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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> bitter cold, the city bundles up, hot beverages; and the walk to work, maybe didn't stay warm for too long. >> the sun is shining this noon, but not enough to warm us up. i'm greegree coast in for jim donovan. >> i'm jan carabeo, more on this bitter blast, how cold it will get this weekend. cold winds will really shock
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us outside. >> absolutely, hit you in the face like just wall of brick, old-man-winter, making his presence definitely known across the region, and temperatures are going to struggle today, despite some of the sunshine, and 37 degrees, right now, that's it in philadelphia. thirty-six in l an end town, still hanging onto 20's mount pocono. 37 degrees right now in wildwood. and then to add insult to injury, we have these bitter wick winds, wind speeds up around 20 miles per hour at many of the reporting sites, with even higher gusts, gust to go 31 miles per hour, in reading. gusting to 29 in atlantic city. so you combine the wind, and the chilly temperatures, and the feels-like temperatures are still in the 20's, across much of the area, despite the fact that it is lunchtime feeling like 27 degrees if philadelphia, still feeling like teens in mount pocono. and not much improvement as we head into the second half of your day, as we head into the evening hours, yes, conversely, seeing temperatures drop off pretty significantly, under mostly clear skies, bitter windchills
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into the 5:00 hour, by 9:00, actual air temperatures, nearing the freezing mark. so, windchills overnight tonight, yes, they'll be dropping off into the teens, late tonight, even as we head into tomorrow, and sunday afternoon, those windchill temperatures will likely remain in that 20 degrees range. so when can we kick this arctic air out? i'll thanes and have more details on the possibility of wintery type weather headed into the weekend, your full forecast coming up. >> lauren, thank youment don't forget you can get the eyewitness weather forecast where ever you are, whenever you want, on the cbs philly wet ear app, available for your apple or android device, the search for cbs philly in the app store. >> at least philadelphia region, not dealing with the snow, the ice, the white out conditions, hitting other part of the country. back-to-back storms are slamming much of the nation, the blast of wintery weather is creating dangerous conditions, and triggering traffic pileups along the pennsylvanian new york border. get the latest now from reporter, alley ingersole in bustleton.
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>> dangerous and deadly storms blasted the east coast and midwest thursday. >> crews fought against fast falling snow. icy roadways, led to dangerous conditions. >> vehicle accident, i90 westbound. ten to 15 vehicles involved. >> in erie, pennsylvania, part of interstate 90 looks more like an abandoned junk yard. >> one vehicle through the med yan head on into a semi. >> heavy snowfall triggered crash involving at least 13 vehicles. fifteen people were reportedly hurt. further down i90 near the pennsylvania border, a 75-car pile up shut down the interstate. it remained closed for hours in both directions. >> fallen off of the trailer. >> this man stranded for nearly an hour. >> pretty aggravated about it, you know, i'm trying to get home. >> in michigan semi tractor jackknifed across i96, shutting down most of the highway, massive 40 car pile up killed three people, and injured 11 more.
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>> as the grounds is get to go that temperature, starting to ice-over, compounded with the quick snow squawl or white out and i think we're all contributing factoring. >> roads like this one next to me, they're starting to ice over, causing cars to skid, while this storm is supposed to end soon, people are bracing for another one supposed to come early next week. >> i'm alley inning err sole, cbs news, new york. a fiery crash in mount pocono, ends in the death of two teenagers, and police say the whole thing was streamed live on facebook. the 18 to 19 year old friends from the scranton area died on tuesday, and police say they were hit from behind by tractor-trailer on interstate 380, the live video, which is no longer on line, apparently showed the impact from inside the teen's car. the cause of the crash, remains under investigation. two accident on new jersey highway caused major delays for early morning commuters. chopper three over 295 north near route 30 in barrington,
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camden county, police responding to both accidents near the haddon heights exit. eight total cars were involved in both of those collisions, the accident backed up traffic for miles, fortunately, there were no major injuries. >> and police need your help identifying the hit-and-run driver who struck a 12 year old boy at new castle, delaware. take a close look at this surveillance video, police say the car that hit the child monday, red 2004-2010 chrysler 300, the driver side mirror missing and the passenger side mirror has yellow tinted glass. if you have any information call new castle county police. >> the community shows its love for a new jersey state trooper killed in a head-on crash. last night, hundreds gathered in cumberland county, for candlelight vigil in honor of franky william, the 31 trooper died monday night when irradic driver killed williams and himself. trooper williams leaves behind a wife, they were newlyweds, next month would have mark his
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one year anniversary on the state police force. >> we now the funeral plans for trooper williams, viewing scheduled at boardwalk hall in atlantic city from 8:00 until noon monday, first two hours are for family and friends, second two hours for law enforcementment trooper williams' funeral will begin at noon at boardwalk hall. >> mother is found murdered inside her bucks county home and police say the son is the killer. fifty-two year old rebecca found dead yesterday afternoon, police say a 911 call was made to report a suspicious person in the neighborhood. then, officers found 30 year old zachary cope, partially dressed appeared to have been in some sort of fight. >> police tracking back down to 23 lower hilltop road where the police entered the home, and they find his mother dead in the kitchen floor. >> officers say he then confessed toured herring his own mother, he was taken into custody and charged. the cause of death is unknown at this time.
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investigators say the victim appears to have been stabbed. philadelphia police need your help catching this peeping tom lurking near temple campus, you can see the suspect climb over a fence and peak into this window. police say that's the window of 20 year old window who smolt dollars the man outside taking pictures, as she got dressed. the man then ran away. if you have any information, you're asked to call police. happening later today, a pennsylvania federal court will hear arguments from attorneys representing green party candidate jill stein. the court is expected to decide on whether to proceed with state-wide recount. stein only has four more days before state certified election results on tuesday, december the 13th. president-elect done al trump heads to grand rapids michigan on another stop on the thank you tour. >> meanwhile, union representing workers at the indianna carrier plant is standing up to mr. trump after he personally attacked an union chief on twitter. in new york with the latest on
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this, and the president-elect 's transition. >> reporter: indianna steel workers union leader says he's got six kids, but overwhelm after two days fielding thousands of phonecalls and texts. most were supportive, but -- >> threatening phonecalls. >> jones called outrope for inflation g the number of carrier jobs being kept in the u.s. mr. trump boasted jobs would stay put about 550 jobs still being sent to mexico. >> just not adding up. he took exception to it. decided to attack me. >> on twitter trump wrote has done terrible job representing workers, no wonder companies flea countries. united style workers 1999 was any good he would kept those jobs in indianna, spends more time working less time talking, reduce deuce. hope the president-elect can focus lesson him and more on the real issues,inhe country ans
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heard him numerous times, that's what his goal is. we'll sit down. we'll work out something to keep these damn jobs here. >> as the controversy continues over the jobs in indianna, mr. trump held more meeting here at trump talk in new york on future cabinet and plans for the presidency. speaker of the house paul ryan was mr. trump's first appointment. >> we're very excited about getting to work and hitting the grounds running to put this country back on track. >> trump campaign in baton rouge for republican john kennedy running for empty senate seat. cbs news, new york. and, coming up on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a local community which has gone without a grocer for more than a year celebrates a new store opening. how it is bringing more than just food to the area. >> and did you know that many of the dancers appearing in the pennsylvania ballet nutcracker come from all over the worlds? i'll take you behind the scenes to see how they celebrate their holiday tradition. so far away from home.
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welcome back, help make the holidays just little brighter for some children throughout our region. with our "joy of sharing" toyfest event this weekend. >> we will be collecting toys tomorrow at the philly pops christmas show. >> and on sunday morning before the eagles home game, at the wip tailgate zone hosted by meisha johnson, also 96.5amp radio let it snow show. >> toyfest, families, on the salvation army, boys and girls club of camden county, and the
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uso. if you can't make it to these or other drop off locations on our website big night for the pennsylvania ballet. the nutcracker runs to the academy of music. >> that's right, seeing the show was holiday tradition for many families across the delaware vale, and turns out, the dance here come from all over the world, our traditions with their own. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> famous four. with colorful sets, costumes, bit of magic, and you have a masterpiece, that is the nutcracker ballet. >> it is like having a hot chocolate in front of the fire, and with your family and sitting in front, just all of the presents. >> artistic direct or is right, a trip to the academy of music to see the nut crank err is a holiday tradition for many. >> but, before opening night, "eyewitness news" steps behind the scenes. the pennsylvania ballet now boasts dancers from nearly a dozen countries, holiday
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traditions of their own. >> working so far away from home, some of their holiday favorites are near impossible to duplicate. >> creates amazing christmas every year, that you have to set the table in october. >> other traditions look familiar. here, as a child, from ukraine. >> it is not a santa claus. it is like grand pa frozen, and they put presents under the tree. >> for anna, the holiday three kings day celebrate in the january. >> they have very busy night. >> dominick ballard from australia has adopt add tradition, he builds gingerbread houses that become more elaborate by the year. >> you put lights inside, they shine through the glass. >> celebrating philly this year, making independence hall, and while some of it being away from home during the holidays can be tough --
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>> it is real a family thing, so of course we start missing family. >> in their upcoming two dozen shows, they say, those that come to see them dance feel like family. >> and getting together with your family, getting together with your friends, it is universal. >> ballet the nutcracker opens tonight through december 31, if you would like to get ticket we have a link posted on our website >> behind the scenes action there, too. great athletes and i think we have to check in with dominick see how independence hall turns out. >> looks delicious. >> still ahead here on cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> making a space delivery. >> japanese rocket races to the international space station, why i had mission is so important. next. hey, lauren? >> hey, well, the weekend is almost upon us. and it is going to be a great one for movies, for the fireplace, for the holiday shopping, because it is going to be cold. high temperatures don't even
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make it past the freezing mark in the pope knows, with scattered snow showers for both saturday, sunday, bright sunshine saturday, in the city and down the shore, but high temperatures struggling once again upper 30s, not so much improvement as we head into sunday, few more clouds, could see chance of late day
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>> today launch from japan comes a week after a russian shipment was destroyed shortly after lift off. the capsule contains nearly 5 tons of water, food and other sprays, including batteries for the solar power system. the russian rocket makes this delivery all the more urgent for the astronaut on board. now, no weather to deal with up in space, though. >> yes, clear skies for them looks like. unfortunately, for us, you've
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got a bundle. >> bundle up. you'll need the winter accessories, we contend with the arctic air mass, coldest air of the season has arrived. probably notice at this point temperatures are definitely cold enough to be making some snow. getting a live look right now at our pocono cam. the snow machine going. all of the ski hills getting ready, jack frost, big bowled nerve carbon county, and temperatures will stay cold all throughout the weekends, so those snow machines will continue to churn out some of the white stuff. right now we are dealing with low level cloud cover that's develop. we take live look at center city philadelphia, still sunshine breaks coming through, 37 degrees our temperature, winds out of the west at around 20 miles per hour. making it feel more like 27 degrees. just brutal. temperatures struggling all across the delaware vale, 39 degrees in ac, 38 degrees in dover. cold arctic air mass plunged itself so far south even into northern florida, atlanta at
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38 degrees, running about 20 degrees below average, and check out some of these numbers, maybe 30's isn't so bad when you're at one below in bismarck, 16 in minneapolis, and of course, we have the chilly temperatures, checking in on our live neighborhood network, middle 30's generally then the strong winds, out of the west-northwest up around 15, 20, 25 miles per hour, with the higher gusts so future feels like temperatures will be bitter as we head into the evening hours, if you are headed out on a friday night, definitely still be bundle up, even into tomorrow morning, windchill temperatures in the teens, and 20's, and they really don't escape the 20's, as we head all throughout our saturday, even though we won't be as gusty tomorrow, not until we head into sunday finally the windchill temperatures gets 30, that will feel so nice in philadelphia. then for today we will top off at 40 degrees, but feeling much colder than that, mix of sunshine, cloud cover, still winnie, not as gusty, tonight, but still breezy at times partly cloudy, frigid dropping down to 27 degrees.
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and, storm scan3 showing us few low level clouds have moved in along the i95 corridor, still, some standard snow showers up toward the poconos, few flurries around, see flurry flying by. as we head into the next several hours, system to watch, arrive late day sunday, sunday night, into early monday, i think the biggest threat with this system now appears to be the freezing rain potential in the poconos, and lehigh valley. early monday morning, could see accumulation every ice in the areas, looks like rain-snow mix to the northwest suburbs, i think the best time to see few flakes potentially in philadelphia, and surrounding counties, could be, sunday evening, as we get the cold air, and some of the moisture starting to build in, but altogether i think it will be mainly rain event for philadelphia. future weather showing us as we head throughout saturday no problems ongoing, cloud deck increases a we head into sunday in advance of our system, i think is around the time we could see the snow threat in philadelphia, otherwise, as we head into monday morning, we will see transition over to all rain, but again, could see some
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accumulating ice amounts, as we look toward the lehigh valley, and poconos, again there is would be late sunday night and early monday morning. not too concerned with the potential for snowfall accumulation, maybe couple of inches in the higher elevations. so, for this weekend, it is going to be cold one, pair of 39 degrees for both saturday and sunday, we rebound to 40's on monday, wet cool and damp day, sunshine returns, and then another arctic blast, to look forward to, next week. >> yes. >> oh, no. >> how exciting? >> you mentioned the s word snow, but not shovel snow, just flurry for our area. >> just our area, just a possible flake. >> keep our eyes on that forecast. >> thank you, lauren. check this out, new fresh grocer opened its doors to the public today, in the very neighborhood of philadelphia. mayor kenney on hand for the ceremony which comes almost a year after a pathmark store closed in the same location. the store owners, the family for $10,000 was given, aim to kill hunger in the city.
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new store will employ approximately 225 workers. great for that neighborhood. >> really is. my brother lives north of the neighborhood. that will was the grocery store that closed so it has been missed in the area. >> great. >> parade of santa's unlike any santa parade you've probably ever seen before. that's correct necessary coming up in
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>> we're told the staff dresses the young pins wing every day and takes them on walks. naturally, they're big hit with the visitors, pretty authorities resist. got to admit. >> i want to know who makes the penguin outfit. >> hey, there is a mark for. that will i need one for my cat. those are sharply dressed holiday penguins, waddling along, how cute are those? we got to call up the camden adventure aquarium. >> or buy a ticket to japan. >> either or. same trip. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm greg argos, i'm jan carabeo, for lauren, all of us here, thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. always on line at the young and the restless is next. have a great day.
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>> sharon: mornings are so quiet now. i heard you up last night. >> dylan: sorry. didn't mean to wake you up. >> sharon: no, you didn't. i was already awake. i couldn't sleep hearing the judge's voice in my head, "no visitation rights." >> dylan: we knew it was a long shot. at least we tried. you know, at least we have all these memories of christian. we had him here for a year. he's with us. nobody can take that away. [ floor creaks ] [ sighs ] >> mariah: hey. i heard about the judge's ruling. i-i wanted to talk to you last night -- >> sharon: oh, did you? or were you trying to avoid us because of dylan's gc buzz interview? i didn't want to believe that you would let them do that to us. >> mariah: i-i wouldn't. look, i never thought -- >> dylan: you convinced me that hilary wanted to tell the story the right way. >> sharon: nothing even close to thut


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