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tv   Eyewitness News  CBS  December 5, 2016 2:05am-2:32am EST

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took a photo of her while she was walking. so i was kind of -- yeah. >> wow. >> yeah. very creepy. >> helen, come on out. [ cheers and applause ] >> you're so handsome. >> thank you. >> i mean, she's a legend, everyone. who wouldn't faint? thanks for joining us. who wouldn't faint? thanks for joining us. have a great weekend, everyone.
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♪ made in hollywood >> the animated comedy "trolls" is "made in hollywood." >> justn timberlake and anna
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kendrick immerse themselves in a world of singing, dancing and embrave at this-defying hair >>i feel >> i fel like we just got really way too honest i excited on camera about receiving trolls. >> trolls. ♪ m >> mel gibson returns to the director's chair for the world war ii drama "haksaw ridge." starring andrew garfield. >> in the midst of hell where most men are becoming animals he was honing this aspect of usth the sorcerer's supreme joins a marshall cinematicge >> joel edger tonight stars in the civil rights drama "on moo. >> i am justin timberlake. >> i am anna kendrick. >> i am tilda s am teresa palmee matching "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> "made in hollywood." >> you are matching ade in hollywood"? you are matching "made in hollywood." ♪d ade in hollyw justin timberlae and annato
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his save the day and spread a little joy. >> the singing and dancing animated adventure trolls lifts your spiritsfusion of hair, gritter and bright colors. >> and i a.m. am anna kendrick. >> here a scene from upcong mov" >> and you are watching made in >> you are match "madein hollywood."y do i live in a heay fortified buer outside my door lurkspy. >> five, six, seven, eight. >> i actually just got back from loor from london and i was in china town there is this really awesome or indicate that i always go to and you know the games where they have the coins that come down and you have to >> yes. >> they have little troll towns, for the coins and i am like i úbring to you guys.east one troo >> did you win one? >> not only did i bring one, but i got three. >> you won three of them. >> how long did it take to you win these?
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>> here is oone. >> i want the green one. >> okay. >> desperately i want the green >> oh, my god, they are so ugly. >> can i e for my son. >yes, you can. >> i was going to say that we could be best friends forever and all have matching. >> no, take it and give it your son now, that's a way cuter story now. >> thank you. >> these are owe you go ar ugly. >> isn't that so cool. >> you put these on the pencil, right? >> yes. >> your character -- >> i feel like we just got really way too honestly excited on camera about receiving. >> trolls. >> trolls. >> ♪ ♪ >> poppy is the leader of the trolls. and it's not her fault she's so insanely happy. she's just never fac faced a rel problem. until now. >> let's talk about trolls the story because it is based on the toys, with the colorful hair that we all remember. i actually even had trolls when i was a kid. >> ys. >> and i think that everyone at some point, right, played with
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trolls. >> yeah. >> but how did you create this whole back story or new story for the toys? >> that's what was inspiring about it, because it was just a toy that has stood the test of time for some reason with the hair and what was really inspiring for walt and i is that there was no story. so we got to create a story we got to create an entire world for these characters. >> this was a blank slate there was no mythology or characters or world. that's what was exciting. >> they updated the look of the trolls they have stayed true to the kind of ugly cute esthetic. but like these little trolls have these like block beady shark eyes and they tried to animate -- they showed me some of the animation they did with the eyes like that, and like they look -- they look really unlike they look evil. >> branch, we just got attacked by a bergen. >> what? >> it too everybody. >> dad! >> what is your plan? >> to rescue and everyone make it home safely. >> e did it! >> so you are going scrapbook them to freedom? >> solid burn, branch.
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>> but they are so happy and super optimistic and they love everything, that is what infectious did you end up going home and thinking that everything is awesome? or did you go home and think everything is awful? >> no. i mean, i mostly feel that way anyway. no, i am kidding. >> no, i would get -- i just loved doing it so much i would get so excited to do a dialogue session. >> oh, real. >> i and i would come out feeling energized and the music stuff is not something that i am as comfortable with, so i would feel more nervous doing the music stuff but the dialogue sessions would put a huge smiepght on my face. >> you can't say no, they are your friends. >> no, they are your friends. >> when they are doing the acting we are in the booth with them and playing around and throwing around ideas and improvising a lot of die doing. > when they sing we leave the booth and let justin take over. ♪ ♪ >> i think the music alone is
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going to -- >> you are saying is you most likely working by yourself and not with me. >> and not justin. >> what was it like in the studio with him? >> i had such a great experience working with justin and it's -- you know, the nature it have is just very intimidating but he's very good at directing your voice andou implicitly and you just get like a very clear, simple direction and makes it feel like this isn't a huge deal, which is a talent in itself to make a musin come in and work with somebody who is known for music and make them feel at ease is a skill. >> i don't need no reason, don't need no control and then we'll both sing ♪ >> that's what attracted us to the project. it's got so much muse anything it and it really helped when justin timberlake came aboard, because he is our music supervisor. he "the darkness" has classic songs, orange songs, three songs mashed together as one song and justin kind of weaving it altogether with his sonic mastery. >> he career it's aid
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cohesiveness with the music. >> namay may i? >> oh, snap. >> for me full uncut interviews with justin timberlake and anna kendrick head over to our youtube channel made in hollywood tv and don't forget to subscribe while you are there. >> coming up andrew garfield starts in the world war ii drama "hacksaw ridge." directed beimel gibson. >> "inferno" hi, i am teresa ballmer, you are watching "made in hollywood." ♪ maden hollywood ♪ ♪
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♪ made in hollywood if you are against using a gun, you probably shouldn't enlist in the army. >> but "hacksaw ridge" is the true story of a soldier who saved dozens of lives, despite refuse to go carry a weapon. the drama stars andrew garfield and is mel gibson's return to directing. >> hi, i am teresa palmer, you are watching "ade in hollywood." and here is a scene from my movie "hacksaw ridge." >> i always dreamed about being a doctor, but i didn't get much úi can't stay here while all thm go fight for me. >> you figure this war is just going to fit in with your ideas? >> while ee dyi will be saving , that will be my way to serve it. >> last night while watching this film i was taken by it and t stayed with male i loved this story. for you i think there must be an
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inherent challenge portraying someone who was not only who has lived as a real life person but was a hero. so what was your process of getting to know and desmond? >> it was a privilege. it was like being given the greatest book report of all time. you get to go and study a figure, a horace cal figure that no one really knows about. because hself wanted to remain huddle and humble -- hidden and humble. he went setting out to be a hero, he have just setting out to be who he was and resulted in these heroic deeds. >> this is a personal gift from the united states governmentth e enemy. >> i am sorry, sergeant, i can't touch a gun. >> depress moneyed presents a yu carry a gun and wanting to over there and doesn't seem like a best idea when you here wll be a war going on, so it was a great character to get to pour pray. >> translator: i ask a great movie to be a par of.
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>> private, you are free to run in to the hell firinegle weapono protect yourself. >> i feel like i have never seen war like this abov before and id it and hated it all statement. it was so powerful and intense. so what was important to you to bring out about the bar? what was your visual goal? >> i wanted to give the audience a feeling of what it must have been like to be in the midst of something like that. and it would have been brutal. ybe i didn't t as it was. i don't know. >> that's' mel's genius he makes it this disgusting dance, this chaos that you can still see exactly what's going on in that filming them was a long, hard days, but certainly gave you a bit more kindese guys went thro. >> i am going get you home. >> he knows h direct these battle sequences and he's done it before, we have seen how beautifully he does it. but the refreshing thing about
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him was he completely understood romance and e f the '40s would feel falling in love with herman for the first time. you better come home to me. ♪ ♪ >> this is a man who did not earry gun, he was on the front but he saved. was that all just taking all that have underha ct this is a move by faith and maybe even miracles? >> yeah, it's definitely a move by faith. , i thinknk it's whatever faith it's very different. >> i believe that there assistas define helpful there was some angelic force, call it what you want, you know, insert your belief system here. >> even with all of the people him and question him and doubt him and disrespect him, and for him to be able to s to that calling that he had and unwaiving and thunwaferring ands
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that came from this. these people are really inspiring to me and make me want to be strong never faith. most men are becoming animals, he was honing in aspect of himself and doing glorious things and saving lives, he was life affirming in the midst of e more. help me get one more. >> if you like what you just saw and would like to see more of what's hot on screen like us on facebook. up next the sorcerer supreme joins the marvel cinematic universe in "doctor strange." >> ad a landmark civil lights case on i want racial marriage is now thema "loving." >> hello i am tilda swinton, you are matching "made intv ♪ ♪
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cigntogether, all the way. ♪ made in hollywood a former neurosurgeon stands on the frontlines against marvel cinematic universe explores the "doctor strange." >> hi there, i am tilda swinton and i am range." ♪ ♪ee in your future? possibility. ♪want to talk about what i am calling the kaleidoscope sequences. do you remember those toys back in the day. >> yep. >> that's what all of those art. >> yeah. those incredible specialat youy eects in this film, they are ttasized about since you weree world becoming
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fractured and mirror and the that whole magical mystery tour when the able she wants want to send dr. strange in in to the multi verse. >> it was tricky having things go in reverse and us going in the the other way. you can't mold that together you have to choreograph it. and that was created for me. >> so you would have things moving -- >> we would this people moving another way and us moving forward or vice versa and sometimes you can obviously rewind the tape, but you couldn't do it all the time. >> there are other ways to save lives. ♪ >> so much you don't know. >> there is this moment between the ancient one and dr. strange he says that the reason why he moves and keeps going forward now the because he is creating success but is afraid of fail our. what drives new life? >> i am really lucky and spoiled. i know how good it is to have fun and i am completely committed to that. i would say.
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the wonderful thing about working with friends it never fails. >> f you can bestow the power of understanding in people then we truly understand that we shouldn't be divided as a race and that we are one race, the human race. >> in life in general i am just very curious, i think life iunsg eveningmore funny around the corner. >> that whole modus operandi of just having a laugh with your friends has now become a 30-year career in the movie busines for me. ♪ ♪ >> teach me. ♪ ♪ they took their case all wait to the supreme court and "loving" is the civil rights dram about a history-making i want racial couple and how their love changed marriage in america. >> hi, i am ruth, you are watching "made in hollywood."
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"loving." >> i am going to take mildred up to d.c. and get married. >> are you sure about that? >> by the power vested in me by the district of columb columbia. i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> he was very reluctant. i like to think of him as a reluctant hero, wouldn't you say. >> yeah. and look, you know, i have thought a lot about this too, we all need the revolutionary, but they are more like the ones that we can't be, the superman hero. we don't have their strength. richard and mildred were the heros that we could identify with because they were like us. >> what resonates with people is tt we all have that within us. e have all have a md richard loving within us, we just need to discover that. we all have a voice. and not one voice should be
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treasured more than another. we all have the ability to change things. change the world. >> people love the underdog winning. it teaches us something, right? we teaches us to fight for what mildred said it beautifully when she says, we may lose, you know, the small battles, but win the big war. >> sometimes they are as neceary as the revolution. >> richard. >> what are do you go in there ith that woman? >> there is no good here. >> their act of getting married was not an act of defiance, there was no symbol they didn't have an agenda, they didn't want us to think something they just loved each other. and wanted to be married. i believe that. we live in pretty cynical times and i think sometimes people question the reality of love. it does exist.
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>> richard perri loving being a white person and mildred jeter being a colored person did unlawfully cohabitate asman and wife. >> richard. >> what do you thi drove him? because it wasn't the whole going t the supreme court and changing the laws and the world. no. >> no, butting there something beautiful about richard's way of thinking because it's so simple and yet intuitive. richard felt like why can't you just go to the judge and say we are not going to hurt anybody. >> that's really what's at the core at the debate about marriage equality. we prsume to come in to your home and where we are not hurting anybody and tell that you you are not allowed to do what you are doing. >> it'scompelling because it's a story that we haven't really seen before. we have seen love stories but not this way the entire story focuses on love.
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>> this is a battle that could go all wait to the supreme court. air to bringhurting anybody. unf children of mixed race in to the world. >> i love the irony, too, of their name. in the movie. >> i do think that they were face today that role. i think it was written in the stars almost it was avoidable. they were reluctant to be any sort of banner reheros. >> when i was thinking of a title, i was doing all of this besearch about the court case we wouldn't focus on it i needed to know all about it. and you just read loving v virginia in this er and over and over again it mg of the word. it bitbattle but win the bigre is more coming up on "made in
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hollywood." ♪ this is y, i am jmes f brian our new movie people are always asking why him. >> what you are talking about, you are him. >> who. >> the question is why am i stuck with him as my fatherly. >> no, no, james, everything that happen second degree your fought. did you read the script? >> many times. and it's very clear you are him. >> oh, this is ridiculous, him. >> see that's classic him behavior. >> okay. if you wat to find out who the real him is, go to on your phone. >> and buy tickets to our move i just like this. >> one thing we can all agree on, use, the ♪7telligent way to go to the ♪ >> and see "why him" december 23rd. ♪
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