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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  KYW  December 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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mother natures in her booked for us by the end of next week. i'll have that with the seven-day. folks are bundled up tonight a cold blue alert is actuallily in effect for parts of our area. emergency workers are checking up on our most vulnerable neighbors, alexandria hoff is live on the parkway with the
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latest. alex, i understand what this feels like. >> i know you do, i know you do, it is a teeth shatters night. absolutely for sure, we learned if you bundled up just right, there was still plenty of fun to be had >> adapting to the cooled is an annual challenge of both body and mind. >> doing the best i can. as you can see. >> reporter: for kids, are you cold >> no. >> reporter: are you excited? are you cold? >> how come no kids care about the cold >> my put body adapts to cold weather and i want snow. ♪ . >> reporter: it's franklin square, the holiday lights show see their frozen characters or to just freeze near buns off literally. it was the same story over at the cooper river rink winter fest where there is no shame in starting off the season on a
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good foot. sub freezing temperatures won't last long. they are a hint of what is is oh come. but with winter celebrations taking place below skates and overhead, frigid air has provoked very warm smiles. >> i think it ads to the coldness ads to the festivities. there's a serious side, many municipalities issued a code blue. if you see a moment less individual attempting to spend the night out on the street in these conditions, you should contact project home, let them know of their whereabouts and they will find them safe and warm place to stay. live in center city, alexandria hoff cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> thanks. tonight, bucks county investigators are taking deeper as they work to determine the motive behind the murder of a mother, lake make field township police say 30-year-old zachary
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attacked their 52-year-old mother in their house. it happened on lower hill to want tune-up road. cope confessed to the crimes and they found bloody lives at the scene. >> they find mom laying in the kitchen floor. horrible brutal scene. seems like a very vicious attack >> he's charged with criminal homicide and possession of an instrument of crime. a north carolina man wanted in connection with the murder in yeadon, delaware county has been arrested in georgia. rodney shelton was caught he has been charged with 63-year-old thomas childs during a robbery in audio den in 2016, he was found at his girlfriend's apartment he was quickly taken into custody by local authorities there in georgia. peep ping tom alert near temple's campus, police need your help in finding this man wanted for peaking into the a
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woman's window on the 1500 block of north 15th street. a 20-year-old woman spotted him taking pictures as she got undressed. when she saw him, he ran away. a vigil was held in northeast philadelphia tonight for a young boy shot to death while walking to the corner store. family friends and neighbors came together to remember iain wilson's young life and to bring attention to other unsolved did happened to him >> candles in hand, a community rallied around the family of 14 while his mother made a passionate plea >> i'm begging you to please come forward for my son's sake and please turn yourself in. it's all i ask. it's all i ask. give my son the justice he deserves >> the boy was walking with a friend to the corner store to buy chips when he was shot to
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death near the 6200 block of browns avenue in mayfair monday. so far, one of two male suspects turned himself in. >> anybody knows who this other person is, try to give this mom and his family peace >> loved ones lit up the night remembering a boy they say loved playing football and could be get enough ice tea >> he was like the funniest kid >> while she didn't know him well while he was living, she can't forget the final moments before he passed >> i remember. >> one man has been charged with that fatal shooting but another is still on the loose. if you have information about the shooting, you're asked to call philadelphia police. a special honor for flee well firefighters killed in the line of duty. they will be named after jerry
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infectious, artist hope and mr. leakage. that fire was set on purpose. an artist hope will be remembered tomorrow. there's a public viewing from to noon on the wilmington river front and her funeral and memorial service will start at 1:00. tonight the city of philadelphia remembers fallen flavor joyce craig who died in the line of the duty two years ago today with candles in hand friend, family and fellow firefighters came together in front of engine 64 that's in lawncrest in memory of the 11-year veteran of the philadelphia fired. craig was the city's first female firefighter to die in the line of duty. new jersey governor chris christie ordered all flags to fly at half staff monday northern of frankie williams, trooper williams was responding to an i are aedic driver complaint last monday when lloyd are youedly car slammed slammed
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into his car, williams died later at the hospital. the trooper to's funeral is monday at boardwalk hall in atlantic city .. new tonight, the cia has determined russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election, not to undermine confidence in the process but to help donald trump beat hillary clinton. the cia says individuals with connections to the government provided thousands of hacked e-mails from the dnc and the clinton campaign to wikileaks. wikileaks denies russia was actually the source and today, president obama ordered a review into russian hacking. a federal court judge in philadelphia says he'll decide monday whether to grant the green party's request for a state-wide presidential recount. jill stein says she want to determine whether election computers were hacked. attorneys for the trump campaign and others say she lacks evidence of tampering to support
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the request. she needs a decision because states must certify their results by tuesday rude giuliani doesn't want to be part. he took himself out of the running for secretary of state. it came as president-elect trump thank you tour made a stop in grand rap pits michigan. mr. trump is visiting states that helped propel him to the white house. he introduced his pick for education secretary. betsy devos, a billionaire and former chair of the republican party. >> i trust parents and i believe in our children. but it won't be washington, dc that unlock that is potential. it won't be a giant buyer rock increase for a federal department. the answer into bigger government, it's local control. it's listening to parents and giving nor choices. >> president-elect trump brings his thank you tour to hershey pennsylvania thursday.
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a local landmark about to under go a big change, not everybody is happy about it >> the mayor is slamming that growing project. plus this. >> i'm just grateful and thank you they can do do that and they wanted to that >> christmas comes early for hundreds of shoppers had a pennsylvania store, the huge amount money a secret santa donated. the internet goes wild, the online host that force add major toy company to respond. that fan is stunned to find out he's rosebowl bound. see the special moment when he was surprised with tickets to the big game. you'll need to keep the heat cranked up. kate is tracking a chance of snow as well. we'll tell you when you might see flakes flying next.
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police please made an arrest in bethlehem. a woman is being charged with
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theft and institutional vandalism. they credit tips from the public, it was to stolen early sunday morning in the city hall plaza. the statue has been repair and back on display at this hour. philadelphia mayor jim kenney is the latest to criticize the controversial plan by toll brothers to double the height of its jewelry's row project. that plan increases the height of the condo complex near 7th and samson from 16 to 29 stories. now, in his statement, kenny said the city doesn't have the power to stop the plan but hopes toll brothers will make changes in order continue a productive relationship with the city. if you do ride septa regional rails a new schedule goes into effect. the changes start on sunday. and they're part of an overall improvement plan on the regional rail system. weekday train times have been adjusted with some leaving earlier or later than previously scheduled. for a complete look at the new schedule, we posted it for you.
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it's on our website christmas came early for shoppers at the wal-mart store in everett pennsylvania. wal-mart says a good samaritan known as santa b walked into the wal-mart and paid off almost 200 lay aways with a nearly $50000 cashier's check. they spent evening calling customer >> i walked upstairs and played the messages saying our christmas lay away can be picked up. it was paid for. >> by the way this is the third year in a rethat santa b paid off lay away counts in wal-marting here in pennsylvania's you can make the holidays happier for children bay donates to our joy of sharing toy fest we'll be collecting toys tomorrow at the kimmel center and on sunday you can donate before the eagles home game at the wip tailgate zone going to be hosted by our
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own meisha johnson or bring a new unwrapped toy to 96.5 amp radio let it snow show on sunday. toy fest benefits families served by the salvation army and also the uso. if you can't make it, we put other drop-off locations on the website, fest. fisher price now taken to twitter to debunk any notion that it has a bar themed play set for toddlers. you have actually seen this picture of the happy hour play set box on line. it features three toddlers standing at a pretend bar with one posing at a bartender, fisher price got complaint, they responded by saying the product wasn't endorsed approved or approved, the image has been traced back to an instagram
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maker. >> penn state fans are excited to be going to the rosebowl. >> one fan was outcome by emotion when his family surprised him with tickets. >> nice way to wrap roses in put a bowl. but the man's wife surprised him with tickets because he's always wanted to go to the rosebowl and this year, his favorite team will take on u.s.c. >> he's a sweet man, overcome with emotions. >> my gosh? price less i love it. >> i'm pressure my husband would have the exact same reaction.
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>> maybe internally. how exciting for that guy, that's awesome >> let's see about the this weather, kate. >> it is not feeling great outside. as we know we've been outside this afternoon this evening and temperatures have really dropped today. and will continue to drop into the start of the weekend. we got temperatures in the 30's for the next couple days. if you think that's cold wait until you see what mother nature has in store with us next week, this is kind of practice round for the real cold, so to speak. let's start off with a look outside. when you got the cold air, you might as well make snow, jack frost big boulder, good news for skiers and snow borders, mother nature may provide powder of her own heading into sunday. the poconos has best chance. stormscan 3 shows flurries made it back into the region, we had flurries earlier brief white-out
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conditions across portions of bucks county toward the quakertown area. you can see where the snow is now light snow and flurries montgomery county over berks county. this is part and parcel of the lake effectses snow that has been ongoing in areas to our north and west, colder wind moving over the lake waters you can see the temperatures cold, freezing in philadelphia, 24 in allentown. and it's only 19 degrees in mount pocono. 29 in birmingham black man, colder than it is here, 25 in little rock, 27 in nashville and here is the core of the cold, bismarck north dakota, 15 below 0. quiet weather through overnight. quiet tomorrow, most on the lake effects flurries should stay off to our north, here comes a warm front sunday. sunday afternoon looks like snow will start along that warm front mainly in the poconos and the
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lehigh valley. this should stay to our north, the eagles game looks quiet. lifts to the north and we get the big push of warm air, it's now looking warm enough that this should be main al cold rain, maybe few flakes. lehigh valley and the poconos starts with snow but change over to rain, possibly a brief period of freezing rain, by monday morning rain for all of us as temperatures go above freezing. best chances for accumulating snow where you see the dark is that clear that's the northern lie how valley, light snow at the onset changing to rain, from the city on south this is mainly rain and again watch for a little bit of ice sunday into monday morning in the poconos where they could see about a 10th oh of an inch. next week, a stronger arctic blast. tonight low is 27 there's a chance by thursday, a few part of our area see 27 as the
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daytime high. much colder weather coming and with that a few chance of light snow next week, first chance is wednesday with scattered can rain and snow showers. >> we've complained enough. >> all right, lesley sheer. with highlights >> i have good news. >> carson wentz two offensive weapons back on the field sunday. will they be enough to stop the washington running game and
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. now. how the eagles responds doug pederson said some of the oh players didn't give maximum against the bengals. jordan matthews listed as questionable. the eagles need him back since
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he left the packers game late the eagles offensive struggled scoring 17 points in the last six quarters, will he be on the field sunday at the linc >> through the process as far as rehab and stuff, stuff with the chiropractor doing acupuncture. at the same time, you know, got to -- i think one game is going tough -- i'm going to try and get back up >> this is a must win game for washington. they've lost two in a row and trail the buccaneers, back in october, washington basically ran the ball down the eagles throat 230 yards best performance of the season. >> i think we did a lot of uncharacter risk things we don't do. go to the little things and we got to focus on being physical with those guys and creating a lot of -- get them in negative
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yard itch >> flyers have the night off. the orange and black won eight straight games since i want you to. the high school, harrisburg and archdiocese wood, tied up in the first quarter. play to the end zone for the score and archdiocese wood takes the lead. ten yard touchdown the temple recruit ran 253 yards, the vikings had over 400 yards on the ground and won their fourth championship in the last six years 37-10, the number one team in college basketball villanova will play notre dame in the never forget tribute classic. they will go to a scholarship fund providing education assistance to dependants of people killed or disabled in the september 11th attacks. you can see that starting at noon right here on cbs3. >> such great cause.
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♪ welcome back, we're showing off some of the absolute best christmas light displays in the area. they're impressive. we took a trip to cherry hill. this is the home of david crow on that the 800 block of mercer
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street. he put his lights up early, around halloween, he seen people propose with his display as a backdrop. that's how to good it is. we want to see your holiday lights on facebook or twitter, with #cbs3 holiday lights. we may show up at your house to show off here on "eyewitness news." i hope you have your parka ready, maybe salt and also even a snow shovel for the pocks, several inches expected. that would come late sunday. the snow could start in the focus by late morning, saturday dry. sunday starts off dry, clouds, rain, snow mix will begin in the city and suburbs, changing to her rather, the shore should be mainly rain but it is going to be cold highs in the 30's
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. late show with stephen colbert followed by the late late show with james cordon. team is back tomorrow from 5:00 to 7:00 >> i'm natasha brown >> i'm nicole brewer.
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good night everybody. captioning sponsored by cbs ♪ ♪ >> hello! hey, up here, up here! hey! all right, merry christmas. season's greetings and all that whatever. yeah, i love-- i love being a tree angel. you get a great view. it smells really nice up here. you know, the cat can't reach you. but i have to tell you, it is not all silver bells and eggnog up here. it is not. for starters, you got me stuck on top of the tree, and these things are like powder kegs. i feel like i'm joan of arc up here. happy holidays, everybody. if you wouldn't mind, when you put me back in the box can you keep me away from the elf in the shelf? that guy is crazy.


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