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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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portions of montgomery and bucks counties and just moving there new castle will county delaware, and delaware county. seeing that change over in the past hour or so, there has been a fight for snow and rain in the poconos now we're seeing almost all purpose trell jim thorpe, right up 476 north toward mount pocono inn may see light snow especially for northern part of the lehigh valley. further south heavy rain, just starting to push toward philadelphia, this will slow you down considerably on i-95, also on the schuylkill and traveling through lehigh valley on 22, 78, on the northeast extension some major slow downs with heavy rain right now. i want to go out to the poconos peak cameras the blue mountain where you can see snow is falling, wet snow and we do expect accumulation there through the overnight hours. the as far as city is concerned it is just rain, heaviest happening right now through next couple of hours, watch for that slow travel about a half inch of rain expect to fall, coming up i'll tell you more about the winter weather advisory how much snow
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will fall and when to expect this rain to clear out from philadelphia. back over to you. well just days after leading temple owls to their first conference championship in 49 years we have learn that head coach matt rhule is moving on to baylor university. >> sport director don bell joins us now. is this a big surprise? >> i think that some were. i think a lot of people were not. it is college sports you know it is a natural progression of things, right. when you have a precious commodity other people will covet what you have. it is just a fact of life. over last four years matt rhule has done a masterful job on north broad street and heading to waco, texas. rhule led owls to 20 wins over last two seasons. their conference champs for first time since 1967 but baylor is in the big 12 which will how rhule to compete at the highest level, here's reaction, there the cherry and white. >> i love matt rhule. matt and i are good friend and, you know, i just wanted
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him to make the right decision for his family and him. i thanked him for all he did for this program. i said i will go get a great football coach. >> a lot of people are disappointed. he means so much to this program but at the same time, to be in his shoes you want to see him do better. >> reporter: owls lay wake forest in the military bowl december 27th assistant head coach ed foley will coach that game. coming up at 6:00 what long time owls basketball coach fran dunphy is saying about the move. congratulations to matt rhule. he deserves it. >> big time job there. >> it the is a huge job, hes done a great job everything he could there. >> people were watching and things happen. >> that is right, don. obviously a lot of disappointed fans on campus. >> our anita oh sent the afternoon on campus live with more on what students are saying about the news, anita. >> reporter: it has obviously been a whirlwind athletic director pat craft saying
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today that head coach matt rule called him this morning to announce his decision, the baylor university that is very sudden departure. sad evening students here. i can tell you that the rain is reflective of the glummy mood here on campus tonight. this was mood of the temple owls saying hello to first hearn athletic conference champion ship win last weekend but on tuesday they have learn they would be saying good bye to the man led them there head coach matt rhule. many college football fans are not taking the news well. >> i don't appreciate that he went to baylor because being a high school football player myself when you get recruited and brought in the program and then someone leaves, that has to be a scariest feeling in the world. >> reporter: rhule led owls to back to back ten win seasons for the first time in school history but it is his character off field that rest mates most with freshman devon cottman a former intern with the team. >> very passionate about what he does, kind person, cares about the players and
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everybody working. >> reporter: while many are sad to see him go others understand why. >> it is smart for him because you will go to the power conference in the big 12, so you will be dealing with better competition. for the school obviously everybody is devastated. >> i'm rooting for him. i'm hoping he will do better things and hopefully we will see him in the nfl. >> reporter: will program keep momentum alive without him. >> if the the players have determination to keep it strong but players want to leave with him. >> i think whether you like it or in the this program is still on the rise and i think everything will be all right. >> reporter: no matter who the head coach is reza shourd temple fans will be cheering on owls as they helped to the military bowl on december 27th. live at temple university tonight i'm anita oh for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". cbs philly taste book page is blowing up with comments. mark weinstein posted just heart breaking i know temple football will find another talented leader for the team but this is an enormous loss. lawrence posted this is tough
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to take in. obviously it is a business but temple finished 23rd in the country not sure why he wouldn't want to stay and improve. money speaks i suppose. let us know what you think about coach rhule leaving temple, connect with us on facebook, twitter and our web site we have top five place during rhule's tenure at temple if you'd like to take a look back at cbs starting to day drivers along the schuylkill might to have take an alternate route, parts of the mlk drive ape schuylkill river trail will be detoured for repairs. plan for closures between hours of 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. during the day. there will be overnight closures for 7:00 p.m. to 5:00 . workers will be fixing a retaining wall along schuylkill river, part of the wall collapsed this summer leaving the soil unstable. new jersey state the police is in mourning tonight, family, friend, comrades are remembering a trooper kill in the cash while on duty. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is at state police
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barracks at port norris with more on the investigation, cleve. >> reporter: ukee, trooper frankie williams was stationed here in port norris, new information we're getting this afternoon from state police is that he was responding to a call for eradic driver. now that same vehicle will described by witnesses is the one that police say was involve in the crash that killed trooper williams. the impact of obliterated one cars head on collision monday night that took life of the 61 year-old man from elmer, and new jersey state trooper frankie williams. officials say williams was heading north on route 55 in millville in response to the call for eradic driver. they say it appears that same driver heading south for some reason went through grass median and slammed head on into williams. lloyd of elmer was pronounced dead at the scene, medics flew williams to cooper hospital where he died. collogues solute had as his body was transported from the hospital. >> he was doing what he loved to do. >> reporter: several neighbors
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in egg harbor township flew fallen officer memorial flags. williams graduated state police academy in yan and commended for saving a dog lock in the hot car, state police released a statement saying trooper williams was highly respected by his peers establishing himself very early in his career as an outstanding trooper able to think of his feet and make sound deiss. he performed his duty more like a six year veteran then a six month rookie. the neighbors say williams was hard working and passionate. >> he was so excited to be a state trooper. he had been working at lowes. he went to rutgers, got his degree and this is what he wanted to do. >> reporter: officials say not only was williams new to the state trooper's ranks but he also got married. no information on what caused the driver to go across median, and strike his vehicle. reporting live from port norris, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, cleve. philadelphia police make
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an arrest in the murder of the northeast high school student. iand willse was fatally shot at graft avenue in mayfair last monday night. he was walking to the corner store with the friend for snacks at the time. police say a 19 year-old man wanted in connection with the teen's murder surrendered this afternoon and charges are pend ago begins that man. a baby is dropped into the waiting arms of rescuers as a fire tears through a frankford apartment building. the fire broke out around 4:00 f frankford avenue and sellers street. several people, baby dropped from the third story window. and, and, he suffered second degree burns, to his face, and hand. >> i got to the hospital, and everything was burning, except for my lips. >> we just lost everything, christmas stuff, or nothing.
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>> nine people were hurt in that fire including four children, and all of them are expect to be okay, we know red cross, and. and, officials say some victims trapped in the inferno managed to text loved ones good bye, and i love you before they died. now the search for bodies is nearly complete. crews have searched most of the the warehouse that was the the site of the deadly fire friday night. one small section still needs to be secured, before workers can finish combing through the the rest of the building. >> we're going to continue the process until absolutely every piece of debris is removed, from this building, every area has been search. >> reporter: manager of the warehouse called the ghost ship, derek almena was spotted at the site tuesday morning apologizing for the tragedy. artists say he charge them rent to live in the unpermitted space. they don't expect to find more
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victims in the the ruble. a criminal investigation of the fire is underway. the it is unclear how the ferocious fire started but they do know that the cluttered living space, helped fuel the flames. record show numerous complaints in violations including illegal interior building structure and a ton of garbage piling up, a makeshift memorial nearby continues to grow. >> this is the first time coming back to this little area, just real upsetting for a lot of us, like it is just so upsetting. >> reporter: now grieving community is trying to come to terms with the loss. the city officials a they are receiving an overwhelming outpouring of support, they have raised more than $700,000 in donations on you as we continue tonight, it is expensive but necessary, health insurance can take a bite out of your bank account. >> in the next half an hour we will tell you about a new quick, easy way to save money on health coverage, just a quick way and it is free.
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missing even just a little sleep can make you a danger behind the wheel, surprising new information about the effects of drowsy driving and, what you can do about it after a short break, tori. >> reporter: in the spots are bunch of letters all addressed to santa. they have not reach the north pole yet because they have reached the post office and here to operation santa a few deserving families are going to have a very merry christmas. to have a very merry christmas. that story to have a very merry chriafoot and light-hearted thati take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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the man accused of shooting and killing former nfl player joe mcknight during an apparent road rage incident is under arrest, again. today authorities charged ronald gasser with manslaughter in jefferson paris, louisiana. sheriff faced criticize many for releasing gasser while they investigated. he says release was part of the strategy to get more interviews, and make a better case. the mayor of los angeles say residents should not let a terror threat begins metro system stop them from riding. today swat team mens stood guard as passengers came and went at red line universal city station. the fbi reported on monday it received a tip, terrorist might have a plan to attack the station, on tuesday. l.a. hair eric garseti rhea howard the city that the station is safe and he boarded the train himself.
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>> this is a very safe place to be today and i wanted to show that personally. i'm not asking people to to something i'm not doing myself. >> fbi says it is unknown what country the tip was called in from but person that reported it did speak english. alarm statistics about not if thing enough sleep before you hit the road. triple a says one in five involves drowsy driving. as our rahel solomon explains enemiesing a little sleep can put you at risk of nodding off behind the wheel. >> reporter: a tired driver can dose off quickly as seen this dashboard videos like this. in this one, it is the driver drift and rear end another car. for karen roberts falling asleep at the wheel ended much worse. >> all it takes is a second, and then, you just nod off. >> reporter: in 1988, roberts was a 21 year-old nurse working a double shift on christmas night. on the way home she fell asleep and smashed into another vehicle. other driver had minor injuries but roberts was in the hospital for two months,
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with a traumatic brain injury. >> i had to learn to walk, talk, feed myself, and dress myself, and everything. >> reporter: new report from triple a says drivers that missed between one to two hours of the recommended seven hours of sleep a night nearly doubled their risk for a crash. triple a's jake nelson says one in three americans admit to driving when they had a hard time keeping their eyes opened. >> we have earned over four to five hours a sleep in a night, odds of getting in the car crash are the same as driving legal liz drunk due to alcohol. >> that is why i'm here today because i want to share my story, so that you guys can learn from mistakes. >> reporter: roberts still suffers from double vision and headaches, but considers herself lucky, because her mistake, could have been deadly. triple a suggests taking naps to reduce your risk, they also suggested if you are taking a longer trip to take a break every two hours. reporting from spring garden, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". kate bilo has your
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forecast. we are watching rain and snow from the mountains. >> snow in the poconos. in the lehigh valley or far northern suburbs we will see sleet and snow. no accumulation but definitely starting to get colder now that the sun has gone down. >> yes. >> we are seeing that purple shading infiltrate. >> i saw that. >> yes. >> it is purple. >> yes, purple, inn keyed. >> it has been a while since we have seen that much purple on storm scan 36789 letsce take a look, you can see we have got the some big, slow downs really all across the area whether you are seeing purple, mostly seeing green on storm scan three but it is heavy. here's a live look, up to bethlehem. this is one spot that is close enough to see some snow flakes or even some sleet mixing in, but temperatures are still above freezing in the upper 30's in the lehigh valley. you can see roads are wet, heavy rain falling right now, everything is very, very slow, through this evening's commute. rain arrives pretty much right on schedule a quick time lapse from earlier today in cape may courthouse. day started with some clouds,
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even saw filtered son in parts of the area earlier today but by afternoon, watch what happens. the clouds just keep getting darker and more ominous and then we will see rain drops hit the camera lens there as rain arrives this afternoon and it is windy down the shore as well. cape may courthouse with gusts to 28 miles an hour. latest storm scan three picture does show that shield of purple is mainly north and west of philadelphia and suburbs. so that is good news. heading up to the poconos or living in that region watch for slow go. mainly a grass accumulation but overnight the some roads could get covered as well. meanwhile we have heaviest rain of the day pushing through philadelphia look at the that red, orange shading, another batch just lifting from eastern maryland into chester county, so this is not done for us for several hours. it is all purple in the poconos, carbon, monroe county we can see infiltrating of pink and purple here over northern lehigh valley where sleet and snow is trying to mix in. further south allentown starting to see very heavy rain, in the northeast extension, and toward the city of philadelphia where we're
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seeing heaviest rain we have seen, so far today and more still to come later tonight. temperatures right now you can see where we're dealing with that change over. thirty-one mount pocono. definitely cold enough for snow. thirty-eight in allentown, reading, lancaster but heading up in the atmosphere it is cold enough for snow to fall but not stick. melt on contact. forty-two in philadelphia. much warmer, 48 degrees in wildwood. big gradient across the area. timing it the out for next several hours you can see heavy rain through rest of this evening, heavy snow in the poconos that will taper off overnight the but here's your winter weather advisory. carbon and monroe counties until 6:00 tomorrow morning and many spots could pick up two to 4 inches of wet snow, we are looking at half inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain across the majority of the rest of the area. so, periods of rain, heavy tonight, it will, start to taper off, overnight, and then tomorrow is some sun will try to break through the clouds, and then we will dry it out but temperatures begins to plumet. tomorrow the warmest day of the week at 52.
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we are down to 42 on friday. the weekend, well, lets just say you will need to swap umbrella for parka. we will show you how chilly next half an hour. >> thanks, kate. still ahead on "eyewitness news" if you are a star bucks fans, heads up, we will tell you thousand get flee star bucks for life. >> for life. and a new feature on the uber app has some riders wondering why they are being trapped, what uber has to say coming up in our next half an hour, don. the phone call of the lifetime how a youth hockey coach from manayunk found his way to the nhl, for a day, a story you do not the want to miss up next in
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history unearthed in history, more than 80,000 artifacts arrived at a philadelphia museum today all of them found in olde city. new on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 what archaeologist discovered and where you'll get to see these priceless items, on display. all right. until then don bellies here to
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talk about more sports, we have got temple football earlier. >> now another temple product, this by the way is one of my favorite stories on have the the year. >> of the year. >> this is pretty funny, very unusual. it sound like a script written for hollywood, youth hockey coach gets a chance to suit up in the nhl but that actually happened, and it happened here, in philly. last saturday the chicago black hawks played the flyers, but, the hawks were in a bit of the bind. starting goalie corry crawford had emergency april pen deck my just before the game so they were down a man. so hawks asked flyers for some help. >> the flyers, stopped me, asked me and said are you able to play? they asked me would you play with your playing history. i'm telling them, i was by the phone and scratching my head and said what this is this all about? he said oh, chicago needs a backup goalie today. i just could not believe it.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: two-year old certificate i can, rushed home, got his gear, then went to the wells fargo center, he signed a amateur contract and suited up. >> i walk in, everyone gave me, you know, an ovation for coming in, then they came up, took time to shake my hand, introduced themselves inn thanked me for coming. of course, i was thanking them for the chance to be there. >> reporter: eric's only previous experience he played club hockey for temple and needless to say that didn't quite rare him for what he was about to face, even in the warm ups. >> i got out there, i made probably the first three saves and then everybody started smiling, and then they started picking me a little bit. it took a little bit to get used to that. >> reporter: eric didn't get in the game but there was one scenario that almost played out that would have put him on the ice. >> well, they pulled him in the end of the game, just over a minute and a half left, and so, what happened was in the back of my mind flyers get an
5:26 pm
empty netter here they might give me a nod. sure enough after the game, the coach's they told me they were going to do. flyers got an empty net the would i finish the game. >> reporter: eric is a life long flyers fan and said it was hardest thing to watch in the world, watching chicago beat the flyers in the 2010 stanley cup finals but now he is a black hawks fan, unless they play the orange and black. also said, you know what, if the black hawks happen to win the stanley cup he happens to want a ring too. >> he was part of the team. >> he will get his name on the cup, never know. >> his heart must be going a mile a minute. great story. >> thanks, buddy, appreciate it. president-elect wants to save americans money we have the latest on his high flying land when we come up. and new jersey governor's chris christie latest approval ratees or should we say disa have travel ratings. what new jersians think about their governor and bridge gate scandal. there is a new quickies i way to save money on health
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president-elect donald trump says new air force one is ridiculous. why he wants to cancel a contract, to build the next presidential plane. "eyewitness news", continues at 5:30 good evening i'm ukee washington. aim jessica dean. president-elect trump wants to save americans money and if he is executed, it is a big deal. president-elect donald trum april arrived in the lobby of trump tower to announce a agreement with the ceo of soft bank a japanese based tell i could. >> he has greed to invest $50 billion in the the united states, and 50,000 jobs. >> reporter: earlier on twitter, mr. trump criticized the price of the new air force one, calling for the order with boeing to be cancelled.
5:31 pm
>> i think it is ridiculous. i think bogeys doing a little bit of the number. we want boeing to make a lot of honey but not that much money. >> reporter: air force awarded contract abs let parts and maintenance team on the current fleet. in the statement boeing says it will work to deliver the best plane for new presidents at the best value for american taxpayers. mr. trump spent most of his days in meetings as he seeks to fill cabinet and other critical positions. iowa governor terry ramsteady arrived to interview as position for u.s. ambassador with china. he as a long time friendship with the japanese president. >> i'm excited about the quality of people he is attracting to the cabinet. >> reporter: rex tillerson also interviewed with president-elect trump as he is being considered for secretary of state. president-elect trump's thank you tour continues in fayetville, north carolina trump will discuss what he plans to do in his first 100 days in office. new jersey governor chris
5:32 pm
christie is getting the lowest a rolfe ratings for any governor in 20 years. news comes from the new quinnipiac poll of 300 voters. only 19 percent of governor christie's job performance, 77 . also most voters don't believe that the governor has been honest about his role in bridge gate. voters say 71 to 22 percent say governor christie knew his aid were involved, majority of the voters believed christie personally ordered the traffic jams that set off scandal. pennsylvania attorney generally electric josh shapiro brought his transition tour to philadelphia. shapiro hosted round table discussion on gun violence. "eyewitness news" at steven kline wellness center in north philadelphia today. shapiro listed two concerns, listened rather to concerns from resident and law enforcement community. they want illegal guns, off of the streets. >> you don't have to convince me that the gun violence prevention is a cause, we're fighting for and something i will dedicate resources to.
5:33 pm
we're past that point. i will do. that we want to make sure we spend our resources wisely, we coordinate with your leaders here in philadelphia in a waste that makes our community safer and you all are part of the process. >> shapiro hosted a round table discussion in allentown on the heroin epidemic two weeks ago. today mayor jim kenney spoke about his first year as philadelphia's mayor. his hopes for the new presidential administration. kenney says he is hopeful but cautious about a trump administration, he said philadelphia would work with the incoming white house staff to appoint. >> we're not walking back on minority rights, we're not walking back on lb gt rights, sanctuary city we're not walking back on anything we have established to make our city the progressive city we have become. >> and, the remarks came at a breakfast this morning at center for business and industry at the community college of philadelphia. well, finding the best health insurance can be complicated, confusing and costly and many people are
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shopping now, during the open enrollment period. >> and this is time to save money on insurance in pennsylvania, health reporter stephanie stahl is here with details on this new feature. >> reporter: there are big savings here. it is a free, on line tool, that is designed to help you, find the best health insurance plan for you and your family. >> find out what plans will cost them. >> reporter: consumers checkbook and pennsylvania insurance department have a new on line comparison tool, to make shopping for health insurance in pennsylvania, quick, easy. >> this all boils it down to a single dollar amount, that you can compare for plan to plan. >> reporter: robert crugoff says president of the checkbook says its new tool compares plans on the public exchange and those that are not. you enter your zip code, age, health status to get started. and then there are personalized features too. >> this takes into account the doctor you want and the drugs that you take. >> it takes in the doctors you want, drugs you take, how old each of your family members are because age makes a big
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difference. >> reporter: checkbook comparison will provide a list of providers and estimated cost. >> it goes up to 10,000, 14,000, $17,000. >> reporter: and it is not just about finding the lowest premiums or deductibles there is a feature that analyzes cost if you have a serious illness. >> you can see what the risk is. some plans might be good on average but be terrible if you have a bad year. >> reporter: checkbook has built in a variety of tools to find hidden costs and calculate unexpected prices, in as little as five minutes, consumers can save big. >> many people will save 2,000, $5,000 or more, by using this this tool. >> reporter: significant savings there. checkbook provides the research and analysis but doesn't do the actual buying of health insurance. that open enrollment period end at the end of january. lots of people will be interested this this one and we will have information on cbs, click on health. we will put it on taste book and twitter. >> it can be complicated, cumbersome and nice to have something help you out. >> all late out there, great.
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>> we appreciate it. >> sure sign that the holiday season is under in our nation's capitol. >> moments ago a fifth graders from idaho helped house speaker paul ryan flip switch to light the capitol christmas tree. the beautifully decorated tree sits on the west lawn of the capitol building an 80 food spruce that arrived in washington last week from the national forest in idaho. beautiful. >> need your star bucks fix every day in find out how you can get free star bucks for life. updated uber app has a new feature that some riders may consider a little bit too much like big brother, why uber is tracking some of your moves. the grammys are out, who is bigot list in addition to queen b we will take you to hollywood for the answer, kate? well, as we head toward weekend good news it will not be as wet as today has been, the problem is we have a little bit of the trade off in the form of an arctic blast arriving on friday we're talking about the coldest air of the season, saturday into
5:37 pm
sunday. we have to issue that flannel pajamas alert. break out flannel and extra blank threats weekend with overnight lows in many spots headed for the 20's, stay
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(bright music) ♪
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a big hello to apple and big win for samsung. supreme court ruled samsung does not to have pay apple 400 million-dollar for patent infringement. a lower court had ruled that samsung owed apple all of its profit on 11 phone models. supreme court ace that judgment was excessive because the case involved only a tiny part of the devices. now apple's lawsuit goes back to a lower court. uber is taking heat for latest update to its raid ailing app, updated uber app allows our tore track users locations even after they have been trooped off. uber says riders location data
5:41 pm
will only be collected for five minutes, after the end of the trip. the company says that this will improve customer service. and this time of the year a lot of people would like to sees a store with no check outlines. amazon is working on making that dream a reality and they are starting with groceries. amazon unveiled a brick and mortar store they are calling grocery essentials. you check in with the amazon go app and then shoppers can grab whatever they want, and then go. there is no waiting in line to pay. cameras monitor your purchases and first stories in seattle where amazon is headquartered, and it is only opened to employees right now, the public can begin shopping at amazon go stores early next year. star bucks is giving awards members chance to win free coffee for life. promotion works like a digital board game, customers collect bonus stars and pieces to win more chances for the prize. reward members over 18 can play by paying with their star bucks card or phone app. >> for life.
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>> for life. >> you have to see that through. >> for life. >> a lot of coffee. >> whole lot of coffee. lady gaga makes a startling revelation about her
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take a look at how this crazy scene unfolded in chine, a man talk talking to his friend noticed his car was rolling backward towards a river. he jump inside to stop it, but, he hit the gas instead of the brakes. that is when things went from bad to worse. man on the electric scooter, passed behind the out of control car, he got knocked in the river but what is amazing is no one was hurt. very scary. >> yeah. >> for the first time pop star lady gaga revealed she suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. >> singer says her ptsd started after she was raped at age 19. she revealed she was sexually assaulted only a few years ago in 2014. she made revelation leading with a group of homeless lb gt youth. gaga did meditation exercise with the young people to show them how she deals with stress. well, grammy nominations were announced with beyonce and adele leading the pack. >> entertainment tonight has a full wrap up of the all of the nominees, et's kevin frazier joins us from los angeles with
5:46 pm
that, kevin. >> reporter: ukee and jessica, megan trainer revealed a few of the names this morning in new york, including some snubs, surprises, and, a queen who could make, grammy history. >> ♪ >> finally nominee, formation by beyonce. >> are you ready. >> formation by beyonce. >> beyonce led this morning's nominations with nine and that has her poised to break even more record. billboard's jim has been studying nominations. >> it is conceivable that beyonce could set the record for winning the most different musical ge nres ever in a inning will year. >> ♪ >> adele will be beyonce's biggest competition, powerhouse received five nominations, but, this was a surprise, justin beiber. he got four nominations so did grammy voters cat put him from troubled pop star to main artist. >> he is an adult artist and
5:47 pm
it is just wide open road for him from here. >> reporter: beiber may be feeling the love but jt, he tops our grammy snubs. timberlake had a number one hit with can't stop the feeling but no record of the the year nomination, and fair to say, cya's fans are disappointed to say she had only three nods. >> i think it is fair to say cya was snub. she is one of the most pop song writers working to day. we talk to the president academy of recording arts and sciences about this years new host. hear why jammed corden was select tonight on et. ukee and jessica, back to you. you can see the 59th grammy award right here on cbs-3, sunday at february 12th just a little while from now. it will be hosted by james corden. we will remind you, february 12th. jessica was fooling me on cya but she has it willing on. >> she's quite the prolific song writer. >> this summer, you will know it. >> yes, all right. >> they say she has been
5:48 pm
terribly shy. that is why he does not want to be seen in public. >> do you remember cousin it. >> yes. >> yes. >> cool. kate has your forecast. more rain and possible snow. >> we've got snow in the mountains happening right now, now that the sun has gone down cold enough for snow, so ski resorts rejoycing out there, it is definitely cold enough for nature made snow and weekend we will stay cold enough to be making snow. so that is good news for the ski resorts and poconos. the rest of us just seeing heavy rain, cold rain tonight, with temperatures only in the the lower 40's and upper 30's, and here's a look outside right now and it is looking definitely wet behind the ears. all across the sit/have philadelphia. roads are wet, everything is slow. it is slow this time of the night in general but this is heaviest rain we have seen all day, and it is targeted the area in time for evening drive. so if you are waiting trying to keep dinner warm for someone coming home commute ago cross the area expect them to be a few minutes later then normal unless they got a jump on the traffic this afternoon.
5:49 pm
here's center city. the let's check with our weather watchers reporting rain across the region and temperatures, as you can see there very marginal. head up north and west of philadelphia we are seeing 37 degrees here as we check with jeff moore in hatfield, reporting rain, and 37 and raining. that is pretty miserable. that is not something we see this time of the year, jeff moore again, pulled him up by accident. thirty-eight with barbara lane in willow grove. thirty-eight and raining. she has had .34 inches at the her house there in willow grove. you can see a lot of wet stuff on the ground outside and a little bit of frozen stuff as well. this one from chuck pressler reporting some sleet on his table outside his patio in bucks county. sleet mixing with the snow. further north you go colder it is, that is where we will see sleet, snow mixing in. for most of us south of the poconos this is just rain. we don't expect it to accumulate on the roads any where except in the mountains, here's a look outside, storm scan three is showing a lot of color, we have got everything from green, to
5:50 pm
yellow, red, of course, ubiquitous blue and purple this time of the year in the pocono region and it is snowing heavily right now, mount pocono, jim thorpe places like that raining heavily as well. this next batch of are heavy rain just moving through, southern chester county, spots like, oxford, kenneth square moving through northern new castle county around wilmington slowing things down on i-95, this is heading for city within the next half an hour. heading out now, expect rain to ramp up even more in the next half an hour or so around philadelphia, and is there the snow, for the poconos, you can see that dark purple indicating snow is coming down at a very good clip, again from the 476 interchange on north in the mountains. as we head further south heavy rain and sleet snow mixing in across portions of the lehigh valley as well where temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. here comes that wall of heavy rain right along route one, right along, route 30, as well, turnpike, across chester county we are seeing no major slow downs with the heavy rain. this is what we are dealing with through overnight hours
5:51 pm
and into tomorrow, we are looking at two to four plus inches of snow in mount pocono, maybe alights dusting for allentown not expecting much except for on the grass but tonight giving you red light period of rain slowing things down, it gets better through the day thomas we clear it the out, but once we get through tomorrow, what waits in the wings is a big blast of cold air by end of the week. friday into the weekend temperatures about ten plus degrees, below average. so tonight, 42. periods of rain, and then chilly. colder to the the north and west, your seven day forecast, not too bad tomorrow afternoon but then here comes that blast of cold, lots of spots this weekend won't make it out of the 30's really but overnight lows in the 20's, and it should stay dry until monday. ukee and jessica, back over to you. well, nasa teams up with students from rhode island to design to unveil an out of this world creation. >> they designed a new space suit human can wear on mars. they hope to send them to the planet in 2030. this suit suit ways 50-pound and it will head to hawaii to take part in the rigorous
5:52 pm
testing at next mars simulation mission in 2017. this time of the year, it is so busy even santa can't do it all. >> not only is it helping them but it helps you you to feel the warmth of giving, during this time. >> how some santa helpers are granting wishes of people in our area, people who are buying gifts and some cases every day necessities this holiday season. and how you can be a santa's help eras well, coming
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
our joy of sharing toy fest is in full swing and you can be part of the effort to help area families. all you have to do is, ace, unwrapped toy to any partner locations. >> join us tomorrow at wilmington university in new castle delaware for very special toy fest, drop off event. there noon to 4:00. cbs toy fest benefits families
5:56 pm
served bialvation army, boys and girls club, and u.s.o. check cbs fest for all of the details. well, u.s. postal service will handle will millions have of christmas gifts this holiday season and plenty of letters to santa. >> vittoria woodill shows us how local postal workers are bringing holiday cheer to families in need. >> i'm a single mother, of four, i am not working, was laid off in february. i'm struggling just to keep a roof over my head. this christmas i won't be able to do much, i really don't want to disappoint them, it will be a bless to go give them a good christmas. >> reporter: never too old to believe in santa. >> first, let the me say i come to you in the most humble way. >> reporter: so this year the philadelphia may main post office chestnut street has received 250 letters written to saint nick. >> sometimes it is hard for us to really understand how privileged that we are, and you read, the way these are some of the ways people live
5:57 pm
and need some people have and that sometimes, makes you want to do more. >> reporter: postal service has been helping santa make a few families christmas wishes come true for 104 years. as part of the operation santa program. remember the members volunteers and general public are invited to sit, read, and adopt, the tam list they read about to then give them the christmas that they only wish to see. >> the hardest parties trying to choose which letters to read, but, you know, some of them hit home with me because i lost a son, so especially the ones where there is a single parent trying to raise their children. >> most of the letters grab you and you are like oh, my god you just want to take every single one of them and do something for every single person. >> not only is it helping them but it helps you fulfill the warmth of giving. it is pretty awesome. >> people are awesome, you know, it gives you hope, it gives you hope for the season. >> reporter: volunteers can
5:58 pm
visit the main post office to select letters until friday, and once you have adopted your family you you will be responsible for paying pose age, to mail gifts to the recipient that you choose. if you would like to adopt a family or like to know more, visit cbs for more details. >> i love that story. >> these letters, they are not, some of these children and some of these adults, aren't asking for toys, they are asking for necessities like clothes. >> um-hmm. >> so for things like that, it is really special. >> it puts things in perspective and so many people are helping which is great. >> that is bottom line. >> you will after seeing this. >> thanks, tori. that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. now at 6:00 temple fans they have have a big shock, matt rhule is leaving just days after he led owls to the first major conference championship. we are live on campus, as the students are reacting. it is a slow go across the area, we're tracking heavy rain and heavy snow in one part of the area, i will tell you about a winter weather
5:59 pm
advisory and help the rain will move out. an arrest has been made in the hit and run death of the eight year-old girl in overbrook, i'm natasha brown and how it shaped the community and how the community plans to never let this happen again. can you dig it? these priceless art a facts are uncovered from an illegal tavern, catch a glimpse of life from the early days, of the philadelphia. that is an earlier arrival on a flight there philadelphia, what the parents named the babe hi who was born, on that plane, and "eyewitness news" starts right now. and, storm scan three is tracking a messy night, heavy rain and some, snow is moving through the area, we're tracking storm and we will have latest in a few minutes but first at 6:00 just days after winning a major conference championship temple head coach matt rhule makes
6:00 pm
a stunning announcement he is leaving temple owls program. headed to texas to coach baylor, university. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. sports director don bellies joining us now with the announcement that surprised some fans. >> yep. >> and has everybody talking whether they were surprised or not. >> no doubt. a lot of people shocked today. on sat the day temple owls were celebrating with a big shiny new trophy. on sunday they cracked ap top 25 but to take they lost a main man that made those things possible. >> our head football coach matt rhule has accepted job as head football coach at bay lor university. opportunity knock and matt rhule opened the door. after back to back ten wins season the face of to temple football is skipping town for waco texas to coach the bay lor bears in the power five big 12 conference. >> i wanted matt rhule particular the right decision. >> reporter: forty-one year-old rhule has been a hot candidate for at least a year.


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