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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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head coach matt rhule makes a stunning announcement he is leaving temple owls program. headed to texas to coach baylor, university. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. sports director don bellies joining us now with the announcement that surprised some fans. >> yep. >> and has everybody talking whether they were surprised or not. >> no doubt. a lot of people shocked today. on sat the day temple owls were celebrating with a big shiny new trophy. on sunday they cracked ap top 25 but to take they lost a main man that made those things possible. >> our head football coach matt rhule has accepted job as head football coach at bay lor university. opportunity knock and matt rhule opened the door. after back to back ten wins season the face of to temple football is skipping town for waco texas to coach the bay lor bears in the power five big 12 conference. >> i wanted matt rhule particular the right decision. >> reporter: forty-one year-old rhule has been a hot candidate for at least a year. no one wants to see him go but
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a move of this magnitude seems inevitable. >> it is just natural progression. >> i think so. it is sort of inevitable. we wish him nothing but the very, very best. >> reporter: rhule leaves behind a really good football team. owls are conference champions for first time since 1967. he is now former players, have nothing but good things to say right now. >> really excited for him. he deserves it. >> junior year of high school i came out here for a camp. he was assistant coach here. he put me through one of the hardest work outs i have ever been here and he has been doing a great job here. so other schools see. that they are like wow, let's offer this guy so he can come change our, program, just like what he did here at temple. >> reporter: as for owls, a new era begins, along, with a search for a new coach. >> it has got to be a good man. you have got to be able to recruit, in this area, right. you have to be strong there. you have to understand, like i said, the institution and where we're located that we are just not a football
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program we are part of temple university. >> reporter: now the owls play wake forest in the military bowl on december 27th, assistant head coach ed foley will coach in that game. the as for the fans, today's news caught many often off guard. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh is live on campus with the reaction, anita. >> reporter: well hey, don, this rainy, glummy weather is very fitting to the mood here on temple university campus as students learned the head football coach math the math rhule is leaving for baylor university. many students have have mixed reaction, they credit rhule for leading the owls to back to back, ten win seasons and that conference championship win this past weekend. this is all, of course, very you had is even, athletic director pat craft announce to go day that rhule actually called him this morning because his decision to leave but many students say that while they are upset about this they do understand why rhule's choose to go move on, lets take a listen. >> they go somewhere else,
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that is kind of hard, to tackle. i don't know how i would be able to handle it. >> i feel kind of upset, disappointed, sad, in some sense, but it is, i guess, it is what is best for him and his family. >> they are sad but it is best for him. it is a new vice-president in his life. they can move on without him. >> reporter: of course, that military bowl on december 27th temple students say they will cheer on their owls. live from temple university, i'm anita oh back to you in the studio. >> anita, thank you. that game in anapolis. temple folks can get down there you feel for younger players. >> ones he recruited. >> yes. >> they didn't see it out. >> but it is okay. he has left that program in good shape. >> you can build from there. >> yes. >> i don't know what his contract was but it thought it could have happened last year. >> he had a chance to move on. >> we wish him the best. >> thanks, don. state college police say they have identified four people who will eventually face charges in the violence after penn state's big ten
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championship win. saturday night, officers in riot gear used pepper spray to disperse thousands of people. fans were accused of causing property damage, even assaulting a police horse. three of them are students, one is a 39 year-old man. and it is a cold, soggy night as our latest round of rain moves through, and some spots could see a bit of snow before the system moves out. lets get very latest on is what happening, with kate. >> it is a mess outside right now, storm scan three is showing we have got everything from heavy rain to heavy snow in the poconos. and trying to infiltrate portions of the least high valley, portions of lehigh berks counties right now seeing rain mixing with snow and sleet. heading down to the city, heaviest rain we have seen all day moving through right now, lets start with the snow, from mount pocono, carbon, monroe counties and down in portions of western lehigh and northern berks county we are seeing that little mix back and forth, snow sleet, mixing with rain where temperatures are above freezing. we don't expect much in the way of accumulation but we could see two to 4 inches of
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snow before the storm is said and done. here's heaviest rain pushing along i-95 through chester, headed up toward marple, delaware county and in the city of philadelphia. it will be a very slow go for the next several hours. this is a live look at one of of our cameras from blue mountain and you can see snow coming down at a very, very good clip there in the ski resorts, already coating the ground, as far as the city is concern, no snow for us but periods of the cold rain, heaviest right now, it will taper eventually to showers overnights, low travel all night long expect a half inch to three-quarters of an inch of rain before all is said and done. people tile out exit of this rain and then what lurks in the wind is colder. we have an arctic blast. more on that coming up, jessica. thanks very much. we now know name of the new jersey state trooper, and the driver, who were both killed in a crash last night. that head on collision, happened on route 55 in millville, cumberland county. our cleve bryan is live at state police barracks in fort
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norris where fellow troopers are remembering one of their own tonight, cleve. >> reporter: jessica, trooper williams was just part of the department for just about 111 months and already regarded as one of the brightest young officers, and has been yet another reminder of the dangers of patrolling the highway. new jersey state police, solute yet another fallen trooper. rookie frankie williams stationed in port norris was responding to a call monday night for an eradic driver when it appears that same person struck him head on. williams was heading north on route 55 in millville, 61 year-old lloyd pressly of elmer was head willing south. he crossed median and slammed head on into williams. he died at the scene, williams at cooper hospital. >> it is a shame. he was doing what he loved to do. that is i guess, you know, most of us want to do that. he was lucky enough to achieve what he wanted to do. >> reporter: colonel fuentes, head of the state police,
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released a statement saying the division loss an exemplary young trooper with promise of the great career, a family lost an only child, a wife lost a husband and new jersey lost a leader and a role model. williams is a fourth new jersey troop tore die in the line of duty in the last 18 months. trooper shawn cullen, eli mccarson and anthony raspa all suffered traffic hospital related deaths as well. williams neighbor in egg harbor township flew fallen officers memorial flag as they mourned a man loved his job. >> he was all excited to be a state trooper. this was his dream come true. heed about than working at low es. he went to rutgers, got his degree and this is what he wanted to do. >> reporter: accident is still under investigation, state police won't say why they believe that the driver crossed the median, and killed trooper williams. live from port norris, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are crediting a neighborhood with never giving up the fight for justice in the hit and run death of the little girl.
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"eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown shows us death affected not only the community but police, and they worked together to finally get an arrest. >> the night before we made the arrest i had this weird feeling driving home, a warm, calm, feeling that i knew we were going to get the individual involved. >> reporter: for captain joe he have bologne it was a premonition to come true finally an arrest in the case of jayanna powell killed by a hit and run driver at sixth fired and lansdowne avenue on november 18th. >> this has touched me and a lot of folks, in this district. in a unique way. >> reporter: for the captain it was personal. little girl's life had been snuffed away and she had been left for dead in the street. >> i knew once we made it here, you know, an arrest or there was a suspect tensions would be high, because you know, i mean, you feel some kind of way. if it didn't move you, this didn't move you, then you shouldn't be walking. >> reporter: police town striking car at an auto body
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shop in malvern which led them to 24 year-old paul woodland now charged in the case. >> leading up to an arrest child's tragic death galvanized the community with marches and calls for justice. police believe community involved made all of the difference in helping lead to an arrest. they hope it will make a difference in hit and run case that he is go unsolved. >> step up, and step up quicker observe their earned is goes more and if something happens, you know, that would be very appropriate to add to the fact that let me get a tag, let me get a description, you know, with the direction, what traveling. >> we all came together. we see anything we report it. that is what communities do. >> reporter: neighbors are exhaling while pushing for lengthening traffic lights to increase crossing time for kid. >> we have had our eyes oust as it relates to the kid. >> reporter: memorial remains here for the eight year-old victim. meantime while there has been an arrest police tell us this case is still under
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investigation. in overbrook, natasha brown, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the search continues tonight for the person who shot a 17 year-old boy in germantown. gunfire erupted last night in fern hill park on appsly street. police say victim ran a few blocks before collapsing. he remains in critical condition tonight with gunshot wounds to his head and hip. the victim's wallet and cell phone were also stolen. police are looking for a white van, that may be connected, with the shooting. bringing a piece of philadelphia history back to life. >> still ahead tonight arc logical dig uncovers priceless treasures, 75 boxes of artifacts returned to the place where they were discovered, the site of the 17th century tavern. baby on board, we will brought you the story of unexpect arrival of the southwest plane from philadelphia, wait until you hear this new baby's name, we will have it the for you you
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we have an update from the family of the baby boy who could not wait for his arrival into this world. >> baby crying. >> we now know name of the baby born on a southwest airlines flight, from philadelphia to orlando, on sunday. baby jet arrived 14 weeks early to the surprise of mom and dad. he weighs 2-pound and critical condition at children's hospital in south carolina. that is where plane was diverted after the surprise delivery. philadelphia fire fighters are reminding families to
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headache sure their christmas trees are safe. fire department held a news conference today to show off tags they are distributing. they are giving the tree safety tags, christmas tree lights throughout the city. group of junior fire patrol student were there as well, showing signs that they made about christmas tree safety. >> every year, fires are directly related to holiday season. simply because most people think a fire will never happen to them. we urge everyone to make fire safety a thumb one priority. >> students were from the holy redeemer chinese catholic church and school. and history uncovered, artifacts, found on the side of the future home of the museum of american revolution in olde city are revealing more tea tailed story of the people who used to live there. >> reporter john mcdevitt of our sister station kyw news radio shows us some of the most significant find. >> artifacts were being returned and unpack at future home of the future home of the
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american revolution. before construction began 28,000 piecees were dug up, found two summers in brick line, and well shafts. one the of the significant find hand painted english bowl believe to be home of the humphrey's where museum building sits right now. other things taken from the property, prompted a further investigation. >> some of these artifacts, they are 102 bottles, i can't remember how many others, but whole lot of drinking, and supposed to be a house site. we knew that mrs. and mrs. humphrey lived here but this didn't look like any old house. >> reporter: research revealed mary humphrey was convicted and jailed for running an illegal tavern in the front room of her home. we are in the lower level of the museum of the american revolution. this is the very spot, the privy pit where humphrey's artifacts were discover. another exciting find, stood the test of time, names etched there three window paynees, believed to be those who frequent the tavern.
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>> revolutionary graffiti. >> yes, exactly. so we were able to identify several names, and then trace where they lived, in the neighborhood. >> reporter: museum of the american revolution is taking shape, scheduled to open april . john mcdevitt for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> i'm excited about that opening. >> yes, it will be great. >> kate joins us with a forecast. old man winter walking up the steps and about to knock. >> yes, in fact, if you drive an hour and a half, two hours you can see old man winter, saying hello. a few flakes in the poconos, and, farther north and western suburbs, bucks county, montgomery county, and berks and lehigh, we will start seeing snow flakes, mixing in, there is cold air in the atmosphere and had can pull down enough to create a mixing with freezing precipitation. not seeking accumulation in those sots but in the poconos, that is a different story. let go out to live look at storm scan one which is showing heavy rain right on q, pushing through area this
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evening, and a very slow go on all area roadways, and you can see yellow, orange shading all around the city there and purple, that is of course, old man winter making his rest even known in the poconos region where snow is falling at the a good clip. temperatures were above freezing for most of the day but it will take a while before this starts to pile up but it is coming down pretty fast, furious in terms of the mount pocono are sub freezing right now. that means we will start seeing that accumulation as we head in the first part of the overnight. storm can three showing again that heavy rain, yellow shading moving into philadelphia but here's the snow, mixing and lehigh and berks county but it is straight show for mount pocono, jim thorpe along i80 there and it will transition back and forth a bit through the overnight hours and changing over to just plane rain but you can see how cold it is in mount pocono, 30 degrees right now, pretty marginal in allentown as well sitting at 36, expect to stay just slightly above freezing. this should stay generally rain for most of the lehigh
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rally heading north in the northern parts of the northampton and lehigh county we may see mixing there. in the city 42 degrees. heading down toward wildwood upper 40's. this is just rain but a lot of it, as we same it out through tonight, you can see rain is not going anywhere anytime soon. heavy rain right now through 8:00 o'clock. dark purple, heavy snow in the poconos. this continues at 9:00 o'clock heavy rain down the shore in the portions of southern delaware, and it will start to ease off a little bit by 10:00 t still snowing in the poconos, and then tapering to just scattered showers, overnight, eventually transition go to more rain, and then mount pocono by 4:00 a.m. but still seeing this storm hanging on, at 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, still scattered showers outside and then finally clears out, and then by tomorrow afternoon, around 4:00 o'clock we will see everything clear out and sun may try to make an appearance. how much rain are we talking about? generally between half inch to three-quarters of an inch across the region. poconos in the winter weather advisory until 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, and then many spots up there looking two to 4 inches of heavy, wet
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snow, mixing with some sleet and then that eventual change over to light rain overnight. into the weekend, we usher in an arctic blast. you swap umbrella for parka, temperatures 10 degrees we low average with wind ten to 20 miles an hour. morning wind chills in the teens. afternoon wind chills in the the 20's. overnight lows in many spots this weekend, will be in the 20's, so it did issue the flannel pajama alert this weekend. we will need them, extra blanket on the bed, whole 9 yards, it will be cold. tomorrow afternoon looks good, and nice and chill think week. look at that chill. we will struggle to hit 40 both saturday and sunday. sunday morning 26 degrees, even in philadelphia, and that means some teens in the suburbs possible sunday morning. >> talking about the flannels. >> yes, she is. >> here we go, kate. >> don's up next with sports. >> we're talking football. may schwartz be with you or not. don't miss jim schwartz brutally honest explanation for why eagles defense is struggling with the the bates innings. do
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on sunday bengals treated
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eagles defense like an all you can eat buffet, they sit back for second, thirds and took what they wanted. bengals scored on the first six possessions, three touchdowns and three field goals. troubling when you consider the strength of the eagles, lies on the defensive side of the ball. bird lost 32-14. today defensive coordinator jim schwartz did not make any excuses. >> facts were in this game, we got beat in blitz, we got beat in zone, we got beat in cover two, we got beat in two man, we got beat in six. we rolled through everyone. we got the beat in all of them. you know, the facts of life our corners are not very well right now. it doesn't mean i have lost confidence in them because that is same bunch of corn their shut down same offense this is nfl. but we're in the slump. it didn't matter what we were calling. >> yikes. >> meanwhile on the offensive side of the ball carson wentz is slumping as well. he has thrown six interceptions in the last three games including three
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against the cincinnati bengals. offensive coordinator frank reich if losing is getting to him. >> for a while, i thought, he seemed, you know, totally, unflappable. i mean, it was like, you know, now some of the more recent losses do i get a sense that this is okay. he is feeling this one. he is feeling this one. yes, we're all feeling it. >> the flyers put their five game winning streak on the line tonight at the center against florida panthers. sixers play grizzlies down in memphis. highlights tonight at 11:00. speaking of highlights warriors against pacers. clay thompson absolutely going off, 21 for 33 shooting from the floor, eight for four from three. he had 60 points in 29 minutes. >> wow. >> sixty in 29. >> wow. >> you do the math. >> wilt chamberlain once scored 100 points in the game, at one point he was on that pace. >> on that pace. >> wow. >> twenty-nine minutes.
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>> wow. >> he was in the the zone. >> yes. >> that is good. >> where is the the defense. >> i would have left my hand up like this all night, look at it. >> yes. >> that is right. >> thanks, buddy. they celebrate christmas on the front lines. >> after the break assembling care packages for troops and special touch created by we can do it without biblowing our budget.s. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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members of our armed forces will be spending the holiday far from home are in for a generous surprise. >> local veterans group, mailed nearly 300 care package toes troops stationed overseas and children decorated all of the boxes. "eyewitness news" at bala cynwyd post office for a large under taking, organizers say that it takes a full eight hours to process all of the boxes. well, look at how festive with the drawings. >> got that right. thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news", trump tweets and saying boeing stock took a dip. why he is threatening to cancel order for air force one replacement and whether criticism over his trade policies toys blame. also, the latest from the oakland warehouse fire. here's scott pelley in new york. take care family. we will see you later tonight.
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>> pelley: air force none. the president-elect says cancel the order for new presidential planes. they're too expensive. >> we want boeing to make a lot of money, but not that much money. >> pelley: also tonight, the killer of former n.f.l. player joe mcknight is charged with manslaughter announced at a bizarre news conference. >> reporter: sheriff, can you explain why you felt the need to read some of those foul comments? >> pelley: getting less than seven hours' sleep sharply increases a driver's risk of an accident. and a most-fitting tribute to the fallen heroes of the u.s.s. "arizona." >> every single time i w


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