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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> little bit after transition. i walked out this morning, oh, it is not that bad out. but for, you know? >> i do like the snow making though. because i'm skier. i know a lot of people are. >> one glove. >> yes, one glove. >> don't worry, pat, we will sends you out there soon enough. >> i feel bad for anita oh, who is out there right now. i'm sure she would like to trade plans cents. >> yes, for non-minnesota living people, it is quite chilly outside. coldest morning. season so far, in philadelphia, teetering on the edge of 20's right now, 30 degrees, in philly, we've got 20's in reading, 22 degrees in mount pocono. even in ac, down to 29 degrees. and 29 in dover. then on top of the bitter cold temperatures, we have this breeze, it is up around 15, 20 miles per hour, even gusts newspaper in the mid 20 per mile range, wind will stay with us through the day today, have big impact on the feels like temperature, so feeling more like teens, right now, in the lehigh valley, same case along portions. i95 corridor, feeling like
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single digits, in the poconos. and in your day planner, not a whole lot of improvement. we will see fair amount of sunshine today, calling it mix every sunday, clouds, bitter cool windchills, even into the 9:00 hour. 34 degrees, still feeling like two's, even on your lunch hour with few more clouds around. >> cooling off with windy conditions staying with us, pat, we drop actually into the 20's tonight. and we will have bit of breeze, so talk about where the windchills are headed for our saturday morning coming up in just a few. >> i think i speak for everyone when i say that it is the winds that really stinks. the cold, the sun is fine, it is the winds. >> i concur. >> today no different here at of in the morning on the schuylkill. penndot crews are pushing off, which is actually a good thing, which means that they're re-opening this, the right two lanes have been closed due to accident. looks like there was some debris, little bit of spill off to the shoulder.
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so, they've cleared that out. that means traffic is moving once again on the schuylkill if you're headed in toward town. also headed toward philadelphia, here on new jersey, 42 freeway, toward 295. looks like this volume is building, that is normally does around 6:00 on friday morning. but, looking pretty good right now, also, delaware, south of wilmington, i9 at southbound, off ramp to 141, an accident right there. the right lane is blocked. also, in cherry hill, new jersey, 07 both directions between grove and cropwell. one lane blocked there. looks like they'll wrap that up. and, 295 in both directions, at arena drive. there is construction, again there is one is wrapping up as well. jan, greg, back to you. >> pat, thanks so much. looks like it is time to break out the winter coats. >> unfortunately so. because today we welcome the season's first glass of arctic air. "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, out there. live this morning where commuters are battling the cold. you know what, greg, so is anita. good morning, anita. how does it feel?
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>> reporter: good morning, jan, greg, well, it is cold, that kind of trunk dollars little bit every time lauren says snow or arctic. thankfully that's not happening here. but there is that biting chill in the air. we're seeing tons of people really bundle up today with the scarfs, those gloves, those heavy winter coats, take a look at some of the video we shot not too long ago. of people getting ready for their morning commute, headed out the door, really layered up. some of them say they're actually ready for the drop in temperatures for the snow to head our way. but others say, they're not so happy about having to bundle up this morning. take a listen. >> i'm super bundled. basically stay in the house today. once i go home, after work, house, that's it. >> that is it. you will definitely want to
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layer up if you're headed out the door. pack those gloves, that scarf, because it is starting to get really really chilly out here. but i will say, look at this beautiful view. dilworth park, with the christmas lights, the christmas tree, this is the positive part of the cold weather, just really makes it feel more like christmas. but, officials also say, you know, bring in the pets, the plants, as those temperatures continue to drop. live in center city this morning, anita oh, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much, anita. >> and anita not out there alone. casey coon our photograph is her doing out there doing good work, too. >> yes, scott has his thick hat out here. >> and five layers, trust me, i know. thank you, anita. and at least we don't have snow, right? most of the country is dealing with heavy snow, white-out conditions and sub zero temperatures. blinding snowstorms cause major pile up in several states yesterday, including michigan where at least three people died. part of the deep south could even see single digit temperatures this weekend.
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>> and, don't forget. you can always get the eyewitness weather forecast, where ever you are, whenever you want, on the cbs philly weather app. available for your apple and android devices, just search for cbs philly in the app store. >> 6:05 now. mother is found murdered inside her bucks county home. police say the son is the killer. fifty-two year old rebecca cope found dead yesterday afternoon. police say a 911 call was made to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. then officers found 30 year old zachary cope, partially dressed and appeared to have been in some sort of fight. >> police officers track him back down to 23 lower hilltop road where the police enter the home, and they finds his mother dead in the kitchen floor. >> officers say cope then confessed to murdering his own mother. he was taken into custody and charged. police need your help identifying the hit-and-run driver who struck a 12 year old boy in new castle,
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delawarement take a close look at this surveillance video. police say the car that hit the child on monday is a red 2004-2010 chrysler 300. the driver side mirror is missing, and the passenger side mirror has yellow tinted glass with a chrome back. if you have any information, call new castle county police. >> outpouring of love for new jersey state trooper killed in a head on on crash this week. hundreds gathered last night for a candlelight vigil to honor trooper franky william. the 31 year old state trooper was responding to call of irradic driver on route 55 millville monday night. that driver costed the median killing williams and himself. those who attended the vigil called trooper williams a true hero. >> that troop is her in heaven looking down upon us saying i'm okay. >> he was a newlywed, and next
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month would have mark one year on the police force. >> we now the funeral plans for trooper williams, vying at boardwalk hall in atlantic city monday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. family and friend, law enforcement 10:00 a.m. to 12 noon, and the funeral begins at noon on boardwalk hall. >> breaking news from overnight. the first female leader every south korea has been impeached. president park jen high allegedly has links to governmental corruption scandal, not clear so far if park will be called to testify during court priest over the scandal. >> president-elect donald trump begins the day at trump tower in new york, will meet with democratic senator john mansion. mr. trump then gets back on the road, cbs news correspondent hena daniels has more. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump continued his thank you tour thursday night in iowa. the state's governor has been
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selected by mr. trump to be the next us ambassador to china. >> the nation of china's responsible for almost half of america's trade deficit. they haven't played by the rules, and i know it is time that they're going to start. >> the president-elect also hinted atmore cabinet picks. >> i think you'll be liking some of the things we will be putting forward in the not too distant future. you know what i mean? >> earlier in the day, his team announced fast-food ceo andrew as head of the labor department, a move that raised eyebrows because he strongly opposes large minimum wage increases. another move making headlines, mgm confirmation that the president-elect will keep his executive producer credit on celebrity apprentice. >> actually unusual news. >> variety magazine's managing editor says the credit does raise questions, he says, producer credits in hollywood can mean different things.
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>> in hollywood nothing out of the ordinary for produce tears get a credit on the show, their names on the show, and they don't do anything. right now, i couldn't imagine that trump wouldn't way in on the show. >> today mr. trump's victory taken to baton rouge, louise ann, a grand rap it, michigan. hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> meantime hillary clinton made her return to capitol hill for the first time since the election. and she even cracked some jokes during the speech. >> this is not, actually the speech at the capitol i hoped to be giving after the election but after two tweaks of taking selfies in the woods, i thought it would be a good idea to come out. >> secretary clinton was addressing a group of senators, she was therefore the unveiling of senator harry reid's portrait in the senate. bit of light hearted moment there. >> still ahead on "eyewitness news" this morning, a
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startling revelation found in an oakland fire department inspection report. what it says about the ghost ship warehouse, where dozens of people were killed in that catostrophic fire. >> plus: new research sheds some light on when breast cancer cells start to spread to other part of the body. that's in this morning's health watch. >> and starbucks whips up something special for pokemon go players. didn't realize that was still a thing. >> oh, right. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i haven't said it in a while. >> okay. >> and as we get your day started, mick jag is her shock ago lot of people with a percent until announcement. >> hear what the 73 year old is celebrating. coming up.
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>> oakland warehouse fire that destroyed and killed 36 people may never have been inspected by city fire officials, officials in al meade a count can i not low kade any records of inspections for hire hazards, officials say all commercial buildings must be inspected every year. but the city fire prevention bureau is severely under staffed. the city's mayor was testee when questioned about the building's expected history. >> i do not know the answer to that question and i don't need to know the answer to that question. to tell that you we can improve our fire inspection and prevention process. >> officials say there are only nine inspectors in oakland right now, more than 12,000 properties to be inspect dollars every year. >> here is something that people will definately be talking about today. >> seventy-three year old mick jag is her announcing the
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birth of his eighth child. >> number eight. told jagger was at the new york hospital when his 30 year old girlfriends, gave birth to a son. statement says jagger anibal rena melanie are quote delighted and mom and baby are doing well. jagger already has seven children, ranging in age from their teens to their 40's, he also has two grandchildren. age sure doesn't seem to be slowing him down. >> seventy-three, that means his next child will be going into column wedge he is what in his 90s. >> oh, my goodness. >> some quick math here on "eyewitness news". that's incredible, though. >> you know, he looks good. he feels good. keep it going, i guess. >> just a number. >> well, might not be feeling too good, as soon as you step outside this morning, because you are going to greet old-man-winter. getting live look at center city philadelphia, quiet conditions, precipitation wise, fair amount of sunshine today, won't help us out in the temperature department. fref the reporting site across the area, 30 in the lehigh valley, 23 mount pocono.
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29 degrees right now in reading. and this arctic air mass, not the only ones suffering. it has plunged well south even into northern florida. places like atlanta, at 28 degrees right now. nineteen in st. louis. 26 degrees in birmingham, alabama, then check out numbers, really getting taste of the arctic air, portions of the northern planes, 14 below right now in bismarck, north dakotas we head through the day today, maybe it makes feel little better about 40 degrees, northwest winds 15 to 20 miles per hour, we keep the chin will temperatures in the two's throughout the day, mix every sunday, clouds, then tonight, 27 degrees. still little breezy at times, partly cloudy conditions, windchill temperatures likely in the teens, as we head late into tonight. storm scan3, showing us lake effect snow, impacting part of the northeast, couple of the flurries making their way into parts of carbon, monroe county, few passing by even the lehigh valley. should see fair amount of sunshine across most of the area today. first head into sunday night, and on monday, system zero to watch. measure recall snow looking
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likely in the poconos, maybe some accumulation at this point possible in the lehigh valley. a period of light snow late sunday night, early monday morning in the northwest suburbs shall even you can see rain-snow mix in the sit that i could have big impact on our monday morning commute. so, some of the future snowfall projections slowing us just light accumulation, center city and surrounding counties, but we could see more moderate accumulations up in some of the higher elevations, but it is going to be cold weekend, altogether, high temperatures, pair of 39's for both saturday, sunday, and any snow we do see monday morning will quickly transportation rainfall with high temperatures, pat, middle 40's. >> bitter winds. we don't want to hear that. you know what else makes me bitter? the schuylkill, every single day, today is no different. we've had couple of accident that have since cleared in the philadelphia area. but we're still seeing the traffic pick up as you head toward the city of philadelphia this year at spring garden. some minor delays right here, again, the accidents have cleared, but there is going to be some residual delays outside of philadelphia. a look at the vine street expressway, this is actually
6:17 am
looking pretty goodment normally one of the trouble spots, at 6:17 a.m., but give you things up on this one. this though is problem going to the map of 95, excuse me, 295 northbound route 30. there is an accident that has the two left lanes blocked, the couple of cars involved in this one. and this is going to slow you down here, 295 northbound, so keep an eye on. that will we'll take a quick breakment be right back here on
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>> newspaper headlines. >> on the front page of the intelligence err, teacher pensions, costs are on the rise, the district will pay 32.5% of the pennsylvania public school employees retirement system. that's 8.5% increase. >> and, the burlington county times residents are fuming over redevelopment traffic plans. a standing room only crowd packed the latest township council meet to go complain about the impact amazon's new distribution center has had on the area near florence-columbus road. some say the traffic has caused accidents, others complains the noise. and in the bucks county courier times, a live nativity drawing crowds to new live christian church in newtown township. neighbors say it captures the true spirit of the season. >> and that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. pokemon go fans have a reason to go to starbucks. >> coffee chain introducing new pokemon go frappuccino. drink frozen raspberry and
6:21 am
blackberry flavored take on its vanilla bean frappuccino. it will be sold at 78 hubble locations, that are listed as pokee stops for gyms. these are places where pokemon go players catch creatures, battle other people. thethe drink will be out for limited time. i think that script in a different language. >> the pokemon language. >> oh, okay. >> up next, on "eyewitness news", a special doll that is helping young cancer patients. >> and having a dog or cat can be fun, and it can help with lonliness. but pets can also help you keep healthy. find out how in our health watch.
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(bright music) ♪ (it will be a good weekend for shopping, because you will want to spend some time indoors, scattered snow showers probable both saturday, sunday, high temperatures don't even break freezing throughout the weekends, in the city high temperatures only in the upper 30s. sunshine, it will be frigid. still bit breezy saturday to kick off the weekend. more clouds as we head into sunday, and even down the shore, 38 degrees, with sunshine to start the weekend. few more clouds as we head into sunday, do have the chance of wintery mix, sunday night, we will talk more about that coming up in just a few. >> thanks, lauren, in the health watch this morning, new reserve that much could change the way doctors treat breast cancer? the study shows breast cancer cells spread to other part of the body, fairly late during
6:25 am
tumor development. this could help patients by giving doctors longer window between diagnosis and treatment. >> the us surgeon general calls e cigarette trends alarming, reveals 16% of high school student reported vaping last year, the surgeon general says the exposure to nicotine is harmful to brain development, which could lead to a full new generation of nicotine addict. and pets don't just make good pals. they can also help manage mental health. english researchers say the physical presence of pets is calming, therapeutae. patient also say their pets make they will feel validated and district them from their symptoms. >> family who lost their six year old daughter to cancer finding hope and all getting start wad doll. >> the doll modelled to look just like the little girl she name after who lost her fight with neuroblastoma in march. her family is taking the first steps in creating a non-profit in her name out in california. >> when dez had i cancer, she would role play with her
6:26 am
dolls, and she would be the doctor, and they were the patient. and she would check their vitals, and put iv ports in the dolls. and so just watching her do this, we saw gas very therapeutic for her. >> now, the doll debuted at the ribbon cutting of the desi strong foundation which is using money intended to help desi with her cancer treatment to give back. >> great practice there. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", how people are remembering groundbreaking astronaut john glenn. >> so he'll be president of the united states, but it doesn't mean donald trump is giving up his job on celebrity preen tis, the role he intends it keep, that's coming up. anita? >> reporter: well, say good-bye to the mild fall. is the colder weather is moving right on n i'm anita oh, in center city. next how philadelphians are reacting. pat gallen, hope you have toasty in there. >> stay warm out there, and eat a we are keeping an eye on the roadways, this right here
6:27 am
see it below the banner there. accident 295 northbound, this is definately slowing you down. we will tell but all of the traffic issues in our area. "eyewitness news" continues whi my life on hold.te, i've got a big night planned with my friends. and i want to enjoy every moment of it. that's why i use fast-acting excedrin for my headaches. excedrin has two pain fighters plus a booster. and for some, headache relief starts in just 15 minutes.
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>> here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> if you haven't done so already, you may want to break out those winter coats. >> i see your scarf on. i don't see gloves, anita. >> i probably should get them on. i got this fun assignment this morning. >> they find his mother deaths on the kitchen floor. >> find his mother dead in her bucks county home. >> my son was a hero since the day he was born.
6:31 am
>> hundreds gather for candlelight vigil to remember a new jersey state trooper killed in a head on crash. >> john glenn the first american astronaut to orbit the earth has died at the age of 95. >> he was. >> a great american hero. truely great american hero. >> he scores >> the flyers on role winning their seventh straight game. incredible, longest winning streak for the fly guys since 2011 think host the dallas stars tomorrow afternoon, may not feel that cold at the welshing considering that outside it be could be frigid >> feeling like hockey weather. blustery wind, as well,
6:32 am
leading to fertile windchill temperatures this morning, 30 degrees in abington, at 28 degrees right now in nazareth, 29 degrees, in reading, in ac, 27 degrees. with the winds out of the west-northwest at around ten to 15 miles per hour. having that effect on our feels-like temperatures, as we head through this morning, windchills falling down into the teens and many locations, if you're not already there, even by lunchtime. windchills still in the 20's degrees range. >> we'll see some improvement headed out throughout our saturday as far as breezy conditions with the windchill impact still pretty brutal. so, staying breezy as we head specially into saturday, less wind, into sunday, high temperatures running about 10 degrees below average. morning, feeling like the teens, afternoon, feeling like the 20's, and i think, pat, we
6:33 am
can officially deem this an arctic blast. >> yes, i guess you really have no choice, do you, lauren? it stinks. but what are you going to do about it? it is wintertime. approaching the holidays, this sort of thing happens. >> this sort of things happening a lot, too. ninety-five northbound, right past the walt whitman bridge, as you see there is car being towed out of the way. so slow down, slow down here. this had been pushed off to the shoulder. no delays going on in this area. but, road flares still out there. the boulevard at the schuylkill expressway, we have building volume still moving at a rapid pace. minor delays in this area so far this morning. so that's a thumbs-up when the schuylkill is like that. an accident and serious one. new jersey, 295 northbound, at route 30, only the shoulder is getting by. and a multi-vehicle accident here. two left lanes block with the accident. so, there are big delays in this area over in new jersey. also, an accident, joshua road at germantown pike, lafayette hill. this will slow you noun that
6:34 am
area. and couple of things to look forward to on septa. regional rails, new schedule goes into effect sunday, so check for that, for the specific line, and the airport doing some bussing, saturday, sunday, 4:30 a.m., until 4:30 a.m. the next morning, due to construction, at jenkintown. so about bundle up for the roadways. >> pat, everyone else, brails yourselves foreign yesterday bridge low temperatures and painfully cold winds. >> the first arctic blast of the season means chilly morning for commuters, "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live from center city with more on how the city coping with the cold. good morning, and eat a i see you all bundle up there. >> good morning, we are not coping, greg, and jan, very cold out here. if you have walked outside, and felt the chill right down to your bones, that's how it feels, i feel like a walking icicle. it is the same story for a loft commuters head today work this morning, completely bundle up. >> the season has been out every signing. >> step outside this morning, you'll be met with the chilly
6:35 am
wake-up call. >> cold. >> after relatively mild fall, many across the delaware valley not quite ready for winter weather to head our way. >> i'm super bundled, but still cool. >> just staying in the house today. once i go home, after work, house, that's it. steak home. >> he made sure to head out with multiple layers on. >> thermals, sweat pants, long sleeve shirts, i got a lot on. >> and the same goes for others, wait to go catch the bus at 15th and market streets. >> i got three layers on. >> gloria from trinidad, but says she doesn't minds the frosty temperature. >> i'm doing good. it is nice today. >> if you don't have anywhere to be today? >> best thing i can say is stay in the house. >> so if you are headed out this morning you may want to layer up. don't forget to take care of the pets, plants, and someone
6:36 am
with column take care of me and my very very cold photographer, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", and each an oh,. >> i see you have the gloves on now, good job. >> don't from get you can get eyewitness weather forecasts where ever you are whenever you want on the cbs philly weather app. available for your apple or android device. search for the cbs philly in the app store. >> deadly crash in mount pocono, kills two teenagers, and police say, the accident was streamed live on facebook. the 18 and nine year old friends from a scranton area died on tuesday. police say they were hit from behind by a tractor-trailer on interstate 380. the live video, which is no longer on line, apparently shows the impact from inside of the teens car. cause of the crash remains under investigation. >> police are searching for these two suspect, who attacked a woman for her purse in west philadelphia. two men confronted the victim as she walked last friday along the 600 block of north 68th street. police say the woman was punched several times during
6:37 am
the struggle, both suspect are described to be in their late teens or early 20's. >> the fbi and philadelphia police are looking for the suspect they say robbed this same bank three times in overbrook. these are surveillance photos of the suspect of the police and fire federal credit unions on city avenue. and each robbery the suspect wore a hat. in one, a baseball cap with with unknown white writing, in another, flat cap, and the third, black chicago white sox baseball cap. police are offering $10,000 reward in that case. >> police looking foreman they say robbed a rite aid formes in west chester, see him here wearing a red hoodie with temple written on it, on monday present add demand vote. call police if you recognize the suspect. >> this morning, we are remembering john glenn first american astronaut to orbit the earth. he died yesterday, at the age of 95. police no him best though, people know him best, though,
6:38 am
in his space suit. by glenn -- glenn started out as decorated marine corpse fighter pilot in two wars. later he represented his native ohio as democratic us senator. at age 77, glenn went onto stars one last time becoming the oldest person ever in space. >> now, president obama released a statement on glenn's passing, in part, saying, glenn lifted the homes of the nation when he blasted off from cape canaveral in 1962 and on behalf of grateful nation, god speed, john glenn. >> president-elect donald trump took to twitter as well to remember glenn. he tweeted today we lost a great pioneer of air and space in john glenn, he was a hero, and inspired generations every future explorers. he will be missed. >> today president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour of state that he won in the election. he and vice president elect mike pence will address in grand rapids michigan. yesterday announced terry brand stat will be his.
6:39 am
s ambassador to china will come here to hershey, pennsylvania, also. >> jill stein's legal team will be in philadelphia federal court today. argue for recount of all presidential election ballots in pennsylvania. state election officials are asking the judge to dismiss sign's lawsuit. they count their a recount won't change the state's election results. but stein's fight has had it victories. chester county officials announcing they will recount 190,000 ballots cast in the election. >> meantime president-elect donald trump will remain executive producer on his hit show the celebrity preen tis, and nbc and trump campaign announced he will keep his credit as executive producer even after he becomes president, also reports the show's producer mark burnette could be be, returns with arnold swartznaeger. >> coming up, the wild animal edging closer to extinction. >> plus, holiday tradition for local families.
6:40 am
seeing the nutcracker performed by the pennsylvania ballet. up next hear from the dancer who come from all over the world about their holiday tradition. pat? >> good morning, guys. tomorrow here on cbs-3 the range national champion johns, connect basketball and families of 9/11. we'll tell you about it on the
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♪ great way, we have the weather, the christmas lights, really the season? very festive, very beautiful. the parkway christmas tree and city hall, looking great. >> big night for the pennsylvania vallet. the nut contrary err returns to the academy of music. >> seeing the show as holiday tradition for many families across l delaware vale, you
6:44 am
know what, as it turns out, dance here come from all over the worlds, our tradition with their own. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> famous score with colorful sets, costumes, bit of magic, and you have a passer piece that's the nutcracker ballet. >> like having a hot chocolate in front of the fire and with your family and sitting in front -- >> artistic director angle corella is right, it is a holiday tradition for many. but before opening night, "eyewitness news" stepped behind the scenes. >> the pennsylvania ballet now boasts dancers from nearly dozen countries, with holiday traditions of their own. >> we call it -- >> working so far away from home, some of their holiday favorite are near impossible to duplicate. >> creates amazing christmas fitting every year --
6:45 am
>> other traditions look familiar. here, as a child, from ukraine. >> it is not santa claus. it is like grandpa frozen. >> for her the holiday three kings day celebrated in january. >> what cookies for the kings, because they have very busy night. >> dominick from australia has adopt add tradition. he builds gingerbread house that is become more elaborate by the year. >> what you can do, put lights inside and then they shine through the glass. >> celebrating philly this year, making independence hall, while some admit being away from home during the holidays can be tough? >> real a family thing. so of course we started missing my family. >> their upcoming two dozen shows, those who come to see them dance feel like family. >> love, and getting together with your family, getting together with your friends. it is universal.
6:46 am
>> indeed it is. pa ballet's the nutcracker opens tonight, and runs through december 31, and if you would like to get tickets, we of course have a link posted on our website at >> i'm sure in the story you get to see behind the scenes, spike to the performers. more respect for it all. >> incredible, nice athletes, nice people, work hard, put on great show. no reason to miss it. two dozen performances. got to get out there. lot of excitement in south jersey for another holiday tradition. >> the cold weather not stopping the crowds from lining up in gloucester city for the annual christmas tree parade and relying. firetrucks and other emergency vehicles were all decked out in holiday lights. the festive event also included live music, and special visit from santa claus who of course was a big hit with the kids. >> and they're all bundled up, they're smart, the parent said you're not going out there to see the lights unless you have everything covered up like the christmas store. >> i absolutely.
6:47 am
weed that again this morning, definately, santa, one person that likes the cold weather. checking in with the weather watchers, some of them really not liking this frigid air, too too much. we'll head down 27 degrees, right now, peter, in williamstown, new jersey, he's reporting clear sky conditions, and he says, i hate this cold. can we please go to summer again, well, unfortunately, not. yep, some people just not digging these cold temperatures, now that it is officially feels like winter. we check in with our weather watchers in nottingham, pennsylvania, frank reporting 26 degrees, winds about 12 miles per hour, he says he's thankful for the remote start to his car this morning. but he's wishing for the seat heaters. i think we all would like those seat theatres this morning with the cold temperatures. also seeing few flakes in parts of the area. couple of flurries passing by, parts of the poconos, due to some lake effect snow well up winds, seeing few clouds toward the lehigh valley. head into the next several days, the weather story of
6:48 am
course will be the cold today. windy feeling like 20's all throughout the day. tomorrow, high temperatures, not making it out of the three's, we'll have some nice sunshine, but definitely bitter chill, dry early on sunday again high temperatures upper 30's, and we will see the chance of rain-snow mix as we head into the overnight period. and this is just the first, i know, bad news, of two arctic blasts as we head into late next week, again, we are going to see arctic air snelling across the delaware vale maybe even potentially chances for light snow, it will be the coldest on thursday and friday, high temperatures will struggle to hit the freezing mark. something to look forward to for the upcoming weekends, though, we deal with the first artery blast, high temperatures at 39 degrees, pat, saturday and sunday. >> not good formee i lost one glove yesterday. need to find. that will a look at chopper three, an accident, 295 northbound, at route 30. there are eight vehicles involved right here. causing major delay. 295 northbound at route 30,
6:49 am
with eight cars involved, causing a huge back up in this area. so if you are going this way, over in jersey, take your time, also, give yourselves extra time on top of it. let's take a look at the ben franklin bridge. actually this is the vine street expressway right now with some building volume in both directions, but for ten of 7:00 in the morning, actually not too bad. this is normally one of the trouble spots, if you are headed in and out of the city of philadelphia. so that's the vine looking a-okay right now. this is in wilmington, 459 northbound past 12th street. accident right here. and as we go to pennsylvania, joshua road, germantown pike, accident in the intersection, blogging some things there. over to new jersey, water main break, us130 northbound at 47, the right lane blocked there. but, our trouble spot obviously is 295 northbound, i'll keep an eye on that. >> pat, thanks so much. it is now 6:49. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell joins us live now from new york, with a preview. morning, nora. >> good morning, to you, greg,
6:50 am
jan. we start with weather. there is heavy snow and cold weather across the country, tracking dangerous conditions. plus, former trump campaign chairman pan manhattan ford is here, we want to talk with him about the president-elect transition and cabinet picks. >> and then, this story, group of marine snipers became on zested when get more girls more than decade ago while deployed at war. how the reunion show is bringing these marines back together. you will love this story. the news is back in the morning. we will see in you about ten minutes, hope you have a fantastic friday. >> thanks so much, you too, nor a say it isn't so, the days of no phonecalls on flights could be numbered. department of transportation announcing new proposal that would require airlines and ticket agents to notify passengers if phonecalls are allowed in flight. >> ftc currently bans the use of cell phones using radio frequency. but the quality of calls using wifi is expected to improve the transportation department now taking public input about
6:51 am
the idea. >> conservationists call it silent innings continuing sean. >> sad. international group sales the worlds wide population of giraffes is down 40% in 30 years. giraffes are the world's tallest lands animals. the international union for conservation of nature says the wild giraffe population has dropped to just 97,000, experts blame the on-going loss of their natural habitats. >> well, this weekend, you can catch the number one team in the country playing hoops for a great cause. >> pat gallen is here, telling us who this weekend? >> pretty cool basketball tournament, and it is not too far away, if you want to go see it. wildcats continue to play at high level right now. they remain undefeated on the year at eight and zero, and will play very meaningful game on saturday. >> here cbs-3 this saturday afternoon, range national champions will take part in special basketball tournament, and khloe will be there. >> i'm here because the families of the freedom foundation and villanova
6:52 am
basketball is playing in the never forget tribute classic. >> this college hoops double-header from the prudential center in north jersey support the families of freedom. a scholarship funds, established to provide education, assistance, to dependents of people killed or disable in the september 11 attacks. two families involved have ties to villanova, and were invited to attend practice with the champs. plaguer jetty lost his father steven in the worlds trade center on 9/11, because of the scholarship he and sister al lakes an able to attend november a. >> fun, great organization, that has helped a loft us get to where we want to be. without it, i don't know where i would be, obviously, great feeling to have, and having a backing of an organization like this, just huge. >> the scholarships help khloe get into the nursing program. her father dennis was killed
6:53 am
in the attacks. >> offer setting the cost of my college tuition, making villanova more affordable, more possible for me to a ten. >> right says the meeting put in focus how monumental the tragedy was, especially for his players too young to under stands. >> so gave us good chance to talk about it as a team. >> paul follows in his father's footsteps. >> i work with my dad's firm in new york. so it is great. my sister is a senior here. she will be graduating this may. >> help from the families every freedom. you can see the game at number one villanova taking on 23rd ranked notre dame in the never forget tribute. tips at noon here on cbs-3. really cool that they're involved in a game like this, jay wright write told me one every his friends and neighbors was killed in the
6:54 am
9/11 attack. so he like many americans were certainly affected by that day. >> $100 million given out by the families every freedom. >> thank you, pat. >> we will be right back with three to go.
6:55 am
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>> before you lever the house here's three to go. >> mother is found murdered inside of her lower makefield home. police say the woman's son confessed to the crime, taken into custody and charged. >> funeral arrangements made for state trooper franky williams killed in a head on collision monday night. he will be laid to rest in atlantic city monday. >> president-elect donald trump travels to grand rapids, michigan today as part every his thank you tour. he will come to hershey, pennsylvania next week. >> and that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic, looking pretty cold out there? >> windchills in the two's, all throughout the day. breeze lets up little bit tonight. still breezy at times. 39 degrees, sunshine, 39 sunday, chance of rain-snow mix late sunday night early monday morning, and we transition to rain by monday midday. >> not too bad for a friday morning, except right here, this is new jersey. >> twenty-nine at northbound new jersey, eight cars involved in this accident. no reported injuries, at this time, which is definately a
6:59 am
good thing, but, residual delays, they're ugly over in that area. the maps, everyone moving pretty well so far this morning. >> now something guaranteed to get you in the holiday spirit. penguins dressed up as santa claus. what could be better this is from a holiday park in japan. >> we're told the staff dresses the young penguins every day and takes them on walkedment naturally their big hit, pretty hard to resist. i could agree with that. >> should get some tickets. they do it over in camden, actually. i hung out with them once. >> give them your one glove. >> that one glove. >> next on cbs this morning, a look at how four marine snipers bonded over the tv show gilmore girls. >> yep, have a great day and a wonderful weekend, everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
♪ good morning. this is friday, december 9th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." twin storms blast much of the country with snow and cold. millions of americans face dangerous driving conditions. president-elect trump says his wealthy cabinet picks will make america rich again. his latest choice is a fast food executive who opposes raising the minimum wage. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is in studio 57 with an inside look at the transition. plus how to deal with an emergency on your airplane. we will go inside a simulator where crews are trained to get everyone out in less than 90 seconds. we begin with a look at today's eye opener, your


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