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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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people talking. it is thursday, december 8th, and rahel solomon. we are keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, we are only talking about this morning, it is our friday, weekend for most of us, but -- >> not so much. >> we will just stick with that, and road are looking good, we have had a accident, lots of construction, and we will have things slow you down, good news, and change is nice and dry. >> nice and dry, chill i temperatures, not dealing with rainfall, but much needed rainfall. we are nice and quiet. we will be quiet as far as precipitation is concern over the next several days but temperatures are going to take that tumble, right the now those we are fairly seasonal but it is chilly, philadelphia calling it ace 37 degrees right now. we are at 32 in allentown and currently 33 in wilmington. looking to the south temperatures starting to drop off a bit, chill i for
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nashville, 34 degrees, 29 in columbus and there it is, heart of the arctic air mass, temperatures, sub zero, and parts of the central plains and we are going to get a little bit of the taste of that air mass that is starting to build in across the delaware valley, as we speak. storm scan three is showing us some cloud cover, a few flurries off to the west in lancaster county up in berks county as well but all together we will quiet down with sunshine breaking out as we head in the second half of the day. look for decreasing cloud but an increasing breeze, and with high temperatures struggling to make it to average today, 44 degrees on your lunch hour but we will need that winter coat because wind chills will be down into the zero's, meisha as we head into our afternoon and heading out on a thursday night wind chills falling back in the 20's by second is half of the evening. >> yes. >> time to sit in front of the fireplace again, hot chocolate starts to roll in, it is really cozy. all right. thanks very much. it is a curse cold weather. no one likes that but you get a lot of those favorites that
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come with it. ninety-five south at cottman this is what you're looking at there a lot of brake lights going off letting us know you're no longer traveling at posted speeds here. we can expect that on a thursday morning in the 6:00 o'clock hour. ninety-five south, you want to give yourself extra time there and then schuylkill headlights moving in the eastbound direction at boulevard, this is what you're looking at eastbound direction and westbound direction, fairly typical. i would say actually on the lighter side right the now. we're looking good on the schuykill and we have a car fire, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound past valley forge, we will bring you any new updates we will get regarding this but for those taking pa turnpike moving in the eastbound direction past valley forge, car fire out there, gaper delay, and northeast corridor 30 minute chase right now due to police activity. we will have more in ten minutes. joe and rahel back to you. police are on the hunt for a person responsible for drive by shooting. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live at 52nd inn haverford, good morning, jan.
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>> reporter: rahel and joe, good morning. not only was one of the businesses in this area a restaurant opened at the time of the shooting but philadelphia police say this intersection is actually busiest intersection in west philadelphia, so certainly more people could have been out here more people could have been injured during this gunfire overnight, however only one person was injured, taken to the hospital and that man is expect to be okay. lets take a look at the video police are calling this a drive by shooting. it was around midnight when police found 59 year-old man shot in the hip at corner of fifth second and haverford avenue. eyewitnesses tell police a dark colored car a possible nissan hacks man passed by that man standing at corner and as it drove by someone inside fired at least one shot. when police arrived they took victim to the hospital in critical condition. he is now stable this morning. in the meantime southwest detectives, are investigating but at this point there is no known motive for this shooting. >> the intersection of 52nd and half forward is one of the most traveled intersections, in western philadelphia.
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it is well lit. it is light controlled. traffic lights on all four directions. so it is unusual for someone to be shot at this location. >> at least one of the businesses in this area does have a surveillance camera that could help point to a suspect in this case. police will work the streets all daze interviewing witnesses and they will be interviewing that victim thousand in the hospital in stable condition and expected to survive. we are reporting live in west philadelphia this morning jan car bay other for cbs-3 "eyewitness news", rahel and gentlemen back to you. busy intersection indeeds. teenage boy is stable after viciously attacked by a pit bull in wilmington delaware. chopper over the scene around 7:00 at north washington and west 27th street, teen was taken to ai du pont children's hospital. officers shot and killed the dog. we are learning more about the other driver who died in the crash that killed a new jersey state trooper, doctor lloyd rud liz was pronounced dead at monday night's crash on route 55 in millville.
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police say rudly's car crossed grass median and then crash head on with trooper frankie williams patrol car as williams was responding to an eradic driver complaint. a life long friend says that the 61 year-old elmer psychiatry suffered from diabetic shock episode and had been hospitalized in recent years. >> we knew about it because my brother and i, checked on him at his house and he was passed out on the kitchen floor. >> i grew up with him my whole life. he never touched liquor in his life or any kind of drugs except his insulin. >> autopsy results from doctor rudly are pending, funeral arrangements for trooper williams have not been revealed. hub high school this reno nevada will least open have after a disturbing violent scene played out on camera yesterday. >> well, those shots came from the gun of a school officer after police say a 14 year-old student dangerously waved around two knives in the school yard, following a fight
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with another student. moments later the school officer shot the student. the the boy is in critical condition but in one else was hurt. he was in the classroom and like i didn't see a thing. >> we hear a gunshot go off and we didn't think much of it, because we saw students running away. >> police are asking students who shot cell phone video of the incident to share with investigators, grief counselors will be available today. president-elect donald trump will be in iowa his third stop of his thank you tour. the event comes amid escalating feud with a union lead her who criticized the recent carrier jobs deal. roxanea sayberry has latest from new york. >> reporter: latest dust up came after indiana steel workers union president chuck jones appeared on cnn blasting president east electric donald trump for over stating number of jobs saved as part of the carrier tiehl. >> we have a lot of our members when word was coming out of 1100, they thought that
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they would have a job. then they find out the next day, on next friday that most likely they weren't, 550 were still going to lose their jobs. >> reporter: moments later mr. n twitter, writing in part, chuck jones has done a terrible job representing workers, in wonder companies flee the country. just last week president-elect visited indianapolis based plant to taught the deal that keeps 800 jobs in the u.s. >> companies are not going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. it will not happen. >> reporter: comments came as mr. trump made another controversial nomination to his cabinet. tapping oklahoma attorney general scott pruit to heads environmental protection agency. he has repeatedly sued epa over fossil fuel regulations. >> he is the most damming thing i sees with respect to our ability to grow the country. >> reporter: in a statement,
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having him in charge of the epa is like putting an arsonist in charge of the fighting fires. mr. trump picked former wrestling executive linda mcmahon to head small business administration, and retired marine core general john kelly to run the department of home land security. roxanea sayberry for cbs-3 eyewitness enthusiasms. as inauguration day a roaches next month senate honored outing vice-president joe biden during a two hour tribute. senators there both side of the aisle participated in the tribute to the vp. biden spent 36 years as a u.s. senator. republican senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said even though they didn't always agree on politics he did always trust him. other senators say they hope biden had a political future. >> he was a public official with inn telling grit. we hope he is again when he might consider public office again. >> on the late show with stephen colbert biden did not say his career this politics was over, but he did say he doesn't know what will happen
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in four years. if he did run for president and win in 2020 he would be 78 years old. still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", the security breach at san francisco's airport, see what happened after a man jumped a fence, and then took off on the tarmac. talk about a grinch, a pennsylvania woman accused of going on a wild rampage as family set up their christmas decorations, find out what she was yelling as she tore up that front yard. to be honest, i like shopping for toys. >> this man and his wife are fulfilling wish lists but not for their own family, that is coming up, in brotherly love. >> ♪ i'm with andy williams, i will say i was telling you earlier, when you walk in and see christmas trees in our cbs-3 hall it makes you feel so happy. >> yes. >> those trees are so beautifully decorated. >> they are. >> kudos to whoever is decorating our cbs-3 christmas
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show. joe and rahel approve. >> we will be right
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charged with arson in connection with the tennessee wild fires that killed 14 people. the fires started november 23rd, and they mainly affect, the area around gatlinburg tennessee, a popular resort town. about 1700 buildings were damage or destroyed, police are considering charging the unidentified juveniles as adult. and, take a good look at the man in the gray shirt because what appears to look like a game of tag is actually a police chase near san francisco airport. powe lot got a phone call about a man appearing to be under the influence. man then took off running, hopped security barriers, ran through traffic, and then ended up on the tarmac.
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he gave up, laid on the ground and was arrested. couple of close calls there. >> yes. >> how about this one, like a scene straight out of the movie for one pittsburgh man when a woman he hadn't spoken to in five years caused some commotion. >> take a look at all of these tire tracks, the man was outside putting up contradict mass decorations when his ex-girlfriend yelled merry christmas and she tried to hit him with her car. mary joe smith hit everything in her path. the ex-boyfriend does in the know what spark the rampage. >> maybe intended for that museum. merry christmas, let me turf your lawn. >> harboring some bad feelings, lieutenant of harboring going on there. >> yes. >> safe to say. >> let go of past experiences, and looking ahead to the future. >> it has been five years. >> five years, hold on to a grudge, girlfriend. welshing we will have to hold on to our winter coats and mittens, scarves, because temperatures are going to be chilly. we are seasonal right now but
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temperatures are not the going to warm up too much as we head in the afternoon hours and conversely that breeze will pick up as well. 37 degrees right now in philadelphia, 32 is your current temperature in allentown. we're in the 20's in millville. we have calm to light wind speeds but again by lunchtime that breeze will start to kick up, up to 15 miles an hour with higher gusts throughout the day. so calling that breezy. decreasing clouds with sunshine breaking up for afternoon but chilly one high of only 46. we will spend our first night in philadelphia in the 20's, so far this season and we will still have that breeze to contend with, those feels like temperatures will be like when we wake up on a friday morning. storm scan three is showing us still clocked with the cloud cover couple flurries west of i-95 trying to dissipate in the next couple have of hours. cloud deck dissipates heading in the afternoon, clear skies conditions, time goes on tomorrow morning's commute no problems precipitation wise, maybe a couple patchy clouds and few patchy flurries as we head late day into tomorrow. saturday quiet as well. a lot of sunshine but it will
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be chilly and we have a system to watch out for as we head into sunday night and monday. snow in the poconos looking likely maybe significant totals could potentially have measurable snow in the lehigh valley, a period of snow maybe in the northwestern suburbs, and a rain/snow mix will be possible in the city, late sunday night, early monday morning. that will be a system to watch as we head in the next couple of days. >> sure will, all right, lauren, thanks very much. good morning. happy gateway to our weekend. we are getting there and looking outside the roadways this morning we are looking pretty good. this is our day of relief from what we have seen all week. forty-two freeway north bound at creek road in new jersey approaching 295, and certainly heating up but i will say this is what it looked like for past 40 minutes or so. we are holding steady here, still traveling at posted seeds, hope to keep you there as long as i can, it would be great to keep you there until 7:00 o'clock hour. boulevard moving in the southbound direction sure, it is heating up but this looks fair liz typical for an early
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thursday morning in the 6:00 o'clock hour as well. overall on the boulevard, you are still looking good there well, once you jump on the schuylkill you are looking okay on the schuylkill. car fire here pennsylvania turnpike eastbound pass valley forge that right lane is block, still, because you of that car firey will let you know when that clears. in the world of mass transit patco westbound five to ten minutes. new jersey transit the northeast corridor 30 minutes. we will have more coming up. we will take a quick break. stay where you are, cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be (alex)tor) if you have medicare or will be covered soon, here are some important things you should know. first, if you think medicare covers everything, you may be in for an expensive surprise. second, you could be responsible for thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs. which brings us to number three. a medicare supplement insurance policy
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donating to the cbs-3 joy of sharing toy fess. >> those toys will go to the salvation army. we caught up with a couple that has adopted four salvation army families. the as our ukee washington shows us in this weeks story of brotherly love. >> reporter: this couple is buying gifts for 21 people from age five months to adults, we have a sneak peak at the presents. >> this family has. >> almost all little guys. >> little kids. >> reporter: peter gardener of merion station doesn't have a beard but don't let that fool you. >> my husband loves to shop. if you look deep in there santa claus lives inside of him. >> reporter: and he has a list, since 2013, peter and his wife path i smith-gardener adopted families from the salvation army and they fulfill their wish list. >> they want on racial. i played with operation, and i'm no youngster. >> remote controlled things are really popular. we have a bunch of those, and
6:20 am
we have got three of the tablets for the teenagers. >> reporter: gifts will be dropped off here at salvation army. >> for somebody who adopt four families they would certainly need to have the means to do that but i think so much more than than is the fact that they see the need. >> reporter: parent and guardians often ask for things other families take for granted. >> a couple of moms need congress wear. >> reporter: basics of every take life. >> a set of dishes. what i picture in my mind is this is a family who has had to could be he will together a living, someplace. >> these are tam list that are in some distress, they wouldn't be seeking salvation army's help if they didn't really need it. >> reporter: these piles are just a start of their shopping for 21 individuals, but you don't to have buy as much as they do, to be a santa. >> if you can just help one family, that is a big step in the right direction.
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>> reporter: our annual joy of sharing toy sale is going on right now. toys will be donate to the will salvation army, boys and girls club and uso. find out how to give at cbs fess. i'll see you tonight. i'm ukee washington for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> that is a great story. what a great couple. >> incredible. >> fight isn't over in swarthmore where a home is supposed to be converted into a refuge for out of town cancer patients. still ahead the action, neighbors are taking, to fight the plan. and it is a common question for holiday shoppers, would you like a paper or e-mail receipt is this we will tell you why it is better for your health to get the receipt e mailed to you coming
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he ghe wewalks around hat,ts. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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time right now 64:00 on a thursday morning. all eyes focused on the upcoming weekend. we could see scattered snow showers both days in the poconos, chilly high temperatures to kick off weekend at 28 degrees and in the city frigid sunshine to start weekend on saturday, a high temperature, coldest of the season only 39 degrees. a to more clouds into sunday and down the shore much of the same sunshine on saturday, a few more cloud and climbing backup, slowly in the 40's by sunday. all right, lauren, thank you. for a look at newspaper headlines from and, and neighbors plan to monday night, and allowing the foundation, and, to house, and the head strong foundation, wants to purchase a seven bedroom home on chester road for $700,000. there it is, and while many neighbors support the plan some oppose it. they have hired council saying that it violates the residential zoning of the neighborhood. from the cover of the
6:26 am
trentonian parents in hamilton are not laughing about a joke from teachers, of white board in the teachers lounge at hamilton's alexander elementary school says always give 100 percent at work but that 100 percent isodose trieded between monday and friday and with just 5 percent at the even of the week. so far in comments from the will school's principal. mercury reporting after 16 years the carousal at pottstown is reopening to the public with a special visitor. santa will be on hand sunday from two to 6:00 in the afternoon at memorial park. photos cost five dollars and include a ride or i should say a spin on the carousal. >> that is a look at newspaper headlines around the delaware valley. >> next time you buy something opt for an e-mail receipt instead. >> as it turns out traditional paper receipts may be toxic. environmental watch dog group is urging holiday shop tours limit their contact with the paper. the group tested american 100 receipts from california's stores, and found that some contain bp a while others had
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bps. >> most cash register receipts are coded with a toxic chemical. it has kind of an extraordinary a built to mess with our hormones. >> it is a chemical cousin of bpa and it is probably, you know, not so well studied, but equally toxic. chemical industry insist bp a is safe and exposure is extremely low. coming up next half an hour of "eyewitness news" lauren let us know when we will feel that arctic blast. police want to you take a close look at this man wanted for robbing a local post office. we will tell you about a reward in the case, trang. two officers credited with incredible saves have of two children thrown from this raging fire. story in their own word, meisha. finally getting relief on the roadways but that doesn't mean we are in the clear. i'll tell you where we're slowing down but first we will take a quick break, stay right where you what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers
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good morning, i'm joe holden, jim's off. i'm rahel solomon. 6:30. here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> drive by shooting in west philadelphia. >> philadelphia police are calling this intersection one of the more busier intersectionness west philadelphia, fortunately though only one man was injured and taken to the hospital and expected to be okay. teen is in the hospital this morning after he viciously attacked by a pit bull in wilmington delaware. authorities charged two juveniles with arson in connection with the devastating wild fires in tennessee. four people were killed, as a fire charred more than 17,000 acres. i won. of course. >> no. >> of course. >> you and michael jackson.
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>> baby, i have been around. >> ♪ >> wow. madonna and michael jack somebody. >> wow. >> shocking. >> by the way she says that she made the first move. >> very important to get that on the record. >> did you like that when women make the first move? all right, lauren. checking in with the weather. it is cold out. >> i didn't mean to leave her hanging. >> i have no comment. >> we will talk later. >> how about this arctic blast we will see. >> temperatures already starting to take a tumble, chilly right now but pretty seasonal but high temperatures are really going to struggle today with that cold air continuing to build in across the delaware valley. we will check on your current temperatures, 37 in philadelphia freezing mark in the the least high valley. mid 30's down the shore. temperature tumble has already commenced over last 24 hours, we are down in the negatives,
6:33 am
down 4 degrees in philadelphia down double digits across south jersey and the shore, and across the region today temperatures are going to struggle every where down the shore making it to 48 degrees with late day clearing. high temperatures only in the 30's in the poconos, meisha. all right, lauren, thank you so much. we are looking outside right now and i have to say for a thursday morning, things have not looked so bad. so good morning everyone. happy gate the way to our weekend. this is what we're looking at. i have to say one thing you will notice waking up this morning is roads are nice and dry, that is certainly helping out our commute this morning. overall just in general, schuylkill headlights between eastbound direction past king of prussia this is what we are looking at there. i want to call your attention to the mass transit map. all right. here we go. new jersey transit northeast corridor is just experiencing, residual delays, we have live chopper three over new jersey transit northeast corridor where pedestrian was struck by maintenance vehicle, head up on that. good news as i said is just
6:34 am
experiencing residual delays between trenton and new brunswick due to police activity. make sure to check those schedules on line. car fire on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound is now all cleared, rahel, back to you. >> good news, thank you. now to an exclusive story two philadelphia police officers who helped save children from a burning apartment in frankford are only speaking with cbs three our trang do spoke exclusively with these officers to try to tell us a story about heroes saving children's lives. >> reporter: nerves of steel, guys. the thates two officers were in patrol as this massive fire broke out whale people were sleeping. they were first on the scene and they had to act fast as children's live quite literal liz hung into the balance. >> i'm sore. >> kevin ward is recovering from the knee injury he suffered from a dramatic rescue early tuesday morning. had you ever seen anything like that before, all of the panic and people that needed help. >> that was worse i have seen. >> reporter: cries of people this distress led officers to an intense apartment fire in frankford. he made the first call for
6:35 am
help. >> screaming, crying, and i guess from the glass breaking inside, trying to come through the window. >> reporter: ward looked up to sees a woman dangling a little girl from the second story window. he had no time to think about what to do next. >> it was just arms out, and when she dropped down with the two arms from her two arms like that, just catch her. >> reporter: once her child was safe the mother jumped from the window spraining officer ward's knee. >> she lost her foot coming out of the win open and she fell kind of hard. she fell into my leg and my leg went bad. >> reporter: that heart stopping rescue was just the beginning. apartment building was engulfed in flames and full of families with no way out. hearing officer ward's radio call, officer thomas willmer and his partner were next on the scene. >> dark smoke is out there, flames, and there was already a gentlemen on the like platform right below the third
6:36 am
floor window, and there was a family trapped in that window. >> reporter: ward, willmer and three others pooled their strength to move a dumpster blocking the way out. that is when his college football skills, came in. another young child needed saving, this time from even greater heights. >> this is a pretty good drop about 25 feet and, you know, took the bait, the child, to the edge and just waited for him to drop the child and he dropped the child, i caught him. >> reporter: would you call it the best catch you have ever made. >> oh, yeah, i would definitely say that is the best catch and the most important catch. >> reporter: for these two friend, officers and dad it was just another day on the job keeping people safe. >> it was just a credit to the you know, the police department, fire department, medics, and, you know, everybody working as a team. we're all out there doing the same thing trying to help
6:37 am
people. >> reporter: of the 21 people who made it out 12 had to be rescued. red cross is helping them with food and shelter and rahel and joe, officer ward is showing off here even before the fire he and his partner were named officers of the month for november for 15th district. his commander called him one of the best. >> so appropriate. >> yes, i'm sure that family is owe grateful. >> trang, thank you. authorities hope a $25,000 reward will help them catch a man who held up a post office this chester. police say he held a gun in one hand and you see him there with the umbrella in another. when he robbed a post office on edgemont avenue last wednesday, if you recognize him you are asked to call the united states postal inspection services. there are just four weeks to go before the end of the year and big changes are coming to the tax code. >> there may be a smart move to make right now to reduce your tax bill in april. cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us live from new york, good morning, jill. >> reporter: so jill,
6:38 am
president-elect trump plans to overhaul the tax system. what should we know about it. >> i think main theme for 2016 year end in planning for taxpayers is really to remember that it might make sense to prefund deductions this year, like state and local taxes, and charitable donations, because these are things that are likely to be less valuable or potentially go away next year under tax reform. i want to remind you if you itemize your deduction toes remember you have to try to bunch your deductions together, because expenses can only be deduct if they exceed a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income. so think about this, legal advisor, tax planning, travel, vehicle cost try to bunch it in this year, trying to exceed 2 percent floor, take advantage of that deductions while it still exists. what about retirement plans? >> reporter: i know it is a time of the year where you are
6:39 am
spending money but maybe you'll spend money on yourself. some employers allow to you contribute up to 50 percent of your pay into retirement planning and contributions. you can top off your land before the end of this year. now i know, you may not get to 18,000 bucks, that is limit per employee, but even if you can do that much try to boost as much as you can, your he saving for retirement, reduce that tax bill come next april. don't forget over age of 50 you can make an extra $6,000, catch up contributions, and, finally over age of 70 and a half don't forget you have to withdraw a specific amount of money from your retirement assets. those fund haven't been taxed, those penalty, for not taking your required minimum distribution on 50 percent of what you should have taken. if you have multiple ira just don't take them out of each individual account, take one,tive rent rules for 401k's for more year end retirement
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end tax strategies, 16 of them for 06 go to jill on >> always on point, awesome, thanks very much, jill. a new lego land advertise coverry center opens up in our area this spring. check it out. cbs-3 sign in legos, and they are looking for the best regular owe builder in philadelphia. coming up, how to enter this competition and tips we all need to know from a master lego builder. plus you may have gotten an invitation on facebook to participate in the holiday wine exchange, right? you sip one bottle of wine to the friend and supposed to get dozens in return. sound good, but don't just do it yet. we will tell you why it is not a good idea, pat. hi guys, candy canes christmas in clementon, new jersey we are at geombry and they are making quality sweets. these right here is a candy canes, we will show you how it is done, how they cut it. the whole 9 yards. the whole
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welcome back, from pepper mint to speaker mint what is sweeter than a candy canes this time of the year. >> for decade geombry combat sweets have have been hand making popular sweets. pat gallen is live where production is underway. we hear they are really coming along. >> look at how busy, he is stirring the pot. >> they are coming along. you know i'm a big candy canes fan and apparently joe holden, time looks like a candy canes. that is absolute the liz perfect. >> his tie. >> yes, how perfect. >> it is just coincidental. this is how we started, it starts as sugar, water, corn syrup right here and then it comes to this table where it is cold, it is tripping it over and we get tonight to a nice packed, i don't know what to call it this giant blob of sugar. then it comes through here where it is on this spinner, and stays warm and it comes outlooking like a love liz boot the full candy kaine. so that is your entire
6:45 am
process, of how candy canes are made here at giambis and this guy is dave, this is what fourth generation, dave. >> fourth generation, that is right. >> so i mean you have been here your entire life doing this. >> i have been, pretty much growing up with it. it is in my blood. >> so how do you make it look so press which these nice colors. >> just stretching it out right here, this morning we had a giant candy cane right here, and we are stretching it out. >> yep. >> making it look more magical. >> so you guys make a ton have of candy canes. >> about 40,000. >> 40,000 candy canes. >> yes. >> all by hand too. it is hard work. >> it actually is hard work. >> it has got to be a great, biceps, triceps work out you are doing here. >> i figured i would skip gym and get my sweat in at work. >> get some sugar in. >> forty to 50,000 a year. it rolls out right here, you cut them. then we come down here and
6:46 am
uncle joeys making them. uncle joe what is going on. >> i'm putting shape to the candy cane. >> just as easy as this little piece of wood. >> that is what it is. >> you made that back in the 60's. >> one of my brothers made it. >> and that is how easy it is. >> yes. >> and then it is a little cbs-3. isn't that pretty, guys. >> so sweet. >> look at that. >> sammy's here, big davis here, they are wrapping them, getting ready to ship them out. you guys also have a special flavor for the season is that right. >> this years flavor was check late peanut butter. >> i had a little bit of it. i will tell you, it is spot on. it is, really good. but if you are into the usual candy cane flavor, pepper mint tom kelly, our photograph got pepper mint in his nose. it is all good. we are having fun. this is how it is done. >> i hate to put you on blast but you never bring us back treats. i'm hoping you have the holiday spirit and you do bring us back some candy canes
6:47 am
this time. >> rahel solomon, you know i always bring back stuff. >> come on. >> you should see the face i'm giving you right now stop with the lies. >> all right, i'll bring you one back. >> yes. >> and here we have the winning ginger bread house from a competition at moore college of art. bakers from the junior class, wowed the judges with frank lloyd wright's falling water. >> cool,. >> and seniors made independent mall instructors tell us why it might look good but don't eat them because apparently hot glue is not the good for you. ginger bread houses will decorate the lobby of the senior citizen facility. >> yes, feeling in the holiday spirit with the candy canes, ginger bread houses and lauren, it will start feeling like christmastime where it is cold. >> absolutely, arctic air, it is december and it will definitely start to feel like. that we will check with our weather watchers this morning, they are reporting conditions,
6:48 am
temperatures in the 20's and 30's and commenting on the chill this morning. we will head up northwest of the city, 27 degrees as reported by our weather watcher john in perkasie. he has clear sky conditions but nice element to his report, no winds right now. calm wind. as we head into mid daze and in the afternoon, that breeze will start to pick up, having that wind chill impact, ram pink up as well. checking in with our weather watcher mark 27 in chats worth, new jersey. he has commentary this morning. he said looks like some fog is starting to form. maybe, 30 feet or so off the ground. we are seeing reduced visability in some areas. do watch out for that hitting the roads early this morning. we will take you to one more temperature down in delaware 32 degrees at freezing mark at jason's house. clear sky in middletown, delaware and it is a cold start to the morning. time to break out winter coat. you will be donning that winter coat as we head in the next several days. storm scan three is showing us still locked in with the cloud cover, flurries trying to determine but those will dissipate as we head in the next couple of hours and we
6:49 am
will east mostly sunny conditions, break out as we head in the afternoon. so for today decreasing clouds, breezy and chill i with our high temperature slight the liz below average at 46 degrees. then tonight dropping down in the the 20's for the first time this season in philadelphia and we will still have that breeze, so wind chill temperatures as we wake up tomorrow morning will be down into the teens and many areas, even windy eras we head into the upcoming or tomorrow and the upcoming weekend as well, wind chills tomorrow meisha in the the 20's all day long. >> wow, we. that is going to be chilly. all right, lauren, thanks very much. good morning everyone. happy thursday. what are we looking at right now? live chopper three is in lawrence township over new jersey transit northeast corridor where a pedestrian was truck by a maintenance vehicle. let me back out of the way to see this footage. head up, just make sure to check your schedules on line. speaking of that we will go to the map, go to the map new jersey transit northeast corridor. the good news it is just residual delays at this point between trenton and new
6:50 am
brunswick due to that police activity. head up patco eastbound is running with ten minute delays. so again just make sure to check these schedules on line. we have another accident, pottstown pike, at gordon drive we have lanes block here to slow you down, and, gaper delay as well. we have down poles 295 southbound off ramp to hook road that is closed right now, still closed, i will loath you know when it clears. more construction in zero minutes. joe, over to you. new gift exchange idea is targeting wine lovers encouraging them to give a little to get a lot this holiday season. but experts say it is a scam. here's a warning, it is called holiday wine bottle exchange, and it is making its way across your social media. the wine exchange is pretty simple, you are told to buy a bottle valued at 15 or more and then send it to another wine lover with the expectation of getting much more in return. but, experts say that it is a typical, pyramid scheme. >> i think i give them a
6:51 am
bottle of wine and then, you know, if the gift brings them joy and enjoy it and put a smile on their face, that is what it is about. >> participating in these things. they don't have any intent or anything about that but it is just not a legal thing to do. >> experts say these gift exchanges started with chain letters licensing before the internet, you know how it works, guys. bottom line it is a bad idea to give your address to strangers. well, construction is underway on the new lego land advertise coverry center that is set to open up in plymouth meeting this spring. and this weekend, get this, the search is on, to find philly's best lego builder. rahel is here with a special guest to tell us all about it, rahel.. >> good morning to you. we are here with megan, a master model builder, i just love to see your facial
6:52 am
expressions when i'm speaking to you. >> i do have have a special friend on the set with me made me this lego bow tie his name is aidan peterson a ten year-old and he is something else when it comes to this. so until we figure out is what going on with our camera situation i will lose my candy canes looking tie and swap it out with this lego bow tie. it the has this super cool magnet on the back. >> i don't know maybe you can do both between the red and the blue with the legos. you have a patriotic thing that works well. well, we have megan here. again master model builder from boston and she's here to tell us about a creative competition that will be happening this weekend at plymouth meeting mall. megan, we know it is early. so happy to have you here thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having he. >> what can people expect. we know lego land you guys build very interactive themes, sites, what can people expect this weekend. >> so, competition, it starts on saturday and there will be three different rounds of a
6:53 am
timed build. given a them right before you start. you have to build whatever you can out of the bricks that you are given. >> very cool. >> so we know we should have showed off our cbs-3 lego early, during our tease which was so cute. so, for people who may want to participate what is involved in sort of being able to build these interesting contraptions. >> well, to be able to design, and build a lego. you also have to be able to talk with kids and work with children. you will be teaching kid how to build their own things. you will help with the attraction and for example, my office has two big windows. people get to watch me all day long work on the models that i build. >> needless to say you need to be a people person. >> yes. >> and speaking of kids though there will also be a special kid guest judge at the competition and i hear he is quite the kid too. >> he is pretty great. >> yeah, all right.
6:54 am
>> here he is, yes. >> hello aidan. >> aidan peterson. you made us a really cool bow tie. >> yes. >> is what your inspiration behind working with legos? why is it cool. >> well, i just thought you can build anything out of legos and nothing is wrong with it. you can always just build it again if it breaks. >> aidand and megan my question for both of you is what is it about legos. trang do apparently loves legos. who knew. but there is sort of a colt following of legos. >> oh, yeah, i mean lego is great for any age as looking as you like to be creative, you can build anything out of legos and they keep coming out with more and more stuff that things like ghost busters and disney castle will and things like that. >> tell us about this weekend, megan. >> it is our competition. all awe dult lego fans can come in, and compete for the position of master model
6:55 am
builder for our philadelphia lego land discovery museum. >> at plymouth meeting mall. >> yes. >> times and dates. >> sat the day from ten to 5:00 and sunday from 1:00 to 2:00. >> awesome. >> megan, thanks for being with us this morning. i will put this out here, our little mike. i think this is pretty cool. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us. we will be right back with three to i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves.
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before you hit the road here, here is your three to go. >> police are reviewing surveillance cameras after a drive by shooting leaves one man injured in west philadelphia. >> chester police hope a $25,000 reward lead them to the person who robbed the post office on edgemont avenue. president-elect donald trump travels to iowa amid a feud with the union leader for criticizing his carrier jobs deal. that is your three to go. next up this morning don henley talks about the the eagles, kennedy center honors and why the ban is still so popular. >> have a good show. remember to join us each weekday morning on cbs-3 at
6:59 am
4:30. have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, december 8th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." oo december storm marches across the country. snow and bitter cold rocks the midwest and rockies. millions of americans are in its path. >> we are in georgia where a massive manhunt is under way for a gunman accused of killing one police officer and wounding another. >> paula broadwell's first national tv interview before her affair with general david petraeus. why she says the army won't let her move on with her life and what she thinks of petraeus possibly becoming state. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 secon.


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