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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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the 12th, good morning, i'm rahel solomon. jim donovan is on. justin and meisha are keeping an eye on, and so much to keep ion. a bit of a mess throughout. >> it is a mess, i think i saw about 20 accidents already, and only 6:00 in the morning, so the good news a lot of those have cleared out of the roadways, but whether you couple that with wet roadways and a lot of construction out there there is will be a messy day. of in the morning, leave your homes early, rahel, can't say it over and over again. >> we'll dry out by mid-morning, but it will be too late, the morning rush, accidents. the afternoon commute will look whole lot better. dry around around, feeling pretty good this afternoon compared to the weekends. up to around 50. there you go, center city. little nasty walking outside next few hours, cold conditions, with the winds, rain, hitting you in the face, so have the rain jacket, umbrella certainly needed this morning, temperature right now four is at the airport, south winter weather advisory breeze kicking up at 12: still,
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lingering, looks like freezing rain far northern lehigh valley into the poconos. back edge starting to mover through susquehanna vale, lancaster, improving conditions, probably another hour or two. steady rain coming through the philadelphia region. so worse of it pretty much next couple every hours, 33 now up in allentown, reading, good thing, now at freezing mount pocono. so everybody starts to change over to just plane rain. winter weather advisory just confined to the poconos now. that goes until 9:00 this morning. there is the planner, little rough, i would say, bus stop ride into school, rain around, four is degrees, lunch recess looks whole lot better hopefully get out. 47 degrees, should be dry. ride home, who doesn't want to go out to play football? what are you going to do, play board games? >> scrabble. >> scrabble? low 50's at the shore, 30's in the poconos. all right, meisha, what's happening? >> all right, justin, well, we know that it is a messy commute this morning, and it is looking very wet.
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and still dark outside, so good morning, happy monday to you, this one is one where we have to do together. 422 headlights moving in the eastbound direction, past observation, see how many vehicles are out there, heeding the warning to get out there early. lever your homes at least a extra 15, 20 minutes early this morning, and that is if you're not around an accident f you're around an accident you have to even tack more onto. that will so right now 422 starting to heat up. see traveling little less than posted speeds there. same story here on the boulevard southbound, take that back to the schuylkill. jump on the schuylkill moving in the westbound direction, it will look very sim floor this if not heating up limb more than this, so overall, heeding up anywhere because of how wet it is this morning, and that rain, like justin said, starting to mover out. not going to mean that our roadways will dry up that quickly so still going to be wet no matter what through the entire morning rush. we have to leave early. >> this one, accident still out there, involving injuries, a.c. expressway westbound near pleasantville. right lane block there. another bun, in the ac a.c. expressway eastbound, on the shoulder, more accidents to talk about coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, over
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to you. >> thank you. well, brace yourselves for a cold and wet commute this morning, some folks may see rain, others have to deal with sleet, snow. snow fell yesterday afternoon across the lehigh valley giving folks their first true taste of the season. while it is still early in the season many headed out to stock up on supplies. >> start today snow. got bad for a bit. then it slowed down. but it is getting really cold, really wet. >> so i'm not taking any chances. last year we waited. and it was way too late. everyone was falling. my dad hit the floor. i hit the floor. it wasn't fun. >> everybody hit the floor. that doesn't sound fun. if you are headed out the door prepare for cold rain and maybe even some sleet. don't forget, you can get the eyewitness weather forecast where ever you are, whenever you want. on the cbs philly weather app. it is available for your apple or android device, just search for cbs philly in the app store. in other news, west philadelphia street corner becomes a crime scene after the fatal shooting of a 17 year old boy.
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it happened before 12:30, close to the el stays at 06 answer market. victim died at the scene and investigators believe he was the intended target. police say they have a number of important clues, including a number of surveillance cameras near the scene. there are numerous philadelphia police real time crime cameras, one of the cameras is directly over where the victim collapsed at 06 answer market. we also found several businesses at the intersection of 60 and market, that also have exterior surveillance cameras. >> police say a man wearing dark clothes and a mask fled in a white suv. philadelphia police are also looking for three men who broke into a home in oxford circle. this happened around 8:00 last night. the 6700 block of rutland street. investigators say all of the suspect were wearing dark clothes, ski masks. they also had a pick axe. police say the two men got away with $3,500 cell phones. ing. >> happening today former congressman chaka fattah will find out if he will have to go
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to prison, federal cabbing tearing case. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live at the federal courthouse where fattah will learn his fun i shallment in a few hours, good morning, jan. >> rahel, good morning, federal prosecutors want chaka fattah to spend between 17 and 21 years in prison. his attorneys, though, say that request is unnecessarily harsh, and they're asking the judge for consideration and leniency today. take a look at the video. for former pennsylvania congressman, set for sentencing this morning, here at federal courthouse, his lawyers want the judge to take into consideration fattah's years of public service, and good work, like his creation of charities that help low income student attend college. prosecutors say some of the very same charities that fattah took advantage of during his time in offers. the 11 term congressman was convicted back in june on racketeering, fraud, money laundering charges. the biggest team surrounding illegal $1 million campaign loan he obtained in his failed run for philadelphia mayor.
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prosecutors say he defrauded non-profits, and taxpayer funded groups when his campaign fundraising fell short. now, fattah resigned from office after his conviction, four others also convicted when fattah at trial and his name sake son is serving five year prison term, in a overlapping bang fraud case. now fattah senior is set to be in federal court here in center city right around 9:30 this morning, and it is unclear just how long this sentencing may take, because there is a long list of witnesses, that schedule set to testify on his behalf, rahel, back into you. >> jan, thank up, a lot more to come there. and in another philadelphia courtroom, federal judge will rule today on state-wide recount in pennsylvania. green party wants to determine if the presidential returns were hacked. it also wants a hands recount of paper ballots, opponents, how much, say the party has presented no such evidence of camper, and there is not much time for the green party. federal law requires states to certify the election by tomorrow. meantime, president-elect
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donald trump is set to be moving closer to nominating exxon mobile ceo, rex tillerson as secretary of state. news comes a mid the call from bipartisan group of senators for congress to investigate the cia a sellsment that russia helped give mr. trump elected. hiller -- tillerson is known for his close connection to vladmeere futon. >> identification else, six points lost, tough loss for the eagles, as they walked off the fields with yet another lost on their shoulders. the eighth one in the last ten games, done in by turnovers, red zone, and former eagles desean jackson burning them for 08-yard touchdown. and, if that wasn't enough of a blow, eagles running back darren sproles takes illegal hit to the head. it was shameful to watch. washington everett plowed right through, causing a uproar. everett was penalized for the sheep could the. some want him thrown out of the game. he went to twitter thanking
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everyone for their thoughts and prayers saying he'll be okay. lesley stahl with more on yesterday's tough loss. >> so once again, came down to mistakes, missed opportunities along with injuries for the eagles, but players say this one really hurt. >> this one right here, we had to have it, you know, and we play hard, you know, we just young play, just like little, little things, like man, had no words for it really. just got to focus in on the last three. >> right now, you know, frustrated, mad, kind of look down about the situation, you know, but we will come together as brothers and come out of this as a team to fight. >> at this point in the season what is left to play for? >> nobody goes throughout with the intent to lose, so we got plenty of motivation to work, collect and go out to another
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game. >> keep it together, make sure that everybody's on the same page, everybody's still holding each other accountable, everybody's still believing in the coaching and the coaching that they're doing and just trust, just trust in the way we prepare week in, week out. >> next up for the eagles the ravens, in baltimore. reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van czars dale, eyewitness sports. well, another lost at home means a crowd of disappointed fans poured out of the stadium yesterday afternoon. but despite the let down, many we caught up with remaining positive. >> once again, just like i to it, it is a rebuilding season. >> it was close. they tried. it is okay. you know what i am saying? i still bleed green. i don't care. it is all right. >> we're little heart broken. but the first game this season but we had nun, this is not the eagles year this year. >> it was so close. well, fans are hoping to see the eagles redeem themselves
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next week as they head to baltimore for their match up against the ravens. so close. so close. still ahead in this morning's health watch. some long-term problems facing breast cancer survivors. plus this. >> a blast every winter weather has left the midwest digging out and the northeast bracing for the system's next stop. i'm hena daniels in new york, more on the arctic blast expected to hit much of the country this week. and, a police officer trades in his patrol car for a skateboard. the message he's trying to send with his performance at the skate park, coming up. >> ♪ >> okay, kelly clarkson, run, run rudolph. that is monday morning, yes, the eagles have lost, but i'm sorry to add insult to injury. it is wet outside. so though roads are dicey. but don't worry, little bit of good news, meisha has you covered, justin has you covered, we've got you covered. back in a few minutes.
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>> beaming are drunk g through the snow this morning, and now hena daniels tells us an arctic blast is expected to hit. >> reporter: the winter weather, now making its way across the great lakes, and the northeast. storm warnings and weather advisories have been issued after more than a half foot of snow blanketed several states. millions are left digging out, many having a hard timekeeping up. >> the snow blower just did not start this year. i had to go it going about a month ago, i don't know if it got flooded or, what but just did not go.
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>> weather put being a dam perron lots of travel plans work sub freezing temperatures, more snow expected in chicago, over 1200 flights were canceled at o'hare sunday, and detroit, this delta jet skidded off the icy runway, and into the snowy grass, while landing. where 07 passengers on board, no one was hurt. the roads aren't much better. lakeside snow has been relentless since thursday dropping 30 inches of snow, in western new york. the icy conditions have caused hundreds p of accidents, including this one, milwaukee county is her i have deputy to the hospital. the officer on another scene after wreck when a car plowed into him. deputy expected to be fine. pile up in oakland county michigan over the weekend involves 33 cars, and three semi trucks. many are bracing for a messy monday morning commute. the snow expected to move into up-state new york, and parts of new england. hena daniels, for cbs-3, "eyewitness news".
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and justin back here at home we do of course are bracing ourselves for mercy monday morning commute. nothing like, that but i mean i do always say it only takes little rain to create a mess out there. >> exactly, things could be a whole lot worse dealing with snow, but mainly rain across the region, some areas did see the freezing rain and slight snow last night, changing over to plane rain, things are improving. back edge, precipitation breaking up over central pennsylvania just few hours to go yet hereof steadier rain. still pockets of heavy rain moving through parts of the delaware valley, moving into the city right now, heavy rain over wilmington, so slowing things down, 959, 295, the turnpike both pennsylvanian in new jersey, but by mid-morning, things should start to dry out, left over freezing rain starting to come to end. snow amounts, pretty minimal. you have to go up to the poconos, inch, inch and a half, forks township, so really didn't get that cold air lingering long enough to support snow. that quick change over to freezing rain, now temperatures well above freezing, reading, allentown,
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and mount pocono, but go to the city southward, 40's, close to 50 degrees at the shore at this hour, southwest breeze, 47. stone harbor and ocean sit. we on our way up to 60 today. warmest day of the week before next rounds of arctic arrives. later this afternoon dry, some clouds, showers start to move or shove. high pressure replaces the storm system. so we will be dry on tuesday. and most of wednesday. maybe we get a snow shower or two coming in wednesday, late in the day, that's about it. and that cold air starts to return, late in the week, but thursday, friday, here comes arctic blast two. we had the first over the weekend. this one much colder. miles in the 20's, winds 20-mile per hour, single digits, coldest since february. today on our way up to 60 degrees, look at the extended forecast, enjoy it now. twenty's for highs late in the week. teens at night. in and around philadelphia. >> yes, snow doubt about it, all right, justin, thank you so muchment looking outside right now a look at the schuylkill at montgomery drive. you can see how wet it is looking out there. let me just remind that you
6:17 am
whenever we have rain coming down with wet roadways, it can be extremely dangerous. this is where we have a fatal accident. right now, vehicle, and a bus, a.c. expressway westbound before pleasantville. that will right lane blocked. going to be very slow around this area right now. a stark reminder how dangerous these roadways can actually be when we have driving conditions like this. a.c. expressway eastbound, past route 42, this is where we have another accident. >> this one pulled all the way off to the shoulder, another accident route 332 newton richboro road closed, your alternate lower holland rolled your best bet around that area. another one black horse pike southbound just cleared. that's great. black horse pike actually looking okay. just looking very wet. want to give yourselves extra time. another accident here, 295 northbound before route 168. that right lane is block. more to talk about coming up in a little bit. but first, we will take quick break. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> welcome back, looking at headlines from around our region. philadelphia inquirer reporting the archdioces every philadelphia will close four churches effective january 1; they include saint augustine, montgomery county, saint madeline, in philadelphia, and the original assumption of the
6:21 am
blessed virgin marrero i. health insurance uncertain for 1 million people living in pennsylvania. those people receiving government subsidized coverage under the affordable carriage. but president-elect donald trump has promised to repeal it. it could take years for charges to take full effect. burlington county times affordable housing deal reached in mt. laurel. 879 affordable unit will be allowed to be built in the township over the next two decades, that number down from 1,074. and those are newspaper headlines from across the delaware valley. the spirit of the season is on display in northeast philadelphia, more than a thousand volunteers with the jewish relieve agency help put together boxes stocked with food. they will gay to some 6400 families in need for the holiday. the box also include special holiday gift pack, made by volunteers at local student centers. >> up next in the health watch, the struggles of breast cancer survivors face long after they've been cancer free.
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plus. check out this police officer doing some tricks on his skateboards. but apparently not all for fun. the message he's trying to send, coming up. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps
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>> welcome back, probably already thing about the weekend. we have you covered on our weaken watch. leading up to the weekends, it will be colds, some of the coldest air we've had.
6:25 am
highs in the four's, but we will watch a storm system initially could start off as little bit of snow saturday before change to go rain. looks like it will be a wet weekends, as well. coming up we will talk about the rain, when it moves out of here the next cold blast coming up in eyewitness wetter. >> justin, see you soon, thank you. new study from the university of pennsylvania reveals most breast cancer survivors may need continued care even after treatment. the report says, most struggle with long-term symptoms, of fatigue, aching joints, insomnia even after they've been declared cancer freement experts recommends expanding follow up care to help patients with anxiety and depression. well, police officer in texas is showing off his skills on a skateboard. this is video of police officer weston, at the boys and girls skate club. now one day the officer saw some kids skateboarding, and said hey, can i borough your skateboard? the kids needless to say were pretty impressed. >> know reason why we should give them a hard time and no reason why they should look at
6:26 am
us as party crashers. just, you know, trying to do our job, they're just trying to have fun. >> the officer says it is all part every his effort to protect and interact with residents. i'm sure the kids enjoy. that will coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", president-elect donald trump sounds off on claims the russians have the prezzie election, how to could impact the secretary of state. learning new jersey governor chris christie turned down several key positions in the trump administration. find out what jobs christie said no to. meisha? >> rahel, good morning, slick conditions on this monday morning, causing slow and dangerous commute. i'll have all of the updates coming up of the, first
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good morning, it is 6:30, monday morning, and here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> because the rain coming down, because the roadways are still wet, you absolutely want to leave early. >> worse of it is from the sit on northward, just some lighter showers, coming through south jersey, delaware, but eventually you will get on some of the heavier rain. >> snowstorm just didn't quit. >> winter system has blanketed up-state new york as well as snow and states in the midwest. >> new jersey state trooper,, frank i william, laid to rest today in a private family service. >> federal prosecutors want chaka fattah to spend between 17 and 21 years in prison the former pennsylvania congressman is scheduled for sentencing this morning, here at the federal courthouse. >> ♪ >> last night, stars came out for the 22nd annual critics choice awards in los angeles. >> lala lands the musical starring emma stone, ryan gosling took home eight awards including best picture.
6:31 am
>> with that over time win the flyers have won nine straight games, that's something they've not done for more than 20 years. well, the latest on the wintery mix, hitting our area, justin on the cbs-3 skydeck with eyewitness weather. hi, justin. >> good morning, pretty rough right now in philadelphia, seeing the heaviest rain move through right now center city, commute, pretty much horrible right now too to the steadier rain, ponding on the roads, freezing rain, poconos, improving conditions there, you can see, radar now indicating pretty much all rain the exception maybe extreme northern lehigh county, southern poconos seeing freezing drizzlement back edge steady rain moving through parts of lancaster county starting to move into western chester county, we do have improving conditions, over the next hour or so. mid to late morning, we should g dry over most locations, temperatures well above freezing around the city. forty-one at the airport, 39
6:32 am
wilmington, upper 50s parts of south jersey, winter weather advisory continues for lehigh county up through the poconos, isolated spots, some freezing rain this morning, temperatures, climbing up, upper 50s by noontime, lunch hour should be dry, just some clouds, on our way up to 50 degrees for the afternoon high for philadelphia, well into the lower 50's south jersey at the shore, poconos, eventually, make it into the upper 30's. enjoy today. if you like mild temperatures, it will be the warmest all week. really true arctic air returning to the seven day forecast, i'll let you know when it arrives, how colds it gets coming up in your seven day in a new more minutes, meisha, pretty rough out here. can't imagine the roads for today. what's the latest? >> justin not good. thank goodness we do not have that arctic air right now. because we know that all of this rain coming down on the roadways would be freezing it, would be even worse. morning everyone, happy monday, unfortunately, this is what our morning commute looks like, 59 south at cottman, you can see, just a sea of
6:33 am
taillights, and a lot of people heeding the warning to get out there early and it is looking very, very slow. i do want to pull your attention to a fatal accident. this is where we have fatal crash, vehicle on the a.c. expressway westbound before pleasantville. that right lane blocked right now, if you are anywhere around that area, i would just avoid it, if at all possible. but it is only the right lane that's blocked. but it is going to be busy around there with a lot of flashing lights, probably will have gaper delays. very strong reminder of how dangerous the roadways can get when it is this wet outside. a.c. expressway eastbound, this is where we have another accident. still out there past route 42, that one pulled all the way off to the shoulder, another one route 332, news on town richboro closed between fir drive and rocky way. use the alternate lower holland road best bet. new construction to contend with, talking about this overnight construction coming up in the next ten minutes, rahel, over to you. >> see you then, thank you. russia was topic of intense
6:34 am
debate during the presidential call pain, still point of contention now that the election is over. reporting president-elect trump says he does not believe that -- >> no, i don't believe that at all. >> donald trump blasting the intelligence communities a sessionment that russian hackers medalled in the president election. >> it could be rush a i don't really think it is. but who knows. i don't know either. they don't know. i don't know. >> intelligence community more confident now than ever that the hacks were meant to influence the election in favor of trump according to multiple sources. new york times reporting over the weekends the cia thinks russians lack phone charges, but only published document from democrats. not just democrats now calling for action. >> you can't make partisan. too important. >> senator john mccain joining fellow republican senator lindsay gram and democratic senators jack read and chuck sure nerve calling for an investigation into the russian hacks. >> whether they intended to interfere to the degree that they were trying to elect a
6:35 am
certain candidate, i think that's a subject of investigation. >> russia will also be a sticking point for trump regarding his leading candidate in the search for secretary every state. exxon mobile chairman, ceorex tillerson, already causing concern among some, including former trump rival marco rubio, who tweeted sunday quote ac friends of vladmeere is not an at butte i'm hoping for from a secretary every state. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and multiple reports say that chris christie was offered several positions, in the trump administration, but the new jersey governor, turn them all down. rejected offers including homeland security secretary, veterans affairs secretary and us ambassador to italy. sources say christie did not think of them were a fit. he did apparently want the attorney general's position. >> happening today former congressman chaka fattah awaits sentence in a federal crack tearing case, pennsylvania democrat convicted of using government grants and charity funds on campaign and personal expenses. prosecutors are recommending
6:36 am
17 to 21 years in prison. his attorneys call that unnecessarily harsh. fattah resigned in june after serving 22 years in congress. new jersey state trooper franky william will be burried today in a private ceremony in atlantic city. family and friends will hold private viewing at 8:00 a.m. at boardwalk hall followed by another service for law enforcement at 10:00. private burial follows at noon. a driver crossed killing both williams and himself. new this morning, the mannish shot and killed retired new orleans saint star will smith is found guilty. luis anna jury found him guilty of manslaughter. the 29 year old, killed the nfl storm after road wage incident in new orleans. haze also injured smith's wife in the shooting. >> this morning family, friends and community members joined survivors for a moment of silence in memory of the orlando massacre victim. the group gathered outside of
6:37 am
pulse night club where the mass shooting happened, it was held at 2:02 this morning, many exact time omar opened fire. astronaut john glenn already burried at arlington national cemetery. public memorial service set for saturday at ohio state university. ♪ ♪ last night, glenn's hometown church new concord ohio held candlelight vigil for the former astronaut and senator. glenn, who was the first american to orbit the earth, and later the oldest american in space, died last thursday. he was 95. >> well, the cold weather across the nation is reaking havoc at airports. take a look. this plane skidded off the runway with dozens of people on board. up next, we will hear from one of the passengers. plus, holidays award season, hollywood award season kicks off with a critics choice awards. we can call it holiday award season, too, a look at the big winners and memorable moments
6:38 am
coming up. >> ♪ >> and as you rock around the christmas tree, in your house, here is a question. is it a real tree, or is it fake? what a new survey says about americans coming up. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> rub it in, right? raining, it is monday, don't be down, though, we'll get through it together.
6:42 am
>> it could always be worse, you could be in chicago, because massive snowstorm cancelling flight there. some part of the windy city saw 10 inches every snow, causing more than 1400 flights to be canceled at chicago o'hare, mid-way airports, workers in had tough time clearing runways, to make matters worse, arctic blast expects today hit much of the country over the next few days, take a look at this, check out these pictures, taken bypass inning err, on plane in detroit, that slid right off the runway. the delta plane caring 70 passengers, and its crew, just landed. and was turning from the runway to the taxi-way. but, ended in a snowy grassy area. one passenger said crew did amazing job just making sure everyone got off the plane safely. >> see everyone come, got us off the plane, in a orderly fashion, people on the grounds were hustling, too, helping out the plane, and on the bus, off the bus, telling you exactly where to go. they did a good job. >> the snow, sleet and rain is expected to move through the east coast throughout the day, and justin is here.
6:43 am
justin, looks like maybe it has moved on from our area. >> starting to move out. maybe another hour or so to go yet. but slick conditions, delays at the airport, only takes little bit every rain, fog, causing, so there will be issues out on the roads and in the skies the rest of the morning. afternoon looking whole lot better. weather watchers checking in this morning, thanks for your reports, temperatures pretty much above freezing, few spots are below freezing right now, so let's check out numbers here from the backyards, here freezing rain earlier, lehigh vale, poconos, starting to change over. upper 30 a to 40, saint david's, 39 degrees, 40 cherry hill, philadelphia, and in middletown, delaware, low 40's in dover, delaware, probably reaching the 50's down south, central delaware. that will feel pretty good today. and cool spot chesterfield ed at 39 degrees. already 47 degrees in egg harbor township. so there go, the warm air starting to move into south jersey. rainfall amounts, pretty good healthy rain across the region over half inch in hatboro, kyle higgins, .6 of an inch of
6:44 am
inch there, almost half inch in philadelphia being and cherry hill, kerry mt. laurel coming in at .46. good news, we need the rain we'll take it, drier air store to go build its way into our rest -- into the west. worse of it now. bad timing for the morning drive. heavy rain moving into delaware, south jersey, give it another hour or two, starts to move out. just left with some clouds around, probably, by lunchtime. average high this time of year, 46. over the weekends, we were cooler mid 30's yesterday. staying in the 50's, enjoy it, because it is all coming to ends. near average tuesday, wednesday, 20's, high temperatures by the end of the week. let's time things out. by 9:00 most of the rain off shore. that's good news there. maybe even see few peaks of sunshine specially west of philadelphia this afternoon, tonight dry. tomorrow, dry, as well, just some clouds around. here comes arctic front. coming in for thursday. just areas even colder than the weekend. highs running 15 to 20 degrees below average both thursday and friday. with us temperatures in the
6:45 am
20's during the day with teens at night. soap, today, morning rain, late day clearing, 50 degrees for the high temp. tonight it is chill, partly cloudy skies, low of around 29. here is the extended forecast, like i said, today the warmest at 50. you go to the mid and low 40's for tuesday, wednesday, really cool stuff thursday, friday, 20's for highs, even with the sun at night. down into the teens, by friday morning, weekend we watch the storm. initially could be enough cold air in place to see little snow saturday, before changing over to rain. then the cold air gets out of here. good news meisha only two days of the real cold stuff. >> i love how you found the silver lining in that. >> of course. >> i just love it. good morning, everyone. happy monday. so, i got to get right into the reality whatever we are are dealing with on the roadways, it is no joke, very, very wet out there number one, very, very slow, so give yourself extra time, it also can be dangerous, talking about very dangerous accident, that's just happened coming up. first though 422 westbound near valley forge what you are looking at. we have an accident there. not slowing you down too much. just make note it is very slippery out there. still dark out there. so those can sneak up on you. now this is where we have a
6:46 am
fatal crash this morning. a vehicle and a bus, a.c. expressway westbound, before pleasantville. that right lane is blocked. if you can avoid the area altogether, you certainly want to do so if you have to go out there, give yourselves extra time. there will be a lot of activity around the area not to mention some gaper delay. another accident, a.c. expressway eastbound past route 42, that one pulled off to the shoulder. and another one route 332 newtown, richboro road, closed right now between fir drive and rocky way. use alternate, lower holland road going to be your best bet. that one has been out there for little bit. not yet cleared. overnight construction north and south, between academy and bridge street, intermittent lane closures between eight p.m. to 5:00 a.m. new schedule started sunday for septa. be sure check the schedules on line. you will need to do. that will also, some more construction on city avenue. we are get to go this coming up in a little bit. rahel, back over to you. >> meisha, thank you. ban an hour, the 74th annual goal end globe awards will be
6:47 am
announced, before those are the ross, a the 22nd annual critics choice awards out in los angeles. all of the big winner from last night. >> before we start, yes, i need to address the elephant in the room of the that's important. this has been in the news all weekend, it is really affected me. the election was definitely hacked by the russians. >> there was seemingly no way critics choice awards host miller was going avoid mentioning his arrest friday for allege the battery of a carver advice driver, but he was table to dance around the subject. >> yes. okay, yes. it is the 31st anniversary of a chorus line on broadway. >> miller then focused on the show where several films won multiple awards, including jacky, which garnered natalie portman, best actress honors, and manchester by the sea which casey afleck took home best actor for. while dozen different films, one title announced more than any other. >> here we go, lala lands.
6:48 am
>> the musical starring ryan gosling, emma stone took home eight awards including best picture, best director, cinema towing i, editing, song, for city of stars. director took the mike to except best picture and thanked his actors who were not among the winners. >> both of you giving more than i ever could have expected from actors. >> one of the more point gent speeches of the night came from director rich move, won best animated feature. >> in the words of our main character judy hoff, please try to make the worlds a better place. look deep into yourselves and realize that change starts with you. it starts with me. it starts with all of us. >> in hollywood. >> and, other big winners of the night include viola davis for best supporting actress, herschel a best socking actor in moonlight, and ryan reynolds won best okay tore in actor in dead pool and entertainer of the year.
6:49 am
disney latest clips once again claimed the top spot at the weekends box office. >> ♪ >> well, for the third straight weekend, moana held off the competition earning nearly $19 million. disney movie narrowly beat office comedy which reeled in 17 and a half million dollars. coming in thirds, fantastic feast, earning nearly 11 million, rounding out top five, arrival and doctor strange. >> well the time now 6:49. still a lot coming up. charlie roads joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: good morning, are h tracking rough weather causing crashes and flight drays throughout the country. pilus we will talk with insider michael morrell. also senators john mccain and chuck schumer, calling for congressional investigation into the hacking. the news is back in the
6:50 am
morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> all right, we will be watching, charlie, thank you. >> the rec center in germantown celebrating this morning the northwest raiders football team returned home as national champions. the club's varsity team traveled all the way to disney world for the pop warner champions, they returned with the national title. >> we really really wanted to tell the city thank you, tell everybody who helped us thank you will, let you know that these kids are doing good, coaches are doing good, everybody is doing something to raise more success fum philadelphians. >> and this is the team's third year in a row winning the national championship. congrats to the northwest raiders. three years in a row. wow. >> new study finds most americans are choosing real christmas trees over artificial ones, although, pretty close. the christmas tree promotion boards 31% of buyers up for the real deal. while 30% prefer a fauxfir. 38% alternate. the rest don't bother with one at all.
6:51 am
okay. well, speaking of trees, one company or couple i should say in germany loves so much they had decorated more than 100 trees, their home filled to the rafters with them, the collection started small, but has grown rapidly over the past few years it, takes couple eight weeks to decorate and every room filled with trees except for their bedroom. i wonder if those are real or fake? city attorney complaining about holiday display blasting music in his neighborhood and going to court to stop it. >> ♪ jingle bell rock ♪ >> well, the display he has problem with has figures of reindeer rocking to the holiday music on the upper east side. how many passerbys they found the display delightful, and wilder says it is a nuisance. >> blasting throughout the neighborhood, every jingle bells, 800 times in a row, any sane person, you know, can fine that outrage us. >> they heard it in the building i would understanded.
6:52 am
but if they're not hearing it in the building there is no reason why it can't be on the street. >> unclear if a judge will get involved in the case. but wilder those have some peace and quiet before the holiday season is over. make you a little crazy if you hear it too many times. we will be right back with three to go.
6:53 am
6:54 am
♪ i for christmas ♪amus ♪ only a hippopotamus will do at the united states postal service, we deliver more online purchases to homes than anyone else in the country. and more hippopotamuses, too. ♪ so whatever your holiday priority, our priority is you.
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and before you lever here's three to go, former congressman chaka fattah being sentenced today on racketeering charges, the democrat was convicted of using government grants and charity funds on campaign and personal expenses. new jersey state trooper, frank i william, is being burried today. private viewings are taking place this morning. he died last week after a head-on crash. >> and president-elect donald trump is reportedly close to nominating exxon mobile ceorex tillerson as secretary of state. calls him world class player. and that is three to go. now let's get a last check on weather and traffic. and justin, meisha, it has been busy morning for the both of you. >> oh, yes. really rough. >> rough for the people out on the road right now. they're dealing with the steady rain. good news freezing rain coming to an end up to the north, warm air starting to move, in maybe few pockets of light freezing rain, far northern lehigh valley, poconos, steadiest rain moving through right now, give it about another hour or so, should
6:57 am
start to move off. improving conditions later this morning, just bad timing here with the morning ride. afternoon ride, it will be different story. no problems. drier roads, 50 for the high temperature today, maybe see few pieces every sunday later today. tomorrow typical for mid december. forty-four for the high, sunshine, snow showers possible wednesday, still low 40's, then bring in the cold air thursday, friday, high temps in the 20's, coldest we've had since last february for high temperatures at night. it will be cold. down to the teens, maybe even single digits. some locations early friday morning, out of here by the weekends, start to warm up. still initially cold air in place, snow saturday before changing to rain. >> look at the low on friday. justin, looking outside, you can see 95 south, oh, at cottman, look at this, you have to head out, this is what you will be coming into. just give yourselves extra time. i would like to say give yourselves 20 minute, but at least extra 40, 45 minutes this morning, that's where you are accident-free. speaking of accidents, this is where we do have a fatal crash this morning. a.c. expressway westbound.
6:58 am
before pleasantville, right lane blocked. we can avoid the area, you certainly want to do so. another accident past route 42, that one pulled off to the shoulder, another one on 422 westbound near valley forge, that one also pulled all the way off to the shoulder but it is of course causing some slow downs even though it is pulled off to the shoulder. then look at the wide, take a look tip, schuylkill showing a loft red there. 29 miles per hour there. twelve as you push little further down toward route one, 37 on the vine. sixteen on 9a but 45 on the blue route headed in the northbound direction. >> take a look at this, very special visitor, please touch new see thumb weekends, santa claus, big guy, stopped by to meet with little girls and boys, to find out what they wanted for christmas. the meet and greet with chris kringle part of month of holiday celebrations at the museum. and this will certainly warm your heart. it maybe cold out, but this may warm your heart. all of the boxes, a loft them, are filled with holiday toys. they're going to patients at the children's hospital of philadelphia. the toys were donated by student at half forwards middle school in delaware
6:59 am
county. teachers dropped off the gifts sunday morning. speaking of toys, our "joy of sharing" toyfest is in full swing. we hope you pick up toy for a child in need. for list of drop off locations head to our website and you can find them also on the cbs local app. so, meisha, there was also a chance for folks to donate this weekend. were you at event. >> at the game, you could drop it off there. yes. they were all coming up. seeing the big white bins basically everywhere, people throwing toys in there. so good to see your community come and rally around things like. that i was actually speaking with someone that works for the salvation army she said so many times we don't hear about the military folks that sacrifice so much for us. and their children, the least we could do. >> all right. well, next on cbs this morning, how to protect your privacy from apps that track your mood even after you've used their services and closed the program. see you back here tomorrow at 4:30, have a great day. stay warm and stay safe.
7:00 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is monday, december 12th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." president-elect trump rejects cia claims that russia interfered in our election. we will talk to michael morrell and chuck schumer and john mccain who wants a transition. and trump's senior adviser kellyanne conway. >> millions faces a dangerous commute with snow and rain and pounding parts of the country and we are tracking the storm and what is next for travelers. uber knows where you're going after your ride is over and why uber and other companies may be tracking your location even when you're not using the app.


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