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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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three you can see light flurries over bucks county, flurries reported by wet ther watcher meg in richboro, bucks county flakes coming down in a few spots, it is looking nice out there to see flakes flying, nothing accumulating here tonight but that could change in the weekend. you can see, and, lake effect, snow and very heavy lake effect snow over new york state, northwestern pennsylvania and great lakes just thanks to all this cold air that is moving over warmer lake water. win gusts have settled down just a bit, a to moment ago i should say last hour wind gusting to 30 miles an hour in the city, now at 24, still brisk and blustery and that is headaching our temperatures which are right now in the upper 30's still about ten full degrees colder, feels like 28 in philadelphia, feels like 23 in allentown. feels like nine by the way in mount pocono. overnight breezy still feeling like the teens, for your sat take lots of sun behind but bitter chill this is air once again and still gusty breeze. sun take is day to watch, dry for most of the daylight hours
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but sunday evening into sunday night mix of rain, snow, moves in, coming up i'll break town which areas could see accumulation or just see plane rain and we will talk about that second blast of arctic air, back inside to you. >> thanks very much. also snow in the western part of the pennsylvania, has led to multiple crashes, today, 15 people were hurt in the crash on i0 in erie, pennsylvania. that crash involved at least 13 vehicles and was blamed on lake effect snow. meanwhile further down i90 a 75 car pile up shut down interstate and remains close in both directions, for more than 12 hours. officials a at least 20 people were hurt. further north national weather service issued a lake effect snow warning in part of the insuring near buffalo. snow totals in some areas have totals in excess of a tooth, with more snow expected throughout the weekend. and don't forget you can get eyewitness heather forecast where ever you are, whenever you want on the cbs philly weather app available
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for your apple or android tea vice just search for cbs philly in the app store. brutal murder has a bucks county community on edge tonight, a lower makefield man is behind bars after police say he killed his own mother. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live in lower makefield with the very latest on that investigation, dave? >> reporter: nicole, it is a sad story zachary cope is his name, 30 years old, he is behind bars here in bucks county the investigation continues, as authorities continue to discover new evidence. tailorsville road, lower makefield bucks county on a cold crisp thursday afternoon. police received report of the man half naked, pacing back and forth. authorities say that it turned out to be 30 year-old zachary cope, who told a asker wye that he did the unthinkable. >> receipt i awful. very terrible. terrible. when we first heard we could not believe it. >> reporter: lower makefield police chief ken tells "eyewitness news" that the cope led detectives to lower
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hill top road, not far from where he was found wandering, inside police found body of his mother five two-year old rebecca cope. there were also severed bloody knives. >> they find mom, laying down in the kitchen floor, horrible, brutal scene, it seemed like a are vicious, vicious attack. >> reporter: neighbors told "eyewitness news" off camera rest becca cope was a good woman, happy, and a hard worker. and zachary cope sits behind bars, police will continue their investigation. right now, lower makefield chief ken coloruzi says there were no warning signs in this case. >> these are things that you never know when they will pop up and they will happen. they could happen anywhere. >> reporter: cope is charged with homicide, again behind bars right now in bucks county, coming up at 6:00 i asked authorities what the big question everybody wants to know in this case: why? reporting live, right now from bucks county david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". montgomery county woman has been charged with drug
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delivery resulting in death, and involuntary manslaughter. this is the suspect three two-year old gwenn lynn marie of, he sold the drug, fentanyl. pastor reno believed he was buying, heroin but was given the much stronger and deadlier fentanyl. the two drugs, look nearly identical. prebish could be facing up to 40 years in prison. the search is on for this peeping tom, philadelphia police a is lurking near temple's campus. you can see the suspect climb over a fence and then peak in the window. police say that is window of the 20 year-old woman who spotted the man outside snapping pictures, as she got dressed. when she saw him, he ran away. if you have any information, call the police. and, governor christie has ordered all flags at state build to fly at half staff on monday in honor of new jersey state trooper frankie williams. williams will be laid to rest on monday, a viewing is scheduled at boardwalk hall in atlantic city friday
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8:00 until noon. first two hours are for friend and family, the second two hours are for law enforcement. trooper williams funeral will begin at noon at boardwalk hall and hundreds gathered last night for a candle light vigil in cumberland county to honor trooper williams. thirty-one year-old who was on the force less than a year died monday night, when an eradic driver crossed the median killing williams and himself. two teens are dead, following a fiery crash in mount pocono and police say the entire accident was streamed live on facebook. the 18 and 19 year-old friend from the scranton area died on tuesday. police say they were hit from behind from a tractor trailer on interstate 380. live video which is no longer on line showed impact from inside of the teen's car. the cause of the crash, remains under investigation. also today a federal court judge in philadelphia began a hearing on the green party's request for a statewide recount of the presidential election results, in
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pennsylvania. candidate jill stein says she wants to determine whether east lex computers were hacked. attorneys for trump campaign and others say that she lacked evidence of tampering to support the request. stein needs a decision very soon, state must certify they're lex results, by tuesday. meanwhile president-elect donald trump is back on the trail, he is working now to expand the republican majority in congress, and he is also thanking his supporters. president-elect donald trump appeared in front of the enthusiastic crowd to support a fellow republican running for the senate in louisiana. >> i don't need your vote, can you imagine that. four years i'll need your vote. >> reporter: sources directly involve with the president-elect's transition tells cbs news that mr. trump has narrowed his choice to secretary of state down to former g.o.p. presidential nominee mitt romney and exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson. trump is expect to announce his pick next week. transition source also says that washington state congress woman cauterize mcmorris rodgers police trump's topic
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of the secretary of the interior. president-elect spent his morning at trump towers in new york meeting with speaker of the house paul rice an about the transition to the white house. >> we're very excited about getting to work and hitting ground running in 2017 to put this country back on track. >> reporter: president-elect got push back from indiana steel workers union leaders chuck jones. >> if trump is sincere about keeping jobs in the country and you guys have heard him numerous times that is what his goalies, we will sit down, we will work out something, to keep these dam jobs here. >> reporter: jones received backlash early this week after he accused trum have of inflating the number of carriers jobs being kept in the u.s. trump boosted 1100 jobs would stay but jones says the number is closer to eight hub. on wednesday night, the president-elect tweeted, jones has done a terrible job representing workers, in wonder companies flee countries. jones say president-elect should focus lesson him and more on corporate greed and unfair trade. trump likely will be bringing his thank you tour to philadelphia next week. he will be in hershey on
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thursday. putting up your christmas tree is on your to do list this weekend remember that with all of these festive trimmings coming increased risk of fire this video shows just how fast, your traditions can turn tragic n about 52nd the tree is fully engulfed in flames and in about 30 seconds, so is the entire room. so how can you stay safe this holiday season? some suggestions include watering your tree tally, and lacing your evergreen away from fireplaces, radiators, candles, beds and light. >> good advice. >> it is one of our area's holiday traditions, and, and, and, the former celebrate their own traditions. the way they honor the holidays, so far, so far away from home. and, the weather organization is saying that it was one for the record books. and why? and new details in the battle against zika in the u.s., the big announcement the from the governor of
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day full of fun, music and dancing all in the name of christmas spirit. well, spanish american law enforcement association paid a visit to the senior citizens
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in norris square this afternoon. they spent the day, singing pananda or spanish christmas carols and dancing and having a good time with the residents. those officers really do seem to have some moves. >> i like it, it is receipt i nice. >> big night for pennsylvania ballet as well as georgia ballenchine returns to the academy of music. >> seeing the show is a holiday tradition for many across the delaware valley and as our yan january carabao tells us, they spend the season balancing our traditions with their own. the famous score. >> ♪ >> reporter: with colorful sets, costumes and a bit of magic and you have a masterpiece that is the nut cracker ballet. >> it is like having a hot chocolate in front of the fire, and, with your family sitting in front, in front of the tree. >> reporter: artistic director angel, is right, trip to the academy of music to sees nut cracker is a holiday tradition
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for many but before opening night, "eyewitness news" stepped behind the scenes. the pennsylvania ballet, now boosts, dancers from nearly a dozen countries with holiday traditions of their own. >> we call it this. >> reporter: working so far from home some of their holiday favorite are near impossible to duplicate. >> it is amazing christmas fitting every year, you have to start in october. >> reporter: other traditions look familiar. here as a child is from ukraine. >> it is just grand pop, frozen, and they put the presents under the tree. >> reporter: for anna the holiday is three kings day celebrated in january. >> they have a very big dinner. >> reporter: dominic ballard from australia has adopted a tradition, he goes beginning are bread house that he is become more elaborate by the year. >> what you can do is put,
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light inside and they shine through the glass. >> reporter: celebrating philadelphia, he is headaching independent hall and why some admit being away from home from the holidays is tough. >> it is family theme, so of course we start missing my family. >> reporter: and their upcoming two dozen shows that see them come to dance feel like family. >> it is full of love, and getting together with your family getting together with your friends, it is universal. >> reporter: so great traditions there. >> by the way that was our jan carabao reporting, pennsylvania ballet's nut cracker opens up tonight and runs through december 31st. >> if you had east like to get tickets we have a link posted on cbs for you. speaking of traditions, help make holidays brighter for some children through our joy of sharing toy festival event this weekend. we will collect toys tomorrow at philly pops christmas show. >> and on sunday morning, before the eagles home game at wip tailgate zone, hosted by our own meisha johnson they will collect as well, also in the the evening, at 96.5-amp
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radio's let it snow show. >> cbs-3 toy fess benefits families served by sal racial army, boys and girls club of camden county and u.s. o. >> if you cannot make it we have put other drop off locations as well on our web site at cbs fest. it is, the season for many to deck out their homes and holiday lights. >> and cherry hill david has been wowing neighbors for 20 years. check this out. it is a live look at his home on the 800 block of mercer street where he loaded up on lights, and decorations. really did a great job. vietnam vet says plenty of people stopped by to check out his handy work and people have even proposed, right outside there. >> very festive. good work, david. we want to see your holiday lights. if you are watching, share your holiday display on facebook and twitter with the #cbs-3 holiday lights. who knows, we may show up to your house, hopefully not unannounced, to show it off right here, on "eyewitness
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news". hi, we're here. >> camera and all, thank you. >> we went from winter, to winter is here. >> winter is here. >> clear liz. >> winter is officially here but by end of next week, this time next week it will feel like arctic winter is here. just travel up into canada it will get a lot worse. it will get a whole lot colder next week. lot worse. it is cold right now but we have not seen anything just yet and in between we have a couple chances for some snow, for parts of the area, starting with sunday night into monday, we will break that down in just a moment, lets start off with a look outside we will show you last bits of light in the skies, it was a beautiful fiery sunset. ferris wheel is all lit up but bundle uptaking a stroll along the board tonight. it is blustery and cold, even down the shore, looks beautiful the skies all lit up, and it has been a receipt i blustery cold daze outside, and remains that way tonight. you can see wind out of the north and west, still lake
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effect machinist going strong and across portions of northwestern, pennsylvania especially down here in the cleveland area and portions of, extreme southwest corner of new york state is where we are seeing pretty decent snow continuing to fall. this hasn't made tonight for us buzz a few flurries of traversed the state of pennsylvania we will sees them here and there we are feeling the chill. thirty-seven in philadelphia right now. thirty-two in allentown. thirty-four in reading. thirty-seven in wildwood. again, you have to knock 10 degrees off these numbers to get what it feels like with the wind chill outside tonight. temperatures to the south, only 40 in at the plant a. thirty-five in nashville. look at the core of the cold, across the northern plains, where it is sub zero right now, just dropped a degree to two below in bismarck. 3 degrees in rapid city. here's what it will feel like moving ahead as we get through overnight hours. wake up tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. feeling like the teens. lancaster, reading, allentown, lower 20's in philadelphia. definitely extra jacket and hat making that early morning
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bagel run on saturday. in the afternoon still feeling no better than 20's even though high will be closer to the 40's. much plus herry cold day and wind will be strong. you can see the wind right now across our neighborhood network, 4 miles an hour from the northwest and abington. nazareth we're at 7 miles an hour, in reading 9 miles an hour and atlantic city wind gusting to 12 miles per hour right now. let's talk about future weather because everyone wants to know about whether it will snow in their backyard. that is what we will figure out here. on sunday here comes the leading edge of our storm. it could start by midday in the poconos possibly lehigh valley as accumulating snow. the secondary part of the storm does not catch up with us until late sunday night or monday morning. i'm concern it could start sooner then this if this fills in faster and faster it comes in, the better chance you have that this will start of as some snow or mix. mainly for the north and western suburbs, it will be main lip rain and all rain by monday morning in the city and suburbs, then it pushes out by monday afternoon. so, best chance for snow, will
5:19 pm
be across the northwestern suburbs, poconos, lehigh valley, sunday night into monday, accumulating snow at on set of the snow, light snow to rain possible in the suburbs and mainly rain from the city on south and east. overnight partly cloudy, brisk, very cold, 27 is your low, tomorrow is mostly sunny, cold, breezy, 39 the day time high. here is your three day forecast, cold through weekend, highs no better than 30's watch for that mix, changing over to rain, on sunday night into monday, and monday's not as cold we are up to 46 degrees, and then don't put jacket in the back of the closet because we will show you in the seven day forecast you may need a couple extra layers by end of the next week. >> getting into winter, thanks kate. noah national ocean atmosphere administration says u.s. is having a toasty autumn. >> our nation had warmest autumn and second warmest november on record. the average fall temperature was 57.6 degrees, that is
5:20 pm
4.1 degrees above average. noah also says precipitation total for november was half inch beast low average. the drought ridden south east has more than 8,000 wild fires, in november. would he. >> my goodness. >> different story right now. >> yes. >> thank you, kate. from the earth to outer space, when we come back the reason nasa says these images are so impressive and how far this galaxy is from earth. leslie. well,ville 'nova looking to keep that number one ranking when they play notre dame tomorrow and game has a special meaning for couple villan
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. if you are buying a shiny new tv this christmas you will probably get rid of your old one, right in but once it gets picked up it might end up in this tv graveyard. tonight on "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we will show you how efforts to protect the environment created a new, even bigger problem.
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>> boy, that doesn't sound good. >> no. >> and, leslie has sports highlights. >> tomorrow number one team in the country villanova will take on 23rd ranked notre dame but this game is more than just about basketball. pat gallen tells us why. >> reporter: here on cbs-3 this saturday at noon reigning national champions will take part in the special basketball tournament and chloe mchugh will be here. >> i'm here because, the freedom foundation and villanova basketball is playing in the never forget tribute classic. >> reporter: this college hoops double header from the the prudential center in north jersey supports families of freedom column ship fund established to provide education assistance to dependence of people killed or disabled in the september 11th attacks. two families involved have ties to villanova and were invited to attend ra with the champs. he lost his father steven in the world trade center on 9/11. because of the scholarship he and his sister a lexa were able to attend nova.
5:25 pm
>> just a great organization that has help us get to where we want to be and obviously now i have graduated, four or five years ago and without it, i don't know where i would be obviously. it is a great feeling to have a backing of an organization like this. it is huge. >> reporter: fund, which has given out over 100 million-dollar in scholarships since 2001 helped chloe get into villanova's nursing program. her father dennis was kill in the attacks while working with the fdny. >> they have helped me and my family out a lot, setting the cost of my college tuition and making villanova more affordable and possible to attend. >> reporter: head coach jay wright spent time with the families. the wright says meeting you the in focus how monumental the tragedy was for his layers who were too why unk to understand. >> it hit me when i canned our guys how old they were, it wasn't as big to them because they were like four years old. it gave us a good chance to talk about it as a team. >> reporter: paul now follows in his father's footsteps.
5:26 pm
>> i actually work at the my dad's old firm in new york, marshall mcclean an my sister is a senior here, she will be graduating this may. >> reporter: he has done so with help from the families of freedom. >> and once again you can see cats take on fighting irish in the never forget tribute classic, tomorrow, at noon, right here, on cbs-3. really exciting. >> villanova. >> yes. >> coming up next a party with police, philadelphia district, that was welcoming residents for holiday cheer and local family that they honored in the process. and florida scores a big victory in the fight begins seek a, what the governor of sunshine state today about the
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bitter blast, has now settled in, and we are continuing to track the low temperatures, that blustery conditions all around the region as we head into this weekend. so, how long will the biting cold stick around? news continues at 5:30. hi everyone i'm nicole brewer.
5:30 pm
>> i'm natasha brown. lets check back with kate bilo braving chilly temperatures. cold temperatures. arctic temperatures on the cbs-3 skies deck right now. you are all beenled up. >> i have been out in colder weather and so has everyone in the the city of philadelphia but this is our first real blast of bitter cold, this season. it is definitely feeling, frigid out there. if you don't have gloves, and and, we will be feeling it the tonight and into tomorrow. a stronger blast is on the the way. lets start off with a look outside right now, we will take you out to storm scan three showing a few flurries that have made it down from the great lakes, lake effect snow machines have been churning across portions of northwestern, pennsylvania, and ohio, northern ohio, and into western new york state. these flurries have made it in. there are areas. so don't be surprised if you see a couple here tonight but it is sunday night into monday that we have to watch for some more localized heavy precipitation.
5:31 pm
temperatures only two in mount pocono. it is 32 in allentown. 37 degrees in philadelphia. we are five or 6 degrees below average today. again not coldest day we have ever seen but when you factor in the wind whiz have been gusting to 25 or 30 miles an hour all day long, you can still add 10 degrees from what your thermometer tells you, thermometer is a bit of the liar this evening. it feels like the 20's. doesn't feel like 37. it feels like 28 in philadelphia. that is what you dress for. twenty-three is what it feels like in allentown. twenty-five in atlantic city. nine is what it feels like in mount pocono. talking about this bitter blast as we head in the weekend, highs only in the 30's this weekend with overnight lows tonight and tomorrow night in the 20's, wind will gust over 20 miles an hour meaning wind chill will be a factor this weekend. then we have a snow and ice threat for some, we will tell you when parts have bets chance to see it and stronger blast to come when that gets in the area coming up when i join you inside with the seven day forecast. >> all right, kate, see you soon, thank you. eerie motional day
5:32 pm
meantime in the charleston, church shooting trial underway, jurors heard suspect dylann roof's videotaped confession to the the fbi agent. for three hours, the self declared white supremacist, explained why he gunned down nine black worshipers at east manual ame church last year. roof said somebody had to do something about crime, by african americans, and he wanted to spark a race war. the 22-year old faces the death penalty, if convicted. estimated 20 fire departments responded to a fire in missouri last night. the blaze spread quickly at the last roofing plant in perryville encompassing several buildings believed to have hazardous chemicals inside. fire fighters arrived flames were already shooting to the roof of one of the buildings, fighting fire was also made more difficult because of the cold weather. some of the water even froze headaching the ground very slippery. for fire fighters. residents of gatlinburg, tennessee aimed to put last week's fire behind them as people start to make their way back to town.
5:33 pm
the great smokey mountains national park and resort town reopened to the public to daze have after wild fires, caused 14 deaths, and damaged about 2500 buildings. a steady stream of traffic you could be seen heading in to town, which draws more than 11 million visitors every year. two juveniles have been charged with starting that fire. florida governor rick scott declared victory over zika by lifting the state's final zika zone on south beach today. he had a message to those hoping to visit the area. >> continue to welcome all of the tourist that come down here, all of the people that want to come enjoy our beaches, our weather, restaurants, amusements. we will make sure that everybody knows this state is opened for business and as we do that we will get more jobs. >> zika zone on south beach was lifted after least make disease free for 45 consistent days. officials plan to remain vigilant about keeping the disease and mosquitoes at bay. back at home philadelphia police were in the holiday spirit in the 19th district
5:34 pm
where they held their annual christmas party for kid. >> among people at festivities the family of the hit and run victory jayanna powell. cbs photo journalist mike was there. >> we are having our annual festival for kid in the neighborhood. >> bring all of the kid in the neighborhood together. they look forward to this every year. so do we. this is one of our favorite days of the year. >> e46. >> reporter: playing bingo. >> bingo over here. >> reporter: we are doing some games, here. it is exciting for everyone. people say you cannot, and they opened up their arms, their hearts, and they are so caring. >> here. >> it is important to, you know, celebrate together. when tragedy happens we mourn together. since i have been here, we
5:35 pm
have celebrate celebrated, we are not even coming to work. this community is very peaceful. >> i don't know any captain that will get out in the middle of the street, and scream to the top of their lungs for justice, like to this. i love them. >> i love santa. >> you know what, i think we can do that for you got to get that wish in there. >> i know. >> yes. >> out there in the 19th district. >> that is wonderful. >> when we come back on "eyewitness news" stopping hair loss in cancer treatment, our stephanie stahl breaks down new research that shows whether this cold cast actually help patient from his losing their hair. look at the stars and there are lots of them reason nasa says these images are amazing and what they can learn from them, kate. the weekend is upon us and it is going to be bitterly cold through weekend, we may see snow, especially in the the poconos snow showers,
5:36 pm
scattered through the day on saturday highs below freezing on sunday a better chance to pick autopsy accumulating snow in the poconos and some ice, that will start by mid daze and continue into sunday night. in the city, dry on saturday, same story down the shore but cold and brisk. the sunday mostly cloudy by late afternoon evening, rain and snow mix will begin, it will change over to rain quickly in the looking for much if any in the way of accumulation but
5:37 pm
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well, welcome back everyone. a new fresh grocer opened up in the grays ferry neighborhood of philadelphia mayor kenney was on hand for that ceremony that comes almost a year after a pathmark store closed in that same location. check from the store owner,
5:40 pm
the burns family for $10,000, was also issued to philabundance. community leaders are excited about what that store can do for the neighborhood. >> this building represents a way of life for the community. jobs, economic growth, nutrition, support, a belief in an image in communities that others don't necessarily have have. >> is. >> the new store will employ approximately 225 workers. well, for second year in the row charity pop extremist giving out gifts in gloucester county. last year pop stream purchased 60 bicycles and $3,000 in grocery cards for families. this year the charity's found are jeff sanders has had the goal of purchasing 100 bikes to give to children and $4,000 in grocery card for families this christmas season. donations are still being accepted. >> that was so thighs. >> well, when we come right back santa claus is coming to town. >> santa claus you
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well, these images captured by nasa are out of this world, we are looking here at a galaxy about 12.7 billion light years away from earth. scientists say this galaxy is producing an extraordinary amount of stars known as a star burst. occurrences like these. and how they glow. >> and lift off. >> to this was site around 8:00, the robotic japanese says craft took off from the tanga she will a space center in route to the international space station. it is carrying tons of
5:45 pm
equipment and supplies for astronauts stationed at the center. it is a set of replacement batteries for solar power system. spacecraft is expected to arrive on tuesday. on cbs-3 healthwatch, new help for woman being treated for breast cancer. device to help those feel better emotionally by helping with hair loss. >> health reporter stephanie stahl is here with the results of the study. >> reporter: for breast cancer patients, diagnosis itself can be definiteing. new devices can hit a mark. but new version works with he will. >> and karen dickens like many women was worried about losing her hair, there chemotherapy. >> i just knew going forward, that was something that was going to be hard for he. i always had, blonde hair, and, thick. >> reporter: hoping to keep her hair karen supplied a new scalp cooling device that can prevent, hair loss.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: she wore it the for an hour after. >> it was very, very cold. it was, almost like a brain freeze like with that cap on me. >> reporter: cap cools the scalp to 24 degrees fahrenheit, tell rarely reducing blood flow. >> the follicles get child and it slows everything down, and keeps chemotherapy out of there. >> reporter: new study looked at 182 women for relevant i stage breast cancer and seven sites across the u.s. results show the device prevented hair loss in over half of the patients, who used it. it. >> it just kept me positive and pushed me through. >> reporter: study also showed women that kept their hair during chemo did better emotionally, headachier of the device is filing for f.d.a. clearance, there is already another similar cap on the market. making breast cancer patients
5:47 pm
tiehl better, all of the difference, to keep their hair. >> it does, it is a big deal whether we admit it or not. >> yes. >> it is tote difficult different. >> thanks. >> let's turn to weather and talk about how darn cold it is. >> i don't think we are ready for it just yet. >> that is the thing. it has been colder. but it is not the coldest, but flirtation. >> last half an hour was a warm thaw we had a stretch of warm air, with the 60's a lot, it is feeling like a slap in the face when you step outside. >> before we get a cold weekend inn threat for rain, snow and ice depending on where you are, with sunday night and monday. lets start off with the near term, starting off looking outside right now, bitter, chilly friday night in philadelphia, not keeping
5:48 pm
people from walking around, and make sure you are dressed for it. i can tell you wearing pants today, not the dress, wearing puffy coat, wearing the gloves, scarves, i felt okay. if you are dressed, put on those extra layers and dress for wind chills instead of the temperature you should be feeling find out side tonight also this you have to be out there for too long. and eyewitness weather watchers are reporting chilly temperatures all across the region. we are looking at temperatures in the 30's, 34 degrees, pairly above freezing. levittown, 34, with some breaks in the cloud cover as to point is a very dry, 23 degrees right now. for this, further to the thort, where we are sub freezing at chuck's house this bedminster. he is reporting some flurries, snow flakes we did see that across bucks county, earlier those lake effect snow flurries did make it into parts of our area. sandor in newark, delaware is at 34. clear sky. he said frigid friday, coldest weather so far. it is. even they it will get colder
5:49 pm
and hit hads been colder, this is first we have had to deal with. it always feels colder first time around. closer to the city we go, kyle his minutes hatboro at the 32. he has cloud. oh, baby, it is cold outside. sound like a start of the thighs christmas song there. take a peak at pictures, we will have sunshine, outside today, lynn says, fluffy clouds, very brisk, and then a few flurries came through parts of the area in the afternoon and brought more in the way of cloud cover. we have cold air aloft. we have included to pop up. a few flurries here and there and lake effect snow showers tried to make tonight to our region. you can see a brief darkening of the skies as those dark included move in. it is currently 31. wind have gust ted to 30 miles
5:50 pm
an hour in kutztown today. storm scan three showing that lake effect snow still coming down over northwestern pennsylvania. western new york state. portions of northern ohio. we will widen out there is not much to see as far as the seed being zone for our next storm, it is a disturbance back across northern plains, late sunday into monday. that will be our first real chance to pick up, some snow, for portions of the area. it doesn't look like much in the city and northwestern suburbs. we will start, and, that is when light snow, in the poconos, possibly in the lehigh valley. this particular model run i'm in the the hure if i like it, it takes a big break between 3:00 p.m. and overnight hours, nothing going on around 11:00 sunday. things are a good chance that this comes in faster and could start as light snow or hicks. from the city on north and west by this time sunday night, instead of just being dry there. notice, temperatures will be harming nal, this is hon at 3:00 a.m. could start as snow or mix of rain and snow, possibly some
5:51 pm
treeing rain in the northern lehigh valley and poconos as we start to see that change over that is warmer air works its way in the system by monday morning. it looks like all rain, temperatures will be close in the poconos. it is raining at 7:00 a.m. temperature 32 degrees. we could have ice surfacees up that way. warm enough, this is just plane rain, mix to rain in philadelphia. this is late sunday into monday, snow, to treeing rain, to rain in the far northwestern suburbs, and by that i heene poconos and lehigh valley, possibly even further in the suburbs, light snow mix changing over to rain in the northwestern suburbs, of philadelphia, closer suburbs, and bucks, montgomery, chester counties, mainly rain in the city and points south east but it could begin as a brief mix. as far as accumulating snow. focus on the poconos, northern lehigh valley, sunday night into monday, there is a trace in the city but that is about it at least with this storm. snow lovers, not to fear we have coal on the way. and chance, couple chances next week, for a few systems to watch.
5:52 pm
so tomorrow mostly sunny, cold, breezy, saturday, sunday, included watch for snow showers in the afternoon and evening, rain on hon, and tuesday's thighs, and then bottom falls out. look at thursday and friday not even above freezing, natasha and nicole. >> i know. >> thanks, very much. >> we know there may be no better person in the city at celebrating then phillies fanatic. >> right around holiday, fanatic loses his phillies hat and puts on santa hat and beast comes, santa claus. there he is. take a look, santa claus, wenting who will take cheer and giving out presents to women and children, residing at peoples' hedgercy center, home less shelter this west philadelphia members of the till is trent office were also on hand for today's who will take party, delivering hundreds of gifts, to family in need. it means so much to those kid and their parents. >> we love it. >> who toss than the. >> stay with us, still ahead on "eyewitness news", a swift surprise, pop super star with a early holiday gift to fans.
5:53 pm
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you may have heard this on the the way into work today if you keep up with these things. taylor swift and zane malik surprised fans with a new song. >> swift announced the collaboration on her instagram today. the song i don't want to live forever will be feature in the new 50 shades darker movie. so, if you are a fan of taylor, zane and 50 shades saga you are probably having a good day to take. >> there you go, good news. ryan reynold, warren beatty, kevin hart, night to honor gentlemen at gq men of the year bash. >> insider's kelce knight and others have more from hollywood. >> they is, hello. >> hi. >> man of the year, and possible golden globe nominee on monday, dam good week for
5:57 pm
you, ryan reynolds. >> i'm not complaining at all. it has been an amazing kind of year. >> reporter: ryan reynold has had a, impressive 2016. >> finish your tweet. >> just give us a second. >> #it. >> yes, it was a box office smash, rake nothing 782 million-dollar, worldwide, plus ryan and wife blake live liz welcomed their second daughter in september. >> you take home cover and show all of the girls in the house now that you are out thumbed, i'm who is boss, i'm man of the year. >> i don't nose, that would quickly get the me killed, so no, no. i wouldn't do that. i find it funny to think about that it. it will be the last interview i would ever give. >> she sayers it with superstar running usain bolt and big screen legend 79 year-old, warren beatty. >> why are you the man of the
5:58 pm
year. handsome, kind. >> i hardly necessity how to respond. >> i'm swooning right now. >> thank you we will have so much more tonight on the insider, back to you. >> all right, thank you. get all of your news tonight and every week night at 7:30 watch insider right the here on cbs-3. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. coming up at 6:00 stabbed to death after a wandering half naked man told a passerby he kills her mother, investigators struggle now to find a motive. the clues that they are uncovering at this scene and what they are saying about the man's past. we are in the middle of the bitter blast and this is not end of it, more cold to come and stronger arctic air moves in next week. we have the chance for snow, and ice across portions of the area this weekend. i'll break that all down at
5:59 pm
6:00. thinking of getting a new tv, this holiday season and wondering where old one might end up, this is what it looks like in one new jersey county and quite the backlog? i'm cleve bryan, coming up why they are throughout the state hoping the governor signs a much needed update to the electronic ways to least cycle these programs. man walks up to the customer service and helps himself to three grand in cash. grocery store where this bold robbery happened. "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. we begin tonight, with bitter, bitter cold, it feels a lot like winter outside, you can see people all bundled up tonight in spring garden and we are told, that there is more where that came from. sorry to have share the news with all of you. good evening i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm natasha brown. ukee and jessica are off. tonight is promising to be frigid and so does the
6:00 pm
weekend. chief meteorologist kate bilo has been tracking temperatures live on the cbs-3 skies deck, braving elements for us. she tells us what we can expect for outdoor activity. kate, how freezing am i going to be at hershey park this weekend. >> you will be pretty cold at hish i park this weekend, nicole but as long as you trust, wear base layer, scarves, gloves, hat you will be okay. you will survive at hache i park. it has been colder. if you are on you the doing a long lengthy activity outdoors that is when you will feel chill. going from your house to your car, car to your job it will in the feel that bad. but out for a sustain period of time, definite the liz wear the layers. that is high best advice for you. the here's a look outside, storm scan three shows flurries moving through earlier, those have tapered, still lake effect snow happening across great lakes region. we have these cold northwesterly wind, sustained wind at 15 miles an hour. so it is brisk, breezy, and that is making it feel colder then the thermometer indicates. it is in the uppers


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