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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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seen unattended packages left on the doorstep. this is what these thieves are taking advantage of, luckily many neighbors do have surveillance video that caught some of these brazen burglaries in action and hoping images will help police catch the cull writ. check out this brazen burglar who walks up to the home in northern liberties, and appears to get away with someone elses package. another camera caught a separate incident where neighbors say someone rode up minutes after fedex delivery and took off with the handful of packages. this kind of who will take package theft has been talk of the town for many residents in the area. >> you feel violated, maybe 20 e packaging don't make to it me. >> reporter: opportunity is there, ups says that it expects to deliver a record breaking number of packages this holiday season. 700 million globally between black friday and new years day which is up 14 percent from last year. >> i work hard, for the money i earn to get the things that i want and you should just
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respect that and do it. >> reporter: many neighbors have security cameras, other post direction is for where to leave boxes if in one is home. plus resources available to prevent headache of lost or stolen package claims and missing items. >> you just have to protect yourself, that is all, you have to be smart about it. >> reporter: scott canty picks up his packages which hold them until owner can claim them. owner is so high that is there a year long wait list for this mailbox location but there are other ways too. >> me and my wife have our packages sent to work. >> reporter: ultimately neighbors a package theft shouldn't be a issue at all. >> think about others, think about how they might need what is in that box just as much as you might. >> reporter: philadelphia police say they do not break down theft numbers by type of items so it is in the clear how many stolen packages specifically have been reported here in the city. officials are urging neighbors to send packages to those locker locations or trend and family who will be home at the
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time of the delivery. live there northern liberties, i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". an employee was terrorized during a late night armed robbery in upper darby laundromat. it took place at 4:00 a.m. at t and w laundromat in the 711 block of marshall road. surveillance captured the suspects assaulting the store employee and making off with $500 this cash and hundred dollars this coins. police believe they gathered good information from this video. >> the way these things are carried there is a certain protocol, a certain sixth sense that tells you that this looks like a woman. >> a $2,500 reward is being offered for information, on the two suspects. students will return to class in one local school district tomorrow now that police have wrapped up an on line threat investigation. administrators abruptly cancelled class these morning for upper perkiomen schools. someone made an on line post, referencing a video from a sandy hook gun violence
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advocacy group. school officials say they have decided to cancel classes while police weighed credibility of the threat. both parents and students we talked to say the district made the right call. >> school made the right choice, and and, i'm comfortable with that. >> it is a bomb threat. safe for the school, to do that. >> reporter: police tell "eyewitness news" that the anonymous post which was made on instagram was taking out of context. they do not expect to make any arrests. wilmington fire fight the her died last week of injuries, she sustain in the row house fire will be laid to rest, this weekend. funeral services for 48 year-old air dit hope will be saturday, at the chase center on the waterfront. public viewing start at 10:00 a.m. followed by funeral at 1:00 p.m. two. other fire fighters were also killed in, that september 24th fire. philadelphia's in the the spotlight again, in campaign 2016. jill stein's green party filed a federal lawsuit in philadelphia today as part of
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the push for a recount in pennsylvania. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live at the federal courthouse with more on today's developments and what it all means, david. >> reporter: hi there, jessica. it appears that jill stein's fight is far from over as federal lawsuit filed today. i want to read the first line of the lawsuit. it says pennsylvania election system is a national difficulties glaze. stein's attorneys were behind me earlier today, and they want this recount to start, as soon as possible. >> this is about insuring that all votes get counted and that voters can trust their system going forward. >> reporter: jill stein made it clear she's not giving up on election 2016 during a news conference in front of the all places trump towers. stein is suing in federal court, to force a recount in pennsylvania. >> the constitutional rights of pennsylvania voters are being violated. >> reporter: but that recount isn't coming without skepticism. >> trying to follow bouncing ball in this whole thing is challenging, every kay brings a new story.
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>> reporter: david thornberg runs committees of 70 none in profit political watch dog group. stein's team argues that voting machines especially those in pennsylvania, are a prime target for hackers. >> no one is presented any evidence that any of this has happened. so it seems like we're in the process of debating theory. >> reporter: local east electricians officials have said numerous times that the machines are not connected to the internet, and making hacking next to impossible. >> they use 1990's technology, it is child's play to hack into this machine. >> reporter: david thornberg believes this recount won't make a big difference and wants conversations about election problems in america to take center stage during a political off season. >> we can just as easily do those without being under the spotlight in the pressure cooker of an actual campaign, we can do this six months from now. >> reporter: we're talking about the federal level right now. stein's attorneys will meet before a local judge in city hall to try to convince that judge to allow them to open up
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philadelphia's machines to make sure that there is no integrity problems inside with the equipment. reporting live tonight at federal courthouse in philadelphia, i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new jersey governor chris christie has shown interest in one role within the trump administration, chairman of the republican national committee, but sources familiar with the transition have said there is no knowledge or interest in christie holding the position. today trump chose another former republican rival to join his cabinet. 's thensed ben carson will be his administration's secretary of housing and urban development. trump says carson has a brilliant mine. historians in atlantic city want to open up a museum dedicated to president-elect trump. press of atlantic city is reporting organizers are seeking artifacts and stories from people who work at trump's properties over the past three decade. some local business owners hope the museum will bring visitors to the city in the same way that melania trump's hometown in sill vein use has
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seen more tourist. toll brothers is planning to double in height its plans jewelers row condo towers project which would also mean demolishing five buildings on the 700 block of sansom street. toll brothers filed an amendment in the hopes of increasing the you toker from 16 stories to 29, and adding around 30 more units. the proposal comes amid controversy over demolition of the existing jewelers row structures where the condo would be built. an update on the incident at center city peco station that caused foam to flow into philadelphia city streets this weekend. breakers were damaged at juniper and lombard streets on saturday and that caused power outages, for over 2700 customers. and, it also caused a least lease of that fire fighting foam, which fire and hazmat cruises responded too. peco says issue was not an explosion or a fire, but they continue to investigate. the defending national champion villanova wildcats are on a role and today they got great news.
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>> sports director don bell joins us now with the polls. they are out. >> yes, life is good. >> life is good for nova and jay wright, 2016 has been i great year forville 'nova last season ranked number one for the first time in school history and today they are back on top. rankings were released to day and 'nova is number one for first time this season and second time in ten months. tomorrow night, they play lasalle at the palestra and on saturday, they will take on ac c leading notre dame at prudential center in knew washing, new jersey. of course, you can see that game right here on cbs-3 at noon, life is good, for the top talk. also guys we will let you know later in sports, doug pederson, first of all, let's ask the viewers. do you think eagles played hard enough yesterday. >> i heard that. >> you answer that question doug pederson has that answer later in sports. >> thanks, don. appreciate it. you can expect fire work tonight, still ahead a community divided over plans to turn this house, into a
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temporary home for cancer patients. we are live from the meeting that is now only minutes away. plus the opioid epidemic is leading cause of accidental death and now there is a push to make a drug that can reverse effects, more readily available. where it could be purchased without a prescription, kate is this. and it is quiet and chilly outside this evening and tonight here comes our next chance for wet weather, rain lifting up the eastern seaboard and this will get here tomorrow coming up i'll tell you when rain arrives, what commutes could be impacted and which areas will get snow and big drop in temperature following rain all that coming up in weather.
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swarthmore bureau council is deciding on whether to use a house as a temporary resident for out of town cancer patients and caregivers. we told how head strong foundation wants to use the house on 200 chester road, to host at least seven patients and a care giver. our natasha brownies live where that meeting will be taking place in just about an hour, natasha. >> reporter: starting at 7:30, jessica, swarthmore boro council members will be ultimately deciding on whether they can go forward as a home, for temporary cancer patients, out of town patients staying there, tell rarely, lets look at a home located at 200 south chester road, in swarthmore, and again, seven bedroom house
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accommodating seven patients and a care giver. free have of charge. non-profit head strong foundation headed up by cheryl, is trying to open up this house in honor of her son nick, who passed away at the age of 21, ten years ago, from cancer. neighbors filed an appeal to stop the permit citing concerns about increased traffic in the neighborhood, lack of parking and overall upkeep of the home among other concerns. boro members are expect to hear to more arguments about this. there was a meeting just to let neighbors voice their concerns about the property, and they will be ultimately rendering their final decision tonight at this heating on whether the home can, proceed forward as nick's house. they did give a official approval of this before, and now they are going to ultimately decide after this appeals process whether the home can go forward as nick's house. we will keep you posted and bring you very latest on your later newscast throughout the night. that is very latest from now live from swarthmore, natasha brown for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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police say nine people died of apparent heroin overdosees in or around philadelphia's kensington neighborhood over weekend. victims were men and women between age of 24 and 42. office are were able to save four other people with the anti opioid drug that are can. opioid epidemic is now leading cause of, accidental death. pennsylvania health officials have taken action to try to control the crisis. >> one focused on making narcan more readily a railable. health reporter stephanie stahl has more from the state's physician general. >> reporter: they are taking this seriously. narcan has saved lives of tens of thousands of overdose victims. pennsylvania is one of the first states to make it available in drugstores, without a prescription. narcan is a medication that can reverse effects of an overdose, usually given in hospitals or by first responders, and in pennsylvania, there is a standing order from the physician general that it can also be purchased in drugstores, without a prescription. >> there is always an increased risk during
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holidays. >> reporter: doctor rachel levin pennsylvania's physician jennies getting word out to families who struggle with addiction that there is an increased risk of overdoses during the holidays and they should have narcan at home just in case. >> not enough families are aware of the tank order and not enough families air wear they can attain this from their pharmacy. >> reporter: doctor least vine purchased narcan, inhaled version in a drugstore, and there was a small co pay covered by insurance. >> this is f.d.a. approved, and this contains 4 milligrams have of medicine narcan. >> reporter: narcan saved 25 year-older cake hurt who passed out from heroin in a car with her ten month-old crying in the back seat. like many addicts he had been through rehab but relapsed. >> heroin is the devil. it is the devil. yes, heroin addicts, including my daughter, they choose to take that first hit but then that drug takes their soul. >> reporter: experts say heroin addiction often starts with narcotic pain medications
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and can happen to anyone. >> addiction, substance abuse disorder are medical illnesses. they are chronic, relapsing medical conditions. this is not a moral failing. so we need to get people the treatment that they need. >> reporter: now if it is administered at home you still need to call 911, further medical intervention may be necessary and person who overdosed has to be referred to a treatment facility. pennsylvania doing a lot to try to save lives this holiday season especially. >> wow, all right, thanks stephanie. oncology infusion clinic at st. christopher's hospital for children revealed a new ren rated pace today at a ribbon cutting ceremony. additionally pep ridge farms contributed $40,000 but south philadelphia go for the goal took the idea one step further. they gave over $350,000, to renovate the entire unit, which includes, this. and gaming area for teenagers.
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hope toys make children's lives better, as they battle, cancer. smiles, all right. meteorologist kate bilo is joining us now, and, we have got a mixed bag here in terms of the whether it will rain be be sunny or go back and forth. >> a little bit of everything, almost every day this week. what we don't have is any sunny warm days to talk about but it is december, after all and this is pretty seasonal at least for now, the later this week it will get a whole lot colder around here and feel more like mid-january, into february which is traditionally our coldest part of the the year. temperatures barely making it to 40 by the weekend. lets start with what is coming first and that is rain tomorrow. we will start off looking outside dry night, bethlehem looking live from the hotel bethlehem. you can see look at the flag on friday they were whipping in the wind. tonight they are laying pretty still. not too bad out there as far as win is concern. temperature wise a seasonal day with a low 50's and pretty comfortable out there tonight. storm scan three shows everything is about to change,
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you can see some cloud rolling in right now but as we widen out here comes our next storm, it is bringing heavy rain just south of atlanta. you can see yellow, orange shade nothing georgia. as we widen out more you can see where this storm is drawing moisture from directly from the gulf of mexico. as we tap in that gulf moisture the system lifts up the coast and rain that falls tomorrow will be sustained and will be heavy at times. this is not a quick hitting system. this is 12 to 18 hours of moderate rain, and then on and off heavy rain especially through tomorrow evening. notice by 4:00 a.m. we will sees cloud rolling back in, wake up to a glummy morning but it is try until one or 2:00 o'clock. these storms do have history of coming in faster then models indicate so would i land for it around noon time, in south delaware, southern delaware and new jersey it will be faster then that. rain will be steady right through midday hours and notice some snow is possible in the poconos. it gets heaviest in the evening and overnight.
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8:00 p.m. with heavy rain in the northwestern suburbs. that passes through city. then gradually winding down overnight tomorrow night but 5:00 o'clock wednesday morning we're still seeing scattered rain showers around before eventual clearing and maybe return of some sun late wednesday afternoon. mostly cloudy morning, rain develops mid afternoon, it will be heaviest through the evening, looking at half inch to possibly one quarters of an inch of rain and in the poconos, possibility for, an inch or two of snow could fall especially in the highest elevations. we may see flakes mixing in the lehigh valley and then behind that the temperatures take a big hit friday into saturday. average high just 48, and then we will be almost 10 degrees colder then that average. tonight partly cloudy, 35 degrees, tomorrow we have got that rain arriving pie midday, high only 46, it is a cold rain, wednesday we will try to clear it the out, wednesday nicest day of the week and another trent thursday bring showers and weekend is try but cold, and highs barely hitting 40's, and up in the 30's all daze,
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bundle up. >> yes. >> yes. >> thanks, kate. >> don's back with sports. >> a swann song for philadelphia legend, a flyer gets some love and the eagles, blasted by the bengals yesterday but did they give 100 percent? what do you think? we will hear from the head coach after the
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grit, drive, determination eagles didn't play with any of it yesterday. think about it, they were down 29 to nothing to a team that hadn't won a game since october. the struggle, could not be more real. birds eventually lost 32-14, their effort was questionable at best. today head coach doug pederson admit that had some guys, did not quite bring it. >> not everybody, and that is accountability, that the accountability that i talk about. you know, i hold coaches accountable for that, i hold myself accountable for that because it the all starts with me and make sure and i pride myself each week to make sure guys are ready to go. >> eagles now five-seven on the season. sixers host denver nuggets
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tonight, joel embiid is in the line up. jahlil okafor is questionable with stomach issues. i'll spare you tea tails. sixers trying to snap a six game losing streak. big props for flyers goalie steve mason. he was named nhl first star of the week he went four and xerox posted 9.45 save percentage and 1.71 goals begins average, basically balling. overall flyers have won five straight, they host panthers, top night. fun facts for you now pitchers and catchers report in 70 days. that includes, a new arm for phillies. team has reportedly signed 39 year-old reliefer, jack win benoit to a one year deal worth seven and a half million-dollar. media day for bernard hopkins. he will fight light heavyweight contender joe smith on december 17th at forum in l.a. bhop says he is retiring after the fight. i might believe it the when i see it. hopkins, again 28 years ago. he turns 52 years old in january. >> that is incredible.
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>> that is incredible. >> he said he would retire five years ago and still doing it. >> that is right good doing it well. >> i'll believe it the when i see it. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. >> santa arrives in philadelphia today. >> after the break and after school celebration, with >> after the break and after school celebration, with police officers and their did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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who will taste come early to are tea serving children in philadelphia sanity made a special appearance at the police athletic league in
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francisville. he listened to to the holiday wishes of kid, from four local pal centers. and children also participated this arts and crafts and got a few early gifts just a few. >> wow. >> look at that. >> yes. >> temple university's journalism program welcomes aaron to head journalism innovation department. he is a former digital eld for at guardian and the new york times, as two million-dollar grant from philadelphia's wyncote foundation has made his you this position, possible. that is great. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", tonight lives lost what we're learning today about the victims of the california warehouse fire, also, a false new story linked to donald trump's national security advisor triggers a violent reaction. here's scott pull any new york. here's scott pelley. we will see you tonight.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: the death toll rises as the search goes into another night for the victims of the oakland fire. >> by the time i grabbed the fire extinguisher and ran back, the entire back was engulfed in flames. >> pelley: also tonight, fake news nearly leads to a very real tragedy. >> this comes with >> pelley: a hold-out juror leads the a mistrial in the murder of a black man shot in the back by a south carolina cop. and the deadly shooting at a charleston church opens the door to healing for two long-separated congregations. >> you guys have been just around the corner from each other for


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