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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  December 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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with, plus this. >> president-elect donald trump plans to announce exxon mobile, rex tillerson is his choice for secretary of state. despite concerns about his ties to russia. i'm hena daniels in new york, more on trump's transition to the white house, coming up. >> well, today is tuesday, december 13th, good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> welcome back, and i'm rahel solomon. out the door with a check on the forecast and the roads with justin and meisha. good morning. >> jim, the question -- >> i did watch you from spain and london. and i would have hidden in you my luggage, but, you know, customs frowns on that. >> i didn't hear yes i missed you. >> good morning, roadways looking good, looking nice and dry. far cry from what we saw yesterday. but lots of construction, particularly the schuylkill, really slowing you down, we will talk about that coming up? quiet, can't complain. i can property my feet up, nice and easy compared to yesterday. isn't it so much nicer to wake up not having to grab the rain
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gear? just get out quick. enjoy the day. nice and dry there. live look at the center city streets there. no problems right now. and no rainfall falling. dry roads, 37 degrees at the airport, west breeze, 6 miles per hour, does feel like freeze whg you factor in the breeze, not terrible for this time every year. things could be whole lot worse. air temperatures ranking mid 20's up in the poconos to the upper 30's, at the shore. freezing right now quakertown, willow grove 31 pottstown, so those windchills values down to the teens, in mount pocono. feeling like 30 in trenton, 25 in reading, this is nothing, wait until you deal with the win chill values friday morning. they're going to be below zero in a lot of locations, quiet storm scan3, mid to high level clouds streaming in from the south and west, so we will have filtered sunshine throughout the day today. temperatures close to average for this time of year, high of 44 for philadelphia, and at the shore, couple of gross warmer partly sunny, and dry day in the poconos, high temperature up around 34 degrees. arctic air is on the way it, will arrive at the end of the
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week, talk about how cold it gets in a few more minutes, meisha, heads up. >> all right, justin, thank you so much. well, out on the roadways, yep, still looking at the construction on the schuylkill. looking at the schuylkill montgomery drive. good news westbound side, say thumbs-up. now cleared. looking good. look at the tension now eased. it is the eastbound side that we're still keeping our eye on. crews still over on the eastbound side. it is that far right lane that's the only one that's getting by right now is that going to slow you down? you bet it is. take a look at this, boulevard southbound moving in the southbound direction, so the far right lane moving in the westbound direction. they're mooing, just scooting right along. but the far left lane or two toward the schuylkill, that's where you are really starting to see the slow downs, in fact, if you look at the far left lane, moving toward the eastbound schuylkill, they're barely, barely squeaking by, because condensed into one lane, if you avoid the eastbound lane schuylkill, moving in the eastbound direction, certainly want to do soy. kelly drive or mlk boulevard will be good alternate. taking boulevard southbound
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take broad street into the city, probably another alternate. they'll be busy too, but it would be good alternate if you have to get out the door right now. back to you. >> updating breaking news from north philadelphia, apparent robbery attempt e ends with shooting of passenger in a car. >> now, this is outside temple university hospital. where the victim is being treated. investigators say, two men were walking from a bar so their car on broad street near germantown avenue, police say the sus become announced robbery fired into the car hitting the passenger. police also say the driver fired back. >> thirty-three year old male whose vehicle it was who was about to start and driver the vehicle, he pulled his weapon and returned fire, shooting at the perpetrator. unknown whether or not the perpetrator who initially fired the shot was struck by gunfire. >> police expect the victim to survive a gunshot wound to the face. they're still looking for the gunman. >> well, happening today, bill cosby returns to court for his
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pretrial hearing in norristown. >> he's accused of sexually assaulting a woman at his elkins park home in 2004. ice witness news reporter jan carabeo live outside the montgomery county courthouse where cost stand's lawyers are trying to limit other accusers from testifying. jan, good morning. >> rahel, jim, good morning. comedian bill cosby is expected here at the montgomery county courthouse, in a matter of hours now. he is of he has pretrial hearing scheduled for 9:00 this morning. this is a big day for the commonwealth. they're going to be fighting for key issue in their case. prosecutors will argue why they believe they should be allowed to present more than dozen other women at trial next year, who also say cosby drugged and assaulted them. now, bill cosby is facing felony sexual assault charges, accused of drugging and molesting former temple university employee andrea constant as his cheltenham mansion. prosecutors say during the investigation, about 50 women were interviewed with similar accusations against the comedian. prosecutors now want to put 13 of them on stand at trial.
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they say the testimony will show how cosby, over the course of decades, intoxicated women in a quote signature fashion. end quote. the defense however says the allegations are not similar enough to present at trial of the they add that the allegations were never reported to authorities. and are so vague that cosby can't effectively present a defense. now, cosby has always denied wrong-doing, saying, that any sexual contact was always concentual. this, again sacks pretrial hearing here at the montgomery county courthouse, again scheduled to start at 9:00. just the latest step in a process leading up to the trial that is scheduled for june of next year. of course, we will be here to cover it all. for now live in norristown, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news", rahel, jim, back to you. >> thank you. president-elect trump expected to announce rex tillerson has his nominee for secretary every state today despite concerns about his ties to russia. >> the decision comes mrs. trump reveals by social media how he would handle the future of his business.
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hena daniels live in new york to explain it all. good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, guys. president-elect trump also tweeted after 11:30 last night he would leave his businesses to his grown sons, and executives, before the inauguration. this after lawmakers on both sides of the aisle endorsed investigations, into the cia belief that to help mr. trump win. >> president-elect donald trump hinted at his secretary of state announcement in a tweet late monday night. days after praising exxon mobile, ceo, rex tillerson in a interview with fox news. >> much more than a business executive. i mean, he is a world class player. >> the development came moments after top contender mitt romney it, during the campaign, confirmed in a facebook post that he was out of the running. saying, quote, my discussion was president-elect trump have been both enjoyable and enlightening. tillerson, who has no government experience, is expected to face an uphill climb in gaining senate
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confirmation. given close ties to russian president putin. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle say they support calls to investigate the cia assessment, that russia actively tries to get trump elected. >> i think we ought to approach all of these issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> sources tell cbs news that president-elect will also nominate former texas governor rick perry, to serve as secretary every energy. the very department he once said woe abolish. after owes postponing if i press conference as president elect, mr. trump took to social media last night to address plans for his business dealings. writing two of my children, don and eric, executives will man anthem. no new deals will be done during my term in offers. >> it is not all bad news for the romney family. the president-elect also expected to elect mitt romney's neice, for rnc chair. jim, rahel?
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>> hena, thank you. still trying to get an update on shooting victim in willingboro, burlington county. chopper three was over the scene last night as police arrived on plum tree lane. officers returned the victim to lourdes medical center, so far, police have not made any arrests. and no word yet on a motive. a rash of church burglaries in coatesville unnerved the chester county community. police are now asking for the public's help in catching the thief. the holiday season of course is in full swing, and police say burglars may be targeting houses of worship out of desperation. five churr. have been hit in a little over a week. police believe that all five break-in's are connected, and say, $5,400 were stolen from the holy ghost ukrainian orthodox church. >> there is no need to steel specially from a church and in church's we do a lot of outreach for people. really the lowest of the low to steel from a church. >> and police say they plan to increase their presence around the area isochore. in an effort to prevent any more burglaries, of course, if you have any information, coatesville police want to hear from you.
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>> in other news overnight, police in georgia arrest a suspect accused of shooting two police officers during traffic stop. authorities in l.a. vonia say they pulled over car last night when they realize the car was reported stolen from south carolina. when the officers tried to arrest the driver, the driver shot both officers and ran away. both officers fortunately are expected to survive. also in george, a two officers shot serving drug warrant in for the valley. both officers are recovering from their injuries this morning. the suspect was shot and killed by police. a total of eight officers have been shot in georgia in less than two months. well, shocking testimony in the trial of the man accused every killing nine people at a south carolina church. law enforcement officials testified monday dillan root had list of other black churches in his car when they arrested him. they found several pieces of may where names, addresses, phone numbers locate in the his book bag. root has pleaded not guilty but his lawyers say it could change if prosecutors agree to
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drop the death penalty. >> a major security breach affecting 34,000 people coming up the personal information that haak ers were able to get ahold of, and what the company is doing about it. >> plus, it is a hopeful sign in the fight against childhood obesity. why we could be seeing fewer babies coming up in the health watch. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> i've been playing my christmas carols on my way to work this morning. >> i didn't realize harry connick junior was a singer. >> oh, amazing singer. and definately cold enough to make snow in the poconos. justin has the forecast next. maybe he'll sing for us. >> probably not. i've been attempting this for months, jim. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> the lab company quest die nags eggs has been hack. exposed information to thousands of its clients. according to quest, the breach happened last month. they say unauthorized thirds party gained access to private information, of about 34,000 people, including their names, date of birth, lab results, and some phone numbers. some are beginning to feel this has become the norm. >> you know it has happened with health insurance companies it, has happened with retailers, has happened with payment system, happened in a lot of different places when you put something on line, no way to necessarily know the information is protected. >> now, quest diagnostics released statement which reads in part, when quest diagnostic discovered the intrusion, vulnerability, quest is taking steps to prevent similar incidents from happening in
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the future and working with leading cyber security firm to investigate and further evaluate the company's system. >> how much of the country is still digging out from a storm system that brought snow, ice, and rain. residents in milwaukee woke up to 7 inches every snow monday morning forcing commuters to have to to dig their cars out. snow plows have been working around the clock to clear the streets. city officials say they have 300 pieces every equipment work to go clean it all up. >> further south in mc henry, similar scene, received 10 inches of snow, apparently, jim he is that's not enough to get a day off from school. student still had to report to class. not even a delay. >> listen, i used to walk uphill both ways without shoes on and stuff like that. >> wa, wa, wa. >> kids are just lazy. >> whimps, right. >> i will say justin goes out in blizzards on the skydeck
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without a coat on. >> that's right. because i'm real man. >> you are a tough weather guy. >> lower third, justin drabick, real man. >> sorry, i won't sing for you. >> when i fill in the morning shift, mouths watering, oh, you guys, you love when i do that. >> thirty-five today, currently palmyra cove nature park, calm winds, nice, so no problems as far as weather, maybe some clouds today, low 30's right now allentown, freezing in reading, there is cold stuff. arctic air starting to move in northern planes minneapolis, minus five. >> hard core. >> like you, justin, hard core. >> hard core, that's right. >> clouds, dry right now, little disturbance, maybe stray rain or snow shower in some spots, not big deal. it is out of here by wednesday, wednesday, another quiet day, here comes the
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arctic front. >> this one means business. clouds through our region late wednesday night thursday morning. winds start to kick up. what it will feel like friday morning. so this is when you factor in the wind, minus ten to minus five up in the poconos, below zero. up in the far northwest suburbs through the lehigh valley even here in the city probably feeling like zero at times early on friday morning, with the wind. and five to ten for windchills values south jersey and delaware. forty-four for the afternoon, sunshine, clouds, near average. tonight, mostly cloudy, shower flurry possible, 31, then the extended forecast, bringing in the cold thursday and friday highs in the two's, colder with the wind. storm comes in this weekend, up around 50 degrees for high sunday. so we will make some improvement there. >> 44 degrees, no complaints here. thanks so much, justin, good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. >> westbound side all clear, looking good, the eastbound side where you will still down
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to one driveable right lane, because that far construction, and because of it causing significant backups. take look at the boulevard southbound. now if i were you, i would take broad street into the city. however, when i say that, broad street, also going to be very very busy. heads up on that. kelly drive, mlk drive on the schuylkill also an alternate. again those will be busy, as well. then we also do have accident here. pottstown, route 100 southbound the onramp to high street. ramp partially blocked there. another accident that just popped up, 59 northbound before the delaware service area, heads up, accidents starting to pop up. it will slow you down, a lot more to talk about coming up in a little bit. first we will take a quick break, stay right where you are. scalpel. i have no idea what i'm doing. i'm just a tv doctor. i never went to college. (scream) i don't do blood. but now, thanks to cigna, i can do more than just look the part. is that a foot? we are the tv doctors of america.
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>> a person was killed last night after being struck by amtrak train outside of wilmington. during 2119 traveling southbound just before 8:00 when it struck an unidentified trespass err about a mile south of the wilmington station. train was stopped after the collision and both tracks were shutdown for around 20 minutes. >> the intelligencer, while school board member is un fire for controversial social media post, newberry school district plans to engage in the no place for hate initiative. the program developed by the anti-defemation league to supervise model for combating intolerance, bullying and
6:21 am
hatred. >> will allow developer to construct 16 housing units on historic lands next to princeton battlefield state park. in return, the institute for advanced study has agreed sell 14 adjacent acres, to the civil war trust, for $4 million. the non-profit can help preserve the lands. >> that's a look at some of the newspaper headlines from around the delaware valley. well, if you are looking for excuse to have some hot cocoa today, you better about grab your favorite mug. >> that's right. because today is national cocoa day, never need an excuse, though, nothing beats nice hot of cocoa, when it is cold outside. cocoa by the way made from dried seeds of a tree, so go ahead, treat yourself to cup to celebrate. >> marshmellows required. >> yes. >> well, up next in the health watch, doctors at the university every pennsylvania discover link to autism. >> if you still have holiday packages to send out, don't wait too long, going over the shipping deadlines coming up.
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welcome back, tuesday morning, let's focus on the weekends, that time of the show, changes will happen this weekend, leading up to saturday and sunday. real cold air but will be gradual warming trend both saturday and sunday. however, the worse system arrives, cold air in place, could be wintery mix to start
6:25 am
off the weekend. the week lends finish on the wet side. more on that seven day forecast coming up in a few more minutes. >> justin, thank you. in this morning's health watch, new data for the center for disease control shows most americans have not gotten their flu shots this season, including justin and rahel. >> did you just shame me? >> meisha and i will be con tomorrow nature dollars by you sick people. >> i'm healthy, jim. doctors say no reason not to get it. >> see? >> justin, because flu activity on the rice, i just haven't got ten yet. they rec everyone over six months olds get one every year, even pregnant women. while the shot isn't one run hers effective, doctors say you may not get as sick if you do end up with it. >> thank you. well, doctors at the university of pennsylvania found that genes known to be essential to life may be linked to higher risk of autism. now, researchers looked at genes from 1700 families, and found high levels of mutations in the genes needed to survive and thrive in the womb.
6:26 am
they say they could play a role in the disorder. and, chubby babies may be on the decline, doctors say, that's absolutely a hopeful sign in the fight against obesity. a study of children two and younger end rolled in a government assistance program found the rate of kids at risk for obesity tell from almost 15% in 2010 to 12% in 2014. the report is in today's edition of journal pediatrics. i was a chubby baby. >> me too. >> i liked second pancakes. >> i was a chubby kid. >> federal reserve is expected to raise interest rates today. coming up live with a look at what that means for your money. >> plus, president-elect donald trump announces his choice for secretary of state today. why that choice could face a capitol hill showdown. >> and christmas comes early for emoji lovers. oh, my. we'll show you some of the new ones available for your iphones, right now, meisha. >> i love those. all right, jim, good morning, looking outside, we've got major slow downs on the boulevard due to construction project. also, couple of accidents to talk becomes all of the updates coming up.
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first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are. "eyewitn
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon. it is 6:30, here's what you need to know today in your morning minute. >> apparent robbery attempt ends with a shooting of a passenger in a car. >> president-elect trump is ready to pick an oil executive as his secretary of state. >> rex tillerson, president-elect trump over tweeted after 11:30 last night that he would leave his business to his grown sons and executives before the inauguration. comedian bill cosby is expected here at the montgomery county courthouse for a pretrial hearing today. >> really the lowest of the low. >> police are asking for the public's help after a spring of church burglaries in
6:31 am
coatesville. >> the data security breach at quest diagnostics, compromised the information of 34,000 people. >> i have written the worse christmas song every all time. >> ♪ it didn't sound that bad to me, so i don't -- >> we have to watch the full thing. we asleep that was going on. late show host stephen colbert said he wrote that song after paul mccartney's song was written the worse christmas song. >> sounded okay to me. >> it is fine. >> something else, okay today, the forecast, especially after yesterday at this point. seems like a step in the right direction. >> yes. >> exactly. we will take it. morning ride no problems this morning, weather wise. volume that we will be dealing with later today, but athletes quiet conditions, winds pretty calm. little chilly, cooler than yesterday. hanging out around freezing in a lot of spots. but, overall this afternoon,
6:32 am
gets close to average for this time of year. current temperatures ranking from the mid 20's, up in the mountains, upper 30s in south jersey near the coast, inbetween, generally low and mid 30's, quakertown checks in at 30, 33, in doylestown, winds, good news, pretty calm. less than 10 miles per hour if you are going out for the early morning bike ride or jog. you don't have to battle the harsh winds, but still enough after breeze to bring the windchills values down into the 20's, in some low case, so does feel like 25 in reading, 26 in millville, new jersey, at this hour. storm scan3, looks much better than this time yesterday. do have mid high level clouds, filtered sunshine today, overall quiet. partly sunny, degrees or two below average for afternoon temps, later tonight mostly cloudy skies, could be shower or flurry overnight, won't amount to anything. no big deal. so, today, going to up # four this afternoon for philadelphia, 46, at the shore. and mid 30's in the poconos. now, if you like cold air, you're going to like the forecast coming up later during the week, talking about some bitter arctic air, moving
6:33 am
in, and then our next storm system for the weekend we time it out in just few more minutes. now we hit the roads with meisha. >> all right, justin, you know what that's the question. who likes that cold air. nobody. most nobody. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday, looking outside right now at the schuylkill at montgomery. all morning long seen construction here. it has really caused significant backups specially moving in the eastbound direction. eastbound side, headlights moving in the eastbound direction, that's where we really saw the backups starting. crews have just moved out of the way. so looking good here. but we are still seeing backups. backups on the schuylkill are actually extending all the way to the blue route. backups on the boulevard, are extending back to broad streetment so heads up on this, looking at the boulevard moving in the southbound direction, so the far right lane, that's where you are pushing toward the schuylkill, will be in the westbound direction. no problems. just your typical early morning rush. but it is the far left lane that's actually pushing toward the eastbound side. you can see the backups, very significant. and it is 63 pushing toward our main hour of the rush hour
6:34 am
will really cause some problems. overall give yourselves extra time here. give yourself at least extra half hour, 45 minutes, so you can avoid it, certainly want to do that, as well, rahel, back to you. >> thank you. happening today, comedian bill cosby will be back in the norristown courtroom for pretrial hearing. he is accused of drugging and molesting former temple university employee, at his elkins park home back in 2004. prosecutors say, several women claim similar accusations against the comedian, and they want them to testify in the trial. cosby's lawyers, how much, dispute their validity saying that the women never reported those crimes to authorities. former pennsylvania congressman, chaka fattah, has 14 days to appeal his ten year prison sentence, the second longest sentence ever handed down to former member of congress. federal prosecutors recommended 17 to 22 years behind bars, for the democrats. found guilty on 18 federal corruption charges including money laundering, and bribery. >> this is a circumstance in
6:35 am
which now that the court has made a determination, this phase of the this process, has come to a conclusion, and again, i want to thank my legal team, and i want to thank the support every my family and staff and friends through this very tough time. >> the judge has also requiring fattah to pay back more than $600,000 in stolen funds. >> well there is just into "eyewitness news". president-elect trump has just announced his choice for secretary every state. no one's surprise, his exxon mobile rex tillerson, the nomination could face a bipartisan challenge however during senate confirmation hearings, since tillerson has close ties to russian president schrat nearby inch. trump's potential innings included mitt romney. romney tweets that is an honor to be considered for secretary every state of our great country. he went ton say my i have high hopes the nude administration will lead to greater strength,
6:36 am
prosperity, peace. mike fence will be in hershey thursday night, postponed news conference scheduled earlier that day on handling business conflict of interest. mr. trump tweeted ill hold a press conference in the near future to discuss the business, cabinet picks, and all other top picks of interest. >> busy time. the president-elect now the certified winner after wisconsin's presidential recount t shows that he defeated democrat hillary clinton by more than 22,000 votes out of nearly 3 million cast. green party presidential candidate jill stein got the recount in wisconsin. but lost similar court bat unless pennsylvanian michigan. today is the deadline for all states to certify their presidential election results. new jersey governor chris christie is reportedly talking to state lawmakers to change a law which would allow him to write a book. the record endorsed new jersey newspaper says christie has been talking to democratic and republican leaders about a bill which would allow the governor to cash in on book deal while still in office. right now new jersey bans
6:37 am
sitting governor from earning income from any source other than the offers he or she holds. >> well, today the federal reserve will begin a two day policy meeting where it is expected or widely expected to raise interest rates by a quarter of a percent. >> almost exactly a year after its first hike, nine years after the last time it had done so. business analyst jill schlessinger joins us live from new york to talk about the impact it will have on your financial life. good morning, jill. >> reporter: good morning. >> jill, first off, how will the high rates impact savers and investors in. >> reporter: well, i think save remembers actually going to be among the winners. unfortunately, after last year's increase, banks have very little of that hike onto their customers. we got a lot of complaints about that. but, the good news is eventually savers should see the benefit of hire rates. now, stock invest earns, they should also win, if the fed goes slowly and if the economy improves. historically shares of banks,
6:38 am
energy, industrials and technology, do well a mid rising rates. but, of course, we talked about this when rates rise, bonds prices fall. bonds invest remembers going to feel some pain. >> so we've covered savers, investors, what about borrowers? >> reporter: bo or ers -- borrowers tend to be the losers, because they'll pay more, right? but look, still at relatively low levels of interest rates. we know mortgage rates have already started to go up ahead of the fed meeting. over consumer loans will likely increase after tomorrow's decision. but, for car loan, for example, let's say you got decent credit, an extra quarter point on $25,000 loan is a few dollars a month in higher payment. and most credit cards, they do have variable rates, the card companies are certainly quite quick to passalong the increase to the borrowers, that usually happens within a few billing cycles. so if you're caring a balance, maybe you want to lock in a zero balance transfer offer. those may not be as abundant next year if the fed keeps hiking rates.
6:39 am
>> federal student loans, they're fixed but some private loans are variable, just check your paperwork to determine which bench mark your rate is tied to. to learn more about the impact of the feds seconds rate hike, go to jill on money. com. >> a lot of people watching that, jill, thank you. >> the information, as always. well, we are learning more about fall-out from the wells fargo scandal. >> employees of the bank appear to have signed up customers for prudential life insurance policies without their knowledge or permission. three, former prudential employees now suing the insurance company, alleging they were punished for refuse to go help cover up legal practices. few month ago you may recall we told you wells fargo admitted trading unauthorized accounts for bank customers. jim, i'm guilty of this, apple users, you know we love to express ourselves with ' mobile us. >> now hundreds of new or redesigned emojis to choose from. merry christmas. some of the new choices include a lying pinocchio face, a barf emoji, fingers
6:40 am
crossed, more animals and foods. i always like the food ones. new looks are part of software update released yesterday, if you didn't get a prompt for the update, just go to settings, you can download it. >> i always try to avoid the updates. >> because it screes up your phone. i can wait for a ' mobile. >> i who want all of that change. >> well, you might want that angry face emoji for this story. find out why your comcast bills apparently about to go up next. >> plus, holiday shipping deadlines. i'll let you know the latest, you can send out your packages to make sure they get to their destination in time. >> and check out this. poured bucket on his head to steel pricy pigeons. the state police say he made that, could help him track down the bandit. pat? >> reporter: it is a longwood christmas here at longwood gardens. and this my friends right here is the main attraction. that's 30 feet of holiday bliss. we ' tell you hoe they get this thing in here, it is so cool. join us at longwood gardens
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next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> nice shot, back on "eyewitness news" with bad news for comcast cable customers. >> they'll be paying more come the new year, comcast announce plans to raise tv and internet bills by 3.8%, starting january 1st. now the average customer already pays nearly $150 a month. so, the hike would tack on about $6. comcast will also boost the
6:45 am
monthly fee for regional sportsnet works from three to $5 per month. the company enacted near identical rate hike of 4%, just little more than year ago. >> well, it is not everyday you hear of a thief who covered his face using a puppet and trash bag. >> what's even more bizarre is what the man was caught on camera stealing. check it out. this is surveillance video, p.m. store owner hoping this will help police find the man who stole racing pigeons, that's right, the man you see here, put bucket on his head and broke into the shop friday night. got away with about 40 birds ranking from 100 to $1,000 apiece. shopkeeper said the store was robbed just six months ago, jim, look. >> i know it sounds weird, but i'm wondering if he did it so they don't poop on him. i will always paranoid of page on poop. >> you don't have to go to miami to find pigeons. we have plenty here in philadelphia, they may not race, and they may not be pricy. >> i have a thing with pigeons, not a fan of pigeons.
6:46 am
>> all right, we are going off. >> where dot pigeons go when it is cold? >> you know, they're here. >> same as eagles, where do they go during the storms? >> the things we think about in the morning. >> yes. >> we have to rap. let's go to weather. >> that's what we talk about whether we go to the break, what do they talk about when we're not hearing? it is crazy. weather wise, pretty quiet this morning, weather watchers reporting temperatures pretty similar all across the backyards, generally in the low and mid 30's, have few 20's in some locations, you have to go outside of the city here, 29 at eileen murray's house in gilbertsville, clear skies, clouds rolling in from southwest, mid to high level clouds, won't produce anything today. ed 30 degrees, below freezing still there. we head little further south into delaware, this hour, 33 degrees with the clear skies. so typical mid december day today. clouds rolling in, that's about it. temperatures into the 40's, close to average. believe it or not december so far has been above average when you average high and low
6:47 am
together. agree above. that will number will go down after this week into the weekends. highest, 63 degrees, lowest at 26. we will struggle to get to 26 for high at the end of the week. clouds, moving in, south and west, again, see the dry on radar. tonight little disturbance will roll through. maybe touching offer snow showers, northern montgomery, rain showers to the sit end the southward. very light stuff. not going to be a problem on the roads, tomorrow back to sunshine, thursday, friday, that's the arctic blast, rough stuff. painfully cold. highs in the two's, windchills, down into near zero friday morning, even below zero in some spots, friday morning the worse of t today though 44 degrees, some clouds around, mix of sun. tonight, mostly cloudy, that stray, snow shower, extended snow shower, tempts all over the place, 40's, then some 20's, then warming to up 50 sunday. until then could get light snow change to go rain saturday. meisha? >> light snow. all right, justin, thank you so much. well, it has been busy morning even though roadways are nice
6:48 am
and dry. do have accident vine westbound at 11 approaching broad street. you can see us blocking far right lane, swerving around it, getting busy pushing toward our main hour, give yourself couple every extra minutes there, plus look at this, boulevard approaching broad. look how slow this is ex remnants, montgomery drive, that's now since cleared. still seeing the backups because of it there. also backups on the schuylkill expressway, tending to the blue route, back to broad street. schuylkill at belmont. you can see some of the backups still lingering here, i primarily want to show this shot, not because of the backups but take a look at the gorgeous sky. absolutely stunning. always good to have that good visual right in the morning, something really positive, really gorgeous. that's it four. but you will have to contends with s backups. i would say give yourself couple every extra minutes, not couple every minute extra 40, 45 minutes. we have downed tree, car hits a down tree, road closed between cross road, shaper road. use this alternate, new
6:49 am
hanover square road your best bet. more to talk about coming up in about 15 minutes. back to you. >> time 6:48. a lot to talk about. >> nora o'donnell gives us a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, rahel, jim. president-elect trump makes it official. choosing rex tillerson for his secretary every state. we will talk with john dickerson about the opposition the oil man could face in the u.s. senate. >> plus league alan list, on melania trump against british newspaper and blogger. also best selling author, new look at president obama's legacy as the first black president. and how national park photographer shedding new light on the american experience. the news is back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> sounds like good show, nor arc we will be watching. >> the holiday season is upon us. >> the united states postal service says they plan to deliver 750 million packages, that's actually 12% higher than last year. >> still checking names off your shopping list, still time to get the gifts delivered by
6:50 am
christmas n and the first night of hand a but the deadline to ship are fast coming. >> this holiday season the united states postal service expects to deliver roughly 16 billion cards, letters, packages. >> that's a lot of gifts. in order to help stability a get the presents under the tree, there are some deadlines you need to know. get your packages to the post office by thursday. that's if you want the standard ground delivery. fed ex has a friday deadline, for the standard ground service. ups gives you couple of extra days. you have until next monday the 19th for its three day select. if you still need more time to shop, the three major carriers will deliver the weeks leading into christmas, but will cost you more. get to the post office, fed ex, ups, by december 23 to beat saint a the week every christmas, be prepared to wait in long lines with others, trying to beat the clock. >> now, most stores offer express shipping, but reminder, orders shipping to alaska, hawaii, puerto rico,
6:51 am
or to an international address to the military, may take little bit longer. >> well, the sites and sounds of the holiday season are in full bloom. at longwood gardens. >> this year that includes their tallest tree display yet. pat gallen is live in kennett square, with the details, patrick? >> good morning, guys, sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses, like this, i don't know, 15-foot tree, with roasts on it here at longwood gardens. it is a longwood christmas. so they're celebrating the holiday season, with this beautiful display, this entire place, the entire grounds here, just so amazing, this thing right here, we will tell you about, than is jim. good morning. >> welcome to longwood. >> thank you for having us. before we get into the giant tree, let's talk about you what guys are doing for the season. what's a longwood christmas. >> sure, theme is sounds of the season. we're year in the make to go do this. and it is such a cross department mental to ever make
6:52 am
this display happen. >> takes you over one year to put this together in full? >> yes, currently i'm working on next year, so i won't tell you the theme but i have the theme and killer idea and we get everything in longwood involved in this. >> outstanding. this in particular 30-foot tree. now, it is not easy to get 30 feet in here. how do you put this thing snot. >> actually the entire thing is constructed. >> this year we relied heavily on facilities department. bottom two thirds is a wooden structure, built in eight sections, top thirds is a metal structure, so the top suspended from the sealing, and the bottom rolls in underneath it. it has 1300 plants on it live plants. so there is no real tree underneath this. entire made of potted material. then three irrigation systems, lights through it, stars hung, mirrors, cut by our paint shop. and of course it is on our marl floor. >> wait. you constructed a tree with 1300 plants on it, and an irrigation system. that's hard work. >> really hard work, and
6:53 am
electric. so it has everything going for t single largest thing we've ever constructed under glass. so we wanted to have this dramatic tree. the conservatives so big, scale is important to have something very large. we want nice strong focal point here on the fern floor. >> you stay took awe year in planning to put everything together, but how long does it take to put that tree snot. >> three days. >> no. >> yes, everything has to come together in three days. it is very organized chaos. so far we have 20 some project leaders, we have very organized document that says where you are supposed to be for those three days, because this display opens thanksgiving day. so we're open every day of the year. bumm by thanksgiving christmas has to be ready to go. >> i don't believe you, but i guess i have to. >> it is real. it happens. >> give us some information in people want to come out. i heard the number 400,000 people coming for this. ridiculous. >> very, very busy season for us. so you need to buy your tickets before you arrive. it is time to experience. everybody has real good experience. open every day of the year. you can find all kind of information at longwood
6:54 am >> jim, thank you so much. impressive stuff. jim is the man who helped put all this together, he is the brains behind this. >> team effort. >> it takes a team effort but it is beautiful here. if you have got time for the holidays, come on out here. >> send jim to my house. i haven't put up my tree yet and i'm feeling very guilty right now. >> he wants a longwood gardens treatment. >> there you go, jim. get one like. >> jim, you see, he was sharing the responsibility there. no, he is not the only brain child. there are other people here, ya. >> pat, she has gone offer the track again. we'll be right back with three to go.
6:55 am
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judge before you hit the road this morning. >> comedian bill cosby due, the judge will hearing arguments on whether other accusers should testify at his upcoming sexual assault trial. >> quest diagnostics say it has been hacked, affecting personal information about of 34,000. >> just moments ago, president-elect trump announced his choice for secretary every state, ceo recommendation tillerson. that's three to go. >> last check on weather and traffic. >> nice and quiet next couple of days, enjoy the 40's, all goes downhill by the end of
6:59 am
the week, highs thursday, friday, highs feeling like single digits. the weekend, could be little bit of snow change to rain saturday. >> justin, thanks so much for that. well, not so quiet in the world of travel right now. vine expressway westbound by broad street, where you have the accident, schuylkill web pa turnpike route 73, heads up, leave your homes little early today. >> next on cbs this morning, preserving our national parks on film. the photographers using bold methods to help us see the whole american landscape. >> and we leave you now this morning with a live picture from longwood gardens, they're decked out for the holidays. and up through january 8th. that's beautiful. >> look at that. >> have a great day. see you tomorrow. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
7:00 am
♪ good morning, it is tuesday, december 13th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news. donald trump chooses an oil man for secretary of state. exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson could face a confirmation fight over his ties to russia. back-to-back storms slam much of the country with snow and freezing rain. dangerous arctic air is sending temperatures plunging from the northeast. the future first lady goes to court. the challenge that melania trump faces in her $151 million lawsuit against a


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