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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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but we're not. it's time to go. shinwell: what, exactly, are we looking for? our current theory is that ricky was betrayed by a member of his own gang. we need to try and identify someone specific. mm. yo, over here. it says, "midnight betrayed by gustavo." that's a clue, right? is that the kind of intelligence you would give to agent whitlock? i don't know why he never registered you.
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ricky or his girl's into benzos. well, these were his. and they're not recreational, there's a prescription. "mo," morales. "zx, 8:00 a.m." that "x" is where the doctor's name's supposed to be. so we have a prescription for clonazepam, and we have a regular appointment with a doctor, if that's the "x." perhaps our dead gangster was in therapy. wait till you get to may. detective cosa. what are you doing here? i thought i'd take advantage of your partner's offer to help with the morales murder. of course, what can we do?
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well, actually, you already did it. i just got out of a meeting with your captain, told me you guys came down to my scene this morning 'cause you were bored. (chuckles) he didn't seem too surprised. i don't understand. were you asking him to assign the case to someone in the squad? no, i just asked him to fast-track the .38 for fingerprint analysis. he made a call and, boom. lab said they'd have it tomorrow. so, thanks, i guess. for being bored. (soft chuckle) you're welcome. holmes: so you don't deny knowing ricky morales? no, nor do i confirm knowing him. dr. xanthopoulos, are you aware you are the only medical professional in the entire tri-state area with the initials "z.x.?" bully for me. ricky morales had a regular appointment with a z.x.; he also had a prescription for clonazepam. i'm not saying i was his therapist, but if i was, doctor-patient confidentiality would prevent me from sharing any of the details of his treatment. shinwell: he's dead. i'm pretty sure he won't sue. my 1:00 will be here soon,
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so if you don't mind... in all of my years as a detective, i have yet to find a criminal organization that appreciates its members seeing a psychiatrist. there's just too many... secrets at risk. so what if ricky was killed by someone in los espectros who discovered he'd been spending time on your couch? it might not be long before you're paid a visit. is that what you think happened? i'm not saying i do, but if i did, it would behoove you to tell us everything that you know about ricky and his friends. would it not? despite his background, ricky was a very sensitive young man. he started coming to see me six months ago. accelerated heart rate, dizziness, shortness of breath. he was having panic attacks. that's what the clonazepam was for. what made him so scared? was he worried about somebody in los espectros? actually, he was worried about everyone in los espectros. a few months before he started seeing me, he got caught with a kilo of heroin in the trunk of his car. in order to avoid prosecution, he agreed to become an informant.
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he was ratting on his gang. did he think anyone in particular had caught on to him? he didn't. and, in a way, that was the root of his anxiety. he wasn't having panic attacks because he was afraid for his life, he was having them because he felt guilty. he was betraying the people that he loved. he tried talking about it to the agent who recruited him, whitlock, but he didn't care. calvin whitlock? yeah, he's an fbi agent. do you know him? holmes: as a matter of fact, we do. [ almost... there...ental ] do you know him? hmmmm... save ten when you spend fifty on toys at target. you guys rock! yeah!... whoaaa! yeah, chevy was great in that. who played the wife? beverly d'angelo! juliette lewis costarred as the daughter. oh, i think it was um...
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(printer whirring) didn't you get my message? i got it. did you read it? i specifically asked for anything other than pizza. well, you never responded to my text either. "saw cosa at the precinct. gregson fast-tracking print analysis." if we don't solve ricky morales' murder before the police identify shinwell's prints... you don't need to worry about us not solving it. we have maybe 12 hours. you're that confident? agent calvin whitlock of the fbi. shinwell: i don't see a lot of proof. don't get me wrong, i like your little... art project. can't be a coincidence
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that ricky was in whitlock's employ. during world war ii, whitlock's grandfather served in the pacific. he would easily have picked up a nambu pistol off a japanese soldier. why kill ricky with a family heirloom? 'cause it wouldn't be registered. you couldn't prove it belonged to whitlock. tell her about his surprise visit to your apartment. a few weeks back, he let himself in. i came through the door, and all of a sudden, there was a gun to the back of my head. his way of telling me to do a better job of hiding the .38 i got from tall boy. what's his motive? holmes: perhaps he wanted out of the arrangement. perhaps he threatened to expose whitlock. if it wasn't whitlock, got to be los espectros. i mean, they found out he was a snitch and capped him. well, that doesn't make any sense either. i've been reading about them all day. they torture traitors before they kill them, and they always do it on their own turf. they want other members to see what happens when someone double-crosses the gang. ricky died quick and painless. and nowhere near los espectros territory. well, maybe it's like what i said before. that they wanted to frame sbk. honestly, i don't think they would've risked it.
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i mean, getting caught could've kicked off a war, and they can't afford that right now. membership on the decline, is it? more like under attack. there was a robbery last month. los espectros got hit when they were handing money over to their money launderer. i heard about that. a lot of their boys got shot. and the crew that took 'em down made off with six figures. yeah. they're too busy licking their wounds right now to pick a fight with anyone. so, allow me to resubmit the obvious candidate: agent whitlock. okay. same question. why do it in sbk territory? he could've killed ricky anywhere. instead, he chooses a vacant lot (phone chimes) where the shots can be heard. how is that a smart plan? i got to go. something more pressing than your imminent murder charge? tall boy want to see me. why would you go see him right now? do i have a choice? of course you have a choice. you only got involved with sbk again to help bring them down. that is over. if i don't go, there might be consequences.
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there might be consequences if you do go. look, tall boy knows you dropped that .38. just like he knows your prints are in the system. as far as sbk is concerned, you might be a loose end. when i got sent up ten years ago, i didn't flip on nobody. why would they think i'd start now? say sherlock is right. there's an fbi agent out there who doesn't want it getting out that he uses cis off the books, and he's willing to kill to keep it quiet. he doesn't have to do his own dirty work. he just has to tell your friends that you're an informant. you know this could be a trap. they know about chivonne. they know about my daughter. if they can't find me, they might go looking for her. and i'm not gonna let that happen. (rap music playing indistinctly) yo. shin. tall boy ain't up there. where he at?
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big mike. word up. shin. we been lookin' for you. been laying low. you? that craziness last night? i got out there clean. wish i could say the same for you. not too smart, shin. chucking your gun like that. wouldn't have if i'd known i was gonna get away. ain't nothin' to trip on, though. i've been keeping a close watch on my place. if the police knew the .38 was mine, they would've been by already. well, try to hold on to this one. they don't grow on trees. hey, go on. take it.
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thanks. it ain't a gift, shin. it's a loan. you and me got work to do. what kind of work? serve and protect kind. 15th of the month coming up. time for the drop. with that dead boy next to the jewelry mart, word come down it's too hot to do business there. so, we got to bail out to the backup spot. check-cashing place on greely? yeah, it'll be all right, but it ain't locked down like the j-mart. we get caught, we got to come ready. (chuckling): yo, shin. we cool? yeah, we cool. watson: you okay? good. really good, actually. your partner's right. whitlock killed ricky. and i know why he did it in sbk territory. (scanner beeps) agent whitlock, we need to talk about shinwell. i don't know that name. you're worried i'm recording this conversation. i'm not. if it'll make you feel better, i can do most of the talking.
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you lied when you said that you keep your informants off the books because of some disciplinary action. you had to, because you're not gathering intel to bring the gangs down, you're gathering intel to rip them off. you use your cis to find out when the gangs move their money. and then you ambush them and then you rob them blind. follow me. you know, it's funny. i heard your partner was the one who did too many drugs. shinwell said you pressed him hard on sbk money drops. he told you they happened at a jewelry mart up in the bronx, but that place is set up like a fortress. so when there is a drop, sbk has guards and spotters at every entrance and exit. no once can get within a thousand feet. so, shinwell told you there was a drop coming up. so, yesterday, you shot and killed someone in a vacant lot next door. you knew that with police crawling all over,
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sbk would have to find a new and less secure location. then, you get the details from shinwell, and then you and your team would swing into action. i have a team now? four gangs have been robbed. the assailants have been the same every time. three masked men, heavily armed and armored. their last target was los espectros. now, los espectros thought it was a rival gang, but it wasn't; it was you and two of your friends. you knew when and where to strike, thanks to your inside man, ricky morales. never heard of him, but this is fun. keep going. you left a wounded gang member behind. he told police that one of your guys took a bullet in the arm. so they checked local hospitals for people who were treated for gunshot wounds. they didn't find any, but my partner and i cast a wider net. lionel trafoya, was treated for an arm wound in northern new jersey. says here he was mugged.
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that was his story. now, i'm pretty sure his dna is gonna be a match for the blood found at the scene of the robbery. now, trafoya used to work here, with you. he resigned in 2013-- something about, uh, evidence going missing at a narcotics raid. he's talking to a detective cosa right now. he might not give you up, but then again, you know how easy it is for criminals to turn on their friends. what's the out? you're telling me this because there's an out. you want something. cosa doesn't know about shinwell yet. i want you to tell her. you don't want to be the one to put him at the scene yesterday. you want me to admit that he's hanging with sbk again, because of me? don't forget about the gun. he only had that because of you. explain that and my partner and i will do everything we can to see that you're offered a deal
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that keeps you out of gen pop when you go to prison. given your history with gang members, you might not want to be locked up with any. go to hell. for when you change your mind. (phone ringing) that didn't take long. whitlock: i'm a good agent. i want you to know that. 99% of what i do, it's clean. i put bad guys away, i keep people safe. except for the ones you rob and murder. look, it... started off small. you know, just taking a little bit off the top, stealing from criminals. how is that even wrong? then i got in deeper and deeper.
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i've spent years looking over my shoulder, waiting for this thing to come home. now, it's over. so, in a way, you-- you did me a favor. so now, i'm gonna do you a favor. so what, you're gonna talk to the police? no. no. i won't. that's the favor. you got shinwell wrong. you see, he's... he's a banger. bangers are bangers for life. he'll be better off when he goes back to prison. he's not going back to prison. yes, he is. when those prints come back from the .38, that'll be that. you want the gun that killed ricky? it's all yours. you just have to come by my office and get it. (gunshot) agent whitlock?
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if it wasn't for bad luck, huh? i'm sorry. holmes: what about whitlock's accomplice? lionel trafoya, surely he was aware that whitlock was recruiting informants under false pretenses. watson: if i had to guess, i'd say he was, but detective cosa called a little while ago, she said she couldn't get him to talk, he lawyered up. there was a third member of the team whitlock assembled to rob street gangs. shinwell: if he's smart, he's on his way out of the country by now. that's quitter's talk. no, reality. you did what you could and i'm grateful, but it's over. if whitlock was telling the truth about the gun he used to kill himself, then the bullets would be a match for the ones that killed ricky morales. that takes care of that. but the .38 is still out there. if it gets traced back to you... if? come on, the prints are there, doc. i'm as good as violated. we'll both be in your corner. and we'll get you the best lawyer we can. all due respect, i don't want to get into all that right now. what do you want to do? the way i see it, i got one day
11:26 pm
before i have to go back to prison. maybe less. i want to make the most of it. what the hell are you doing, man? sorry, i was, uh-- i was reviewing the, um, cases you've been assigned since i was away, i've been away for 48 hours. hadn't you noticed? matter of fact, i did notice. we all did, it was a scary time. we weren't sure we could keep this whole "law and order" thing going, but you're back now, thank god. since when is a stolen pet a major case? since its owner is a close personal friend of the mayor's, that's when. (chuckling) do you mind? sorry. i was hoping to find a distraction. (scoffs) did you say "find" or "cause"? your brother, andre, he's an ex-con, right? what's that have to do with anything? so, from what i understand, he's been doing very well since he got out, right? he's staying on the straight and narrow, yes? he's got a job, his own place,
11:27 pm
yeah, he's doing good. why? what do you think would happen if he went back to prison? (scoffs) i think my mom's heart would break. no, what if he went back not because he committed a new crime, but because of a mistake? because of a technicality? do you think all of his hard work would be for nothing? would he revert back to the man he was? in about ten seconds. you want to tell me why you're asking? holmes: this is you making the most of your last day, is it? miss raquel lives just underneath, 82-years-old. she told me a couple days ago she had a leak in her ceiling. i didn't feel right going to prison without fixing it. got your tools back, i see. yep.
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man at the pawnshop didn't even charge me interest. maybe my luck is starting to change. just got back from the lab. your prints were on the .38. so you came here to break the news to me in person? nah, i came here to give you this. ♪ what is it? it's the cloth i used to wipe the gun. hadn't been processed yet. when it is, there won't be any prints on it. how did you... the less you know about that, the better. it's your second second chance. do make the most of it. (sighs) captioning sponsored by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can.
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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs3 "eyewitness news" at 11:00. well, getting ready for a messy mix, winter weather is target parts of the area and it could impact your morning commute. stormscan 3 is tracking snow, sleet and freezing rain as well as rain and all of it is moving this way. how messy your morning will be depends on where you live. a winter weather advisory remains in effect. let's get to lauren casey tracking this weather for us >> we're seeing this edge of the leading edge of the precipitation, that snowfall approaching the western edge on stormscan 3, you can see flurries in or around mount pocono. rating its way eastbound. snowfall mixed precipitation and then just straight up rain on the warm side of the system. that will continue to move its way east and into the delaware
11:33 pm
valley. we're really going to go see the activity pick up especial as we head into about the next two hours. to have the winter weather advisory in effect for our northwest suburbs into the lehigh valley, berks county and mount pocono until 9:00 tomorrow morning for that potential of snowfall mixed in with sleet and freezing rain. so an onset we're going to go see the precipitation and snow form and then as we head throughout the overnight period, a warmer air mass building into the mid levels of the atmosphere we'll transition that to a wintery mix and we could see snow and miles an hour ice accumulations in the advisory area. also a concern early tomorrow morning, sub or near freezing temperatures, anything that falls throughout the overnight period we could see refreezing into early morning, that will be a concern for the areas north and west. we'll talk about the timing and how much snow and ice will accumulate in these areas and if we'll see flakes in philly coming up. folks already seen flurries today but others are bracing for more messy weather to xhchlt
11:34 pm
"eyewitness news" news anita oh checks on storm preparations in lehigh valley county. >> reporter: good evening, there is some light dusting of snow on some of the cars and the grass here, this is left over from the snow that fell across the lehigh valley earlier this afternoon. much of that has cleared out. the roads look good as well but that is about to change and many are preparing for the wintery mix that is to come. snow slick conditions and salt. the season's first case of an arctic blast is here. several counties in our region, berks, lehigh valley and upper bucks are under a winter weather advisory until monday morning. >> started to snow and got bad for a bit. it's getting cold and wet. i'm not taking chances. >> reporter: still early, she's already buying salt at the home depot in preparation for what is to come, since she has a four-year-old son at home >> we waited and it was way too late. everyone was fine. my dad hit the floor.
11:35 pm
i hit the floor. it wasn't fun. >> reporter: sylvia is take knowing chances, he saw the snow come down while at work and decided to make a stop for salt >> i'm getting ready for the winter. >> just get your salt early. he you never know >> more items to pick up. that winter weather advisory is in effect until 6:00 mondaying morning, anita oh cbs3 "eyewitness news." tune into "eyewitness news" first thing tomorrow morning for the latest on this wintery weather. it's starting at 4:30 on cbs3. it could be much worse just look at what people in other parts of the country are dealing with right now, a massive wave of snowstorms causing major problems from the midwest to the northeast. in western new yo t


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