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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  December 13, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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thanks a lot. >> good morning, everyone, road ways are looking good. they are nice and dry, yes, oh, today good. some construction out there. >> yes, dealing with the weather nice and quiet. we like that for december, things could be worse. average temperatures, we will be talking about colds air by the end of the week. winds, it will happen. snow flying up in the poconos. but this is man-made snow. the guns are going here. live look at big boulder throwing down good base here for the ski season this week, they'll have ideal snow making conditions specially later on in the week. cold, dry, that's what you want. get that man-made snow. boulder open for bills. blue mountain opening tomorrow first time as well. good news therefore skiers and riders. there are the temps, mid 20's in the poconos at this hour, 31 in allentown, 32 reading, colder than yesterday at this time. we have clouds and rain around, mid 30's in philadelphia, winds not whole lot of an issue. so the wind chills values not too bad. thirty-two for the actual air temperature in quakertown, winds speeds out of the west around five to 10 miles per hour, so the morning into the
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afternoon, enough to bring the windchill values down into the 20's at spots. does feel like 23 in reading, 30 here in philadelphia. storm scan3, nice and quiet. just mid high level clouds roll on through the region right now, going stay dry for the morning into the afternoon, tonight, it will be little weak disturbance, maybe stray, snow showers, rain shower in spots. today average high temperature this time of year 44 for philadelphia, 46 at the shore, 30's in the poconos, you'll wish we had 40's in the forecast by the end of the week, talking about some real cold stuff. talk about that in a few more minutes, smear. >> justin, thank you so much. good morning to you. good morning to all of you at home. happy tuesday to you. sort of looking at right now, women, penndot camera zooming around. see crews out there working, construction, schuylkill at montgomery drive. dealing with overhead sign maintenance, right lane opening both directions. but it looks like the westbound side two lanes are now open, it was just one intermittent stoppages both directions, this is supposed to clear right about now. so i'm hoping in the next five to ten minute maybe, but i
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would hole off. if you can wait on this, i would wait, stay warm, and if you cannot give yourself extra time, give yourself at least i would say extra 15 end minutes at this point see how many vehicles are already out there. so again, this is schuylkill at montgomery drive. it is going to be moving little slow through there. but good news like i said, it is scheduled to clear upright about now. new jersey 42 knee way northbound creek road take it to 295, looking good, looking typical for tuesday morning, this is will start to change, pushing little bit deep near the 5:00 hour. overall okay. then construction in this part every town, 130, in jersey, tax you can about this in the next ten to 15 minute, back to you. >> meisha, thank you many happening today bill cosby heads back to court for his pretrial hearing in norristown. >> accused of drugging and assaulting andrea con stands at his elkins park home. jan carabeo live outside the montgomery county courthouse where cosby's lawyers are now trying to limit some other accusers from testifying. jan? >> reporter: rahel, jim, good
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morning, comedian bill cosby is expected here at the montgomery county courthouse for a pretrial hearing today, that is scheduled to begin right around 9:00 this morning. it is a big day for the commonwealth, a key issue is at steak for them. prosecutors will argue why they believe they should be allowed to present more than dozen other women at trial who also say cost did i drugged and assaulted them. now, bill cosby is facing felony, session all assault charges, accused every drugging and molesting former temple university employee andrea constand at his cheltenham mansion back in 2004. prosecutors say during the investigation, about 50 women were interviewed with similar accusations against the comedian. prosecutors now want to put 13 of them on the stand. they say the testimony will show how cosby over the course of decades intoxicated women in a quote signature fashion, end quote. the defense however says the allegations are not similar enough to present at trial. they add that the allegations were never reported to authorities, and are so vague that cosby can't effectively
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present a defense. now, cosby has always denied wrong-doing, saying that any sexual contact was always concentual. this again is a pretrial hearing, at the hearing, here at the montgomery county courthouse, the trial is scheduled for june of next year. just another step in the process in the run up to that date. we are reporting live in norristown this morning. jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news", jim, rahel, back to you. >> thank you, jan. train service back to normal this morning after a person was struck and killed by an amtrak train in wilmington, delaware. state police say the train was traveling southbound around 8:00 last night when it hit the victim at ten lewis circle. that's a mile south of the wilmington station. victim died at the scene. police at this point have not release that person's identity. police russia person to the hospital after a shooting in burlington county. police were called out to plum tree lane in willingboro, just after 8:00 last night. so far we're hearing one person was injured and taken to lords medical center. police are currently looking for a shooter and also trying to figure out a motive.
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>> a rash of burglaries has chester county community on edge. five churches and in coatesville have been burglarized in little over a week. police do believe the break-in's are all connected. they say this time of year desperation may be what's motivating these burglars. $5,400 stolen from the holy ghost ukrainian orthodox church. and community members say they're uneasy. >> there is no need to steel specially from a church, and churches do a loft outreach for people. it is really the lowest of the low to steel from a church. >> right now coatesville police are asking for the public's help in cracking this case. they say they have no surveillance video or suspect. they are asking anyone with information to give them a call. the last company quest diagnostics says it is the target of major data breach. according to quest, it was hacked last month by an unauthorized third party, which gained access to private information of about 34,000 people. including their name, date of birth, lab results, and some phone numbers. some people we spoke with feel this has become the norm. >> you know, it happened with
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health insurance companies. happened with retailers it, has happened with payment system, happened in a lot of different places, i guess, when you put something on line, no way to know your information is protected. >> quest diagnostics released a statement which it reads in part when quest diagnostics discovered the inch trues and immediately addressed the vulnerability, quest is taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future, and is working with a leading cyber security firm to assist in investigating and further evaluating the company's system. >> well, senior administration official is certainly that russia's largest intelligence agency hacked a democratic national committee to help donald trump win the election. the evidence that the russians were trying to influence the us election dates to mid june. that's when private emails, opposition research and campaign information stolen from the dnc appeared on line. us investigators say the russians were to blame. so, do oil and diplomacy
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mix? we may finds out if president-elect trump choice for secretary of state clears the senate. >> but exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson won't have easy time getting through the senate confirmation hearings, hena daniels live in new york to tell us more about it, good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, president-elect trump over tweeted after 11:30 last night he would leave his business to his grown son and executives before the inauguration, this after lawmakers both sides of the aisle investigations into the cia belief in the help to mr. trump win. >> president-elect donald trump hinted at his secretary of state announcement in a tweet late monday night. days after praising exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson in a interview with fox news. >> he's much her to than a business executive, i mean, he is a world class player. >> the development came moments after top contender mitt romney during the campaign, confirmed in a facebook post that he was out of the running.
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saying, quote, my discussion was president-elect trump have been both enjoyable and enlightening. tillerson, who has no government experience, is expected to face an uphill climb in gaining senate confirmation. him and close ties to russian president putin. both sides of the aisle, that russia actively tried to get trump elected. >> i think we taught approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> sources tell cbs news that president-elect will also nominate former texas governor rick per toy serve as the secretary of energy. the very department he once said he would abolish. after postponing first press conference, mr. trump took to social media last night to address plans for his business dealings write too long of my children don and eric will manage them. no new deals will be done during my terms in offers.
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>> it is not all bad news for the romney family. president-elect also expected to endorse methynol are you's reese, for rnc chair. >> and hena, we know there has been so much talk about return a during this election cycle becomes saw vladmeere putin saying anything about the election? >> overnight just spoke few hours too long japanese media. putin told them that he's ready to meet with the next president of the us, that he want to give mr. trump time to form his administration first. putin says russia can only support trump's statement calling for normalization of the russian-american relationship. >> well, thanks so much, hena. everything each day, more and more talk until the inauguration. >> hena, thank you. >> well, scary moments for a flight when a bomb threat is called in. the place where that flight was headed. plus this.
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>> we'll take to you orlando tribute marking the sixth anniversary of the massacre of the pulled night club. >> and, when a piece of the delivery is anything but the bold thing a homeowner says this guy did at his front door. >> and here is a live look downtown bethlehem. you're watching "eyewitness news" this morning. we will be back in just a moment. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> bomb threat force as pilot to land. one of its jets was on it way from germany to houston, or on its way to germany from houston. the pilot decided to land at jfk international. 530 passengers and crew were removed from the plane while it was searched. port authority police say nothing was found on the plane. and we did just get an update from georgia where authorities have arrested the suspect accused of shooting two police officers following a traffic stop. authorities say the officers were conducting a traffic stop last night when they realize the the car was reported stole
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friend south carolina officers tried to arrest the driver, they say the driver shot shows officer and ran away. no details yet where that suspect was caught. both officers are expect the to survive. well, a day of remembrance in orlando, as friends, family, survivors came together to reflect on the pulse night club massacre. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> yesterday marked six months since gunman omar opened fire in the orlando night club killing 49 people, injuring 53 others, in what's now the deadliest mass shooting in modern us history. >> orlando didn't react with hatred to this horrible hate crime. we reacted with love. we react in the way that was unprecedented. we broke all on-line fundraising. blew it out of the water. the most fundraising ever done on line was done to help the victims and families every
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pulse. >> now event included musical performance n and a memorial reading of the names of those who died. well, be aware. package thieves are out this holiday season. >> yes, but one christmas grinch is taking things to a whole new level. take a look at this, police in indianapolis looking for this pizza delivery guy seen here on this surveillance tape, just one thing, though, actually it is not a pizza delivery man. he just posed as one, so he could steel a a package off a front porch. homeowner was away, but watched the whole thing unfold from his phone. >> when i got the application up and running, i could see a guy getting into his car in our driveway and he had something in his hand. >> cameras are always on. the hone of homeowner said his only regret is not powering up the app quicker so he could talk directly to the thief. wonder what woe have said. >> from a grin who steels christmas, take a look at this impressive display, chopper
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three over wilmington last night when the krause spotted t you can see even the roof is decorated. >> wow. >> very impressive. i don't want to be in that house when they get their electric bill. can you imagine? >> no. >> but that really is, yes, they do that every year, i actually did a live shot there. pretty cool set up. they have santa come up. anybody from the public. >> do you know how long it takes, did they say that. >> i can't remember. justin, you really have to get on it. i'm finding all kinds of holes in your reporting. >> no, but your you're forecasting is spot on. >> that's all that matters, right. >> exactly. >> so yesterday pretty messy. >> rough. >> today? >> different story. we will take it, nice and quiet. then gets real cool by the end of the week. >> need to go back. you picked the wrong week. bethlehem much bet they are morning, you guys had the wintery mix yesterday morning. and some rain. but the streets, nice and quiet here. looks leak the wind is dead calm on main street, looking liver from the hotel bethlehem. cold. temperatures hanging out in the low 30's, in a lot of
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locations specially newspaper the lehigh valley, 31, in allentown, freezing in reading, 36 in philadelphia. nothing terribly coal. the milder air to the south, so the cold air not here just yet. so enjoying somewhat warm temperatures, deep south, there is the cold arctic air, starting to ill in, bismarck minus two at this hour, minus three minneapolis, actual air temperatures, doesn't factor in the wind. and we have snow pack up, there as well, that cold air is going to be running over that snow pack, but just locks in the chilly area. by the time it a riffs here talking high temperatures running 20 degrees below average. quiet on storm scan3, some clouds going on in, little disturbance to the west, today dry. comes through tonight. maybe stray snow shower, even rain shaw in some spots later this evening into the overnight. we're back to some sunshine for wednesday. here's the arctic front, leading edge of the cold air. that will comes through late wednesday night, early thursday morning, the winds start to kick up, feel the big difference thursday. high temperatures in the 20's
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it, will feel like the teens, we factor in the wind. today though, typical for mid december. afternoon temperatures, up around 40 degrees, into the lehigh valley, little above freezing in the poconos. and around philadelphia, low mid 40's, this afternoon, similar numbers down into south jersey and delaware, enjoy high temperature right around 45 degrees. so the arctic air invasion, situated over the northern planes, right now, what is happening, and then day-by-day here it is to just leads into the east coast. starting thursday, arriving, and goes pretty far south, that cold air it, really set unless on friday. that's going to be the coldest day. then watch what happens. next storm comes in, push out the cold air. we will see warm up on the second half of the weekends. but until that cold air arrives, we will deal with just a dry pattern. good news there. thursday, friday, miles in the 20's, stronger winds, lows at night, single digit, teens, will feel down around zero friday morning. today, sun, clouds, average high temperature 44 degreesment tonight stray shower, flurry possible, 31, here is the extended forecast, had's the next couple every
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days, 20's, thursday, friday, back to 40 degrees saturday. initially could see little bit of snow before change to go rain. sunday little better there, 50, comes at price with the rain. i think we will take 50. >> justin, it is funny speaking of the arctic blast, my parent said yesterday it is negative three, can you believe it? >> ya. hey, we're in ill if i. winning. delaware valley, winning in the four's. good morning, what we are looking at, some construction, it is causing you some slow downs already. so montgomery drive, you can see the crews still are out there. so what it is, overhead sign maintenance, the right lane, both directions, one of the only lanes open. looks like the westbound side you have two lanes open right now. we are dealing went mitt end stoppages, both directions. and it is causing some slow downs. if you can hole off little bitty would do so. the good news is i think they are working to clear this out of your way right now. so this is over here, the westbound side. this is where you have two lanes, looks like, open right now. this is the eastbound side. single file lane. it does actually look like the
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eastbound side is going little bit thicker than the westbound side. like i said, if you can wait on, that i'll let you know's soon as it clears. if not give yourself extra ten to 15 minute in the area. ninety-five north 452, take this all the way up to the airport, looking good. looking night and quiet. looking just that is should on early tuesday morning. we will of course start to see that change. gorgeous shot of the ben franklin bridge. pushing in the westbound direction. good company with your neighbors out there. overall looking good, nice and dry. rahel, over to you. >> nice change, meisha, thank up. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the press of atlantic city airport announced five finalist stations for the next generation every fighter jets. but new jersey's air national guard one lunch seven fighter wing base in the atlantic city international air support not one of them. democratic senator bob menendez and republican frank low bee and dough backed the 177 fighter wing, to be the home of the new f35. >> on the front page of the reading eagle, a dramatic
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fatalities involving the powerful prescription drug phentinol, caught county, state, federal officials, this year alone, phentinol is more powerful than morphine or heroin. >> burlington county times, easthampton, teen hems restore cemetery for his eagle scout project. seventeen year old and 30 volunteers from the troop in mt. holly have restored mount mariah cemetery in hainesport after it was unkept for decades. >> wonderful. that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. >> coming up: number one team in the nation villanova hosts temple tonight at the pavilion. watch it, we'll tell you. >> we'll see. also speak with head coach jay wright coming up next in sports.
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>> don bell tells us the reason in this morning's sport report. >> season greetings unless you're trailing the eagles. window of small, matt, also a knee. all three had been placed on injured reserve ending their season. now the guys were injured in the eagles five-point lost to washington at the linc. birds now, lost four straight games, virtually no chance to make the playoffs. with three game left to play, what the the motivation? doug pederson answers that question. >> i just want our guys to go out, compete, play march every week. spoiler or not, i mean, you know, technically if you look at it, mathematically not out of it. >> i know that we are going to continue to do things that we do, we're going to come out, practice hard, prepare hard, you know, nothing will change. >> onto college hoops. villanova, temple, tonight at
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the pavilion. history on the line for the top ranked wildcats. a win would give them their 18th consecutive big five win and fourth straight city title. it would also give them their 17th straight w dating back to last season. that would be an all time school record. but it won't be easy. owls have already knocked off two nationally ranked teams in florida state and west virginia. jay wright focus on the task at hands. >> at the end of the year, something that you really are proud of. but we're trying not to think about. that will because it won't help with us temple. we got to concentrate on temple, with a we need to beat them. >> nova, temple, we will will be live at 5:00 and of. that's all for sports, i'm don bell, have a great day. >> coming up. ment green p party candidate jill stein's efforts to get recount in pennsylvania are dashed. >> the ruling by a judge that effectively ends the green party's request. justin? >> good morning, it is tuesday, probably already
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thinking about the weekend. let's talk about it weather wise leading up to the weekends. it will be cold, saturday, sunday, gradual warming trends, but cold air lingering, could be wintery mix to start the weekends, second half of the weekends a finish with milder temperatures, talk about it more coming up in eyewi
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zero really can be a hero.ds) get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event. >> live from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news" this morning. and good tuesday morning,
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to you. if you are just wake up with us, well, good news, it is a nicer morning today, justin drabick tells us it will feel seasonable, though not foreshock. hello, i'm rahel solomon. >> i'm jim donovan. back from vacation. but first here's what you need to start your day in the morning minute. >> president-elect trump is ready to pick an oil executive as his secretary of state. >> rex tillerson, sources close says he plans to announce his choice of rex hiller son this morning. >> need yan bill cosby expected here at the montgomery county courthouse for pretrial hearing today. >> the lowest of the low. >> police asking for the public's help after spring of church burglaries in coatesville. >> the data security breach at quest diagnostic compromised the information of 34,000 people. >> when you put something on line, there is no way to necessarily know the information is


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