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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  December 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> president elected donald trump set to pick rex tillerson as his secretary of state. when mr. trump is postponing a major press conference later this week. >> happening today, bill cosby goes back to court in montgomery county, tell you the decision prosecutors want him to make. >> major security breach approaching 34,000 people, we'll tell you the information that haak ers were able to get their hand on. and today is december 13th, it is tuesday morning, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. let's get your tuesday started with a check on justin and meisha. good morning. >> talk about construction and stuff! the roads are looking really nice, far cry from what we
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actually saw yesterday. justin, thank you so much for. >> no problem. >> easy commute weather wise, at least not dealing with any rain, snow, anywhere across the region, quiet forecast coming up for the next few days, enjoy it if you like cold air. wait for new days, talking about the coldest air since last winter moving in by the end of the week, 35 at the airport, chilly, heavier coats certainly needed this morning, wind out of the west 7 miles per hour, so less than 10 miles per hour but enough to bring the windchill values down to the 20's, what it feels like on exposed skin. temps ranking upper 20's to the upper 30's, the warmest spot, suburbs around freezing this morning 32 quakertown, 36, mt. holly, windchills values down to the mid 20's, lehigh valley, feeling like 28 degrees in wilmington, low 30's in south jersey. storm scan3, nice and quiet, big difference than yesterday morning, mid to high level crowds rolling in from the southwest today. now that's about all we will deal with so mixture every
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sunday shine, clouds, temperatures pretty much close to average this time of year. mid 40's for highs around philadelphia and the shore. we will be in the mid 30's in the poconos with little bit of sunshine. talk about cold air arriving later in the week. next storm system could impact the weekend in a few minutes, meisha, what's happening? >> i was going to say, 40's, we can handle that, especially knows what's coming. all right, thank you so much. good morning, happy tuesday to you. feeling good this morning, good vibe. so the vine is closed westbound eastbound you can see closed usually opens right around the 5:00 hour, but right now heads up walking out the door early. also take your alternate. also the schuylkill at montgomery drive, overhead sign maintenance, open in both directions, also have intermit and the stoppages both directions as well, see huge group project, flashing lights, the whole bit. heads up around the area and some construction, nine at south to academy road, cottman, right lane blocked there. we'll have more construction
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route 130 southbound 642, all lanes are blocked right now because of the construction. use the alternate 295 your best bet, whole lot more to talk about when we come back in ten to 15 minutes, jan, over to you. >> happening today, bill cosby back in court for pretrial hearing in norristown. prosecute remembers expected to argue assault allegations against cosby by other women, should be included at his criminal sexual assault trial. cosby is charged with drugging and assaulting former temple university employee andrea constand in january of 2004. the trial is tentatively set for june of 2017. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo will have live outdate from outside the courthouse in about 30 minutes. >> president-elect trump is ready to pick oil executive as his secretary of state. sources close to the transition team say he plans to announce his choice of exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson this morning. tillerson nomination facially to nice bay partisan challenge, he does have close
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ties to russian president vladmeere putin. mitt romney was also contender for the cabinet position. romney tweets, it was an honor to have been considered for secretary of state of our great country. on facebook he went on to say my discussions with president-elect trump have been enjoyable and enlight inning. i have high hopes the new administration will lead the nation to greater strength, prosperity and peace. president-elect trump and vice president elect mike pence will be in thursday night, postponed news conference scheduled for thursday how he would handle business conflict every interest. he tweeted ill hold a news conference to discuss the business, other topics of interest. >> and wisconsin presidential recount shows president-elect trump is the certified winner, state election officials say he defeated democrat hillary clinton by more than 22,000 vote. green party presidential candidate bill stein -- jill stein lost court battle for requesting recounts in pennsylvanian michigan. today is the deadline for all
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states to certify their presidential elections. >> governor chris christie is reportedly talking to new jersey law makers to change a law so he can cash in on book deal. bergin record quotes legislative sources want the governor to fine tune state law that would let him sign the book deal while he's still in office. the new jersey's current law bans a signature governor from earning income from any other source other than the offers he or she holds. police are looking for shooter after person is rushed to the hospital in willingboro, burlington county. police arrived on plum tree lane in willingboro after a call about a shooting last night. one person was taken to lords medical center, no word yet on a motive. >> bomb threat forces plane to make an emergency landing in new york city. the jet on its way to germany from houston, texas where the corporate office received a bomb threat. not want being to take any chances the pilot landed at jfk air port, 530 passengers and crew were removed from the plane while it was being
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searched, and authorities say nothing was found. >> over the last 24 hours, four police officers have been shot in georgia and two separate incident. the latest happened during a traffic stop last night in will be own ya, northwest of atlanta authorities say the officers discovered the vehicle think stopped was stolen, that's what the suspect opened fire, fled, and now in custody. officers suffered non-life threatening injuries. earlier in the day two officers were shot serving drug warrant in port valley. both men are recovering from their injuries. the suspect was shot and killed by police. >> well, police are asking for the public's help after a string of church burglaries in coatesville, enrages the chester county community with the holiday season in full swing, police believe desperation may be the reason burglars are targeting houses of worship. five churches have been hit in a little over a week including the holy ghost ukrainian orthodox church where someone stole $5,400. police also believe all five of the break-in's are
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connected. >> there is no need to steel from a church. churches do a lot of outreach for other, really the lowest of the low to steel from a church. >> as of now police have no surveyed ends video of the suspect, if you have any information call coatesville police. >> the last company quest diagnostic has been hack. >> says data breach has exposed the information every thousands of clients, according to quest, the breach happened last month when unauthorized third party gained access to the private information of about 34,000 people, including their name, date of birth, lab results, even phone numbers. some feel that this has become the norm. >> you know, it has happened with health insurance companies it, has happened with retailers, it has happened with payment system, happened with a lot of places i guess when you put something on line, there is no way to necessarily know the information is protected. >> quest diagnosis is released a statement which reads in part: when quest diagnostic discovered the inch trues it, immediately addressed
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vulnerability. quest is taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, and is working with a leading cyber security firm to assist, investigate, and further evaluating the company's system. well, he went to check his mail but got the surprise of his life. >> see it for yourself. what a florida man discovers waiting for him. >> also ahead, a terrifying site overseas. an apartment building goes up in flames. we'll tell you where this happened, and have update on resident. plus this. >> don't want to miss this. meet the 72 year old grandmother who is also a black belt. and hear what caused her to start training so late in life. stay with us.
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>> back with incredible video, fire rising through high-rise in dubai. the flames could be seen for miles. authorities say the fire started in a penthouse and quickly spread. no one was hurt.
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the fire is latest in series of fires to hit upscale buildings over the past two years. well there is story may have you glad that you don't live in florida florida man was picking up his mail when he was met with a unexpected visitor. >> first thought the strong vibration was the sign of earthquake, then he realized he was practically standing on top of 8-foot al gate that had been living in the storm drain right outside every his house. >> moved over. look down, some type of earthquake, but it wasn't, and i felt the vibration again. >> florida wildlife removed the full size gator from the drain. thankfully, no one was hurt. >> that story gives me the chills. >> well, from florida to sleet and snow and everything else, much of the count have i left cleaning up from a storm system that brought snow, ice and rain. >> resident in milwaukee woke up to 7 inches of snow monday morning, and we thought we had it bad. forcing commuters this to dig their cars out, of course, no
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plows were sent in to over time, clearing streets, city officials say they had 300 pieces of equipment working to clean it all up. >> well, further south, in motorcycle henry county, illinois, similar scene. some areas there between milwaukee and chicago received 10 inches of snowfall. while there was plenty of proud tow make a snowman, unfortunately, for the kids, school still opened on time. >> while those areas were digging out same system dropping several inches of snow in august gust did a, maine, first of the season, there good news, sunshine is expected today. welcome site for residents now cleaning up. >> maine, that's like flurry. >> true. >> here, that to! >> we'll always be here. 4:42, justin, what's it look being like around here? >> hopefully better than yesterday. >> pretty quiet. can't beat it for mid december. quiet on the roads this morning, that's what we want. temperatures pretty much where they should be for the middle of deals. get ready before we get the cold air in here end of the
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week. three's south jersey, near freezing in spots, capitol city every delaware, in and around philadelphia, mid 30's, so nothing terribly cold. it have your coat on, maybe some gloves, windchill values down to the 20's when you factor in the light breeze we're dealing with this morning. storm scan3 looking good, couple of left over lake effect snow showers, up-state new york. clouds starting to stream in from the south and west, mid to high level clouds, filter sunshine today, little weak disturbance out in the midwest, will pass through the region tonight. could touch off a stray sprinkle, even flurry in spots. through the day today, dry, skies partly sunny hearings we go, 10:00, little disturbance again maybe snow shower to the north into the lehigh valley, maybe sprinkle or two. real life stuff, not a problem. then tomorrow partly sunny skies, into the afternoon, next arctic cold front arrives. this one means business. highs on thursday and friday, are going to struggle to get to the mid and upper 20's, then the winds kick up around 16 to 25 miles per hour, windchill values down near
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zero friday morning. over night lows will be in the single digits to the teens, pretty cold stuff coming at us. today, though, 44 degrees, sunshine, mixed with some clouds, tonight, mostly cloudy, again shower or flurry possible, with low of around 31 for the sit. here is the extended forecast, pretty quiet the next day, 40's today, tomorrow, 20's on thursday, snow shower possible, again, feeling like teens during the day. twenty-five for the high on friday in the sun. cold air lingers early saturday with the next storm. so initially could have light snow. changing over to rain saturday with the next system. cold air moves out. buy sunday talking about 50 degrees, meisha. >> yes, little rebound. got to get through the couple every days. happy tuesday. good news waking to up roadways a lot more dry than it was yesterday. so we shouldn't have any problems there. but we do have some construction out there. take a look at this construction project. look at the slow downs starting to mount because of this. the schuylkill at montgomery drive. overhead sign maintenance,
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right lane, both directions closed right now. also, actually right lane open both directions right now, that's the only one, intermittent stoppages through this area, snow is really going to slow you down, i would say if you can avoid it for now it should clear right around 5:00. so about 15, 20 minutes, probably, until this clear. but if you have to leave right now, you are going to have to give yourself extra time anyhow because of how slow it is. again schuylkill at montgomery drive. then the vine, it is still closed you can see both moving in the westbound and eastbound direction. crews are trying to move that out right nowment that should open around 5:00. 5:00 the buzz word. construction 95 south, between academy and cottman, right lane still block. so this will slow you down right now, not yet, but one of those construction areas depending how long it lingers out there. that will absolutely slow you down later in the 5:00 hour. new jersey 130 southbound, 642, all lanes block, you will have to use the alternate, 295 your best bet, jim, over to you. >> thank you very much. coming up new emojis are
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available for iphone users. i'm so excited about this. we will show you what they are coming up next. and new year, new rate, maybe not as excited about this, comcast customers get ready to pay more for your tv and internet. we'll tell you how much next.
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>> philadelphia center city, campaign discourage people to give money to panhandlers. meet the man who has been the background of north philadelphia boxing gym, for four decades, and the perks of using your credit cards to buy holiday gift. check in two, three, four times a day, "kyw news radio" 1060 on your a.m. dial. comcast cable customers will be paying more come the new year, cable giant announced plans to raise tv and internet bills by 3.8% starting january 1st.
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now the average customer already pace nearly $150 a month. so the hike would take about $6, also boost fee for regional sportsnet works from three to $5 per month. rate hike of 4% little more than a year ago. little soon for another rate hike. >> glad i don't have cable. 4:49. time for check on business news. >> jill wagner joins us from the new york stock exchange, jill, good morning, always good to see you. the dow opening at new record high today watch are investors watching? >> reporter: all about the federal reserve it starts its two day policy meeting today. it is widely expected that the fed will raise short-term interest rates for just the second time in ten years. the fed has held interest rates at record lows since the financial crisis as a way to drive economic growth. that big announcement will come tomorrow afternoon. jim, rahel? >> i've been watching the market closely. jill, i understands american express is doing something really good. the latest company to announce
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that they're expanding maternity and paternity leave? >> well, that's right. american express is expanding its leave to 20 weeks as full pay. it offers six weeks now. the company will also pay up to $35,000 for fertility treatments, surogacy, and adoptions. in the past couple of years seen companies mostly tech industry expanding their maternity and paternity leave policies as a way to attract the best workers. so, hopefully it is a trends that continues. >> sort of recruitment tool to sort of maybe encourage some of the smartest and bright toast come over to their side. interesting. >> sounds good to us, thanks, jill. >> specially for tech companies. good way to attract women. >> all right, jill, thank you. >> well, it is the most wonderful time of year. we're not talking about the holidays. >> iphone use remembers getting new emojis, yes. >> alleluhia. >> everyone rejoice. so many choices include live pinocchio face, there is also
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fingers crossed, a face bomb and more animals and foods, new looks are part of a software update released yesterday. because you can never have toomey mobile is. >> i can't see them without my glasses half the time. so i've been known to send inapropriate emojis. >> well, i don't want to tell you what you sent me last night. not appropriate. >> so sore. >> i coming up after the break another check on weather and traffic. >> plus meet 72 year old black belt, yes, we will be right at longhorn, tonight's special: turf and surf.
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flo's filet and lobster tail, our new crab cake filet, and our new renegade sirloin and lobster mac and cheese. you can't fake steak. longhorn steakhouse.
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>> much quieter weather the next new days, so nice easy ride into work or school, at least weather wise. check it out. temperatures little colder than yesterday compared 24 hours ago, 3 degrees colder in philadelphia, 15 to 18 degrees cold nerve part of south jersey. we had the rain yesterday. today different story. nice and dry, near freezing up in the lehigh valley and in reading, 35 officially at the airport in philadelphia, upper 20's into the mountains. storm scan3, much quieter compared to yesterday at this
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time. clouds, streaming in, that's about all we will deal with today, so partly sunny skies, high temperature right near average for this time of year, 44, for the afternoon high, southwest breeze coming in at about five to 10 miles per hour. tonight mostly cloudy schools, little webbing disturbance moves through, could be stray flurry or sour in some spots, 30's for overnight low temperature. tomorrow still quiet, 41 degrees, partly sunny skies, arctic air arriving into the week thursday and friday highs in the 20's, next storm saturday could start off light snow before changing over to rain. meisha, what's happening out on the roads? >> liking that sunday, justin, you should go through friday straight to sunday. thank you for the dry roadways, looking real nice, far cry from what we saw yesterday. what we are looking at some construction, schuylkill at montgomery drive. this is where we have overhead sign maintenance, right lane open, only the right lane, both directions, you can see it might be starting to open up little bit more right now. but intermittent stoppages both directions, in fact the westbound side actually just
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stopped, just moments ago. this should totally be clearing around 5:00 or right around there, i'll let you know it does, just know you can see the backups already. not even in the 5:00 hour. already it is getting very slow. heads up if you are just walking out the door, i would give yourself couple of extra minutes, otherwise, wait for me. i'll let you know as soon as this clears. like i said, should be right around the 5:00 hour. then the vine closed overnight, westbound eastbound side just now opening, looking better there. also i will show you there you go. ninety-five southbound between academy and cottman, right lane block, because that construction also looks like it is moving out a lot of construction, good news, we have no accidents, knock on wood, rahel, jim, back to you. >> impressive, meisha, thank you. earning black belt is a prestigious honor for anyone. >> specially if you're a 72 year old grandmother. hanna frazier started practicing kai kwon dough about four years ago of after she suffered a heart attack. local struck or who also trained her daughter's family developed a special course for frazier, and he said she has come a long way.
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>> she's much better than before. i think she comes here to other normal people, you know, that age, she is most stronger and has, you know, person. >> good for her. frazier went onto win her first black belt, already started training for her second degree black belt. >> just go to show you, you don't mess with grab. >> i exactly. >> never know. >> great stuff. in the next hour of "eyewitness news", look can be deceiving. >> yes there is guy appears to be delivering a pizza, right? but the homeowner says he never ordered one. the bold thing this guy did next that was all caught on camera. >> remembering a tragedy, the way the city of orlando commended the six month anniversary of the deadliest mass shooting in us history. we're back at the top of the hour.
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>> back in court today comedian bill cosby will appear before a judge in norristown, the argument prague cute remembers expected to make at today's hearing. >> string of crimes in one community that has even police officers outraged. >> and making a decision, big news president-elect donald trump is expected to announced to. and the cabinet position he may have in mind for a former foe. well today is tuesday, december 13, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. fortunately we're waking to up much nicer wet they are morning. justin in for katie. tells us how the rest of the day will shape up. meisha as always watching traffic conditions, good morning. >> good morning, jim, welcome back. >> i tried to bring my suitcase, but you're not that small. >> now you just made me feel bad about myself.
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thanks a lot. >> good morning, everyone, road ways are looking good. they are nice and dry, yes, oh, today good. some construction out there. >> yes, dealing with the weather nice and quiet. we like that for december, things could be worse. average temperatures, we will be talking about colds air by the end of the week. winds, it will happen. snow flying up in the poconos. but this is man-made snow. the guns are going here. live look at big boulder throwing down good base here for the ski season this week, they'll have ideal snow making conditions specially later on in the week. cold, dry, that's what you want. get that man-made snow. boulder open for bills. blue mountain opening tomorrow first time as well. good news therefore skiers and riders. there are the temps, mid 20's in the poconos at this hour, 31 in allentown, 32 reading, colder than yesterday at this time. we have clouds and rain around, mid 30's in philadelphia, winds not whole lot of an issue. so the wind chills values not too bad. thirty-two for the actual air temperature in quakertown, winds speeds out of the west around five to 10 miles per hour,


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