a check on weather and just at this drabick. justin, quiet today? >> correct. little change tonight, dropping the s word maybe little snow in part of the region, it is december, so this doesn't shock you. maybe see few snowflakes,
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lehigh valley, poconos, no big deal, temperatures stay above freezing. that's good thing, today pretty much typical early december. talking temperatures in the 40's, sunny skies, good day to finish up the holiday decorations if you started this weekends, make become g out your christmas tree, little cool, need heavier jacket. we are waking to up little cloud cover right now. again, not producing anything, later tonight, mainly during the overnight, next round of some rain even some snow showers. all is quiet here in center city, live look, 43 degrees at the airport, north breeze, 5 miles per hour, not windy like it was yesterday, windchill values slightly cooler, generally, feeling like the 30's, to about 40 degrees, actual air temperatures right now pretty much ranking from the upper 30's, to low 40's, again, we have some cloud cover in here holding in the temperatures little bit. forty at willow grove pottstown. they are the winds speeds, less than 10 miles per hour, that's guerdoning, not battling any harsh winds throughout the morning into the afternoon. what it does actually feel like on exposed skin. nothing terrible for this time of year. mid 30's, in reading right
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now, does feel like 33, at the airport in atlantic city, 34 in millville. storm scan3, pretty quiet. clouds over us, will thin out, see partly sunny skies through the morning into the afternoon, and but then headed into tonight clouds will thicken up, so we start to see some precipitation arriving around midnight. most of the day today dry, temperatures, 48 for the high for philadelphia, upper 50s at the shore, 38 in the poconos. we will talk about the rain and snow, when it moves in, when it gets out of here and if it will impact your morning commute coming up next in eyewitness wetter. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. pennsylvania state police investigating what they call a wrong way collision in delaware county. it happened around 11:30 last night on exit seven in ridley township. investigators say a car on the i95 off ramp on to the blue route collided into two other vehicles. state police say that car was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes. no one was seriously hurt. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in cheltenham. investigators say a 48 year old man was shot in the leg
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around midnight. police are searching for the suspect who they say fled the scene in a unidentified vehicle. >> well, a tragic warehouse fire in the san francisco bay area leaves nine dead, authorities are afraid the death toll may continue to rise. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" live in the sat center with more details on this fire. >> reporter: good morning, dozens waited in agony at visuals overnight as investigators work through the night using heavy equipment to look for bodies. all victims after fast moving warehouse fire leaves two dozen remain missing. fire investigators used spotlight, they searched throughout the night, for the victims trapped inside the converted warehouse known as the oakland ghost ship. it went up in flames during a late night rave party friday night, attracted up to 100 people. so far crews pulled nine bodies from the charred rubble. many more are missing. >> we expect the number of
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deceased took up. how far, i don't know. we're expecting the worse. >> the building was an artist work space, former resident called a death trap. it was under investigation for numerous code violations including authorized construction, had a recollect it i had staircase, few exits. bob was a resident artist in the building who made it out with minor burns, but still doesn't know where his friend is. >> i haven't seen him. and there have been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes, so i hope, i hope he's okay. >> most of the victims are young adults. family members gathered at a staging area waiting in agony, they still haven't heard from their loved ones. it could be days until they do. >> authorities say it could take several more days to go through the entire building. they are taking fingerprints to identify victims, and could bring in cadaver dogs, as they search for more victims. live in the sat center, cherri
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gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cherri gregg, thank you. up north, firefighters continue to battle large fire in cambridge, massachusetts into the morning. the ten alarm fire started yesterday afternoon. spread the flames from one build to go another until they ripped through seven buildings. two police officers and one firefighter suffered minor injuries. investigators say the building where the fire started was under renovation. home and business owners in gatlinbburg tennessee are searching, 13 people have died. the number of damaged builds something now approaching 1,000. >> family and friends remembered a woman killed after a police chase ended in a crash in west philadelphia. candles spelled out carol's name, on the sidewalk during a vigil on the -- along 200 block every south 53rd street. she died when a car trying to escape police slammed into her karat # 52nd and locust last benz. police say they were chase too long brothers, wanted in connection to a shooting
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earlier in the night. both were arrested. happening today, a special tribute in memory of this camden county boy. cooper river park, bench will be dedicated to brendan, he was found dead, his father has been charged with murder the boy, scheduled to go on trial next month. >> looked like snow on a philadelphia street, but it was actually only fire suppressing white foam. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells ups, apparent transformer fire triggered the situation. >> looked like a movie set. >> firefighters appeared to be working in a winter wonderland saturday afternoon, but it wasn't snow. >> it is essentially like laundry detergent. >> around 1:00 p.m. the fire department got a call foam near 13th and lombard. >> all the sudden loud explosion. and the building actually shook. the windows shook. the plants shook. my dogs went berserk. >> officials say a high heat
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warning in one of the transformers triggered fire suppressing foam to automatically disperse. >> worked as exactly as designed. it filled the area with the transform what's we call high expansion foam. >> you can say that again. the foam up to the tops of doorways in some places. and covered two and a half block area. >> yes, it was about 18. really squirting it down. it went down pretty quickly. yes it, lock like we had a huge snowstorm. >> the only thing this situation had in common with the snowstorm was power outages. at one point about 3,000 peco customers were without power. as firefighters sprayed the foam into the storm drains, peco employees worked to restore power. that was knocked out by apparent transformer explosion. officials say the foam made for an interesting scene, but a safe one. >> it appears everything worked as designed, and if there was a fire it, has been smothered by the foam. >> by mid evening, all power has been restored in center city, and fire department officials say that the foam is non-toxic. in center city, cleve bryan,
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cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the green party is dropping its court case for state-wide recount in pennsylvania, well, sort of. party officials wanted to see if some voting issues were hacked, after they would drop a state court case, and will to will go to federal court instead. state courtesies tell isn't addressed for the problem. shows donald trump beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania, by about 49,000 votes. >> casino has lodged diplomatic protest with the us. it is said president-elect trump accepted congratulatory call from taiwan's president on friday. china considers taiwan runway province, and the us severed diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979. after hearing some of the initial criticism, mr. trump tweeted: interesting how the us sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not except a congratulatory call. back here at home, it is official, that penn state nittany lions are conference champions. last night they beat wisconsin
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wing the big ten, and the game a nail biter until the very end. we pick things up in the second half, lions down by 14 points, penn state quarterback drops back, connects with for how many touchdown pass. later in the thirds, lions on the goal line. hands the ball off to barkley, who buses through for the touchdown. that ties the game at 28. we jump to the fourth. penn state leads by four. it is all comes down this this, tyler seals the deal with 24-yard field gem. penn state goes onto win it 28- 38-316789 also another congratulations to terrible owls, celebrating first conference championship since 1967. last year they came up short against houston, but yesterday, took care of business. matt rhule squad had won six straight going into the game against navy. temple driving. hands off to thomas. turns the corner, easily goes
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into the end zone for the 15-yard touchdown to give temple the lead. they never gave up. still in the first, philip walker drops back, connect with brian, who made his defender miss and score. temple shuts down the navy rushing pass and won their first ever aac championship 34-tenment final. pat gallen has more on the big win. >> in a game that matched the thirds ranged defense in the country against the second best rushing attack in the nation, it was the temple owls ball hocking defense that provided the edge in the 34-ten win over number 19 navy. talk about coming in here against a team, scoring 75 points last game, doing what you did defensively. >> tremendous kids played posted football, us naval academy, weeks, musteredly half their sen 141-point in consecutive average of 342 per game. >> i can't take any credit for that. >> just our kids playing, and playing really well. and just kind of making the plays when they were there. >> senior quarterback philip walker finished with 199 yards through the air two,
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touchdowns, while senior running back thomas put up 86 yards, opened the first house scoring birrage for temple. >> for us to work as hard as we did, you know, to lose like that to houston, to be able to come back, and win this, it is something special, really special. >> after adding this to the list of the biggest wins in school history, they are still work to be done for the temple owls. up next to be determine for bowl game. pat gallen, cbs-3, eyewitness sports. >> and the team had plenty of support beyond the stadium. "eyewitness news" at morgan hall where temple student cheered on the owls from campus during this watch party. and student say un surprisingly they're so proud to be a temple out. -- owl. >> feels great. makes me feel like we have a school spirit. makes me feel like the football program is really making us drive forward. so great to be a temple owl. >> you got your bet, be there every day, got to support, keep going. >> and some of these student hope they can travel and watch
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the fans in their bowl game. and where that will be later today. well, there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", cuba prepares to bury fidel castro. how the town where his revolution started is getting ready for the funeral. protesters against dakota pipeline has deadline to leave. now the governor wants to meet with them. justin? >> good sunday morning, everyone, pretty quiet through much of the day today. temperatures where they should. tonight tracking some rain and snow. but you can see the snow, when it moves in, and out of
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>> fidel castro will be laid to rest, but not before memorial service in the city where castro revolution has its roots. the story on how santiago is preparing. >> reporter: in santiago cuba the streets and squares are being swept, information site is getting fresh coat of paint. >> wyche a commitment and moral obligation to finish this work. >> will be burried in one of the oldest cemeteries in cuba, santiago, where his revolution began. in the square where castro addressed the masses, there are more tourists than cubans, doctor doctor this is the exception, came all the way from havana, says the revolution shaped his career, and the man he is today. >> we are in santiago not to say good-bye. we are not here to say
6:16 am
good-bye, but to await his new instruction. >> along santiago main road, braved the sweltering heat wait to go see the procession caring castro's ashes. >> it doesn't matter how strong the sun is. >> this woman broke into a chant of i am fidel, when asked how she was coping. tanya and her mother were busted in from south side santiago, no one in her town stayed behind. >> her mother isn't old enough to know cuba without a castro. had a song to explain why she is not worried about the future post fidel. >> ♪ >> heroes never die, she since. they live on in our legends and songs. that's also true for fidel castro. in santiago cuba, scott mcclane. >> governor of north dakota chairman of the tribe, have agreed meet to discuss protests over the dakota access pipeline.
6:17 am
governor said the focus of the meeting will be on cooperation and good will. protesters are demanding changes to the route of the four state pipeline because they say the pipeline could contaminate water and damage sacred tribal site in the area. protest verse until monday to leave the camp but says they will not leave until changes are made. justin, looking at the video you can see very different scene over there. >> winter. they're used to. that will we don't have that. >> no, but we may see little? >> little snow tonight specially north of the city tonight. the city stays rain. >> this will be light, shouldn't cause any problems out on the roads, morning commute tomorrow should be pretty good. fairly active week, under the umbrella few times, weep that in mind, active pattern moving toward the middle of deals. this morning all is quiet. today for the most part pretty good for early december. it could be a lot worse this time of year, but skies today, partly sunny, temperatures where they should, little on the cool side in the upper four's, for center city, good shape this morning, road conditions, no problems, and the winds has diminished
6:18 am
pretty rapidly, over the past several hours. temperatures holding in the upper three's to low 40's, still have some clouds over us, casino every holding in a little heat we had yesterday. thirty-eight in millville. forty-two in the capitol city of delaware and in newark at this hour. similar numbers around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs, woodstown, mullica hill, checking in at 40 degrees north west serbs, quakertown normally the cold spot, 39 at this hour. below freezing in mount pocono. so we stay seasonable for now, next few days, average high is 49 degrees. close to that today. near 50 tomorrow. tuesday, kinds of the same deal. wednesday, slightly above average. end of the week, look out, if you like the cold, i don't know who does, but i'm sure there are a few of you out there, true arctic air coming at us certainly friday into next week, and temperatures probably going about 10 degrees below average for this time of year. so highs may struggle to get out of the 30's by the end of the week. so quiet right now, delaware vale, just some clouds over us, thin out little bit this morning, just should see few peaks every sunday shine from
6:19 am
time to time. larger system to our south, but by the time it gets here, kind of breaks up, so widespread moisture breaks up into to showers, may arrive overnight tonight, mainly midnight. so philadelphia, south and east, showers arrive around midnight. see some light snow probably mixing in with the rain north and west, especially northern bucks, montgomery, chester county, up through the poconos, temperature stay above freezing, the exception in the poconos, probably, in the 20's, so could be inch or so of accumulation, in the mountains. so let's time things out for you. through this afternoon, partly sunny skies, here come the clouds, through this evening, but dry. one, 2:00 a.m., moisture starts moving, in see the blue showing up, lehigh valley, indicating little light snow, rain to the south, across delaware, south jersey, so again best chance to see the snow lehigh valley on northward, through the poconos, by 9:00 tomorrow morning, most of this moisture is gone. we're back to some sunshine for the afternoon. again i mention, maybe the mountains could possibly get up to inch accumulation, dusting, maybe some of the car tops in the lehigh vale, that's about it, temperatures today though will be on the
6:20 am
cool side. mid upper 40's, close to average, tonight like i said, everybody's above freezing, the exception up in mount pocono, we will be in the upper 20s, so heading northward tonight keep in mind and certainly stay safe out there on the roadsment tomorrow near 50 degrees the afternoon high with some sunshine. seasonably cool today. 48 degrees. partly sunny, light breeze out of the northwest at ten. tonight mostly cloudy skies, showers arrive around midnight mix withing wet snow north and west, 38 for the low. then tomorrow, again, few morning showers, few snow showers to the north, sunshine, 60 degrees, tuesday, stronger storm system moves in. we will see periods of rain throughout the day. cool upper 40's, wednesday, thursday, still a chance for a shower, keep the umbrellas around, rahel, friday, saturday, you'll be complaining, upper 30's for highs, 20's for lows. >> i'm already get being my luggage ready for you. >> i'm tack off. >> all right, justin, thank you. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning.
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>> (movie clip). >> reliving the tragedy of the jfk assassination from jackie kennedy's point of view. ukee washington talks to actress natalie portman who transforms herself to the first lady for the film jack. >> i when second pounds, quick thinking saved man's life when he count tell dispatchers where he
6:22 am
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>> fifty-three years since the assassination of john fk den, there have been books, films, movies, now new movie sheds more light on that time. ukee washington with more about the film. jacky? >> it was overwhelming to become her? because you, i am telling you young lady, were you her. >> thank you, it was overwhelming, scar toy play someone so well known that people are so attached to. >> natalie portman truely became attached to this role. >> and to get to consider her own emotional landscape, and her intelligence was a real opportunity. >> bumm i plays journalist who jacky opens her door to in the days after jfk's death. told me portman's portrayal is on point. >> there is a personification that's undeniably, he has the power, has the grace, has the authority. you know that she can do it would look.
6:25 am
you know, she can just stop you cold. >> how would you like him remembered? >> more horses, more solder. >> why are you doing this, mr. kennedy? >> more crying. >> and the most challenging part of this entire project,? >> i think doing the assassination scene was the worse. >> not a part of history you really want to relive, then just on acting level it is very hard when you have teach whatever people did, trying to bring truthful emotion. >> wanted the replication to be down to a science, the look, the movement and environment, and so many familiar scenes. director pablo lorraine was in charge and did it his way. >> he's not american. he's chilean, so he doesn't have that sort of all of the reference, i think, that americans have, where we would
6:26 am
almost idol worship the kennedy's. he allowed for a lot more interpretation, and to make them human, not be sort of symbols. >> bobby kennedy played by ceasar, always by jackie's side, beacon in the fall, that shrouded the first lady's tram, a one of the most important and tragic moments in american history, now seen differently, through the eyes of the woman sim plan know as jacky. ukee washington, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> looks good. in the next half hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", they gave their lives in the line every duty now making sure these fallen heroes are not forgotten during the holidays. >> no apologies from president-elect trump after taking phonecall that that cause cast shock waves, today promises to be quieter and
6:27 am
miler but parts of the region could get snow. justin drabick, coming up on "eyewitness news" this sunday morning.
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>> today is sunday december 4th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. let's get out on the skydeck, justin, for awhile there, nice
6:30 am
little stretch. back to reality we did. >> pretty active week, little wintery weather coming at us tonight. not big deal, but areas north of the city could see lil rounds of wet snow overnight tonight into very early monday morning. keep the umbrella around, few chances every rain coming at us, temperatures really over the next few days where they should be this time of year. not much change waking up few degrees cold nerve philadelphia, allentown, and in millville actual air temperatures,'s at this hour, actually above average for the low temperature, we some clouds holding in little warmth we had yesterday. suburbs, kind of the same deal, 39, in quakertown this hour, as well as mt. holly, new jersey, big difference this morning, the win speed, much lighter, yesterday, they were around 20-mile per hour in the morning hours. now, less than ten, so no harsh windchills feels like mid 30's in s colder spots on exposed skin, mount pocono, even colder at 23. quieting see just few clouds over us right now, call it
6:31 am
partly sunny today, and there is some moisture to the south it, will break up little bit as it heads northward. tonight, see lil rounds of light rain and snow. depending on where you are. but today, dry, chilly, partly sunny, temperatures holds in the 40's, close to average, tonight showers arrive around midnight mixing with the snow in the far northwest suburbs up through the poconos, today's high on our way to up 48 degrees, 47 at the shore, 38 in the poconos, i'll let you know who exactly sees the snow, and more rain chances on the way, we time it out for you coming up in eyewitness weather in just a few more minutes, rahel, back to you. >> we'll check back soon, thank you. out west, tragic turn every events in oakland, california after fire breaks out during a dance party, at least nine people are dead, and dozens more are still unaccounted for. kerry greg from sister station "kyw news radio" is live in the sat center what authorities know so far. cherry, good morning. >> person the nice using heavy equipment to sift through the cards remains through fast warehouse fire, the building collapse the trapping victims, now authorities say it, could
6:32 am
take days. >> if i investigators used spotlights, they are every throughout the night, for the victims trapped inside converted warehouse known as the oakland ghost ship, went up in flames during late night rave party friday night, attracted up to 100 people. so far, crews pulled nine bodies from the charted rubble. many more, are missing. >> we expect the number of deceased to go up. how far i don't know. but we are expecting the worse. >> the building was an artist work space. former residents called a death threat. it was under investigation for numerous code violations including unauthorized construction and b emergency light, had few exits with rickity staircase, was resident artist in the midst g, made it out with minor burns, still doesn't know where his friends is. >> i haven't seen him there have been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes.
6:33 am
so i hope, i hope he's okay. >> most of the victims are young adults, family members gather at staging area waiting in agony. they still haven't heard from their loved ones. it could be days until they do. >> it could take several more days to go through the building. authorities taking fingerprints to identify victims, and could bring in cadaver dogs as they search for more victims, liver in the sat center, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", for "eyewitness news". >> thank you. >> well, volunteers are making sure police officers kill in the line every duty not forgotten. this holiday season. the fallen heroes grief program distributed hundreds of wreaths at the grave sites every fallen police officers across our region. the program was started two years an ago by the family officer family. for some of the volunteers, a extremely personal experience. >> middletown police
6:34 am
department, still in the line -- killed in the line of duty. i know the family real well. so this really means a lot to me, and i had the opportunity of putting a wreath on his headstone today. >> and members of detective christopher jones' family attended his wreath placing cemetery. >> delaware county officials thanking dispatchers and medics for going above and beyond the call every duty to save a chester man's life. officials say the man who suffers from dementia called 911 friday morning. in his living room, knee dollars medical help. the caller however could not provide any other information where where he was, so dispatchers used gps and cell phone data to identify the general area, and sent paramedics to the scene. >> went around the neighborhood, in a very difficult neighborhood, not easy to -- road around with their sirens, got out of their squads, knocked door-to-door, no one gave up on this gentleman. you know, when they broke that
6:35 am
door down, this gentleman needed some help. the good part of this story is my understanding is he was transported to crozer, chester medical center, and he's okay. >> and officials say this is an excellent example of how technology, training, and compassion, came together to save a life. president-elect drum's conversation with taiwan's president is still causing controversy. he's the first president or president-elect to speak with a taiwan east leader since the us diplomatic relations with the, in 1979. wendy gillette with more of the fall out. >> president-elect donald trump led china to lodge diplomatic protest with the us. diplomatic ties with taiwan were severed in 1979 after the us formally recognized beijing as china's sole government. but taiwan and the us still maintain unofficial relations. china's foreign minister said the call was a quote small trick by taiwan. after hearing some initial
6:36 am
criticism, mr. trump tweeted the president of taiwan called me today, wished me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how the us tells taiwan -- sells billions of dollars of military equipment but i should not except a congratulatory call. the author of article for the national interest entitled why donald trump's taiwan call changes everything, says the us needs to rethink its relationship with taiwan. >> their policy right now not sustainable. what we are doing is under mining a friends, state that attacks our values. also,er counting -- cutting our own interests, because taiwan is strategically important. >> kelly ann conway declined to answer questions about the phonecall saturday. the president-elect spent most every his day here at trump tower, although no major announcement. still have to pick half his cabinet including nominee for secretary every state. >> vice president elect mike pence was in new orleans saturday, to support republican senate candidate,
6:37 am
john kennedy. wendy gillette for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". fans in state college this morning are pretty excited. last night the nittany lions became conference champions, they beat wisconsin taking the big ten crowd, and it was a nail biting up until the very end. to the field we go. penn state quarterback sorely through four touchdowns in the contest, barkley rushed, penn state beat wisconsin 38-31, with this win penn state will go into the national state playoffs. and temple also has a lot to be excited about and proud of. it has been almost five decades since the temple owls have won a conference championship. last year they came up short against houston, but last night the owls got it done. matt rhule's squad had won six straight going into the game against navy, hand off to thomas, turns the corner, easily goes into the end zone for the 15-yard touchdown to give temple the lead. never gave up. still in the first. phil walker drops back,
6:38 am
connect, ryan, to make his defender miss and scores. temple shut down the navy rushing back, and won again their first ever aa championship 34 to ten. our pat gallen spoke to matt room right after the game. >> great, great stuff for the program to be champions. i am just so happy for our kids. these kids are a blessing, wonderful people, for them to be so happy andccomplish this, t happy for them. >> and back-to-back, ten win season for temple for the first time in school history. owls will find out today what role they play -- what bowl they play n congratulates toss both teams. a lot more to cover"enwitness ng obamacare. what the gop timetable on replacing it, and what impact it will have on people who have it. >> some youngsters have a clearer view of the world. thanks to a local hospital. >> and, we will all enjoy a clear view of the sun. but tomorrow, some of you could see little snow. yes, snow. justin drabick, eyewitness weather forecast, just minutes
6:39 am
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>> 300 children picked up three eyeglasses at wills eye hospital. received free vision care. in october, officials say, many of these youngsters have getting to see clearly for the first time. children growing up without health insurance qualify for the free eyeglasses. >> and a group of children with autism got to visit santa claus, and this santa was sensory friendly. the holidays can be overwhelming for children with autism. specially the long lines, crowded malls, but these boys and girls sat on santa's lap in a calm environment on the campus every st. joe's, their pictures take win old saint nick, even snacked on cookies and cocoa. >> mysterious black tie affair, hundreds turned out for the who done it gal a the theme preview of we the detective, a joint exhibition between the library and the rosen back museum. exhibitions on clever criminals, and daring detectives. proceeds from the gala will help support the library.
6:43 am
and, visitors of the philadelphia zoo celebrated young birthday, but this was no regular beer. "kyw news radio" was there. >> ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> visitors sang happy birthday to kayla, the four year old. she turns in january. they unwrapped present to find honey, peanut butter, and make birthday cards. >> i came to wish her happy birthday. >> what do bears eat, do you know? >> cake. >> lauren, the read bear keeper at the zoo. >> so we want these volunteers, to see the behaviors they have in the wild. these guys are really good at digging, tearing, so we give them things to dig into, they
6:44 am
have long snouts because they eat bugs and termite mounds. >> considered ville err recall in the law. >> you know, we have them here, kind of like our ambassadors to their wild cousins, see what animals they are, they'll want to try and help do, what they can to help save them in the wild. >> the next birthday party is later this month, for the oldest polar bear in the country, goldilocks will be 36 years old. john mcdevitt, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, did you hear the named? coldsilocks. >> clever. >> it will be cold, not so much today, but coming up? >> the next few days, coming up, little wintery weather specially north of the city potentially tonight. we take you to the lehigh valley right now. northampton county, live look from the hotel bethlehem looking south here, pretty quiet on main street, south on the hill, just some clouds over us, but over night tonight, bethlehem, may see some snowflakes flying monday morning, could accumulate temperatures stay above freezing throughout the overnight hours. puts you in the christmas
6:45 am
mood, in the christmas city early monday morning, now, winter officially arrives two and a half weeks, wednesday, december 21, astronomical winter when the sun makes farthest approach to the south in the southern hemisphere. so that gives us of the shortest amount of daylight, just under nine hours, and 20 minute of daylight during that day. and then, days starts to increase as we head toward the spring season. forty-three at the airport in philadelphia, not winter like. for early december. we should be colder this time of year, 40 allentown, the reason, cloud cover over us, holding in some warmth, 43, stone harbor, 39 degrees currently at barnegat. we do have larger storm system to our south. a lot of moisture with it, over tennessee, the carolinas, but by the time the storm moves northward, weakens, moisture in place, enough cold air to get little snow specially north of the city. so, areas south of philadelphia, probably stay all rain. temperatures just too warm. so, rain chances, overnight tonight, 70% chance. we clear out by mid-morning on
6:46 am
monday. tuesday a larger system comes in, good deal of steady rain across the region, still keep the umbrellas handy, wednesday, thursday, showers, still possible before the end of the week, here is the set up. pretty active pattern. locks us in dry day. so enjoy it, if you have outdoor plans, do some holiday deck rag -- decorations no problem. blue, snow, north of the city overnight, early monday morning, rain to the south. that's out of here by around 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow morning. should not disrupt the commute whole lot. may slow things down little bit due to wet roads. so back to some sunshine for monday afternoon, get break monday night. here is the next system comes in for tuesday, bringing more steadier rain, maybe little snow up in the poconos. but this first system overnight, could be a dusting on some of the car tops, lehigh valley, maybe an inch on grassy areas, up in the mountains, poconos, pretty much going to be the only location that drops below freezing tonight, and maybe few inches across up-state new york from that system. temps today close to average,
6:47 am
mid upper 40's, across the region, little cooler north and west, we break it down region by region. highs today upper 30's, mid four's, around kutztown, allentown, easton. similar numbers around philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. into south jersey we go. and delaware, upper 40's for highs around dover, mid four's vineland, and near the shore. big changes though by the end of this upcoming week, talking arctic air coming at us. currently the cold air still placed well to the north and west over western canada, watch what happens. day-by-day that colder air just pushes farther east, arrives in the delaware valley by friday. and sticks around for the upcoming weekend. that bridges our temperatures for highs probably about 10 degrees below average, so looks like we will be struggling to get out of the upper 30s on friday possibly even into saturday. tonight clouds, showers arrive midnight, wet snow north and west of the city tomorrow we clear out for the afternoon, 60s for the high, steadier rain tuesday, shower chance, wednesday, thursday cold
6:48 am
blast. >> wilds week? >> it is, that time of year, thank you. >> let's check the roads, hi, amanda? >> built of good news for pennsylvania turnpike travelers. the new e-zpass off ramp scheduled to open at 7:00 this morning. available in about 15 minutes, ramp located quarter every mile before the regular off ramp at exit 31, easy pason ramp scheduled to open december 11, meantime most of your majors running smoothly including the vine, which we're taking a look at now, seven # six, 30, blue route, the turnpike, most folks should be in for easy drive this morning. new jersey looking clear as well and route four it, as far as game day traffic none, in town today for the bengals. rahel, back to you.
6:49 am
>> thank you. >> still to come, temple bowl bound after bringing home the championship trophy. how they won it next in eyewitness sports. >> large scale, when "eyewitness news" continues.
6:50 am
6:51 am
>> birds are one and half point underdogs, now, bolt of these teams are struggling. the eagles have lost six out of eight games, the bengals
6:52 am
are winless in four straight games, one of the biggest problems with the eagles is the pass rush. for six games to hit 20 sacks in the last five games. defensive coordinator jim swartz says biggest concern is the scoreboard. >> regardless how you get it done, we have to keep points off the board. and our goal is not to get sacks, even though sacks help us accomplish that. you know, our goal isn't to, you know, stop rushing, or stop passing, our job is to keep points off the board. particularly the last couple of weeks, i don't think we have done a good enough job that far. >> we will get you ready for the birds must win game against the ben as today at 11:30, sunday kickoff, join sports director pat bell, newest hall of fame merrill reese along with myself 11:30, here on cbs-3. >> temple always have won the aac championship, one of the best running attacks in the nation, navy. hands off to thomas. turns the corner. and is gone. into the ends zone for touchdown to give temple the lead. never gave up.
6:53 am
still in the first, drops back, this time he connect with brian. scores, owls 14 to nothing. second quarter walker, will connect with wide open east kirkwood for 56-yard touchdown to give temple 21 to nothing lead. they helped the midshipman offense averaged over 50 points, to just ten, 34-ten the final. >> this is scene when the owls return to campus, students cheering, the championship trophy came off the bus, bringing the champagne. owls will find out this afternoon what bowl game they'll play in, first time in school's history they'll play in back-to-back bowl games. way to go owls. villanova playing south dakota state. seven-nothing, connects with allen, tying the game, stays that way until the final 092nd. when south dakota state, the nephew of long time nfl kicker adam, kicks 29-yard field goal. that's the winner. andy tally's 32 year run at
6:54 am
villanova came to an end. ten to seven the final. >> the flyers are in nashville, where they will play the preditors, yesterday they took on the blackhawks down at the center. now chicago not won a regular season game against the orange and black in 20 years. the blackhawks signed is her i can, who played on the temple club team, to the back up goalie. scar had emergency a.m. dectoma, flyers down, beat scott, flyers tied the game, and ivan was not done. 202nd later, his shot, from the fly. finds the back of the net. steve mason had 26 saves. thfl blackhawks three to one. >> the sixers took on the celtics down at the center. breath brown's squad lost five straight going into the game under minute left, sixers down by two. and the ball down low in the post. scores, the game tide. and well the crowd loves t boston did get the ball back. isiah thomas was a problem. tries to guard him too quick.
6:55 am
goes to the basket and scores. that gave the celtics the lead. he scored 37 points. sixers trailing by three. tries to hit triple but misses so sixers got their straight. >> to college hoops, holy war, st. joe's versus ville november amount second ranked wildcats won 16 straight. first half, hawks with the lead, chris jenkins, pass, in front of the st. joe's bench, nails the three. that gives villanova the lead. jenkins had 20 points. all american josh got his first career triple double 16 points, 11 rebounds, ten assist. villanova beat st. joe's 88 to 57. number one ranked kentucky lost. so the wildcats will move up to number one tomorrow. >> over to the liacouras center we go. another city series between penn and temple. always came into this game with a four game winning streak. second up, temple up. ally-oop, slams two of 11-point, also had five blocks. the owls won their fifth straight game 70-62, so great
6:56 am
day all around for temple. and that's all for sports, i'm leslie van arsdale have, a great day. go birds. love to hear local teams doing so well. several animal shelters teaming to up give 1,000 animals a home for christmas. day two of the mega adoption event, at the armory, event is free, just for $20, you can adopt an animalment brandywine valley spca is organizing the event. our floor director deb just told us saw a line-up a thousand people out the door. that's awesome. that's it for "eyewitness news" at 6:00. here's what we have for you at 7:00. eagles cheerleaders practice for hours trying to get the routines down. how one cheerleader is making major moves on and off the field. plus, how santa's reindeer may be getting a new gig, temperatures continue to drop. meteorologist, justin drabick will have your weekday forecast whether we come back.
6:57 am
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>> police say driver traveling up an onramp slammed into two carsment the latest on the investigation. a deadly warehouse fire at least nine people killed, fire breaks out, why firefighters expect to find even more victims.
7:00 am
and, two local college football teams are champions this morning. one the team celebrating first conference win in decades, and we have the highlight from both games. >> today is sunday december 4th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. all of those stories and more in a moment. first, out the door with a check on weather justin drabick. looks like little drop in temperatures? >> drop in temperatures, little bit of snow possibly tonight. north of the city. it is december. >> true, it has to. the way i see it, the sooner winter moves in, the soon at the moves out, the faster spring comes. >> that's exactly how it works, ya, all the time, all right. we'll see. but tonight any snow it, won't be big deal. no accumulating or anything. but typical day today. temperatures upper 40's, most of today stays dry. sunshine


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