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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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has been tracking temperatures live on the cbs-3 skies deck, braving elements for us. she tells us what we can expect for outdoor activity. kate, how freezing am i going to be at hershey park this weekend. >> you will be pretty cold at hish i park this weekend, nicole but as long as you trust, wear base layer, scarves, gloves, hat you will be okay. you will survive at hache i park. it has been colder. if you are on you the doing a long lengthy activity outdoors that is when you will feel chill. going from your house to your car, car to your job it will in the feel that bad. but out for a sustain period of time, definite the liz wear the layers. that is high best advice for you. the here's a look outside, storm scan three shows flurries moving through earlier, those have tapered, still lake effect snow happening across great lakes region. we have these cold northwesterly wind, sustained wind at 15 miles an hour. so it is brisk, breezy, and that is making it feel colder then the thermometer indicates. it is in the upper 30's in parts of the area, including
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the city, but it only feels like 27, it feels like seven this mount pocono. coming up i'll tell you how cold tomorrow will be and when some snow and ice could move into parts of the area, we will break that down in a bit. for thousand, back to you. >> thanks very much. tonight investigators are digging deeper, as they work to determine the motive behind the murder of a hotter. police say her son brutally attacked her in her bucks county home. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live with what police are saying tonight about this investigation. david? natasha, even though authorities say they have their suspect, behind bars, the investigation, continues, and tonight, authorities here in lower makefield, they are asking, one question, why? almost 24 hours after police say, 30 year-old zachary cope killed his mother, investigators were still at the scene of the crime, collecting more evidence. >> this is not something that ordinarily happens here, in
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this area. >> reporter: layer makefield police chief ken says 30 year-old cope was wondering around near hill top home, half naked, he allegedly told a passerby he killed his mother, five two-year old rebecca cope. >> the crime scene tells you that she was subject of a lot of blunt trauma, a lot of cuts and stab wounds. >> reporter: authorities got to the scene and found her on the kitchen floor. with multiple stab wounds. several neighbors who knew rebecca cope were too shaken to appear, but said they are in complete shock. chief and his entire team, continue to ask the main question, why. >> what prompted this individual to do what he did, to snap the way he did? you know, so that is a question that least mains unanswered at this point. >> reporter: but chief told me he hopes to find out motive as soon as possible. several bloody kitchen knives were found on the crime scene,
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zachary cope behind bars tonight charged with killing his mother, according to the chief, zachary cope had not been in trouble, with the law before. reporting live tonight from lower makefield bucks county i'm david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> very disturbing, thank you. police need your help catching a man they say stole thousands of dollars from an acme super market in south philadelphia. it was all caught on cameras man seen here this is dark colored sweat shirt walks behind a register, opens up the drawer and helped himself to $3,000 inside. the man, made off in his car, described as light in color with a dark front fender. if you have any information you're asked to call police. police are looking for these two men caught on camera who robbed a right ate and threatened a security guard in hunting park. both were seen placing items inside their wait area and then ran from the store. altercation, continues, with security, in the parking lot, one of the suspects pulled out a knife and threatened the officer. police are also investigating a stolen truck
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containing $500,000 in coach purses. police responded to a call from southern logistics a distribution warehouse that a commercial trailer carrying designer bags had been stole men broad daze light. incident took place in newark, new jersey just after 8:00 this morning and it is still under investigation. now police have identified this woman wanted for stealing a baby jesus from the nativity scene in bethlehem last sunday. the statue was later found with damage to its leg and hand, along with an incoherent note. baby jesus has been since repaired and return to the nativity scene, the suspect meantime will be charged with theft and institutional vandalism. federal court judge in philadelphia says that he will decide on monday whether to grant the green party's request for a statewide, presidential recount. candidate jill stein says that she wants to determine whether election computers were hacked. attorneys for the trump campaign and others say that
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she lacks evidence of tampering to support this request. stein needs a decision soon, states must certifies they're lex results by tuesday. meantime president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tora cross parts of america, today he was in baton rouge, louisiana imploring his supporters there to get out and vote for louisiana senate can tait john kennedy. kennedy is currently in the run off east lex against foster campbell, trump will be in hershey pennsylvania on thursday, to thank his supporters. so you you went out on black friday, you go the that brand new, 4,055-inch, smart tv, what happened tour old one? "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is at cape may county municipal utility authority, where they are receiving more old tv's then they can handle, cleve. >> reporter: at one time a prized possession, eventually tv's get relayed where they end up in new jersey is complicated. >> this is a backlog of east
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electric tronic waste that we received since about march 2016. >> reporter: this tv waste land at cape may county municipal utilities authority is only about a fifth of the old tv and computers they are stuck storing right now. >> is there a certified least cycler, one a waste and we were left holding the bag. >> reporter: six years ago new jersey put a want on dumping old tv's and computers in landfills to stop led and other toxins from going in the environment. state enacted a program that requires manufacturers to pay the cost to least cycle large electronics. >> but with working initially and then, because of the expense of the leaded glass. >> reporter: costs went up, experts say manufacturers pay less and towns and counties have had tough times finding least cycling companies to take the old tubes. some counties like camden and gloucester stopped taking tv's there resident this year, all those some stores and non-of thes will accept tv illegal dumping is a common outcome. problem business to get worse.
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>> you get super bowl, you have christmas coming up, you have the dinosaurs coming out of peoples houses. >> reporter: last january, governor christie pocket vetoed a bill to overhaul electronic recycling programming, three weeks ago law headachers passed it again but yet to sign. >> it is very obvious need. >> reporter: cape may county says if the governor does not sign updates to the least cycling program they are going to keep running deficits, they don't want to stop taking tv's from people throughout the county, and as the pile bill get bigger and bigger. in cape may county, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 eyewitness news. renovation project through parts of the ben franklin parkway has been finally completed, project included renovations to the 16, 17, and 1800 blocks of parkway. it includes curbing extensions and handicapped access and increased median signs among many other changes. city officials will celebrate the completion, of the project with a ribbon cutting next week. today philadelphia's mayor jim ken east slammed a
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controversial plan by toll brot tours double height of the jewelers row project. the plan increases the height of the condo complex near seventh and son some from 16 stories to 29 stories. in his statement, he says city doesn't have power to stop their plan but hopes toll brothers will make changes in order to continue a pro ducktive relationship with the city. it was a big day, from some kid, in northeast philadelphia. today city officials unveiled a new and improved american legion playground. children from tacony academy charter school were on hand to help cut ribbon and then, of course, they took the new park for a little spin. it is safe to say they gave it two thumbs up. >> yes. >> they are having a good time. >> is there a secret santa who just made a big deliver toy students at a pennsylvania school. >> it is an amazing feeling to nose that some be would want to help as many students as they have. how a history man is doing his part to bring christmas cheer in the form of a school lunch.
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finishing touches, we will take you to the academy of music on south broad street as pennsylvania ballet gets ready for this years performance of the nut cracker, kate. get ready for wintry weekend both temperatures wise and precipitation wise we have got snow to the west right now but frigid start to the weekend and then chance for snow and ice for some. eagles offense has been in a funk scoring just 27 points in the last two games, but, carson wentz may have two big weapons available for sunday's game against washington.
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>> ♪ >> "eyewitness news" aboard the battleship new jersey, earlier today, several veterans from across the area gathered to remember those, who gave their lives, 75 years ago during pearl harbor. the ceremony concluded with a wreath laying in the delaware river. and, a secret santa is making sure that student in need are eating well, at a school near pittsburgh, this holiday season. someone paid the overdue balances on their lunch accounts at hw good elementary school. principal says that she cannot least veal stranger's that i am because she was sworn to secrecy but we do know he had a child attend the school in the past. he showed up yesterday with a check and paid off all of the account balances, and also
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asked me if there was a student, had a very large account balance, and there was, and he offered to pay for that child's lunch for the rest of the month as well. >> that is awesome. >> parents of the kids whose accounts are now all paid up will be getting a note from the school, from the secret santa. >> i love that. i love that story. >> it was a dress rehearsal for holiday classic at pennsylvania ballet. >> um-hmm, show opens it this but ballet was putting finishing touches on the performance of the nut cracker and lucky school kid got to watch. cbs-3 photo journalist allen wheeler was there. >> ♪ >> dress rehearsal we invite public school children, we have 1500 kid in the theater to day. >> the nut cracker is, traditional story by eg
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hoffman. >> it is the music by george ballencine. >> the first act is a party at the household. a lot of the music that everyone recognizes. beautifully told story, on the stage of the academy of music. we open tonight. we run through you this years eve. we have 29 performance the at that time. it is somewhat difficult but beautiful and it is very musical. so that it is one of the dancers said, if it feels difficult you're doing it wrong. very beautiful, lush row deduction. we have about 50 dancers and another 50 children on stage. another thing that i tend to excite the kid the audience realize just like them, on the stage performing. >> ♪ >> the kids in this reduction really dance. there are many productions where kid appear but they are
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not necessarily doing real ballet steps. this row deduction they are really dancing. when people come to the theater having this having a good time and i feel like i have done a good job. >> all right. well, we are showcasing some of the best christmas lights displays in our area, take a look at this home of the david, on the 800 block of the herser street in cherry hill, new jersey. vietnam veteran and said people have loved this display so much, some have even pick it as a place to propose. so, beautiful scene there. do you have an impressive display at your home? we want to see it. snap a picture and share it on face bike an twitter with the #cbs-3 holiday lights. we may feast tour your home right here on "eyewitness news". >> knock on the door. >> we're here. >> hot chocolate. >> yes. >> it is really cold. >> have it with the christmas cookies if you have them handy. i wouldn't turn them down. >> me either. >> me either. >> you might want hot cocoa to
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get you through weekend, fireplace, flannel pajamas. >> yes. >> he sound really good. >> it is like a perfect show. >> yes. >> yes. it is going to be a cold, blustery day, tomorrow like to toews, try day but cold, and still windy. then we will watch for chance for some snow, for some of the area, on sunday before a second stronger arctic blast, target us next week. lets get into it. take you tout poconos where, you you know what, if life hand you lemons you make lemonade. if you life hand you temperatures in the 20's and teens you make snow. they have got snow blowers going outside, jack frost big boulder, making a lot have snow here tonight and mother nature may help and have fresh powder of her own this weekend in the pocono region. storm scan one showing nothing for us. we have snow showers across the great lakes, snow showers across portions of new york state as well and into pennsylvania on storm scan three. otherwise everything is quiet for us. we have had flurries moving in
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earlier today but it looks like try conditions will be story tonight and right into the daze on saturday. wind chills right now still on the cold side 27 is what it feels like in philadelphia, 25 is what it feels like in allentown, mount pocono feels like 7 degrees. that is not weather you can be out identify in for any length of time. it is dangerous to be out there without proper protection. wind chills across the great lakes very cold, teens in chicago, teens in cleveland, feels like five in minneapolis, that is where core of the cold air and we will be tapping into that next week. tomorrow is quiet. the lets talk about this next system we are watching on sunday. during the day mess of us are dry, just cloudy, could be a few 30's here and there but snow will develop in the afternoon in the poconos and could accumulate several inches before a change over. in the city light snow or mix possible, sunday evening into sunday night. it does than the look like much in the way of accumulation. north and west, a light dusting but this will change over very quickly, sunday overnight to rain as warm air starts to move from the south
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and west. we will tap into very warm air from the south and west and that makes a quick change over. city on south this is rain, northwestern suburbs, we may see light show, hicks at outset and changes over to rain. the best chance of accumulating snow this is poconos and northern least high valley an inch or two for least high valley, close tore three or four in the poconos and chance for some ice and freezing rain in the poconos region. that will unleash next week. next week a stronger arctic blast by end of the week we will struggle to hit freezing hashing and we have a couple chances for at least on light snow next week first chance coming on wednesday, into thursday, and for rain and snow showers could impact area. so, brief return to normal monday and tuesday and then it gets even colder by thursday and friday, and some spots may stay in the 20's all day and that will make this cold spill is spell feel in the so bad. >> okayy guess mother nature is easing us in. >> yes. >> thank you. >> thanks, kate. >> leslie has sports.
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>> we have another champion that will be crown on the football field tonight, archbishop wood goes for their fourth state title in six years. we will have be back in a couple minutes. reminder to all of you that our joy of sharing toy fest continues this weekend we are selecting toys tomorrow at philly pops christmas show. we will be at wip tailgate zone sunday morning present the eagles game, and we will be at 96.5-amp radio let it snow show, that is sunday night. >> cbs-3 toy fest benefits families served by salvation army, boys and girls club of camden county and united service organization, other drop off locations, are on cbs fest and also on the cbs local
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and, practice for the second straight day, listed as questionable, he missed his first game ever on sunday with a sprained ankle. the eagles need him back on the field, since he left the packers game late in the
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second quarter, eagles offense has really struggled, scoring 17 points, in the last, six quarters. so will he be on the field sunday at the link? >> it is still a process as far as rehabbing and stuff, doing stuff with the chiropractor, also doing acupuncture, you know, protocols but at the same time, as far as, we have to take care of a few things. i think one game will be a good test and try to get out there on sunday. >> hottest team in the nhl is the flyers, they have the that it off, they will help dallas tomorrow afternoon but last night against edmonton the flyers twice came back to beat oilers six-five. claude giroux tying the game with over seven minutes left and michael raffle scoring game winner with 90 seconds left. this is flyers longest winning streak, since 2011. how about the sixers snapping their 23 game road losing streak last night in new orleans. they have pelicans to 30 percent shooting in the second half to take control of
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the game. illsova led with 23 points in the 99-88 victory. they will play pistons on sunday. top of the hour archbishop wood will be playing harrisburg for 5a state championship in hershey. playing for championship is nothing new for wood, they are seeking their fourth title in six years. >> it is all about the opportunity and get back to the state championship. and, we're here, and, been a total team effort from the coaches, and, everybody is excited about it. >> yes, that is what it is all about. >> exactly. >> all right. thanks, leslie. well, ginger bread decorating contest. for a good cause, we will tell you who it benefits in a moment. stay with
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new at 6:00 the tasty holiday construction project, for a good cause. >> it seems that non-profit organizations competed in the ginger bread decorating contest at city hall. >> our meisha johnson was there helping out, the boys and girls club, there she is, they used frosting and selection of cookies, candice and other treats, all to create the ginger bread house. sound yummy. each non-profit organization received at least $1,000.
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leslie weren't you saying you are good at making ginger bread houses. >> yes. >> really bad experience. >> what happened. >> i made a premade ginger bread where you throw the candy on. >> yes. >> what happened to you, to it fall apart. >> it it was a disaster. >> the walls came tumbling down. >> did you have a window in there. >> well, we didn't make it to the window. we had no chimney. i don't think i had a door. >> my goodness. >> it is the thought that counts. >> yes. >> it is the thought. >> thanks, for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. "eyewitness news" returns at 10:00 p.m. tonight on the cw philly and then we will be back with you you on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, "cbs evening news" tonight, make going calls on airplanes by selfie thinks a bad idea. a change that could be in store for you in the future. have a good night. we will see you at ten and 11:00.
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>> pelley: running for their lives. cbs news is inside aleppo as assad's noose tightens and the innocent flee. >> reporter: these families have been walking for well over eight hours. they don't really care where they're going, they tell us. >> pelley: also tonight, once once-leading contender rudy giuliani is out of the running for secretary of state. jurors hear a killer confess to a massacre. >> roof: i went to that church in charleston, and i did it. >> pelley: and steve hartman with a war correspondent for a war that ended more than 70 years ago. >> there are really super hero world war ii vet out there, and i want to meet


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