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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> arctic air invades our region, some areas could see snow this weekend. >> my son ... >> remembering a son, a mother's tearful tribute to the state trooper killed in the line of duty this week. >> and a shocking crime in bucks county, a neighborhood, a mother murdered in her own home. police found her and what her son told the investigator. today is friday, december 9th, good morning, i'm greg argos in for jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. we're getting our friday started off right with a check of weather and traffic. >> good morning. >> you know what i'm upset about with the colds weather i lost one of my gloves and it
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is freezing cold this morning. >> one glove. >> one glove. >> one hand will be cold. one is better than none. >> do you like that optimism? >> yes, you'll need the gloves this morning, as soon as you step outside you are about to encounter old-man-winter, he has arrived in the delaware vale, temperatures right now, sub freezing in nearly all of the reporting sites, 31 degrees in philadelphia, we're in the 20's in wilmington, 30 in the lehigh valley. and then we have these winds to contends with, as well, current winds speeds up around 15 to 20 miles per hour, with some higher gusts, so you combine those two factors, the feels-like temperatures just brutal on this friday morning. down at 20 degrees, right now, in philly. down into the teens in wilmington, single digit windchills right now in mount pocono. those winds, unfortunately, will stay with us all through the day today. so in your day planner, temperatures struggle, winds are whipping, even by the lunch hour, windchill temperatures are still going to be in the 20's, as we head
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into the 5:00 hour. if you have plans out on the town, you will need all of those winter weather accessories, pat, so i hope you fine your glove if you do have plans later tonight. because it will be a cold one. we'll talk more about some snow in the forecast for this weekend coming up. >> i do like snow, but i don't like just having one glove. we have to figure that out, thanks, lauren, appreciate t this is a look at the blue route, northbound, disable vehicle on the shoulder, looks like tow truck out there. get that squared away in just couple every minutes, not causing any slow downs as of right now, keep eye on the flashing lights, also the vine, construction, no cars going between the schuylkill and broad street right now at this early time of the morning. but this usually wraps upright around 5:00 a.m. also, construction, we can go through whole list, lincoln drive southbound at wissahickon and ridge avenue. road closed until 5:00 a.m. alternate is walnut lane. and let's run through the pa turnpike, construction eastbound, passed downingtown, right lane block there. also, westbound between delaware valley, here we go, all the way over to willow
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grove. right lane blocked, there as well, one more northeast extension, going southbound, between quakertown and lansdale. right lane blocked there. again, construction, they should be wrapping upright around 5:00 a.m. guys, back over to you. >> pat, thank you. police charge man with murder after they finds his mother dead in her bucks county home. >> thirty year old zachary cope facing criminal charges, they say they found the man's 52 year old mother rebecca lifeless afternoon in lower makefield township. police first received 911 call about a suspicious person roaming the neighborhood. >> police officers tracked him back down to 23 lower hilltop road where the police enter the home and they finds his mother dead in the kitchen floor. >> officers say disheveled and partially dressed man confessed to murdering his own mother when they arrived the suspect taken into custody and charged. >> and outpouring of love for a new jersey state trooper killed in a head-on crash on
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monday. hundreds gathered last night, for a candlelight vigil to remember trooper franky williams. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt was there as family and friends pay tribute to the rookie trooper. >> on a night dipping into the low 30's, trooper franky williams was the only thing on the mind of hundreds who came out. >> my son was a sheriff. he was born february the 14th, he was my heart from that day. >> the late trooper's mother, victoria william, thanked the crowd. the 31 year old was killed in a head-on crash earlier this week. >> i taught him the most important thing is to love and share, but love everybody, and do your best. >> williams was responding to a call of irradic driver on 55 in cumberland county. police say the driver later identified as 61 year old lloyd ruddily controls dollars the median, killing williams, and himself.
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>> that troop is her in heaven looking down upon us and saying don't worry, i'm okay. >> williams grew up in florida, but later called new jersey home. >> just absolutely senseless and terrible. >> ruth ann fox and her husband didn't know trooper william but felt compelled to come out and learn more about him after hearing about the tragedy. >> i think it is a lot of questions that got to be answered, why this, you know, someone crossed over the median strip and everything, what was going on in his head. >> woe may never know that answer. but those who came out thursday night are focused on honoring trooper franky williams, and the important impact he made in just 31 years. >> i love i and i care the way you appreciate my son. i appreciate what you have done for me as i fall down and pick things back up. >> he was newlywed, leaves behind a widow, next month
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would mark one year on the state police force. >> reporting, from millville, cumberland county, david spunt, cbs 3, "eyewitness news". and we now have additional details on the funeral plans for trooper williams, a viewing will be held at boardwalk hall in atlantic city from 8:00 until noon monday. the first two hours are for friends and family, the second to hours for law enforcement. his funeral will begin at noon at boardwalk hall. >> driver hits 12 year old boy in new castle, delaware, and takes off. police are asking for the public's help in finding the one responsible. take a look at this surveillance video. police say monday's hit-and-run driver was in a red 2004 to 2010 chrysler 300, the driver side mirror is missing and passenger side mirror, the tinted glass with chrome back. if you have information on the identity of this driver call the new castle county police. >> a video hard to watch as two men attack a woman for her handbag in west philadelphia. take a look right there. this happening last friday,
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along the 600 block of north 68th street. the two men confronted the woman as she was walking and then punched her several times during the struggle. police are now searching for these two suspects, both described to be in their late teens or early 20's. >> well, the fbi and philadelphia mitt are looking for the suspect they say robbed the same bank three times in overbrook. these are surveillance photos that show the suspect at the police and fire federal credit union on city avenue. and each robbery the suspect wore a different hat. one a black baseball cap with unknown white writing; another, a dark colored flat cap and a third a black chicago white sox baseball cap. police are offering $10,000 as reward. >> and police are also looking for a man they say robbed a rite aid pharmacy in west chester. you see him hearing wearing a red hoodie with the word temple written on t investigators say on monday he present add note, the pharmacist then gave him various pharmaceutical drugs, and then he took off.
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you are asked to call police if you recognize the suspect. gloucester county man charged with theft for allegedly ripping off youth football. michael of williamstown is the former treasurer of the south jersey elite invitational football league. beginning sometime in july 2014 to earlier this summer, he pulled more than $56,000 in league funds. grand jury indicted him on wednesday, and of third agree theft by deception. >> former philadelphia managing director richard, joins the democratic race for philadelphia district attorney. he released this video, as part of his announcement. err served as the city managing director for five years under the nutter administration, he becomes the third deposition rat looking to unseat incumbent da set william, who is seeking a third term in the may 16th primary. >> today president-elect donald trump continues touring states that helped him secure the election, he and vice president elect mike pence
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will speak to can crowds in grand rapids michigan tonight, last night mr. trump announced iowa governor terry, as his us ambassador to china also said fast-food ceo is their pick to head the labor department next thursday the president-elect victory tour comes here, to hershey, pennsylvania. jill stein's legal team appears in philadelphia federal court today. they'll argue for full recount of the presidential election bat the in pennsylvania. state election officials are asking the judge to dismiss stein's lawsuit, they say a recount won't change the state's election results. stein's efforts were victorious in some places, chester county irks say they'll recount 190,000 ballots passed in the election. >> grab an extra layer before up head out the door. it is mighty chilly out there this morning. lauren will be back to tell us how cold it will feel like outside. >> people around the world mourning the death of john glenn, how the american pioneer is being remembered, when we come back in just two
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", john glenn the first american astronaut to orbit the earth has died at the age of 95. >> immediately after his death, tributes to the pioneer started pouring in from around the globe. correspondent, don champion, has the story. >> god speed, john glenn. >> john glenn was a hero to so many, even the president of the united states. the white house released this statement from president obama thursday, that called glenn an icon, and a friend, and a man who always had the right stuff. president-elect, donald trump, also shared his thoughts while visiting columbus in glenn's home state of ohio. >> he was a great american hero. truly great american hero. i met him on two separate occasions. >> nasa created a tribute page dedicated to glenn's life, and tweeted: we are saddened by the loss of senator john glenn, the first american to orbit earth, a true american
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hero. it the smithsonian national air and space museum in washington also sent out a tweet that reads: his legacy of friendship and discovery will live in our hauls forever. but no where is the impact of glenn's death more powerful than in ohio where glenn served as a senator for four terms. ohio governor, john kasich, tweeted: john glenn is and always will be ohio's ultimate hometown hero and his passing today is an occasion for all of us to grieve. john champion for cbs-3, "eyewitness news". the time now 4:43. >> lawyer send here with another check on our forecast. lauren, i was hustling into the building this morning. that air just hits you hard. >> it really does. winter has officially arrived in the delaware valley a lot of people will be hustling about, if you spends any time outside today. darkness, still center city philadelphia, getting a live look, right now, your temperature 31 degrees, so we
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officially have the coldest morning. season so far. then on top of that we have a breeze out of the west around 16 miles per hour, making it feel more like 20 degrees right now. and temperatures are cold all across the area, 23 in mount pocono, 30 in reading, 30 in ac. you can see this compliments of this arctic air mass, which is penetrated all the way down, even into the southern state, as well as 30 degrees right now in atlanta, 25 in nashville, 28 degrees in birmingham, alabama, some of these temperatures in the northern and central planes, just down right brutal. nine below right now in bismarck, north dakota so we have the cold air, then we do have the wind speeds up around 15 to 20 miles per hour with some higher gusts, keep the winds throughout the day today, staying breezy likely into tonight. breezy at times, even into our saturday, as well, high temperatures running about 10 degrees below average. the morning will feel like teens even in the afternoon, only feeling like 20's. so cold day today, high temperature topping at 40 degrees. mix of sun, clouds, then
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tonight, the breeze lets up little bit. but still frigid. 27 degrees, under partly cloudy sky. storm scan3 showing us some lake effect snow, trying to make its way into some of the higher elevations, could see couple of passing snow showers in the poconos, today, we should get fair amount of sunshine here in philadelphia and surrounding counties, we head into the upcoming weekend, sunshine in store for saturday. that's not going to help us out in the temperature department. 39 degrees, then on top preparing to watch a system that could bring us rain-know mix, even some potential measurable snow in parts of the area. >> oh, okay. i casino every like that, i'm skier, so i'll take this time of year. good morning, everyone, in for meisha this morning, checking wrote ways, this here is a look at 95 northbound route 413. one of the many construction areas throughout the delaware valley so far this morning. not really slowing anyone down. good thing, no real accidents to report this morning. but a lot of construction. this is the first of many. also, the vine, every morning, the vine it, looks like they've just opened up the westbound lanes, as you're
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headed towards the schuylkill expressway, so this usually wraps up. 4:45, right around 5:00 they clear all of that out of the way. new jersey, garden state parkway southbound between the atlantic city expressway and the north field margate off ramp, the right lane is blocked right there, then whole host of right lanes being block on the pa turnpike, this one, eastbound, past downingtown, the right lane block here. let's take it all the way over to delaware valley and willow grove. turnpike between those two exits, right lane blocked there. up to the northeast extension we have a blocked lane, right one, between quakertown and lansdale. guys, a lot of construction this morning. >> what's new, pat. >> all right, thanks so much, pat. still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, a check on business news. live from the new york stock exchange. >> ever wanted to make a phonecall during a flight? well, we will tell you about new technology that could actually eventually let you make those phonecalls on an airplane.
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>> help make the holidays brighter for some children in our area through our "joy of sharing" toyfest event this weekend. >> we will be collecting toys tomorrow at the philly pops christmas show. >> and on sunday morning, before the eagles home game hosted by meisha johnson, also in the evening, amp radio let it snow show. cbs-3 toyfest benefits families served by the salvation arm i am, boys and girls club of camden county and the uso. you can't make it, we've put other drop off locations on our website it is now 4:49 of the time for a check on business news. >> money watch's jill wagner, joins us live now, this morning, from the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. so, we hear those deep discounts at the big box stores may not be as good as we think. what's up with that? >> ya, the la city attorneys actually suing j.c. penney, sears, kohl's and macy's over deceptive advertising and pricing schemes.
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the suit claims that the stores list higher original prices on items, never actually on sale for that price. and that way customers think they're getting better discount than they absolutely are. definitely some messaging and sub miami mal warfare there. >> sneaky sneak. >> i joy, when i go on a plane, i have my ear plugs in, my neck pillow, i'm ready to sleep. but i guess we'll hear more chatter on airplanes from now on. what's happening here? >> so i'm the same way too, but the government is propose that airlines let passengers make phonecalls during flights using wifi. this is even though flight attendants and others say that the calls could be disruptive, so airlines would have to warn travelers they do allow calls on the fly before they buy their tickets, not final, just proposal. >> i don't know how i feel about that, greg, little peace and quiet. >> i'm all about the neck pillow and ear plugs.
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>> yes. >> no thank you. >> exactly. >> thanks so much, jill. >> sure feels like winter outside, and it looks like, it too, will be bark to tell us which areas will be see snow this weekend. >> say it ain't so. pat is back with an update on the road
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>> temperatures are down right bitter cold, yes, our coldest morning of the season so far in philadelphia, we're sub freezing right now, 31 degrees, but check out that feels-like temperature down at 20 degrees. down the shore we're at 30, feeling like 21 degrees, in the poconos, actual air temperature in the 20's, feeling like 8 degrees with the breeze out of the west northwest up around 20 miles per hour, future feels like temperatures head throughout the morning down into the teens even headed out, windchill temperatures in the 20's all across the region, and if you are head the out on the town on friday evening you are going to want to bundle
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up. windchill temperatures still in the 20's even as we head into saturday morning, we'll struggle, bit breezy at times on saturday high temperatures only topping in the upper 30's. across the region today, cold one, scattered snow showers in the poconos, high temperatures not breaking the freezing mark down the shore more sunshine, with a high of four is degrees. and then we do have system to watch. we head into sunday night first half of the day monday, measurable snow in the poconos at this point, accumulations, possible, in the lehigh valley, and this could have big impact on our monday morning commute. period of light snow possible, late sunday night, and early monday morning in the northwest suburbs, and pat, yes, we could see potentially rain-snow mix in the city, for monday morning, and that would really put a bick damper on that monday morning commute. >> yes, i don't know that we really want that. >> i don't think so. >> for the crazy mess in the philadelphia region, thank you will, lawn edge. take a look here, might be cold, might be windy but this is beautiful scene. look at this, ben franklin bridge headed into philadelphia this morning,
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very quiet. no delays going on here. but there are plenty of construction delays throughout the region. this was one every them, literally just cleaned up this, 995 northbound 413, construction blocking the right lane over night. since cleared, looking good through this area they've opened one side that's westbound side, the eastbound still not open just yet, but in the next five or so minutes, that will be reopened. also, septa, keep an eye on this, new regional rail schedules go nee effect on sunday, you want to check foreign foe specific to your line, as always, regional railways get little crazy so you want to keep an eye on this if you do take them. some construction on lincoln drive southbound between wissahickon and ridge avenue. that closed for the next five minutes or soap, take walnut lane until then. and in wilmington, the adams street ramp to i95 northbound, closed, until 5:00 a.m. monday. so a lot of construction out there, guys.
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>> holiday interested anythings south jersey. >> "eyewitness news" in in gloucester city for the annual christmas parade and tree lighting firetrucks and other emergency vehicles were all decked out in holiday light, festive event included live music, special visit from santa claus, big hit with the kids. >> all bundle up, good idea, especially today. coming up in the next hour of cbs-3 "eyewitness news", live with how the early morning commuters are dealing with the cold weather. bitter conditions, so you definitely need to dress warmly. >> alsohead, hillary clinton crack ago few jokes during her first speech at the capitol since the election, hear what she had to say. >> and this incredible traffic jam. where this long line of cars was backed up for miles. we're back at the top of the hour. wahhhh... right. in. your. stomach! watch this!... >>yikes, that ice cream was messing with you, wasn't it? try lactaid, it's real ice cream, without that annoying lactose.
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>> blustery winds, bitter temperatures, bundle up for frigid forecast. we're talking about some of the coldest air of the season this morning. >> today is friday, december the ninth, good morning, jim is off. i'm jan carabeo. >> i'm greg argos, keith katie and meisha also off this morning, but fortunately, lauren and pat are here keeping an eye on everything cold, right? >> keeping us warm in here, at least. >> am i little weird when i get out there in the morning it wakes me up, invigorates me? >> bet their coven owe,. >> i nice positive perspective. >> i don't know about this, pat. >> glass half full. >> glass half full. >> let's see if she agrees out there in the colds wetter. >> i don't know, i still neat the the coffee in the morning, especially two cups this morning to help warm us up from bitter cold temperatures. yep, there will be quite a shock to the system even though you knew it was
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comingment temperatures right now, somebody freezing, really at all of the reporting sites across the area, 31 degrees right now in philadelphia. marking our coldest morning, of the season so far. twenty's in reading, same case lancaster, down to 29 degrees in ac. wind speeds up around 15 to 20 miles per hour, so we have the cold temperatures, and then we have those bitter winds on top of that. having big impact on the feels-like temperature right now, feeling like teens in the lehigh valley, same case berks county, teens down the shore, feeling like 21 degrees at this early hour in philadelphia. and it is really not going to get much better. we head through the day today for the 9:00 hour, 34 degrees, still bitter cold. windchills, even for your lunch hour, if you are stepping out, grab that sandwich. you're going to have to bundle up. all of the winter weather accessories feeling like 20's, air temperature up at 39 degrees, into the 5:00 hour, no impact precipitation wise, so the commute will be smooth, but the heat will be cranking, pat, in the car. 37 degrees, still blustery wi


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