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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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m to have chemotherapy and radiation followed by surgery. i feel like this was the right way for me and the right treatment for me. at cancer treatment centers of america, we treat cancer, every stage, every day. call or go to appointments available now. >> good afternoon, i'm rahel solomon, jim is noon, class that is local school district cancelled due to police investigation. upper perkioman school district was impacted. the administration was made aware of an ongoing investigation associated with perkioman secondary school student. district now working with the state police, as they conduct
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an investigation into alleged social media posts, anonymous accounts, continue to conduct interviews as they investigate the credibility of the threat. they say please note the threat is directed solely toward the school district and not the community or any of their schools in the area. we will of course continue to follow this story happen bring you the developments later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> focusing on pennsylvania today, presidential candidates, bill stein, leading the charge, held news conference outside trump tower in new york this morning, her green party is seeking emergency federal court order for a state-wide ballot recount. president-elect donald trump narrowly defeated hillary clinton in pennsylvania, wisconsin, and just wants to verify the accuracy of the to vs embodied in this recount effort to ensure that and accurn tot we can trust. begin in less than an hour in
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michigan, one already underway in wisconsin. >> and the federal law pennsylvs foiled here in philadelphia this morning. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt, is live outside the federal courthousend david,s the next step here? >> well, the next step rahel is federal judge decides, this is the lawsuit that was filed in federal court, 10:00 this morning, jill stein's attorneys used the language through her that pennsylvania's election system an is a national disgrace, now, attorneys were here just about an hour and a half ago, they filed this just a little bit before 10:00 this rnthat the recount is necessary, because voters on theirer 8th, election day, constitutional rights were in jeopardy. large reason for this recount is because according to stein's campaign, parts of pennsylvania sat machines, largely to blame, philadelphia's machines are antiquated but elections officials told myself rail times in the past, being
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antiquated is actually a good thing, because those machines are not connected to the internet in anyway. so in that sense, election officials good with jill stein's officials but really not good. stein's attorney argue the machines are old, and this is there is not a paper trail after someone votes. it causes concern. >> the constitutional rights of pennsylvania voters are being violated. when you vote on a machine, and you have no paper to make sure that the vote was counted accurately, when not allowed to examine the machine, when the election makes it impossible for to you seek or extremely difficult for you to seek recount, then you don't know if your vote was accounted. >> all right, rahel, a loft people are asking this question. would jill stein do this if hillary clinton won the election? well the answer from her attorney was absolutely she would do this if hillary clinton won it. hillary clinton's campaign, call's campaign, jerry janszen's campaign have, all been invited to participate in the recount, at this point,
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just jill stein, officially part of the recount. reporting live right now at federal court, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> very interesting, thank you. >> president-elect donald trump has former presidential candidate after ben carson to head up the department of housing and urban development. he now focuses his ' at any sean on secretary every state as he attempts to fill out his cabinet. cherri gregg in new york with the latest on the trump transition. >> president-elect donald trump filled out another cabinet position monday morning. mr. trump announced on twitter has picked doctor ben carson to be the new secretary for housing and urban development. >> we are excited to have doctor carson as our intended nominee for housing and urban development. >> one key position in the trump administration remains unfilled, mr. trump is expanding his search for secretary of state adding more candidates to the roster. the new addition include former us ambassador to china john huntsman, democratic west virginia senator, joe mansion, annex on mobile ceo, brett.
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>> the value of secretary every state took on added significance over the weekend when a call from taiwan's president to president-elect donald trump sparked a diplomatic controversy. >> this was a two minute congratulatory call. >> frank priebus, incoming chief of staff, says the call is not a break from the long standing us policy called one china under this policy, the us recognizes china's view of sovereign at this, which still considers taiwan chinese territory. taiwan and the us are in for more relations and the us continues to provide small island for its defense. >> this will start the us china relationship off in a much more contentious manner. >> monday morning china form inch minister, kenneth craig, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and back here at home septa bus driver has been hospitalized this morning after she was assaulted by two men. incident took place at the
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intersection of rising sun and adams avenue, lawncrest neighborhood two. men boarded bus about 30:00, through liquid on the driver determined to be non-hazardous, driver transport today einstein hospital released later this morning. two men fled the scene. no arrests have been made. >> after overnight rain and snow showers, we may get little break from the gray clouds today, but any sun we see, apparently, won't last very long. meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the cbs-3 weather center changing -- checking out the changes? >> not going to see any major storm system, nothing like that, but every day has its own headline. lot of changes, ups ands downs on the thermometer, and many of the days have a the lou's shot to see a little bit of weather, as well. let's take you out there, though, we get you out the door, you know, right now things looking pretty quiet do. still have the blanket of cloud cover. sun really trying to peak through the clouds, definitely more blue skies than we saw earlier this morning across
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center city, for example. but that's going to continue to change with time. at the moment in ac, at 50 degrees, 46 at philadelphia international airport, and relatively modest breeze, but one that i would say is noticeable. thirty-five at mount pocono. acy had couple of inches worth of snow this morning. we will walk you through a couple of the amounts later in the broadcast, for now, both at philadelphia and the shore point talking low 50's as clouds continue to break for little more sunshine, ain you we able to keep the umbrella in the closet for that much longer and we will talk about when the next system gets here, just the impact it will bring precipitation wise. >> the death toll in the oakland california warehouse fire has now grown to 36. and authorities say, they expect number to rise, when they resume work later today. safety hazards within the building has caused temporary work stoppages, for those searching the area. and edward lawrence in oakland with the latest on the tragedy. >> search for victims of the massive fire in oakland's ghost ship warehouse is on hold, after officials deemed
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the charred out structure unsafe. authorities say the front wall of the building is leaning, 3 inches. >> firefighters working under a wobble, potentially team, exterior wall, extremely dangerous. >> the fire brokeut fday night during a rave party trapping people. converted artist studios and i will legal living spaces. chase, one of the victims. the 32 year old that night. >> i just can't help feeling so badly for my son. >> overnight neighbors continued to light candles at makeshift memorial. something like this would happen? like so many people:wh caused ty think they know in the back of the building on the first floor is, and fire officials say they've served 70% of the
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structure, they say clutter inside, lack every sprinklers, only two exit, made the tragedy worse. in oakland, edward laurence, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> plane on it way to london returns to philadelphia international airport, smoke on board, according to officials, the pilot called saying there was an electrical odor in the cabin, american airlines flight 728 returned safely to philly just before 11:00 last night. passenger reported this pilot o2 pass inning tears get off the plane. travelers boarded another plane few hours later and head today london. well, this morning there is afternoon, rather, still licking its wounds after yesterday's embarrassing lost to the bengals. opening kick off to the finalist he will, it was a complete and thorough beat-down. andy dalton, he threw for 332 yards, two touchdowns, on offense carson wentz had his worse day as pro, got pick off, the eagles lose.
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and coach spoke after the game. >> i'm obviously disappointed where we r i felt like we've had some opportunities to win some of these games, and put ourselves in a better position down the stretch, even with all of the adversity we've faced in the last few weeks. >> i've been saying this is good group of guys, good lockerroom. guys are in it to the ends. obviously don't have plays, a lot of mist takes, i think we ought to clean up some of our discipline, we lack some that far at times. but, you know, there is no quit. just got to stay positive. >> and here is a live look now of coach doug pederson holding his postgame news conference right now in south philly. his team now five and seven. much more on the eagles performance beginning today at #. well, it is decision day from one community coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". local neighborhood be allowed to open for a special group of people in need? why some people are saying no to the plan. and, getting their wings. it is a behind the scenes preview of tonight's victoria secret fashion show.
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swarthmore borough council set to decide tonight on plans to use a house as temporary residence for out of town cancer patients and you how the head strong foundation wants to use this house to host at least seven patient, caregivers, why neighbors had filed appeal. siting increased traffic and parkingssin the neighborhood ch. we will keep you posted on tonight's decision. for the first time victoria secret fashion show
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history the angels went to paris to walk the catwalk, and film the show. you can see it right here tonight on cbs-3. and "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo spoke with two of the angels about the preparation behind the scenes. >> so, ladies, let's jump right into this. take us behind the scenes. fifty-one models, 36 make up artists, what is it like getting ready for a show this size? >> it is a crazy experience, we actually didn't know there were that many make up artists back stage. we found out oh, okay. but the whole thing is like it is a huge production, and, you know, we have rehearsal the night before, like six hours, hair mask tests, make up tests, sounds tracks, music rehearsals, like everything, every single part of the show such a big production, so much work that goes into it. >> with so many eyes on you guys, do you ever get nervous on a catwalk? >> oh, my gosh, we get so nervous, especiallying in our loungerie, very nerve
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wracking. we had 20 kalas filming us from every angle. so we had to be on our a game. we work so hard all year to have this one moment. >> and you will bewaring the most expensive item of the show. tell us about that? >> yes, i will ' bewaring the fantasy bra, $3 million this year, and such an honor to have this opportunity, because i looked up to so many girls in the past that have worn this bra, like adrien, tyra banks, guess he will, so for me, it was like such a dream come true. >> always a good show. you know it, bridges together the world not only of fashion but entertainment, as well. who else can we expect to join you on stage? a loft big act. >> yes, we have bruno mars, lady gaga, and the weekend. they were all so spectacular. they really brought up the innocent to the show. and it was amazing, i can't wait. >> definitely one of my favorite performances by far, so i cannot wait to see it. >> thank you, ladies, so much. we will be watching.
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>> thank you. >> it should and good so. you can see the victoria fashion show from paris tonight at 10:00 right here ons- well, let it snow. hopefully not here. but still ahead on "eyewitness news", we'll take you to the sit that i just got record breaking snowfall at the beginning of the season. hey, katy? uite yet, rahel,lly on the way but certainly looking for a winter chill to settle in here. as we take you to your weekend watch. an arctic invasion coming our way, lots of clouds that are going to be building through the course of the weekends, some might even see flurry along the way, we will walk you through the transition on how we get to the weekends forecast right after the how we get to the weekends forecast right after the br
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>> first snowfall of the season, and record snowfalls, by last night, chicago o'hare airport saw 6.4 inches of snow, now, that is as much as it has ever snowed on december 4th. the snowfall breaks a previous record setback in 1954 by 2 inches. heard that stat. >> me too, right? >> hey, winter is coming. >> you know, i lived in chicago. one year did i grad school there at mid western, the mildest winter on record. >> luckily you. hopefully you brought some of the warmth with you. it doesn't look like you it, though. >> forecast coming in a lot colder later this week, talking temperatures that will not break out of the 30's, for couple of days, yes, i know, so our beginning to pan out at this
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point. we had anticipated front loaded cold for the winter season. and it looks like it is at least for the next couple of days going to actually hold true here. so let me show you what's going on out there. we obviously had a system that came through early this morning, yes, dryid modest snow accumulations, i'll show you short list of amounts in a second. but his is taking you out in the pocono region, where you can tell at least across this sort of sandy area out overlooking the lake things are, yes, looking little icy, certainly little frosty with a little hint of some left over snow. this is one spot where the sun has had a chance to completely break out. haven't quite seen it take place everywhere, but out to the kutztown area middle school, bright blue skies, see that basically the rest of the day, chill still in the air, 42 degrees there, we expect you will rebound now that the sun is out in a lot of these spots, well low 50's, especially through the urban corridor. snowfall candice. mount pocono, 2 inches, most
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of which actually did fall on the unpaved surfaces, still counts, we had .1 inches in south allentown, lehigh valley international few hours away, trace of snow. system now retreating the one that brought the snow to chicago, london, no worries. wag in the wings, across louisianna specially some very heavy rain continuing to fall down near the buoy, and also, just leading up the mississippi river here. so, we will see this roll northeast with time. and it moves in for us about this same time tomorrow. that's where we turn our focus noontime tomorrow, back to the local side. that's when the leading edge of next round every rain will move in. it looks like initially it comes into the afternoon and specially at night. i don't think the morning commute is going to have any impact from this. but, into the evening, in the, you're pretty much solid, green across the entire region. now, it also looks like just too mild for anything but rain. there may be a little bit of
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ice or snow that mixing in, but you have to go very far north. imagine or tiff us, just rain producer. if you did manage to pick up little snow it, will probably get washed away, even early morning hours every wednesday, temperatures are too mild. only into the 40's. you won't see the turn over. all out of here through the rest of the morning on wednesday. so, again, tuesday p.m. at the very early morning hours, wednesday issue. then comes the arctic air invasion. not to be confused with the british invasion. this very cold air pent up, across the depth of the arctic, starting to nudge our way, so we really get cold in the northern high planes come later this week, for us, it is going to be the perception it is getting really coal. won't be as bad as we find up across that area. here at the moment 46 degrees. let me show you what we will be facing later on. today's high, 52, not bad, actually above average. look where we end up, friday, bn the upper 30's, folks, factor in blustery winds, will be also back here, you really have to factor it in, in other
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words, for what you will actually feel outside. so, still, yes, it is there, byt will feel like the dead of winter essentially. >> how about a swing from 52 today to 39? >> that is going to >> luckily when i moved to chicago all of this winter gear that i didn't get to use, now is the >> that's a way to look at the bright side. just ahead how philly flight land wad extra passenger on board that was not
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coming up later today on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 want to add years to your life? nuts may be the answer. effect, doctors say, they can have on your health, you may wands to add a handful to your daily diet. details at 5:00. from philadelphia yesterday lands with a extra passenger on board. that would be the extra passenger, baby was born in the air, and it all happened on southwest flight head today orlando, plane had to be diverted to charleston when that passenger went into labor. first responders on board helped with the delivery, ems crews met the plane when it landed and mother and baby are doing just fine. congratulations. must have been scar any that moment. >> yes, all right, that's "eyewitness news". i'm rahel solomon. for katie, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. the young and the restless is next.
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>> mariah: what did you do to dylan's interview? >> hilary: [ scoffs ] you did not just talk to me like that. >> mariah: i certainly did. we had an em you reneged! >> hilary: what i did was make the segment more watchable. >> mariah: watchable?! you fabricated the entire thing! hey, could you play back the original clip? the unedited version? >> dylan: it's, uh, no secret sharon's had difficulty managing past. but she's come a long way. she's competent, stable, 100% rational, and we have her doctor's affidavit to prove it. >> mariah: now could you please play the edited version, if you coul c >> dylan: it's, uh, no secret sharon's had difficulty managing


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