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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. >> get ready for monday morning messy commute. our cameras were out overnight as cold rain, cold rain fell in center city, justin is here it tell us when it will clear up. and, mobile three is out checking the conditions of the area roads, this is a live streaming picture of the many of the roads are slick, slippery this morning, meisha here with the latest on your commute. >> and, new this morning, bullets fly near a busy l stop where teenager has been shot and killed. hear why investigators believe they'll quickly find their suspect. today is monday, december 12th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. jim is off today. let's get your day started your week started, with a
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check on weather and traffic with justin and meisha. good morning. >> well, good morning, welcome back after a weekends, justin, great to see you, as always. so, all right, mother nature, crying because the eagles lost yesterday and the roads are wet because of it. so this is not going to be a he is ooh i start. already few accidents out there. we'll talk about those coming up in a few minutes, right now, 30:00 in the morning, leach your homes early. you'll need it. >> it only takes little drizzle, good steady rain, good news temperatures are warming up. so getting rid of the freezing rain, so maybe little snow up in the poconos this morning, but mainly just wet roads, but good rain. stowe will slow things down on the area roads like meisha said. check it out. well over freezing at this hour, so we have the rain falling here. 38 degrees, chilly rain, calm winds, though, so no par shall windchills out there right now. look at the temperatures, starting to warm up. still sitting at freezing in allentown, above freezing, still 29 in mount pocono. you find the wintery precipitation, snow changing over to freezing rain.
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at the shore, low 50's, it will be mild day today. winter weather advisory remain in effect through early this morning for the far northwest suburbs, un through the lehigh valley, and the poconos. poconos goes until 9:00 a.m. this morning of a 9:00 everybody should be seeing plane rain. steady heavy rain still moving through the region specially i-95 on northwards, still snow falling in the poconos, that will change over to rain, by mid-morning. talk about another cold blast coming at us for the end of the week. until then, we just got to stay safe on the roads, meisha? >> justin, absolutely do. i can tell you right now that it is looking like a mess. so good morning, happy monday, like i said, up at the desk, leave your homes early. even though it is only 4:00 in the morning, remember what we want to hear on a monday morning. because the rain is many doing down because the roadways are so wet you absolutely want to leave early. this is just kind of giving you an idea of the conditions out there. we do have some construction, 59 south between cottman at bridge street. right lane come posted, see
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the flashing lights, and see how many vehicles are out there already. because they'll get the spray on the windshields, whole mess, leave your homes like i said early. what you are dealing with, we have three accidents out there, 332, newton richboro closed between fir drive and rocky way. alternate is lower holland road. also king of prussia, gulph road at creek road, accident just cleared, but accident was there. and another accident on the a.c. expressway eastbound past route 42, right shoulder, will you construction will slow you down. overall messy commute. pack your patience, rahel, over to you. >> good advice. as meisha and justin just mentioned, brace yourself for messy wet commute this morning. we are seeing rainout side the cbs-3 studios. wintery mix advisory in effect for part of the region until 6:00 a.m. plus, delco yesterday afternoon across the lehigh valley, giving folks their first true taste of the season as well as still early in the season, many headed out to stock up on supplies. >> start today snow, and got
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bad for a bit, it is getting cold and really wet. so i'm not taking any chancesment last year we waited, it was way too late. my dad hit the floor, i hit the floor, it wasn't fun. >> oh, boy. well, if you are headed out the door prepare for cold and also maybe some rain and/or snow. >> now, it could be worse. the same winter system has blanket dollars up-state new york with snow, as well as states in the midwest causing crashes and pileups. 10 inches of snow hits part of chicago causing more than 1400 flights to be canceled. our blast is expected to hit much of the country this week. weather conditions being blamed for this delta plane skidding off runway at the detroit airport yesterday. seventy passengers and crew on board, none were hurt. delta officials say the plane was moving at slow rate of speed when it happened. workers had to free the jet which became stuck in a mix of snow and mud. >> in other news happening today, former congressman, shack is a fattah awaits
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sentencing and in a federal racketeering case. convicted of using government grants and charity funds on campaign and personal expenses. prosecutors are recommending 17 to 21 years in prison, his attorneys call that unnecessarily harsh. retired in june after serving 22 years in congress. and federal judge will rule today on a state-wide recount in pennsylvania. green party wants to determine if the presidential returns were hacked. it also wants a hand recount of paper ballots. opponents says the party has shown no tampering. federal law requires the elections be certified by tomorrow. >> meantime president-elect donald trump is set to be moving closer to nominating exxon mobile ceorex as secretary of state. the news comes a mid calls from a bipartisan group of senators for congress to investigate the cia assessment that helps get trump elected. known for his close connects
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cents to vat mere putin. >> multiple reports say new jersey governor chris christie turned down several cabinet positionings in the trump administration, including homing lan security secretary, veterans a first fares secretary and us ambassador to italy. christie did not think any of them were a good fit. >> new jersey state trooper franky williams will be laid to rest today in a private family service. family and friends will hold private viewing at 8:00 a.m. at boardwalk knawl atlantic city followed by another service for law enforcement at ten. private burial will follow at noon. williams killed early last week, when a driver crossed a median, killing both williams and himself. >> new this morning, the mannish shot and killed retired new orleans smith found guilty. jury reached an injured, finding haze guilty of manslaughter. the 29 year old killed a former nfl star after a road rage incident in new orleans back on april 9. he is also injured smith's wife in the shooting. new this morning, a 17 year old boy is shot to death
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in west philadelphia, and police are now searching for his killer. it happened right at the e el station at 60 and market before 6:30, police pronounced the victim dead at the scene. they do believe the victim was the intended target. police have surveillance cameras in the area to help them track down the gunman. >> there are numerous philadelphia police real time crime cameras. one of the cameras is directly over where the victim collapsed at 660 he and market. we also found several businesses at the intersection of 60 and market that also have exterior surveillance cameras. >> police say a man wearing dark clothes and a mask fled in a white suv. philadelphia police are also looking for three men who broke into a home in oxford circle. this happened around 8:00 last night, in the 6700 block of rutland street. investigators say all the suspect work dark clothes and ski mass, also had a pick axe. they say the never got away with $3,300 cell phone.
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>> track or trailer smashes into a church in cumberland county all in an effort to prevent a collision. >> this happened in upper deerfield yesterday at the wells of salvation god of the father church on route 77. officials say a pick-up truck blew a stop sign and the tractor-trailer swerved to avoid it crashing into the building, thankfully, no one was hurt. well, a tough loss at the eagles for the eagles at the linc yesterday tonight make it worse a nasty shot, check this out. >> oh, he gets blasted. >> well, that hurt. foles was down for several minutes while trainers worked on him, his teammates quick to defends him, scuffle broke out. scrolls expectly walked off the field on his own and went in tore testing. within a few hours he took to twitter to assure fans he was doing okay. in a tweet he said thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers, i'm doing good, hashtag fly eagles fly. nasty shot. >> we are tracking a messy
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monday morning outside, much of the area under winter weather advisory, for snow, sleet, freezing rain, this is live look at center city from our studios. up next, justin tells us when the rain, snowy mix will end. plus, meisha has the latest on the slippery roads when "eyewitness news" continues.
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>> we are tracking a wintery mix, showing snow to the north and west and rain to the south and east. >> and mobile three is sending us this live streaming tis tell of the roads, leave yourself extra time this morning to get to where you're going, meisha has more on the slippery spots in just about three minutes. and, take a look here, this is a live look at the lehigh valley from atop the hotel bethlehem. neighbors there received a coating of snow, as you can see now, more snow, some precipitation, winter weather advisory expires here in just about 90 minutes.
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further north in the poconos, they're under an advisory until 9:00 a.m. and now a live look outside our studios here at cbs-3, where a cold rain is falling on center city. now after all of those live looks, let's get to justin with another look at the forecast. the roads were wet when i came in this morning, and very cold out, too. >> chilly rain, december, we are lucky it is rain. seems to be a lot worse, different story, you know, 60 miles to our north, and go into the poconos, we add little frozen precipitation, freezing rain initially, but warmer air working northward. steady snow flying up-state new york, pretty large system, still time to go yet with the rain. eastern ohio at this hour, few more hours to go, pockets of heavy rain near baltimore and washington that has to roll on through. worse of it is from the city on northward, lighter showers coming through south jersey and delaware. eventually you will get on some of the heavier rain. little pink, freezing rain, still going on, northern lehigh valley then to the poconos, also changing over to
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some freezing rain, indicating warmer air starting to move northward. fifty's along the coast, not bad. fifty-one atlantic city airport. inland, 45 millville, 36 in newark, delaware, getting close to 40 degrees around philadelphia. and just slightly above freezing in the northwest suburbs, so we are getting the perfect conditions sitting at freezing, see mount pocono still at 29 degrees. so, we go through the morning, still heavy rain the next few hours, around 8:00 or so things start to quiet down. left over rain, eastern new jersey, dries out north and west, this afternoon, could see few peaks of sunshine, then tonight, cold air starts to return, and then tomorrow typical mid december day with temperatures in the 40's, under partly sunny skies. talk about the temps. look at that, near 50 degrees here, this afternoon, for philadelphia, into the low 50's, south jersey, 40's, up into the lehigh valley. enjoy it, if you like mild temperatures, 20's tonight, cold night, later tonight, into early tomorrow morning, then tomorrow's highs back where they should be in the
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lower and mid 40's average for this time of year. today morning rain, clearing up, and then tonight pretty quiet, partly cloudy skies, cold, 29 for the city, colder out in the suburbs. here is the extended forecast, dry day tomorrow, sunshine, 44, could be flurry late in the day, high of 41, look at the arctic air returning thursday, friday. coldest air we've seen in a lot time. february, meisha, talking highs only in the 20's with the winds. it will feel a lot colder. >> oh, 28, yikes, so glad we get these next few days, but rain can really slow us down. happy monday. we will do this together. we have construction 95 south between cottman and bridge street. right lane still compromised. i want to pull your attention, look how much rain is on the roadways, that rain going to slow you down this morning? you bet it is. absolutely give yourself extra time. and with all of that much rain, rain up on your windshield, that can really
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cause some problems, exactly what we're seeing this morning already. three accidents, couple cleared, then another pop up. then another one clears, accident, 332, newtown richboro road closed between fir drive and rocky way. another one, route 42 north bound at 295 pulled off to the shoulder. but make note. even when pulled off to the shoulder it can slow you down and start to get gaper delays even at this early hour. accident a.c. expressway eastbound, just past route 42, that one also pulled all the way off to the shoulder, so heads up on some of the accident. plus, we have a lot of construction we are talking about all of this coming up in the next 15 minutes or so. rahel, busy morning, back to you. >> busy indeed. see you soon. thank you. "eyewitness news" in washington crossing for the dress rehearsal of george washington annual crossing of the delaware river. soldiers were suited up in colonial military uniforms, as they practiced the annual christmas day performance. george washington famously crossed the delaware river during the revolutionary war on christmas night 1776. >> well, still ahead, we will
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tell you how coca-cola is hoping to appeal to millennials. also ahead hollywood award season, critics choice awards, which film won best picture. we'll be right back.
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>> if your headed out the door stay update the on our sister station "kyw news radio" 10606789 also, area hospitals repeal of the affordable care act could have great consequences. announces closure of four church buildings, and an area locations hoping to fine forever homes for home dose dogs and cats this holiday season. check in two, three, four times a day on "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. well, the award season officially kicks off today with the announcement of the golden globe nominees. but, before the golden globes, or oscars, last night stars came out for the 22nd annual critics choice awards in los angeles.
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>> incredible pictures, here we go, lala land. >> and lala lands the musical starring emma stone and ryan gosling took home eight awards, including best picture. time 4:49. time for check on business news. money watch's jill wagner joins us live this morning from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning. record highs? report that's right, there is a lot going on this weekend, good morning, rahel. the trump rally still going strong. the fed meets this week and will likely did he side to raise interest rates for only the second time since the financial crisis, i'm not entirely sure what that is, rest assured, trading has not started here on the floor, must be some type of test of the bell? again, oil prices are surging on word that russian and other non-opek missions have joined opek to cut royal production, likely see gas prices go higher. >> and coca-cola apparently has new strategy a mid
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slumping sales, what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: yes, coca-cola wants to appeal to food east, coke has been trying to convince customers specially millennials that coke goes well with sushi, kin ya and other foods. there is a new ad, it says, quote, it is an amateur move to limit coca-cola to just fast-food. so are you buying it, rahel? >> you know, i was just thinking that i don't know i could do coca-cola and qui. noa. >> i'm not a soda drinker. so, for me, i would say i'll pass. but, you know, we'll see. they need to do something. sales are way down as a lot of americans want more natural foods and drinks. >> yes, kind of has become a cultural thing, like soda, healthy person. >> reporter: yes, this is why through they are area saying they need to do toking get these 20 something's. >> all right, jill, see you
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soon. >> coming up after the break, we'll get another check on weather and traffic on this very messy monday morning. plus, we'll show you how local middle school student are headed in the holiday spirit.
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>> dealing with steady rain across the region, still wintery mix in the lehigh valley and poconos for the next few hours. everybody will see a change over to plane rain. heavy rain moving into southern chester county now, eventually northern delaware, philadelphia, over the next hour. you can see pink showing up in the lehigh valley indicating some freezing rain potential, hovering right around freezing to the far northwest suburbs, well above freezing philadelphia and areas south already up to 50 degrees at the atlantic city airport. cold temperatures are lingering, winter weather advisory remain in effect for the northern suburbs up through the poconos, through early this morning for the potential for light freezing rain. everybody will see rain by mid-morning. the morning rain with late day clearing. it is milder, hip around 50 degrees, tonight, partly cloudy skies, dry, it is cold again, low 29 for the city, colder out in the suburbs,
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here is the extended forecast, pretty typical day tomorrow sunshine mid 40's, flurry possible late in the day wednesday, get ready for another shot of arctic air action building in, highs only in the 20's, on thursday, and friday, and next weekends watching our next storm moving, could see snow change to go rain. >> yes, justin, looks like a lot of rain. yes, it certainly does, you look at the rain on the roadway, splashing up on the vehicles behind you, man it will be a messy mosey commute. good morning, everyone, happy monday. let's take a look what's going on here at the schuylkill, headlights westbound direction at city avenue, one of the that's we know will be very busy this morning, right now, you can see, i would say, the volume levels just aren't there. but the wet roadways certainly r and whenever we have wet roadways it, can be slick, slippery, run the chance of hydroplaning, already this morning we have seen comings, and a.c. expressway eastbound past route 42, that one pulled all the way offer to the shoulder, heads up if in your that area, route 42 northbound, that one pulled
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off to the shoulder, even if it is on the shoulder it can slow you down, route 332, newtown richboro road closed between fir drive and rocky wayment you will have to use the alternate lower holland road, probably your best bet. so you can see string every accidents letting us know that the commute can be dangerous, but for sure is going to be wet out there. so give yourselves extra time this morning, rahel, back to northeast philadelphia. more than a thousand volunteers with the jewish help put together boxes stuffed with food, will be delivered to about 6400 families in need for the holiday. the boxes will include special holiday gift pack, made by volunteers at area senior centers. >> and, all of these boxes are also filled up with holiday toys. they are going to patients at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the toys donated by students at haverford middle school over in delaware county. teachers from the school dropped off gift at chop. and our "joy of sharing"
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toyfest is in full swing. we hope you'll pick up toy for a child in need. the cbs-3 toyfest benefits families served by the army, boys and girls club of camden county and the uso. for list of drop offer locations just head to our website, you can also finds them on the cbs local app. well, in the next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", wintery may have, this weather causing problems in our area, but it could be worse. and they are. to the west. we'll take you to illinois being hit hard this morning. >> and, the raiders return. we'll take you to the triumphant whom combing of the raiders claim ago tilement back at the top of the hour.
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>> show cold and wet economies out, there wintery mix for some, rain for others, no matter what you're seeing out your window it will definately affect your morning commute. regions are impact and when it is all expected to clear out. >> learning his fate, former congressman chaka fattah is in today for sentencing, the case both sides are making ahead of the judge's decision. final respects, family, friends, members of law enforcement will honor the life after new jersey state trooper killed in the line every duty. his funeral is today. good morning it is cents mo monday, december 12th, i'm hell solomon. jim donovan is off. mobile three is on the road this morning, this is live look from the allentown area, now our photographer and just told us he's seeing sleet accumulating on the roads, if you are out there you will want to be extra careful. meisha and justin are here to help make your commute this morning assisi as possible,
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good morning, of course the operative words, it is cold and wet. >> nothing worse than waking up on a monday morning after an eagles lost and having wet like this. it is sloppy. but we will do it. we'll get through this. happy monday everyone. roads are look wet. we've had four accidents out there this morning, and it seems like every time i turn my back something else happens. so heave your -- leave your homes earl. >> i specially up in the lehigh valley. all of the slush on the roads. good news warmer air in, that should change over to all rain. so take it easy out there even with the rain, a lot of ponding on the road, road spray on the highway, it takes a little bit to mess things up. steady rain falling here in center city. chilly rain, 39 degrees officially at the airport, that number will go up in the morning, southwest breeze, 8 miles per hour, it will bring us up to around 50 degrees this afternoon. that will feel pretty good. notice, still, little pink showing up, allentown on northward, into the poconos, that's the freezing rain, couple of


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