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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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now at 11:00, we begin with breaking news. chopper 3 is live over a crash that has killed a female driver and seriously injured a new jersey state trooper. it happened tonight on the northbound side of route 55 in millville. you can see it appears that the two cars collided head-on. drivers are being told to avoid the area. 55 is closed in both directions. there is no word when the highway will reopen. and a live look outside of cooper university hospital in camden where the injured trooper was air lifted tonight. we are awaiting official word on his condition. the circumstances surrounding the cause of the crash are under investigation. but again here's what we know tonight as we take another look at chopper 3 live at the scene, one woman is dead and a new jersey state trooper is seriously hurt in a crash on route 55 in millville.
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the roadway is closed in both directions until further notice. we will continue to follow this breaking story and update you as more information is made available. hello everyone. i'm yukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. also developing right now philadelphia police are looking for the person who robbed and shot a 17-year-old boy in german town. this happened around 8:15 tonight the victim's wallet and cell phone were also stolen. police are looking for a white van that could be connected to the shooting. a mother is celebrating victory tonight after her controversial plan to honor her son gets the go-ahead. >> she wants to open a house for cancer patients but not everyone wants to see it move forward. >> our natasha brown is live with emotional reaction to that decision tonight.
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natasha? >> reporter: good evening to you both. for one family it was certainly a very emotional night. they couldn't be more pleased with the council's ruling tonight but there is another side of this and some neighbors couldn't be more disappointed. >> council members gave unanimous approval to a home that will be converted to temporary housing for out of town cancer patients. >> it's overwhelming. i've been nervous all day. it's butterflies. you don't know how it's going to go. i felt very positive. >> cheryl began the fight 6 months ago to transform this bedroom into nick's house named after her son who died from cancer at 21 years old. the nonprofit head strong foundation will provide the housing free of charge to as
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many as seven patients and a caregiver. >> parking was a concern. traffic, the way that the house is configured so that whether or not they can really fit 14 people in there with special needs. >> reporter: neighbors were also concerned about property values being affected. >> we are disappointed. we don't think that the applicants proved their case. >> we did everything right and we have very open and honest from back in july. >> reporter: stipulations require parking plans for the home, handicapped accessibility and other measures as well. but for now cheryl is absorbing moment in honor of her son. >> it's for nick and it's for everybody that follows in his footsteps and this is my promise kept to my child. i know he's smiling down at me today. >> reporter: they are expected to officially close on the house next week and they hope to have
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it all up and running by march of next year. that's the very latest for now. >> police search for suspects after a lawn dra mat employ is terrorized. surveillance video shows the attackers assaulting an employee and making off with $500 in cash and $100 in coins. police are just glad that no one was hurt at such a quiet time of night. >> the best thing is nobody got hurt. the victim didn't have a chance because she never saw them. you could see the video she's doing her work and they come behind her. the store is open 24/7. so if the door is open and they walk in. >> police are offering a $2500 reward for information on the two suspects. >> is it creepy or is it helpful? did you know uber can now track you after you get dropped off? >> nicole brewer is here to explain why uber is watching
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where you go once you step out of the car. >> the ride may be over but the track it continues concerns some users. >> reporter: if you use uber you know when the app has been updated did you know the latest version allows the service to track your location even after your ride. >> kind of underhanded a little bit. >> kind of an invasion of privacy. >> it certainly is a trend we're seeing more and more. >> reporter: an interneat surveillance expert says location data has become valuable not just to uber but to several other apps and third parties. >> they're making money off of your data. they're selling to advertisers and quite frankly giving me a discount if they're not. >> uber says it only tracks your location 5 minutes after you exit allowing more precise
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pickup locations and less driver fraud. if you're not comfortable, they recommend turning off location services for the app and manually typing the address. >> when you're not using it, close it down. don't let it run in the background. that gives you a little more control. >> i think that would make me think twice about using that app or maybe just looking to other competitors. >> i think these are small prices to pay for an app that ultimately provides a lot of convenience. >> reporter: even more alarming than app location requests are the those that ask to access your address book. that kind of permission not only puts your privacy at risk but everyone you are connected to. so it makes you think twice about clicking "allow" without even thinking it through. >> bill cosby suffered another legal setback in his criminal case. a judge has ruled cosby's
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damaging testimony in a 2006 civil suit can be used in his sex assault trial. that suit was filed by accuser andrea constand. that judge said cosby never received a promise that he wouldn't be criminally charged. cosby is accused of sexually assaulting constand in 2004. the murder trial of a former south carolina police officer with local ties ends in a mistrial. a jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict to convict michael slager in the shooting death of walter scott. his family says they expect a retrial and federal investigation will bring them justice. >> more rounds to go. the solicitor is trying this case again as soon as she can. the doj is trying the case as soon as she can.
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he may have delayed justice, but he did not escape it. >> reporter: slager faces trial next year in federal court on charges of depriving scott of his civil rights. >> it is back to school tomorrow for some students now that police have wrapped up an investigation about an online posting. classes were cancelled today over an anonymous post on instagram that referenced the sandy hook shooting. police say the online post was misunderstood and they do not expect to make any arrests. police in state college want everyone to take a good look at these pictures. they say these are the fans who took their excitement over saturday's big 10 championship win too far. the unruly fans are accused of causing property damage and even assaulting a police horse. officers had to use pepper spray to disburse the crowds. so far no arrests have been nad. >> vice president joe biden is down to his final six weeks in
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office but he may not be finished just yet in washington. the outgoing vice president said tonight he's running for president in 2020? well, the 74-year-old did have a smile on his face when he said that. but when someone asked if he was joking, he then said he wasn't committing to not running. we'll have to wait a few years to see if that turns out to be serious. >> former green party presidential candidate jill stein spoke in front of trump tower in new york today where she said her fight is far from over. she called pennsylvania's election system quote a disgrace. her legal team filed a federal suit in philadelphia today. the head of a watchdog group feels stein's efforts can only go so far. >> i can't speak to the motive behind jill stein's interest in recounting. i think it remains as unlikely as it ever was that a recount, even if you did it across the state, would surface the votes
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that would change the results of the election. >> there's already a recount under way in the state of wisconsin and michigan is next. president-elect donald trump had several meetings at trump tower in new york. one of those meetings was with former vice president al gore which was also attended by mr. trump's daughter ivanka. they had a lengthy and productive discussion on climate change. trump picked ben carson as head of the department of housing and urban development. ivanka ivanka trump will not be far from her father when she moves to the white house. she's reportedly house hunting in washington, d.c. with her husband. trump hasn't mentioned what position they could have but both played crucial roles. >> it's a set known for luxury but now it's in jeopardy. >> then a controversial project getting even bigger. the new plans to expand the
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construction on jeweler's row. >> dawn is a person who never thinks about herself. >> so we are putting her first tonight. we'll show you the dramatic transformation when victoria helps give a local nurse a well-deserved makeover. >> today cleared out nicely. tomorrow is going to be the often sit. a dry start to the morning and here comes all this rain. we'll time out when it get here, how long it sticks around, how much will fall, and who could see some snow.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. they do not believe they quill find any more bodies in an oakland warehouse search efforts stalled earlier today. meanwhile the district attorney
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has loun muched a criminal investigation. >> double the height of its condo tower from 16 to 29 stories. that would allow the developer to build 109 condos on the 700 block of sam son street. the project also includes demolishing five buildings on jeweler's row. the philadelphia historical commission is deciding if some of those buildings should be saved. a train is threatening to derail the production of chanel no. 5 in france. chanel is pushing for an alternative root. >> many of you watched earlier tonight as the angels hit the runway. >> with the glitz and glaum or and the spirit of the holidays to inspire her, victoria set out
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to celebrate the beauty of role models. >> the angels may have walked the runway in paris but we found our angel. >> mean dawn, a 51-year-old month of three who's been a nurse for ten years. >> why do you live being a nurse so much. >> i like the patients, i like the families, i like the interaction. i like helping other people. we do try to act like their guardian angels. >> we have a big day planned for you. nothing to be nervous about you're in good hands and we should go. let's do it. >> reporter: in the spirit of giving and the help of a salon and spa in peddlers village, we're giving her a salon and spa treatment. >> she never thinks about herself, never puts herself first. and her husband has dealt with
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something dawn do you want to mention that as well. >> my husband is a cancer survivor. >> so you haven't taken enough time for yourself these past several years, i'm sure. >> correct. >> so we need to make you feel like a princess today. >> thank you. >> reporter: and at first snip with 8 inches going to charity, let the fun begin. >> and breathe. ready? i feel lighter already. she's doing a little free hand baylage so it's a great holiday treat for yourself. the party look is never complete without picture-perfect brows. >> it's like hanging a picture on the wall without a frame. it instantly brings focus to your eyes. >> taking a moment to take it all in, dawn's holiday look was almost complete. just a few more finishing touches and there's one more surprise. >> a special gift from all your friends here and a special gift
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from peddler's village. we want you to come back and do some holiday shopping. go and get out of here they're waiting for you. now forth big reveal at st. mary's. [ cheers ] how do you feel? >> fantastic. >> you totally deserve it. >> she looked wonderful. >> how about it. >> strike a pose. madonna is the latest star to take a ride on carpool karaoke. the queen of pop belted out some of her biggest hits and even did a little dance while riding around new york city. you won't want to miss this. it's wednesday night on "the late late show" right here on cbs three.
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>> it's never dull with james corden. >> it's always exciting. >> all right, kate bilo. how's the weather looking? >> well, it's looking okay for now but by this time tomorrow it's going to be pouring. we've got a lot of rain heading up our way. which means another day with the umbrella is needed. cleared out nicely but now round 2 of this week is headed our way. we'll start off with a look this is live from our studio. it's a pretty nice night out there although the clouds have moved in. the only good thing about a cloudy night it does keep it generally a couple of degrees warmer than a clear night would be. we are living on borrowed time as this rain starts to lift up through the carolinas, even into virginia right now. just light showers on the northern edge of this system but as you see here across south carolina and georgia that we've
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got to be concerned about. there's a lot of moisture streaming in from the south and you can see all that yellow and orange shading and this lifts right up the eastern seaboard a moisture-rich system. across the neighborhood new york it's a good thing this system is not coming tonight because temperatures are very close to freezing in many spots. right now it's 38, 37 in burlington they've got about .10 of rain or so. the set-up with this system, one storm off to the north, this first one pulling in lots of gulf moisture and that means it's going to be a very wet tuesday it looks like from at least 3:00 a.m. on wednesday we will be dealing with some rain. so you wake up at 9:00 a.m. some spots could see a little bit of filtered sun in the morning. most of us start off cloudy but it will be dry until midday. by afternoon the rain arrives around 2:00 or 3:00. here's your afternoon commute and you can see some pockets of
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heavy rain all across the area, snow in the poconos. heavy rain still at 9:00, especially south of the city and it keeps on coming right through midnight before gradually wind can down wednesday morning and skies will eventually try to clear on wednesday afternoon. we're going to get about .5 to .75 inch of rain before all is said and down. but if you're in the poconos, that's where some snow could fall. temperatures above freezing but watch for that 1-3 inches in the poconos. and then by later in the week, a cold blast of air from eastern canada will take temperatures down to about 10 degrees below average. not a ton of great news in this forecast. 46 degrees, wednesday is the nicest day of the week, we'll start with clouds and the sun tries to peek out and thursday another front comes through and look how cold it is friday and saturday. highs may not make it past the 30s in some spots. so winter is coming. winter feels like it's
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>> losing is one thing. the eagles lost to the bengals and the sixers back at it in south philadelphia. find out if they could beat the nuggets and snap their losing
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putting the six in sixers. hosting the nuggets and trying to snap a 6 game losing streak. all out with various ailments.
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jamal murray with the circus shot. an off night for him. the head coach did, talking about brett brown. sixers loose 106-98. losing to the bengals is bad but how makes it sting a little more difficult. the eagles were daen 29-0 and now the head couch says they did not play with max today doug admitted some guys
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didn't quite bring it. >> not everybody and that's the accountability that i talk about. and i hold coaches accountable for that, i hold myself accountable for that because it all starts with me and i pride myself each week to make sure the guys are ready to go. >> for the first time this season the villa nova wildcats are ranked number one in the country. tomorrow night they play lasalle. on saturday they take on acc leading notre dame in newark, new jersey and you can catch that game right here on cbs3. rams coach jeff fisher yesterday got that big old winter on, can't find the flag. still looking. remember, he lives in l.a., hardly ever wears a coat. i'm sure. can't find the thing.
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there it is. >> thank you, appreciate it. >> up next, rocking out with the eagles. >> see were
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ds. two birds are using their day off as a day on. the players are learning how to play musical instruments with the help from students rock to the future. it's a local non-profit that provides free music education to the city's under-served youth. kate? >> looking ahead to the weekend, even on monday it's all about the weekends this time of the year lots going on. and this weekend is going to be a cold one. arctic air settling in come friday. that's when the arctic air really arrives. the temperatures may be hard-pressed to make it out of the 30s in many spots. it's going to fee
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> stephen: breaking news. greenport candidate jill stein announced she will drop recount efforts in pennsylvania. for more on this story we go to, breaking news, green party candidate jill stein said she's escalating efforts in pennsylvania, not dropping them as she previously said. news appears to be breaking again. jill stein says she no longer believes pennsylvania is a stayed but a twin of ohio. breaking news! jill stein says she now believes pennsylvania is a state. in fact, it is the


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