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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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katie and meisha keeping an eye on things. >> good morning, guys. >> good morning, happy wednesday. i a good morning but then i worry because it has been a very messy commute already. i will write a pleading letter to mother nature, plead with her to please stop the madness. i know it is just beginning. >> yes. >> yes. >> but katie, is the rain gone at least. >> basically. we still have moisture out there leading to i necessity we have va from the vehicles but when we look at storm scan at this local zoom bulk of the moisture is leaving in terms of the rain falling from the sky. they could still have left over to go, you could have left over fine drizzle or hi but more than anything though i would say travel worries that mother nature has talk about here are all from the aftermath of the retreat of this storm system. we are left with again, a good soaking last night, tamp road, puddles that kind of thing but we will not require umbrella for next couple days here. forty-one at the airport. forty-six in atlantic city.
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modest wind up in mount pocono, are calm and chilly, at 32 degrees but today end up being an above average day, that said, we should hit 52 degrees both at shore and here in the city. it is not as cold. any clouds are going to start to break for at least a little sunshine as day progresses. we will have a break in the action here even though you do have the aftermath of this va from the vehicles and just wet weather that came through last night. but as we have been talking about, we do have some much colder air, really just waiting in the wings at this point. coming up we will let you know again when that cold air gets here how cold are we talking and how long does it last, that is all in the seven day later on, meisha. >> it the is just getting through this morning, yes, it sound like it will be all right later. so what are we looking at right now. first we have an accident in new jersey 42 northbound past 295 that left lane is blocked. this is your backup, because of this, look at the how slow
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these lanes are 42 freeway north bound approaching 295 you're barely moving. so would i like to say give yourself extra time but at this point i will say if you can avoid this area you will want to. to you can wait until that clears but i will say, also that further we push in the 6:00 o'clock hour we know it will get anyway toward rush, it is unavoidable we will hit congestion in this area by the way but would i still say wait a little bit if you can. another accident here pulled off to the right, schuylkill eastbound pass montgomery drive pulled off to the right but you can still see how slow it is. we have more accidents in a little bit, joe, over to you. >> it is a mess out there, meisha, thank you. developing at the this hour the death toll is close to 100 people after a powerful earthquake rocks indonesia. >> 6.5 magnitude quake caused dozens of build to collapse trapping people underneath piles have of ruble. devastation and disarray as rescue teams lift debris. thousands of villagers,
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soldiers, police are coming together in a search for survivors. this is in the same area hit in 2004 with an earthquake and tsunami. police are asking for public's help capturing the man who snatched a woman's purse and dragged her with his car in south philadelphia. >> incredible video. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live where the suspect was last seen, jan good morning. >> reporter: rahel and joe, good morning. police tell us this is south philadelphia parking lot where this suspect stalk his potential victims. watch them go in and out of stores behind me and when he finally spotted someone he wanted to take advantage of, he made his move, in broad daylight. take a look at this video. police need your help. this is surveillance video that caught the entire frightening incident. this is sunday november 27th at 12:30 in the afternoon. police say suspect stalks the parking lot of this strip mall at 330 oregon have avenue inside that gray suv believed to be a late model toyota highlander and watch as he
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chooses his victim and parks his vehicle. the suspect then gets out, walks over to her car, opens her passenger side door and then steals her purse as she's loading groceries in the back. victim realizes what is happening and then doesn't let him go easily. she chases suspect and hangs on to his door before falling off a few feet later. people who work and shop in this area are surprised something so brazen happened here and they are hoping that woman will be okay. >> i was scared because yeah, i come here to work and something like that happens it doesn't just only affect me but it effects people coming in, they will be afraid to come in here. that might scare some people away. >> police want to you take special notice of the suspect's suv, they say vehicle has air bags and tail pipe. they say he could be dangerous and could strike again.
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as people go out and do their holiday shopping police are reminding you to be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. reporting live, this morning yan january carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". joe and rahel back to you. very good, thank you. philadelphia police need your help tracking down a suspect serial burglar. police say man seen in these videos is responsible for the burglaries of nine businesses in the port richmond section of the city. five other crimes happened on november 19th, along the 2400 block of aramingo avenue. all of the crimes happened in the early morning hours. new jersey cherry hill police are hoping public can help them identify a suspect in the brazen atm robbery. lets take a look. this man is accused of robbing a woman using an atm at navy federal credit union on route 38 monday night. investigators say victim was able to fight off suspect but managed to grab her-i. if you recognize this man call the police. how about this woman have you seen this woman. she's wanted by police for
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stealing baby jesus month. man stole the statue from the nativity scene outside bethlehem city plaza early sunday morning. police found baby jesus stat the you with a note that apparently didn't make a lot of sense late that day. they are still looking for thief and believe she's driving a dark colored car possibly a saturn. happening today a philadelphia police officer is honored for his bravery on the job. officer jesse hartnett will receive the department's sergeant robert wilson valor award. hartnett was shot several times, during an ambush, in his patrol car, in january. last year in cobbs creek. he even managed to shoot the suspect after he himself was shot. it doesens of others will be recognized for their bravery and heroism at today's award ceremony. former philadelphia congressman chaka fattah could spend several decade behind bars when sentenced next week. prosecutors want fattah to spent 17 to 21 years in prison after he was quick of racketeering and several other charges.
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the 11 term congressman used grant and non-profit fund to repays an illegal loan from his run for mayor. defense lawyers have not responded to the prosecution's request but fattah will be sentenced on monday. president-elect trump meets with north carolina's out going governor pat mcrory at trump tower as he continues to fill jobs in his administration. as roxane a saberry reports it comes just a day after mr. trump traveled to the hard heels state for the second stop of his thank you tour. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump continued his trip in north carolina tuesday vowing to fight terrorism. >> it is unseen in many cases but we will defeat that force. >> reporter: make herc safe again. >> we don't want countries, taking advantage of us anymore. we don't want to be what we have been over the last long period of time. >> reporter: comments were seen as a veil job of policies of president obama seeking before a military crowd in florida yesterday, the president took aim at his
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successor without naming him. >> people and nations to this is make good decisions when they are driven by fear. >> accomplishes national security goal mr. trump formally tapped retired marine general james mattis as his defense secretary even though he would need a congressional waiver to accept the post. roxane saberry, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". as trump team continues its work president obama is winding down his administration. >> i was just told this will be last hail hail to the chief on the road, and got me sentimental. >> in his last planned speech on national security yesterday in florida the president taughted his administration's ago establishments and struck a different tone then his successor donald trump about who is welcome in the u.s. >> united states of america is not a lays where some citizens have to withstand greater scrutiny or carry a special id card or prove they are not an enemy there within. we're a country that has bled, struggled and sacrificed
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against that kind of discrimination. thank you of. >> president obama's speech was before u.s. troops at mcdill air force base in tampa. new jersey governor chris christie's approval rating broke an all time record but it is not anything to brag about. that is coming up. we are learning what may have cause that had deadly warehouse fire this weekend, as the owner speaks out about the tragedy. in the way this chase ended is even more dramatic. see how an innocent driver got involve next. ♪ >> merry christmas, by n'synx gets new a good hood but here's something that can kill your holiday spirit, christmas trees in new york city apparently cost a you this dollars? >> what. >> find out why they are so expensive coming up next.
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and, welcome back. thank you for waking up with us this morning, just about 12 minutes after the hour here, on a wednesday. well, temple owls will play under interim coach ed foley in the military bowl after christmas. >> right now you they are looking for a replacement for coach matt rhule after posting back to back ten win seasons and conference championship rhule's leaving temple for baylor bears. baylor is in the big 12 which means level of competition will increase but owls no surprise are surprised to see him gone a sorry. >> i just said i wanted him to make right decision for his family and for him.
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i thanked him for all he did for this program and i said i will go get a great football coach. >> once success comes, opportunities will come for individuals. the just coach rhule, he has been doing a great job here so other schools see that and they are like wow, lets offer this guy a job so he can come change our ram just like what he did here at temple. >> not advising, scores of the fans are shock by rhule's decision to leave. >> some people are disappoint todd sees him go while others say they understand. >> what? why is he leaving? >> that is horrible. he has done great. he just won. >> i'm surprised. >> i'm not surprised because he did very well last few years. temple, when you do good with a ram, with big universities they are after you you. >> better school, better recruiting more national prominence i can see why. >> got some stunned reaction from fans. other temple fans decided to go to twitter to talk about
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rhule's decision to leave. >> but they tweeted raining guy you have to get the right guy, check it out, matt rhule received tweets all day yesterday but only problem is, that handle actually belongs to a high school student and not former temple coach. >> get the right person. >> his bio even says he is not the football coach but not everyone paying attention, the younger rhule is taking it all in stride though. he jokingly tweeted the coach with the simple request, help me coach, help me please. >> please, katie, help he. >> twitter used to be cool. it used to be a place where you could go with the crowd, right. >> it has evolved into twitter trolls. >> yes, i do not like wet weather or cold weather. >> i know there is nothing really outstanding about this forecast, you don't have any major storms coming but we have a chill that is settling in but nothing that extreme. it is to still not the best forecast i have ever had for
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you. it is not awesome, this the great either. we will go to the live neighborhood network where the damp roads tell the story. the it is still damp here. we have had some left over fine drizzle, and little will mist going on across the area. but bulk of this storm is pulling away. so, with time any of this left over coloring that you will fine on the radar, also will go away, gets pulled off to the north east and clouds should break for some sunshine before it is all said and done. nice wide zoom doesn't show a very potent cold trent coming our way because we will not have a lot of moisture with this next cold front but what it does lack in moisture it makes up for in cold air. jet stream getting carved out by the approach of the cold front, and, arriving, as early as tomorrow but most noticeable, friday and at day especially, with 10 degrees below seasonal average, later this morning, and it is noticeable and high time if you have not had a chance to
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dry clean your parka waiting to pull it out now is time you need to to that. it is not as bad, cloud, sunshine high of 52. it will drop it down to 34 degrees under a to clouds but then looking forward expect that these temperatures take a hit. i will note that especially for friday and saturday and looking at early morning lows on saturday and sunday that is cold, 20's at best and feel colder when the wind blows, meisha. >> that is certainly cold. thank you so much. a lot going on this morning. lets get into it. we have an accident new jersey, 42 northbound past 295, two left lanes blocked there because of that we have significant backup, 42 tree way north bound at creek road. you can see these tar left lanes are completely stopped and it looks like, take a look, take but 25 minutes or so, to not even go that far. you will want to give yourself an extra 45 minutes if at all, maybe hold off and not go there until later until the accident clears. schuykill eastbound past montgomery drive another
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accident pulled off to that right shoulder. lanes are okay but we are starting to get least sids you'll there, and you are starting to have gaper delay. it will take you 35 minutes between blue route and the vine. so on this schuylkill heads up give yourself extra time there another 45 minutes. the then we have more accidents to talk about coming up in a bit but first we will take a quick break and stay right where you are, cbs-3 "eyewi
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welcome back. take a look a driver wanted for a dui, led los angeles police on a chase for about an hour overnight. we all watched this live in the enthusiasms room, and you can see just hit a cyclist in the rear wheel of the bike. bicyclist does not seem to be hurt. sparks flew after real wheel cave apart. the driver hit a pick up and that driver was like no, i'm not letting you guy. the police took him this custody. staying in california now investigators say a refrigerator may to be blame for deadly warehouse fire in oakland which killed 36 people. authorities declared a local state of emergency following the tragedy. the ghost ship had been illegally converted into apartments and studios for artists, the fire, founder has been accused of ignoring warnings that his artist enclave was a death trap. >> friend, tamly, loved
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ones... unaudible. >> building permit authorities say, almena did not have a necessary permit and could face criminal charges. governor chris christie hits a all time low with his a rolfe rating, breaks an all time record. new jersey's governor could have a long final year ahead of him after 77 percent of the garden state's voters say they disapprove of the job he is doing, based on a recent pole, christie has lowest rating for any state governor in more than 20 years. majority of those surveyed said they feel like their leader is dishonest. well, up next, outrageous price on some christmas trees in new york city. >> this is a very cool story, our pat gallen takes us inside drexel's video game lab to see how they produce games for the disable, coming
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but you. you can be covered for visits to doctors, specialists, hospitals, and more. so now that you know more about your choices when it comes to a medicare supplement plan, call now. (bright music) ♪ welcome back. weekend watch, it the is our next feature here. we're expect to go see below average temperatures throughout the course of the sat the day and sunday, tranquil for both days. we will see more sun on saturday and starts to get cloudy on sunday but overall it is expect to be a tranquil albeit, chilly upcoming weekend, guys, back to you. >> chilly indeed, katie, thank you. now for a look at newspaper headlines across the
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region. >> on the front page of the burlington county times recount for seat on the chesterfield township committee has same results, a tie. republican incumbents ronald and democratic challenger rita rumyou showed each received 1289 votes appease. authorities are now reconsidering a run off election. and times heralds reports on ceremonies and media's pennsylvania veterans hugh seem parking seventh fifth anniversary of the pearl harbor attack. edward buckman shared memories of being present touring japanese surrender aboard the u.s.s. missouri. nurses and medical technicians in delaware county memorial hospital held a informational picket yesterday to draw attention to their claims that the happies under staffed. the group has been working nearly a year without the a contract, representatives for the hospital, did not comment. that is a look at some newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> so it seems the that the cost of christmas trees still
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up every year. >> you won't believe how much they are going for in new york. how about, a you this dollars? >> of course. >> of course, it was all on sale in the greenwich village neighborhood but salesman blame the rise hike on years have drought conditions. we should mention that not every tree cost that much but some smaller ones are selling for $60. >> oh, yeah, what a deal. >> i lived there not too far, in campus housing but it was very crowded. >> trees for 29.95, in the in greenwich village. vice-president joe biden talks about a possible run for white the house in 2020 at the late show with stephen colbert. >> i mean hell, donald trump will be 74, i will be in 77, in better shape. >> biden also talked about the outcome of the presidential election and why he thinks hillary clinton didn't win.
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and veteran that cannot work with his dog, so, more on the heart warming story that is now going viral, hey, meisha. good morning we have had a morning of wet roadways and accidents as well, we will have all of the information and updates coming up but first we will take a quick break stay right where you are, of mlife.ieces in my so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms.
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good morning, i'm joe holden, jim's off. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 60:00. the here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> developing right now, search for survivors after a powerful effort quake, strikes indonesia. >> officials say tossens of buildings collapsed, and fear many people hey be trapped underneath the ruble. and police are asking for the public's help in capturing the man, who snatched a woman's purse, and then dragged her, with his car. police say this is south philadelphia parking lot where
6:31 am
this suspect, stalked his potential victims. temple university football coach matt rhule is leaving the owls forehead coaching job at baylor university. >> what? why is he leaving? >> bigger school, better recruiting, more national prominence. i can see why. >> twelve seconds, puck bounces, in center he scores. persistence pays off for voracek. >> and they got it, flyers winning in overtime, three-two against panthers. >> they have now won six straight games, way to go flyers. >> good job, guys. >> absolutely. >> lets get over to katie. it looked like it was raining this morning or still wet on the roads. we are transitioning from the storm system that brought in a good soaking rain last night, for some spots, it is a good snowfall specific to the pocono area, places like mount pocono end up with 5 inches of
6:32 am
snow. over achieving much at that way. who is whistling over there. of course, joe holden, of course. we are left with left over clouds, damp roadways, spray from the vehicles, all of those after hat issues that we end up with here but skies are starting to try to clear out at this point. so storm itself is exiting, you're left with the fog, left with low lying cloud cover, some mist, and even some fine drizzle. telltale signs of the sheen on the roadway there looking at center of the screen. this is a live view from our station headquarters and looking down 16th street there you can tell there is still wet weather out there but it is now left over. north wind at 6 miles an hour. we don't have a breeze to dry up the roadways so it may take longer for things to completely dry out but we are off to a milder start then where we are at the same time yesterday lower 40's up and down i9 five colder still, further off to the north and west especially, 36 is the current temperature in quakertown but as day progresses we're expecting to
6:33 am
rebound back in the lower 50's which is above average. we will have peaks of sunshine by the time sun goes down and clearing out very efficiently. so, down the road, meisha arctic blast have of cold air is on the horizon. we are with to take a nose dive. >> we're just going to skip right over that, katie. and, my goodness. we know that is coming and to take, already it has been a very busy morning. so let's look at what is going on right now. these are delays from an accident on 42 northbound, in new jersey, moving in the northbound direction and you can see look at those delays, 51 minutes, you will to have give yourself an extra hour as we approach this accident. by the way accident 42 freeway northbound and it is past 295, two left lanes right now are still block. if you're even thinking about coming out into this area just know it is wet, slippery and give yourself over an hour. if you you can wait until that
6:34 am
clears that is a good idea but then we will be in the middle of the rush. head up on that. we have another accident 95 northbound before delran left lane blocked there a lot the more to talk about in 15 minutes, joe. >> thank you. we are learning more about the head on crash that killed a new jersey state troop are and another driver. it happened monday night on route 55, in millville, cumberland county. officials say trooper frankie williams was responding to a call when, a man crossed the grass median and then slammed into williams. his car matched witness descriptions of a vehicle that had been driving erratically in the area. he was pronounced dead at the scene, trooper williams died at coupe are hospital, williams was on the job less than a year. >> all excited he would be a state trooper and dream come true. he has been working at lowes. he went to rutgers. he got the his degree. this is what he wanted to do. >> the investigation continues into why he did cross that median, trooper williams leaves behind a wife.
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it is still out, still out for trump white house, president-elect, meets without going north carolina governor pat mcrory at trump toer. it comes he traveled to north carolina for second stop of his thank you tour. mr. trump formally introduced retired marine general james mattis as his pick for defense secretary. federal judge set a friday hearing for green party candidate jill stein recount effort in pennsylvania. green party lawyers want to examine election system computers for any evidence of hacking. pennsylvania election officials updated the state vote count, it shows donald trump's lead over hillary clinton shrink to go 44,000 votes, pennsylvanians cast more than 6 million votes. vice-president joe biden surprised reporters on monday, when he told them he was going to run for president in 2020. >> was he only kidding ? stephen colbert had to ask about it when the vice-president appeared on last night's late show. "eyewitness news" reporter trang do is live from the news center with what exactly biden
6:36 am
said, hi there, trang. >> reporter: vice-president said he is not planning to run for president, but then he went on to say never say never. he gave insight into this years' lex results. will he or won't he? appearing on the late show with stephen colbert... >> no audio. >> i know i made the right decision.
6:37 am
assertions that have been made and there was no discussion, of the things that elections were supposed to be about, referendum on ideas and whether what we are going to to about education, or jobs, or foreign policy. >> reporter: biden told colbert not running had unintended positive consequences. >> i have learned you want to be the most popular guy in america announce you are not running, and boy, everything moves, you know, in the the right direction. >> reporter: he is not the completely ruling out riding that popularity wave to the white house again. >> i'm a great respecter of fate. i don't plan on running again but to say you know what will happen in four years, i just think is in the rational. >> that is a sound of the door creaking opened. >> reporter: biden also note that had in four years he will be 77. he joked that he will still be in better shape then president-elect donald trump who will turn 74 in 2020 and rahel and joe we are keeping an eye on twit era waiting trump's rebuttal so stay tune.
6:38 am
>> we know it is coming, all right trang, thank you. the vice-president is heading to his alma matter the university of delaware. there he will speak this morning at inauguration of the university's 28th president, dennis asonis. it starts at 7:00 at thompson center for the center of the arts. special security measures are already in place so you want to get there early. americans are remembering a day of infamy as fdr called it. >> seventy-five years ago today japanese attacked pearl harbor, naval bates in hawaii, the attack killed 2400 americans and forced u.s. into world war two. some survivors got together before the official ceremony, those were aboard u.s.s. air zone and shared their memories of the bombing. >> they say abandon ship, the ones that was on the deck, got the in to it and taken around the stern of the arizona and we got off the ship. we left the vessel.
6:39 am
>> i don't know how i made it, but i made it. >> reporter: many veterans attended a wreath laying ceremony and army air told in honolulu. one of the first locations hit during the raid this december 7th, 1941. main commemoration shown i guess underway in a few hours from thousand. take a look at some incredible photos birds eye view of the pearl harbor memorial, battleship air zone ace still submerged in the shallow harbor of honolulu. you can actually still see oil floating around the wreckage. members of our nation's armed forces will be spending holidays far from home are in for a generous surprise. >> "eyewitness news" at bala cynwyd post office where local the veterans group mailed 300 care packages to troops stationed overseas. take a look at the how adorable that is, local children decorated boxes. organizers say it is eight hours to process all of the boxes. >> what a nice gesture.
6:40 am
>> high tech gifts don't to have cost a lot, top gadgets for less than $50. >> who is ready to go to the thort pole? >> and it is a flight of a group of cancer patients will never forget the their trip to wrist it santa coming up, hey there pat. >> next meet professors of the drexel university, connecting video games with health care, and why it is so for important for people with disabilities. >> ♪ heart warming story of a veteran and his service dog the company that hired them both up next.
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you know, rahel i was just checking and there are just 18 days left until christmas and,
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of course, big question is, are you done shopping? or are you like me and have not started yet. >> i have not literally in the started yet. >> all right, all right. >> my brother called to check on the status of his gift. >> if you are like us and have not you need cool ideas, it doesn't mean you have to pay high rises. lexi shows us gadgets that will cost you under 50 bucks. >> leave out your fantasy with the $49 air jam air guitar pick. choose the music and industry you want to play on the app and then rock out. ♪ there will be an answer, let it be ♪ >> if singing is more your style $25 mack is a selfie stick with the rock style microphone. you can use it and record it, and music karaoke app. >> ♪ let it be >> they expect headphones will be here, and on sale for less
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for more holiday gift ideas check out n san francisco, lexi for cbs news. >> good to know. >> i am taking all that. it was an exciting day for a group of children. >> they got to fly to the north pole to visit santa. >> ♪ we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year ♪ the. >> thirty-four young cancer patients and their families left on their fantasy flight to chicago. and, santa and mrs. clause were there to greet them when they stepped off the plane. >> it is exciting and really cool. >> operation north pole is an annual united airlines tradition, company employees, volunteer to make the event a reality. how nice is that. >> i love it. >> you don't have to travel to the north pole apparently to get cool weather, because, um-hmm, things are changing. >> yep. i think katie might have some information for us. >> i do. it will get pretty chilly outside next few days.
6:47 am
we're not talking about extremes, not the like we have never seen these temperatures, before it is just a little bit of the rude, awake evening in when it does settle n we will start off by looking at our eyewitness weather watcher network report ago lot of say mid 30's, lower 40's across the region here as a whole. i want to take a cross section just around the city of philadelphia, 37 degrees is the temperature coming from lou this morning in eagleville, so it is in the suburbs. over the last couple of minutes we have been reporting a fine drizzle out there. we go across the river into new jersey, 43 from david dutch. he has cloud but hundred percent humidity. still moisture that is palpable out there we will go in the northern sections of delaware where it is 39, from sal think morning. but, she has clouds overhead, and i got a kick out of her comment though, it is cold, damp and gray, it is a holiday humbug. i thought that was cute. with that said, lets switch gears and go back out to the maps to show you what is inspiring. the last couple of hours we have watched a storm system
6:48 am
start to make its slow exit here and leaving behind additional moisture. so yeah you might have a little drizzle. we will have lingering, damp roadways to contend with here and road spray from another vehicle but this storm is leaving. it only can get better from here. but in the wake of the retreat of that storm, you end up with much colder air. temperatures are going to end up ten below their average in the upcoming weekend and when you factor in the wind speeds as high as 20 miles an hour we will have morning wind chills in the teens and the p.m. wind chills in the 20's. so basically, this is a count of the actual high which hits 40 ape perception wise doesn't sound that bad but keep in mind friday especially, it is going to feel like 20's throughout the course of the day. very cold air and eventually fresh round of showers moves in for early next week, meisha. >> i love how you said it can only get better from here for this morning. we will get to hear that, silver lining, it the is that, a lot of this stuff is starting to clear out of the way. that being said we still have
6:49 am
accidents out there, but, if you're just waking up, good morning, happy hump day. it is a very slow commute. it is writ with the accidents. i-95 on ramp from woodhaven that ramp blocked. you can see crew is still out there with the flashing lights. we have an accident 42 freeway north bound past 295, that was blocking two rains, now it has moved off to the shoulder, eliminate ago this backup you can see it is still very slow. give yourself about an hour extra, if you have to head out the door right the now. then we have another accident 295 northbound before delran the left rapist blocked in that area and also take a look at this this is where a train hit a vehicle new jersey river line is, suspended between 36th street and walter rand transportation center. heads up to check your, schedule on line and we have another accident, 202, dekalb street the atwood street, so a lot of that out there, give yourself extra time, take it easy. over to you, joe. >> thanks, meisha. it is 6:49. and there is a lot in store for cbs this morning.
6:50 am
>> gayle king joins us live from new york with the preview, good morning, gayle. >> reporter: we're here live, and in color, hell other rahel and joe. we are in bismarck, north dakota tracking frigid weather moving across the country. you have seen the pictures. you know it is coal. plus impact of president-elect trump engaging with corporate america through twitter. first on cbs this morning we love when we can say that again. first on cbs this morning john recruiting web site glass door reveals its list of the best places to work. and actress elizabeth marin is in studio 57. i will sit up straight in high chair. news is back in the morning. we will see new about ten minutes and counting, back to you guys in the studio. >> we will be watching. i know there was social media question about your necklace yesterday. i thought it looked cute. >> i was a fan too. you know, oprah was drinking a little glass have of hate oraid. >> we all have our opinions. >> thanks, gayle.
6:51 am
when you think video games you don't tie them to the health care industry. >> but that is changing in our back yard. pat gallen is here to tell us about a school that is moving forward in helping out. i love stories like this. >> i love that i get to tell them. we live in the city that prides itself on medical technology and innovation. over in when the philadelphia a team of video game programers have joined forces with health sciences to take a next step. drexel university is known for being at the information front of health care and technology in our region. it is here in the drexel replay lab that a collaborative effort is taking lays with the college of nursing and health. >> they are working on video games helping individuals with disabilities get emotion while tracking remote liz their performance. >> there you go. >> reporter: drexel proves ars doctor paul and maggie o'neill teamed up for the challenge through enabled games a drexel spin off project. >> you have to move your hand and feet as quickly as you can. >> maggie other neil's from the college of nursing and health care professionals came
6:52 am
to me a few years ago, inquiring about the use of active video games or games controlled by your body for physical therapy. current commercial games were meeting her needs. >> i said can you make this commercial game, do this and this and this and this. so it will be more sensitive, flex he will and flexible for my needs. >> reporter: well, they suck setted. individuals with cerebral palsy and other debilitating movement disorder can utilize these games helping them progress. in addition drexel's invention is helping doctors and nurses gather information that was previously impossible to obtain in real time. physical therapist carroll is a consultant working with drexel. she has never seen anything like enabled games. >> this is absolutely unique, it is fabulous what they have been able to design. so someone has problems with their trunk, parkinson's and their step forward and it is affecting their balance they can learn to be upright. we want them to engage in all
6:53 am
areas, you know, there your bedside to the clinic, to the home. >> reporter: check with your feet too. check high though. i'm rip my pants. >> what you will see us doggies tracing the path that hand moved throughout the play session. >> reporter: enabled is offering a life changing program that promises to be game changing in the health care community. >> when we have a kid sitting playing the game for 20 minutes at a time where they normally cannot do that, that is what hits home with this. >> for the two professors the project is three years in the making. one person at drexel called it stealth health and it is something that they believe can help improve health while making game challenging and fun and goes with the enabled motto which is enable have been to participate. >> cool stuff going on over there at drexel university. >> very good. >> thankful for that. staying at drexel university this morning, boat house row is in blue and gold
6:54 am
in honor of the university's 125th anniversary. this afternoon the university is celebrating with the time capsule that will include a piece have of drexel's basketball court and dad vail regatta gold medal. ceremony at 1:00 at drexel's main building auditorium. lowes in texas has two new employees. >> one has four legs instead of two. meet clay and a air force veteran and his service dog charlotte. they have been working side by side at lowes. he says after serving in the military he was looking for a job that allow his side kick to tag along. >> well, absolutely. we have service dogs that work throughout lowes. >> we were interviewing people for his position and he was one of the applicants. he showed up for the interview. he had charlotte with him. >> how about that. char lieutenant has her own vest. lowes helping. works around their schedule so charlotte can get a good break and they are winning over the internet. their story has gone viral. so sweet.
6:55 am
>> says so much for our country, the least we can do for him. >> very good. we are coming right back with three to go. (alex)tor) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. which brings us to number three. a medicare supplement
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before you leave home here's three to go. >> 6.5 magnitude earthquake strikes indonesia at least 97 people are dead and dozens of collapsed buildings. tran particular rescue effort is underway. president-elect donald trump prepares to meet with some victims of the last weeks car and knife attack in ohio state university. and today marks 75 years since japanese attack on pearl harbor in hawaii, veterans in our area will gather at battleship new jersey and lay a wreath in the delaware river. that is three to go. >> lets get the a last check of weather and traffic. >> it is not prettiest start to the the day, i know meisha does not have much better news us to tell but it is damp outside and telltale signs have of that, this misty out there, still damp obviously at the whitefield elementary school and many other places as well but with time we will rebound on the thermometer and we will see some sun and then gets cold, meisha. >> katie, thanks very much. looking outside just a quick
6:59 am
grasp, i-95, 42 northbound past 295, 295 of course, delran all accidents between that as well. >> meisha, thanks. eagles are spreading who will daze cheer this season and some young fans are celebrating. >> former bird offensive lineman todd herremans and several current eagles took children shopping at dick's sporting goods in cherry hill. each got a $200 gift card to buy whatever they wanted. leprechaun sports association made this special holiday trip possible. you can help make holidays brighter for some children through our joy of sharing toy fest. >> join us at wilmington university in new castle for a special toy fest tropical off president from june to four. if you cannot make ill we will put together other drop off locations on our web site at cbs philly to the come. cbs this morning is next. >> have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is wednesday, december 7th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." an arctic blast slammed part of the country's mid section with snow and dangerous cold. millions of americans face a big freeze as it sweeps east and south. breaking news. a powerful earthquake rocks indonesia killing dozens. we are going to reach survivors in trapped buildings. >> 75 years after the pearl harbor attack we are in hawaii where survivors are sharing their stories of survival. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds.


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