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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". fellow members of the new jersey state police salute a fallen comrade. the trooper was killed last night, in a wrong way crash on route 55, in cumberland county. the 31 year old trooper was responding to a call at the time. good afternoon, jim donovan is off, i'm joe holden >> too far err and another were killed.
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live from for the norris with what we know more this noon. cleve? >> reporter: good afternoon, this is the fourth line every duty death for new jersey state police to meet last 18 months, three of them happening in south jersey, and all of them are traffic related. new jersey state police tell us that trooper franky williams joined the ranks just 11 months ago, and was assigned to the port norris station. this morning fellow members of law enforcement escorted his bod fry cooper hospital where he's succombed to his injuries from a crash last night. officials say around 7:00 he was driving north on route 55, in millville responding to a call, they say, that a driver heading south went across the grass median, crashed head on with trooper williams. that driver died at the scene, again, williams at the hospital. this morning, state police put out a statement saying trooper williams was highly respected by his peers, established himself very early on in his career as out standing trooper able to think quickly on his feet, and make sounds
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decisions, spoke about an incident this summer where he saved a dog in a hot car, went on to say he performed his duties more like six year veteran than a six month rookie. now the cause of this crash still under investigation police have not released the name of the other driver who died. again, trooper williams just 31 years old, from atlantic county. live in port norris, cleve bryan, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". all right, clever, thank you. seventeen year old boy is fighting for his life this noon, he's in critical condition after a robbery and shooting in germantown. police say it happened last night around 8:15, and ashley street, teen shot in the head and hip. investigators say the victim's wallet and cell phone were also stolen, police now looking for a white van that could be connected to the shooting. in frankford, morning fire ripped through an apartment building one of the victims a baby, was dropped into the waiting arms of a police officer. our trang do has more on the lives that we're seeing.
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>> whether we opened our doors we couldn't get out. because there was nothing but smoke and flames, and everything coming. >> panic as flames tore through apartment building on the corner of frankford avenue and seller street just before 4:00 a.m. >> apartment fire is always a challenge because you have multiple people living in confined areas, and you know that it is the time of the evening where there will probably and lot of people that need to be rescued. companies were aggressive. >> when i got to the hospital, it was like everything was burning, except for my lip. >> tyrone coal sleeping in his girlfriends' apartment when the fire broke out. he suffered second agree burns to his face and hands, and rushing to get seven other people in the apartment out. >> something just told me to get out just help everybody, forget about yourself at the moment. i would be all right, just help everybody else. >> in all first responders rescued 12 people from the building, including a baby, that had to be dropped from the third floor into the arms of an officer below. the baby's okay.
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all of the babies are okay. >> colon eight olds people hurt, including four children. all are expected to be okay. jessica car, one of the 21 people displaced right before the holidays. >> we just lost everything. we ain't got no christmas stuff, no nothing, like it is so craze. >> i in frankford, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". so for now another baby was saved in a fire at the cedar chase apartments this morning. the cell phone video showing flames shooting from the roof as people scramble to safety. the fire broke out around 7:00 in the morning in the 1700 block of north dupont highway. the dover fire department says they made multiple rescues including a baby, that was lowered from an upper floor to safety below. two firefighters were seriously hurt and taken to bay health medical center. >> rain is on the way, and some of it apparently could change to snow in certain places. meteorologist, katie fehlinger in the weather center tracking
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the changes, katie, last few days, total soaker. what do you think this time? >> looks like definitely pretty soaking rainout of this particular one, too, rahel, coming from the south, coming with more moisture to work from from the gulf of mexico, streaming up our way, combs with milder air. we end up with a benefit of milder forecast tomorrow, but there is certainly wet weather to track out there, and when you take a look at storm scan at the localized level here, it is already starting to move in. now, looking at some of the area field cameras, we will show you few of those as the afternoon progresses here into the show. but, we're not finding too much in the way of actual rain verifying at the ground level yet. say foreplays like lancaster county, little bit heavier right now, but you can see that as you go toward, say, the state capitol of harrisburg, the allegheny's, well off to the west, some of that is turning over to snow. because it is just cold enough. so, that's the story for you up in the poconos. that is where we have got winter weather advisory takes effect at 4:00 this afternoon, carbon, monroe counties, northwest new jersey included there. if you are travels will be taking you up toward the i80 corridor, that's where you're
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likely to have some snow. and it is likely to actually accumulate, again, more on that a little later on. for the rest of us just rain, obviously just clouds this morning, now we've got the rain picking up through the afternoon, heaviest comes over the next couple of hours toward evening. so yes, it will slow down your typical evening rush, with at least half inch worth of accumulating rain. than will put nice little chip in the rainfall deficit. mid 40's where we currently stand up and down i-95. probably only going to tack another 2 degrees onto that for official high with rain now moving in as we speak, from southwest to northeast. so, if you don't have the raindrops yet, many of you don't, just matter of time. joe, back over to you. >> katie, thank you. new jersey governor chris christie is getting the lowest approval rating of any sitting governor in 20 years, quinnipiac university poll showed more than 1300 new jersey voters. only 19 percent approve of governor christie's job performance, 77 percent disapprove. most voters don't believe the governor has been honest about
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his role in bridgegate. voters say 71 to 22%, governor christie new his aids were involved in bridgegate. majority of voters believe christie personally ordered the traffic jam that set off that scandal. >> as he continues to work on his transition team, president-elect donald trump now saying he want to cancel boeing $4 billion contract to build a new air force one. brook silva bragga explains, boeing seemed to be surprised by the statement. >> president-elect donald trump emerged from the elevators at trump towers, ready to cut government costs. earlier, he tweeted boeing is building a brand new 747 air force one at a cost of more than $4 billion. cancel order. >> i think boeing is doing a little bit after number. we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much monday. >> i the air force awarded the contract. s area owe space company in january, siting obsolete parts in the current fleet and increased down time.
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two or more new planes would go into service around 2024. the original contract was for $3 billion, but costs are reportedly rising, as for comment, boeing spokesman said we're going to have to get back to after we figure out what's going on. mr. trump comment this morning, continue his pattern every calling out us companies. over the weekends, he tweeted that companies that move operations out of the country will face a 35% tar i have. but today on msnbc morning joe, vice president elect mike pence declined to endorse the plan. >> so are you for the 35% tariff? >> let me go back to the intervening part. >> are you for the tariff, though? >> well, i'm for us putting everything on the table and negotiations. >> the president-elect will leave trump tower this afternoon and head to fayetteville, north carolina for the next stop on his thank you tour. traveling with him, mr. trump's hit for secretary of defense retired general james madden. brooke silva brag a, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> search for cause of
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devastating fire that killed dozen of people coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> from property records listing complaints about the warehouse. >> amazon comes up with new way to shop, customers just pick up the products and go. more on how it works when "eyewitness news" i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> breaking news, head coach matt rhule is leaving temple to become the head football
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coach at baylor university in wako, texas, confirmed by baylor. he led owls to ten-three record, heading to another bowl this year. wake forest in the military bowl on december 27th, we will have more on this story throughout the day, and on line at cbs philly. com. in oakland, california, prosecutors now say murder charges are possible in friday's deadly warehouse fire. >> edwards laurence explains what investigators are now looking for. >> fire crews resumed search and recovery efforts, at the scene, of friday night's fire at a dance party in a oakland california warehouse. thirty-six bodies have been recovered so far. twenty-six of them positively identified. >> we have nine tentative id, and one dough remaining. >> workers removed part of a wall. one area of the gutted building which serves as an artist residence and party space is still too unstable to search. >> there is one corn their remains unstable. and then that's another thing that we will be doing throughout the day today, is
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stabilizing that corner so we can search that last section. >> property records show there were numerous complaints about the building, including two, just last month, siting a ton of garbage piling up, and an illegal interior building structure. the makeshift memorial outside the warehouse is growing with each day. people are stopping by from all over, some with no connection to the fire, just to pay their respects. >> heart breaking. >> used to live around the corner and has dj for similar parties in the past. he said he zero wonders if young people will learn the lesson of friday's tragedy. >> will these parties co >> these are underground parties. it is very hard to stop that kind of stuff. you know? >> search crarat caused the fire. rain is expected to hamper those efforts today. cward laurence,s". a local mother is celebrating after her plan to honor her son is given the okay despite some opposition co. >> she wants to set up house on 200 block of chester road
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swarthmore for out of town cancer patients undergoing treatment at philadelphia hospitals. swthncil members voted unanimous yes to the plan last night, but neighbors say they were cod affect the surrounding area. >> my reaction is if we are disappointed. we don't think that the applicants proved their case. we don't think they proved the elements that they need to prove for a fair housing. >> i sat down. i tried to have them understanded the importance of it, and how we plan to enhance the property, and, you know, we're just delighted. you know, we're thrilled. >> and the property will be called nick's house named after cheryle's son, who died from cancer when he was 21. check outlines can be a real pain during the holiday shopping season. we know that. >> yes, but now amazon is working on a way to take away the shopping stress, starting with groceries. amazon has unveiled a brick and mortar store called grocery essentials, check in with the amazon go app.
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shoppers grab what they want and go. cameras monitor your purchases and experts say it has positive's, and it has negative's. t be able to to, retail stores, you know, we customers will be able to buy cheaper products, the down sie lost. >> right now only store outfitted when amazon go is in seattle, where it is headquartered. only amazon employees can shop there so far. but the public could get the go ahead next year. and katie fehlinger really big fan. >> she loves this. >> well, mayhem on the road. still ahead on "eyewitness news". >> a vehicle after vehicle out of control on an icy city street. we will show you where the weather is creating real dangerous driving conditions. katy? >> we could actually ends up with dangerous driving, conditions ourselves in the next 24 hours, but we look ahead, at this point, of the show to our weekends, which actually looks very, very quiet. it will feel like winter, however, and clouds look like they'll be building for us throughout the course of our sunday. but we at least get a break
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>> little bit of snow and a lot of damage in downtown. even snow plow, snow covered hill in man tree al. >> the cars crashed into each other at the bottom of the hillment took couple of hours to clean up the mess, and sort it all out, fortunately, no serious injuries, who can believe that in montreal.
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>> chain reaction there. >> did you see that snow plow though? >> they don't have special traction, chains? >> trains, economy should, i guess, clearly not. >> they obviously not working if they're there. >> this is like the movie frozen, you need to let that one go. once you're stuck in that? >> won't be able to pull out that far. >> that's right. >> feel a little that far here? >> nothing like that. >> not in philly. poconos, i80, yes. you know, you might ends with slick travel out there. it will be cold enough. we had clear sky overnight. that allowed temperatures to drop off very, very efficiently this morning. you had that foundation of really cold air, to get the ball rolling, so to speak here, on the possibility of the atmosphere that will be ripe for not just rain but also some sleet and snow. that is specific to the poconos. the rest of us, really just rain producing system, right back out to storm scan3, i want to show you what's going on here, leading edge of this, moving in pretty much right on cue here guys. i do think, you know, over the course of the next hour and a
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half the rest of us that don't have any raindrops yet, you will be find that out there. obviously mixing back toward central pennsylvania, and portions of the appalachians, basically, down into west virginia, but it is primarily rain producing storm, it is coming from the south obviously, bringing with it some milder air, even though it is a chilly day, we're not going to see the temperature profile necessary across much of the region for anything but plane old rain. but there are some caveats to that, especially this time of year. you tends to see a lot of mixing going on. walk you through future weather, this is not necessarily a scattered shower situation. this is a wall of rain that's going to be moving our way, or ice and snow. notice, though, you have to go possibly as far south as lehigh valley. but generally, pocono issue, where you end up with the snow and the sleet mixing in. and that, again, as we showed you earlier on, you will find the winter weather advisory. the rest of us, just rain. the time something less than ideal. it comes in in time for your typical evening rush, actually with us, through the majority of the night. early tomorrow morning, winter
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weather advisory expires, rainout of here, probably ends up even with some sun before it is said and done. but you are going to actually warm up little bit here too. it is a system coming from the south, bringing with it milder air. future rain amounts, yes, you know, decent little dent for the rainfall deficit. because it comes over the span of multiple hours, this isn't going to be flooding situation. but if we end one half inch, to pushing even .9 of an inch, we will take that. we will take whatever we can get to chip away at the deficit, still above 5 inches for the year as a hole. focus on the poconos, it is a mixture guys of rain, wet snow, perfect for making snowballs right? but also some sleet, that's developing really as we speak through the afternoon, but in terms of snowfall accumulations, two-4 inches is absolutely possibility here. there will likely however be change over, to just rain through the overnight as the milder air nudges in. so see how we do. currently outside we go, all the kids are out playing recess just few minutes ago. we missed them. they went back inside. regardless the rain has jet to star here at whitt fields elementary school next-door to redding in west lawn, pa, one
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place where the rain has gun, keeping close watch on it, waiting for it, rehoboth beach. see the tell tail raindrops, looking closely, few blemishes on the camera lens there. just getting started. so leer we stand at 44 degrees, at philadelphia international airport. east northeast winds picking up in atlantic city at 46. and quick check on the seven day, it is all out of here by tomorrow. we catch a little break. then arctic cold front decides to come in here. so we are lucky enough to hit just 40 at best on friday, saturday. it will feel like winter, big time. >> thanks, katie. >> music fans now know the top act of 2015 and which ones could bring a gram. >> i nominations are in. beyonce and adele are at the top of the list. queen bee's lemonade is nominated for albumn of the year, her formation is nominated for song of the year. adele's 25 albumn is also nominated, and adele's song hello is also up for song of the year. you can see the 59th annual grab.
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gram @ wards here on cbs-3 in february. and, the awards will be hosted by james cord on, you know it is sure to be good show, fun show, and lot of great music. >> and lots of karaoke, of course. >> naturally. we're all singing along. >> no surprise there. adele and beyonce both had fantastic years. >> absolutely. next information on how you can make a child's holiday specia
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coming up later today on 5:00 missing just little sleep can be deadly onout the effect
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about it our "joy of sharing" is in full swing. bring a new unwrapped toy to any of our partner location. >> or you can join us tomorrow at wilmington university in new castle delaware for special drop off event from noon too # 4:00. cbs toyfest benefits families, the boys and girls club of camden county and the uso. check for all of the details. >> and that's "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm joe holden. >> i'm rahel solomon. for katie all of us here thanks for watching. "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we are ails on line at the young and the restless is next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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[ knock on door ] >> nick: hey, dad. >> victor: hi, my boy. listen, what is this i hear from our security team that christian was taken to the hospital by ambulance? >> nick: yeah, uh, sorry if you feel like you were out of the loop. >> victor: how is he? >> nick: dad, christian's fine. he's upstairs. he's asleep. he just had an allergic reaction to strawberries. >> victor: why didn't you tell your mom and me about that? we would have gone to the hospital. >> nick: well, dad, there wasn't really anything you could have done, and frankly, if you were there, you would have just made things worse. >> victor: what happened? who was there? >> sharon: hey. how was your run?


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