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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  December 10, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> cbs sports presents "the jeep post game show." >> adam: welcome to "the jeep post game show." i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs celebrate the holiday season with rudolph and frosty followed by "48 hours," tonight only cbs, in the game you just saw the streak comes to
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an end. army beats navy 21-17. i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones, for the first time since 2001 army gets it done. what a wild time it must be, from baltimore all the way to west point. >> brian: i thought army could win this year and i know i said they would win last year as well but the reason i was really -- solidified in my conviction was because the weight disparity closed on the offensive line for army. they've gotten bigger. that's the reason they were second in the nation in rushing on the season and they showed that power running game throughout this ballgame. >> rick: can you imagine what was going through army's minds -- the fans of army's minds when zach abey went for that 41-yard touchdown, 17-14, my goodness. but the 80-yard drive, 12 plays, 80 yards, the long gray line got the long anticipated drive and congratulations, army. >> brian: it was about sustaining drives. third down conversions, eight of 13. navy, two of seven.
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we just remarked here that army had not completed a pass. what do they do? get edgar allen poe. >> adam: poetic justice. if army didn't turn the ball over, look how they dominated on the ground, 300 yards rushing, navy north of 100. >> rick: army's defense an outstanding front. they did a terrific job corralling navy most of the night. a couple of passes got them by surprise early in the third quarter and got navy back into the ballgame but you're right, adam. this is a fantastic effort by the black knights. >> brian: who won the turnover battle? the team that won the ballgame. army, three turnovers to four by navy and navy, i thought they could really cause army problems through the air but they couldn't. air force passed for 195 yards versus army. there in army's house. navy could not get that going with zach abey. >> adam: oerm army, they don't care how or why, they just care this is happening, beating navy for the first time since 2001.
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>> rick: they took a page from navy, we talked about it in the pregame navy likes to be the boconstrictor, take the ball and play keepaway, over 40 minutes of possession time for army -- they outnavied navy. >> brian: we thought it was possible navy was worn out, first time, you said it during pregame, 1941, they didn't have a bye week going into the ballgame and played in the a.a.c. championship game a week ago, lost to temple but in the second half they started to show they were the navy of old in the way they got down the field and zach abey a beautiful run by heim. looked like he was going to go down, tacklers were there, but hield not be denied. >> adam: were you surprised based on the time of possession and army's ability to run the ball when they didn't turn it over that navy punted when they did late in the game? >> rick: it was a calculated call for kenny niumatalolo, with one time out you knew you had to stop them and it would have been difficult to stop them all day long plus jeff monken of the was
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two for two on fourth down, he was willing to take risks on fourth down. i'll bet kenny is kicking himself wondering if he should have gone for it. >> brian: four minutes left and a one-dimensional football team. up until then they had only completed two passes and i thought it was the right move to go ahead and punt with four minutes. "we can hold these guys, we know this offense like the back of our hand, force them into passion the rock requests but it would objected happen. >> adam: the turnovers were mistakes but army had no penalties in this game. >> rick: both these teams are flawless when it comes to penalties. navy led the country in the fewest penalties and to this game, i think they had two and army had maybe zero. >> brian: navy is the only team -- only team in the nation, navy, that has less than 300 yards penalties. >> adam: you talked about how navy might have been worn out playing eight straight weeks in the conference championship game, army had been off three weeks and they came out clearly with a lot more energy and had
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the 14-0 lead which was their largest lead in the game in many years and navy, of course, losing will worth, their quarterback. so they had to put it on zach abey to rally the troops and in the third quarter he was able to chip away. >> rick: ivin jasper realizing that rushing yards were going to be hard found, passing angles led to this touchdown, abey finishing the drive in one yard out. >> brian: going back to the pass again, busted coverage but you had some freshmen defensive backs due to injuries for army and you saw navy take advantage of that. >> adam: this is the play where army -- around the world streaking. >> brian: not again. >> rick: four missed tacklos this run by abey. >> adam: gave them the lead. ahmad bradshaw capping the 12-play, 80-yard drive. >> brian: what a way to answer the score by zach abey, 12 plays, 80 yards, a couple of passes and they get in the end
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zone for the winning touchdown. >> adam: the coach's favorite moment. >> rick: victory. >> brian: ahmad bradshaw, why is he not grasping that football? it's the super bowl to army. they had lost 14 straight. >> adam: that football belongs at west point. >> brian: it has some value, i agree. >> adam: indeed an amazing win by army as they end that losing streak going back to 2001. we will discuss the college football playoff and hit the coaching carousel plus hear from the heisman finalist when "the jeep post-game show" continues. ♪ well, if you want to sing out, sing out ♪ ♪ and if you want to be free, be free ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to be ♪ ♪ you know that there are ♪ and if you want to be me, be me ♪ ♪ and if you want to be you, be you ♪ ♪ 'cause there's a million things to do ♪
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or the mandatory after party. how early is too early to leave? you're not going anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. it's your tv, take it with you. watch all your live directv channels, on at&t, data free. >> adam: welcome back to "the jeep post game show." wow. a reminder. next saturday it is a college
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basketball triple header. memphis at oklahoma. followed by the cbs sports classic. ohio state taking on number two ucla. then number six kentucky battles number seven north carolina. coverage begins at noon eastern with "inside college pbl basketball" presented by progressive. about two hours from now, the heisman trophy will be awarded. we had all five fievenlts visit -- we had all five finalists visit us throughout the day. regardless of who wins tonight, how cool is this to share the experience with each other? >> it's awesome. the work that we put in all year, it's been a lot of a grind since the off-season, summer workouts, the extra throwing sessions and to have a little recognition and have fun together is awesome. >> it feels good to be here with my teammate because i know at any given time i can say "hip, hip, hip."
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>> adam: how did rock fights with your cousins play a role in developing your moves? >> i come from a smart town and you've got to catch out front, me and my cousins went across the street to the mailboxes, ripped the front of it off and my grandma's driveway was full of rocks, we would load up rocks in my jacket and fling them across the street to see which would be the first to make it in the mailbox. after that got old we decided to throw rocks at each other. >> rick: turned out worth it. cloechl has had an unbelievable last half of the season but it didn't start out great. how did you stick together through those two early losses? >> we looked at the film. we didn't play great in two of the first three against good teams but we were still close on a lot of things and that's what we looked at. we were so close. you hear everybody telling you how bad you are, start the
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season 1-2 when you're preseason ranked in the top five. you look at how close we were and we hadn't played a conference game yet and that was the biggest thing. we had the mindset to take it one day at a time, and put ourselves in a good position. we had like a team meeting and the captains held that team meeting and they brought us in there and was like hey, if you guys don't want to work, if you don't want to be the oklahoma sooners, get up and get out, from that point we started holding each other accountable. >> gary: >> brian: did you hold him responsible for the bad throw that got you knocked out of the game? >> he's got the biletnikoff. he will be all right. >> adam: you're partners but i like picking on each other. >> tough love. >> brian: baker, you announced you're coming back next year. please leave, please go. why did you feel the need to announce now that you are
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returning? >> a lot of factors, best for my future and i came to o.u., grew up an o.u. fan, it's a dream come true to play for coach stoops one more year and the ultimate goal is to win a national title, try to put pieces together to come back for a title run. >> adam: if you had a heisman vote, who would it be for? >> my guy over there. no offense to the guys here on the trip, they're great players but i have seen him do a lot of things in person. pretty special. >> rick: who is your vote for? >> he said lamar earlier. [laughter] >> no disrespect, lamar. >> adam: those guys are quick on their feet when they're on tv as well and it wasn't hard for our resident longhorn because those guys were great to have here? >> rick: that's called mean hugging. >> brian: they were outstanding. they were great. they kept dropping each other in the grease. i love that. they're tremendous football players, excellent leaders but you think about the firepower on that football team, mayfield
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almost 4,000 yards passing with 38 touchdowns, less than 10 interception sxuz throw dede in the mix and perine almost 1,000 yards rushing, mixon 1100 yards rushing, a ton of mouths to feed on that offense and they've got two in new york viewing for the heisman. >> rick: they both are outstanding and qualified candidates for the heisman but the journey to get there, baker mayfield started as a walk-on, played intramural and dede westbrook came through junior college, he had to buy his own cleats and figuring out is this all worth it yet here they are in new york city. >> adam: doing his own laundry. >> brian: hard work. >> adam: coming through blinn college and they'll be auburn's problem in the sugar bowl. we'll hear from the other three heisman finalists when "the jeep post game show qualities returns. (both) yes! (vo) with no surprise overages, you can use your data worry free and even carry over the data you don't use.
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>> adam: welcome back to "the jeep post-game show." here is a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs. a reminder. you're watching "the jeep post he wears his army hat, he gets awalks aroundliments. with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, "thank you for serving our country" and i'm like, that's my dad.
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male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. i. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> honoring a hero.
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fellow firefighters gather in wilmington say goodbye hope. vice president joe biden was among the mourners honoring the hero firefighter. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan was there. >> ♪ >> reporter: it's the beast drums and melody pipes that let us know someone great has passed away. >> ♪ >> after 68 days battling to survive severe burns senior wilmington firefighter ardythe hope was laid to rest during a funeral at the chase center saturday afternoon, the third to die from a september row home fire that claimed the life captain christopher leach and lieutenant jerry fickes and severely injuring brad speakman. >> two firefighters down and several firefighters rushed to area hospitals. a significant turning point for not only me but the entire wilmington fire department and
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the city as a whole. >> reporter: chief gm promoted hope to the rank of lieutenant making her the department's first african-american female officer. the deaths are the result of a floor collapse during the fire. beatrice ruiz of wilmington has been charged with murder for allegedly setting the deadly blaze. among those offering condolences vice president joe biden. >> she lives in every heart of every firefighter who has ever answered the call and we owe you, the family, beyond anything we can ever repay you. >> reporter: hope was a single mother and planned to retire from fire fighting in january to become a nurse and provide a better life for her three daughters. >> ariel and alexis and i are just glad we got the time spend the time we did with her and make the memories we d mom will forever live on in the three of us and we can think of no better privilege. >> ♪ >> reporter: in addition to being promoted to lieutenant hope was given local and national medals of honor and
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valor exclamation points on 23 year career and a lifetime of service. in wilmington, i'm cleve bryan, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> well, the woman behind president-elect trump's victory is returning to her south jersey roots tonight. kellyanne conway the campaign manager who is part of the transition team is grand marshal of one of the region's largest christmas parades. alex hoff is live in hammonton to tell us all about it. >> reporter: haymarket shaft the parade will kick off at 7 o'clock and as you mentioned welcome home a local girl. kellyanne conway she should as president-elect's donald trump's campaign manager. she's the first female manage a winning presidential campaign in u.s. history. conway who was sell kelly an pits patrick while growing up in hammonton spent her summers working on a blueberry farm. conway and her family will that ride in the parade before that stopping to make some remarks where she will be presented way key to the town.
6:52 pm
this parade also marks hammonton's 150th anniversary. this is a nonpolitical event but some do feel the need to protest organizers say they are welcome too. reporting live in hammonton new jersey alexandria love cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> alex thank you so much. now you saw it earlier today right here on cbs3. villanova faced their toughest test of the season when they played notre dame and all american josh hart came up big time for the wildcats today. lesley van arsdale joins us now with more on a big game today. >> villanova just relentless. it was a battle of two unbeaten teams top ranked villanova and 23rd ranked notre dame in their never forget tribute classic. josh hart had a career day to help give nova win. to the second half cats down five josh hart drivers to the basket weaves his why through and scores. next villanova possession hart drivers spins and scores. the cats trail by one.
6:53 pm
hart with a career high 37 points. under three minutes left in the game katts with the lead and mig smooth scores and is fouled. villanova way 74-66 victory in newark new jersey. villanova now has won 16 in a row going back to last season and next up for the cats a big five matchup against temple tuesday night at the pavilion. >> can't wait for that. they're on a roll. thank you so much lesley. appreciate that. we are going to be right back way check on that forecast. i think it's still cold out. lauren is going to tell to us
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online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. >> let's check in with meteorologist lauren casey to check out this frigid weather we're experiencing. got my big coat. i think it's like freezing my brain. i don't know what i was talk doing. >> yeah in case you hadn't noticed it's a little cold outside. our temperature dam in philadelphia only 37 degrees our coldest day of the season by far. down to 35. 20's in berks county, lehigh
6:56 pm
valley, 21 degrees right now mount pocono and overnight tonight frigid once again falling back to 25 degrees. at least we won't have the intense breeze though and for our day tomorrow really just as cold, 38 degrees, mostly cloudy way chance of a late day shower. maybe a snowflake mixing in. we do have this winter weather advisory as we will see the most inclement weather sunday afternoon sunday night into early monday for upper bucks county berks county lehigh valley and the poconos where we could even see some measurable freezing rain. certainly could see some measurable snowfall the poconos as we head sunday and into monday about two to 4 inches in the higher elevations and transitioning over to a wintry mix k see up to 1 inch of snowfall for us in berks county, the lehigh valley then transition to go freezing rain. this would be late sunday night early monday morning. same time frame northwest suburbs. snow to freezing rain to all rain. i think best chance to see a snowflake in and around philadelphia will be late day on sunday and sunday evening. otherwise we're going to be contend wind gust all rain in the city points south and east.
6:57 pm
we could she ice accumulation though up in the poconos lehigh valley so do that watch out for that. could make for very slick conditions for your monday morning commute and snowflake accumulations we'll have some but again they will be on the minor side. we could see some light accumulation in parts of upper bucks and even montgomery county as we head sunday night and into early monday. and in your seven-day forecast, periods of rain on monday again temperatures warm up dramatically up to 49 degrees. chilly sunshine quiet on tuesday maybe a passing snow shower, that's in the city on wednesday. and then another arctic blast and even worse one in store as we head into the end of the gleek no. >> 29 degrees and windy for the high on thursday. >> no. >> boy, that's exciting. >> doesn't that look wonderful. >> can't wait until the end of the week. thanks lauren. that will do it for us tonight. we appreciate you joining us for our abbreviated edition. what was it about eight, 10 minutes.
6:58 pm
we gave you so much in that eight minutes. >> jam packed. >> for lauren, lesley, i'm natasha brown f we will be with you for the entirety of the 10 o'clock show on the cw philly and back here at 11:00 on cbs3. have a great evening, everyone. take care. >> ♪
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