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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 9, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> dig out the hats, scarfs, gloves, but the unpure coat, cold air is approaching our region. >> lauren back to tell us more about this chilly forecast. all i can say, at least it isn't snow. >> that's true, although we may see some snow, in part of the area, as we head into the upcoming area. quite the tease, yes, this morning, dealing with dry conditions, couple of flurries up in higher elevations but quiet precipitation wise, do have the cold temperatures, 31 degrees right now in philadelphia.
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>> big impact on the feels-like temperature, feeling more like teens, right now, along portions of the i95 corridor feeling like teens in the lehigh valley windchill temperatures likely re plane in the 20 degrees range, all throughout the day today, 34 degrees for the the hour still dealing with bitter windchills, windy conditions into the lunch hour, 39 degrees, but again, still feeling like 20's, and for your friday evening, if you are headed out on the town, make sure you have the wool socks on, 37 degrees for the 5:00 hour. partly cloudy conditions, still windy, pat, but it is going to be a cold evening, for us ahead. >> i have my finest knit socks on, as we speak, lauren? being would wonderful. >> all ready to go. keeping it warm here in the studio. not so good out here on the schuylkill expressway. take a look at the off ramp toward girard avenue. right here, there is an accident, it is a pretty bad one, as well. it has got the two right lane blocked as well as the
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shoulder, one lane is just sneaking by. so, schuylkill a mess at 5:30 this morning, give yourself a loft extra time using the schuylkill headed into the city. the boulevard southbound near the schuylkill expressway, got some building volume, but still not too bad right now. no major delays here on the roosevelt boulevard. over in new jersey, though, some construction in cherry hill. new jersey, 70, marlton pike, both direct cents, between grove street and cropwell road. one lane is blocked. and that will clear up around 6:00 a.m. also, 295 northbound, actually, both directions, at arena drive, right lane blocked on both sides. that also is until 6:00 a.m. then in brooklawn, new jersey, 130 southbound approaching 551, left lane blocked there. doing little bit of gas line repair. give yourself a loft extra time this morning. starting to heat up on the roadways, guys. >> pat, you are really loving this cold weather. we might have to throw him out. >> little weird, right? >> so brace yourselves, everyone, incredibly low temperatures and painful will you cold winds upon us. >> the first arctic black of the season means chilly morning for commuters,
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"eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live from center sit which more on how this city is coping with the cold. good morning, there, anita. >> good morning, greg, jan, well, i for 1:00 a.m. not coping. pat, i'll definitely switch with you. i need to do some pushups or something. you can feel the biting chill in the air. we have seen people wrapped up in scarfs, hoods today, so how are philadelphians preparing for this cold, round of winter weather coming? well, that just depends on who you ask. >> the season has been out of sing. >> but step outside this morning, you'll be met with the chilly wake wake-up call. >> cold. >> after relatively mild fall, many across the delaware valerie not quite ready for winter weather to head our way. >> i'm super bundled. but it is still cold. i'm just trying to, you know, basically stay up out of the -- staying in the house today. once i go home, after work, house, that's it. staying home. >> jackson made sure to head
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out the door multiple layers on. >> i have thermals, sweat pants, long sleeve shirts, i got a lot on. >> and the same goes for other wait to go catch the bus at 15th and market streets. >> i got three layers on. >> gloria from trinidad, but says she doesn't mind the frosty temperatures. >> oh, it is nice today. >> others say if you don't have anywhere to be today? >> best thing i can say is stay in the house. >> but if you're not staying in the house today, you will want to grab those layers, if you're headed out this morning, and don't for get, bring your pets, plant, inside, as those temperatures keep dropping. but i will tell you though it is cold outside. i'm glad for one that it is in the snowing. live in center city, anita oh, back to you in the studio. >> thank you, go get warm now. >> meanwhile, in other news, scary scene in west philadelphia. as a woman is attack for her handbag. >> take a close look at this surveillance video. two men approaching the victim and proceed to go punch her
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several times before snatching her purse. happened last friday at the 600 block of north 68th street. police are on the hunt for the two suspect, both described to be in their late teens or early 20's. >> the fbi and philadelphia police are looking for the suspect they say robbed a bank, three times, in overbrook. these surveillance photos show the suspect at the police and fire federal credit union on city avenue. and each robbery the suspect wore a different hat. one, a black baseball cap with unknown white writing. another, dark colored black cap, and third, a chicago white sox baseball cap. police are offering a $10,000 reward in the case. police are also looking for a man they say robbed a rite aid pharmacy in west chester. you see him hearing wearing red hoodie with the word temple written on the front of t investigators say on monday he presented a note, the pharmacist, then gave him various pharmaceutical drugs and then he took off. call police if you recognize this suspect. >> a gloucester county man charged with theft for allegedly ripping off a youth
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football league. forty-nine year old michael of williamstown the former treasurer for the south jersey elite invitational youth football league. investigators say, beginning sometime in july, 2014, to earlier this summer, he sole more than $56,000 in league funds, he was indicted by grand jury wednesday, on third agree theft, by deception. >> the time now is 5:36. in business news this morning, how to enjoy the thrills of the holiday inn manhattan without leaving home. >> interesting. what apple is doing to get the hottest new film on itunes. money watch's jill wagner joins us now live from the new york stock exchange, morning, jill. good morning. jan, greg, can investors make it three days in a row of record highs on wall street. on thursday, the dow rose 65-point, to new record high, the nasdaq jumped 23 points. president-elect trump selected fast-food ceo andrew to head the labor department. he's a fast-food executive behind carlos junior, hardy's,
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union critic imposes $15 per hour minimum wage. apple wants to show movies on itunes while still in the theater. apple in talks with universal pictures, warmer brother, 21st century stocks, to make movies available on itunes just two weeks after their release in theater normally about 90 day window. and, google is giving the whole world new experience new york city famous holiday windows, google reported displays at 18 stores, like bloomingdales, sach's fifth avenue tonight create window wonderland video, if you use google, cardboard or google view, you can get a virtual reality experience, also audio guides from the stores creative directors. jan, greg? >> very cool. specially with the two weeks series for movies there. >> yes, exactly, never go to the movie theater again, right? >> right. never leave your home again apparently. >> thanks so much, jill. >> thanks, jill. still ahead right here on "eyewitness news": the new royal portrait showing the
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dutchess of cambridge wearing very special item from princess diana. that's coming up next. >> and we will also have this. i'm kevin frazier, coming up ryan gosling, aim stone, sing and dance their way through la-la land, and all-star cast for epic offers christmas party. >> and you might not like the cold. but these animals sure do. take a look at them rolling around in the snow. >> how cute is that? but before we go to break, we hope you help make the holidays brighter for some children in our area through our "joy of sharing" toyfest events this weekend. we will be collecting toys tomorrow at the philly pops christmas show. >> and on sunday morning before the eagles game, at the wip tailgate zone, hosted by meisha johnson. also, this evening at the 96.5-amp radio let it snow show. >> cbs-3 toyfest, benefits families served by the foundation army, boys and girls club of camden county and the uso. can't make it, we put other drop off locations on our website
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>> the worlds is mourning john glenn, the first to on bit the earth who died thursday at the age every 956789 he's the most recognizeable astronaut, but that was before glenn was decorated marine fighter pilot in 23 years, later senator in the state of ohio.
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at age 77, glenn took to the skies one more time, becoming the oldest person ever in space. >> kate middleton made encouraging trans last night at buckingham palace wearing an item she is rarely seen in. take a look at this. the dutchess of cambridge, wore a tiara, to an annual event honoring britain's diplomatic community. kate wore the cambridge lovers hero wedding present to prince is he diana in 1981. this is the only fifth time kate has worn a tiara since marrying prince william. our team is the elite of the elite. for the heart and soul of this very beach. >> well, grab your towels and sunglasses, because bay watch team is headed to a beach. or rather a theater near you. paramount has released first trail or for the bay watch movie, the comedy stars duane
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janszen, sake ache effron, plenty of running in slow motion, i guess, bay watch surfs into theatres may 19th, 2017. >> and several new films are hitting the theatres this weekend. here's entertainment tonight kevin frazier with a preview. >> this week, jennifer aniston and jason bateman lead all-star comedic cast in a wild night in office christmas party, and ryan gosling and emma stone show off their singing and dancing skills in the old-fashioned musical, la will lands. >> in will la will lan, jazz musician, emma stone is an actress, both struggling to make it in hollywood as they fall in love with each other. the movie features musical numbers and to pull it off, stone and gosling had to put in a lot of work behind the scenes. >> a lot of dance training, a lot of singing, one-on-one with the coach, and with our music supervisor, pre recording the songs, most of the songs streaming live, watching those great old
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musicals, two and a half months of rehearsal. >> ♪ >> europe area having a christmas party tonight? >> not a christmas party. it is a non-de tomorrow national holiday mixer. >> whatever you call it it is not happening. >> office christmas party jennifer aniston plaza buzz kill boss, who doesn't want to let her crew live it up for the holidays. but keep the spirit alive, and it is a party like you've never seen before. >> everything that you would hope to happen at a christmas party, happens at this christmas party. and everything you hope wouldn't happen, also happens at this christmas party. >> i love this company. >> what did you do to him? >> i feel alive. >> for entertainment tonight, i'm kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> it does look funny. i will say that that that bay watch movie just cruel, 30 degrees outside and looking at sunny weather. nothing like that here.
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>> only in our dreams i. >> i absolutely not, old-man-winter has arrived. flew open the doors, stormed in. >> wasn't invited. >> wasn't invited, and now we have to deal with him. but yes, definitely some snow making weather, as we get a live look right now on our pocono cam, the snow machines going, temperatures certainly suitable for that. mother nature will make few snowflakes today in the poconos, remnants of the lake effect snow that will be building in. but checking in with the cbs-3 weather watch they are morning. reporting on the cold conditions, at this early hour, so we check in with some of the numbers right now, and they're sub freezing, in many locations, down to the 20's, so check out what's going on right now, 29 degrees as reported by our cbs-3 weather watcher, ed connor. he has clear sky conditions, chesterfield, new jersey, and he says in the 20's, bring a hot drink with you. i like that idea. sounds good, hot chocolate, maybe some coffee. maybe bailey's inside of it.
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eileen's house, in bill bert burying, pennsylvania, also clear sky conditions, and she said, wild winds, check your outside decorations, good tip, make sure they're still in your yard. so yes, maybe if you have some time, before you head out to work this morning, want to bring santa inside, so he doesn't blow away. we are dealing with these chilly conditions. and we will check out windchill numbers as reported by our weather watchers right now, 21 degrees, 25 degrees, 19 degrees in gilbertsville. contending with the brutal windchills all throughout the day today. speaking of that snowfall storm scan3 showing us, lake effect snow churning out right now, some of the moisture making its way all the way down into the poconos. could see some scattered snow showers throughout the day today. otherwise, some patchy clouds passing on through parts of the area. we should see fair amount of sunshine today in the city. windy conditions, stay with us all throughout the day. feeling like 20's, even in the afternoon, saturday, mostly sunny, bitter chill, high temperatures will not make it out of the 30's, on both sat a day and sunday, threat for
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rain-snow mix we head sunday night into early monday morning, could impact our monday morning commute. as we head into monday, temperatures will rebounds into the 30's. periods of rain, need the umbrella, tuesday drying out, then as we head into next thursday, check that out. pat, 31 degrees, secondary arctic blast. might need two pairs of submit socks by then. >> i don't mind it cold. but when we get into the 31, 30, 29, no, that's not me. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway. this is not good. this is an accident, that is blocking the right two lanes, clean up now underway. major delays, as you are headed toward girard avenue. on the schuylkill eastbound, so you're going to need a lot of extra time this morning to clean up as i mentioned is underway. accident has been push off. so again eve yourself few extra minutes. ninety-five north at 52 in delco, no no major delays right here. pa turnpike different story. while there aren't any delays right now, there is
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construction pa turnpike eastbound past downingtown, the right lane is blocked right there. also, in delaware, keep an eye on. >> this wilmington adams street, the ram top 95 northbound is closed, until 5:00 a.m., on monday, for some sign work in that area. and this one, always fun, when there are some changes to septa regional rails. there is new regional rail schedule will go into effect this sunday, you will want septa. back over to you. >> one of the most magestic and lovable animals on planet earth now at risk. >> of course the world's largest lands animals, some standing more than two stories tall. the international union of conservation of nature says the world-wide population of giraffes has dropped 40% since 1985. >> and oregon zoo, portland, enjoying the very first
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snowfall of their lives. take a look right there. two river otters have never experienced the white stuff before. polar bear nora has never seen it either. born at the oregon zoo and hasn't even turned one year yet. >> how cute are they? >> having some fun in the snow. >> i know, spends about five minutes on youtube now watching this. very cute. >> still ahead right here on "eyewitness news". >> this local mom is among hundreds of families receiving a call they were only dreaming: still ahead, the impact it will have on their children's lives. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> 5:52. back on "eyewitness news", a beautiful shot of the christmas tree right there. the cold weather couldn't kill the excitement for holiday interested anythings south jersey. gloucester city for the annual christmas parade and lighting there. firetrucks, all deck out in holiday lights. the festive event included live music and special visit from santa claus, big hit with the kids. >> well the children's scholarship funds in philadelphia certainly knows the joy one gets from giving. >> the organization delivered a gift, this holiday season, in the form of education. "eyewitness news" was the only one there, as family unwrapped a lifetime of possibilities. >> if your family has directed for a scholarship. >> oh, yes! >> when niema dreamed of high quality education for her girls, she never thought a phonecall would make it come true.
5:54 am
>> oh, my gosh. this is awesome. >> can you guys all give them a big cheer? (cheers). >> on thursday pennsylvania speaker of the house, michael joined parent, volunteers, from children's scholarship fund of philadelphia to personally call the families of philadelphia students, select today receive four year scholarships to tuition based k through eighth grade schools of their choice. >> you know, with them, getting the opportunity to go to these great schools, the sky is the world. >> six year old kiam a and four year old zerema, student randomly select from the pool of 6500 applicants. on this night, jackie robinson was among those making calls. but remembers what it was like to receive one. >> i gotten a parent on the phone who was like crying, the same way i cried when i got the call. so it just makes me feel amazing. >> the organization which focuses on k through eighth grades, aims to build critical, academic, social skills early on, something soon to be first grader kiama
5:55 am
doesn't take for granted. >> i'm excited to go to a new school and play and learn. >> children's scholarship fund gave me this opportunity for my children to grow in, be great, do great things. nicole brewer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and last night's event ended the organization campaign for 10,000 children. >> it raised $62 million when a job well done, awarded 10,000 new four year scholarships and five years. great work. >> coming up next, on cbs-3 "eyewitness news", it is a holiday tradition for local families. george, the nutcracker, returns to the academy of music tonight. many of the dancers are from around the world, and we talked to them about their holiday traditions. >> plus get this: mick jaggar is 73 years old. but don't tell him that. his age doesn't seem to slow him down on stage or in life. but what he is doing that most people his age would shy away from. coming up.
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>> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> two words of advice this morning, bundle up. first arctic blast of the season has arrived, even making snow in the poconos. lawyer len let us know just how cold it will get. >> also this morning, a mother is found murdered inside of her very own home. who police say made a chilling confession to the crime. plus this: >> i'm hena daniels, in new york, more on trump's transition to the white house coming up. >> today is friday, december the eighth, good morning, i'm greg argos in for jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo. katie and meisha are also off. so pat, lauren, here keeping an eye on things this morning, good morning, guys. chilly out there. but lauren, you were saying, you worked in minnesota this is not real a big deal?
6:00 am
>> little bit after transition. i walked out this morning, oh, it is not that bad out. but for, you know? >> i do like the snow making though. because i'm skier. i know a lot of people are. >> one glove. >> yes, one glove. >> don't worry, pat, we will sends you out there soon enough. >> i feel bad for anita oh, who is out there right now. i'm sure she would like to trade plans cents. >> yes, for non-minnesota living people, it is quite chilly outside. coldest morning. season so far, in philadelphia, teetering on the edge of 20's right now, 30 degrees, in philly, we've got 20's in reading, 22 degrees in mount pocono. even in ac, down to 29 degrees. and 29 in dover. then on top of the bitter cold temperatures, we have this breeze, it is up around 15, 20 miles per hour, even gusts newspaper in the mid 20 per mile range, wind will stay with us through the day today, have big impact on the feels like temperature, so feeling more like teens, right now, in the lehigh valley, same case along portions.


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