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tv   Eyewitness News at 8  CBS  December 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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>> new this morning, car going the wrong way crashes into two other carson interstate off ramp. >> what started as dance party, ends in tragedy. flames tear through an open warehouse, at least nine people are dead, firefighters expect to find more victims. and, two college football teams with local ties are champions. we've got the highlight every both games, and the victory party everyone every them.
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>> good morning, i'm rahel solomon. out the door with your forecast, justin, look like little bit of wild weekend? >> little active pattern moving if for september. today, temps where they should be, nothing bad. tonight little snow in part of ther. >> little flurry here than? >> north of the city, city stays rain, couple of more storm systems on the way. need the umbrella handy, this upcoming week. rain jacket end of the week get colds. arctic air coming in. >> i'm getting red ill, for all of my complaints, the tissues. >> probably need to order new coat or something like. >> haha. >> i know, i know. during the commercial break. just kidding. >> this morning all quiet across the reasonable own, partly sunny skies, temperatures generally upper 30s to about 40 degrees, we will keep it dry through your sunday, no issues, live look outside, see the sun breaking through some of the clouds.
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strong winds gust, 30 miles per hour, and temperatures anywhere from 30 degrees, in the mountains, to the low 40's, philadelphia, allentown, and wilmington, dipping down to the upper 30's at this hour. though winds speeds, 2 miles per hour mount pocono. strongest you will find across the region for the win chill values, not too bad. mountains feels like low 20's, but everybody else 30's, four's, on exposed skin. clouds start to thicken up throughout the afternoon into the evening hours. storm system sitting to the south and west, will weaken by the time it gets here. but still enough moisture around to bring some rain even snow to parts of the area. forty-eight for the high temperature today at philadelphia, right near average, same deal at the shore, mountains, stuck in the three's, and under partly sunny skies. tonight, see rain arriving around after midnight. parts of the area do see some snow. i'll let you know who sees it, when it all arrives, moves out here for the work week. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. pennsylvania state police are investigating what they call a wrong way collision, in delaware county. it happened around 11:30 last night on exit seven in ridley
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township. investigators say, a car on the i95 off ramp on to the blue route collided into two other vehicles. state police say the car was traveling southbound in the northbound lanes. no one was seriously hurt. philadelphia police meantime are investigating a shooting in cheltenham. investigators say a 48 year old man was shot in the leg around midnight. police are searching for the suspect, who they say, fled the scene in a unidentified vehicle. >> fire in oakland california, "kyw news radio", liver on the saturday center more details ton this tragic fire, cherri gregg, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rahel, dozens attended vigils overnight, anxious to find out the status of their loved ones. investigators used heavy equipment to shore up the collapsed warehouse looking for victims in the aftermath of the fast moving fire. the a least two dozen remain missing. >> investigators used spotlights at they searched throughout the night for those
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left trapped inside of convert the warehouse known as the oakland ghost ship. it went up in flames during a late night rave party friday. attracted up to 100 people so far they pulled nine victims from the rubble. >> the number could go up. how far, i don't know, but we're expecting the worse. >> the building was an artist work space. the former resident called a death trap. it was under investigation for numerous code violations, including unauthorized construction, and boulevardlights, few exits with rickity stair skies, resident artist in the building who made it out with minor burns but still doesn't know where his friends is. >> i haven't seen him, and there has been flames flooding south of the building for the past 30 minutes. so i hope, i hope he's okay. >> most victims young adultsment family membered gathered at staging area
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waiting in agony. still haven't heard from their loved ones t could be days until they do. >> it could take several days to sift through the entire building. authorities are taking fingerprints to identify victims, and could bring in cadaver dogs, as their search continues. live in the sat center, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio", for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> cherri gregg, thank you. and another fire to tell you about. firefighters contained large fire in cambridge, massachusetts, ten alarm fire started yesterday afternoon, winds spread them from one build to go another, and until they ripped through p building in total. police officers and one firefighter suffered minor injuries. investigators say the building where the fire started is under renovation. >> home and business owners in tennessee checking damage left behind by last week's wild fires, 13 people have died, number every damaged built action approaching 1,000. >> the green party is changing its strategy and dropping its state recount. party officials wanted to see
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if voting machines were hack, hours after dropping that state court case, the party announced late last night it will go to federal court instead. the statement says the state courtesies tell isn't equipped to address the problem. recount efforts shows donald trump beat hillary clinton of pennsylvania, by about 49,000 vote. >> trump received a canola tori call from taiwan. severed ties with taiwan back in 1979 after hearing initial criticism, mr. trump took to twitter tweeting interesting how the us sells taiwan millions of dollars of military equipment but i cannot except a congratulations you. >> family friends remember a woman killed after police chase ended in a crash in west philadelphia. candles spelled out carol's name on the sidewalk during the vigil along the 200 block of south 53rd street.
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she died when car trying to escape police slammed into her karat 52nd and locust last wednesday. police say they were chase too long brothers, want in the connection to shooting earlier in the night. both brothers were arrested. happening today: special tribute in memory of this camden county boy. bench at cooper river park will be dedicate today honor brendan, three year old boy found dead in the woods in october. his father charged with murdering the boy. scheduled to go on trial next month. >> well, it looked like snow on philadelphia street, except it was only fire suppressing white foam. as "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan tells us, apparent transformer fire triggered the situation. >> firefighters a periods to be work nag winter wonder lands saturday afternoon, but wasn't snow. >> essentially like laundry detergent. >> around 1:00 p.m. the fire department got report of foam system activation at a peco substation on juniper street near 13th and lombard.
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>> all the sudden loud explosion. and the building actually shook. the windows shook, the plants shook, my dogs went berserk. >> high speed warns in one of the transformers triggered fire suppressing foam to automatically disperse. >> the system work exactly as designed. it filled the area with the transformers with what we call high expansion foam. >> you can say that again, foam up to the tops of doorways in some places. it covered a two and a half block area. >> yes, it was about 8 feet. they were really squirting it down. it went down pretty quickly. yes, look like we had huge snowstorm. >> but the over thing this situation had in common with the snowstorm, was power outages. at one point about 3,000 peco customers when without power. as firefighters sprayed the foam into the storm drains, peco employees worked to restore power that was knocked out by apparent transformer explosion. officials say the foam made for an interesting scene, but a safe one. >> it appears everything worked as designed, if there was a fire it, has been smothered by the foam.
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>> by mid evening, the peco outage meant sure all power has been restored in center city and fire department officials say that the foam is non-toxic. in center city, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". well, a happy day in happy valley. penn state nittany lions conference champions. last night they beat wisconsin taking the big ten crown, thriller up until the very end. to pick things up in the second half, lions down by 14 points, penn state quarterback drops back, and connect with for huge 707-yard pass. watch them go. that to later in the third, lions on the goal line, hands the ball off to barkley, who buses through for the touchdown. that ties the game at 28. we jump the to the fourth. penn state leads by fourment all comes down to. >> this lions kicker davis seals the deal with 24-yard field goal. penn state goes onto win t congratulations.
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>> also big congratulations to the temple owls. they're celebrating their first conference championship since 1957. 1967. now, last year of course they came up short against houston. but yesterday, taking care every bills. matt rhule's squad had won six straight going into the game against navy. temple driving. hand off to thomas. he turns the corner. easily goes into the end zone for the 15-yard touchdown. to give temple the lead they never gave up. now if the first, blocker drops back. and connect with bryant. who made his defender miss and score. temple shut down the navy rushing attacking won their first ever aac championship 34 to ten. the final score. our pa pat gallen has more now on the big win. >> in a game that matched the thirds ranked defense in the country, against the second best rushing attack in the nation, it was the temple owls ball hocking defense that provided the edge in the 34-ten win over number 19 navy. talk about coming in here against a team that scored 75 points last game, doing what you did defensively.
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>> tremendous credit for our players, defensive staff. i mean, one of the great teams in college football, us naval academy. but kids played really well. ready to go today. >> navy team that posted 141 points in consecutive weeks, muster just three points at the half. temple held the midshipmen to 168 yards on the ground, nearly half of their season average of 342 per game. >> i can't take any credit for that. >> just our kids playing and playing really well as a team, just kind of making the plays while they were there. >> philip walker finished with 199 yards through the air, two touchdowns, while senior running back thomas put up 86 total yards, owned the first half scoring birrage for temple. >> for us, you know, work as hard as we did, you know, to lose last year, to houston, you know, to be able to come back, and win this, and it is something special, really special. >> after adding this to the list of the biggest wins in school history, they are still work to be done for the temple owls. up next to be determined bowl game.
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from annapolis maryland, pat gallen, cbs-3, eyewitness sports. the team had plenty of support beyond the stadium. "eyewitness news" at morgan hall where temple student cheered on the owls from cam bus during this block party. and student say un surprisingly they're so proud to be a temple owl. >> feels great. makes fee feel like we value a lot of school spirit. you know, makes me feel like the football program is really making us strive forward. so feels great to be a temple owl. >> you got your bet. be there every day. got to support. keep going. >> oh, good support there. some of these student say they hope they can travel and watch the champs. the team find out where and where that will be little later on today. >> much more to cover on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cuba prepares to bury fidel castro. how the town wore his revolution stardom getting red he for the funeral. >> protesters against the dakota pipeline have deadline to leave. now the governor wants to meet
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with them. justin? >> good morning, everyone, pretty typical early december day today. but tonight different story. some rain and even snow for parts of the area. i'll let you know when it arrives and whether it
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>> filled he will castro will be laid to rest today. scott mcqueen has the story on how san tie ago owe is preparing. >> in cuba the streets and squares are being swept. everything in site is getting a fresh coat of paint. >> we have a commitment and a moral obligation to finish this work. fidel castro will be burried sunday, in one of the old he is cemeteries in cuba.
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santiago, where his revolution began. in the square, where castro addressed the masses after season control of cuba, there are more tourists than cubans. says lopez is the exception. came all the way from havana, says the revolution shaped his career and the man he is today. >> we are in santiago not to say good-bye. we are not here to say good-bye, but to await his new instruction. >> ankle long santiago main road, braved the sweltering heat, wait to go see the procession caring castro's ashes. >> it doesn't matter how strong the sun is. >> this woman broke into chant of i am fidel. when asked how she was coping. tanya and her mother were busted in from outside santiago. no one in her town stayed behind. >> her mother isn't old enough to know cuba without a castro in charge. had a song to explain why she is not worried about the
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future post fidel. >> ♪ >> heroes never die, she since, they live on in our legends and songs, in santiago cuba, scott mcclane. >> the governor of north dar coke a and the chairman of the standing tried have agreed meet. governor said the focus of the meeting will be on cooperation and good will. protesters are demanding changes to the route of the four state pipeline because they say the pipeline could contaminate water and damage sacred tribal sites in the area. the protesters have until monday to leave the camp. but they say they don't plan to leave until changes are made. all right, and back here at home, looks like we may see little of the white stuff too? >> pretty active pat then week, little bit of everything. the rain, the snow, cold air by the end of the week. we break it down, quiet, nice, outside right now at the shore, some sunshine, temperatures cool, right
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around 40 degrees right now. on our way in to the upper 40's, for afternoon temperatures along the coast, light breeze today, pleasant, if you are headed outside. really across anywhere in the delaware valley. air temperatures generally ranking from the low 30's in the mountains to the low 40's elsewhere. we had some clouds overnight. kept the temperatures from really dropping last night. so, not bad start to our morning. and there is nothing really terribly cold across the mid-atlantic and northeast, 29 cold temperatures showing up on the map in albany, true arctic avenue will arrive by the end of the week. average hi, 49. we'll there today, tomorrow, tuesday, slightly above average on wednesday. then really dropping the temperatures, thursday, certainly, into friday, probably 10 degrees below average, so we will struggle to get those numbers out of the 30's, for afternoon highs. so that's really our first shot of arctic air this season. quiet, across mid-atlantic, northeast, high pressure in control, crowds will thicken up through the day today. moisture moves northward, initially cold air in place,
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lehigh valley and poconos could see wet snow tonight. showers arrive around midnight, areas around philadelphia and the sub, southward, north and west, temperatures stay above freezing, so really little if any accumulation expected. the exception up in the poconos, maybe you can get an interest on some of the grassy areas. very quiet afternoon. pleasant, holiday decorations picking out the christmas tree, start to see rain and snow arriving specially lehigh valley and poconos for the snow. everywhere else chilly rain temperatures in the 30's, 40's, overnight, by around 8:00, # tomorrow morning drying out, some sunshine for monday afternoon. snowfall forecast again mountains best chance, see accumulations maybe inch, inch and a half from grassy areas, big boulder, jack frost, open, freedom dream part open saturdays and sundays. mid upper 40's for highs today, right near average. tonight like i said, above freezing. pretty much everywhere, exception the mountains, tomorrow up around 06 degrees for afternoon highs, with
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sunshine. overall trend, it is a cool pattern. nothing terribly cold though for the next few days, but by the end of the week, there is the cold arctic air moving in from western canada, moves south and east to the east coast, down right cold friday into the weekends, southeastern part of the us. temperatures will be well below average, then cold air slowly lift out. during the next weekend. but today, seasonably cool, 48 degrees, partly sunny skies, tonight, mostly cloudy, see that precipitation arriving after midnight. little bit of wet snow north and west of the city. tomorrow, early morning showers, then clearing skies, high near 50. stronger storm moves in for tuesday. some steadier rain, upper 40's, still some shower chances around, on wednesday, and thursday, keep the umbrella, and the cold blast moves in, friday, saturday, upper 30's, 40 for daytime highs. rahel, back to you. >> layer on the accessories this week, justin, thank you. time now 8: 20. let's check back with amanda in the traffic center see how the roads are looking, good morning, amanda. >> good morning, roads actually looking pretty good.
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been pretty quiet morning throughout the area with little to no action to report luckily. traffic running smoothly here on 95 in delaware. all of the majors clear, too, 30, 76, blue route looking good new jersey and pa turnpikes, as well. then we mention last hour, septa has issued an advisory about a warning change for the route 0101 and 102 trolley lines. passengers will have to bought on out bought platforms, started 8:00 this morning, and will continue through 4:00 p.m. this afternoon due to construction along irving ton road there. looking at travel times, i95 northbound, from the blue route to the vine, still looking at about 17 minutes, and on the schuylkill from the turnpike to the blue route your travel time about five minutes. at the cbs-3 traffic center. rahel, back to you. >> amanda, thank you. "eyewitness news" will be right back with a group of rock-and-roll legends, returning to their musical group. we will be
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>> rolling stones, well, today they're returning to their musical roots. anthony mason has preview of the interview you'll see coming up little later on cbs this sunday morning. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> it's been a busy year. for the worlds' biggest rock band. the rolling stones kick it off with a tour of last in america that ended in march in front of half a million fans in havana. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> how are you feeling about the bands these days? >> rocking, man, kind of weird at our age. but it is getting better. >> in october, the stones joined a line-up of legends, that included paul mccartney, roger waters, bob dylan, and the who at the dessert strip
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festival in california. >> the trip? >> it was fun. >> ♪ >> you were little wary ahead of time. >> i mean, old industry. >> they're ending the year by releasing an unexpected albumn. blue and loan some, classic blues record. theirs first studio albumn in more than a decade. >> started to play music like that, then things got bigger, then we started writing ourselves, pop music. but has always been the basic root of the band. >> the rolling stones sing the blues. plus, actor billy bob thorton, back from the holidays, remembering pearl harbor, those stories and more right here on cbs-3 coming up at 9:00. in the next half hour,
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they gave their lives in the line every duty. now people making sure these fallen heroes are not forgotten during the holidays. >> and when second count, how training and quick thinking saved a man's life whether he couldn't tell dispatchers where he was. and yes, it is december. maybe not quite winter. but part of the region see snow overnight. justin drabick's eyewitness forecast coming up this sunday morning.
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>> today is sunday december 4th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. winter lovers may like this week. out to justin drabick, justin, tracking maybe a few flurries, some rain, got it all this week? >> really cold air. by next weekend there is time next weaken, probably going to be hearing a lot of complaints about the temperatures. but at least today's nice and
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quiet. pretty good finish to our weekend during the day, clouds over us right now, not producing any precipitation just yet. temperatures not terribly cold. clouds sticking around last night, kind of held the temps up. generally sitting low 40's, over a lot of locations over delaware, 42 degrees, 41 in the lehigh valley and berks county, nothing cold in our northwest suburbs. generally 30's, near 40 else pottstown, quakertown, even mt. holly, new jersey coming in at 39 degrees. different story as far as the winds go. compared to yesterday. much lighter. we had wind gusts to up 30 miles per hour, saturday, today, winds speeds, sustained, right now less than 10 miles per hour. some clouds will thicken up throughout your afternoon, stays dry, again, seasonably cool. temps in the 40's, do have moisture to the south. that will will move in late tonight. some part of the area could see some wet snow. so today partly sunny, chilly, temperatures holding mid to upper 40's, tonight showers arrive around midnight or so mick withing snow, far northwest suburbs up through the poke for example, not expecting much accumulation, but temperatures staying above
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freezing. highs today, 48, for philadelphia, 47 at the shore, upper 30's, in the poconos. it is an active week. several storm rain chances coming at us, keep the umbrella behind, i'll time it out for to you talk about the cold blast coming in the seven day in a few more minutes. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. warehouse fire in oakland, california leaves nine dead and authorities expect the death toll to continue to rise. cherri gregg from sister station "kyw news radio" has been following this, and is live in the sat center more detail, good morning. >> good morning, rahel, authorities are calling it immense tragedy. family members await an agony for word on their loved ones. it is authority's carefully search the dangerous rubble, for the dozens who remain missing in the in the aftermath of that warehouse fire. >> investigators use heavy equipment overnight, to search the dollared remains for victims of the fast moving fire. so far crews recovered nine bod ills. dozens more are missing. upward of 100 people are said to have attend the the friday
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night rave party at the oakland ghost ship. converted warehouse known for numerous code violations. >> there was an inspection of the property. we were able to contain at the property, investigating conditions every un permitted construction. >> artist collective of resident called it death trap with rickity staircase, and few exits. family members gathered at staging area, waiting for information on their loved ones. >> well, we haven't heard from them. we do not leave it in. >> structure collapsed as fire ripped through, trapping the victims. making it dangerous for authorities. investigators are taking fingerprints, to identify the victims, and could bring in cadaver dogs to help with the search. >> it is unclear at this point what caused that fire. but, investigators say, clutter in the building, likely, served as a tinder box. and there were no sprinklers inside. live in the sat center, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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all right, still a lot more to come there, thank you. crews are making sure police officers killed in the line of duty not forgot then holiday season. the fallen heroes wreath program distributed hundreds of wreaths at the grave sites of fallen police officers across our region, program started two years ago by the family of philadelphia police officer john pulaski, shot and killed in february of 2009. then for some of the volunteers, it is an extremely personal experience. >> detectives, middletown police department, was killed in the line of duty. i know the family re well. so this means a lot to me. i had the opportunity of putting a wreath on his headstone today. >> attended his wreath placing ceremony at resurection cemetery in bensalem. >> delaware county officials are thanking dispatchers add melted innings going beyond the call every duty to save a chester man's life. he called 911 friday morning,
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he fell in his living room, needed medical help. but the caller couldn't provide any information about where he was. so, dispatchers used gps, cell phone data to identify the areat paramedics to the scene. >> they went around the neighborhood, in a very difficult neighborhood, highland at 95 not easy to, road around the neighborhood with their sir got out of the squads, knocked door-to-door. no one gave up thon j you know, when they broke that door down, this gentleman needed some help. the good part of this story is it is my understanding was he was transport today crozer-chester medical center and he's okay. >> officials say this -- this is an excellent example every thousand came together to save a life. >> president-elect trump conversation with taiwan's president is still causing controversy, the first president or president-elect to speak with taiwan east leader since the us cut diplomatic relations back in 1979. wendy gillette more now on the
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fall out. >> president-elect donald trump ten minute conversation with taiwan's president friday led china to lodge diplomatic protest with the us. diplomatic ties with taiwan were self nerd 1979, after the us formally recognized beijing as china's sole government. but taiwan and the us still maintain unofficial relations. china foreign minister said the call was a quote small trick by taiwan. after hearing some initial criticism, mr. trump tweeted: the president of taiwan called me today wished me congratulations on winning the presidency. thank you. interesting how the us sells taiwan millions of dollars of military equipment, i should not except congratulates call. author of article for the national interest entitled why donald trump taiwan call changes everything says the us needs to row think it relationship with taiwan. >> policy right now not sustainable watch we are doing is under mining a friends, free society, to help state
8:35 am
that attacks our values. also, we are are under cutting our own go political interest because taiwan is strategically important. >> former campaign manager kelly ann conway declined to answer questions about the phonecall saturday. >> the president-elect spent most of his day here at trump tower, old know, no major announcements, still has to pick half his cabinet including his nominee for secretary of state. mike pence in new orleans to support republican senate candidate john kennedy. wendy gillette, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". penn state fans are waking up very happy this morning. last night, the nittany lions defeated wisconsin in the big ten championship game and the match up a nail biter until the very end. penn state quarterback through four touchdowns in the contest, and barkley rushed for one score, beat wisconsin 38-three; and with this win, penn state will either now go into the national championship playoff or play in the rose
8:36 am
bowl. >> been almost five decades since temple won conference championship. came up short against houston, but yesterday they came through, made it happen. matt rhule's squad won, temple driving, hand off to thomas, he turns the corner and easily goes into the ends zone for the 15-yard touchdown to give temple the lead they never gave up. soy in the first, blocker drops back, and bryant made his defender miss and scores temple shut down the navy rushing attack and won their first ever aac championship 34 to ten. the final score. our pat gallen caught up with head coach matt rhule after the game. >> great stuff for the program to be champions. i'm just so happy for our kids. these kids are a blessing. they are wonderful people. for them to be so happy tonight come back and accomplish there is i'm just happy for them. >> and back-to-back ten wins for temple for the first time in the school's history, later today, they'll find out what
8:37 am
bowl game they'll play n major congratulations to the team. >> if the eagles have any shot to make the playoffs, they have to win their final five games of the season, this afternoon, they take on the cincinnati bengals, kick off time one. the birds are one and a half point underdogs, both teams however are struggling, the eagles have lost six out of eight games, the bengals are winless in four straight games. now one of the biggest problems with the eagles is the pass rush. first six games they had 20 sacks, but in the last five games, six. defensive coordinator jim swartz said his biggest concern is the scoreboard. >> regardless how you get it done, our goal to get sacks, even though sacks help us accomplish that. our goal wasn't to stop rushing, or stop passing, our job is to keep point off the board. particularly these last couple of weeks, i don't think beef ' done enough that far. >> and we will of course get you ready for the birds this must win game against the ben allison sunday kickoff.
8:38 am
start this morning 11:30, right here on cbs-3. >> and there is still much more to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, coming up next, we will check in with "face the nation" john dickerson with a look ahead at the day's
8:39 am
when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
8:40 am
why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. >> 10:30, here on cbs-3, live in washington the moderator and cbs news political director john dickerson, good morning. >> good morning, rahel, today, we will talk to incoming white house chief of staff ryan prive us about what we know about the trump transition, the policy decisions he's making and what next week will hold, we will continue that conversation with former speaker of the house, newt gingrich. he's an advising donald trump. we'll then jump across the aisle, talk to husband democratic leader nancy pelosi, re-elected by house democrats, this week, to lead the opposition effort in the
8:41 am
house. we will talk to her about the trump period, and how they're going to respond, but then also the democratic party which is having a bit of an identity crisis these days we had conversation earlier this is the week with former defense secretary leon panetaa also the director of the cia, director of the office of management and budget, serves nine presidents talk to him about what he makes of the incoming trump administration and then rahel as always around the table we will talk to reporters, about what they think was important in this week, and what we should be paying attention to next week. all right, packed show as always, john john, we will be watching, thank you. >> 300 children picked up free eyeglasses at wills eye hospital the children, received free vision care back in october. many of the youngsters getting to see clearly for the first time,. >> and mysterious, hundreds turned out for the who done it gal a the theme is the preview
8:42 am
of the we the detectives, it was a joint exhibition between the library and the rosen back museum l feature exhibitions on clever criminals, daring detectives. proceeds from the gala will help the library. >> several local animal shelters are teaming to give more than 1,000 animals a home for christmas. day two of the mega adoption event got underway in philadelphia, "eyewitness news" was there at the armory. event is free, and for just $20, you can adopt an animal. brandywine valley spca is organizing the event. apparently a lot of people were out there, according to our floor director deb. still to come on "eyewitness news" this morning, get ready for another chilly one. and maybe a little snow? depending on you live. we will tell but t the pain of wallet isn't the only thing hurting. how experts say you can get
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>> weather wise, plenty nice day today, temperatures where they should be this time of year, quiet, light wind, but
8:45 am
tonight different story. bring back moisture, little rain, snow, for part of the region. this morning, though, temperatures nothing terribly coal. don't have arctic air in place that will change over the next seven days, weather watchers at this hour, generally 30's, 40's, michael really up in sanatoga, 41 degrees, this hour, with light wind, 3 miles per hour, south into delaware at this hour, middletown, jason quick, 43 degrees, partly sunny skies, similar conditions, hopping the river here, headed over to south jersey where peter in in williamstown 38 degrees with partial sunshine. dealing today, generally just sunshine mixed when clouds, shot coming out every williamstown this morning, partly sunny conditions. these clouds will thicken up though ahead of the next storm system which bridges some of the moisture in near on the. this particular pure similar, berks county, rid liver kutztown area middle school, 40 degrees, partly sunny skies, breeze out of the northwest right now at 1 mile per hour. parts every berks count coy
8:46 am
see wet snow in the overnight hours tonight. quiet through much of the day, mid-atlantic northeast, see generally just partly cloudy skies clouds do thicken up to the south, in roanoke, virginia headed our way, storm system basilica of saints peter and paul it time it get here weakens just little bit. steady moisture breaks up in the form of some showers. but after midnight, starts to see that rain and snow arriving. pretty active week. 07% chance for precipitation overnight into early monday morning, monday night we catch a break, stronger storm comes in tuesday, still shower chances around for wednesday, thursday, the reason the jet stream, configuration, kind of moving in out of the southwest, so we have a a lot of moisture pick up by the gulf of mexico. disturbance coming in every other day or so moisture, that's good thing. then dry, past several months. we could use some of the rain on little wet snow. so today quiet, clouds thicken up through the day. start to see rain arriving after midnight to the north and west. suburbs lehigh valley and poconos little snow.
8:47 am
will ends early monday morning. doesn't amount to much. temperatures staying above freezing. monday afternoon back to sunshine. here comes storm number two. into our region for tuesday there is bridges again steadier rain, maybe little bit of snow up into the poconos on tuesday afternoon. so, for tonight, not much accumulation, maybe dusting in part of the lehigh valley, inch, inch and a half on grassy areas in the poconos, poconos the area that does drop below freezing overnight. most of the snow confined across up-state new york maybe three to 6 inches in part of new york state. arctic air invasion, on it way, we have a lot of cold air developing over western canada, starts to move into the pacific northwest on monday, and then, moves eastward, each day, by wednesday and thursday, that cold air is getting close. by friday it arrives into the delaware vale, so this is really some true arctic air, so talking about temperatures struggling to get out of the 30's for highs friday upcoming weekend, here is a temperature outlook, we head toward the middle of the month, september 11, december 27th, overall temps look like they'll be below average for
8:48 am
the northern half of the united states, even to the southeast. colder than average. get ready for chilly mid december it looks like with temperatures running below average, upper 50s where we should be for this time of year. looks likely we will be colder than that. forty-eight for the high today. seasonable, chilly, partly sunny skies, nice, clouds do start to thicken up. moisture arriving after midnight, light, 38 degrees north and west, wet snow in the region early monday morning, maybe couple of showers by the time the morning commute is over. see sunshine for the afternoon, comfortable day, high near 50 degrees. stronger storm moves in tuesday, rain, upper four's, still shower chances around for wednesday and thursday, then the arctic blast moving in on friday. high temperatures, upper 30s, overnight lows, 20's. >> that would be what the chilliest day we've seen snow. >> yes, moving into the heart now of the cold season. >> turning a page? >> each week gets colder and colder. >> great. can't wait, justin.
8:49 am
time now 8:48. let's check back with a.m. dan mueller in the cbs-3 traffic center to see how the roads are looking. >> still have one accident, keeping an eye on, that's in upper moreland township welsh rd. temple avenue. head that way make sure you're ready for delays in that areament taking a look now at the boulevard on broad. disable vehicle on the shoulder there, right past the exit so be on the look-out for any potential tie ups. majors looking pretty clear this morning, as well as your bridges in and out of the city. and as we have been mentioning throughout the morning, weaver some good news for pennsylvania turnpike travelers, the new e-zpass off ramp on the pa turnpike at lansdale opened at 7:00 this morning. the ramp located about quarter of a mile before the regular off ramp at exit 31. e-zpass onramp scheduled to open december 11. now here is one last look at the vine, you head out to your sunday morning activities. cbs-3 traffic center, amanda mueller, back to you. >> thank you.
8:50 am
>> majority leader mitch mcconnell says congress will act early next year to repeal obamacare. kentucky republican says replacement for the law will be phased in as soon as we have alternative. says the 20 million americans who have healthcare through the six year law will not lose coverage. hopefully you didn't do much damage to your wallet "black friday" or cyber monday, but what about your wrist? all of the on line shopping can cause apparently a painful condition stephanie stahl explains the problem and the solutions from the expert. information set records, monday the biggest on line shopping day in november, think spent almost $40 billion on line shopping. >> all that clicking and typing can come with another cost. >> pain rent getting awake in the middle night, their hand single, feels funny, and they also -- >> doctors say carpal tunnel syndrome can flare up if you're not using the computer properly. the carpal tunnel narrow
8:51 am
passageway in the base of your hand, over use, or misuse, can cause swelling, that narrows the tunnel and pinches your in your of the. >> there is the down lower where it is a better ergonomic position than if you're typing like that. >> the keyboard should be at or slightly lower than your elbows. use a pad to help keep your wrist level, and straight, or avert call mass takes pressure off the wrist instead of gripping, move it with your elbow. doctors say already lost strength in your hand or have consistent tingling, numbness, there are other solutions. >> keeps people from hyper flexing their wrist, so if suffering from early carpal tunnel symptoms, keeps their wrist straight. >> other symptoms are steroid injections, or anti-inflammatory medications. extreme cases may require a 20 minute outpatient procedure to relieve the pressure that will stop nerve damage from getting
8:52 am
worse. but can't pro event damage that's already been thope to see you again soon.. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck.
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>> who isn't looking for fun and good fuse? traffic reporter meisha johnson went to delaware to a place children every all ages are sure tone joy, maybe even some parents, too. >> every person with kids, or anyone who is taking care of kids, they're ails looking for something to do with them. and we have just the place in delaware. >> my tour guide, big kid herself, executive director. >> we are here, at the delaware children's museum, on wilmington's amazing riverfront. we are a children's based on stem education. we've got something for everybody. >> nickname, you can give a little messy.
8:55 am
>> like inside studio d. >> always super inter-active, open-ended, found directed and process driven. >> i've got to say mine is looking pretty awesome. >> take look at this. >> 5-ton, 350 year old sick more tree, from the woods here in delaware. >> can we go in there? >> this is so cool. >> can't find this at another children's museum. >> the kids, 650-gallon tank. >> this is a chocolate dipped star fish. do those chock lap you? so cute. >> we have stingrays.
8:56 am
>> we have horse shoe crabs, marine animals. >> oh, sure. >> this is a star fish. no? look. >> you did it. >> little baby. yeah. >> meisha johnson, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> green. >> hey, always fun. >> oh, yes? >> yes, aquatic life. >> sick more trees. >> you like saying sick more. >> yes. >> do you like the cold? >> no. >> won't like the forecast. >> of course. >> been a long show. long sunday morning, but weather wise, lots happening this weekend, little bit of might tour coming in tonight. wet snow in part of the region, 48 degrees for the high, today, today will be quiet. not bad. tonight after midnight get some rain around the city area south and east. to the north get wet snow mixed in, not going to accumulate to much of anything. tomorrow though sunshine returns, up around 50 degrees. note storm moves in for
8:57 am
tuesday, steady rain, up who are's, still some showers around wednesday, thursday, so wet pattern ahead for the middle of the week. at the end of the week when it gets cold. really true arctic air building in. as it heads closer and closer to the official start of the winter season, highs struggle to get close to 40. >> all right, justin, thank you. and that's c. bs3 "eyewitness news" for now, we may be signing off on tv but always on line sunday morning is next. have a great day. stay warm. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
8:58 am
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