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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  December 4, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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>> police say driver traveling up an onramp slammed into two carsment the latest on the investigation. a deadly warehouse fire at least nine people killed, fire breaks out, why firefighters expect to find even more victims. and, two local college football teams are champions this morning. one the team celebrating first conference win in decades, and we have the highlight from both games. >> today is sunday december 4th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. all of those stories and more in a moment. first, out the door with a check on weather justin drabick. looks like little drop in temperatures? >> drop in temperatures, little bit of snow possibly tonight. north of the city. it is december. >> true, it has to. the way i see it, the sooner winter moves in, the soon at the moves out, the faster spring comes. >> that's exactly how it works, ya, all the time, all right. we'll see. but tonight any snow it, won't be big deal. no accumulating or anything. but typical day today. temperatures upper 40's, most of today stays dry. sunshine around this morning
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into the afternoon, and the clouds thicken up, overnight tonight, see the precipitation in the form of some rain showers, for most locations, but areas to the far north, lehigh valley poconos could see wet snow into early tomorrow morning. sunrise happening in about six minutes. here in philadelphia, you can see, some clouds there. but overall partly sunny skies, through the day today, 41 degrees the current temp. >> good thing, yesterday, pretty windy. >> little clear going on calm winds allowing temperatures to drop off in some locations, quakertown cool right now at 39 degrees. >> mount poe know, lets than ten everywhere elsa cross the region, windchill values, nothing too harsh. feel like mid 30's, the coal he is spot around reading, 40 degrees, what it feels like on exposed skin in allentown, so dry across the mid-atlantic right now, see clouds slowly
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moving in from the south and west, moisture over northern north carolina will move in overnight tonight bringing round every light rain and snow. but today dry, partly sunny, upper 40's for philadelphia and the shore, upper 30s in the poconos. i'll let you know who sees the snow, when it arrives, when it moves out for the work week coming up in eyewitness weather. back to you. >> pennsylvania state police are investigating what they call a wrong way collision, in delaware county. it happened around 11:30 last night. on exit seven, ridley township, investigators say car on the i95 off ramp on to the blue route, collided into two other vehicles. state police say the car traveling southbound in the northbound lanes. no one was seriously hurt. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting in cheltenham. investigators say a 48 year old man was shot in the leg around midnight. police are searching for the suspect, who they say, fled the scene in a unidentified vehicle. >> tragic warehouse fire in oakland leaves nine dead, authorities are afraid the death toll may continue to rise.
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cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" live in the sat center more details on the fire, cherry, good morning. >> good morning, dozen attended vigils over night, anxious to find out the status of their loved one. investigators used heavy equipment for the collapsed warehouse looking for bod ills. in the aftermath of that fast moving fire, at least two dozen remain missing. >> investigators use spotlights, search throughout the night, for the victims trammed inside the converted warehouse, known as the oakland ghost ship. went up in flames, during a late night rave party friday night. it attracted to up 100 people. so far, crews pulled nine bodies from the charred rubble. many more are missing. >> we expect the number of deceased to go up. how far, i don't know. but we're expecting the worse. >> the building was an artist work space. that former residents called a death trap. itgaon for numerous code violations, including unauthorized
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construction and blights, had few exits with rickety staircase. bob artist in the billing made it out with minor burns but still don't know where his friends is. >> i haven't seen him. there have been flames shooting out of the building for the past 30 minutes. so i hope, i hope he's okay. >> most of the victims are young adults. family members gather at a staging area, waiting in agony. they still haven't heard from their loved ones. it could be days until they do. it could take several days to sift through the entire building. authorities are taking fingerprints to identify victims, and could bring in cadaver dogs as their search continues. live in the sat center, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, cherri gregg, thank you. another fire to tell but there is one in boston. authorities there say donations are pouring in this morning to help those displaced by a ten alarm fire.
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the fire broke out yesterday afternoon, in cambridge, burned well into the night. fears winds spread the flames from from one build to go several other. police officers and one firefighter suffered minor injuries, thankfully, no one was killed. investigators say the building where the fire started was un renovation. and it looked like snow on a philadelphia street yesterday, except it was only fire suppressing white foam. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us apparent transformer fire triggered the situation. >> looked like a movie set. >> firefighters appeared to be working in a winter wonderland saturday afternoon, but it wasn't snow. >> essentially like laundry detergent. >> around 1:00 p.m., the fire department got a report after foam system activation at peco substation on juniper street near 13th and lombard. >> all the sudden there was allowed explosion, and the building actually shook. the windows shook. the plants shook. my dogs went berserk. >> officials say a high heat warning in one of the transformers triggered fire
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suppressing foam to automatically disperse. >> system worked exactly as designed t filled the area with the transformers with what we call high expansion foam. >> you can say that again. the foam was up to the tops of doorways in some places. it covered two and a half block area. >> yes, two about 8 feet. really squirting it down. it went down pretty quickly. yes, really like like we had a huge snowstorm. >> but the only thing this situation had in common with a snowstorm was power outages. at one point about 3,000 peco customers were without power. as firefighters spray the foam into storm drains, peco employees work to restore power knock/by apparent transformer explosion, the foam made for interesting scene but safe one. >> it appears everything worked as designed, if there was a fire, it has been smothered by the foam. >> by mid evening, the peco outage, made sure all power has been restored in center city and fire department officials say that the foam is none ton ex. in center city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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the green party is dropping its recount for pennsylvania sort of. party officials wanted to see if some voting machines were hack, but hours after dropping a, it announced late last night it will go to federal court instead. statement says the state isn't equipped to address the problem. recount effort shows donald trump beat hillary clinton in pennsylvania by about 49,000 vote. >> china has lodged diplomatic protest with the us. it is a set that president-elect trauma seemed a congratulatory call from taiwan's president on friday. china considers taiwan a run away province, in the u.s. severed diplomatic ties with taiwan in 1979. well, after hearing some initial criticism, mr. trump took to twitter saying interesting how the us sells taiwan billions of dollars of military equipment, but i could not except a congratulatory call. >> and back here at home this morning, fans in state college are pretty excited about last night's nittany lions became conference champions. they beat wisconsin taking the
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big ten crown. and it was nail biter to the very end, through four touchdowns in the contest, barkley rushed, with this win, penn state will either now go into the national championship playoffs or play in the rose bowl. congratulationsment also big congratulations to the terrible owls, celebrating first champion championship since 1977. yesterday, took care of business, matt rhule's squad had won six straight going into the game against navy. in the first, temple driver. hand off to thomas. he turns the corner. easily goes into the ends zone for the 15-yard touchdown to give temple the lead. they never gave up. still in the first, walker drops back. connected with ryan who made his defender miss and score as temple shut down the navy rushing its act. and in the process, won their first ever aac championship 34 to ten the final four, our pat gallen has more on the big
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win. >> in a game that matched the thirds ranked defense in the country against the second best rushing attack in the nation, it was the temple owls ball hocking defense that provided the edge in the 34-ten win over number 19 navy. >> talk about coming in here against a team, scored 75-point last game, doing what you did defensively. >> tremendous credit to our players, defensive staff. i mean, one of the great teams in college football, the us naval academy. kids played well. ready to go today. >> navy team that posted 141 points in consecutive weeks mustered just three points at the half. temple held the midshipmen to 168 yards on the grounds, nearly half their season average of 342 per game. >> i can't take any credit for that. >> just our kids playing, and playing really well, playing as a teamment and just kind of making the plays when they were there. >> senior quarterback finished with 199 yards through the air, two touchdowns, while senior running back, thomas, put up 86 total yards, and opened the first half scoring
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birrage for temple. >> for us, you know, working as hard as we did, to lose last year to houston, you know, to be able to come back, and win this, it is something special, really special. >> after adding this to the list of the biggest wins in school histories, there is still work to be done for the temple out. up next to be determined bowl game. from annapolis maryland, pat gallen, cbs-3, eyewitness sports. >> and the team had plenty of support beyond the stadium. "eyewitness news" at morgan hall, for temple student cheered on owls from campus during watch party. student say they're proud to be a temple owl. >> makes me feel great. makes me feel like we all have a lot of school spirit. makes me feel like the football program is really making us drive forward. so great to be a temple owl. >> got your bet to be there every day. got to support. keep going. >> and some of these student say they hope they can travel and watch the games in their bowl game. by the way the team finds out where and when that will be later today. >> well, there is much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness
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news". like i just had a lot of series of things, like personal life things that happened that just kind of like made me question, like, humanity. >> it is an act every kindness getting a lot of attention this morning. >> and, from sunglasses to watches, it is high-tech gadgets are on your holiday shopping list, we will will have a look at some of the biggest offers out there. >> and, it has been a blustery cold weekend. now some rain is headed our way. meteorologist, justin drabick, tracking some storms
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>> if a fitness tracker over smart watch is on your list, apparently more to pick from from ever before. shows us some of the top wearable, including the snap chat spectacles. >> taking videos is now a snap. and you don't have to pull out your smart phone. the $130 spectacles are sunglasses, that record 102nd videos, to snap chat. but, snapping up a pair has been tricky with released limited to special vending machines and pop up stores. if your new years resolution is to get into shape, the $150 fit bit charge tracking heart rate, sleep, with easy to rate screen. >> really good community at issue specific. android, and ios. the only thing it doesn't have is water resistance. >> fashion watch makers like michael core's and fossiles have hybrid watches. think of them as fitness trackers on every day watch. >> so a lot of them work
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similarly, pair with a app, then sing the data. >> garland also looks like traditional watch. has the advantage of good app. for kids, the $80 not only tracks, but lets parents assign chores and reward kids with virtual coins. for more hard core athletes, 369-dollar apple watch series is water resistant for swimming. >> also has gps. so you can run, track your activity when the phone is not around. >> apple series has similar features without gps and water recess and the. android, check this out, gps starting at $299. >> but they also have built in lge capability to make phonecalls. >> before you invest, here are a few things to consider. >> i want to to feel like a mini phone on your wrist or do you just want to check few things like quick text, or even just track fitness, and not worry so much about the rest? >> for more tech gift ideas, check out
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in san francisco, cn. com for cbs news. portland oregon college student was shopping on "black friday" when her wallet was stolen. but it is what happened next that has her feeling so grateful this holiday season. kristin's walt was filled with $400, some of the money for christmas present, some of the money i for bills. employee did find her wallet but the money was gone, this is when store machine injury stepped in and saved her christmas. >> handed me an envelope. this shouldn't on that anybody in my store and shouldn't happen around christmas, and she just handed it to to me, she said there is $400 cash in there. like please take it. >> wow, what a gesture, as you can imagine, kristin was extremely touched by the gesture, said she now plans to pay it forward. very nice christmas story. justin joining us, justin, may start to look like christmas at least a little tonight. >> that's right. specially north of the city. we could get little bit of wet snow. not going to accumulate to anything, i shouldn't --
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shouldn't cause any problems, up coming move for the holidays, moving closer start to the winter season officially in two and a half weeks. chilly outside, nothing terribly cold. nice sunrise happening, live look from middle township high school cape may courthouse, sunshine mixed when clouds. 37 degrees, the good news is the winds, much lighter than it was yesterday at this time. forty up in allentown, 41 in philadelphia, so know big changes in our temperatures across the region, still have some clouds over us right now, and there is really nothing that cold yet. that's going to change our forecast over the next few days, but to the north and west, finds colder air, northern planes, freezing right now minneapolis, nothing crazy. the end of the week, some true arctic air. starts to arrive even through the delaware vale. average high this time of year 49 degrees, close to that for the next few days, hovering right around average. wednesday probably our warmest day, breaking into the lower 50's, but by the ends of the week, take big hit. temperatures running well below average possibly, much as 10 degrees below average. highs, 30's, probably, friday,
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into saturday, overnight lows well down into the 20's. feeling like the middle of winter by the end of the week. dry right now storm scan3, we have partly sunny skies, currently, but notice the thicker clouds just to the south and west. pretty large storm system over tennessee right now, some steady rain. by the time that moisture gets here, breaks up little bit tonight. still enough moisture around to produce light rain. even some wet snow, in the suburbs. so break it down for you. around midnight or so showers start to arrive. mainly from the city on south and east, then see some snow showers far northern montgomery bucks county northern chester county up through the poconos. temperatures stay above freezing, the mountains, inch or so up in the poconos. time it out. 2:00, 3:00. , shrine he is clouds throughout the afternoon. first half of tonight stays dry. after midnight moisture starts to arrive. see the blue shaded area, snow, lehigh valley, into the poconos, maybe getting down into bucks, montgomery county chester county. by 8:00, 9:00 moisture moves
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out. improving conditions for monday morning into the afternoon. back to partly sunny skies. snowfall amounts, anything that does fall will be on the light side. maybe a dusting on some of the car tops. berks county lehigh valley possibly an inch. up in southern poconos, temperature wise today near average, mid upper 40's, for the afternoon temps, then tonight, yes, stay above freezing, even up in the lehigh valley. exception is the mountains. it will be slightly below freezing, and then, tomorrow's highs, lower 50's, few degrees above average. but watch what happens with the overall pattern, right now cool, jet stream kind of flat, right over us. starts to buckle little bit. we get little push of milder air by wednesday, but look at this shot of cold air moving in from western canada, it arrives by friday, across the delaware vale, and most of the northeast. even into the southeastern part of the us, going to be colder than average. then slowly starts to lift out saturday into sunday, but overall temperatures will run well below average by the ends of the week, into the start of next week. forty-eight for the high today.
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seasonably cool, partly sunny skies, tonight mostly cloudy, showers arriving after midnight, little snow north and west. there is the extended forecast, active week. larger storm moving in tuesday, some steadier rain, still some shower chances wednesday, thursday, then the cold blast arriving on friday, with highs in the upper 30's, rahel, back to you. >> i'm cold already, thank un, justin. time 20 minutes after 7:00. see how traffic is moving with amanda in the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> good morning, rahel, all routes in and out of the city looking good this morning. taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, we've got really gorgeous view there. sun comes up over the city. only little bit of volume. nothing out of the orders area that should cause any major delays on your drive this morning. taking a look at speeds, your commute on the schuylkill from the pa turnpike to the blue route will take you about five minutes this morning. while travel on 95 northbound, from woodhaven road to new jersey will be about 18 minutes. so you can see, everything running pretty much at speed. and, as we mentioned earlier, the new e-zpass off ramp on the pa turnpike at lansdale is now open.
7:21 am
the ramp is located about quarter of a mile before the regular off ramp at exit 31. the e-zpass onramp is scheduled to open december 11. at the cbs-3 traffic center, a.m. and did a mueller, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, here's mower of what you will see on "eyewitness news" this morning, best workouts. see what exercises you should be doing. and how often you should do them. to live a longer live. and little later, it is a first at the nation's largest mall. how the mall of america is switching up the santa experience this holiday season. we w
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whether barbara heads out on her bike, she knows she is getting more than fresh air. >> my heart, i can tell after, my blood spry, blood pressure goes back down. >> new research it london published in the british journal of sports medicine reveals cycling might pay off big time in the longrun. researchers studied the exercise habit of more than 80,000 adults, over a decade. they found people who took part in certain sports didn't just lower their risk every dying from cardiovascular disease, they lowered their chance of dying from any health problem. >> this is really the first time that they've consciously looked at a particular sport and clearly shows the pros and benefits. >> whether it comes to cardiovascular disease, people
7:25 am
who played racket sports like tennis cut their risk every death by more than half. swimming, by 41%. and aerobics, by 36%. cyclists had 15% lower odds of dying early. and while experts aren't ready to prescribe specific sports just yet, they say, consistent exercise is key. >> it is really funny, a sport that's good four, and one that you can do safely over long periods every time. >> for barbara, that means sticking with her bike. >> i love it. big grin on my face. >> stephanie stahl. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". 300 children picked up free eyeglasses at wills eye hospital. the children received free vision care on give kids site day. back in october. officials say many of the youngsters are getting to see clearly for the first time. children growing up without health insurance qualified for the free eyeglasses. >> and group of special children got to visit santa claus, the children are autistic. they got to hang out with a sensory friendly santa yesterday. on the campus every st. joe's.
7:26 am
the holidays can be overwhelming for children with autism. specially because of the long lines, crowded malls, well, these boys and girls sat on santa's lap, in a calm environment, got to take their pictures with old saint nick, and snack on cookies and cocoa. on the next half hour of "eyewitness news", laid to rest after days of mourning, thousands gather in cuba, to say farewell to fidel castro. finds out which us officials already attending his funeral today. and, a little later today, from presents to pizza, how santa's reindeer just may be getting a new gig. hey, justin? >> good morning, pretty quiet day today. temperatures where they should be. tonight some rain, even snow for parts of the area. i'll break it down coming up next in eyewitness weather.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. today is sunday, december 4th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. hopefully you are enjoying your weekends, let's get you out the door with a check on the forecast with justin drabick with the eyewitness forecast. >> pretty nice day overall for early december. as we finish off this weekend, we stay dry. see the clouds behind me. that's pretty much going to be the rule today. partly sunny skies, later tonight, the clouds thicken up. we will see weak system move in. bring in little mix of rain,
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even snow to part of the region. but this morning, pretty quiet. winds are calm. temperatures could be colder for this time of year. not bad. low 40's over most locations, 41 wilmington and philadelphia, freezing though in millville at this hour. with the calm winds, we do have some areas with clear skies. that's allowing the temperatures to drop, suburbs, nothing terribly cold, quakertown, and pottstown, upper 30s to near 40 degrees. good news for the win speeds, less than 10 miles per hour yesterday, different story. gust to go near 30. there were some harsh windchills during the morning and afternoon. but windchills right now, nothing too cold. feeling like the mid three's in part of the region, berks county, wilmington coming in around 35, 36, what it feels like on exposed skin. partly sunny skies right now. clouds will thicken up throughout the afternoon into tonight. we will bring our next rounds of precipitation in here, probably after midnight. so today, partly sunny, temps hold in the 40's, average. tonight rain showers arrive, especially from the city on south and east, could wet snow mixed in far northwest suburbs up through the poconos, won't
7:31 am
am mountains could pick up a inch, temperatures below freezing berks today's high right near average up fourth's, philadelphia and the shore, 30's in the poconos. time out couple of stores, details in a few minute. back to you. >> see you soon, thank you. tragic warehouse fire in oakland, california leaves nine dead and authorities expect the death toll to continue to rise. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" has been following this for us this morning. and is live in the sat center more details, good morning, cher. >> i good morning, rahel, authorities are calling it immense tragedy. family members await in agony for word of their loved ones, as authorities carefully search the dangerous rubble for dozens. remain missing in the aftermath of that warehouse fire. >> investigators used heavy equipment overnight, to search the charred moving fire. so far crews recovered nine bodies. dozens more are missing. upward of 100 people are said to have attended the friday night rave party, at the
7:32 am
oakland ghost ship. converted warehouse known for numerous code violations. >> there was an inspection of the property. we were able to confirm blight at the property. still investigating the allegations of un permitted construction. >> building served as artist collective of former residents called it a death trap. with rickity staircase and few exits. family membered gathered at staging area, waiting for information on their loved ones. >> we haven't heard from them. we do know he was there. >> structure collapsed as fire ripped through trapping the victims making it dangerous for authorities. investigators are taking fingerprints to identify the victims and could bring in cadaver dogs to help with the search. it is unclear at this point what caused the fire. but investigators say, clutter in the building likely serves as a tender box, and no sprinklers inside. live in the sat center, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", "eyewitness news". >> a lot more to come there, thank you.
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after a week every mourning in cuba long time leader fidel castro will be laid to rest today. castro will be burr made private ceremony following a massive memorial service. the host of world leaders are expected to attend today's service, while neither president obama nor vice president biden will attend the funeral, to obama administration officials are expected to be there. >> the governor of north dakota and the chairman of the standing tribe have agreed meet to discuss protests over the dakota access pipeline. governor said the focus of the meeting will be on cooperation and good will. protesters are demanding changes to the root of the four state pipeline because they say the pipeline could contaminate water and damage sacred tribal sites in the area. the protesters have until monday to leave the camp, but say they won't leave until changes are made. majority leader says congress will act early next year to repeal obamacare, kentucky republican says replacement for the law will be phased in, as soon as they have an alternative. mcconnell says 20 million americans who have healthcare
7:34 am
through the six year law will not lose coverage. family and friends remember a woman killed after a police chase ended in a crash in west philadelphia. candles spelled out carol's name on the sidewalk through the vigil last night along the 200 block every south 53rd street. died when car trying to escape police slammed into her karat 52nd and locust last wednesday, police say they were chasing two brothers, want in the connection to a shooting earlier in the night. both brothers were arrested. and a group of volunteers is making sure police officers killed in the line of duty are not forgotten this holiday season. the fallen heroes wreath program distributed hundreds of wreaths yesterday, at the gravesides of fallen police officers across our region. program was started two years ago, by the family of philadelphia police officer, john pulaski killed in february of 2009. we have a lot more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". from present to pizza. how santa's reindeer may be getting a new gig. and, eagles cheerleaders
7:35 am
practice for hours trying to get their routine down. our pat gallen shows us how one cheerleader making major moves on and off the feel. and the temperatures continue to drop up next meteorologist, justin drabick, will let you know when the cold blast rolls in. we will be right back. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation.
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life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
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>> minnesota wall of america
7:38 am
large or small, in the country, will feature black santa claus, from thursday to sunday, larry jefferson will ask kids what do you want for christmas. the mall's owner said it has been a long time coming. >> domino's pizza in japan is getting into the holiday spirit. jeannie moos, the possibility that the pizza delivery guy may be sporting and the letters letter -- and the. >> to deliver presents when they can deliver pizza? domino's in japan says it is training reindeer at a drive in school. to deliver pays in one of japan's coldest, most snowy regions. >> if a reindeer runs properly can go as fast as 80 killometers per hour. specially fast on snow. as those equipped with snow shoes. >> yes, women, if reindeer ever deliver pizza at 50 miles an hour, domino's should expect lawsuits. >> oh, ho-ho-ho. >> grandma, watch out.
7:39 am
>> grand ma got run over by a reindeer ♪ >> the trainers seemed to be having trouble range in the pizza delivery reindeer would be equipped with gps devices so customers can check on their progress. so how do you say publicity stunts in japanese? domino's is no stranger to marketing ploys take the old recall box the uk dreamed up for april fools. just last month, domino's in new zealand demonstrated the pizza delivery drone. moves to the appointed address, lowers a pizza, company officials say in the next couple of years, drones could make up 25% of deliveries. and before the drones, domino's in australia presented -- >> the big day arrived. >> the pizza delivery robot, with top speed of about 12 miles per hour. it can't take to the highway, but it can with customers,
7:40 am
dodge obstacles, from high tech, to low tech. tomato sauce making rudolph's nose red? >> ♪ rudolph the red nosed reindeer. >> jeannie moos, new york. >> i don't know how i feel about pizza being delivered by reindeer, so justin here is a idea, if you got you the and the letters, how do you feel about delivering the weather. >> all right. >> all right? >> you heard it? everybody heard it? >> as far as the pizza goes, thousand they keep it warm? >> exactly. >> i'm sure they have something. then bouncing around, toppings all over the place? domino's for you, crazy stuff. >> but i would pay to see you dot weather in those antlers. >> and you nothing but making fun of me. >> makes for morning television. >> i'm sure it does, at my expense. nothing too crazy today, as far as the weather goes, going downhill little bit as we head toward the middle of the week, few storm systems to talk b so this morning, cool, nothing terribly cold.
7:41 am
generally around 40 degrees. up in eagles ville, lou has 49, partly sunny skies, to delaware we go, low 40's breaking out right now in newark, delaware, dolores house, quiet conditions, partly sunny. down to the shore. little cool there, as well, along the coastline. james checks in in ocean city at 39 degrees. and calm wind right now. sunrise pictures coming in, we have a lot of clouds over us right now. sun trying it break through. out of cherry hill new jersey from lynn springer, sun mix withing clouds through the trees. not shot there. out in chesterfield mostly cloudy skies at the moment. shift in clouds little bit this morning. then they thicken up later during the afternoon. here's what's happening in philadelphia here from bill chap line, pretty quiet start to our sunday, overall temperatures where they should be for this time of year. take you up to the poconos right now, where it is quiet, some clouds, light breezes, remember, big boulder open on the weekends, they do have their freedom terrain park open. skiing and riding for early season conditions. now tonight, actually gets little of natural snow, looks like maybe even up to inch
7:42 am
every snow, in parts of the poconos. from little weak disturbance moving on through. starting to feel little more like winter over the next few days, certainly by the end of the week, going to feel like it. astronomical winter arrives in 17 days, 21 days until christmas, 28 days until new years, 31 days until we average high temperatures at 40 degrees, coldest average high for philadelphia we have in the winter season. and we will probably be below that number by the end of the week for highs. friday, maybe even into saturday, some true arctic air. builds on in. here is what's happening on storm scan3, not much. you can see, some areas have clear skies, especially across eastern new jersey, parts of delaware, clouds will thicken up throughout the day today. the reason is there are stronger storm system to the south and west, moisture trying to move into southern west virginia the carolinas, by the time the storm gets in here, weakens little bit. precipitation shields breaks up. so rain showers, maybe some snow showers, north and west of the city. but pretty active and wet pattern ahead through the middle of the weekment reason is the jet stream, going to be
7:43 am
moving in from the south and west, any time flow like that, able to pick up gulf of mexico moisture, gist tells driving along the jet stream this week picking up good moisture. that's good thing, you need some more precipitation across the delaware vale. not much happening today though. high pressure in control. just some clouds on the shrines. overnight tonight, we get that moisture in here. light snow. far northwest suburbs up through the poconos, rain from the city on south and east. that's out of here by early monday morning, monday afternoon back to some sunshine, get break monday night. it comes our next system, this one little stronger, heavier moisture with it, steady rain arrives again on tuesday. as far as snowfall amounts, maybe dusting on some of the car tops lehigh valley, possibly an inch on grassy areas in the poconos. but, most areas stay above freezing for the overnight hours tonight. and then, really, the steadiest, heaviest snow could be across up-state new york overnight. temperatures today, generally upper 40's, right near average for this time of year, break it down for you region by region, lehigh valley, mid 40's around philadelphia.
7:44 am
upper 40's, similar conditions south jersey and delaware. nothing out of the ordinary yet. cold arctic air starts to move in the west coast tomorrow. then just slowly moves eastward, arrives in the delaware valley by friday. so talking about temperatures stuck in the 30's for afternoon highs, starting friday, possibly into the weekends. forty-eight today, seasonably cool, partly sunny skies, tonight, showers move in around midnight, see some of the wet snow north and west of the city. then tomorrow, clearing skies, high near 50 degrees. steadier rain tuesday. upper 40's. and still shower chance for wednesday, thursday, then arctic blast in here friday, saturday. temps struggle to get to the upper 30's, now, do you love watching the weather featured in our newscast by becoming eyewitness weather watcher. sign up now >> justin, thank you. time now quarter of 8:00. let's check on the roads and highways with amanda mueller at the cbs-3 traffic center. good morning, amanda. >> all majors looking pretty good this morning, relatively uneventful.
7:45 am
looking at roosevelt boulevard, all other majors clear, 30, 76, the vine, the blue route, looking smooth on both turnpikes. taking a look at mass transit, septa has issued advisory about a boarding change for the route 101 and 102 trolley line. passengers will have to board on the outboard platforms today starting 8:00 this morning, so? just about 15 minutes, that runs until 4:00 this afternoon between drexel hill junction and fairfield avenue. that is due to construction along irving ton road. and as we've been mentioning throughout the morning, the new e-zpass off ramp on the pa turnpike at lansdale opened earlier this hour. the ramp is located about quarter of a mile before the regular off ramp at exit 31. the e-zpass on ramp is scheduled to open december 11. at the cbs-3 traffic center, i'm amanda mueller, rahel, back to you. >> amanda, thank you. last time temple won a conference championship was in 1967. that's almost five decades. now, they came up short last year against houston, but yesterday, they handled business.
7:46 am
matt rhule squadron six straight going into the game against navy last night. temple sat down navy's rushing attack, won first ever aac championship. the final for the first time in school history, the owls have achieved back-to-back ten win seasons. our pat gallen spoke to matt rhule after the game. needless to say matt rhule was very excited. congratulations to the team. meanwhile penn state fans are waking up pretty happy this morning. last night the nittany lions became conference champions. they beat wisconsin winning the big town crown. it was an exciting game up until the very end. penn state quarterback motorcycle sorely through four touchdowns in the contest, and barkley rushed for one score. penn state beat wisconsin 38 to 31, with this win. penn state will either go into now the national championship playoffs or play in the rose bowl. so congratulates toss both of those teams. now to another team. it is now not easy being an eels cheerleader, never has been, but they make over 300 appearance as year, they are
7:47 am
very active in the commune i all while having jobs outside of the cheer squad. one member of the team in particular has made a living in court while living out her dreams on the feel. pat gallen has her story. report report when the eagles are home they always get a push from the fans. and from their cheer squad. one of the most popular in the nfl is always front and center on game day. and one member in particular is more than just pompom's and dance moves. >> ♪ >> meet dana. eagles cheerleader and philadelphia lawyer. dana is in her second year on the squad, but when she is not on the field, she is kicking butt in the courtroom. >> i start in court every day. i might go to a deposition in the afternoon. little bit of time in offers. communicating with clients.
7:48 am
and then we practice three hours a night, two nights a week, and those nights i stop home to see my puppy and let him out and go right over to the link. >> dana, the oldest member of the eagles cheer squad, is obviously one of the most successful off the feel. but she was originally unsure if she could make it work. >> i wanted to try out years ago. and was nervous that i couldn't fit the cheerleading life into my work life, and people wouldn't take me as seriously if they new about it. but actually, i think it, has made me a better person and more well rounded person, both personally and professionally. >> when she not helping in clients in court, she is busy catching up on her love of history. her grandfather, a world war ii veteran, is the reason. >> my grandpop was a war vet. and i grew up hearing his story's and learning about the life that he led, to hear how the lives of my grandparents were shaping around those, the events that far time, was very influencial to me. >> she says the eagles look for well rounded women to join their exclusive squad.
7:49 am
dana certainly fits that mold. dana currently works for a law firm in center city as a defense attorney. so not only should you watch out for her on the field, but you need to keep an eye on her in court, as well. i'm pat gallen, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> well done, dane a still to come this morning on "eyewitness news": meet freeze a, this beautiful cat, could be a part of your family this holiday see ross. details next in your pet
7:50 am
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>> carol erickson joins us every week at this time. >> good to see you. this is mara came in through humane law through the pennsylvania spca, available for adoption. we'll talk more about this big girl. i wanted to update everybody. last week talking about the terrible case of the dog that was name cranberry, that was found literally near death, starved to death, in a bag, in wissahickon park, found by wonderful woman. and i want to just show you an updated picture. there you go. doesn't she look great? this dog was, when i say starved to almost death, you just can't imagine if you saw the show last week, you saw those pictures. >> two weeks? >> november the 22nd. so, she has been in the hospital. she is still in the pennsylvania spca hospital. and charges are likely to be filed next week against the person who starved that dog
7:53 am
and dumped her, tide in a bag, in the park. now, the other thing is that the woman who found her in that condition has been visiting her at the hospital, which is great. >> must have such a bond now. >> yes, so cran berry is getting a lot of love and care there. the other thing i wanted to mention today before we get to our three adopt recall pets, look at this, rahel. this is sandra d. three horses now at the pennsylvania spc a on erie avenue. these are three thorobreds that were taken from the new holland sales auction, the vet there apparently called, one of these who is cents, to leave because some cause i can substance was used on their lip tattoos, as you mayor not know, they're tatooed with a number inside their lip to identify them, their year of birth. that sort of thing. those were removed, that removed any traces of the owner. so the pennsylvania spca has them possibly those horses were stolen, we don't know whether those horses were destin for slaughter.
7:54 am
that auction will sell to slaughter. so those horses right now are in quarantine. and they're named after the greek characters, so we have frenchy, rizzo, sandra d. isn't that cute? so once they choose their story but choose their name, and will ends up at the danville center from the pennsylvania spca, they may be available for adoption, somebody may be interested in taking a look at three thoroughbred mayors, between 12 to 16 years old. but just one of the functions of our humane law enforcement, to bring animals like this and then to rescue them from various situations. all types, such as this dog, which we will get to in just a s first i want to show you a couple of cats. we do not want to leave our our cat loving members of the audience, and we don't want to leave cats in shelters either. they love to be in homes. this is xavier, four year old domestic short haired cat. friendly, social, picking him up the phenominal pr director
7:55 am
there, she has him. this cat is curious, just wants to find a forever family in time for the holidays. and he's beautiful. and freda, we've got tortoise shell two year old medium domestic short haired female cat. pulled from the city shelter. she is a mama cat. and her kittens and she went into foster care until those kit wednesday all old enough and healthy enough to be adopted. her kittens have found a forever family, now their mom needs a home. that's freda. and harry, you know, i have a special a fin at this for dogs, and hair say one year old tan lab retriever mix. he too came into the pennsylvania spc a through the human law enforcement division. he's friendly, social, he definitely would love to go home with somebody who can give him some love and just, you know, share their life with him. because with these dogs, with any dogs, they may be part of your life, you are all of their life. so you have to remember that. >> funny when you think about it that way. >> that's really what it is.
7:56 am
and here is mara, darling, i know, i lover you looking at me. >> so slightly sitting. >> so politely sitting. she is one year old. she absolutely beautiful. you know maybe i can take one of these quasi nausiating treats, yes, and sends spin her around, so people can see this beautiful girl. she is very thin, but she gained weight in the two months that she's been there, again, came through the humane law enforcement to the pennsylvania spca. but she is a wonderful dog. we were just walking down the street with her. she's great. if somebody lovers to run, wants to have a big dog, because she is only a year old. and she is still just a puppy, and she's been through some rough times. but we're going to -- >> sweet natured. >> very sweet natured. we'll make sure mara they do want to see your pretty face baby. we want to make sure that mara gets the home she deserves. and she deserves a great one. so i think anybody who is interested in any of these animals and there are plenty more, every size, shape,
7:57 am
color, texture. >> variety, we've got it all. >> got it all, pennsylvania spca. >> to adopt mara or any of the other varieties visit the pspca erie avenue headquarters don't worry, we all get little camera shy at times. >> i'll give you the treats so she can turn around for close up on camera four, next week i will i'll be back, and talking about what pets would really like to you get them for christmas. >> oh, interesting. >> so if you have any ideas carol erickson pet page. >> i haven't shopped yet. carol, thank you. well that's it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 8:00. a strategy switch in the pennsylvania recount. big change in the green party legal battles. and meisha johnson dream drive. shows you how close you can get to marine life without going outside. the places meant for kids, and it is okay to touch. and there is a brighter day ahead, more rain later this week, justin drabick's
7:58 am
eyewitness weather coming up this sunday morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> new this morning, car going the wrong way crashes into two other carson interstate off ramp. >> what started as dance party, ends in tragedy. flames tear through an open warehouse, at least nine people are dead, firefighters expect to find more victims. and, two college football teams with local ties are champions. we've got the highlight every both games, and the victory party everyone every


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